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New Teaser for “To the Beautiful You” Highlights the Romance, Sending Joonni to Drama Heaven

Kya! The latest teaser for upcoming youth drama, To the Beautiful You, brings out the the giggly highschool girl in me. If the previous teasers highlighted the youth energy of the all-boys highschool setting and the shenanigans inherent in a cross-dressing drama, this latest teasers hints a little more at the romance that will develop between our main leads. It looks like the Korean version of “Hana Kimi” will amp up the romance factor, creating a solid love rectangle between Sulli, Minho, Lee Hyun-woo, and Kim Ji-won. While I welcome that, I also hope that there is a good balance of sports competition, character growth, and friendship in the drama.

Aww, it’s kind of sweet and strange at the same time. The strange is all from the matching haircuts and Lee Hyun-woo’s outfit. I’m hoping that those are not white short-tights underneath his uniform cuz that’s just uncomfortable. I’m guessing that they are bandages of some sort after a soccer injury, since Lee Hyun-woo plays Cha Eun-gyul, a soccer athlete, in this drama. It’s strange watching a drama you all ready know the whole story too; you already feel bad for Cha Eun-gyul, who is going to fall for our heroine, get confused because he thinks she is a boy, and not end up with her despite always being the nice guy. I know there’s going to be a lot of longing looks and a broken heart for Lee Hyun-woo. Which is what makes drama-watching fun. Hee!

Here is Kim Ji-won all dolled up as Seol Han-na, who only has eyes for Kang Tae-joon (played by Minho.) Seol Han-na is described as a character whom you can’t really hate, because, despite being a foil for the blossoming romance between our main couple, she has a warm heart and a lot of earnest determination. Who can hate a girl for knowing what she wants and trying hard to get it? Well, as long as she doesn’t get all scheming and back-stabby. I hope she doesn’t pull a Se-na on us.

If you keep up with K-pop, you will know that SM Entertainment, Minho’s agency which is also producing this drama, likes to use their matrix cameras whenever and however they can. It’s like you won’t know it’s a SM music video unless they used this camera technique somewhere in it. Looks like the company also found a use for it here in this drama, filming Minho doing his high jump scenes. I’m glad this is a little bit more appropriate than the random matrix shots of SHINee playing basketball in their Hello music video.

And what’s the point of setting your story at an all-boys school without some gratuitous topless scenes? Here is Seo Joon-young taking on the role of pretty-boy Dorm 2 leader, Han Seung-ri.

To the Beautiful You premiers next week August 15- the same day as the premier of the highly-anticipated Arang and the Magistrate. While Arang will likely be the ratings winner, I’m sure there is a niche out there with an appetite for some sweet, simple, non-fantasy romance. I certainly have one. So far, the teasers have really made this drama look really good so I hope the actual product doesn’t disappoint. *Crosses fingers*

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  1. jaz #

    LOL @ the Se-na part! You just reminded me again that I so wanted to pull her hair off and poke her eyes back then. I know…so bad of me to even think of doing that but heck…can you even blame me?! keke!

    Yikes! I don’t like Lee Hyun Woo’s bowl-cut hair. Nakatsu looked equally handsome as the main lead, Sano in the Japanese version of Hana Kimi but why make Hyun woo look like so weird? Why???

    I have two questions though, Joonni: (1) Will Seo Joon-young as Dorm 2 leader be the counterpart of Nanba Minami in the Jap version? and (2) Did Sulli really cut her hair short? She really has beautiful straight hair and if she had cut it just because of the drama, then she deserves my respect for being so professional, sacrificing to that extent without even sure if the drama is going to hit high in the ratings.

    August 9, 2012
    • Jackie #

      1) Seo is supposed to be the counterpart of Nanba. The other cast who are playing the other dorm leaders don’t seem to fit Nanba, so I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say yes. 2) And yes Sulli cut her hair. ;_; She cut about 60cm off. I still think she looks cute now though 🙂

      And what drama are you referring to with the character Se-na?

      August 9, 2012
      • jaz #

        Thanks for the reply Jackie! Wow! Sulli did cut her hair…but right she still looks cute enough that anyone would know she’s a girl at first sight. hee!

        Btw, it’s Rooftop Prince…the drama with Park Yoochun… 🙂

        August 9, 2012
        • Jackie #

          Np 🙂 She doesn’t look crazily like a guy, but I think she looks pretty androgynous so the transformation wasn’t too bad.

          Ahh I didn’t know that. ty

          August 10, 2012

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