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Black Versus White Song Joong-ki for “Nice Guy”

Here is Song Joong-ki as Kang Maru, before he gets all dark and vengeful when his girlfriend betrays him. I have dubbed him “White” Maru.

More of “White” Maru, as a innocent college student, studying medicine. As I have asked before, doesn’t he look like a Harry Potter with those glasses?

Here is “Black” Maru, all hell-bent on revenge. No more sweet and Harry Potter glasses. I can’t wait to see more of “Black” Maru.

“White” Maru with his dear sister, Choco. Choco and Maru are really close and Maru is described as an older brother who would do anything for his sister. The news articles also talk how similar Song Joong-ki and Lee Yoo-bi look I don’t really see it, do you?

Caption: Let’s stop. It’s over. What can I do? What can I do when my heart has changed? I’m not the Maru you knew before.

Moon Chae-won with Lee Sang Yeob. As I wrote before, Lee Sang-yeob plays Park Jun-ha, who is a lawyer for the the company that Moon Chae-won is heir to. Moon Chae-won plays Seo Eun-gi, chaebol heir to Tae-san Group. She is described as a cold person who can cut people down who her gaze and sharp words. She faces a lot of opposition as after she is promoted the head of a department at a young age but she doesn’t let that shake her. Sounds like Seo Eun-gi is a smart, capable woman.

I think we can also dub this Seo Eun-gi as “Black” Eun-gi.  As we call see from the photo below, Eun-gi goes through a transformation after meeting Maru, it seems. All girly, wearing white. With Maru, she is “White” Eun-gi.

Another still of Moon Chae-won riding a motorcycle. I love her character already.

Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won rolling around in dirt. Song Joong-ki looks none too pleased with Moon Chae-won. These stills were revealed without background description to the pictures. Song Joong-ki looks like he is wearing a extreme biking outfit. I wonder if this is their first meeting and Song Joong-ki deliberately crashed into Moon Chae-won to get close to her.

Park Shi-yeon as Han Jae-hee, the woman who dared to betray dear Song Joong-ki! Han Jae-hee is described as an ambitious, smart woman, who despite her poor background, worked hard to become a reporter. And as a reporter, she is vocal against injustice. Too bad she got too ambitious and betrayed Maru who was with her through all her hardships.

Nice Guy” premiers September 12, after Gaksital. Less than a month away now!

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  1. I can never see Joong-ki with a “sister”. Seriously, I feel like he has the flirtiest flirty looks. 🙂
    I’m already sad for MCW’s character. 😥 I hope she gets Maru in the end. Otherwise she was un-superwoman-ized for nothing.
    And PSY looks like Min Hyo Rin (?), don’t you think so?

    August 20, 2012
    • joonni #

      LOL. So Song Joong-ki always looks like a player in your eyes?

      I see a little bit of it in Min Hyo Rin in the nose and eyes.

      August 20, 2012
  2. Jasmin #

    I think they already have a nice chemistry, like brother and sister. :3 Can’t wait for this drama! Love to see SJK transforming from the nice boy into a dark sexy man.:D

    August 20, 2012
  3. hmm,the korean0vela entitled”the inn0cent man” delivered great em0ti0ns engraved in every filipin0s’ heart.It ends showing as koreandrama thru GMA7 with milli0n captured audience,how nice isnt it?afterwhile,kang maru and megan seo both deserve to be the greatest artist nationwide?what do you think?

    June 21, 2015
  4. your right bhen,i am avid fan of the inn0cent man shown here at philippines.

    June 21, 2015

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