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Full Cast Stills for Song Joong Ki’s “Nice Guy”

Squee! Still cuts have been revealed for the full cast of Nice Guy and while they don’t say much, I’m excited because I see my new-found favorite among the cast- Lee Sang-yeob. My excitement has reached new heights for this drama. Mount Everest, anyone?

A man who gave up everything for love, Kang Maru (Song Joong-ki).

Young Maru, who protects little Choco.

A woman overcome by fateful love, Seo Eun-gi (Moon Chae-won).

A woman who tried to live a new life using Maru’s sacrifice as a stepping stone, Han Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon).

Taesan Group lawyer, Park Jun-ha (Lee Sang-yeob).

This is Lee Sang-yeob. Hee! Many of you might not be familiar with him because he really hasn’t had a breakout role yet, but he debuted in 2007 and has appeared in plenty of dramas since, like Midas and Miss Ripley. Sadly, I have never watched any of his dramas except the most recent I Live in Cheongdam-dong which, if you are following me on Twitter, know I have been raving about like a mad woman. He’s also already done a project with Song Joong-ki, the movie Penny-Pinching Romance. Anyway, Lee Sang-yeob plays Park Jun-ha in Nice Guy, who is in love with Moon Chae Won’s character and becomes her guardian angel. His character is described as a warm and gentle guy, which means that I get to see lots of Lee Sang-yeob smiling and being sweet. Oh boy, do I love his smile. He lights up a room and my heart with his smile.

Taesan Group lawyer, Ahn Min-young (Park Tae-hoon).

Maru’s friend, Park Jae-gil (Lee Kwang-soo).

Maru’s half-sister, Choco (Lee Yoo-bi).

Little Choco, who stopped crying if you gave her chocolate. (Is that why she is named Choco?)

Nice Guy airs in September after Gaksital. *Giddy dance*

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  1. Timescout #

    OMG! You are watching ILiCDD too! I don’t do twitter so I’m always out of the loop when it comes to that one. 🙂 You should totally make a blog post of it too.

    Bad Guy sounds a bit too makjangy to my taste but we’ll see. August-September is going to be SO dramaheavy (if all of the new dramas deliver, that is). Guess I won’t be getting much sleep in the near future either…. I’m already panda-eyed due to my current ILiCDD marathon. ;P

    August 5, 2012
    • joonni #

      Kya! You too! I had to stop my marathon because I was basically a zombie after days of sleepless ILICDD nights. The lack of sleep was preventing me from writing a post about it. I’ve been writing one for days now too but since I have so much I want to say, I’ve been stuck.

      It’s Nice Guy, not Bad Guy. LOL. Your unconscious speaking. But yeah, Bad Guy makes sense. Lee Kyung-hee doesn’t write makjang so I think we don’t have to worry about that.

      August 5, 2012
      • Timescout #

        Yup, certified ILiCDD fanatic here. I’ve had to try and restrict my marathoning too as l can’t really do too manty late nights anymore. Looking forward to you post, whenever that might appear. I usually find it hard to say anything coherent when it comes to ILiCDD as well as I have this urge to just go *squeeeeeee* XD

        LOL! I didn’t even notice I wrote Bad Guy…. my unconcious fears manifesting themsleves alright. ;P Ah, so it is (forgot who the writer is for a minute there)…. just full on aaaannnggst! That I can do. *g*

        August 6, 2012
  2. Endo #

    Cant wait for dis one..(My Chae Won unnie) kekeke..XD…

    August 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      I hoping she gets to smile a lot in this drama, although I doubt it. Poor Chae Won, always such depressing roles!

      August 7, 2012
  3. jaz #

    Ooohhh…Little Choco is sooooo adorably cute! and Young Maru too…

    Yes! I’ll be seeing the same-aged friends Joong Ki and Kwang Soo together again on TV…so excited!

    Lee Sang Yeob is in Penny Pinching Romance?!?! I’ve seen it but who is he there? Is he the guy that Han Ye Seul’s character had a crush on but turned to be one of those who tricked her and run away with her money? If my guess is right…then I agree with you Joonni…he is cute and an actor you must watch out for. But don’t worry he’s all yours…coz I’ll be busy spazzing over Song Joong Ki anyway when Nice Guy airs this September…though I’m not closing any possibilities yet LOL

    August 7, 2012
    • joonni #

      I haven’t watched Penny-pinching romance so I don’t know if he is the guy you are speaking of but yes, he is mine. ❤

      August 7, 2012
      • jaz #

        Oh…so you’re officially labeling him as “yours” now. Fine…hands off over Lee Sang Yeob everyone! LOL

        Wait…I just noticed this…first Lee Min Ho then Lee Sang Yeob…you do have some weakness over actors having Lee family names, don’t you Joonni? Would you prefer me addressing you as Miss Lee now? 😀

        August 8, 2012
        • joonni #

          No, it’s not the Lee’s. It’s the huge smiles. The smiles that light up the whole face. Lee Seung-gi also has that kind of smile. Ha! He’s a Lee too. Wait, there’s Park Yoochun who also has that kind of smile.

          August 8, 2012
          • jaz #

            Well, I wouldn’t even argue with you on Park Yoochun…his smile just melts my heart every time. 😉

            August 8, 2012
            • joonni #

              Doesn’t it? How do some people do that?

              August 8, 2012
              • jaz #

                Uhhmmm…just clueless!!! Guess some people were born to have that innate gift of making other people’s hearts flutter like crazy through their smiles… 😀

                August 9, 2012
  4. echo #

    What is with the phonetic Korean spelling of Nice?

    That said, I’m looking forward to this. Love all the leads. I love that Moon Chae Young’s entire countenance looks so different from those of her prior characters. Bring it on!

    August 11, 2012
    • joonni #

      “Nice” sounds like chak-han.

      I’m hoping that Moon Chae Won channels a bit more fierce, energetic, and lively than previous projects.

      August 13, 2012
  5. Darrelski #

    Hi. Would you know where i can watch eng sub of I live in Cheongdam-dong?

    August 16, 2012
    • joonni #

      There are no sites where you can watch ILICDD with eng subs as far as I know. Dramatic has subtitles (.ass) for the first eleven so far. The blogger has been slowly subbing the drama by himself.

      August 16, 2012
      • darrelski #

        Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the first 11 episodes with subs. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch succeeding episodes until the next subs come out. 😦 i even tried searching the net for box sets of the drama but didn’t find one as well.:-(

        August 27, 2012

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