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Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 15


Cause and effect, gain and loss, time and memories….

It’s a sleepless night for Hee-Jin, as she giddily lays in bed at her house, thinking about Boong-Do. She finally can’t take it anymore and gets up, makes her way down to her cosmetic table and pulls out jewelry box. In it she has hidden the talisman.

Boong-Do had given it to her after finally returning from Joseon, saying, “I don’t have a use for this anymore so you take care of it.” He had placed it firmly in her hand.

Hee-Jin smells the talisman lovingly, now a symbol of Boong-Do’s promise to stay with her. She ponders though, “Should I bury this in a secret place so I won’t ever lose it? Yes, I’ll go to the bank tomorrow (safe deposit box).”

The phone rings and it is Boong-Do. Hee-Jin rushes into the bathroom to pick up the phone. She asks, “What happened? Why are you calling at this hour?” Boong-Do asks if she was asleep. Hee-Jin replies that she was lying down to go to asleep since she has early filming tomorrow. Boong-Do thought she was awake since she said she usually sleeps late. He is sorry for disturbing her and tries to hang up but Hee-Jin stops him. “Forget it, I’m already awake.” Hee-Jin asks, “Is there something wrong?”

Boong-Do has something to ask. “It’s about the clock. If the long hand is at nine, does it mean 45 minutes?” Hee-Jin confirms. Boong-Do continues, “Then you’re dividing 60 minutes by 12 so each number stands for 5 minutes. 60 minutes equal one hour and if you rotate 12 hours twice in a day, that means there are 24 hours in a day. One minute is equal to 60 seconds, and 30 minutes is expressed as ‘half.’ So since it is one-thirty, you express it as one and ‘half’ (half past one). Is this right?”

Hee-Jin has been scratching her head this whole time. (And I’ve been furiously replaying to catch all this. He needs to stop talking so fast!). Hee-Jin replies, “Yes, but you haven’t even seen the clock, yet?” Boong-Do says, “I had guessed before but I wanted to make sure I was right. What is this “Christmas” event?”

Hee-Jin replies, “The day when Jesus was born.” Boong-Do asks, “Who is Jesus?” You could smell Hee-Jin’s brain burning. “There is this religion called Christianity…” Boong-Do is oblivious to the smoke rising out of Hee-Jin’s head. He just says, “Christianity…I need to read religion books too.” Boong-Do has more questions. “I was curious about this since before but books are now written horizontally instead of vertically and you turn the pages from right to left. Why did that change? I find this more uncomfortable.”

Hee-Jin has had enough. “Why do you have so many things you are curious about at this hour? Aren’t you tired? Get some rest.” Boong-Do replies, “I want to adjust quickly. I don’t want to keep on doing stupid things that will be a nuisance to you.” But Hee-Jin doesn’t mind. “What nuisance?” (If nuisance comes in the form of Boong-Do, I’ll endure it every day!)

Boong-Do says, “Since I came so hurriedly without any preparation, I’m worried about all the things I have to learn. I have no idea when I will be able to learn everything. I think it will take me months to learn everything even if I do nothing else. Reading Hangul is still awkward…”

Hee-Jin has pulled the phone away from her ear. “You nerd, you nerd. Is he planning to live at the library?” Boong-Do obliviously keeps talking on the phone by himself. “Hanja also changed a bit so I think I need to relearn it. Oh, and the clothes that you bought…” Hee-Jin finally puts the phone back to her ear and responds, “Yes?” Boong-Do asks, “These things called neckties. It seemed that all working men wore this. What’s the reason?”

Hee-Jin gives a little “hmph” of frustration. Boong-Do asks for a reason since it looks so uncomfortable but Hee-Jin can only answer, “You just wear it. There is no separate reason for wearing neckties.” But Boong-Do can’t understand. People here seem to wear clothes for practicality but he can’t understand the necktie. The purpose of it seems unclear.

Hee-Jin’s womanly instincts have finally caught up to her brain. “Ah, there is a reason! There is a purpose for the necktie. Do you want to know?” Of course Boong-Do does. Hee-Jin says, “It’s hard to explain it in words. I’ll come over right now!” Boong-Do is surprised and exclaims, “Now?” but Hee-Jin has already hung up.

Hee-Jin sneaks out of her house. (LOL. Is this why you are sneaking out of the house in secrecy from Soo-Kyung? Girl is going to get some action!) Hee-Jin practically skips to Boong-Do’s house. She rushes in but stops demurely in front of Boong-Do. “I came quickly, didn’t I? I just walked slowly but it only took five minutes.”

Hee-Jin looks out the glass doors of Boong-Do’s house. “The view is totally great, isn’t it? This place is more expensive than our house. Please know that I took a lot of care in selecting this house.” (How about telling the truth and just saying you thought about only one thing, Hee-Jin. Distance.)

Boong-Do is satisfied and Hee-Jin tells him, “Of course. I picked it out.” Hee-Jin continues, “Right, you asked me about the necktie’s purpose. I ran all this way to show you. I’m such a courteous person!” Boong-Do quips, “I wasn’t THAT curious.”

Hee-Jin calls Boong-Do over to the neckties. She holds the necktie shyly in front of Boong-Do. “Long time ago, wives usually tied this for their husbands who were going off to work. So every morning like this…” Hee-Jin puts the tie around Boong-Do’s neck. “I would tie it for you.” Hee-Jin starts to tie the necktie. “While I tie the necktie…” Hee-Jin looks up furtively at Boong-Do and catches his eyes. “Yes like this. Then our eyes meet like this and a feeling comes. So…” Hee-Jin pulls at the necktie and brings in Boong-Do for a kiss. (KYA!) Smack goes the kissy lips. Hee-Jin can’t lift her head. “See. This is it. This is the purpose of the necktie.” Hee-Jin looks up at Boong-Do expectantly but…!

Boong-Do does not look amused. Hee-Jin is deflated a bit. “You don’t even look surprised. Did you know already and still asked me?”

Boong-Do: “When I listen to you talk, it seems that everything in this world was made for kissing. What kind of lustful world is this?”

(BRB. Dying laughing.)

A woman in love has the thickest skin, however, as Hee-Jin replies, “Yes, it really does seem that way. I didn’t realize that. So what? You don’t like it?”

Boong-Do: “How can I not like it? It’s all very lustful and good.”

Hee-Jin giggles in pleasure. “What else? What else can I teach you? Is there anything else you are curious about?” Hee-Jin points to the lamp. “Are you curious about the purpose of the lamp?” She pulls Boong-Do over by the necktie. Boong-Do calmly follows. “I am curious. I’m curious to see if you will give another nonsensical explanation with a kiss.”

(Guys, I’m just dying here. There is so much oh-geul, my fingers won’t uncurl to type.)

Soo-Kyung’s alarm rings. It is 3:00am, time to get up to go shoot the drama but Hee-Jin is not home. Soo-Kyung calls for Hee-Jin but she isn’t surprised to not see the girl in the house. “That crazy girl ran away again. Ugh, I can’t stand the lovey-dovey anymore.”

Hee-Jin and Boong-Do are in bed together, propped up against pillows. Boong-Do is holding a book in his hands while Hee-Jin rests her head on his shoulder. He notices the time and whispers softly, “Don’t you have to leave?” (Omg guys, the whisper. My hormones are out of control.) Hee-Jin replies, “I can stay 20 more minutes since it only takes 5 minutes back.” Hee-Jin smiles. Boong-Do asks her, “Why are you smiling while dozing off?” Hee-Jin answers, “Because it’s so strange that we can meet each other in five minutes. Isn’t it strange? In order to meet each other just once, you went back and forth 300 years but now we can see each other in just five minutes. I can’t believe it. That we can meet each other in five minutes. Let’s date tomorrow. I’ll be done with shooting at 3pm. You can study in the morning and then spend time with me after. I really don’t like nerds. You should remember that.” (Me thinks you lie, Hee-Jin. Boong-Do is a complete nerd and you fell for him. Except he’s hot, and cute, and sexy, and…Okay, since he’s a playboy nerd…)

The drama shooting is done for the day and a staff member wants to buy lunch for the actors but Hee-Jin declines. Soo-Kyung asks, “You’re going on a date again?” Hee-Jin is indignant. “What do you mean ‘again’? We have never properly gone on a date.” Soo-Kyung asks, “Then those late night trips…those aren’t dates?” Hee-Jin corrects Soo-Kyung. “I just went for a moment to teach him something.” Soo-Kyung doesn’t believe her but what can she do. She’ll just go by herself to lunch. Hee-Jin says bye but her voice rises in a way that giddy schoolgirls’ voices do. Soo-Kyung stops to remind Hee-Jin about being prudent in public. Hee-Jin swears (but I don’t see her upholding her promise).

Boong-Do is sitting in a restaurant, reading a book in a very Boong-Do-esque way. Hee-Jin knocks on the window to gain his attention and rushes in. She immediately pulls at his tie. “How did you tie this by yourself? You tied it well.”

Boong-Do replies, “Since my teacher keeps on teaching me weird things, I had to learn how to do it myself.”

The waitress brings the menu and Hee-Jin tells Boong-Do she will order something for him- something that won’t be too strange. But Boong-Do has already ordered mushroom cream fettuccini. Hee-Jin asks if he knows what that is. Boong-Do just ordered since he doesn’t think he will die from eating it.

The food has come out and Boong-Do starts to eat. Hee-Jin looks on curiously and asks, “You’re thinking that you should have waited for my advice, right? You thought probably not, but now you think you’re going to die, right?”

Boong-Do forces a smile. “No, not at all. It’s delicious.” Hee-Jin doesn’t believe him. “If it’s tasty, then why does your face look so unhappy?” Boong-Do replies, “My soul has left me because it’s so delicious.” (“Soul has left” is a literal translation of the Korean. The phrase means something like someone having lost their mind so that all they can do is smile.)

Hee-Jin reminds Boong-Do, “You said you wanted to go to Firenze (Florence). They eat this type of food there. You won’t be able to eat anything there if you don’t like this.” Boong-Do tries to hide his worry. “I’m telling you, it’s delicious.” Boong-Do puts down his fork and takes a drink of water. Hee-Jin teases him. “You’re going to stop eating that delicious thing?” Boong-Do lies through his teeth. “I want to savor it since it’s so good.” Hee-Jin offers her food because it is not as buttery but Boong-Do graciously declines.

Hee-Jin tries to feed Boong-Do a forkful of her pasta but he declines again. When Hee-Jin pulls out the aegyo, he concedes and takes a forkful. Boong-Do’s face immediately lights up and he quietly, but swiftly, switches plates with Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin bursts out laughing. She also entwines her feet around Boong-Do’s under the table while offering him her pasta.

I don’t know how but Hee-Jin finally gets Boong-Do to share a single pasta string with her and the two lovebirds slowly eat away at the string. But Boong-Do knows where this is going and quickly pulls in his half of the string, laying a loud smack on Hee-Jin’s lips. Hee-Jin asks, “One more time” and Boong-Do nods. They go at it again (and I just can’t take it anymore! *collapses*). Boong-Do says, “I should eat only this from now on.”

Hee-Jin and Boong-Do walk hand-in-hand at their park and while people recognize her, Hee-Jin only has eyes for Boong-Do. She tells him, “I only have a month left of filming. After I’m done, let’s go to Firenze. Sounds good, right?” The two lovebirds sit down, still hand-in-hand. (I want to be Hee-Jin’s hand!) “Money and time is not a problem but the passport is. In order to solve that, it’s going to get complicated.”

Boong-Do says, “I’ll take care of it so wait. I’ve been thinking about it.” Boong-Do holds up his book. Hee-Jin asks what kind of book it is. Boong-Do whispers into her ear, “Skills in faking one’s identity.” Hee-Jin scolds him. “You’re on your way to becoming a criminal.” Boong-Do replies, “But there is no other way. I can’t live without an identity.” Hee-Jin quickly and easily agrees.

Boong-Do points to a vendor at the park. “Is that good?” Hee-Jin replies, “Oh, cotton candy? You’re going to fail again. It’s really spicy.” Boong-Do cocks his head. “It’s REALLY spicy? Then why does everyone look so happy eating it?” Hee-Jin replies, “Their soul has left their bodies because it’s so spicy, like someone I know.” Boong-Do gets up and says, “Then I’ll buy just one.” Hee-Jin replies, “No, buy three. I love spicy food.”

Boong-Do walks over to the vendor, looking incredibly hot in the black suit. He gets in line and looks back at Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin teases him a bit and then looks over to the Seoul Tower and thinks, “The next date will be at Seoul Towers.” (Oh shit, it’s coming, isn’t it?)

And then with a whoosh, Boong-Do transports back to Joseon. (I’m losing my hair.) Hee-Jin looks back to where Boong-Do should be but doesn’t see him. She panics and looks around the park. Boong-Do is looking around in his own time when suddenly the talisman falls from the sky at his feet. (So wait, Boong-Do just can’t stay in the future? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hee-Jin continues to look for Boong-Do. “What is this?” She calls Boong-Do but the automated message says, “This number does not exist. Please check again.” (WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T EXIST?????!!!!!!!!) Hee-Jin looks at her phone curiously and quickly tries again.

Boong-Do picks up the talisman and tries his phone. But of course, it doesn’t work. He hears voices and quickly hides. He sees men dressed in old Joseon wear walking away and when he looks at his talisman, it starts to turn black. (NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! running around, hyperventilating, banging my elbows and knees into chairs and desk, my heart at the back of my throat. OMG.)

Hee-Jin is trying her phone but she gets the same automated message. “The number you have called does not exist. Please check again.”

Soo-Kyung has just come home and is regretting eating so much. Hee-Jin calls and asks her to check her jewelry box. Soo-Kyung looks for a talisman but can’t find it. Hee-Jin asks her to check again. She is sure she put the talisman in the box. Soo-Kyung tells her there is nothing there that resembles a talisman or a yellow envelope. Hee-Jin collapses on her knees.

Boong-Do is holding the now completely black talisman and he remembers what Yoon-Wol said to him as she gave it to him the first time. “Please put this on your body. A monk gave it to me. It’s a talisman that was made through a person’s will. It will protect you.”

Boong-Do also remembers what Yoon-Wol said the monk told her as he wrote the talisman. “Just because I wrote it, you asked for it, or he owns it, doesn’t mean that the talisman will do what we want.” Boong-Do remembers Han-Dong telling him that Yoon-Wol went back to the gisaeng house. Boong-Do proceeds to change out his modern clothes.

It is the gisaeng house and a tall man approaches a tipsy gisaeng. It is Boong-Do asking for Yoon-Wol’s whereabouts. The gisaeng notes his good looks and jealously replies that Yoon-Wol is busy.

Boong-Do asks the gisaengs in the room that Yoon-Wol is supposed to be in about Yoon-Wol. They reply that Yoon-Wol left some time ago to change her gayageum strings but she hasn’t come back yet. Boong-Do walks away to find Yoon-Wol. (On a shallow note guys, how hot does Boong-Do look?)

Boong-Do opens the door to Yoon-Wol’s room and sees blood splattered on the walls and smeared on the floor. (I. can’t. take. it. any. more. Tell me it’s a happy ending. TELL ME!). Boong-Do follows the blood trails and finds Yoon-Wol’s hairpin on the stairs. He continues to follow the trail, cautiously at first, then faster and faster, until he sees another pin and ribbon. He follows the blood trail again until he sees a figure, bloody and lifeless by the stairs.

Boong-Do takes of his hat and kneels by the figure. He softly whispers “Yoon-Wol ah” and feels for a pulse. There is none and Boong-Do starts to break down.

(Yoon-Wol, you can’t, not her. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I can’t.)

In a flashback, we see Ja-Soo at the gisaeng house, angrily drinking. He leaves his room with a bottle of soju when he sees Yoon-Wol walking to her room with her gayageum. Ja-Soo opens the door to Yoon-Wol’s room. She asks in surprise, “Who are you?” Ja-Soo says, “Now that my master is dead, you have no worries, right? That’s why you are back here without fear.” Ja-Soo menacingly walks toward Yoon-Wol. “If it wasn’t for you, things wouldn’t have turned out this way.” Yoon-Wol warns him, “Don’t come near me. I’ll call for help.” (Please don’t show me Ja-Soo killing her. Please!) Ja-Soo laughs at the suggestion. Yoon-Wol asks Ja-Soo if he isn’t afraid of the consequences since officers are hunting him. Ja-Soo replies, “Consequences? The person who should have been of afraid of the consequences is YOU!” Yoon-Wol’s throat is cut and she is dragged out.

Boong-Do cries her name again, “Yoon-Wol ah” and places her pin back in her hair. Boong-Do looks at her blood, staining his fingers. Boong-Do stops a servant and asks for a guest that has a sword.

Ja-Soo is in no mood to play with gisaengs and wants to leave. His room door opens and there stands Boong-Do, his bloody hand tightly clutching his sword. Boong-Do takes off his hat and reveals himself to Ja-Soo. There is anger and wrath in his eyes.

Ja-Soo is surprised. “Aren’t you dead? This is better. I will kill you with my own hands.” Boong-Do and Ja-Soo start to fight and Boong-Do with his wrath are able to take down all the other men. Ja-Soo and Boong-Do take the fight outside and Ja-Soo is able to slice Boong-Do in his shoulder. They continue their battle and it looks like Ja-Soo has the upper hand. Boong-Do roars in anger (rawr!) and attacks but Ja-Soo once again slices Boong-Do on the leg.

Boong-Do falls to his feet and the two men stand sword to sword. Boong-Do suddenly pulls away his sword to allow Ja-Soo’s sword to fall at his neck. It seems for a moment that Boong-Do just wants Ja-Soo to kill him but Boong-Do pushes the sword away with his BARE HANDS, and throws his own at Ja-Soo’s head. It misses but latches itself on the column behind Ja-Soo. Boong-Do, swordless, walks menacingly towards Ja-Soo. Ja-Soo points his sword at Boong-Do and as Boong-Do continues to walk toward him, Ja-Soo pushes his sword into Boong-Do’s shoulder. Close enough now to see the full white of Ja-Soo’s eyes, Boong-Do pulls out his own sword from the column and slits Ja-Soo’s throat. Ja-Soo falls, dead. Boong-Do collapses next to him, a sword sticking out through his body.

(This was so hard to describe guys. First, because of my own emotions and second, because I have never described action before.)

Everyone else has left the park but Hee-Jin is still waiting. Soo-Kyung calls but Hee-Jin doesn’t pick up. She just continues to wait. (Boong-Do, Boong-Do, Boong-Do, Boong-Do, please, please, please, please!).

It is the temple and Young-Myung monk is surprised to see Boong-Do appear out of the shadows. Young-Myung monk asks, “You were alive?” Boong-Do replies, “Yes, I am alive but Yoon-Wol is dead.” The monk is shocked. Boong-Do continues, with sorrow written all over his face, “Because I can’t be caught, I couldn’t even bring her here. I think she would like to be here for her death. Will you be able to go to the gisaeng house and bring her here?”

It is morning at the gisaeng house and the investigators have arrived at the scene and they are labeling the victims. A lower rank officer reports to the head that they are looking into the identity of the dead people. No one knows yet who the suspect is but he looked for someone named Yoon-Wol first. Yoon-Wol is also dead, however.

The monks are saying their prayers for Yoon-Wol. Boong-Do sits outside, trying to breath. Young-Myung monk approaches him and tells him that the soldiers are looking for the suspect. He suggests that Boong-Do leave quickly. Boong-Do replies, “Yes, of course. If a dead person is caught alive, then there will once again be bloodshed. But I’m not sure I can leave.” Boong-Do pulls out the black talisman. “It has become like this.”

The monk asks, “How has it become this color?” Boong-Do replies, “The moment Yoon-Wol died, it became like this.”

Hee-Jin is at the park again, barely keeping her tears in check as she remembers Boong-Do and the cotton candy. (Damn, that cotton candy.) Hee-Jin’s tears fall and she bravely wipes it away saying, “He’ll come. He’ll come. He’ll come.”

Boong-Do struggles up the hill where the future park will be. It is where he has hidden his modern clothes. Boong-Do pulls out his sword from its scabbard. (So hot when he does this!) and digs it into the ground. Boong-Do then takes out the talisman. The monk had said, “It must have been because of Yoon-Wol.”

Boong-Do had said to the monk, “I came here suddenly without any warning. That person will keep on looking for me. What should I do? Do you think that the power of ‘He lives when he dies’ will still work?”

Boong-Do has changed back into his modern clothes. Boong-Do places the black talisman in his chest and holds the sword to his neck. (You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re not even sure the talisman works! OMG, this drama and Boong-Do. WILL. BE. THE. DEATH. OF. ME!)

Boong-Do is back in modern time at the park. He pulls out his phone to see if it works. It does!

Hee-Jin’s phone rings and she quickly picks up. “Where are you?” Boong-Do replies, as tears start to rise in his throat, “I’m sorry I surprised you. Where are you?” Hee-Jin tearfully answers, “At the park.” (I just love Hee-Jin. She doesn’t run around all dramatic and frantic but instead simply replies, knowing he will find her.) Boong-Do repeats, “The park?” and he looks down from the hill to see her.

Hee-Jin asks, “What the heck happened? I had the talisman so why did you disappear?” Boong-Do answers, “Something happened. There was a problem with the talisman.” Hee-Jin asks, “What problem?” There is no answer but Boong-Do slowly walks into Hee-Jin’s field of vision. He asks, “You didn’t really wait here, did you?” Hee-Jin replies, “Of course I did. Where else would I wait? You disappeared from here.” Boong-Do asks, “Are you crying? Why are you crying?”

Boong-Do continues to walk toward Hee-Jin but he starts to feel something as he holds the talisman in his hand. He quickly tries to hand the talisman to Hee-Jin but he vanishes. (I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t take it anymore.)

Hee-Jin drops her phone and runs to where Boong-Do last stood. (Guys, I’m continuing this after literally sobbing in the bathroom, crouching in the darkness.) Hee-Jin cries while Boong-Do falls to knees, tears falling quietly out of his eyes.

It is night and Boong-Do is speaking to Young-Myung monk. “Since I am being chased, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to go far away.” Young-Myung monk wonders if the monk who wrote the talisman will be able to help. Boong-Do replies that it is the only option left. He has to find him.

It is also night at Soo-Kyung’s house. Soo-Kyung is angry at Hee-Jin. “Alright. Let’s both you and I die.” Soo-Kyung goes over to Boong-Do’s house and finds Hee-Jin on the floor, her head between her knees. Soo-Kyung sits down in front of Hee-Jin. “Let’s talk about this seriously. Ever since you met this Kim Boong-Do guy, you’ve gotten strange. It was only a few days ago when you were on cloud nine. But now, you are either here or at the park every chance you have. Why? Do you really have bipolar disorder? (Soo-Kyung, this drama is giving me bipolar disorder. Me and thousands of girls all over the world. I have no energy to write this recap.)

As Hee-Jin remains silent, Soo-Kyung confirms. “It is bipolar disorder. That bastard. What did he do that made you like this? You’re going to be ruined by this relationship. I really think I need to fight him. (Aw, Soo-Kyung. Please don’t make me cry. I’m really sensitive right now.) When is this jerk coming?”

Hee-Jin finally speaks. “What can I do? I don’t think I will be able to see him ever again.” Soo-Kyung asks why. Hee-Jin replies, “I think that was the end.” Soo-Kyung asks, “You said he went to Choon-chun (another city in S. Korea). What do you mean it’s the end? Where did he go?” Hee-Jin just says, “How? How could that be the end?” Hee-Jin grabs Soo-Kyung for a hug. “What is this? How can this be? How could it be like this?” Soo-Kyung starts to weep and asks, “Why are you crying? I told you to not see him.”

Boong-Do is traveling to find the monk. He stops to rest for short bits as he continuously rides away.

Subtitle says “One month later.” (OH GOD!) It is the television station and Hee-Jin is walking lifelessly out of it. Dong-Min passes by her and takes notice.

Boong-Do has finally reached the temple where the monk who wrote the talisman is supposed to be. (Cars, trains, airplanes….Oh god. I’m so thankful for them. The monk’s name is Sung-Myung, by the way.) Another monk informs him that Sung-Myung monk *EDITED* has died. (…………….I don’t even have words to describe how I feel anymore…………) Boong-Do steps back in despair.

The sun is setting and Boong-Do lies helplessly on the hillside. He remembers Hee-Jin crying, asking where she should have wait for him if not the park, what happened, and where did he go? Tears fall silently down his face.

It is dark now. Boong-Do pulls out the black talisman. He had told the monk that the talisman was once split in half and in the other world, everything returned to its starting point- the time when he didn’t exist. Except that person, everyone forgot him. So he is curious. What if he burns the talisman? Will that person completely forget him too this time?

Boong-Do starts to cry as he says, “There is someone desperately waiting for me but there is no way to return. Even if it takes one year or ten years, if there is a way I can go, I would. But I can’t. So if that person will just continue to wait for me and be sad, wouldn’t it be better if she just forgot?”

Boong-Do thinks to himself, “If I burn this, will all the memories disappear?”

Boong-Do is at a desk, writing a letter.

“This is letter written both to me and you. I may forget that I even wrote this letter, or this letter itself might disappear. This letter is for me and you, either one of us who may live on holding onto memories. When I obtained this amulet by chance, I wanted to know what the cause and effect/reason was. First, I thought the reason was so that I would be able to fulfill my dream. Then I thought perhaps the reason was our fateful meeting. Then I thought it must be for me to live in a new world. But now I have finally realized the real cause and effect. In order to save my own life, I would have to lose everything. My future, my name, my values… my people…and also you. In order to save my own life, I must lose everything…it is probably the most logical end. I was foolish to think I could at least have one thing. How much must I lose in order to repay the debt of my life? Never being able to see you again? I have realized even that is a luxury.

Hee-Jin has been crying at the park this whole time, oblivious to the rain pouring on her, as her tears blend in with the thick droplets on her face.

Flashback of Boong-Do saying “I love you.”

Boong-Do’s letter continues, “Memories. Our memories.”

Hee-Jin’s voice. “If us becoming lovers is the cause, then what is the effect?”

Boong-Do’s voice. “Our memories. Memories. That is final price. I don’t know what will happen now. Will we forget each other or will we suffer forever, unable to let go of our memories…”

Hee-Jin walks into her house, drenching wet. Soo-Kyung worries after her. Hee-Jin just walks into the bathroom.

Boong-Do’s letter continues. “My final wish is to be able to remember you. To not have even those memories in an aimless life will be hell. And you…you…even if you read this letter in the future, I hope you won’t know who it is for.”

Boong-Do folds the letter and pulls out the talisman. He brings the talisman over to candle and lights it on fire. The talisman burns.

No preview.


Guys, I’ve been holding it together while typing that letter but the result is now I’m shaking and this screen is getting blurry as I type.

The single sliver of hope is that we don’t know yet for sure that burning the talisman will have everyone lose his or her memories. But from the sound of letter, I think it is the most likely thing.

I dread that happening. You don’t know how much. But it makes so much sense. Everything makes so much sense, it angers me. It makes me into a sobbing mess because there just couldn’t be any other thing for Boong-Do to do but to burn the talisman.

I apologize if these comments are more emotional than analytical right now but I am seriously crying over here. I love how the issue of burning the talisman is not a question of trying to get someone to remain in the future, like it was for Hee-Jin, or a question of the fear of losing memories. Rather, right now for Boong-Do, it is a question of love and sorrow, about Hee-Jin waiting for him, unable to forget and move on. If before, he feared losing memories, now he is afraid they will remain.

The letter is so beautiful and I really wanted to do it justice. I don’t know. I’m just crying here.

Yoon-Wol, our poor beautiful Yoon-Wol. Her death nearly killed me because I didn’t even expect her to die. I thought the talisman either continues to be a source of problems or for it to be transformed due to Boong-Do’s desire, not Yoon-Wol’s death. I still can’t believe she died. You don’t kill off such beautiful human beings. You just don’t!

Talk to me people. I can’t finish this comment section properly right now, without delaying the recap, so leave your comments, so I can get help thinking this episode through.

*EDIT* A kind reader, Dyu, pointed out my error and corrected me. Sung-Myung monk did not go on a pilgrimage. He died.

This makes so much sense. So the first time Boong-Do went back, it was because Yoon-Wol died and the second time he went back was when the monk died. That’s why Boong-Do remembering what Yoon-Wol said about how the talisman was made through people’s will/desire was important. Someone give this writer an award.

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  1. feima #

    Hi Jooni – it will be a good ending ~ go back to the start of ep 1 ~ she was driving and both of them met at the palace ~ she came down from the car while he from his horse and they smiled at each other with recognition ~ so it must have meant they are back together 🙂 🙂 🙂

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      I’ve been saying that I don’t want that scene to be the ending. But at this point I’m definitely seeing that it could be.

      June 6, 2012
      • fontel12 #

        Yes, what if it’s an ending scene juz to say hello and goodbye again?? I really hope BD can stay in the modern world with the woman he loves and the new world he’s so fascinated about.

        June 6, 2012
    • feima you are right….that may be the ending…but but but i want the show to end with a scene where she is tricking him with some nonsensical excuse for kissing him…lol..i so love the way she does that and him being him indulges her …

      June 7, 2012
  2. anna #

    As Nataliec commented, l also heard that there’ll be another 2 additional episodes.

    June 6, 2012
  3. ars9319 #

    Hi everyone. [waves] I am a silent lurker who can no longer keep silence, thanks to QIHM.

    First of all, I want to say THANK YOU and give a big hug to Jooni. As someone who doesn’t speak Korean, I appreciate your fast recap and elegant writing. It must be so much more difficult to write today’s recap since the episode is so sad. I was still TT.TT when I was driving home.

    Kudos to the writer. I would never have guessed they would kill YW! Poor YW. T.T I don’t watch a lot of kdramas, but I’ve watched enough to always be able to kind of guess the plot. But with QIHM, I am always keep on guessing.

    About HJ who seems to do nothing but sit at a bench and cry in the last episodes, I think that is consistent of her character so far. From the beginning, we know that she is not a thinker like BD. She is impulsive. What makes me loves HJ is that she wears her heart on her sleeves and how she is so immovable when it comes to love. How I wish I could be more like her. 🙂

    HJ always throws herself out there to help BD when needed (e.g.: she flew to Jeju to get him, admitting he is her boyfriend even though it may jeopardize her career). I am sure if there is something that she could do in this situation, she would be all over it. But what is a girl to do when her adversary is a magical talisman which still managed to snatch her man away when locked in a jewelry box? It breaks my heart when I see her sitting in that bench day after day hoping that BD will somehow show up. 😦

    Anyhow, sorry that this turns out to be a long comment. I have faith that QIHM is going to have a happy ending. So, hang on there, Jooni! We need you for tomorrow’s finale. 🙂

    June 6, 2012
    • kai #

      me too, a silent lurker. i don’t really leave comments but i greatly appreciate up to date recaps. thank u so much JOONI! I need u for tomorrow’s final. drink lots of water, rehydrate urself, as I am rehydrating myself too.

      I dont know what’s wrong with dramas, they really have to kill someone who is kind, loyal, reliable and earnest. Yes Earnest in KTH, they also kill him. And now Yun_WOL. And Why is the monk dead, did Jasoo kill him too.

      June 6, 2012
      • joonni #

        Yes, this headache is from the lack of water in my system. Thanks for reminding me!

        June 6, 2012
  4. Revy #

    Thanks for another wonderful recap. Honestly this is the first drama where i cried like a baby & felt so much emotion for certain characters. This better be a happy ending or i will seriously cut someone

    June 6, 2012
  5. yessy89essy89 #

    this is totally reminding me of Rooftop Prince. They couldn’t really be together but somehow they did end up together~! *spoiler alert* I wasn’t satisfied with the ending of RP because of the fact that sure the 300 year version was reincarnated in 2012 and he might have some recollection of being with Pak Ha but it isn’t the same thing because now they have to build that relationship up again. But I understood that the soul couldn’t be in two bodies so that’s why Yong didn’t wake up because the Crown Prince needed to go back to his time in order for Yong to get his soul.
    Le sigh~ TT^TT if they give me the same ending I’m gonna cry rivers~ but I’ll understand WHY it had to happen. :C

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      I didn’t particularly enjoy that kind of ending because I dislike reincarnation stories but it didn’t make it or break it for me.

      I’m desperately wishing it’s not the same kind for my beloved OTP.

      June 6, 2012
    • JC #

      Yeah, I don’t like the reincarnation thing either. Please, no. I really hoping they’re not going to leave Boong Do suffering, devoid of family and purpose, in the past. They wouldn’t, right??? Boong Do appreciated contemporary technology and medicine and language studies…he was going to settle in nicely in 2012, you could see it. That’s why it was even more painful (on top of separation from Hee Jin, of course) when he was pulled back to Joseon times.

      June 6, 2012
      • joonni #

        God, imagining him alone in Joseon drives me to tears again.

        June 6, 2012
      • madsu #

        I don’t mind a reincarnation story if that is the premise from the beginning. I abhor the last minute reincarnation cope-out.

        June 7, 2012
  6. Dyu #

    ********Hi, Jooni. Thank you for your recap and I just let you know about the some wrong translation as I’m Korean speaking. (and I think you too)********

    The monk didn’t go on pilgrimage. He did “입적(ip-jeok)”, which is used when monks died.
    So, shortly, BD firstly transported back to Joseon when YW who gave him talisman died.
    (In a flashback, we can see the monk said about himself who made talisman, YW who gave him it, and BD who own it. That’s the hint!!!”
    It still worked at that time though, so BD can back in modern time.
    BUT, he had to back to Joseon again when the monk who made talisman died. If you look carefully, the talisman became more darker than when YW’s dead. After that, talisman’s power totally gone.

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thank you so much Dyu! I couldn’t for the life of me hear the word and since I don’t know anything about buddhism…

      You have made things so clear. Thank you for your input. Seriously, my mind is kind of foggy right now and I am grateful for the help.

      June 6, 2012
    • Ada #

      OMG seriously!? When I watched the episode raw I was 100% sure the monk died as well. But then I got a glimpse of hope reading Jooni’s recap. I know the writer has a solution even better up her sleeve, but I seriously hoped that at least he didn’t die.

      June 6, 2012
    • kai #

      u mean the monk who wrote the Talisman is DEAD too!

      June 6, 2012
    • tya #

      I dont understand.. ok forgive me..i think im going crazy thinking about da ending..could u explain more??

      June 6, 2012
    • madsu #

      Oh no! He died? Now wonder BD looks so dejected. He has to give up hope. Oh no!

      There is no possibility of another talisman. BD is stranded in the past not knowing whether HJ has actually forgotten him. The past is already the way he made it. I think he should have written a diary before burning the damn thing. Nobody, including he himself will know everything that happened should he lose his memory. Aaaghh. I totally love/hate the writer.

      June 6, 2012
    • tarianant #

      Oh no..there goes the hope for a new talisman T_T I was hoping HD could request a new one for his beloved master. *fidgeting*

      June 6, 2012
      • madsu #

        Tarianant, I was wondering why his body language was so beaten, like his soul was tired. Seemed a little extreme if the monk was simply away on a trip. If he is dead, it makes perfect sense.
        His life is now worse than death. He can no longer live as a Yang bin under his own name in Joseon. He can’t draw attention to his abilities for as long as he lives.
        He has lost his name, home, status, ancestry, Yoon Wol and now with the monk, his last hope of ever being with Hee Jin. I hate to see Hee Jin cry. She was made to be cheerful. So I can perfectly understand why BD would burn that amulet and erase himself from her memory. Without memories how is BD going to survive? He might even forget that he is supposed to be dead. How is the writer planning to get the drama out of that hole?

        June 6, 2012
      • Wiina. #

        How Madsu, how? Please I need ep 16. I’m still dejected

        June 6, 2012
      • tarianant #

        I totally understand his action too, he told SK that hurting the person he loves is a big no for him. I rewatch the raw, and it breaks my heart after all he’s been through, the first thing he said was: “I’m sorry I surprised you.” aww..her well-being is always his first priority.

        Isn’t he said that loosing everything is the price to live, wanting to meet Heejin is too much to ask, all he wants is only to remember their memory, but for Heejin’s sake that is out of a question too. My question is WTF head monk? So the Talisman has expiration period? If YW died of natural causes then Boong-do still going to wrap back to the past? And the monk did die of natural causes too right? I buy the reasoning about YW devotion is the source of power of the talisman, and the head monk is the one who wrote it, but the head monk himself said that Boong-do will suffer a lot living in Joseon era thus they made the Talisman to send him well to other world.

        I still love the show to pieces. I’m optimistic we’ll have our happy ending. I think his final sacrifice (burning the talisman, so the possibility that you’ve said about him not knowing WTF has happened to his life) will wrap him back to the future. After the hero’s final sacrifice, the universe must rewards him, we see that a lot right? The how is killing me. And just to calm myself, the law of cause and effect in Buddhism is about nothing ever happens to us unless we deserves it. No one deserves a happy ending more than Kim Boong-do!! Oh my, this drama makes me google about Buddhism and Confucianism. Way the go drama

        June 7, 2012
    • delicatecloud #

      your insight above on the death of the priest who wrote the talisman with the disappearance of BD a second time with the blackened talisman does explain the phenomenon. Thanks i did not link it at all…. now it does make sense.

      June 7, 2012
  7. meiyih #

    i don dare to watch the RAW knowing it’s gonna b very sad but i couldn’t stand not readin your recap sob sob … i’m hopin dat mayb HJ is pregnant, dat their baby might be the link for him to go bck to 2012 since a new life cannot jus disappear in time, tis might explain the need for the spendin the nite 2gther scene… oh pls pls a happy ending for BD & HJ

    June 6, 2012
  8. ABCDEFG #

    Please bring these two love birds back together~ fingers crossed… dreadfully hoping tonight’s episode is about another talisman being discovered by the death beds of the monk… NOT hee-jin forgetting the past, gets together with Han-Dong-Min, and suddenly some historians discover a scroll that is written 300 years ago…LOL who am I kidding???

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      That would be the worst ending ever.

      June 6, 2012
  9. kai #

    Why is this drama so good, why do i have to shed tear, cry, wail every episode.
    My heart goes to Yun-WOL, she has a pure heart, but maybe it’s the best way, or else she will go on living with a heartache for Bong-DO. I guess that’s the same thing Bong-Do will be going through, the pain of knowing someone is alive and loving u from afar but can’t quite have it. Bong-Do must know how Yun-Wol is feeling now, is the same feeling he has with Hee-Jin. poor loving souls. The writer is really good, it gives justice to yun-wol undying love and loyalty to Bong-Do.

    June 6, 2012
  10. Teya #

    Thanks for your beautiful recap *_* You’re really fast….! Thank you ❤

    June 6, 2012
  11. madsu #

    Joonni, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don’t know what I would do without you. You capture the mood of the drama beautifully. From the aeygoos to the kyaaas to the rawwrrs to the grrrs to the omos to the heartbreaks. Genuinely felt and solidly written recaps. I guess that shows in the near 200K hits on this page.

    Poor YW, poor HJ and poor poor BD. BD really has no place to go back to. Like Okasan said, he is dead in 1694 and can’t stay in 2012. And really, this monk does go on pilgrimages rather frequently. Grrrr…I think I am going into depression here.

    On a side note, why was he stealing watches if he didn’t know how to read time?

    June 6, 2012
    • shl #

      @Madsu – abut the watch, I had the exact same thought! Perhaps he just saw it as part of the ‘uniform’ in modern times 🙂

      June 6, 2012
      • madsu #

        Uniform 🙂

        The boy is very attentive to details. So yeah, possible.

        June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Madsu, as always, you are too generous with your compliments. I cringe at my writing and mistakes but I try to tell myself that I’m just doing what I can as fast as I can as a lone recapper. I desperately want an editor, though.

      I thought about that too… LOL. I guess he just puts it on because it is in whatever pack of clothes he finds. Hilarious.

      June 6, 2012
    • tarianant #

      “From the aeygoos to the kyaaas to the rawwrrs to the grrrs to the omos to the heartbreaks” second this, so much heart in Joonni’s writing, and those screen caps is gold..great job Joonni. On shallow note, oh my uri Boong-do looks mighty hot when he’s mad..

      June 6, 2012
      • tarianant #

        or when he’s exhausted…

        June 6, 2012
      • joonni #

        Thank you! I’m glad you like my screen caps. I have a hard time choosing them, because mostly I want to flood the screen but don’t have time. I just wish I had less laggy computer that will catch the moving scenes mores.

        I have to stop myself from putting too much Boong-Do. But it’s hard 😀

        June 6, 2012
      • madsu #

        That picture is gorgeous. Thank you for calling that out.

        June 6, 2012
      • tarianant #

        Joonni, there’s no such thing of too much Boong-do..please free to post anything related to the man..

        June 7, 2012
  12. Joonni, OMG! Let’s give ourselves a virtual group hug. I woke up this morning and still can’t believe what transpired in EP15. I still have no words to express how deeply moved, hurt and heartbroken I am as our OTP. I’m praying to the kdrama gods to please let the two be together in the end. I thought EP14 was marvelous, this one is brilliant and magnificent way to up the ante. Of course, the talisman issue needs to be resolved. Couldn’t get over the death of YW. It was like the entire half of the episode was totally unexpected. I was screaming last night and seriously couldn’t sleep. Writer-nim better write BD out of this mess. Now, the question remains, will BD be able to think of a way later on to outsmart the talisman? Will love prevail? I’m still hoping for them to end up like the beginning of EP1 but that scene could be a dream. OMG! Please not that!

    June 6, 2012
    • Reideen #

      ***HUGS*** (I need one too Q.Q)

      June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Embrace me!

      June 6, 2012
  13. AleK #

    Maybe it will be a happy ending since he burned the talisman for HER happiness. I’m just still being optimistic in spite of all the tears shed in this episode 🙂

    June 6, 2012
    • madsu #

      Happy as in he forgets her, marries someone and lives happily in Joseon and she forgets him, gets together with HDM and marries him and lives happily in Seoul? How is that happy?

      June 6, 2012
      • Wiina. #

        Oh madsu, I can feel you ),=

        June 6, 2012
      • He can’t live in Joseon happily either. He has no identification tag (호패/ho-pae). The only viable life I can imagine for him in his current state is that of a hermit or monk. Or a vagabond, but even then he’d be putting himself in constant danger. Besides, if he were discovered to be alive, heads would roll.

        June 7, 2012
      • madsu #

        Echo, I thought he could go to one of the outskirts and work as a script writer (book copier) or something and lay low while he figured things out. Like in Sungkyunkwan scandal. I would think there were a lot of people without identification in those times.

        June 7, 2012
      • Madsu, well, I’m just about to watch Ep 16, so we’ll learn how the Show decided to address this challenge. However, in SKKS, who goes without the hopae? Our heroine? She uses her sick brother’s identification tag.

        June 7, 2012
  14. Juliesean #

    Thanks for your recap. It was difficult trying to decipher from the raw without understanding Korean. But I think we all at Soompi helped to make sense of the episode last night. I believe there is not a dried eye in the house for those who watch it.

    I was kinda mad when someone commented that HeeJin cried too much and not abe to do anything. What is the poor girl supposed to do? All she can do is wait. Imagine when she was on Cloud 9 at first, thinking of happy ever after. But suddently, he just disappeared in front of her..TWICE !! How is the poor girl supposed to take this? i would have killed myself !!

    June 6, 2012
  15. Niki #

    i had to stop the vid and start writing this coz i think HJ is absolutely cute and brilliant. (and its also becoz i know i wont get my 45minutes of hugs and kisses so i better pen down this moment) OMG….and the words that come out of BD’s mouth…lustful?? hahahah. No boy…its called being open-minded…but if you want to get sematics about it, i guess lust is the hidden agenda. XD

    I really cant help but smile like a goofball at all the cute! Hee Jin!! Why so cute?? hahahaha. i love her eagerness and her giddy delight of loving BD. It feels so real to me like i’m the one being in love instead of her. hahahahah! And how i cringed when BD kept a straight face after her kiss and she started giggling to herself. gawd….they’re so oh-geul! i noticed that HJ had to “tow” BD like a little tugboat by his necktie and she sort of tripped coz BD is unmovable like that. hahahah! think of your size, girl. And BD is so calm and poised as he was towed along. she reminds me of an eager maltese pulling on her lease though its suppose to be the other way round. BD really got her hook, line and sinker. i like that he indulges her in her “explanations”. Boy, you’ve got nothing to complain about! There’s kisses involved so just live with it.

    I really really love how spunky and daring HJ is. She isnt afraid to show her love for BD (girl’s hoarding kisses like no tomorrow. puahahahah!) She’s an actress and like SK’s admonishment, she’s supposed to be prudent in public. But hey, a girl in love has got to do what she’s got to do. Keep the kisses going, girl! i’m behind you AAALLLL the way!

    Aaaoooowwww SHIT!!! i could feel my heart dropping when BD disappeared and the look of horror and registration on his face when he realized something was wrong. Aaaa……!! Sh*t you damn talisman!!!! On a side-note, i think BD looks hot in his Joseon-spy getup! XD

    Oh gawd…as brutal and bloody as the fight sequence was, i love the vehemence and determination of BDs fighting strategy. The way he willingly got stabbed just to cut Jasoo’s throat was awesome! None of those chicken-run strategy for our BD. I can visualize him screaming “Come on if you’re hard enough.” ok…..that doesnt sound right……but you get my drift. Its the league of 300 for our Joseon scholar.

    Nononononononoononono! Nooooo!!! dont put that sword to your neck, BD! oh gawd!! what happens if you dont teleport!! aaarrrgghh…..nooooooo……gaahhh!!! THANK HEAVENS!!! *choirs of angels sings* my heart cannot take this, BD ya!!

    Oh gawd….i havent cried this much for a drama! EVER! Gaaahhh!! BD and HJ will be the death of me! gawd…they were just an arms length away!! And he disappeared right before her eyes! ggaaahhh….my heart breaks for the both of you! When HJ started crying tears of relief when she got his call, i was crying as well. Then suddenly *zoosh* no more BD! aaaaarrgghhhh!! just kill me now, drama! just kill me!

    uurrgghh…..when he held on to that talisman, i knew he was gonna burn it. And here i am screaming “NNNOOOOOO!!! Even if a thousand years pass, you must find a way back to HJ!!” And when he wrote the letter and rain started to fall on HJ, as if the heavens were crying for her, i totally lost it! uurrgghh……and he burned it! This is probably the only time i’ll ever praise the use of noble idiocity! As much as i hated the thought of BD and HJ not being together, i understand full well why he would burn the talisman. He had no way of going back to HJ and it hurts him coz he’s knows for a fact that HJ would wait for him till the day she dies. So the only way he could soothe her pain is to make her forget him. People think that death is the heroic way to go and a good sacrifice, but the person left behind is the ultimate sacrifice. i cry for both HJ and BD.

    i’ll be back for more comments. my hands are shaking so much from crying and i cant think straight at the moment. i’m just going to hide in bed for a few hours till i can stop crying. oh…and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the recap, Joonni! i wuv you.

    June 6, 2012
    • Wiina. #

      Niki ),=

      June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      LOL at your live reactions. Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to see that so many us react the same way.

      June 6, 2012
      • Niki #

        Hahaha. I should be the one thanking you for such awesome recaps. Without you, i’d be lost and doubly depressed. i had to do the pause-and-write thingy else i’ll just end up summarize how i feel at the end. And with yesterday’s ep, i think all i’ll comment is ” *whimper* “XD

        i’ve finally gathered enough courage to come back for round2. In mid-cry (AGAIN!) i discovered something absolutely hilarious that made me choke on my tears. In the scene where BD realized that the talisman was turning black and he stretched out his hand towards HJ, at the moment he teleported i noticed that his fingers clutching the talisman was……black!! The color on the talisman was running!! puahahahahah! oh gawd…i shouldnt be laughing at such a tragic scene but….his fingers!! XD

        June 7, 2012
  16. tin #

    I hope that the writers will give us a good ending.
    It would be a disappointment if Boong Do will “reappear” as a totally different but “look-a-like” person only.

    June 6, 2012
  17. ss #

    My mind is numb. What a mindblowingly fantastic episode. And show. All Hail Song PD.

    I can only say one thing while the brain attempts to work again: that Hee Jin does SOMETHING in the last episode to bring Boong Do back. She’s not the kind to sit back, she WILL do something! I found myself muttering when Boong Do first disappeared that she has to has to either get a similar tailsman on her end, or something else. SOMETHING.

    June 6, 2012
    • Reideen #

      Do you know other works of Song PD? Would you be so kind to post some links?

      June 6, 2012
  18. Reideen #

    Ow now I understand why he went the second time! It was the time the monk passed away.
    Will this love story have a happy ending? I am really curious to know what the effect is now the talisman is burned (cause)… Will things go back in time? Because up until now they didn’t show us that time when they met each other on april 18th (first part of ep 1)… I hope it wasn’t just an introduction to the drama… Or maybe BD will write the most beautiful love story with HJ in it. Remember how HJ always wanted to be recorded in history, since thanks to her f.e. he first went on an airplane… I am happy there is no preview. Can’t wait for the surprise tmrw. Hope it’s a good one!

    June 6, 2012
    • Reideen #

      Thank you so much for the recap Joonni! I also felt like crying a lot…
      See u tomorrow! =)

      June 6, 2012
  19. Wiina. #

    Reblogged this on Supernova and commented:
    Ohh Joonni. This drama is breaking my heart into pieces T.T

    June 6, 2012
  20. Wiina. #

    Joonni ah.. *speechless*

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Wiina! *sob*sob*sob*

      June 6, 2012
      • Wiina. #

        I can’t seem to stop crying. My heart hurts. From the over the cloud 9 feeling to the disastrous heart wrenching ending of this episode.. I’m bound for a heart attack at this young age *haih*

        June 6, 2012
  21. LadyM #

    if I am not mistaken, this is the second time (the first time being in front of the king) that he actually cried or almost on the verge of tears…but its even more heartbreaking to see him crying becoz he tot he wont be able to see hee jin again…ah…i think the ending has something to do with that meeting in front of the palace in episode 1…only how it happens? well we’ll wait tonight…

    June 6, 2012
  22. THANK YOU JOONNI for enduring this. recapping and watching in one shot…the writer successfully gathered all kinds of emotions then took it off in one blast.

    im guessing a restart. and that letter is critical this time. it’s their only link to their memories.
    but i believe even if the talisman is gone, their memories stays. ><

    i love hee jin as much as i love yoon wol's character. she may look the passive one here but she displayed one of the most difficult virtues ever- WAITING.

    cheers for martinis in this episode Joonni ! i hope you got one after this..

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Please, no memories disappearing. Maybe I should just go to sleep so tomorrow can come faster.

      Nope, no martini. My friend called but I just didn’t have the energy and I wasn’t done with the recap yet. Poor friend.

      June 6, 2012
      • as everyone says here, we can blame the cotton candy for you not showing up lol.

        when i read boong-do’s deducing his analysis about the clock : i was like OMO BOONG-DO YOUR STATEMENT MULTIPLY BY 300 , that’s how LOOOOOONG your distance is with hee jin! T_____________T

        June 6, 2012
    • needlight #

      indeed… WAITING is one of the most difficult virtues ever. Feeling helpless, wanting to do something to alleviate the situation but not having the means to. Although, I hope that Hee Jin will be the one to somehow find a way to meet Boong Do again in the ep tonight, and not because of some fairy godmother type of reason.

      June 6, 2012
  23. palangga #

    i totally blame the COTTON CANDY!!!!

    June 6, 2012
    • Wiina. #

      Agree! I’ve never liked cotton candy and now I despise it even more!!

      June 6, 2012
      • palangga #

        before, cotton candy=happy
        now, cotton candy=bad

        June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      We’ve got to blame something.

      June 6, 2012
      • Reideen #

        True! >.<… 😛

        June 6, 2012
      • palangga #

        agreed…. this is an impossible, hopeless situation! wtf cotton candy what did you do?

        June 6, 2012
      • madsu #

        Gals, you got me laughing. 🙂
        My new Snacka non grata – Cotton Candy

        June 6, 2012
      • madsu
        I can just picture this:
        “But Moooo-ooom we want cotton candy, not snow cones!
        “How many times do I have to tell you kids cotton candy is DEAD to me.
        It is a snack non-grata. Here – eat this popcorn instead.”
        “But Moooo—-mooom what does that MEAN?!?


        June 7, 2012
      • madsu #

        Right you are. How dare they?

        June 7, 2012
  24. lidy #

    wow, i wonder what ja soo’s relationship to minister min am is, for him to be so mad and kill yoon wol. maybe an illegitamate son?

    man, can’t wait for ep 16 and soo kyung was all dissing boong do and hugging hee jin as she cried, having her back. now that’s what BFF’s all about (though lay off my boong do).

    June 6, 2012
  25. natalie #

    Omg, after reading your edit comments, I think …. ****spoiler!!!*******
    Maybe Boong Do will learn to make his own talisman through his sheer will n sincerity towards keeping his promise to “take responsibility” for Hee Jin?? Omg, that would be perfect…. Please please please!!!

    June 6, 2012
    • But that would go against the basic principle of Buddhism, which is to relinquish earthly desires. The only reason the head monk helped Yoon Wol in the first place is because her wish was to save a life and no other.

      June 7, 2012
  26. missdory #

    I’m counting down the hours to ep16. Someone please kindly advise writer-nim, a REINCARNATION.ENDING.IS.UNACCEPTABLE and will be most frustrating (wildly and angrily punching into the air!!)!! And Joonni, much love for your recap. Thank you.

    June 6, 2012
    • Reideen #

      I DON’T WANT THAT EITHER! No reincarnation! Chaebal! I want BD past with HJ present … I don’t care how the writers will do it, but they better!

      June 6, 2012
    • sally_b #

      @missdory – re: (wildly and angrily punching into the air!!)!!

      ROFL!….ahahahohhooo. (thanks for that, I actually laughed out loud from my connection to your rage)
      because YES — reincarnation is utterly unacceptable…the writer has been far too complimentary to our collective intellect so far to *turn-about* and allow such a travesty to occur. (clinging to my faith)

      p.s. I saw a post elsewhere recently, (wish I could re-insert here)…an animated gif with an office worker crazily throwing his computer monitor across the room….in disgust at something. This will be exactly my response to anything other than a happy ending…with deeep kisses. (prepares monitor for launch..or not.)

      June 7, 2012
      • madsu #

        Prepare for launch. Start count down. 32451..32450..

        June 7, 2012
  27. Remember when Hee Jin made the comment when Boong Du returned at the end of Ep 14 that if she continued to date him that she may not be able to live out her normal lifespan? I hope that’s not foreshadowing. What I’m hoping for is that Hee Jin will doing something simply amazing in the final episode that reunites the two of them back together. And I do hope that they get to see Florence (Firenze) together!

    June 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      She actually said that quite jokingly so I don’t think it is foreshadowing anything. Thank goodness for that.

      June 6, 2012
    • Oh–and Jooni–thank you so much for your wonderful recap. I actually watched the episode raw without sound earlier in the day and I was still affected by the entire episode. You can just see the pain on both of their faces as they went through the realization that they would be separated forever. I think I will be crying buckets once I actually hear their heart wrenching emotion in their voices.

      What perfect casting, acting, writing, cinematography, storytelling. This has got to be, by far, the most perfect K-drama ever. The writer(s) have broken the K-drama formula and I can watch this drama over and over again. With a hopeful heart, I am anxiously waiting patiently for Episode 16–about 10+ hours from now (it’s 9:30pm Wednesday evening here in Los Angeles / 1:30pm, Thursday afternoon in Seoul).

      June 6, 2012
  28. couldnt bear seeing the tears on their faces… Such a heartwrenching episode..!! Please let them meet again… and live happily ever after..

    June 6, 2012
  29. sherenz #

    ahhh crying out right here.. so sad .. after my giggles in the first part.. so i ended up crying…
    I cried for HJ i like her so much .. the way she shows her love for BD … and BD i love this guy so much..Just hoping for happy ending tonight… I don’t care how will the writers do it but all I want is a happy ending .. I will be dissappointed it this drama will n ot end this way. All my happiness will turn to loneliness if theres no such happy ending .. I love BD so much..

    June 6, 2012
  30. Thank you again Jooni for the wonderful and ever on time recaps! It’s been almost 10 hours since I’ve watched the live streaming but up to I still can’t get over nor comprehend everything that happened. The biggest thing that I feared would happen happened—Boong Do going back suddenly to Joseon and losing his means to go back.

    I wanted to see Yoon wol again but not in this manner. The first thing that came to my mind when the talisman turned black was “Sh*t! Something must have happened to Yoon wol”. True enough. There she was somewhere in the gisaeng house lying dead. And because she was the “mother” of the talisman, her could have significant effect on its power.

    I was on the verge of screaming and crying in front of my laptop because I was so sad and angry on the course of events. But I still admired the way the story progressed because it made sense. The writer has truly perfected the concept of cause of effect. I can’t remain peaceful in my sit watching Boong do and Hee Jin together knowing there might be repercussions.

    QIHM. What have you done to me? To all of us? I don’t think I will be able to move on unless I watch Ep 16. T_T

    June 6, 2012

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