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Vanity: Header of Readers’ Comments

Header by Jomo143

Header by Jomo143

Jomo143, who has kindly been making headers for me, and making me blush a tomato red because of all her compliments, finally decided to turn me into ketchup with this header.  She basically coerced me into using this header, despite my embarrassment. I took a stand, though, and refused to make it stationary. It is part of the rotating headers.

I do want to thank her and my readers, however, with this separate post. Thank you so much for your support and undeserved compliments. You guys have been too generous with your praises but they have been a source of inspiration and energy.

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  1. WeWe #

    Love the header…*hugs jomo143 & joonni*

    June 15, 2012
  2. tessieroo #

    Awwww! How sweet is that! 🙂

    June 15, 2012
  3. rgma #

    Such an awesome pic of a tomato! Just like you gals.

    June 15, 2012
  4. It was very embarrassing making this one outside my daughter’s violin lesson.
    As I read through what everyone wrote about Jjoonnii, the show, this site, I kept having to wipe away tears between cut and pastes…
    I will forever be grateful for these moments of magic that we all somehow experienced together, and I needed to document the love we ALL share and still hope to share here!

    June 15, 2012
    • britener #

      That is so awesome and she is very deserving of all these praises. Thank you for sharing this!

      June 15, 2012
    • JC #

      Very nice, Jomo! The heart tomato is great.

      June 15, 2012
  5. tarianant #

    “Hey! I think that’s my quote!” ^_^
    Thank you for doing this for all of us Jomo.

    (QIHM + Ji Hyun-woo) + Joonni = the best gift form drama gods. seriously.
    ahh I miss those wonderful, awesome 50 days..

    June 15, 2012
    • You’re welcome!
      Totally agree on the awesome 50 days.

      June 15, 2012
  6. may tae #

    Awwww ….. you guys rock 🙂

    June 15, 2012
  7. Aw, that’s awesome. You deserve it!

    June 15, 2012
  8. Artemis #

    Awesome. 🙂

    June 15, 2012
  9. jaz #

    How cute! The bond between everyone here especially jomo143 and joonni are definitely for keeps… 🙂

    For everything that you’ve done for us Joonni you deserve all the love you’re getting right now…believe me! 😀

    June 15, 2012
  10. Fallensnow #

    CUTE! -^_________^-

    *hugs* Joonni, you deserve every single compliment you receive. You totally deserve it.

    June 15, 2012
  11. Geraldine Low #

    You are the BEST, Joonni !!!! 감사합니다 ♥♥

    June 16, 2012
  12. l.kwon44 #

    Based on your blog stats you obviously have a lot of lurkers! I’m coming out of the woodwork just to say thank you. This blog was a daily hit each day a new episode of QIHM came up and that was just as awesome as the drama.
    I am Korean speaking but I loved reading your thoughts and recaps as I am interested (read: obsessed) with K-dramas but can’t find time to watch them. Your writing clearly appeals to a lot of people! I can’t wait to see if you’ll pick up a new drama.

    June 16, 2012
  13. am #

    I’ve always been curious about your sites headers. Is there a required size?

    June 17, 2012
    • joonni #

      1000 x 288

      June 17, 2012
      • am #

        ah, I hope I did this right

        I suck at edits but you’ve been doing such an amazing thing for all us Kdrama fans that if only I had a foto of you, I would photoshop it onto Lee Min Jung’s face.

        June 17, 2012

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