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Recap: “Faith” Episode 2

A little change in format to the recap today. Softy and I are delivering very detailed recaps.  Softy will be joining me here for this series. For those of who don’t already know, Softy is wonderful recapper who has been doing “transcaps” (transcription+recap) over at Cadence for a long time now. Since she is able to do live recaps, Softy will provide the first version of the recap and I will come to fill it in. She will post her recap here first and then I will come back to edit and add to the recap. This means that a recap will be available very quickly after an episode airs for those who can’t wait. For those who will visit this blog later, a fuller recap, that you can follow along while watching the episode, will be waiting. We’re still working out the kinks. 🙂

Episode 2

Starts from the scene where Jo Il-shin (Lee Byung-Joon) is saying the portal is open and asks King Gongmin (Ryu Deok-Hwan) to order the Woodalchi (Gongmin’s bodyguard unit) to go in. Gongmin is skeptical and looks toward Choi Young (Lee Min-ho). Young asks for the royal command to which Gongmin replies that they need to at least find out if all of this is true. Choi Young enters the portal.

Oh Dae-man (the messenger and one of the youngest in Woodalchi; especially loyal to Choi Young, played by Kim Jong-moon) tries to follow his dear “dae-jang” (Korean word for leader or general) but Bae Choong-suk (Woodalchi second-in-command, played by Baek Kwang-doo ) stops him, reminding Dae-man that Young said not to follow. “We must protect the king instead.” He tells the king that they shouldn’t stay here. Jo Il-shin also wants to leave but Gongmin wants to wait. “We came here to pray for three days anyway. So we will wait.” Suddenly Dae-man points at the portal and asks why is it doing that. Choong-suk orders everyone to move back.

Choi Young appears with Eun-soo (Kim Hye-sun) through the portal.  Young drags her over to King Gongmin. Young says, “I have brought her, the doctor from the heaven.” Eun-soo tries to run back to the portal but Young drags her back. She pleads for him to let go. Young ignores her and asks Gongmin if Queen No-gook (Park Se-young) is still alive.

Jang Bin (Lee Philip) is tending to No-gook at the inn when Young comes in with Eun-soo. Jang Bin looks at Eun-soo asks Choi Young if she is the person from heaven. Young tells Bin that he saw her save the life of someone who had the same wound. He takes off the bundle filled with Eun-soo’s bag and medical supplies. “I brought these things because she used them.” Eun-soo looks around curiously at the inn. Choi Young asks Eun-soo, “What are you doing? You should be looking after her (referring to No-gook)?”

Jang Bin reports to Eun-soo that it’s been two hours since No-gook has been injured. They have slowed down the hemorrhaging but she has still lost a lot of blood. He thinks the best treatment is to suture the blood vessel but that runs the risk of disturbing the qi. He asks Eun-soo if she can heal No-gook but Eun-soo has no idea what he is talking about. So Jang Bin tries to explain how she should proceed with the treatment but Eun-soo interrupts him, clapping her hands. “Ah, I know, I know.” Eun-soo thinks this is movie film set and during filming, there was an accident. Everyone was the police will find out so they kidnapped a doctor to keep it a secret and take care of it. Jang Bin asks Choi Young, “What is she talking up?” Choi Young holds up his hands and shrugs. He’s just ask confused by her gibberish as Jang Bin is. (Joonni: Hee.)

Eun-soo suggests that they just call an ambulance. “If I treat a patient under these conditions and she dies, then I lose my medical license. That’s the end for a doctor when the license is revoked.  Just think that you are saving both me and the patient and call 911. Should I call them?” She grabs her purse.  Jang Bin asks Choi Young, “Is this person really a doctor? How could a doctor not even look at the patient next to her?”  Eun-soo keeps trying to get away. “I will explain it well to the police and hospital. I swear.” She tries to leave but she is blocked by some Woodalchi men. She looks back at Choi Young who says to her, “How many more times do I have to tell you for you to remember this order. Save her first and after that, I will take you back.” Eun-soo gives up trying to leave.

Grumbling, Eun-soo takes off her coat and puts down her purse. She prepares the instruments and wears the loupe. It’s light frightens the Woodalchi. (Joonni: I think it’s going to be running joke here.) She walks over to No-gook and inspects the wound. Eun-soo asks Jang Bin how long has it been since the patient lost consciousness. Jang Bin replies, “From the beginning.” Which means to Eun-soo that she will have to work without any anesthetics. Eun-soo starts operating on No-gook with the instruments Choi young laid out on a table. Eun-soo asks Bin for the clamps but he doesn’t know what she is referring to. Thankfully Choi Young remembers what he heard Eun-soo say when was operating on the bodyguard in modern Seoul time. Choi Young grabs the clamp and hands it over to Jang Bin who passes it to Eun-soo.

Our sleepy general has fallen asleep once again, near the operating table. He rises from his nap as we hear Eun-soo saying, “Tie, cut,” as Jang Bin assists her with the stitching.  One of No-gook’s female attendants/bodyguards looks over Eun-soo shoulders before leaving the room. Choi Young notes her departure.

Deok-man (Yoon Goon-sang) is playing with the shield, fascinated by its transparency. Dol-bae (Kang Chang-mook) tells Deok-man to not touch something from heaven.  No-gook’s attendant comes down the stairs and Dol-bae immediately gets his Casanova on.

The attendant secretly meets a scarred man in a barn.  The man is angry. They seem to be speaking some dialect of Yuan. Obviously the attendant is a spy working for the people who attacked No-gook previously in the day.

Eun-soo checks No-gook’s vitals and worries that the heart rate should be 100 at least.  Choi Young asks if No-gook has been saved. Eun-Soo says the patient needs bed rest to live. She has to be kept in bed. Eun-soo lists things they should do like keep the wound clean as she puts on her coat and grabs her bag. Choi Young sits next to No-gook. Jang Bin turns on the surgical loupe and almost blinds himself.  (Joonni: See I told you.)

Eun-soo is trying to quietly sneak down the stairs, intending to leave. The Woodalchi men are downstairs and they get up to bow to her when they see her. Eun-soo bows back and runs toward the door. She tries to open the door but Choi Young stops her. Eun-soo pleads, “Please let me live. I did the surgery.” Choi Young pulls her back from the door and replies that No-gook has not woken up yet. Eun-Soo says you have to wait so Choi Young replies, “So you need to wait. Where do you think you’re going.” Eun-soo pulls her arm from Choi Young’s grasp in exasperation. “What do you want me to do? I did everything I could do here.”

King Gongmin is upstairs watching this. Choi Young notices him and bows. Eun-soo also sees Gongmin and asks, “Are you the guardian?” She tries to reassure Gongmin. “You just have to watch over the patient and her condition now. What she needs the most now is hydration so when she wakes, give her some water first. Don’t let her gulp it down though because there is a chance for aspiration pneumonia.” Gongmin asks Eun-soo if patient will regain consciousness. Eun-soo says, “I can’t answer that. She’s not my responsibility. I hope this is made clear. I was forced to perform this surgery so this doesn’t have anything to do with my medical license.” Gongmin interrupts her to address her. “The one who came from heaven.” Eun-soo: “Me?” Gongmin: “My country is on the line along with that woman’s life.” Eun-soo: “Country?” Gongmin continues “Seeing that heaven sent you, may I think that this country is still receiving heaven’s protection.” Eun-soo mutters to herself, “That person is even stranger.” Gongmin asks, “Can I trust that?” Eun-soo turns around to leave but Choi Young blocks her. She hits her head with frustration. “Let’s wake up. Please wake up from this dream!”

A few Woodalchi men have been watching the portal. One of them tells another to report to “dae-jang” that the door to heaven is getting smaller. He talks out loud. “At this rate, it will completely close within the end of today.”

Jo Il-shin is arguing with King Gongmin. “You can’t do that. We all saw with our eyes. That Woodalchi warrior went into the portal of heaven and brought back the doctor. We also a light shining from her forehead as she treated the queen. The heaven gave her to us so why should we send her back?” Choi Young has been listening to his argument across the room. “I told you I promised the divine healer that I would let her go back if she saves the queen.” Jo Il-shin ignores him and reminds the king there are those in power in Goryeo who have no regard for Goryeo. They are just waiting to hand over Goryeo to Yuan and received favor from Yuan. Jo Il-shin figures that if King Gongmin returns with a divine healer and the world won’t be able treat him lightly. “You will be someone the heaven is protecting. The heavens gave you and our country  a chance to live, Your Majesty. “

Choi Young has had enough. He pushes Jo Il-shin away and tells the king that he gave Eun-soo his word as a Goryeo warrior. “You who grew up in Yuan might not know but for a Goryeo warrior, a promise is worth his life.” King Gongmin responds, “Didn’t you just hear how if I go back with the doctor I will be safe? Choi Young: “If it’s a safety that you have to go that far for, isn’t it a bit pathetic?”  Gongmin replies that if it’s for the sake of the country then it’s more important than personal promises. Jo Il-shin tries to talk to Gongmin but Choi Young blocks him. “For the country, a statesman like him (referring to Jo Il-shin) tells you to give a promise to the dogs. For a country, a warrior like me kill people. But as a king…If you are king, shouldn’t you be different from us? I think so. Don’t you?”

It is another day at Gae-kyung, the capital city of Goryeo. A “pharmacist” is grinding up cockroaches that he says have been raised with care. He makes liquid herbal medicine out of them.  Cheon Eum-ja (Sung Hoon) is playing his dae-geum (the flute) while all this is happening. The pharmacist brings the liquid medicine over to a table in which Ki Chul (a Goryeo royalty and brother to the Queen of Yuan (not No-gook who is Queen of Goryeo now), played by Yoo Oh-sung) is lying face down. The pharmacist starts applying the liquid to Ki Chul’s body, saying that it make his skin youthful.

One of the cockroaches has escaped and is scurrying around near Cheon Eum-ja. He notices the bug and plays a high-pitched note on his flute. The bug writhes and falls dead.

Ki Won, Ki Chul’s younger brother enters the room to report to him that he as started with Nam dae-gam or (Lord Nam). Ki Chul asks how many he thinks will gather. Ki Won lists the different statesmen but Ki Chul stops him to say, “As much as I think about it, there is no one I feel sorry for. Finish what you started, Won.”

At the palace, the statesmen that Ki Won had just listed are gather at a royal alter. They pretend to be bowing to the statue but they are actually having a secret meeting. They each received a secret letter that said that king was attacked and the queen was skilled. The men fear for what will happen to Goryeo now. Yuan will probably hold Goryeo responsible and they will soon be Yuan men. They wonder who sent them to letter. They figure they will find out when the go the meeting requested.

The portal entrance is continuing to shrink. The Woodalchi are still guarding the portal.

Eun-soo is one of the rooms at the inn trying to find reception for her cellphone. She tries to bride the spy girl (one of No-gook’s attendants) to help her get out of here and escape. Eun-soo offers $500 then $1000 but the girl ignores her. Eun-Soo goes up to $2000 and the girl, without a word, unlocks a door.

The spy girl leaves the room as Choi Young comes down the stairs to check on Eun-soo. But before he opens the door, Dae-man lets him that Eun-soo is inside, quietly waiting. He doesn’t go in and just tells his men to keep Eun-soo safe and guard her well. Dae-man want to know until when. Choi Young expects an order from the King soon. Dae-man asks Choong-suk if he needs to prevent anyone from coming into Eun-soo’s room. Choong-suk slaps Dae-man upside the head. “You have to keep her from leaving the room.”

Dae-man checks the room and notices that no one is inside. Darn, Eun-soo has escaped.

Eun-soo is running down the street. Dae-man sees her from the inn balcony and jumps down to chase her. Eun-soo is trying to ask people where to take a cab because she lost her way coming here. No one knows what she is talking about. She asks, “Aren’t you Korean?” She tries to speak English and Chinese. She asks another woman if she knows where the pay phone is. She frustrated that she’s not getting any reception. Eun-soo sees Dae-man looking for her through her cellphone screen. She quickly runs away. Dae-man chases after her. The guy with the scar from watches all this.

Dae-man chases Eun-Soo all the way to a clothing store. Eun-soo hides while Dae-man pays one of the villagers and sends him off. The villager runs to the inn to relay Dae-man’s message that Eun-soo has run away.

Choi Young starts to leave the inn and Choong-suk asks Young to take a few men with him. Choi Young ignores him and just tells his men that the enemies have figured out their tricks so they won’t attack the same way twice. He figures that they will try to take that out secretly one by one. He orders his men to protect the queen first and foremost. When Choong-suk asks how they should protect the king, Choi Young answers in his typical way, “As you see fit. You know, protect him well.” Choi Young grabs the  villager to lead him to Dae-man.

The spy girl enter No-gook’s room and see’s Jang Bin’s assistant asleep so she makes her way quietly to No-gook. She is about to kill her when Choong-suk comes in and wakes up the assistant. The spy is unable to kill the princess.

Choi Young and Dae-man have met up. Dae-man tells Choi Young, “I didn’t know what to do since she is from heave. Am I allowed to catch her? If I catch her, I need to drag her away, but am I allowed to do that?” Young checks the store but and Eun-soo has given her coat to the store worker. Someone is watching this.

Eun-soo looks around the village and wonders what kind of film set is this big. How can there be something like this? She knocks on homes and asks if is there anyone there. She asks a guy for directions but he ignores her. The scar-face guy and his friends surround her and knock her out and drag her away even though she tried to fight them off with her heel.

Choi Young is following her trail and sees kids playing with Eun-soo’s broken heel from her shoe. Dae-man calls out to Young and shows her shoe that was left behind. Choi Young also notices some blood on the ground.

The portal is getting smaller.

Dae-man offers to go around once more or go check another village. He figures that since there is disturbance on the ground from a shuffle and the shoe of the one from heaven was taken off something happened to her. Choi Young picks up the clues. There were three of them. The blood dropped here is from Eun-soo and since it dried up, it just happened. “We have to assume they are on the same side as the men who attacked us. And those who trapped us here in this town.  We can figure out that much easily but how did they know the identity of the divine healer?” Dae-man thinks there is an insider and angrily says that he will go and catch that person. Young: “If you go who are you going to catch?” Young asks who has the boats. Dae-man says he is from Goryeo so Young says let’s go there.

The enemy attacks the Woodalchi at the inn.

Choi Young goes and wakes up the guy in charge of the boat. Young asks who gave you the money to drink alcohol. The guy keeps saying there is no boat. Young resorts to holding the guy’s face in water to wake him and get the guy to tell him to who paid him off.

The scar-face guy who kidnapped Eun-soo sends off a message on a bird. He sees someone coming and rushes down to Eun-soo. Eun-soo wakes up and sees the bad guy staring at hers. She screams but they gag her and hold a knife to her neck.

Choi Young arrives at the place where Eun-soo is being kept hostage. He looks around and Dae-man doesn’t spot Eun-soo with a knife to her throat.  A man who had been pretending to work as a blacksmith attacks Young but Young fights him off. Choi Young threatens to burn the guy for information. Dae-man translates what the guy says because Young can’t understand the man. Man says,” I will tell you everything.” Young:“Tell me what?” Man: “:I have nothing to do with anything. I don’t know anything.” Young gets angry; that’s not what he wanted to know. The man finally gives up the plan of the bad guys. “I will show you where it is.” The man shows the poisonous smoke bombs and Dae-man translates that the king is in danger because the attack already started. Choi young looks around and decides to leave even though he wants to look for Eun-soo.

Choi Young and Daem-man run to the inn. Choi Young nods for Dae-man to go ahead. (Joonni: Choi Young’s adorable and loyal little puppy. Hee!)

Choong-suk does a head count of the guards but the ones who are dead do not reply. He blows the whistle to send out the alarm. Everyone guards the king and queen. Smoke bombs are thrown in. Jang Bin carries No-gook out and they escort her and the king. When the warriors come out of the inn to escape the poisonous smoke, arrows are shot at them.

The inn is under attack and Dae-man fights off the enemies on the rooftop. (Softy: Boy he is GOOD at his job.)

The spy girl separates Jang Bin who is carrying No-gook from the Woodalchi guards and the king, She leads outside to the back and locks the door behind them. Gongmin notices that No-gook is gone and goes off to search for her.

Jang Bin, No-gook, and the spy girl are outside. Jang Bin leaves No-gook with the spy girl, saying that he doesn’t need her help. He fights off the attackers with his fan. He can wound them without the fan actually hitting them. Cool.  With Bin’s back turned, the spy girl moves to kill No-gook but No-gook wakes up suddenly and looks at the girl. The spy girl raises her knife high to stab No-gook but right at that moment, something flies toward her and knocks out the girl. Choi Young has thrown his police shield like a boomerang at the girl and knocked her out before she can stab the princess. (Joonni: Man, that was cool.)

Choi Yooung goes over and asks if alert queen if she is okay. Jang Bin and the Woodalchi warriors keep fighting. King Gongmin and Jo Il-shin rush over to Choi Young and No-gook.  Young tells the king that she is awake. No-gooks asks “Why am I here?” Choi Young says to the king, “The divine healer saved her. If I find that person, is it ok for me to keep my promise?”

The portal keeps getting smaller.

Back at Gae-Kyung, the statesmen from before argue. They figure that the person who killed the queen was someone who wants to deliver Goryeo over to Yuan. They know Ki Chul is talking to other Yuan supporters. He is obviously talking to them about building a Yuan castle in Goryeo. They are angry with Ki Chul and want to get rid of him. One of the men wonder where Ja-woon dae-gam. He’s outside while the other men are being locked in. He meets Ki Won outside and relays a message. Ki Won’s men throw poisonous smoke bombs into the room in which the statesmen were meeting.

Dae-man and Choi Young are back at the place where Eun-soo was being kept hostage. Dae-man says, “No one is here. That other guy from before isn’t here either. Even if she was held here, those guys would have moved her by now. Let’s send out ten of our men to look all over the area.” Choi Young has been silently getting angrier and angrier. Electricity or energy moves from Choi Young’s chest to his hand. Sparks come out. (Joonni: Okay, so don’t anger this guy. Got that. So it’s a good thing that Choi Young is in a constant state of sleepiness?) Young says that he will go look around some more.

Suddenly they hear something say “give me food” (referring that her battery charge is low). Eun-soo is being held hostage upstairs and her phone had gone off because her battery charge is low. Her kidnapper is alarmed.

Choi Young and Dae-man find Eun-soo upstairs. The bad guy talks and Dae-man translates. “Make way or I will kill her. Let use both go or we will both die.” Dae-man runs off to distract the bad guy as Choi young throws a knife and kills the bad guy. He goes over to Eun-soo and unties her binds. She is crying and he says to her, “You sure cause a lot of trouble. I told you to wait so how could you run out without knowing what kind of place this is? Look what you had to go through. Let me take a look.” He tries to check her injury but she pushes his hand away. Eun-soo throws her shoe at him and demands that they don’t follow her.” She grabs her bag out of Dae-man’s hand and tries to leave. Choi Young lets her know that the queen has woken up so he will return her back to the place she came from. “I will take you.” He picks her up and carries her. She struggles, calling him a serial killer and psychopath. But he silences her by pretending to drop her. He tells Dae-man to relay to the king he is taking Eun-soo back. He tells her she will break if she falls and smiles as he carries her off.  The scar-face guy watches them leave.

Choi Young is walking ahead of her and she says, “I know this road but I don’t know how we came here from Gangnam.” Choi Young shows her the portal and says, “do you see that? that door is getting smaller. When that shuts I don’t have a way to send you so hurry and go.” She asks if all she has have to do is go there? What’s after that? Young says, “You just have to go in.” Eun-soo: “What does it mean to just go there? Did you test it properly?  Choi Young bows deeply to her and thanks her.

Eun-soo starts toward the portal but Jo Il-shin shows up with the Woodalchi and orders, “Stop. The doctor from heaven can’t go back.” Young says, “I am sending her away in the name of Goryeo’s warrior Choi Young. Who is the one disregarding my name.” He draws his sword and says, “Try to stop her.” Jo Il-shin says the king said to stop the divine healer from leaving. Young says “You are lying. I don’t believe you.”  Jo orders Woodalchi to catch that woman. “It’s a royal order.” The Woodalchi pull out their sword.  Jo Il-shin taunts Choi Young: “It’s an royal command. Are you going to disobey?

Choi Young looks over to Eun-soo and she starts to run towards the door. Young pulls her back. She screams, “Let me go.” He holds her back as the portal closes. There is no opening anymore. Eun-soo, in disbelief, walks over to the altar and looks for the light.

Choi Young walks back to Jo Il-shin. He tells him that says he followed the royal order and stopped the divine healer. Eun-soo screams from behind while holding up a sword, “You jerk. You promised you would take me back. Psycho. Kidnapper. I am going to kill you.” She closes her eyes and runs towards him with the sword outstretched. Young stands there and the sword goes into his stomach. He pulls Eun-soo’s hand closer impales himself more deeply on the sword. Eun-soo is surprised and frightened “Why? You could have avoided it. So why?” Choi Young responds, “If I do this then it’s all over right (meaning they are even)?” He falls to his knees, bleeding.

No-gook is resting back at the inn with Jang Bin and No-gook by her side. She says to the king, “They say a Goryeo warrior’s promise is equal to his life. He made a promise in his name and you gave the order for him to dishonor his promise. In other words, you made him choose between disobeying a royal order or dying. No, both mean that he has to die. What Choi Young chooses, he has to die.” Gongmin takes offense at that. “Are you criticizing me?” No-gook says, “Of course not. I am just sorting through it… If you really wanted to kill that warrior…I am curious.”

Dae-man is angry. He rushes toward Eun-soo and pushes her away from Choi Young. Jo Il-shin slaps Dae-man for daring to touch the doctor from heaven. Jo Il-shin says to Eun-soo, “The king is waiting so I will take you.” She screams for him to move away. Eun-soo rushes to Choi Young. She asks if he is alert. She tells the other Woodalchi men who are surrounding Young to be careful of the sword because it’s what stopping him from bleeding out. Jo Il-shin says, “We don’t have time for this. We don’t know when those guys will attack again. They are not just after the king but after you too.” Eun-soo ignores him and says how Young’s pulse is weak and breathing shallow. She says we need to do surgery in a hurry and asks for tape to stable the sword in place. Something sticky. Jo Il-shin keeps saying that they don’t have time for this. Eun-soo says “Go where? What about this person?” Jo Il-shin says that they have to abandon Young and go. He speaks to Young. “Answer me if you are alert. If we get delayed because of you, it will be dangerous for the king so we have to leave you behind. Do you agree?” Young commands everyone to just go. Choong-suk offers to leave a few men behind but Young says, “Don’t keep making me talk. Take everyone and go.” Eun-soo says that she won’t go. Jo Il-shin asks Eun-soo, “Do you know what situation this is?” She angrily replies that she knows. “I stabbed this person. If this person dies I become a murderer. I won’t go.”  Jo stands and says, “Fine, then let’s do this.” He pulls out the sword and Young starts to bleeds out. Jo Il-shin says, “I killed him now so don’t worry and get up.” She tries to stop the bleeding and yells for her instruments to prepare for surgery. Choong-suk calls for Dae-man to prepare for surgery. Jo Il-shin orders the Woodalchi and grab Eun-soo but Choong-suk screams that the divine healer gave an order to put pressure on this young’s wound.

(Softy: I wanted to drag Jo by his topknot and use his head like a broom and sweep that whole area for pulling out that sword. Joonni: Let me help you.)

Dae-man runs back to the inn to get the surgical instruments and supplies for the surgery. The guards won’t let Dae-man through into No-gook’s room but he cries, “I have to go in to get the things that belong to the divine healer.” Jang Bin asks who got hurt. Dae-man replies that Young got stabbed with a sword. The king asks if it is because he disobeyed the royal order. Dae-man responds that there is no one in Woodalchi that would or could hurt Young.  Dae-man tries to leave and drops a pill bottle on the floor. He doesn’t notice this as the king yells for an answer. He asks again if Young went against his order. Dae-man informs Gongmin that Young obeyed the order. “That’s why he is dying so please!” No-gook gives permission for Dae-man to go. She tells Jang bin to go too. “The general is the one who saved my life. AS the quenn, I am giving an order. Go and save that person.” After Bin leaves, she asks Gongmin, “Is it ok for me to give an order like this, Your Majesty?”

Choi Young is being carried on a makeshift stretcher. Eun-soo tells Young not to lose consciousness. “Do you hear me?” He says, “How can I not hear when you are yelling?” Eun-soo continues to say that he might go into shock but Young suddenly grabs her shirt and pulls her close. “You didn’t do this. There is no way you can stab me. Listen to me well. If you really want to save me, leave me and go. I will stay alive somehow by myself so please abandon me.” She tells him to shut up in English. Young: “What?” ES: “I said to shut your mouth. Listen well. This is the order we will do things. I will save you first and then you can go wherever you want alone to die or not. Until then you better not die.”

They take Choi Young inside to a building and Jang Bin checks Young’s pulse. Another man pressure on Young’s wound. Eun-soo gives out instructions and sets up her table. “Turn on all the lights there are. It has to be totally bright. Someone boil some water. I need as many clean clothes as possible.” She searches and asks for the small bottle of pills. They were antibiotics. Dae-man remembers that he stepped on the bottle and crushes it at the inn. Eun-soo makes all of Woodalchi step back because they full of germs. She asks Bin for some substitute medicine antibiotics and anesthesia.

Jang Bin’s aide pack his medical supplies box and leaves Gongmin and No-gook. Gongmin tries to leave also but Choong-suk asks the king to stay with the queen so they can protect them better. Alone with No-gook, Gongmin says to her: “I won’t say it twice so listen well. From here on you have to get my permission first before you do anything.  Only after my order, can you speak one word and take one step. Do you hear me? You are a precious Yuan princess who got passed over to someone like me. I know you must be resentful, being dragged to a country you don’t know well, so you must want to rebel.  But I am the king of a country and you are my wife. So you have to keep your manners accordingly.” No-gook says nothing so Gongmin asks, “Aren’t you going to answer?” She says, “You didn’t order for me to answer so I didn’t reply.” (Joonni: One point for No-gook!)

(Softy: Is it just me or does this girl look like a really young version of ES?)

Eun-soo and Jang Bin argue about the medicine Bin prepared to anesthetize Choi Young because she can’t start yet unless Young loses consciousness. ES demands anesthesia. Jang Bin tell hers that this is it. “I made it myself.” Eun-soo: “ When why is he so normal?” Jang Bin asks how can someone lose consciousness so quickly. Eun-soo: “We have to do surgery right now.”  Jang Bin argues that Choi Young can endure the pain. Eun-soo argues this isn’t about enduring because of all the complications that could arise if he experiences pain and tenses up as they perform the surgery. Jang Bin’s assistant announces that Young is totally out so Eun-soo starts listing orders for Bin.  He has to hand her instruments when she asks. Eun-soo is about to cut Choi Young’s stomach open but Bin stops her and asks what she is doing. Eun-soo: “I told you I have to examine his internal injuries. So I have to cut his stomach open.”  Jang Bin argues back: “You are supposed to treat a sword wound so why cut open his stomach when there is nothing wrong with it?” Eun-soo: “I am going to check properly to see where else he was hurt. If you keep delaying treatment of this patient like this, he will bleed out and just die. So let me go.” Jang Bin: “How can I trust the word of someone who stabbed him?” Eun-soo: “Trust me.” Jang Bin: “How?” Eun-soo: “You said I am someone who came from heaven so trust me.”

Preview for Episode 3.

Choi Young: If we don’t run away right now we will all die.

Eun-soo: Why will we die? Who and why are they going to kill us?

I can’t decipher what Jo Il-shin is screaming about.

Eun-soo cries and says: What did I do that was so wrong? I said I was sorry so please get treated.

Choi Young: My promise to let you go back. For me to keep that promise you have to be alive. Until then I will protect you. So listen to my request.


Softy: I am in love. So curious to see just how many more times Young is going to carry her around in this drama. I swear -maybe it’s his outfit or how he looks, but every time he swoops her up in his arms, my knees get weak. He is like a Korean Lancelot minus the charm and way more added laziness.  If he didn’t even make an effort to be so attractive, can you imagine how irresistible he will be when he actually tries. It sure didn’t take long for this drama to grow on me.OK I am in love with this drama now.

Now I get why Dr. Jin’s people tried to sue Faith and keep it from airing – this is a way better drama than Dr. Jin will ever be so Dr. Jin didn’t want Faith to see the light of day. Thank goodness Dr. Jin didn’t get its way. If Faith plays its cards right, it could surpass or equal winners like QIHM or Rooftop.

Joonni: I’m feeling ambivalent right how, which helps me know that I’m not letting my great love of Lee Min-ho get in the way of my judgement. Ha! Seriously though, there wasn’t a lot of plot movement or development in this episode, and it ended at such a strange place once again. Need better cliffhangers.

The tension was not as high this episode as in the first. The drama is taking its time building up the relationships and this world, expanding from this small traveling group into the larger Yuan vs. Goryeo conflict. I expect a lot more action and friction when we get back to Goryeo and Lee Min-ho goes head-to-head with Ki Chul and his crew.

Queen No-gook is turning out to be someone not to be trifled with and her strained relationship with Gongmin is one of the most interesting dynamics. I can’t wait to see her out of bed and leveling up with Gongmin.

I swear, everyone except Kim Hee-sun has such subdued voices and i think this contributes to the lower tension of the drama. Also because some of the main actors, like Lee Philip and Park Se-young, don’t have enough charisma to make each scene sparkle with energy.

One thing I really want is to see more of the relationship between Choi Young and Woodalchi. We see that these men are loyal to Choi Young and they respect him. But why? The drama is not giving us enough development around Choi Young. Who is this guy? Where does he come from? How come he has the power of nae-gong (internal energy that he shoots out)? Why is he so sleepy all the time? He stands (or more accurately, lies down) at a leader position. But what qualifies him to be a leader beside his fighting skills? I WANT TO KNOW.

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  1. autumn93 #

    Yay!! Nice work and thanks for the recap!

    August 14, 2012
  2. bella #

    This is indeed a thorough recap. l’ve read recap Ep 2 at Cadence but it’s so satisfying to know that Joonni and Softy can work together and produce a very good recap of it. l salute both of you. Lee Min Ho, what else to say about him. No matter what, his adorable face and tall with warrior uniforms just so full of attraction. Joonni was right that Lee Phillip and Park Se Young does not really shine in a way that they should especially the way they speak. As part of important characters, they should have be. l’m sorry, but i still think that our female lead is just not right to pair with LMH. l observed that LMH always pair with someone older, but she is just not right for his puppy face. mmh..just my opinion.

    August 14, 2012
    • joonni #

      I get what you mean about the physical incompatibility. He doesn’t look as good with Kim Hee-sun as he did with Park Min-young, for example. I remember thinking that MY and MH looked physically compatible when I first heard about the casting for City Hunter. Another example would be Lee Junki and Shin Mina. Their faces also look very good together.

      August 15, 2012
  3. tarianant #

    Yay for something white knocked the servant girl from killing the queen. It turned out to be the police shield and our warrior caught it back without even blinking. I can’t help but lol a little there, but I shut my trap the minute I saw Lee Minho’s face as he strode confidently. The man is like a black hole sucking your sense of perspective just like that. Still liking the story so far though. Awesome recap Joonni and Softy. Thank you.

    August 14, 2012
    • joonni #

      I had the exact same reaction. My laughter got caught in my throat when I saw LMH catch the shield.

      August 15, 2012
  4. Thank you so much for the recap! I might be back later to comment…

    August 14, 2012
    • Hi again,

      I was wondering, does everyone in Goryeo times speak sageuk (lincluding LMH’s character) or not? I was curious about that because I read somewhere that Choi Young spoke modern day Korean and it seemed that way to me as well. And if Choi Young is speaking modern day Korean, should he?
      If you guys mentioned it earlier and I missed it, I am sorry, I haven’t read the whole recaps here yet, but I did read Softy’s on Cadence and i don’t remember her mentioning anything about sageuk speak (at least along the kind of question I just asked).
      Thank you for clarifying that out for me.

      August 14, 2012
      • Sorry to say but I didn’t even know they were supposed to be speaking another language until E2. suddenly I realized what some of those people were speaking didn’t make sense. Then I noticed that Young had to have others translate to him. Young’s and ES’s Korean are the easiest to understand for me. for some reason this drama doesn’t use sageuk talk that much. Like Young sounds totally normal to me. He sort of sounds like he did on personal taste. It sort of threw me off cuz I keep picturing him in normal clothes. Speaking of which, is he always going to wear that armor outfit cuz I rather see him in some color. 🙂

        August 15, 2012
        • joonni #

          I like the red outfit he wore in the flashback in episode 1.

          August 16, 2012
          • Hi Joonni, now I will have to go and rewatch epi.1. I vaguely remember that outfit, but now I want to see it clearly, you made me curious 🙂

            August 19, 2012
            • joonni #

              I like the deep red of the outfit. It looks good with black.

              August 19, 2012
      • joonni #

        LMH is speaking in a modern way and well, he shouldn’t be but this is a fusion sageuk which generally has allowed this type of historical inconsistency. All the characters seem to be speaking some kind of mixture of sageuk and modern.

        August 16, 2012
  5. And you continue to be Santa Clause!

    August 14, 2012
    • joonni #

      Ho! Ho! Ho!

      August 16, 2012
  6. reverie #

    move camp. follow you where ever you are, softy.

    August 15, 2012
    • Haha thanks reverie. Looks like you and some of the familiar crowd from cadence came here too. I have to admit, when I came here the next morning after I woke up and saw a much better version of what my quick recaps always wished it could be, I was shocked. I still can’t believe there are names and job titles typed out fully. I don’t think that’s ever happened in the history of my recaps. I am in awe – how can she keep so many names straight? After Faith is over, I am going to miss this. Working together with someone who is 100% fluent makes me envious and at the same time a bit daunted. I wanted to fill in as many lines as possible cuz I keep leaving the difficult scenes for Joonni to add. I feel like I am doing all the light lifting and leaving all the hard work for Joonni to do. Hope she forgives me for that over time or else I will have to make it up to her with cute Faith headers. 🙂

      August 15, 2012
      • joonni #

        Thank you for the compliment but I’m not 100% fluent! The reason I can’t do these faster is because I have to keep looking up words in the dictionary, especially for sageuk words. 😦

        Softy, it might look I am being very detailed here but it’s because you were. I almost died trying to work with your post. You didn’t skip any details! *weeping*

        August 16, 2012
  7. jomo #

    Thanks for the recap, ladies.
    I am very happy you two are partnering with this show.
    Welcome to Joonni’s place, softy!

    While I did like most of what I have seen so far, I don’t have a complete impression formed yet – there are many things blocking any accurate judgement:
    I am sorting through the glimpes from other dramas that used the same sets – especially that bridge that shows up every where! I hear PIrates otC music, I see Secret Garden cast members together again. I am trying to figure out which other actress KHS sounds like, but mostly, I am blinded by Sparky’s gorgeous self. His every move is poetry. His voice, so lovely. HIs smile, melts me.
    I remember this happening to me at the beginning of City Hunter, too. It was tough to actually focus on anything else, like tarianant said up there.

    Hopefully, the show will settle down around him, and the story will keep me coming back rather than his luscious lips…Well, aren’t they?

    The humor is the biggest and bestest surprise. The Legend was kinda dry.

    My least favorite part is the character, Ki Chul. I don’t like the actor, and I prefer a more nuanced bad guy.

    Adding to your theories – Sparky has to sleep a lot in order to build up his zapping energy. I would like to see that he eats a lot, too. Just like dragons. You know, physics and stuff – E = mc^2

    See you later!

    August 15, 2012
    • joonni #

      The actor who plays Ki Chul is going to have to be very careful portraying the character. I hope he doesn’t go too cartoonish.

      Do brave warriors ever eat? I’m surprised we’ve even seen him sleep. Brave warrior live off victory and the rush of adrenaline.

      August 16, 2012
    • iheartLMH #

      SPARKY ? LOL ! It’s my first time to come across someone calling LMH such.

      September 6, 2012
  8. MC06 #

    I admire your re-caps. If not for it I’m still lost in translation. So thanks so much.
    I know this drama is fantasy and pretty magical, still I’m wondering where these people come from? Choi Young, Jang Bin has powers and probably not only them. I want to know more about them. A quick back story won’t hurt I guess. And I can’t hack the King’s intentions towrds General Choi?

    August 15, 2012
    • joonni #

      Hopefully we’ll get some history next week.

      I think the King and Choi are still trying to figure each other out. They both are acting as their statuses dictate. King Gongmin is also struggling to be a powerful king, not necessarily a (morally) good king. Let’s hope he learns how to balance the two.

      August 16, 2012
  9. jaz #

    There are some characters that I’m starting to grow fond of. First, Dae-man…isn’t he adorable? He’s the most loyal sidekick ever that dramaland has ever had! and he looks like Goku in Dragon Ball-Z and dresses up like Piccollo too. 😀 Second, Princess No-guk…she’s feisty! I like how she interacts and contradicts with King Gongmin. I hope I get to see more of her later in the drama.

    Lastly, General Choi…ok there’s so many reasons why but it’s too many to mention. I just want to appreciate his morals of being a warrior and how important his promises are to him. But I’m afraid this will get him into trouble more later. Another thing, there are 2 lessons that I learned from Ep 1 & 2 about him…don’t get so literal with this man and don’t angry him especially when he’s sleepy or more so when he’s asleep. Get it?

    The loupe and the boomerang…ehem…the police shield rather made me laugh. I bet there will be many of that as the story progresses so I’m getting myself ready just in case. 😀

    August 15, 2012
    • joonni #

      I love Dae-man too! And you’re right! He does look like Picollo and Goku combined!

      LOL. Don’t ever say to Choi Young, “break a leg.”

      August 16, 2012
      • jaz #

        I’m glad that you and I both saw the similarities in Dae-man to those anime characters…hehe! Maybe that was where they took the inspiration on the Woodalchi unit costumes… 😀

        “Hey General Choi! Break a leg!”…I didn’t even imagine saying that…worst-case scenario ever…LOL

        August 16, 2012
  10. briseis #

    Joonni, Softy, you are the only professional I know and can ask. I together with other people on soompi Faith thread have been searching for the translation of the long 6-minute preview of Faith (maybe it’s on viki but that’s for many unavaible), therefore I would like to ask you if you could translate it for us, of course, only if you have time. We would appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot in advanced.

    August 17, 2012
  11. nonski #

    thanks so much for the recaps joonni and softy~~~ wonderful!

    August 17, 2012
  12. LNV #

    Okay so Im a lil bit confused. What’s with the King? He seems to secretly love Lee Min Ho? Lol I was sooo annoyed of him.

    August 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      Do you mean like love love Choi Young? I didn’t get that vibe. I think Gongmin is really desperate to have someone he can trust and rely on and Choi Young seems like the best option, the only option. Got to hold on to that as hard as you can. But yes, I was annoyed to with Gongmin when he ordered Young to stop Eun-soo.

      August 25, 2012
  13. Austin #

    I love the way she says “shut up.” It is strangely attractive.

    February 24, 2013

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