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Translation for “Faith” Long Trailer and Explanation of Choi Young’s Power

I was asked by a reader of this blog to translate the long trailer because she suspected that there was something said in it about Choi Young’s power. Hence, this post.

In “Faith,” Choi Young is said to use “nae-gong,” a power portrayed as something like electricity shooting out of his hand. You can see in the drama that this power is special, not everyone has it.

nae-gong/ 內功/ 내공- I’ve been translating this as “internal energy” because the first character means “inside” and the second letter means “skill/work.” (I’m not a Chinese character expert so I might not be accurate.) Others have called it electricity or lightning. It’s something that has no precise English translation. It’s a Korean word based in Chinese characters that is often used in the wuxia genre. “Nae-gong” is ability to gather internal and external “qi/ki,” channel it through the body and expel it as a force.

eum-gong– This word uses the character of “sound” and “skill/work.” It is the skill that Cheon Eum-ja has to use control sound for his use.

sa hyung– Maybe you heard this word being used by Lee Sun Joon in “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal” to refer to his seniors at the university. It’s an old way to refer to those you respect in your field. Hwasooin and Cheon Eum-ja refer to Ki Chul as “sa hyung” because these three had the same teacher in the past ( a teacher who taught them how to use and control their supernature skill, I presume). HSI, CEM, KC are “siblings” in this sense; they are not actually related by blood.

Eui-sun– a Buddhist priest who lived during King Choong-suk’s reign. King Choong-suk was the 27th king of Goryeo. Gongmin was the 31st king. I’m thinking this persons has something to do with Choi Young’s past?

Translation of trailer dialogue:

Jo Il-shin: Do you know who the Queen is? She is a Yuan princess. Do you know what will happen if we let her die?

Gong-min: Do you also think that, Woodalchi “dae-jang” (leader)?

Choi Young: I’m just a warrior so I don’t know politics.

JIS: There is someone. That is, (the divine healer) is in Heaven.

JIS: According to legend, Hwa-tan went to heaven through that door.

CY: Armor! Block the exterior!

JIS: The heaven’s door has opened, Your Majesty! Command them to bring (the divine healer). Tell them to bring back the “shin-eui” (divine healer), Your Majesty!

GM: While I can’t believe all this…

CY: Just give your orders.

GM: We should at least find out.

CY: I will go.

CY: I am Choi Young who came from earth. I know I came to a place I shouldn’t have, but please help me.

Monk: What can I help you with?

CY: I am looking for a divine healer.

Eun-soo: I don’t know but I’m totally unlucky. Some weirdo came into the hall and caused chaos.

CY: There is a patient.

ES: So?

CY: Can you save (the patient)?

ES: Please turn yourself in!

CY: Is the Queen still okay?

ES: Please save me.

CY: She hasn’t woken up yet.

ES: You have to wait and see.

CY: That’s why you have to wait.

ES: What do you want me to do?

ES: Are you the guardian? The most important thing right now is hydration. When the patient regains consciousness, give her water first.

GM: Will she regain consciousness?

ES: That I can’t answer.

GM: Considering that Heaven sent you, can I believe that (Goryeo) is still receiving protection from Heaven?

ES: That person is even stranger. Wake up! This is a dream so please wake up!

ES: Do you know my name? It’s Eun-soo. Yoo Eun-soo.

CY: That promise to bring you back. You have to be alive in order for me to keep that promise. I will protect you until then. Just stick right by me.

ES: Did you just say Yuan? China’s Yuan? Because I am in the hard sciences, I don’t have a strong society background.

ES: Serial killer! Psychopath!

ES: Psycho! Look, I’m riding right now!

ES: I’m a bit of a little clueless. I’m sorry.

CY: There was a reason why I said that.

ES: I got it, okay! I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it. But what I can do if I already heard it!

CY: For the country, as a warrior, I kill people. If you are king, shouldn’t you be different from us? I think so.

ES: I’m sorry so please get some treatment!

CY: Who is disregarding my name? Try to stop me.

ES: Can’t we go together? You don’t have to kill anymore there. So come with me, to Heaven’s world.

Ki Chul: Didn’t you say that “child” (referring to CY) uses ***“nae-gong”***?

Hwasooin: He might also say your name. Our  ***”sa hyung”***. I saw…that he wanted you more and more.

KCl: Order Cheon Eum-ja to use ***eum-gong”***

KC: It’s “nae-gong.” That “child” uses “nae-gong.”

HSI: He might also say this. The date (you/he/she?) promised to claim the heart of ***”Eui-sun”***

ES: You promised me. That you would send me back. Psycho. Killer. I’m going to kill you.

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  1. Classy #

    Thank you for the Translation!! i soo wanted to know what the hell they were talking that seriously about!!!

    August 17, 2012
  2. briseis #

    You are amazing!!! Thank you very much for the translation!!! You’ve really made my day!!!

    August 18, 2012

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