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Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 10


I was checking my raw file to make sure it worked and when I skipped to the end and saw what I saw, my hand started shaking. I had to calm down a bit before I could write this recap.

Boong-Do is at the palace to see the King. Everyone in the room greets him with a warm smile. The King asks if Boong-Do came looking so unhealthy in order to punish the king for making him suffer. Boong-Do replies that he knew no suffering (Yeah, I wouldn’t call going off to kiss a girl suffering exactly). One government official reports that Boong-Do has lost his memory due to illness. The King thought it was rumor. Kim Boong-Do confirms that he can’t remember the past two months. The King is happy about this- he was ashamed to see Boong-Do but if he has lost memories of the wrong he has caused him, good. The King thanks him and doesn’t know how to repay the debt.

The King suggests that he will play matchmaker. He asks one of the government official about his third daughter and the official says that he would be glad to give her away. Boong-Do looks unsettled by this. The official scribe is writing away in a corner of the room, taking this all down for Annals.

Hee-Jin is at the drama studio reading this on her laptop. As she reads the part where it is written down that the officials daughter is a beauty, Hee-Jin’s starts to grit her teeth. (Feeling jealous over someone from 300 years in the past? Hilarious).

Hee-Jin quickly slams her laptop shut as Soo-Kyung walks in. Soo-Kyung complains about the other scene taking so long to film while Hee-Jin angrily flips through her script. Soo-Kyung asks her what’s wrong but Hee-Jin replies that there is nothing wrong. NOTHING WRONG. But Soo-Kyung knows Hee-Jin too well and quickly opens the laptop. She sees what Hee-Jin was reading and suggests that Hee-Jin should stop reading this since her counseling sessions have ended too. Hee-Jin claims that it was just for research. Soo-Kyung knows that it isn’t for research- Hee-Jin is looking up Kim Boong-Do every day. Soo-Kyung asks what Hee-Jin is reading today to make her look like she is going to die.

Hee-Jin starts to adorably complain, “Suk-Jong said he will be a matchmaker for Boong-Do. With Young Eui Jung’s daughter. They say she’s a rare beauty. I guess he will have to do what the King orders. If he is doesn’t, it’s treason. I knew this would happen. I knew that the King would do this as soon as Boong-Do came to the palace. Boong-Do probably is happy inside. If he marries Young Eui Jung’s daughter, he is going up in status!”

When Soo-Kyung pleads, Hee-Jin tells her that she knows it’s a dream. “I know it’s a dream so don’t think about sending me to the psychiatrist again! Even if it’s a dream, I’m getting MAD! Just because it’s fiction, doesn’t mean I can’t get emotionally involved. We watch television and read books and know it is fiction but we still get emotionally involved. (Tell me about it sister.) I’m just doing that too so don’t look at me that way. I KNOW IT ISN’T REAL!”

Soo-Kyung can only agree and asks Hee-Jin what happened to Boong-Do, then. Did he get married? Hee-Jin tells her that there are no records after that. When Soo-Kyung deduces that it must mean that Boong-Do didn’t get married, Hee-Jin perks up a little bit. Soo-Kyung says, “Boong-Do must have lived his life as a single man because he couldn’t forget you.” Hee-Jin is in full-on petty jealous mode as she replies, “I don’t think the marriage would appear in the records anyway. What do I care if he really got married or not?!”

When Soo-Kyung looks at her with concerned and pitiful eyes, Hee-Jin reaffirms over and over again that she knows it is not reality. “I’m a VERY realistic person.”

Hee-Jin is called into shoot and when Soo-Kyung leaves first, Hee-Jin lets her mouth go into a full pout as she slams the laptop closed and bangs on it, yelling “Betrayer!”

Boong-Do is waiting outside in the palace courts for the Queen. She asks after his health and he congratulates her on her reinstatement. The Queen thanks him but she is worried about how Jang Hee Bin must feel. Boong-Do reassures her that they have just returned things to the way they are supposed to be.

The Queen tells her ladies and men in waiting to leave for a moment. She starts to talk about the night he came to see her and asked her not to tell the King about his visit, but Boong-Do does not know what she is talking about. The Queen assumes that Boong-Do is acting this way because there meeting was supposed to be a secret. The King interrupts them and asks what they were talking about. The Queen just tells him that she was asking after his health. The King informs her that he is planning to play matchmaker.

While Boong-Do is keeping his head respectfully low, his eyes come upon the Queen’s hanbok and he starts to have flashback of Hee-Jin’s costume. (And only her costume. He can’t see her face and it is scene when he was pulling Hee-Jin into the kiss.) He is off in a daze when the King interrupts his thoughts to ask why Boong-Do is not saying anything. Does he does not want to get married?

Boong-Do replies that he thinks that marriage is not an urgent thing but the King thinks that if it is Young Eui Jung’s daughter, it should be a very welcomed thing. The Queen suggests that the King not rush Boong-Do and while she is saying this, Boong-Do has flashbacks again.

Han-Dong and the other servants are searching every nook and cranny of the house. Boong-Do returns home and immediately asks about the amulet but it has yet to be found. Boong-Do wants to send an express message to Jeju Island. He also asks Han-Dong if he knows what kind of woman would wear the Queen’s clothing.

Han-Dong: A woman who would wear the Queen’s clothing is the Queen.

Boong-Do: What if it is not the Queen?

Han-Dong: Who would dare to wear the Queen’s clothing? They would be severely punished for that.

Boong-Do: That’s true.

Han-Dong: Why do you ask when you should know better?

Boong-Do: I asked because I’m desperately hoping that it is not the Queen.

(Ha! Does Boong-Do think he had some kind of secret liaison with the Queen? LOL. The panic on his face.)

In frustration, Boong-Do asks Han-Dong, “What have I been doing during these past months? I must have really ‘lost my taste’! Ah, you said you have never heard that phrase before. I must have really gone crazy!”

Han-Dong looks on worriedly and says, “I really think you need to take some medicine.”

Boong-Do is in his room, taking off his clothes and remembering what the Queen said to him, while having flashbacks of pulling Hee-Jin into the kiss in the car. (You still can’t see Hee-Jin’s face). The Queen’s words- “About the night, I was shocked and surprised. Even now I can’t sleep when I think about it. I can’t even tell the King. I was very worried that harm might come to you. Have I brought up something that should have just been buried?”

Boong-Do can only have say in scared disbelief, “What a treacherous thing to do.”

Hee-Jin is outside on the roof of her house and Soo-Kyung comes to inform her that she is going out to buy food. When Soo-Kyung is outside the apartment, she see Hee-Jin’s fixed car (the silver Audi SUV) pull in. Hee-Jin sees the car parked outside from her roof and thinks about Boong-Do as she listens to music with earphones on.

Hee-Jin is deep in thought when a hand grabs her waist from behind. She swerves around to see Dong-Min and screams bloody murder. So does Dong-Min. Hee-Jin apologizes- she thought he was a burglar. Dong-Min informs her that he asked Soo-Kyung to buy dinner and bring it here. He wants to eat with her outside since the weather is nice.

Dong-Min is suspicious. Did Hee-Jin scream knowing that it was Dong-Min? Although Hee-Jin denies it, Dong-Min is sure that Hee-Jin ran away after seeing his face. Dong-Min tells her not to run away as he slowly approaches her. Hee-Jin can barely hide her face of disgust and keeps moving side-to-side. She explains that it is because she is scared of photos being taken since they are outside. Dong-Min wants Hee-Jin to look at him but she can’t look at him in the eye. She is looking at his stomach. Dong-Min tries to zero in for a kiss but Hee-Jin’s hands and right knee go up. They are just short of actually hitting their target.

AS Dong-Min distracts Hee-Jin by saying that it is weird that someone wants to knee-kick their lover, he goes in for a kiss and Hee-Jin reels back in horror. Dong-Min complains that Hee-Jin looks like she just drank poison. Dong-Min wants another kiss, more passionate this time, but Hee-Jin bends over backwards to avoid his lips. Thankfully for Hee-Jin, Soo-Kyung and Dong-Min’s manager come back. While the others open the food, Hee-Jin sadly goes in the house to wash her hands.

Hee-Jin is in her house rinsing out her mouth and washing her lips clean. Soo-Kyung knocks on the bathroom door to call her out. Hee-Jin abruptly tells Soo-Kyung, “I need to break up with him. I don’t think this is right. I can’t go out with him like this. I’m going to tell him that we need to break up.”

Soo-Kyung runs after Hee-Jin and tries to slap some sense in the girl. But Hee-Jin doesn’t know what else to do. Every time Dong-Min comes close to her, she feels uncomfortable. Her head knows that Dong-Min is her boyfriend but….Hee-Jin concludes that it is better to tell Dong-Min sooner than later and tries to head back to the roof.

But Soo-Kyung stops her and brings out a document for Hee-Jin to sign. It would break the contract between Soo-Kyung and Hee-Jin. Soo-Kyung can’t be Hee-Jin’s manager anymore. She can’t handle someone like her. Soo-Kyung says that Hee-Jin is someone who won’t be able to succeed. Hee-Jin throws out opportunities that come her way. When Hee-Jin asks how Soo-Kyung can do this, Soo-Kyung replies that it wasn’t she that told her to date Dong-Min. It was Hee-Jin who gave Dong-Min another chance. Everyone in the whole country knows that they are dating and thanks to it, Hee-Jin’s popularity rose. They even have a film award show to go to together tomorrow to present. But Hee-Jin wants to break up now?! It will look like to everyone that Hee-Jin just used Dong-Min. Soo-Kyung can’t handle all the anti-fans. Soo-Kyung prefers that Hee-Jin would actually cheat with Kim Boong-Do. But this isn’t even like that. Hee-Jin is trying to break up with her real-life boyfriend because of someone who appears in the Joseon King Annals.

Hee-Jin rips up the document when Soo-Kyung finishes her rant and apologizes. But no matter how hard she thinks, she doesn’t think it was a dream. But everyone is telling her that it’s a dream or a mental disease. “I’ll try harder,” Hee-Jin promises.

Soo-Kyung tells Hee-Jin that she wouldn’t be doing this if Boong-Do were real. If Hee-Jin really had someone she liked, Soo-Kyung will definitely be on her side. Soo-kyung tries to cheer Hee-Jin up by saying that the dress for tomorrow’s award show is really pretty and that they are one the express road to success, so no worries.

Soo-Kyung: Has there ever been another time in your life when things worked out so smoothly for you?

Hee-Jin: That’s why this seems like a dream.

Soo-Kyung: It isn’t a dream. This is reality.

Soo-Kyung yells “Fighting.”

It is night but both Boong-Do and Hee-Jin can’t sleep. They toss and turn in their beds, touching their heads. Boong-Do and Hee-Jin finally go outside and both look at the bright moon in the night sky. The song “Same Sky, Different Time” plays in the background.

Boong-Do flashes to Hee-Jin’s queen costume again and repeats the name, “In-Hyun Wang Hoo.”

Yoon-Wol is outside breathing the night air when she hears something. It is Boong-Do, leaving at this time of the night to go the Buddhist temple to see his monk friend. Yoon-Wol asks him why he is looking for the amulet when things have turned out all right. There won’t be any problem with Boong-Do not remembering. Boong-Do replies, “I don’t think it is a memory that I can just forget and live on.”

Yoon-Wol: I fear that the amulet will distance you from this world. Since everything has worked out, I wish that you wouldn’t look for it.

Boong-Do understands what Yoon-Wol is saying but he keeps having memories of something that seems bad. He is worried that he might have committed a crime. That is why is looking for the amulet.

Boong-Do meets the monk he had previously talked to before about the amulet. The monk reminds Boong-Do that he came to ask about the amulet before he was exiled. The scene cuts away to Boong-Do exclaiming that if he had come seen the monk sooner, he would have not been so frustrated. Boong-Do asks if he mentioned anything about “In-Hyun Wang Hoo.” The monk replies that Boong-Do hadn’t but that he had talked several times about a woman, a fairy from the heavens.

The monk tells him what Boong-Do said about the fairy in a flashback- a fairy that wasn’t like a fairy in a heavenly land. Boong-Do is surprised that he said something like that. The monk tells him that Boong-Do said that he met the woman several times and that he didn’t know if their meeting was just coincidence or fate. The monk is disappointed that the amulet is lost since he wanted to go that heavenly land and fairy too.

Boong-Do hears something outside and whispers to the monk to apologize to Buddha in his stead. Boong-Do blows out the candle and we see two assassins outside the door. Boong-Do prepares to fight and in a brief combat, he expertly captures one of them. Boong-Do asks who their owner is. The other runs off.

The one who got away reports to Ja-Soo that they heard Boong-Do and the monk talk about the amulet. The amulet was a “life saver” when he was under threat of death. Ja-Soo takes out the amulet, which seems to have been put back together. Ja-Soo asks if he is sure about what the monk said. The guy who is reporting confirms.

Ja-Soo hands the amulet to the reporter and tells him to step back. Then he proceeds to grab his bow and shoot at him. The guy just dies. (I almost had a heart attack here. Thank god the assassins can’t travel through time). Ja-Soo turns to another guy and says, “See, it isn’t a life-saver. I told you to be careful with your reports.”

Boong-Do arrives with his hostage and asks who is Ja-Soo. (The balls on this man.) Boong-Do recognizes Ja-Soo as Minister’s Min servant. He is amazed that Ja-Soo stayed near the capital when the police are after him. Ja-Soo tells him that he is here because he has something to finish. Boong-Do asks what that can be- to kill him? Ja-Soo tells him that it isn’t his goal to kill him. He could have done that at Jeju if he wanted to do. Ja-Soo picks up the amulet from the dead assassin and holds it up. He wanted to find out how Boong-Do was able to get rid of Minister Min but since the owner has lost his memories, he couldn’t even threaten him. Instead, Ja-Soo is following Boong-Do around to learn what he is learning about the amulet- so when the moment Boong-Do learns how to use the amulet, Ja-Soo will know also. Ja-Soo kicks the dead assassin and says he tried to use it under the threat of death but obviously it didn’t work.

The guy held hostage by Boong-Do tries to correct Ja-Soo but Boong-Do quickly knocks him unconscious. Ja-Soo deduces by Boong-Do’s reaction that there must have been something that he didn’t hear. Ja-Soo threatens Boong-Do with the life of the monk and demands that Boong-Do just tell him what he knows.

As Boong-Do looks around to his situation where is surrounded by his attackers, Boong-Do repeats the name, “In-Hyun Wang Hoo.” He thinks, “Is it a name that is worth risking my life for?” Boong-Do flashes back to Yoon-Wol and the monk talking about the “woman” and his images of kissing someone dressed like the queen. Boong-Do repeats the phrase, “worth risking my life for.”

Ja-Soo once again demands that Boong-Do tell him what he wants to know. Before the attackers can kill Boong-Do, Boong-Do quickly yells, “That thing!”

Ja-Soo stops the attackers and eagerly waits for Boong-Do to finish. Boong-Do continues, “I heard that you need to read the words before you use it.” While Ja-Soo is distracted looking at the amulet, Boong-Do throws his knife at Ja-Soo (which hits the tree behind him), kicks the open fire and grabs the amulet out of Ja-Soo’s hand. While they struggle, the amulet flies out of Boong-Do’s hand. But soon, Boong-Do catches it, just as he is about to be killed and travels to modern time.

(I had to stop the vid, cover my mouth, run to my bed, and scream into the pillow at this point.)

Ja-Soo is in shock and the attacker that was once the hostage tells Ja-Soo that the amulet is really a “life-saver” but that the monk told Boong-Do the amulet was only loyal to its owner  because Yoon-Wol had put her heart into it as a gift to Boong-Do, not to anyone else.

Boong-Do finally opens his eyes is surprised to see where he is. He starts to walk, faster and faster, and when he sees a screen advertising the drama Hee-Jin is in, all the memories start flooding back. Boong-Do smiles. (I think he even got a little teary). He sees Hee-Jin’s face on the screen and says, “In-Hyun Wang Hoo.”

(Here I stop again and jump around the room like a mad woman.)

Back in Joseon time, the guy who had heard what the monk told Boong-Do, tells Ja-Soo that the amulet lets one live when they die. It is useless before you die. Ja-Soo now understands that only Boong-Do can use it and decides that they need to get rid of the amulet. They hear the monk coming with others searching for Boong-Do so they decide to just leave the location for now.

Hee-Jin and Soo-Kyung are at the hair salon and the hairdresser asks Hee-Jin if her going together with Han Dong-Min to the film award ceremony is making the relationship official. Hee-Jin denies this- that they are just going because they were asked to present an award.

Hee-Jin gets a call and asks Soo-Kyung to pick up for her since it might be her mom. Soo-Kyung looks at the number and tells her it’s not her mom. Soo-Kyung picks up the call and confirms that it is she, Joh Soo-Kyung, Hee-Jin’s friend on the phone. She asks who it is and is surprised to hear the answer. Hee-Jin asks who it is and Soo-Kyung tells her that it is someone asking for a television appearance. She quickly leaves the room.

(I’m hyperventilating at this point and this recap isn’t being written any faster.)

Soo-Kyung starts talking on the phone again and asks, “Who did you say you were? Kim Boong-Do?” Boong-Do replies that it’s been a long time. Soo-Kyung can’t believe her ears and just hangs up.

Boong-Do calls again and Soo-Kyung picks up, her hands shaking. “You’re really Kim Boong-Do? No, I don’t know who you are. But where are you calling from? The park? The park where you promised to meet Hee-Jin? Hold on a second.”

Soo-Kyung looks over at Hee-Jin who is getting her hair done. Soo-Kyung tries to take deep breaths and starts to talk to Boong-Do again. She tells him that Hee-Jin can’t pick up right now but that she will tell Hee-Jin to call him back as soon as possible.

Soo-Kyung is now pacing the hair salon, exclaiming, “How can someone from a dream appear? The man that Hee-Jin was talking about is real? Then it isn’t a dream. It really isn’t’ a dream? But this doesn’t make sense. Do I have to tell her this? If I tell her this…What do I do?”

Soo-Kyung goes to Hee-Jin and hands over the phone. She tells Hee-Jin not to pick up the phone if the number calls again. It was someone asking Hee-Jin to do nude photos. A total gangster. Hee-Jin promises. Soo-Kyung looks at her nervously and Hee-Jin asks why she is looking at her like that. Soo-Kyung just excuses herself.

Boong-Do is waiting for the phone as he reminisces all the time he spent with Hee-Jin. Boong-Do calls Hee-Jin again but Hee-Jin is now on her way to the award show and Soo-Kyung tells her not to pick up.

Boong-Do looks sad that she isn’t picking up. He leaves the phone booth with determination.

Hee-Jin is in the car and Soo-Kyung takes the phone from her, telling her that she can’t trust Hee-Jin during a live broadcast. Hee-Jin is hurt that Soo-Kyung would think she is the kind of person who would pick up the phone during a live broadcast and Soo-Kyung replies that Hee-Jin would do even more than that.

Dong-Min enters the van and tells Hee-Hin she is pretty. Hee-Jin doesn’t want him to come so close. Dong-Min wants to get a couple award instead of just presenting and Hee-Jin is scared that Dong-Min will actually say something during the time that they are presenting. She pleads for him to not do anything but Dong-Min really wants to.

Dong-Min and Hee-Jin arrive at the show hall and Hee-Jin is still pleading for Dong-Min to not to do anything strange. He leaves the car first and Hee-Jin follows. As they stop at the red carpet to wave to the fans, arm-in-arm, Hee-Jin looks around smiling. There, among the crowd, she sees Boong-Do. As their eyes meet, Hee-Jin’s arm drops from Dong-Min’s and she and Boong-Do stare at each other across all the people.


I can’t even write a comment because my heart is beating really fast and my hands are shaking. I can’t think properly. All I can do is squeal. I just want to get this up as soon as possible so we can all squeal together. Please everyone, squeal with me!

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    boong-do made it back to 2012 and remembers heejin. that’s right, go get your woman!
    man, heejin is lucky

    i didn’t get to bed til after 1am. stayed up late watching a taiwan drama (endless love cts) and searing for QIM ep 10 recaps. just when i was about to call it quits i saw that ep 10 raw was up and skimmed through most of it (going to marathon the drama later when it’s fully subbed) and then saw joonni already had the recap up. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

    and kudos to tvN with QIM with showing a believable romance btwn the OTP. don’t kow why it took me so long to realize this and i know asain dramas are conservative but the love story makes it less believable when there’s only 1 kiss scene btwn the couple (which is why i like taiwan dramas a bit more yet their story lines can get weaker as compared to kdramas). i’m not saying i want to see a full on make-out but a couple in love, like each other, interested in each other are usually putting the moves on each other. which was why i was squealing and going bravo for heejin for kissing boong-do and saying it was a goodbye custom and how boong-do did the same back to her. and heejin pulling the same stunt again w/ the uses of a car and how boong-do pulled her back and you see reciprocation of their deeper feelings for each other in that kiss too. wwwooooooowwwwwwwww

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      I love how hee-Jin takes charge and kisses him first. Love the girl!

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    • In very few words, you nailed how HOT that car kiss was:
      you see reciprocation of their deeper feelings for each other in that kiss too. EXACTLY – They are just starting to understand where these fluttery feelings are heading for the two of them. The dawning of all that could come between them was right there in that second kiss in the car.

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    I absolutely love this drama and its attention to detail.
    He is so worried that he may have done something unforgivable with the Queen.. He can’t believe he would do something so despicable.His fear is compounded by the fact that the Queen supported him and asked the King to delay the wedding plans.
    Knowing whether he did something or not for sure also makes finding Queen Inhyun worth taking the risk- ’cause if it is true, he has done something not even death can atone for. Just adorable.
    Oh, and 2:10 in his watch on the first call to HJ. 2:55 last call before he walked off.
    Awesome script, direction, execution and acting.

    May 22, 2012
    • joonni #

      I didn’t notice that detail. Thanks for pointing it out!

      May 22, 2012
    • ladida #

      Such great attention to detail! I’m learning so much about the dram from reading these thoughts from everyone. <33

      May 22, 2012
    • Thank you for paying attention to great detail, QIHM team. And thank you for pointing it out.

      But did you guys notice the team did have technical problem? I didn’t notice that until my friend teased me if PD-nim knew we are in love with the scholar-in-violet (or orchid? whatever the name) he suddenly changed his outfit just after several steps after returning to Seoul?
      I use Joonni’s captures ^^

      From maroon

      To violet …, it’s not because of the light effect, right?

      Anw, who cares? ^^ I love him in whatever color he wears.

      May 22, 2012
      • Laikan #

        It’s the same coat, the light is different
        -first cap : light from front and behind, yellow lamp
        -second cap : light from above, blue lamp (to imitate darkness, like the “american night”/”day-for-night” techniques if you know it ) . You can see the blue lamp trace in the color of the collar, it a white-blue
        also in optic, red + blue = violet …
        mystery solved 🙂
        It’s fun to read all the details you’ve noticed ^^ We learn so much from little details, they give more meanings to the story I also have seen the first watch, but didn’t notice the second one. good point! Maybe I was overwhelmed by the show at this point XD

        May 22, 2012
      • These editors are doing a beautiful job of combining a series of retouched stills and regular film. I think you are noticing that.

        What we get are beautiful overlays and transitions that tell an extremely compelling story all by themselves. The really obvious ones are when he is reading, and they are showing the action of his narration in sepia tones.
        They are doing this all through the show – which allows them to tell the story is less time. Not fewer frames, because there are a lot of cuts, but the dialog and visuals overlap. It makes everything feel urgent, and adds zip the to sageuk dialog that we normally don’t feel.
        I noticed when I started making headers, when I would accidentally catch two gorgeous shots in the same frame.

        I am not a patient viewer. Watching Equator Man just about KILLED me because of the loooooooooong shots and slow transitions.
        This type of story telling makes my heart soar. I want to marry this PD and editor and have all of their drama babies.

        June 1, 2012
  15. Ellie #


    May 22, 2012
  16. newkdramaaddict #

    Love this drama! SK pissed me off royally! Hope she shapes up or ships out!

    May 22, 2012
  17. Laikan #

    @joonni : I Love your recap, I read them after viewing the show, because I don’t want to stop the mood, the moment of joy, where I am!! It’s like viewing the show another time with a friend ah ah 🙂
    I also love to read all the comments here, it’s very cool :p
    This show hooked me at the first episode, first for the lead actor because I loved him in “Birth of the rich”, but the story was sooo gooood! and as a fan of sci-fi, I’m quite petty when it comes to time-travelling, but this story is quite satisfying! I still have some unresolved questions, but perhaps we will the answer before the end 🙂
    The entire show was so brilliantly done until now, so very well balanced, so adorably cute and thrilling in the same time!
    Thumps up to the actors, the directors et scenarists! “Chapeau bas!”, as we say in French !

    May 22, 2012
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