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Translation: Yoo In Na Responds on “Raise the Volume”

Thanks to youtube uploader

0:39- A listener sent the message that she/he will support YIN no matter what happens. Then YIN replies “Thank you. Thank you very much. Due to ‘Volume,’ whatever happens, I have strength.” Then YIN laughs knowing we all know what that “whatever” is.

I am giving the timestamps here and there just so you can match it up a bit to watch her expression.

She starts to really talk aboutย it at 1:30.- There was something I wanted to say today at “Volume.” Just, just…Kim Ji Hae wrote, “Shall we listen to Yoo DJ?” Hahaha. Shall we? Shall I start?
1:45: I’m not just saying this but last Thursday? Friday? It was Friday. I had a serious talk with the writer that day already and this was already planned.…the reporter was faster. For me, it was definitely something that I needed time to think over. And if possible, I wanted to say something when my heart was completely ready. But before I had decided on anything, so many speculations came out, and because at every single word of mine, there were headlines written as “Meaningful statement!” I was more careful. That was all. I needed time.
2:29: Ja…First, I learned about (his) feelings while we were filming the drama. I found out then. But I thought that there could be confusion when you are focusing on the character. I didn’t like that. I also thought, “Is this the right time for me to date?” So I said, “Let’s keep personal feelings aside at least until the drama finishes.” Thankfully, Hyun Woo-sshi understood and was considerate. So we were able to finish the drama safely.
3:00 Then at final broadcast showing, that event happened. At that enormous confession, at that time I said, “This is really a men-boong drama”- I really didn’t know what to think. So I asked him after it ended, “Why did you do that?” He said this. In his whole lifetime, he had never said, “Mom I want this. Mom I want that. I really want it.” Even as a grown up, he never said, “I want these clothes. I want that car.” He never desired (coveted) something. But…hee…he desired something for the first time so he didn’t want to lose her. He said that.
3:42. At the same time I was bewildered, I was grateful because he was genuine/innocent/pure. I was thankful. At every word, at every expression, his eyes..I felt his honesty and I felt that I knew (what he was feeling). Courageously, without measuring…It wasn’t because he wasn’t thinking about the future or he wasn’t being considerate of me…not that, but a innocence that couldn’t be more innocent…a sincere heart…ah ha….I felt that.
4:12 But attention I couldn’t predict rushed over. There were reporters photographing me while I was doing this show live, and messages from listeners telling me to answer also flooded in. At those things, I couldn’t be courageous. Instead of being just a problem between the two of us…I was also concerned about the public gaze….It’s a important problem, in all honesty. It was obvious that there will be some impact career-wise…so I felt very cautious…a lot. I think that’s why I wandered…worrying about this and that.
4:46: My mom said this- “The world can be much more beautiful than you think. Believe in them. Put down everything and think. When you’ve put everything down, feel for yourself what is left at the core.” So I thought, “Without thinking about anything else, I will look deeply into my heart.” And whatever the result, to the question of “Is this a kind of love I can do?”- I thought about faith and assurance/certainty..Without certainty…and because of my job…it would be a hard thing. But faith…faith grew.
5:29 For about ten days, I thought about it hard and the more I did, the answer became more simple. “Purely, let’s just look at our heart.” So I called him. I had asked him for a week to think but it ended up taking a few more days. I called him the day before yesterday. I called Hyun Woo-shi who must have been very anxious inside but was waiting calmly. We talked while we walked around the park- “Since ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ ended, let us begin ‘Yoo In Na’s Man.’
6:07 Like that, our first date started successfully but the reporter was there with us too. Haha. Truthfully, I saw him. I also saw his car. I even saw him follow us to the park. He took a nice picture of me doing the “V.” I think our eyes met too.’s okay. I was planning to talk about it anyway. I’m sorry that it couldn’t be a surprise event like Hyun Woo-sshi, and I was worried that the “Volume” family (the radio show listeners) would say, “Why didn’t you say anything?” Since you have heard everything, you will know…Truthfully, I couldn’t tell you this in secret. Even if I told you secretly, it wouldn’t be a secret. I’m grateful that you guys seem to be understanding. You’ll know now that you’ve heard everything. I didn’t hide anything that had already progressed. Like I said in the beginning, I was preparing to say something already. I was thinking the “Volume” family is first.
7:13 I like him and I found certainty. Very thankfully, he gave me that kind of faith. That’s why I want to date him prettily and more than anyone else, I want to get congratulations from the “Volume” family. You’ve waited quietly for me to talk even when all sorts of reports came out. Once again, I felt the strangeness of radio. How can we become like a real family in just a few months? Anyway…this is it. I said it first,with my own mouth, to the “Volume” family. Like when you are young and you tell your family, “I have a boyfriend,” I have butterflies in my stomach. Ah..ah..I wish that the “Volume” family will congratulate me. And…to Hyun Woo-sshi who might be listening to this broadcast, please stop smoking as promised. Smoking is bad for your health. If there are any smokers among the “Volume” family, either stop smoking or smoke less. Smoking is bad for your health. Anyway..this is a relationship that has started so please look at this kindly. I will date him quietly….quietly. You have to date someone to know them! And lastly, there are “Volume” listeners who are listening for the first time because you were curious about today, right? Welcome. Since you are here, continue to stay with us! I need to stop. We’ll come back after a song- IU’s “Peach.”

Start Edit: What the? I had this in the draft but for some reason, I didn’t post it here. Blame it on doing this as soon as I woke up. I didn’t get enough sleep.

After the song, YIN is reading out listeners’ message and she is responding to them. All of them are congratulating her. I’m not going to translate this, just give you tidbits.
Apparently, YIN wanted to cry but she held in in because the producer threatened that he will do a close-up of her crying face on the viewable radio.
She said the park is really pretty. That day she saw a mother duck and her ducklings following her.
LOL. Apparently, a lot of single people listen to “Volume.” One of the listeners warned her to not take the side of couples. She said she’ll see what happens.
At 16:10. One message reads, “Ji Hyun Woo-sshi, thousands of members of the “Volume” family are watching you. Be good!” YIN says, “Are you listening? If you smoke, it seems like someone is going to tell me.”
LOL. Students are taking advantage of her good mood and keep asking her to send food to their class. She said yes twice to classes of around 40 people.

End Edit

Absolutely adorable, romantic, and sweet. Ji Hyun Woo looks like he has a good head on his shoulders and could tell the difference between drama emotions and his separate, real emotions. Aw, he never wanted something as much as he wanted her! Let me just die here, right now. Oh good god, imagine hearing something like that?

I love YIN’s mother’s advice. Yes, the world can be much nicer and more beautiful than you think. I like to think that too. And it is! Look at all the congratulations and warm wishes. YIN also seems to have a good head on her shoulders so while she worried a bit, she followed her heart. She said JHW gave her the faith that she could trust him, that he really loves her. Not many people can do that. Like she said in the April radio show, he is really handsome and mature.

So “Queen In Hyun’s Man” has ended but “Yoo In Na’s Man” has started. This is the real drama people. Goodness gracious, who knew when we started QIHM, we would end up with this?

This was me listening to this…

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  1. QIMwithdrawals... #

    joonni!!!you’re the best…been dying waiting for this..Thank you!!!!!!!!they are just sooo sweeeet!!!!

    June 18, 2012
    • belltinct #

      daebakkkkkkk joonni unnie….

      June 18, 2012
  2. Revy #

    Joonni thanks so much for this. Her reaction after she confessed was the best. She is so damn cool

    June 18, 2012
  3. Niki #

    ah ha!! so cute! i’ve been patiently waiting for you to update, Joonni!
    Thank you so much for rushing this out! In-Na’s absolutely Daebak! She made me smile throughout her whole confession. And right after she was done, she had a bit of a “OTTOKAE???!!” moment. I swear, that girl is so majorly sweet! Well done, my girl! She’s as awesome as the woman translating the video. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    June 18, 2012
    • Lizzie #

      She is pretty awesome and daebak. She gets bonus points for the way she handled this.

      June 18, 2012
  4. wap #

    Thank you!

    June 18, 2012
  5. Thank you Joonni… WOW…. such a wonderful confession she made. Her mum must be a pretty awesome person that’s why In Na turned out to be so awesome too. When I started ship them in real life… wow…. I would never think something wonderful as this could happen… I don’t know who I admire more right now =)) And her reaction after the confession… omo.. so cute… if he watched her he must have grinned from ear to ear!

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      I could see him smiling his special smile.

      June 18, 2012
      • tessieroo #

        and laughing his big, booming laugh. Thank you Joonni! *kissandhugz*

        June 18, 2012
  6. britener #

    I was just jumping out of the shower when I was thinking,”I can’t wait til Joonni translates YIN’s show!” Here it is now! Gotta go and read now:) Thanks!

    June 18, 2012
  7. he1lianthe #

    Joonni, u’re amazing!!!Love and thank you so much!!!!!!

    June 18, 2012
  8. ariae #

    Joonni, thank you so much… you are the best… aside from InHyun you are the next person I stalk online… hehehe… thank you so much for all your hard effort to deliver the good news to us as fast as you can. I admire your patience and skill in writing… more power to you and stay safe and healthy… I love you Joonni!!!!

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thank you so much for your best wishes!

      June 18, 2012
  9. agree with aisling, this is more than QIHM season 2 !!
    our dearest CORNY COUPLE, i love them.

    June 18, 2012
  10. hyades #

    Thank you so much, Joonni! Ah, This is so sweet! Let me die with you happily:)

    June 18, 2012
  11. pluie625 #

    Thank you Jooni. I just love her mom’s advice. and JHW’s never wanted anything so badly that he has to do what he got to do so as not to lose her… I died!

    June 18, 2012
  12. hi jooni and all….until now acctualy i am a silent reader but after i read this article… i really really want to join our happiness to JHW and YIN
    I never ever expecting this…. coz many korean couples is a script couple… rarely the real couples don’t want to “go public”
    but here we are…. YIN’s man….
    so adorable…
    i hope they will get their happily ever afrer
    congratulation to YIN and JHW

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      InHyun couple is drawing every out ๐Ÿ˜€

      June 18, 2012
    • zenith #

      Hahaha, ahriev, It’s my first time leaving a comment (I usually like to fly under the radar) but when I read your comment it seriously made me want to leave a reply too! Btw, thanks so much, joonni! Your translations (especially the QIHM writer’s letter which I just read) made me ship the InHyun couple even more than I already did.

      For me, the problem about korean dramas is that occasionally it’s an escapist method from the world. So to see happiness being an unforeseen result for the actors, to see them cherish what they have, putting love and life before work, instead of being ashamed of what they have together, it’s more real than the manufactured and pretty shortlived joy brought to drama fans.

      I read online that if the two do indeed acknowledge that theyโ€™re a couple, they will be the first ever celebrity couple to have come to light through a surprise public confession. Quite honestly, I think they’re the only two who have dared to be brave despite their fears about how their relationship will affect their career options (especially for YIN).

      And thanks again Joonni for your awesome subs!

      June 18, 2012
      • joonni #

        Ah! The first. I’m so glad to have been gifted this wonderful fantasy drama and real drama.

        June 18, 2012
  13. GrumpyOldSomething #

    It’s all so sweet, I’m going to have cavities. I’m never interested in the lives of actors outside of their shows, but somehow Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo have dragged me into their business, it’s just so compelling. I am glad for both of them, and I hope they get lots of happiness in their love (I just died from that cheesy statement.) Thanks Miss Joonni for keeping us non Korean speaking folk up to date on the saga, more grease to your elbows, as they say in my corner of the world.

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Hmm, I think I can understand that phrase, “more grease to your elbows.” Thank you, I’ll keep working hard!

      June 18, 2012
  14. In-HyunShipped #

    Love your banner!
    I can’t believe he smokes though. He lost .5 points, lol.

    June 18, 2012
  15. Let us start โ€˜Yoo In Naโ€™s Man.โ€™

    I’m crying!
    Joonni, thank you so much.
    Ji Hyun Woo ssi, Yoo In Na ssi, thank you for showing us your beautiful love story.
    Yoo In Na’s man’s fans, thank you for always supporting them.


    June 18, 2012
  16. Joonni…thanks for all that you do for us. Appreciate the quick translation of her radio program. The absolute perfect love story. This couple has set the bar on romance/love on the screen and off.
    Love them!

    June 18, 2012
  17. AuntieMame #

    Only one word suffice: Beautiful.

    June 18, 2012
  18. goodday123 #

    thank you so much Joonni…….~~~~~~~~~ YIN’s words are soo sincere and beautiful, I hope their love will last forever ^____^

    June 18, 2012
  19. jomo #

    OK I admit it. I cried.
    But but but they are both so eloquent and brave and thoughtful.
    It isn’t like reading about Jolie-Pitt who got it on during whateveritwastheydid…
    Because of his music, and because of her radio show, they both express themselves compellingly. It is a meeting of the minds as well as hearts.Touching in the innocence and enthusiasm for each other.
    Their’s is a great story, and I feel like we are witnessing something so wonderful.
    It gives me more faith in the world.
    Too much? I don’t think so…
    It’s the family that surrounds them, too. Just so happy right now…

    June 18, 2012
    • jomo #

      Forgot to say THANKS!

      June 18, 2012
  20. Elena C. #

    thanks Joonni, *hugs* , you are amazing

    June 18, 2012
  21. Thank you so much for the translations! I shared this on my blog and credited back to you (:
    This extremely super sweet and just made Monday majorly less sucky. Nothing like two people falling in love.

    Here’s the link to my blog post. I didn’t change anything, but feel free to let me know if you have any problems!

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thanks for letting me know!

      June 18, 2012
      • No problem :)! Thank you again, it was nice to follow along with what she was saying~

        June 18, 2012
  22. thumbs up to u!!! i like the way she told the public abt their relationship. pure honesty…

    but i wanna know IU reaction to this…hehe
    and yoo in na conversation with IU abt this matter…

    anyway… they got my support and everyone else oh yeahhhhhhh

    June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      She actually talked about it IU’s reaction a bit but I didn’t translate it. She said IU is also men-boong. IU is very motherly so she discussed over things with YIN.

      June 18, 2012
  23. tarianant #

    Thanks Joonni. Aaaww I love her mom. Mom you’re awesome!! No wonder YIN is so sweet.
    I’ve never thought that a drama could bring so much joy. Its the first time I care about actors’ personal life. They brings me so much joy with QIHM, I cant help but root for them. Kim Boong-do and Hee-jin got their happy ending, now it’s Ji Hyun-woo and Yoo Inna’s turn. And now maybe I can get my life back..after rewatching those kisses again LOL

    June 18, 2012
  24. Thank you thank you thank you, Joonni! This translation shows us a bit more of their love story and more of their individual personalities. I love how YIN unni is honest and true to her word. She was very thoughtful about the situation and of the feelings of the fans, even. She had said she would not hide anything and would even announce it once she gets a bf, and she did. She honored JHW’s feelings: when she asked for some time she didn’t ask for an indefinite amount. she gave a time frame knowing that he would be on pins and needles waiting for her response. She honored her parents by listening to her mom for advice. She was upbeat and bubbly, even humoring the paparazzo that was admittedly stalking her at her home. She’s so spunky too, asking HW in front of all her Volume family to keep his promise to quit smoking. I bet he’ll try his hardest for her. I’ll be praying for him to quit cold turkey and never look back. Aigoo, this couple is gahhh!!! Men boong definitely!

    I’m sure IU stopped by without telling her managers because she wanted to support and encourage her bff. Wow, I bet they were really really hyper. So cute.

    Thank you once again, Joonni for supplying us non-Korean speaking folks with translations, vids etc.

    June 18, 2012
  25. junnie36 #

    Joonni!!! I’m reading your translation with huge grin on my face for all 18 minutes!!
    You’re our goddess! Kamsamnida!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    June 18, 2012
  26. Elena #

    Ohhhh…. “who knew when we started QIHM, we would end up with this?” really guys I’m barely breathing and those batterflies are in my stomach, in my head, everywhere! My eyes filled with tears when YIN finished her confession and started to squeal soundlessly hiding face in her hair! I was so happy for her! She was so much like HJ during her speech, with all her “ke ke” – like little girl ๐Ÿ™‚ now I really see that in the drama she was acting “from her heart” (like she said in one interview), pouring so much of herself into HJ character. So it was a VERY VERY wise decision to wait till the drama ends, to take time to understand whether those feelings were real or just the side effect of the drama. YIN and JHW proved themselves to be mature and responsible poeple. Both the Love and the Common sense were the Cause of this relationship, so I believe the Effect will be Happiness! ๐Ÿ™‚

    June 18, 2012
  27. Aahh, Joonni, Thx for the translation.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I never believe drama could be real. hahaa..
    This is really make me cry.. gwaaahh,, i just read an article about it, but it not fully translated. and now, Hyun Woo courage can affect In Na, also. So wonderful when you can find that kind of braveness when you’re in love.
    i totally support them.
    and you, Ms. In Na-shii can date quietly now.
    Please, please, be Happy with Mr. G ^^

    June 18, 2012
  28. OMG–I think I just died and went to K-drama heaven! What an incredibly lucky girl YIN is to have found her soulmate in JHW. To receive such a heartfelt, innocent, humble confession of love from someone who has never coveted anything in his life–and is respectful of her and her wish to take some time to think things through–could you be any more perfect??? I love how she took only into account what SHE truly wanted for herself, thinking of her own happiness and to have the support of her mother as well–what a wise woman she is!

    I love that JHW took a big leap of faith and went for what he wanted, even so far as saying that he would do it again in a heartbeat if he had to do it all over again . Sigh! It’s nice to know that guys like JHW do exist but they are far and few between (I married one–he kinda pulled a JHW on me a few weeks after we started dating when he proposed marriage!). I only wish nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness to them both. They deserve it!

    June 18, 2012
    • Oh–and Joonni, thank you! Thank you for feeding my QIHM…now YINM addiction!

      June 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      No! You have to let me believe that many guys like JHW exist in the world. Actually, I have a lot of faith that your partner for life exists out there in the world (they don’t have to come in the form of JHW). All my friends, luckily have found their own. So where’s mine? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      June 18, 2012
      • Lizzie #

        Joonni – I’ve been asking the same thing more lately after QIHM, where’s mine?

        June 18, 2012
  29. kandmt #

    thanks so so much for this translation, it made me so happy ๐Ÿ™‚

    June 18, 2012
  30. Jasmine #

    Thank you! I have been waitign for this all week! i am happy that she has the courage to love!

    June 18, 2012

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