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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 15

trot lovers episode 15 preview stills

Our penultimate episode. Willl Soo In finally get what she deserves?

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 14

Trot lovers episode 14 preview stills

Choon Hee finds herself in deep water.

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 13

trot lovers ep 13 preview stills

I want to rip that tuxedo off of him for more than one reason ;)


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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 12

trot lovers episode 12 preview stills

I read the word “engagement” in the preview article…..

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 11

trot lovers episode 11 preview stills

Geun Woo serenades Choon Hee? And we find out if Joon Hyun has amnesia or not.

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Trot Lovers Episode 11 Written Preview


Dying to know if Joon Hyun has amnesia? Well, the production team of this drama are huge trolls…

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