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Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 7

Hee-Jin declares that Boong-Do is her boyfriend and he is freed from suspicion. Thing settle down but Dong-Min heads back to his seat, fuming and embarrassed.

Na-Jeong proceeds to poke fun at Dong-Min, rubbing it in that while Dong-Min had pushed for Hee-Jin to get the “Queen In-Hyun” role, she was off dating some other guy, even spending her only day off to be with Boong-Do.

Hee-Jin and Boong-Do are now sitting together in the plan, as they are being watched and filmed by all the other passengers. Boong-Do comments that he thinks Soo-kyung’s advice was spot on- Hee-Jin is very rash. Hee-Jin bristles, upset that even though she has helped him out of a tough situation, Boong-Do seems ungrateful. He assures her that he is grateful but thinks that she made the most reckless and troublesome choice. Hee-Jin counters that this was all she could think of at the moment.

Boong-Do: But why could you only think of that as the solution?

Hee-Jin: I’m not that smart. I told you I’m not that smart.

Boong-Do worries that while he could simply escape, things will be complicated for Hee-Jin.

The plane finally lands in Seoul and Dong-Min and his manager head into their van. The manager wants to take Dong-Min home but Dong-Min spots Hee-Jin and Boong-Do waiting to cross the street. Dong-Min demands that his manager call them over so that they can talk. The manager doesn’t think that is a good idea but Dong-Min is trying to do damage control. He figures that if they are seen together smiling and talking, everything would clear up as simple misunderstanding and no scandals would arise.

People are still following Hee-Jin and Boong-Do so she quickly ushers him to a taxi. As Hee-Jin puts Boong-Do in a cab, she notes that his fate must be to be chased- by the police in his time and by the paparazzi in this time. He asks her what she will do, to which she replies, “I’ll take care of it. This is my world after all. You make sure to take care of yourself.” She says goodbye and tells him not to die again. Boong-Do leaves before Dong-Min and his manager can catch up.

Dong-Min returns home, still mad, and wonders why Boong-Do keeps on running away. The manager finds it strange that while Hee-Jin claims Boong-Do is her boyfriend, he showed up in sageuk clothes at the hospital. He concludes that Boong-Do must be an “extra” for the drama, which hurts Dong-Min’s pride even more.

Dong-Min receives a call from Hee-Jin and he asks if she is doing this on purpose to embarrass him. Hee-Jin “apologizes” for not telling him at the hospital that Boong-Do is her boyfriend; she couldn’t because of the nurses and she was the one that let Boong-Do slip out of the hospital.

Dong-Min demands to know if Hee-Jin was using him even when he helped her get the drama role. Hee-Jin reminds him that from the beginning, she told him to stay out of her business. Dong-Min tells her that she has changed a lot- she’s grown a pretty thick skin and even publicly announced a relationship. Hee-Jin counters that she learned how to be thick-skinned from him. Dong-Min demands to know what Boong-Do does and Hee-Jin tells him that Boong-Do is a scholar, someone who doesn’t compare to the likes of Dong-Min. Hee-Jin hangs up and chuckles in satisfaction as Dong-Min throws a tantrum.

Soo-Kyung is home with Hee-Jin, monitoring the internet while scolding Hee-Jin for creating scandals. Hee-Jin is simply happy to finally get back at Dong-Min for his arrogance. Hee-Jin naively thinks that the passengers on the plane won’t all go on the internet and that everything will just become a passing rumor. Soo-Kyung doesn’t think so and predicts that reporters will be swarming the set tomorrow morning. Hee-Jin worries a bit but then proceeds to declare, “Tomorrow is another day!”

Soo-Kyung demands to know where Boong-Do is, after creating this mess. How can he just let Hee-Jin handle everything herself? Hee-Jin tells Soo-Kyung that Boong-Do is busy. “What can he possibly be busy with?!” Soo-Kyung asks. Hee-Jin replies, “His life is on the line.”


Soo-Kyung shrieks to find a picture of Hee-Jin and Boong-Do already uploaded online and Hee-Jin rushes over to the computer. Hee-Jin merely smiles and asks Soo-Kyung how to download the picture into her cellphone since she doesn’t have any pictures of them together. Soo-Kyung declares that Hee-Jin has gone crazy and that there is no cure for her type of condition. Hee-Jin continues to coo at the screen and trace her fingers lovingly over Boong-Do’s face. Ha, she’s doing the same thing I am.

Back in Joseon time, Boong-Do shows up at the abdicated Queen In-Hyun’s house. Her guards and Queen In-Hyun are surprised to see him here when he is supposed to be exiled in Jeju Island. Boong-Do informs the queen that an attempt on her life will happen again tonight. She should stay in her room and remin calm, whatever happens outside. He also tells her that his visit must be a secret, even to the king. She responds, “I am unable to see the king. How can I tell him anything?” To her surprise, Boong-Do informs her that the king will visit her tonight. Boong-Do commands the queen’s guards to stay alert tonight, but to remain secretly guarding her- they will not watch at the entrance of the house or her room.

Back in modern time, Boong-Do is heading over to the King’s palace in a taxi. The cab driver notes Boong-Do’ sword and Boong-Do tells him that it is just a practice sword.

Back again to Joseon time, Boong-Do is in the palace and he proceeds to write a letter, with his left-hand, when he is a naturally right-handed. The King is in his office, reading reports. He is angry that his government officials only complain instead of trying to solve anything. His eunuch attendant urges the King to go to bed.

As the King heads off to his bedroom, Boong-Do, who is in disguise, shoots an arrow toward the King with a letter attached. He runs away immediately as the guards search for him and the King demands the letter be brought to him.


Back in modern time, we hear Boong-Do narrate the letter he wrote to the King, as he heads toward the Minister Min’s house location in contemporary time. In the letter, Boong-Do pretends to be an undisclosed acquaintance of Minister Min, who could no longer let harm come to the royal family. The letter reveals that there is a party going on at Minister Min’s house tonight. Minister Min and his cohorts are planning to assassinate Queen In-Hyun tonight.

At the party, the Minister’s cronies comment that the gisaeng playing the gayageum tonight is better than Yoon-Wol. They complain that the minister should have killed Yoon-Wol when he had the chance. Minister Min looks uncomfortable and excuses himself to his room.

Minister Min enters his room and finds his brush and ink ready on the table. Boong-Do appears behind him and holds him at knifepoint. Boong-Do asks how the Minister has been doing and reveals himself. Min is shocked at Boong-Do’s appearance and asks if he escaped from Jeju Island. When Boong-Do answers in the positive, Minister Min is stunned and cannot comprehend how Boong-Do could have made his way to the capital from Jeju in only a fortnight.


Minister Min: It’s impossible. When did you escape en-route to Jeju? He doesn’t believe that Boong-Do ever reached Jeju but ecscaped on his way there and hid for a while.

Boong-Do: I told you that I came from Jeju. There was poisoned rice and assassins waiting for me there. Please sit down.

Boong-Do commands Minister Min at knifepoint to write a letter exactly as he dictates. It is a letter from Minister Min commanding the assassination of Queen In-Hyun tonight, after the last failed attempt caused by Kim Boong-Do.

The King is still reading the letter that Boong-Do had sent with the arrow when the eunuch informs him that they couldn’t find the trespasser anywhere in the palace. The King has read in the letter that the eunuch is a spy for Jang Hee Bin’s brother (Jang Hee Jae) and does not tell him the contents of the letter. He demands that the eunuch call the head of the police.

Back at Minister Min’s place, a guest orders the servant to find Minister Min. The servant finds Minister Min in his room, sitting at his table. Boong-Do is hidden behind the screen, still pointing his sword at Min’s neck, which cannot be seen by the servant. At Boong-Do’s prodding, Min throws over the letter to the servant, telling him to deliver it immediately to the assassin, Ja-Soo. The servant leaves with the letter.

Ja-Soo reads the letter delivered by the servant and wonders why the minister did not speak of it yesterday. Nevertheless, he calls his cronies to prepare, and burns the letter.

Boong-Do orders Minister Min to write the same letter again, this time addressed to Jang Hee Jae. Minister Min demands if Boong-Do also plans to trouble the Queen, referring to Jang Hee Bin.

Boong-Do: You are the one that caused trouble to the Queen, referring to In-Hyun. Five years ago. And to my father, mother, father-in-law, and wife. You’re the one, Minister Min! Do not feel that this is unjust, Minister Min. You were planning to get rid of Queen In-hyun’s supporters, anyway.

Minister Min is surprised to know that Boong-Do knew about this plan. Boong-do replies, “I must have figured out everything in your head. I will tell you one more thing- that plan was going to fail anyway. I have only expedited your exile by a few days. I told you I have a good card/hand.”

The assassins make their way to Queen In-Hyun’s house and are surprised to find it unguarded. They realize it must be a trap and attempt to leave but the King’s soldiers come and capture most of them. The leader, Ja-Soo, and one other are able to escape.

Queen In-Hyun had been in her room all this time, wondering what it going on outside, when the King enters. He grabs her hand and apologizes for all her suffering over the years.

The escaped assassins hide in the woods and take a bit of comfort in the fact that the letter of assassination was burned so that it can’t be traced to the sender.

Back at Minister Min’s house, Boong-Do places the second copy into Minister’s Min’s clothes so that it can be found on him when the King’s soldiers capture him.

The King’s soldiers come and arrest the other government officials at the party at Minister Min’s house.

Boong-Do tells Minister Min: Your place of exile will be Jeju Island, where I am. There, poison in the food and you don’t know when you will be killed, but I will warmly greet you when you come.

Minister Min declares that Boong-Do will not be able to leave this place right now and will be punished for escaping his exile. Boong-Do calmly says, “What are you talking about? I have never left Jeju.”

Boong-Do hides as the soldiers come in and take Minister Min into custody. Minister Min declares that Kim Boong-Do is hiding behind the screens but when a soldier goes to look, no one is there. Minister Min is completely shocked.

The King declares all the people arrested (Minister Min, his cronies, Jang Hee Jae, and the eunuch) exiled. He calls for Queen In-Hyun to be brought back to the palace and Boong-Do reinstated.

Yoon-Wol is praying at the Buddhist temple when Han-Dong screams her name and delivers the good news about the Queen. Yoon-Wol is walking by the river in happiness when Boong-Do appears.

Back at the temple, Yoon-Wol asks if it is true that Minister Min was betrayed by one of his own people. Boong-Do replies with a smile, “It seems so.” Yoon-Wol is happy at the luck that the enemies turned on each other.

Yoon-Wol inquires to how Boong-Do is here (instead of in Jeju). He says that it is thanks to the talisman/amulet she gave him but that he can’t say more. He wanted to tell her the good news himself but is sad that she already knows everything about what happened to Minister Min. She responds that she is glad to see him since the Queen’s reinstatement didn’t necessarily mean Boong-Do’s reinstatement.

Boong-Do thanks Yoon-Wol for putting up with everything all this time. Yoon-Wol tells him that she was able to do so because Boong-Do was able to do so. Boong-Do lets her know that if she weren’t there, he would have given up.  He also tells her to head back to the capital with Han-Dong. Yoon-Wol asks if Boong-Do will be heading back to the Jeju to wait for the King’s orders to reinstate him but he says that he needs to go somewhere before that. There is someone else he needs to thank.

Back in modern time, the director and editors are looking at the drama film of Dong-Min acting sad. The editors comment that Dong-Min really does look sad and that it must be because of the embarrassment on the airplane. The director does not look too happy.

Hee-Jin visits them with food and the editor compliments her on the looks of her boyfriend. The director tells Hee-Jin to wait for him in the lounge.

Hee-Jin is waiting in the lounge and reads the headlines of her scandal all over the newspapers. They read, “Hee-Jin was cheating?” “Boyfriend hospitalized?”, etc.

The director comes to Hee-Jin and tells her that there are a lot of rumors going around like, Boong-Do is hurt and that they are going to sue. She apologizes and assures him that Boong-Do is fine and he is not going to sue. The director is unhappy that his lead actors are being known for cheating and beating people, which might ruin the drama’s image. He asks her to settle things with Dong-Min by tomorrow.

Soo-Kyung and Hee-Jin are in the studio, waiting to shoot the drama. Soo-Kyung continues to nag that Dong-Min and Boong-Do needed to have met at the airport so that people could have seen them apologizing and getting along. Hee-Jin reminds her that Boong-Do was very busy! Soo-Kyung wants the three of them to meet today for lunch because if the ratings for the drama drop after the good initial reception, it is going be Hee-Jin’s fault.

Hee-Jin keeps telling Soo-Kyung that Boong-Do is just not in the situation to come right now, to which Soo-Kyung can’t understand- even the President has time to eat lunch! Soo-Kyung wants Boong-Do’s telephone number and is surprised that he has no cellphone, no home phone, AND no email! She asks in frustration, “Then how do you contact him?!”

Hee-Jin mutters, “By pay phone.”

Exasperated, Soo-Kyung declares that she will just make the lunch appointment and that it is Hee-Jin’s responsibility to call him out. Hee-Jin reiterates, “There is no way to contact him.” Soo-Kyung asks if they are really going out or if it is just a one-sided love by Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin wants to find another way and is even willing to do an interview with a reporter to clear the situation.

Hee-Jin is called away to rehearse and Soo-Kyung proceeds to dig in Hee-Jin’s phone to call Boong-Do herself. While she tries to figure out the passcode, the phone ring.

Dong-Min is in his bathtub when the manager comes in and says that they should go out for lunch. Dong-Min doesn’t want to, saying that he doesn’t want to be seen outside but the manager says that Hee-Jin called him out.

Hee-Jin is back from rehearsal but can’t find Soo-Kyung. A staff member comes over and tells her that Soo-Kyung is waiting for her at a restaurant, Dong-Min will be there, and that the director gave them two hours for lunch.

Hee-Jin goes to the restaurant and finds Dong-Min already there with their managers sitting at another table across from them, ready to take pictures of the “happy” three people and spread it on the internet.

Hee-Jin tells Dong-Min that she didn’t know things would grow this out of control. Dong-Min declares, “It’s because you underestimated my popularity.”

Dong-Min tells Hee-Jin that they are here to show people that there is no “scandal” and that Boong-Do is completely fine. Hee-Jin apologizes that Boong-Do will be unable to appear. Dong-Min calls his manager to tell him that Boong-Do will not be here. Soo-Kyung tells the manager that Boong-Do will appear and that she personally told him the time and place. Dong-Min looks up across the room and says, “There he comes.”

Hee-Jin is surprised to see Boong-Do stride in. Boong-Do apologizes for being late and Dong-Min forces a smile on his face. He shakes hands with Boong-Do as Hee-Jin continues to stare with surprise. Boong-Do flashes her one of his signature smiles. And I melt. The managers are busy taking pictures.

Everyone sits and the menu is handed out. Boong-Do hides behind the menu, leans over to Hee-Jin and asks if he should just reads this thing. Hee-Jin asks him what he is doing here and Boong-Do replies that he was wondering how he could repay her.  Thankfully Soo-Kyung told him that he could do this to help her. Soo-Kyung has also firmly ordered him to be the proper boyfriend. He doesn’t know what he must do to be a good boyfriend, but he will try his best. Hee-Jin smiles happily in return and Dong-Min glares at the two “lovers” behind the menu.

Hee-Jin mutters: Where did you learn this? You appear out of nowhere, like in romance mangas, and make me “oh-geul” Oh-geul refers to what Koreans describe as happening to the body when one witnesses something too sweet- toes and fingers curling in and people squirm.

Boong-Do asks her what “oh-geul” means and if it is a curse word. Hee-Jin informs him that it is a compliment. If he wants to be a good boyfriend, he needs to keep making her “oh-geul.” She likes to “oh-geul.”


This recap would have come sooner if wordpress hadn’t freaked out on me! Argh. Well, anyway, it is here!

I’ve had this blog for a while and haven’t publicly posted anything because I was too lazy. So this is my first time recapping. I knew it was a hard job and was scared of the commitment but this drama finally pushed me over the edge. Boong-Do and Hee-Jin are just too adorable for words and have be swooning left and right. I love Boong-Do as a character- he is such an intelligent, gentle, and calm hero. Hee-Jin may be impulsive but I she is still wonderfully normal and functional.

I know there are other, better, recaps out there but I just wanted to bring this to other fans as soon as possible. I can’t torrent and need to wait until someone uploads the drama in order to download, watch, and screencap this Wed/Thurs, but hopefully I can get future recaps out on the same day (well, at least in my time zone).

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments!!!

My very first MV!

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  1. Thanks for the recap!! 😀
    i am in love with this drama! the leads are just too adorable!! so obsessed with them ❤

    May 10, 2012
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    thanks for the recap!

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    Thank you for your recap. I watched it raw yesterday so it is nice to know what actually was said as I wait for subs

    May 10, 2012
  4. Million internet cookie points for you!! Thank you so much. This drama is making me incoherently ga-ga-goo-goo over it and thank goodness there’re ppl like you who’s willing to give ppl like me (ie. the non Korean speakers) a chance to know what’s going on before subs come along. I don’t understand the lack of reception for this drama in the bigger Internet world since it is made of AWESOME! so I’m especially appreciative when there are hard core fans like you to step up for us. Thank you again!

    May 10, 2012
    • joonni #

      I guess that fact that QIM is a cable drama makes it less known, even on the web. I know that means that there are less fans to spread the goodies around so I am glad to be able to contribute!

      May 10, 2012
  5. Thank you so much for this! I’m totally incoherently in love with this drama right now so to have ppl like you who’s stepping up to help out ppl like me (ie. non Korean speakers) is sooo good for my obsessive stage.

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  6. Hi there……Thank you so very much for the recap I love this drama enough to watch it raw and just wait for the subs…….so now that your recapping I will be here to read it again Thank you

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  7. TR #

    Thanks for helping those who watch the episodes raw to actually understand what is going on. Subs take too long for an impatient person like me, so you have made my day.

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  8. 0o-enfsis #

    You did a good job, my friend ^^. The recap is so clear and brief. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward the recap of episode 8. Aja aja!!!

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    This recap was awesome! Thanks for it!

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  10. thank you so so much. your recap is very much appreciated 🙂

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  13. Wow! Joonni!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this project on. It has to be time consuming, and can get frustrating when the tools don’t work.

    I am deeply madly in love with this drama, this hero, heroine and pairing.
    I have watched them all raw – grasping at the few K words I understand to be able to know what is going on.

    Now on to Ep 8!

    May 10, 2012
    • joonni #

      Hopefully I will become faster as I become more comfortable with wordpress. Arranging the images take up so much time!

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    thank you for the recap and the mv. queen inhyun’s man is mesmerizing. the drama has totally sucked me in for the ride. boong do is my ideal man, so far. hee yin is an adorable leading lady, they compliment each other .scholar meets actress and love blooms.

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    Thank youuuuu (= Waiting for the sub is killing me so here I am reading your recap. Thank you soooo muchhhh

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    Found your site from a link on dramabeans… thanks for yet another chance to squee with joy!

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