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Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 14


The place he must return to..the place he has to leave…

Hee-Jin has come back from the hospital to her house. She sighs as she sees Boong-Do’s clothes, cellphone, and wallet on the table. She notices bloodied bandages hanging out of the small trashcan nearby. Hee-Jin starts to panic as she worries about Boong-Do’s safety.

The capital city of Joseon is bustling with amazed people as Boong-Do calmly rides down the street on his horse. People are pointing fingers at Boong-Do. “What is he doing here? Why has he come back?” Boong-Do looks on with unease but tries to remain stone-faced.

Boong-Do returns to his home and his servant worries after him. Boong-Do asks for some water to wash himself.

Yoon-Wol rushes over to Boong-Do’s room to see him but stops when she sees the bloodied water outside. The other servant girl informs Yoon-Wol that she asked if she should call the doctor, but Boong-Do said no.

Yoon-Wol asks to come in but instead of waiting for Boong-Do to answer, she just rushes into the room. Boong-Do has already changed in his royal clothes. He comments, “You keep changing more and more. Even though I didn’t answer, you just came in.” But Yoon-Wol is in a rush so she quickly asks, “You got shot by an arrow. Why won’t you call the doctor?” Boong-Do replies that he is better. Yoon-Wol can’t believe him. Not much time has passed. How can the wound heal so quickly?

Boong-Do interrupts Yoon-Wol. “That place is not what you can imagine. There is no problem, so don’t worry.” Yoon-Wol is visibly disappointed to hear that Boong-Do visited that place again. She asks, “With what plans have you returned here?”

Boong-Do replies, “I have regretted not listening well to your warning. Like you said, I think using the amulet as I wanted has brought on a  wrath/curse. So I must return things to the way they are supposed to be.”

Yoon-Wol simply says, “Please leave.”

The royal officers are outside Boong-Do’s house. They call for the door to be opened immediately since they know Boong-Do is inside already.

Yoon-Wol is talking to Boong-Do. “You were planning to leave anyway. Why did you return, then? To prove your innocence and maintain name/honor? But how important is a name? Please leave.” Boong-Do replies, “Even if leave when I leave, I should fulfill my duty.”

Yoon-Wol won’t have any of this nonsense. “Don’t you know what the mood is like here in the city? There are rumors that the King will punish the Queen by poison. If that will happen to the Queen, of course you will be…” Yoon-Wol cannot finish the horrible thought. She says instead, “The citizens are angry. There is no way to escape this time. PLEASE LEAVE!”

Boong-Do just grins. “Didn’t you get angry when you thought I was leaving last time?” Yoon-Wol’s eyes start to fill with tears. “It was jealousy. I let myself have a foolish desire. I said that it was for your safety and happiness. But truthfully, it seems that I just wanted to you be by my side.” (Yoon-Wol, you are making me cry! You need to be happy, my beautiful girl!)

A servant rushes into the room and interrupts them. He cries that the royal officers are here. Boong-Do orders him to let the officers in before the servants are arrested to. Yoon-Wol is shocked.

Boong-Do painfully gets up and tries to leave but Yoon-Wol grabs him by the arm. She wordlessly looks at him with desperation. Boong-Do simply pushes her hands away, but not before he holds one of them just a little longer, as if to thank her for her heart. He rests his other hand on her shoulders to comfort her, smiles a little, and leaves the room.

A high government official (Nam Goo-Man, prime minister, head of the West people, the Queen’s people) is talking with the Queen. “The situation is very serious. There is no other way. You must place all the blame on the scholar- that the young man kept on harassing you and you kept on rejecting him.” The Queen scorns such a solution. “That can never be said. When you people left me to save yourselves, he was the only one who risked his life to save me. To testify that he harassed me is wrong. I will not say what you people want me to say, so don’t hold your breath. If the King doesn’t believe me and punishes me, I will gladly receive the punishment instead.” Nam can’t believe that Queen would say such a thing. One the Queen’s servants announces that Kim Boong-Do is with the King right now.

Boong-Do bows to the King, who looks angry, and the other government officials look on disapprovingly. Boong-Do announces that he only just heard the King’s desire to see him and came. The King is in disbelief. “You just heard about it?” Boong-Do apologizes. “It was today that I regained consciousness after losing it when I got hit by the arrows.” The King just keeps on repeating what Boong-Do said and asks, “So where were you until now?”

Boong-Do replies, “I’m sorry to tell you this but I can only remember that I got hit by the arrow. When I woke up, I found that I was kidnapped by people I didn’t know. I risked my life to escape and just arrived home.” The King repeats, “Kidnapped?” Boong-Do continues, “When I arrived to the capital city, I was shocked to hear the rumors that I used an amulet to disappear, and have been using it to do terrible things. I swear this- that the rumor is the work of the people who kidnapped me.”

Boong-Do hands the amulet to the eunuch to give to the King. As the King looks at the amulet, Boong-Do explains. “While I do have a strange amulet, it was just given to me by a slave for her peace of mind. How can such a thing actually do something? Aren’t such beliefs only those of women who go to the temples? And that dirty rumor that is circulating the city…the people who believe such rumors must have a traitorous mind against the royal family. How could that rumor be possible?”

The King asks, “Then when the Queen was exiled, what about the testimonies that people saw you at her house? Strangely, the time frame matches the time you were said to have disappeared from your exile. You said you were going to your hometown but you didn’t do that either and once again, someone like you was seen entering the Queen’s bedroom. How will you refute this all? Do you dare to trick me again?!” Boong-Do replies, “That is all the enemies designs.”

The King does not believe Boong-Do. “Then are you saying that the Minister Min, who is in prison planned all this and placed the blame all on you?” (I will be referring to as Minister Min as Min Ahm from now on. That’s his full name.) The King laughs in disbelief. Boong-Do affirms that what he is saying is the truth. The King says, “Then Min Ahm should be punished again? What do you guys think?” He looks over to the other government officials. “I can’t believe Kim Boong-Do or Min Ahm. Who do you think we should believe? Can no one else make the judgment? Then I will do so. Bring out Min Ahm from prison.”

One of Min Ahm’s friends is talking to him in prison. “In a few days, an order (of release) from the King will be given. You have suffered for a long time.” Min Ahm says, “Things aren’t all over yet so I can’t be relieved yet.” But the friend reassures Min Ahm. “Things are as good as over. With the King’s temper, the only thing left is how he will kill the Queen. Then after that, what can he do? He must let the opposite side out of jail.” Min Ahm smiles in pleasure. The friend continues to talk. “Only a month (to wait) at least. This will definitely be written down in history.”

A prison guard comes and opens the door to Min Ahm’s cell. He announces that there was an order for Min Ahm to come to the palace in order to be cross-examined, along with Boong-Do. Min Ahm is surprised to hear Boong-Do’s name. “You mean to say he’s been captured? Where?” The guard answers that Boong-Do came to the palace on his own accord. Min Ahm is shocked to hear this.

Min Ahm is being led to the palace’s interrogation court. He is seated next to Boong-Do, who has been stripped of his royal clothes. Min Ahm looks over at Boong-Do, who looks back at him somewhat peacefully.

The King starts to question Min Ahm. “Kim Boong-Do has claimed that everything was your plan and doing. Is that true?” Min Ahm adamantly refutes such claims. He was in prison all this time. How could he have planned all this? “I also heard in prison that Kim Boong-Do disappeared in the middle of the street.” The King explains, “Kim Boong-Do is claiming that your servant kidnapped him.” Min Ahm is flustered, “Kidnapping? I heard he disappeared in front of many people. How can kidnapping be possible? This has nothing to do with me.”

The King agrees. “I also don’t think kidnapping makes sense. It seems like a low excuse.” Boong-Do quickly responds to this. “How can you believe in an amulet’s power and black magic but think that kidnapping doesn’t make sense? If you believe in the rumors, from now on this country will run rampant with black magic and superstition…”

The King interrupts Boong-Do. “I don’t need long speeches! You will prove your innocence with your death. Starting from five years ago, for the first exile of the Queen till today, there has been no stop in all the planning and scheming to control me. So regarding this, I do not plan on taking any sides.” The King looks at Boong-Do. “While I once regarded you preciously, with regards to this incident, I do not plan to forgive you. Even if you are innocent, you put the citizens in chaos and tainted the image of the Queen. You will take responsibility for those actions!” Boong-Do looks down and Min Ahm looks pleased. The King orders, “Shoot Kim Boong-Do.”

Both Min Ahm and Boong-Do look shocked. One of the official starts to speak but the King keeps talking. “Since we only have testimonies but no solid evidence, this is the most sure-fire way.” The official want the King to think it over but the King will have none of that. He’s tired of listening to people all the time. Min Ahm looks pleased to hear this. The King commands the officers to ready their bows. He says, “I promise this in front of everyone. If you die, while still holding this (the amulet), it will be true that Min Ahm planned all this and I will immediately punish him. But if you disappear, you will have saved your contemptible life but the rumors will have been proved true. You will never be able to set foot in Joseon again and everyone else involved will be punished accordingly.” Boong-Do closes his eyes in response. Min Ahm grins. The King commands once again, “Put the amulet on Boong-Do and shoot him.”

The soldiers ready themselves and the amulet is placed in Boong-Do’s clothes. Min Ahm watches this with a smile. Boong-Do turns to Min Ahm and says, “This is a strange feeling. I didn’t think things would turn out this way. But while this isn’t the best way, I don’t think it’s the worst either.” Min Ahm is disturbed to hear this. Boong-Do continues, “If not this way, then how will our fight end?”

Min Ahm stutters, “Are you really…?” Boong-Do continues, “Do you think that I will have given him the real amulet?” (HAHAHAHAHAHA! *fist pump* No wonder it looked less bloody). Min Ahm is stunned and speechless. (Gotcha! Yay! *Dancing in my seat* …wait, then Boong-Do will really get hurt! NO!!!!!).

We see a flashback of Boong-Do in his room, changing the amulets, before he visited the King.

Boong-Do says to Min-Ahm, “Let’s die together so that we aren’t lonely.” (No, no, no, no, no!).

The King orders the shooting. Boong-Do readies himself for his death. The arrows are shot. (HOMG HOMG HOMG. Slow motion. HOMG HOMG HOMG.)

And Hee-Jin. (Oh my god, I have never been this unhappy to see Hee-Jin.) She is sitting in the car, and Soo-Kyung is driving and on the phone. Hee-Jin is not feeling good. She feels stuffy and has a hard time breathing. Soo-Kyung lets Hee-Jin know that the call was about Dong-Min canceling a photo shoot with her.

Boong-Do closes his eyes, ready for death. (You promised to return to Hee-Jin!). Three arrows hit Boong-Do. Blood starts to seep into the clothing. Everyone is shocked, including the King. Boong-Do loses unconsciousness. Min Ahm and the King are speechless. Boong-Do hangs his head. ($#%%^*$%@ commercials!)

We get a little repeat of Boong-Do getting shot. (AS IF I NEED A REPEAT OF THAT SCENE?!?!) The King rises from his seat. “Have I succumbed to that man’s (Min Ahm) lies again? Take Boong-Do to the doctor. Hurry!”

Hee-Jin is feeling strange and wants the car pulled over. Hee-Jin rolls down the windows and Soo-Kyung asks if Hee-Jin is feeling nauseous. Hee-Jin asks Soo-Kyung to search for her. She can’t do it herself. Hee-Jin wants Soo-Kyung to look up Annals and see what happened June 5.

Soo-Kyung reads out loud. “Kim Boong-Do appears at the palace.” Soo-Kyung notes that this person has the same name as the Boong-Do they know. When Hee-Jin doesn’t respond, Soo-Kyung just continues. “Kim Boong-Do appears and declares that everything was planned by Min Ahm. The King demands that Boong-Do prove his innocence by death.” Hee-Jin holds her breath, her hands in fists. Soo-Kyung continues, “Boong-Do dies on the spot after getting shot by three arrows.”

The doctor is reporting to the King about Boong-Do. “When I looked over him, he was already dead and I couldn’t do anything.” The King looks over at Min Ahm. He gets up, grabs a sword and approaches Min Ahm. He declares, “Because of you, I punished my dear friend with my own hand and was suspicious of the Queen again. Do you think I will just let you be?” The King holds up the sword to Min Ahm’s neck. The officers rush over to stop him. (No, just let him do it!) The King declares that he will punish Min Ahm and orders for everyone to gather in the royal court. (Will this man just die already?!)

Soo-Kyung reads what is happening. “The King orders Min Ahm to be imprisoned and holds court with his officials.” Soo-Kyung stops and asks if she should read more. Hee-Jin doesn’t reply. Soo-Kyung’s phone rings and she talks to someone about Hee-Jin’s changed schedule. She starts to drive and asks Hee-Jin is she wants to stop at the pharmacy. Hee-Jin faints and while Soo-Kyung tries to wake her up, a car cuts off Soo-Kyung and she drives straight into a pole. Both girls are unconscious and are rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Soo-Kyung leaves the ambulance awake and crying in pain. Hee-Jin is rolled out, and she is awake, but is keeping her eyes covered. They are in the emergency room and Soo-Kyung is complaining about her legs and back. Hee-Jin is next to her and the doctor tries to question Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin does not say anything and continues to cover her eyes. Hee-Jin is silently crying and does not talk. The nurse wants Hee-Jin to talk and pulls away Hee-Jin’s hands.

Hee-Jin starts to cry in earnest. The nurse asks why she is crying. “Where does it hurt?” (Her heart, damn you, her heart!). Hee-Jin simply continues to weep, and Soo-Kyung hurries over. Hee-Jin cries and weeps in pain, her hands and body trembling.

A funeral is being held at Boong-Do’s house. Yoon-Wol is dressed in white, quietly sitting, and we hear the visitors talking. “What will become of this family and their line? They will lose their strength.”

Hee-Jin continues to sob in the hospital. Yoon-Wol and the Queen can only silently cry. (As I’m screencapping this, I’m starting to realize that three women are crying for Boong-Do. What a PLAYER.)

Dong-Min is sitting in the van and his manager, Chun-Soo, calls his attention. “Hee-Jin got into an accident. Don’t you think we should go?” Dong-Min looks a little concerned and asked, “How hurt are they?” Chun-Soo replies that Soo-Kyung needs to wear a cast for a month. Hee-Jin doesn’t seem to be hurt that much…but they should still go. He didn’t feel good about canceling the photo shoot anyway and they got into an accident right after he called. Dong-Min turns to Chun-Soo. “What is there to be sorry about? Are you crazy?” Chun-Soo retorts, “Aren’t you the one that’s crazy? They got into an accident. You’re really not going to go? If not, I’ll just go myself.” Dong-Min looks a little sorry.

Chun-Soo and Dong-Min get out of the hospital elevator. Chun-Soo sees Soo-Kyung with a cast on her leg near the stairs and goes to her. Dong-Min stays back and sees the room that Hee-Jin is supposed to be in. He hurries in to see her.

Dong-Min finds Hee-Jin on her bed, her back turned. He enters the room and approaches her. Hee-Jin is still crying and Dong-Min calls Hee-Jin’s attention. She turns to face him and Dong-Min looks surprised to see her face. He shyly asks why she is crying. Chun-Soo comes in with Soo-Kyung and Dong-Min abruptly steps away from Hee-Jin. Soo-Kyung tells Dong-Min that Hee-Jin is sleeping. Dong-Min asks where Hee-Jin got hurt. Soo-Kyung answer here and there but she got hurt more than Hee-Jin. Dong-Min looks over at Hee-Jin gently, with worry written in his face.

Dong-Min and Chun-Soo are back in the van and Dong-Min once again throws a tantrum. “Was I too harsh? That isn’t it. Of course I should have been angry. This feels uncomfortable. Why is she crying?” Dong-Min looks concerned and sorry.

Soo-Kyung is asleep next to Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin cannot sleep, her eyes completely swollen from crying, her heart in pain.

It is a new day and Soo-Kyung is talking on the phone. She is planning to leave the hospital today. She is heading back to her room when she hears a nurse say, “I’m telling you he looked exactly the same. The actress Hee-Jin was his guardian.” Another nurse says, “They do look alike but still, it’s impossible….” The other keeps saying, “I was that person’s nurse. The wound on his side was the same.” The other nurse replies, “Then why doesn’t he know? He doesn’t seem to know Choi Hee-Jin?” (I’m going to go bang on my head on the wall now……… Okay, I’m back. I can finish this for you guys! I can! I will continue to stop and pause to patiently write this recap instead of just watching this thing through!) The other nurse says again, “Still, there are so many strange things…”

Soo-Kyung walks over to the nurse and asks them what they are talking about. The nurse replies, “A patient disappeared this morning. He looked a lot like the person you were the guardian for.” (Wait, wait, wait. So he came to the hospital, got treated, and then ran away again! Boong-Do! You’re killing me. Killing me!) Soo-Kyung is surprised to hear this.

Soo-Kyung relays this to Hee-Jin. (Thank god you didn’t keep this from her.) “He looked like Kim Boong-Do and just like him, he was shot by an arrow and was brought into the emergency room. There aren’t many people who are shot by arrows, you know. It’s strange.”

Hee-Jin rushes out of her bed. “Where is that patient?” Soo-Kyung replies that the man disappeared this morning without a trace. The nurses were astounded by the fact that someone in such critical condition could leave the hospital like that.

Hee-Jin looks relieved as she remembers what Boong-Do promised. “I will take care of everyone. I can do it. I will definitely return.” Hee-Jin smiles. (Giddy dance. Giddy dance!)

It is Joseon again and subtitle reads, “One month later.” Min Ahm is in prison and he is called out. Min Ahm looks scared and desperate.

Min Ahm and others are read their crimes and they are beheaded one by one in front of the citizens. Before Min Ahm’s head is cut off, he opens his eyes for the last time. He sees Boong-Do standing among the crowd. Min Ahm’s eyes open wide in disbelief. Boong-Do just looks on calmly.

It is the palace, and the subtitle reads, “One month earlier.” The King is reading reports and the eunuch comes in. The King is on his last nerves and yells at the eunuch for interrupting him. The eunuch quickly explains that an arrow with a letter was shot into the palace. He hands over the arrow.

The King is in the library alone, searching. He turns around, pulling his sword out, when he hears himself being called. It is Boong-Do. The King is surprised. Boong-Do approaches him, bows, and apologizes for returning so late. (To clarify, this meeting happened before Boong-Do “first” went to the palace to report his return and hand over the amulet.)

The King exclaims, “I had my doubts but you really did use black magic?!” Boong-Do replies, “It is true.” He pulls out the amulet. “This amulet did protect me and it is true that I used it to escape exile and visit the Queen.” The King is angry to hear this. Boong-Do continues, “While it is true that I used the amulet, the reason why I visited the Queen was to follow out your will.”

Boong-Do explains as we see flashbacks of what happened. “That night, I was the one who shot an arrow to inform you of the Queen’s assassination attempt.” The King says, “Even if you tell me the truth now, do you think your crime of trying to control the royal family will disappear? Whether it is the scandalous rumor with the queen, or putting the royal officials in a trap, or lying to me, or turning the whole country upside down, there is no punishment big enough for such high treason.” Boong-Do replies, “I know that my crimes cannot be forgiven but I couldn’t do anything differently since I knew your will and desire. Isn’t the Queen’s reinstatement what you desired? You are now suspicious of the Queen again because of false rumors. I came to see you because I thought we needed to keep things from falling apart again only just after they have been righted.”

The King replies, “Yes, it is true that everything that happened that night was what I wanted. I do not want to give power to the opposition again. But in any shape or form, I must punish you. How can I believe one who deceives the royal family and uses black magic?”

Boong-Do simply replies, “This is true.” The King puts down his swords. Boong-Do adds, “Please kill me.” The King is shocked. “What did you say?”

Boong-Do explains, “Things have become this way because I did not die when I was supposed to and tried to extend my life. Only by dying will everything return to its place. Please kill me. There is no other way to stop the rumors among the citizens. I must die and show that the rumors about the amulet is false.” The King asks, “Do you really mean this?” Boong-Do replies, “I do.”

Boong-Do continues, “In exchange, please kill Min Ahm along with my death. That person knows about the existence of this amulet and as long as he is alive, he will cause chaos once more.”

The King heads out of the library deep in thought. A voiceover of the King- “Are you asking me to kill you with my own hands?”

Back in the library the King had said, “Are you using black magic again? How could you lay your life out like that?” Boong-Do replies, “Asking you to kill me is me trying to live.”

Boong-Do’s eyes start to tear up. “I will live. I most definitely want to live. So you must let me die in good name.” (Boong-Do, you’re breaking my heart.) “Then, I will never appear in this place again.”

Han-Dong brings a horse to Boong-Do. Boong-Do asks, “Did anybody notice you?” Han-Dong reassures Boong-Do that no one did and asks, “What is this? What do you plan to do?”

Boong-Do erects his sword into the ground. He tells Han-Dong, “Remember this location. When I die by arrow tomorrow in the palace, you must bring my dead body to this place quickly.” Han-Dong exclaims in shock, “Dead body?” Boong-Do explains, “While the probability that I will die is high, there is still a small chance. So you must bring me here with no delay.”

Flashback to Boong-Do getting shot and the King commanding that Boong-Do be brought to the doctor. We didn’t see this last time but this time we see the King giving a little smile after commanding this.

Boong-Do lies in a room with the royal doctor by his side. The arrows have been pulled out. The eunuch asks how Boong-Do is doing. The doctor informs him that while Boong-Do is still breathing, there is no hope. The eunuch says, “Then there will be no problem to announce that he is dead. Please just tell everyone that he is dead.” The doctor is surprised. The eunuch explains that it is a royal order.

We are shown that the location of the Boong-Do’s sword is the same place as the emergency room of the hospital in the future. Han-Dong has brought Boong-Do to this place and places the amulet in him. In the split second that Han-Dong turns around, Boong-Do transports to the future, right in front of the ambulance. (Oh…thank…god…) Boong-Do collapses to the ground. The hospital people come out and find Boong-Do. As they are trying to put him on a stretcher, another ambulance rolls in. It is Hee-Jin’s ambulance. (So excellent you drama!)

Boong-Do is rolled into the emergency room at the same time Hee-Jin is crying her heart out. Boong-Do lays unconscious. He is now in surgery, flat-lines for a heart-stopping moment, but is brought back.

Min Ahm sees Boong-Do looking at him from the crowd. The sword comes down and Min Ahm is finally beheaded. Boong-Do quietly leaves.

Boong-Do is looking at his own gravestone. Han-Dong comes to him. Boong-Do asks if everything is settled. Han-Dong asks Boong-Do to check since he can’t read. Boong-Do looks at the documents as Han-Dong narrates that the all the servants and slaves have been taken care of and placed in other people’s homes. Yoon-Wol has returned to the gisaeng house. Han-Dong explains that it is right that she goes back to the gisaeng house since Boong-Do is not here. She can’t be a slave at another person’s house.

Boong-Do starts to say, “To Yoon-Wol…” Han-Dong interrupts him. “I already told Yoon-Wol. I thought it was too awful to not say anything to her. I told her you are safe but that she wouldn’t be able to see you again.” Boong-Do asks, “What did she say?”

Han-Dong has just told Yoon-Wol about Boong-Do. Yoon-Wol sheds a tear. “You’re right. It’s better that he is alive even though we can’t see him again.”

Boong-Do hears this with sadness. He hands the documents back to Han-Dong. Boong-Do is relieved that his people are taken care of.

Boong-Do and Han-Dong ride down the mountain. Boong-Do turns to Han-Dong, “Let’s separate here. How long do you plan to cry?” Han-Dong weeps, “Will I never really see you again?” (I’m actually crying here, of all places.) Boong-Do replies, “I’m already a dead person. It is right I disappear from this lifetime.” Han-Dong cries, “My Lord.” Boong-Do simply says, “Leave,” and rides off. Han-Dong calls after him. Boong-Do stops after a while and looks back with tears. He starts to ride off again. At the same time, Yoon-Wol, the ever strong and amazing woman, is playing her gayageum, a picture of selfless beauty.

Boong-Do stops at the river and says goodbye to the horse. “Thank you for your service.” (I love men who are gentle with animals!) The horse leaves. Boong-Do takes off his yangban hat.

Boong-Do’s horse has caught up to Han-Dong. Han-Dong rides back to where the horse came from and calls out for Boong-Do. He sees Boong-Do’s sword erected in his hat, by the river. Han-Dong calls out, “Did you really leave? My lord!”

Hee-Jin is listlessly carrying her clothes back to her apartment and on her roof she sees a figure. (Heart stopped right here.) Hee-Jin drops her clothes and lets out a breath as the tall figure, with his back to her, fills her vision.

Hee-Jin takes a deep breath and wordlessly walks over to the figure and stops next to him. She says, “If I keep meeting you, I will be the one who won’t be able to live out my normal lifespan.” Boong-Do turns around, his eyes filled with tears, as Hee-Jin looks at him. She is surprised to see his tears.

Boong-Do says, “I’m a little late but I have returned.” Hee-Jin asks, “Are you crying right now?” (Yes, and me too!) “Why?” Boong-Do replies, “I don’t know.”

Boong-Do continues, “I don’t know if it is because I have no place to return to and am now an orphan.” Hee-Jin looks at him gently and wipes his glistening tears off his cheek. She says, “I was going to slap you because I was angry about how much I had to worry. But because you’re crying, I can’t even say anything. See, you are a player. You are a natural-born player.” Boong-Do smiles.

Hee-Jin comforts Boong-Do. “Why are you lonely? You have me. The ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’.”

Boong-Do wraps his arms around Hee-Jin and rests his head on her shoulder. She hugs him back and asks, “Everything’s over now, right?” He answers, “Everything’s over.” She asks one more time, “For real?” Boong-Do answers, “It seems so.” Hee-Jin softly pats Boong-Do’s back.

Boong-Do, still resting his head on Hee-Jin’s shoulder says, “There are so many words I don’t understand and have heard for the first time. But one thing hasn’t changed.” Hee-Jin pulls out of the hug. “What is it?” she asks. Boong-Do softly holds Hee-Jin.

“I love you.”



After watching this episode, I just kind of wanted to go crawl into a hole and cry my eyes out because of all the pent up emotions. I haven’t done it yet. It’s still waiting for me.

After all the waiting and almost dying, I thought the meeting between Hee-Jin and Boong-Do would be more dramatic. I was surprised by the understated tone of it all but understand completely why. Hee-Jin and Boong-Do’s interaction have never been built on drama, and Hee-Jin knew that Boong-Do was safe, just unable to return yet. So her reaction is calm, collected, yet still filled with joy.

I love Boong-Do’s simple confession of love and the gentle way he says it. The way he says it lacks the formality of old-Korean-speak he is used to speaking. This resonates with the Boong-Do’s decision to live with Hee-Jin and I totally appreciate this little detail in grammatical choice.

As for the King deciding to kill off Boong-Do, I think his decision fits his character. We have seen the King as pretty selfish and temperamental so far. When Boong-Do asks to be killed, the King doesn’t try to think of another way to protect his friend because he just wants to make sure that the opposition does not return to power. For the King, everything Boong-Do wants is a win-win situation and so he doesn’t even try to show loyalty to a scholar who has shown him undying loyalty.

I think Boong-Do was really prepared to die when the arrows were shot at him. The real amulet wasn’t with him and the officers were unlikely to miss. So in this way, the amulet keeps its word- “He lives when he dies, he dies when he lives.” Boong-Do does end up surviving because he was ready to give up his life to correct all wrongs. Boong-Do placed a higher responsibility over his own selfish desires and so he was able survive long enough to have the real amulet placed on him by Han-Dong.

I especially love the moment when Min Ahm sees Boong-Do in crowd, right before he is about to be beheaded. This is an incredibly satisfactory conclusion to the whole ordeal and Min Ahm dies knowing Boong-Do is alive.

The writer is inside my head, I’m sure of it. She knows exactly what I want. I think she has some kind of amulet herself.

***Just a friendly reminder. If you are going to take my work out of here, please at least link back to this site and spell my name correctly. Also, please don’t change my translation, even if they are wrong. I will take full responsibility for my own errors but I spend a long of time trying to find the best translation, so I would appreciate it if my wording is kept the way I put it.***

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  1. Isa #

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! i could only find the “raw” version of this episode (so no english subs :(( ) but your recap was so amazing i was reading it while watching the episode in Korean and i actually feel like i understood everything even better than if there had been subtitles in the episode. I love your side comments by the way! everything you said in parenthesis was EXACTLY what i was thinking, or doing (the giddy dance, crying, etc.) Again thank you so much for doing this for us 🙂

    June 4, 2012
  2. LadyM #

    I promised myself not to read recaps & just wait for the subs….but i am gg crazy thinking about this story…have to break my promise and read ur recap because I think you wrote a wonderful recap….Its as if watching the drama itself….Thank you…
    With 2 episodes left, I am wondering how the writer would end it…so far this is one of the intelligent dramas that I watched….Seems like everything seems to end well…but I doubt it….seems like everything have been settled in Joseon…but why do I have a nagging feeling that something is not right?…I’ll be waiting…hope the ending is a worthy one…
    **its wed…when I wrote this so I this the 2nd last ep would start 2nite…**

    June 5, 2012
  3. Yes today is QIM15 but I just watched QIM14 subbed and have to rewatch again.. and again.. then rush to read Joonni’s recap just to make my heart calms.. This drama is really awesome.. super awesome. I never thougt that it could make me crying this bad. I cried for Heejin, cried badly for Boongdo, cried for Yunwool, even for Handong!! this doesn’t make sense, crying for non major character.. Every character has their own strong point, Song writer really nails every character in this drama… And I really agree to you Joonie, Yunwool deserves to be happy… she’s really strong!! I admire her for that.
    I really not a fan of crying-man scene, but there… Boongdo’s crying scene… it’s so beautiful and for a perfect reason.. Writer Song jjang!! =)
    Again thank you for ur recap Joonni.. Feel better now after reading ur recap, no more tears hehe.. I even cracked up reading ur reaction.. you are so cutee heheh ^^

    June 6, 2012
    • Reideen #

      You will cry again when you see ep QIM 15 (especially how it ends </3)

      June 6, 2012
      • really?? my heart!!! awwh… Thank you Raideen, I must be prepared then =’).. oh my heart!! huhuhu~~~ *already nervous here* hope Dss subber-heroes could sub QIM15 a bit faster.. =)

        June 7, 2012
  4. Mikey #

    I thought he was going to bring Yun-wool back to future with him so she could start a new life as a non-slave. Since he was able to transport the bandit back with him.

    June 6, 2012

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