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Recap: “Faith” Episode 6

Oh, it’s turning into so much fun. If this is what I’m getting instead of epic, I’m a happy camper.

Episode 6

Ki Chul laughs at Young’s confession. Without turning, he talks to Hwasooin. It’s the second time she’s faced Young, isn’t it?  How was it? Hwasooin replies that because she was asked to test him, she didn’t use all her strength but neither did Choi Young. So she doesn’t know how strong he really is. Hwasooin reaches out for Young but he slaps her hand away. She tries to move past him toward Eun-soo but Young blocks her path with his shield.

Ki Chul asks Cheon Eum-ja this time. How was Choi Young’s nae-gong? Eum-ja replies it seems Young’s nae-gong isn’t very deep- he didn’t last very long. Ki Chul wonders if it’s because Young’s nae-gong isn’t deep or because he is injured. Ki Chul asks Young, “Which is it?” Young replies, “Which answer would be more advantageous to me?”

Ki Chul compliments Young. He is skilled sword fighter but he doesn’t only use his sword. Young adds that he sometimes uses the bow and arrow and if there is nothing else, he uses his fists. Ki Chul marvels- a warrior who uses his head! He unexpectedly asks, “Do you like alcohol?”

No-gook and Lady Choi approach Gongmin, who is sitting at his throne. He says to No-gook, “Didn’t you say last time you wouldn’t come to me or ask me anything again?” No-gook retorts, “Are you going to continue to ridicule or will you listen to me?” Gongmin wordlessly motions for No-gook to sit down at her own thrown.

No-gook suggests that Gongmin use her to help rescue Young and Eun-soo. She is a Yuan princess and no matter how powerful Ki Chul, he won’t be able to refuse an order from Yuan. Gongmin scoffs- has she forgotten that he is the king of Goryeo? No-gook reminds him that she is the queen of Goryeo.

Gongmin can’t believe that No-gook wants him to plead to Yuan for help when Ki Chul is his Goryeo subject. What shall he say? That because he is a powerless king, he needs Yuan to speak for him? “If you are a queen of Goryeo, you wouldn’t be able to think or say those things.” No-gook weakly agrees with him and lowers her head. Gongmin asks her what she is thinking with her head down like that. Is she thinking that he is only trying to save face while the people next to him are dying?

A tear falls down No-gook’s face and Gongmin, flustered, turns away before he asks, “Are you done saying what you wanted to say?” No-gook doesn’t reply. She merely bows and leaves the royal hall.

Lady Choi stays behind and gentility reproaches Gongmin. It was difficult for No-gook to come to him like this because she had to let go of all her pride. Gongmin nods in understanding and regret at his own actions.

Gongmin tries to explain himself. (Joonni: Gongmin! You’re saying this to the wrong person. You’ve got to talk to No-gook!) “I had no choice but to let him take her. The eui-sun is really from heaven. I believed that Ki Chul would not kill her after he acknowledged that. I didn’t just let her go. I negotiated a condition because I was afraid that he would kill her without getting the chance to know her. I’ve bought her seven days. I told him to earn her heart in seven days. If he does, I said I would give her to him. During that time, he can find out if she is really a eui-sun. During that time, I was going to…” Gongmin doesn’t finish. He looks over to Lady Choi and asks, “Do I look pathetic?”

Ki Chul pours Young and Eun-soo a drink. Young grabs Eun-soo’s cup from her and drinks it. Ki Chul asks Young, “How is it? Do you think there is poison in it?” Eun-soo exclaims in surprise. “You drank it first to check if there was poison? You’re crazy! What if there was poison…” Young cuts her off. “Since you are the eui-sun, you would have to treat me.” Eun-soo asks, “This is all a joke, right?”

Yang-gak declares that Eun-soo is the one playing a joke claiming that she is a disciple of Hwa-ta who came from heaven. He wants to know who she really is. Eun-soo folds her arm in defiance. What is this bullshit? She’s not keeping quiet because she can’t curse! Everyone, except Yang-gak, smiles in amusement. (Joonni: I love her so much.)

Eun-soo wants Ki Chul to bring the patient he talked about before. She informs Young that Ki Chul and Gongmin made a bet on whether she can treat a patient in this house. But all he’s done is lock her up all night and not give her breakfast.

Hwasooin interrupts Eun-soo: “You must not have heard what happens if you fail.” If Eun-soo fails, she will be beheaded. Her pretty little head will be displayed for all the citizens to see.

Eun-soo rants. Why do these people play so dirty? It’s not interesting or funny. Eun-soo grabs the jar of alcohol to pour herself a drink. Young tries to grab the jar from her, telling her to stay still but Eun-soo brushes him off, declaring that she can’t. She downs a cup and when she tries to pour another one, Young takes the jar away from her.

Young wants to know where the patient is. Ki Chul replies that he was going to find one nearby but now that Young is here, he thought of someone else. The patient is someone Young served for the past three years- the previous king who is in exile in another city is very ill. Now that there is a eui-sun, she must see to him. Ki Chul wants Young to escort Eun-soo to him.

Young glares at Ki Chul. What is he planning? Ki Chul replies that he thought he could kill two eagles with one arrow but now he thinks he can kill three with one.

Jang Bin tends to No-gook’s wound. No-gook announces that she needs to go see Ki Chul. Lady Choi tries to stop her- she needs to get permission from the king first and have the road there inspected for danger before she can go. But No-gook can’t be dissuaded. She will go without the king knowing and there is also nothing to prepare since she won’t be taking the carriage.

Lady Choi nudges Jang Bin to say something that will stop No-gook but he shrugs- what the heck is he supposed to do? Lady Choi pushes him harder and he stumbles, crashing into the table. No-gook turns at the sound. (Joonni: Pfft. Why is this show so funny?)

Jang Bin warns No-gook that this is not a good idea. No-gook retorts that she never asked for his opinion. Jang Bin asks No-gook if she is planning to just demand that Ki Chul release Young and Eun-soo. No-gook replies, “I am that the queen of this country and a Yuan princess. Shouldn’t I be able to make that demand?” Jang Bin thinks that her doing so would only make Ki Chul more unwilling to let them go. She would be showing him how important those people are. Lady Choi adds that Young has always been smart since he was a child so No-gook shouldn’t worry.

No-gooks picks up on the fact that Lady Choi knew Young since he was a child. Lady Choi explains that Young’s father was her brother. She is his aunt and he is her nephew. No-gook wonders, then, how an aunt and a fellow doctor can just sit around and wait. Jang Bin responds that waiting can sometimes be the better solution. But No-gook refuses to sit around and wait; she doesn’t know how. Lady Choi and Jang Bin can do that if they want. One of No-gook’s female bodyguards is eavesdropping outside on this conversation. She smiles an evil smile.

Back in Ki Chul’s house, Eun-soo looks around and asks if there is a carriage but Young tells her that they are going to ride horses. Eun-soo complains that she has never ridden a horse before, nor does she plan to learn how. She wants to ride a carriage like before.

Young repeats himself- they are going to ride horses. Eun-soo suggests that they ride together then- “You in the back, me in the front.” Young: “It’s a long way to Gwanghwado. Think about the horse too. What sin did the horse commit for him to have to carry two people?” Young moves to help Eun-soo up the horse but she stops him- “Wait, I have to prepare myself.” Young sighs in exasperation and walks off. Eun-soo calls out to him: “Look here, psycho! Are you sulking?”

Now walking through the forest, Eun-soo blabbers. When did it start? When did he start loving her? Eun-soo giggles while Young looks miserable and Dae-man smiles in the back. Eun-soo continues her monologue. She really didn’t know! Although she is kind of dense in this area, she really couldn’t tell because he always refused her help and wouldn’t even look her in the eye. Eun-soo tries to meet Young’s eye but he looks away. “See you can’t look me in the eye right now either!”

Still, he came to save her from the dangerous house, Eun-soo continues. “That home was like some mafia lair.” Young walks faster to get away from her incessant blabber so Eun-soo chases after him, asking how old he is. He seems to be younger…Eun-soo doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Young twists her arm which came out to grab him. He warns her: “Remember this. Don’t ever come up behind someone who uses a sword, and especially don’t touch without permission because that hand could be cut off right away.”

But Eun-soo won’t be easily scared. She was a resident and intern in the general surgery department for a very long time.  That place was filled with people who used knives.

Young tries to clarify- what he said before about loving her…Eun-soo cuts him off. She knows and understands. Young’s eyes widen and he asks, “What do you understand?” Eun-soo smiles knowingly. She knows that it is embarrassing after making that kind of confession so she’s sorry that she laughed. Young tries to explain that there was a reason why he had to say something like that but Eun-soo interrupts him. “I know! I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it. But what can I do? I already heard it.” Eun-soo playfully taps Young before rushing off. Young looks after her all, who is that woman and what did I just do?

When Dae-man calls for Young’s attention, Young grabs him by the collar and demands, “Why did I bring that doctor out of all the doctors in heaven? How? WHY?” (Joonni: *dies laughing*) Poor, sinless Dae-man stutters an answer- “I don’t know.” Young sighs and lets go of Dae-man. Regaining his composure, he orders Dae-man to bring Eun-soo’s medical supplies from the palace. He also doesn’t want Dae-man to say anything to anyone. Dae-man promises to return before Young and Eun-soo reach Gwanghwa tomorrow. Young wants Dae-man to return before it becomes night. They will pass by another town so he wants Dae-man to meet them there. Dae-man smiles knowingly- “So you two…” Young raises his hand in anger, which stops Dae-man before he can finish his teasing.

Ki Chul thinks about this curiosity that is Eun-soo. Yang-gak reports to Ki Chul  that his spy informed him that the queen is on her way here without the king’s knowledge. Ki Chul orders Yang-gak to take care of her before she enters his house.  Ki Chul adds, “Oh, there is one more thing you have to do.”

Jo Il-shin reports to Gongmin that No-gook went to see Ki Chul. Lady Choi and Jang Bin tried to stop her but No-gook was adamant. Gongmin finds it curious that Il-shin knows so much. Did he plant someone? Jo Il-shin tries to explain himself- since Ki Chul most likely has his own people planted near No-gook, he thought he should do too. Gongmin interrupts Il-shin. Does he have someone next to him too? Jo Il-shin falls to his knees to beg for forgiveness.

Choong-suk appears and tells Gongmin that he will send his men to go after No-gook. Gongmin orders Choong-suk to go himself and make sure to bring back No-gook safe and unharmed, even if it means he has to tie her up and drag her back.

No-gook is traveling with Jang Bin, Lady Choi, and her female guards. Bin and Choi notice the men watching them. Choi advices No-gook to keep moving. Suddenly the men surround them. Lady Choi orders the guards to attack. She also does a little fighting herself as she and Bin try to escort No-gook away.

Dae-man is back at the palace searching for Eun-soo’s medical supplies. He finds it but before he can leave, he hears something in the hallway.

Deo-gi is outside trying to fight of Yang-gak and his men, who have come to steal Eun-soo’s medical supplies. Dae-man comes to her rescue and Yang-gak recognizes him- so Dae-man came to get the eui-suns medical supplies! Yang-gak pulls out some powder from his sleeve and blows it into Dae-man’s face. (Joonni: No, not the puppy!) Dae-man falls in pain and starts to foam at the mouth. Yang-gak steals the supplies from Dae-man and runs off.

Eun-soo and Young have stopped by a village to eat. Young tells Eun-soo to wait here while he goes off to check something. With her mouth stuffed with dumpling, Eun-soo demands to know where Young is going. Young just tells her in exasperation that he won’t say this twice. “From here on – why, what- even if you, ask you won’t get answer so if I say wait you, just wait. I won’t take long so don’t move an inch and wait here. While eating a lot of those dumplings.”

Eun-soo stops Young before he rushes off. “Just tell me one thing before you go- which direction do I need to go- where that portal to heaven is? I’m sorry but I don’t care about that bet. They said if I can’t cure the patient they will cut my head off; why do I have to do that? Just tell me the way. I won’t ask you to go with me. I will go alone. In consideration of the friendship we have built, please just send me on my way.” Young tries to interrupt her but Eun-soo continues her plea. “You go the way you want, psycho. Just say I ran off and lend me some money. I can’t pay you back but you can do that much, can’t you? You said you love me.”

Ki Chul’s men surround No-gook and her party. Eum-ja sits on a roof and plays his flute to signal the men to shoot at No-gook. Thankfully, Jang Bin blocks the arrows. Eum-ja notices that the Woodalchi are coming so he plays his flute once more to signal the shooters to kill the other men who are running away from the Woodalchi. Eum-ja does not want to leave anyone alive for the Woodalchi to capture.

Gongmin angrily walks toward No-gook’s room to have it out with her but he stops and turns back. The eunuchs and the Woodalchi follow his every move, making for a hilarious game of “follow the leader.”

Lady Choi advices No-gook to go see Gongmin and explain and ask for forgiveness but No-gook refuses; if he is truly curious, he will come and see her. Lady Choi informs her that Gongmin waited anxiously for her return but No-gook doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t believe in those lies and empty words.

Gongmin is with Choong-suk, angry that No-gook didn’t even bother to give empty words of regret and apology. Choong-suk reports that No-gook only spoke twice on their way back to the palace. Choong-suk hilariously imitates No-gook in a rendition of the conversation. When he said to her that they needed to return to the palace, she asked, “Why?” and when he told her the king is waiting for her, she said, “There is no way.”

Choong-suk reports to Gongmin that the men who attacked No-gook were not just street gangs; they had formal training. Gongmin deduces that it must have been Ki Chul’s men. Choong-suk agrees- only someone like Ki Chul would be capable of killing his own men to shut them up.

Choong-suk also reports to Gongmin that Dae-man was poisoned while trying to take the medical supplies. Jang Bin is treating him right now but the poison was strong and Dae-man is still unconscious.

Gongmin is angry that no one knows where and what is happening to Eun-soo and Young. Choong-suk reassures him that Young doesn’t fight a losing battle and he also knows how to bend when needed. They will be okay. When Gongmin glares at him, Choong-suk adds a caveat that is less reassuring- “Most likely…”

Young scolds Eun-soo- she’s going to have to learn how to ride a horse, whether to go with him to Gwanghwado or run away to the portal. When Eun-soo tells him to wait, Young picks her up and instructs her on how to get on the horse. Eun-soo continues to complain that the horse is moving so Young assures her that he is holding the horse. Eun-soo finally gets on the horse but she is afraid to straighten her back. Young sighs in exasperation.

Eun-soo is now at least riding the horse as Young continues to teach her how to handle the reigns. But of course, Eun-soo doesn’t just quietly do what he tells her so Young tells her to trust him. He will catch her if she falls. He proceeds to teach her how to ride the horse faster. She listens to his instructions quietly this time and succeeds in galloping. She exclaims in glee, “Look! I’m galloping!”

It is nightfall and Young and Eun-soo prepare to camp out for the night. Eun-soo marvels at Young’s speedy recovery. Why did he scare her, then, like he was going to die? Young throws Eun-soo a blanket to sleep on. When Eun-soo starts to walk off with it, Young clarifies- “Here, next to me.” Eun-soo replies, “It’s late at night, in the middle of the mountain, and it’s unseemly for a man and woman to be alone together but you want me to sleep there – sticking close to you?” Young tells her that if she is far from him, he can’t protect her.

Eun-soo wonders if Young likes to protect people. “You have to protect the king, and keep your promise and protect me. With your life.” She asks about the patient they are going to see, the previous king. Did Young protect him also? Was he close to him? Young replies that you can’t describe the relationship between a king and his subject as close. Eun-soo argues that there wouldn’t be any reason to go see previous king then. It must be because Young is worried about him. Young just asks if Eun-soo is not going to sleep. Eun-soo replies that she wants to talk. They know so little about each other. Does he even know her name?

“It’s Eun-soo. Yoo Eun-soo.” She asks if Young is married since people in the past got married early. Young replies that he isn’t. Eun-soo sighs. Right, who would want to marry someone who kills people everyday. Eun-soo tells Young that she is also not married. She was living as a glorious single in Seoul while her parents farmed in the countryside, when she was kidnapped here. Her parents must be worried about the disappearance of their only child. Young turns away in guilt and asks her to just be quiet and go to sleep.

Eun-soo asks Young to promise her one more thing- that after they treat the previous king, he will take her to the portal. Young doesn’t reply so Eun-soo calls out to him, “Look here, pyscho.” Young: “What?” Eun-soo: “Good night (in English). It means sleep well.”  She turns her back to sleep. Young pulls the aspirin bottle out and takes some while he looks over at her.

The eunuch reports to Lady Choi that Gongmin hasn’t been sleeping or eating well. Lady Choi addresses Gongmin. Gongmin wants to know if she came to nag. Lady Choi replies that she can order Jang Bin to prepare a medicine to help him sleep and have the cooks prepare his favorite childhood dish.

Gongmin steps down and asks Choi, “If one is a king, he should think about his citizens first and consider which side would help the citizens more. If I obey him (referring to Ki Chul) instead of trying to fight, do you think I will be able to keep my citizens safe? If dae-jang and the eui-sun don’t take my side and take his, then the danger to their lives will disappear.” Gongmin adds, in self-doubt, that someone as bright and resilient as Eun-soo might receive better treatment there.

Lady Choi starts to speaks. She’s been a servant in the palace for many years but she knows it might not be her place to say…Gongmin interrupts her. He want her to tell him what she is thinking. So Lady Choi continues. She describes Ki Chul as someone who only thinks about himself. He only thinks about about how powerful and rich he can get and how he can use people for his own good. To Ki Chul, citizens aren’t people but something he owns. Does Gongmin want to hand his citizens over to that kind of person?

Gongmin worries. There is no other way. He’s thought about it over and over but there is nothing he can do. Lady Choi stops him. There are a few words that a king should never say- “There is no other way, there is nothing I can do.” Gongmin repeats Choi- “words I should never say?” Lady Choi: “Yes.”

Gongmin: “Because I am king?”

Lady Choi: “Yes.”

Gongmin smiles- Lady Choi and Choi Young are definitely from the same family. Lady Choi bows and Gongmin turns away. He orders her to prepare that food from his childhood. He missed it.

Young asks Eun-soo if she is sleeping. When she doesn’t responds, Young calls out, “Are you going to stay there all night?” Hwasooin steps out into the clearing and heads toward Eun-soo. Young throws a stick into her path to stop her. Hwasooin smirks and sits in front of Young. Young asks if it was them that is keeping Dae-man from returning; he should have been back by now. Hwasooin replies that she doesn’t know. She was too absorbed with watching them.

Young has something he wants to ask. Hwasooin wonders what it is- the question that can only be asked after his love falls asleep. “Are you really lovers? You say you are but she calls you a killer. Still, she’s sleeping close to you.”

Young ignores her and continues with his own question. Why is Ki Chul sending him and Eun-soo to the previous king? It definitely isn’t for the previous king’s welfare and it’s too complicated of a plan to simply be because Ki Chul wants to get rid of Young and Eun-soo.

Hwasooin sits on Young’s lap. She asks what his secret is- how does Young get women to trust him? The cross-conversation in which nobody answer the other continues as Young asks her, “Is he going after the king?” Hwasooin asks if Young has no desire to win her heart. When Young answers with another question about the king, Hwasooin gets up from Young’s lap and exclaims that Young is boring- he only cares about the king.

Young starts to ridicule Hwasooin- is she only a puppet that has no idea what her owner’s intentions are? Hwasooin laughes. Ki Chul is her sa-hyung (meaning that they once learned from the same teacher).

Young tells Hwasooin to leave before Eun-soo wakes up and she scares her. Hwasooin leans in close and says, “My sa-hyung will meet your king tomorrow and tell him that there are only five days left until he gets to keep Eun-soo.” Hwasooin adds that Ki Chul might say Young’s name too. She saw Ki Chul wanting him more and more. Hwasoon smiles, gets up, and leaves. Young looks over at Eun-soo’s sleeping form.

It is the next morning and true to Hwasooin’s word, Ki Chul has come to see Gongmin. Ki Chul reports to Gongmin that Young came to his house and kidnapped Eun-soo. Gongmin feigns ignorance- even if he had heard something like that, he wouldn’t be able to believe it. He heard that the Ki Chul’s house is more heavily guarded than the palace. How can anyone kidnap someone from his house?

Ki Chul confirms that it is as he said- Young did kidnap Eun-soo. Gongmin wonders why Young would do such a thing. Ki Chul offers his own explanation. Does Gongmin know that the previous king favored Young and that he is currently suffering from an illness? Choong-suk explains to Gongmin that the previous king was ill even before he was abdicated. There was a problem with his eyes and ears.

Ki Chul continues to spin his tale. If Young took Eun-soo to help the previous king, why did he do so without telling Gongmin? Gongmin wouldn’t have refused to help his nephew so why not get his permission first?

Gongmin orders Ki Chul to get to his point since both he and Ki Chul don’t like to play with words. Ki Chul asks Gongmin how close he thinks he is to Young. Gongmin has only spent about one month with him. It is rumored that Young and the previous king had a special relationship. To the twelve-year old king, Young was a teacher and brother. Ki Chul plants his seed of doubt- did Young say one word to Gongmin before going off? Gongmin, struggling with his own doubt while knowing that Ki Chul is trying to shake him, asks, “So are you saying Young went to help the previous king so that he can overthrow me?”

Eun-soo and Young arrive at the previous king’s residence in Gwanghwado. (The child king’s name is Choong-jung). Choong-jung rushes toward Young upon seeing him, calling out his name. He falls and Young braces him. Choong-jung hugs Young- “You came to see me!” Young smiles and hugs him back but his smiles fades when he looks around the room. It is bare and unkempt, very different from a royal palace.

Eun-soo examines Choong-jung’s ear while he chatters with Young. He heard that Young went to heaven to bring back an eui-sun. “I knew you would do that. Who else in this world would do such a daring thing? So how was it?” Young: “What are you curious about?” Choong-jung: “Everything about heaven. Is everyone there pretty like her?” Eun-soo smiles at the flattery: “You have sense for someone so young.” Choong-jung repeats the word “sense” with a question so Young tells him to ignore her- she often uses heaven words that nobody understands.

Eun-soo asks Choong-jung if he experiences double vision and pain in his ear and eyes. When he confirms, Eun-soo looks grave, which Young notices. She also ask if he can’t hear sometimes. Choong-jung replies yes. Eun-soo asks to inspect his legs. She looks and sees that they are bruised. Young continues to entertain Choong-jung with descriptions about heaven. “The homes there were tall as the sky and there were bright lights everywhere, even at night. People rode carriages without horses and the carriages had lights coming out of them that lit the road. There were also pictures made from lights hanging in the sky.”

Choong-jung has fallen asleep so Eun-soo speaks to Young freely. She needs a CT scan to be sure but from what she can tell, it looks like Choong-jung is suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma. Seeing that it has reached his legs, it seems to be malignant. Young asks if she can treat him. Eun-soo responds that they need to do surgery quickly. So, Young wants to know, does that mean it will take long to treat? Eun-soo explains that even if the surgery is successful, Choong-jung will need chemotherapy after. Eun-soo wants to move Choong-jung to the palace hospital but Young informs her that Choong-jung is in exile- he can’t leave the house.

Choong-suk orders Joo-suk to find Young and tell him that he needs to return now or he will be labeled as a traitor. Even the king is beginning to doubt. Choong-suk wants Joo-suk to remind Young that he can’t leave the house with Choong-jung. If he does, it is the end.

Ki Chul asks Ki Won if he properly instructed the people in Gwanghwa. Ki Won reassures Ki Chul and notes that he has never seen Ki Chul this nervous before. Ki Chul glares at Won so Won rephrases- he’s never seen Ki Chul having this much fun before. Ki Chul just gives Won the stink-eye.

Yang-gak shows Ki Chul Eun-soo’s supplies. Ki Chul looks at them in surprise. He’s seen them before! He rushes over to another drawer and pulls a box of medical tools that look like Eun-soo’s, only more rusty. (Joonni: What the?) Ki Won asks, “Aren’t they from your teacher?” Ki Chul confirms- yes, his teacher gave them to him. He said that they belonged to Hwa-ta. (Joonni: Wha-what?) Ki Chul can’t believe it. Does this mean that Eun-soo is really from heaven? He growls to Won that Eun-soo cannot get hurt but Won informs him that it is too late to send an order now. The sun will set soon and they already ordered them to start once the sun sets. Ki Chul declares that he will go himself to bring back Eun-soo. He dashes off.

Eun-soo explains to Choong-jung that in heaven there is this thing called “girl groups.” (Joonni: Oh god, K-pop here too. Hahahaha!) Young announces that he will come back soon before the sun sets tomorrow. Choong-jung sits up. He wants Young to stay by his side. He missed Young a lot and he has a lot to ask. Eun-soo assures Choong-jung that she will keep him company.

Young asks Eun-soo he if she only needs to bring what she asked. Eun-soo responds that would be great if he could bring Jang Bin too. Young asks Eun-soo to take care of Choong-jung. Eun-soo responds, “What, you want me to be a babysitter too? Later when you have to pay up it’s going to be a lot. I’m warning you now.” Young bows to Choong-jung and starts to leave. Eun-soo waves her hands and says hurry back. Choong-jung imitates her. Young smiles and leaves.

Men wait for Young outside and they attack. Young fights them off but Hwasooin is there too. She asks, “Where are you going?”

Young reenters Choong-jung’s house and grabs him while asking, “Can you stay close and follow me?” Eun-soo asks why and Young tells her that they will run straight to the main gate. He wants her to follow him without stopping or falling behind.

Eun-soo and Choong-jung follow Young as Young fights off the assassins and Hwasooin. More men arrive however, but this time it is the governmental soldiers who have come to stop Young from leaving with Choong-jung. The assassins hide themselves. Young tries to explain to the soldiers that he is a Woodalchi who is trying to protect Choong-jung from the assassins. Suddenly the assassins reappear, surrounding Young and Eun-soo, but facing the soldiers to act as if they are protecting Choong-jung. The soldiers declare them traitors and the assassins begin to attack.

Uh-oh. Who does Choi Young fight? What does he do?

Preview for episode 6:

Eun-soo to Young: You want just the two of us to go? Young tells Eun-soo to listen to him just once without asking why and do as told.

No-gook asks Dae-man: Why did Young follow Ki Chul’s order?

Eun-soo tells Young to lean on her shoulder and sleep so he asks, “Are you telling a man to lean on a woman’s shoulder right now?  Eun-soo: “I will protect you from now on so close your eyes.”

Jo Il-shin tells Gongmin that Young was on Ki Chul’s side from the beginning. Young ran away with Choong-jung.

Eun-soo asks: Doesn’t it mean I will die too?

Young asks Eun-soo: Do you know the road there?

Eun-soo to Young:  Can’t you go with me? You don’t have to kill anyone there so go with me to the heavenly world.

 Softy’s comments:

There is something about this character that everyone seems to find appealing. Gongmin wants his friendship and trust, princess wants to keep him alive and risks danger to go after him, former king loves him like a long lost friend, Hwasooin fell for him from first sight, KC just wants to own him, and his woodalchi is willing to risk death to save his life. Now ES has been added to that list cuz of a white lie. It’s like he doesn’t even need to try and people just flock to him. I tried to pinpoint what it is about him that draws everyone to him and I think I figured it out. He brings out the best in people. He helps them through challenges and gives encouragement – sometimes silently just by standing there in support and that’s enough for them. Knowing Young has their backs is what makes them stronger and hopefully better people down the line.

Anyone else thinking the same thing as me and feeling a little sorry for Young for putting his foot in it. Like a kid, ES has latched onto the idea that he likes her and no amount of explaining is going to discourage her from teasing the heck out of him. I love how he threw some words out there as a shield to protect them both and had no idea those words would come back and bite him in the butt by giving her ammo to taunt him with relentlessly. That ache in his side from surgery won’t be the only pain he feels from now on. It will be a walk in the park compared to the real pain at his side. I just can’t wait till a made up impromptu excuse turns into reality somewhere down the line.

I have to admit, after KC’s laughter faded, I wanted his next words to be “prove it.” Now that would have been daebak.

Joonni’s comments:

This drama is turning out to be nothing like I expected. There were moments when I was disappointed before but now I am a happy camper. It’s turning out to be such a fun ride and I laughing and hooting along the way. Eun-soo rocks my socks with her own brand of sass which always manages to shake things up and lighten the mood, without entirely casting off the gravity of the situation. The drama is definitely finding its stride and working with its strong points. And I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me before, but it is the Eun-soo character that is doing it. And we can see as well that the other actors are playing up the comedy. I think Yoo Oh-sung is hitting the mark of being a villain without being ridiculous. Ki Chul is smart and cunning enough for us to be legitimately afraid of him but he’s not impervious to worrying and mistakes. And the faces that Yoo Oh-sung makes!

Eun-soo is turning out to be pretty much perfect for Young. He’s too quiet and she’s too talkative. I just laugh my head off as she blabbers on and on and he rolls his eyes. In the end, it is her bright character that makes him smile. Young is discovering that underneath all the talk of money and complaints, Eun-soo is a good doctor who cares about people. Eun-soo is discovering that underneath all that blood and disinterest, Young also cares a lot about people. Methinks these two are going to save the world together. 😀

I love that moment when No-gook realizes her mistake in suggesting to Gongmin that he gets help from Yuan. I know she meant well but I cringed as soon she said that. Gongmin is right. How can she, as the queen of Goryeo, suggest to him that he pleads to Yuan? My heart broke for her too. It also jumped a beat when Gongmin ordered Choong-suk to bring her back unharmed. It’s obvious that Gongmin and No-gook both care for each other but it is all underneath layers and layers of pride and insecurity.

Gongmin’s struggle for power and trust continues to intrigue me. He’s trying so hard to gain people’s trust and loyalty but he is his own worst enemy. He says that he trusts Young but that trusts falters as soon as Ki Chul plants his seed of doubt. Of course it doesn’t help that Young is running around doing everything himself without a wit of a word with the king, but Gongmin doubts because he doesn’t believe in himself- that people will trust him and work to protect him.

We also a got a hint this episode of not the just the political intrigue but the medical intrigue as well. It seems that the drama is pointing to the fact that Hwa-ta was also a time-traveler, which brings up all these questions of why and how. I’m hoping there’s more to this story than just proving to Ki Chul that Eun-soo is from “heaven.” The drama didn’t suggest in the beginning that Hwa-ta changed the medical world with his skill, which is interesting. Are these “divine healers” all keeping their medical secrets to themselves without sharing their knowledge with the past? Or are they the ones that come periodically to move Korea’s medical history forward step by step?

Can I get the next episode like, now?

P.S. Can people suggest music for Faith fanvids?

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  1. briseis #

    Hi, Softy, I’m so excited for today’s episode. Let’s enjoy the ride.

    August 28, 2012
  2. bobsavero #

    YEAH. CY PROVE IT!!! ihihihihih.

    im tooooo exciteddddddd noww

    August 28, 2012
  3. nonski #

    hi Softy dear… agree with you, it would be daebak!

    i was really hoping tonight would be the face-off too for my other fave couple.

    August 28, 2012
  4. ahmmm…. there is a hidden Prince!
    The young boy was called Mama, which is kept for royal family members.
    What other secrets are going to be revealed?
    And – it’s going to be very fun like love-story between ES and Choi Young. I love to see the dialogues between them.
    So I’ll wait for the recaps to really understand what was said… body language is not enought to understand everything… right?
    Thanks in advance


    August 28, 2012
  5. nonski #

    thanks Softy… that was fast… as usual! off to read… will comment tom

    August 28, 2012
  6. meltedd #

    ES said the kid has rhabdomyosarcoma :((

    and also those men in grey at the end, aren’t they KC’s men? Are they out to frame Young as having joined KC’s side? The warriors in red look like they’re supposed to ensure the previous king stays in the house. Hwasooin seems to have a mind of her own.. and not necessarily share the same goal as KC..

    Gongmin needs to come up with a plan like right now o.o and get with NG already!! He asked Lady Choi if he should submit to KC to save his citizens but she’s like KC uses people & treats people like his property, he’s not gonna save them. and he’s like right you are, can I have my snack now~~

    I died when ES asked Young to go back to the future with her!! kkeke. loving Ali’s epic OST track ‘Carry on’.

    August 28, 2012
  7. Thank you for the recap, Softy and Joonni! I appreciate it, and how quickly it is available 🙂

    August 28, 2012
  8. Thank you for that recap, I’ll be waiting for the next ep. recap.

    August 28, 2012
  9. the chemistry of the two ( young & ES ) comes to closer hehehehe
    wew! its a long days again to wait till the episode 😦
    thanks again softy for the recap,

    August 28, 2012
  10. martha (@comix) #

    Thank you so much

    August 28, 2012
  11. Blue Passion #

    Thank you Softy!!! Already watched it raw will watch it again with subtitles later. Joonni thanks for all your work as well. Enjoying the ride of this drama with you and everyone else who is here. Have a good one.

    August 28, 2012
  12. Thanks for the recap guys! I really liked this episode.

    I have an exam tomorrow morning, so I will leave a long comment after that.

    August 28, 2012
    • Aah I totally passed out when I got home after my exam. Brain still feels fried, so excuse me if I sound less coherent than usual (I should have learned by now not to cram all night).

      I loved all the OTP scenes in this episode – these two are hilarious together. It’s rare to find a kdrama couple that are very different from each other and yet have an equal relationship from the beginning. It’s often more of a pendulum where one (usually the guy) treats the other like crap for a while, while she inexplicably falls for him, and then later he pays for all his bad behaviour with angst and tears and noble idiocy. I much prefer an OTP where the guy doesn’t do all kinds of unpleasant things to the heroine that he must pay for later. And I like the contrast of their funny, lighthearted relationship with the very serious political maneuvering and the physical danger. How cute is her teasing him about his ‘crush’? The comic relief in this show really works – it provides a release from the dramatic tension of the serious plot developments, but without making the tone feel uneven. Everything fits.

      It’s the little details that make me laugh out loud, like the king’s entourage forced to follow his fits and starts pacing back and forth, and Lady Choi shoving Jang Bin (hee!). I love this writer’s attention to detail, because it makes the characters feel like real people instead of broadly drawn caricatures of Hero, King, Villain. etc.

      The origin of Hwata is a surprising and interesting development! I love how this changes the story, and I can’t wait to find out more. I wonder what time period he came from and whether Eun-soo knows him, because as we know time-travel doesn’t always happen between parallel timelines, so who knows what the relative passage of time was?

      I love that Eun-soo isn’t just book smart but very observant. Her comments to Young showed that she understands him pretty well despite not knowing him very long – she’s noticed that he’s basically obsessed with protecting people he’s responsible for. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him alive at this point. Someone noted in the previous recap that they didn’t feel anything during the flashback to Young’s first (?) love’s death, and I agree, but I don’t think we were meant to. It’s more of a character motivation for him. It shows why he feels so driven to protect Eun-soo, despite barely knowing her. Because he failed to stop his leader from dying for their sake, had to submit to humiliation and control by a disgusting, corrupt king, and in the end couldn’t save the girl he loved from killing herself. He carries that guilt around, despite it not really being his fault, and he doesn’t want to fail to protect anyone else that he’s promised to. Even Gongmin uses that weakness to keep Young by his side, though I don’t think it’s conscious on his part – but it works.

      Speaking of Gongmin, I love that we saw a bit of desperate emotion from him when Nogook foolishly put herself in danger. I wish these two would just talk to each other instead of using go-betweens to protect their cursed pride. Theirs is the intense love story here, and I’m looking forward to seeing it play out.

      I really hope Gongmin doesn’t fall for Ki Chul’s tricks – you’re too smart for that! Things are looking bad for Young though.

      Can’t wait for next week! This is my second favourite airing show after Answer Me 1997.

      August 29, 2012
      • joonni #

        Laica, I would hug your comment if I could.

        I was complaining before about the necessity of the medical arc in this drama so I’m glad to see that we have finally been given a hint to why Eun-soo and why a doctor. I’m intensely curious to find out how the writer will weave the medical into the political. We already see what the writer has in plan for Eun-soo’s character arc. She is going to learn how to heal people, not just the illness. I wonder if the writer will keep this separate and personal to Eun-soo, which leaves me at a loss to understand why then Hwa-ta is also being drawn as a time-traveler. I’m inclined to think that there is a larger purpose for the existence of the portal. You know what? This drama is keeping me on my toes and I’m loving it.

        I was the one that said I didn’t feel anything during Young’s flashback with Bae-hee. Thank you for helping me understand the other purpose of that scene in terms of understanding Young’s character.

        August 30, 2012
  13. Sria #

    Thank you softy and joonni! You guys are the fastest recappers for this drama…the subs often take a little bit since its saegeuk-ish, so I really look forward to your recaps!

    August 28, 2012
  14. minny #

    I love your perceptive take on the enigmatic CY, Softy and strangely enough, it touched me very much. I do believe some of us would like to be the great person CY is, be the pillar of support and encouragement to our loved ones, with them knowing we’ve their backs when they’re in trouble and should they falter, we’re there to catch them.

    At this moment, I’m tired of watching GM’s scenes. I know how the plot hinges on his rise to power and we will definitely have all the hijinks in place to thwart his rise but it’s all dry and dreary. In other political dramas, I tend to want to know the motivation behind every move the character makes because politicians are known for their shrewdness and when it’s not obvious, I start to speculate. In this case, I don’t even feel like speculating at all. I feel GM’s character has been fleshed out very well, even better than CY’s, I must add, with the writers delicately balancing the thin line between GM as a person and GM as a King and the actor is doing so great, drawing out the vulnerability and powerlessness in GM, so I don’t know why the disinterest on my part. Now I’m just passively and patiently sitting through all the scenes with GM and hoping my patience will be rewarded in the long run.

    CY is a character that is coming into a league of his own. Whenever I see CY on screen, my mind naturally separates him into two characters: CY, the romantic man and CY, the warrior. LMH is doing great in the “CY, the romantic man” department. His shy and admiring glances which he steals at ES, the awkward dodging from ES as she teases him in the woods about his impromptu declaration of love for her and the way he grabs DM by his attire and groans in exasperation… they all spell of a man who’s oblivious to the signs of a love blossoming between them. I like it the writers take it slow with their relationship because their relationship isn’t that of a crazy infatuation of a young handsome man with a beautiful mature lady (and vice versa) or fall head over heels in love at first sight type of scenario. It’s a bond built on trust and honor, through the many tribulations and dangers they encounter together and the realization that they actually need each other and there will be no other person who can replace them. (Now I understand how it’s possible for a person to remain as a widow(er) after their spouse dies.) They complement each other on so many fronts. They have faults that the other can overcome and they have their unique points which make up for the lack in the other. This is one of the best pairings I’ve seen in recent dramas and I just wish they would make a sequel of them living in modern day Korea after this.

    In fact, I don’t mind KC drumming up more devious plans, if not to give the main pairing more time alone. While the bickering is cutesy and sweet, there are melancholic overtures in their conversation and unexpected actions that make it bittersweet. It doesn’t help that we know they’re a couple separated by space and time and in each episode, the writers never fail to remind us subtly why ES can’t live in CY’s time and vice versa. My heart almost stopped when I hear the innocent ES asking CY to return soon (a commonplace greeting in modern day Korea) and the young exiled King eagerly following suit and later… bang! CY giving them a reassuring smile in a tacit acknowledgement of their words and for a moment there, it’s clear he feels right at home in a scene he’s never experienced before. The scene has the overtures of a wife and child still living in their own world and not knowing the dangers in store for them ahead and while the husband knows the dangers they’re in, he can’t tell them for fear of frightening them. One more scene similar to this in the future, I’ll definitely bawl out loud in angst.

    KHS has certainly picked the right script for a comeback because her role as ES and the depth of the relationship she is going to develop with CY is going to put her in the limelight for the right reasons.

    I know how some commented on LMH’s acting and such and I agree he doesn’t have that gravitas needed by a character such as CY, His fighting scenes do not have that “wow” effect on me. He doesn’t fight with a force that is equal to a powerful warrior or a seasoned fighter. He’s too “light” (if I may use that word) in his fighting scenes, I don’t know how to describe it. I know it’s not easy filming the fighting scenes, waving swords at the appropriate moments in sync with the other actors etc and I don’t want to belittle his effort in them but he can fight better.

    August 29, 2012
    • joonni #

      Minny, I don’t know know why but your comment was is the spam box. 😦 And you wrote such a beautiful and long comment. Well, here is it, approved.

      Eun-soo and Young are two people from very different times and worlds, literally. But like you said, they complement each other so well, because the are building a relationship out of facing the world together and challenging each other to be the best they can be.

      I think Lee Minho suits a swifter and modern type of fighting, like he showed in City Hunter. Lee Minho doesn’t have the stance and built for sageuk fighting- he doesn’t have that wild energy of the “traditional” warrior. I think the director incorporated some of the lighter, flying through scenes action to better suit Lee Minho’s style. I find those scenes exciting.

      September 4, 2012
  15. minny #

    Oh my God! I typed a long comment and it disappeared! I didn’t save it…

    August 29, 2012
  16. jaz #

    Opposites do attract! I enjoyed this episode since it showed more of our OTPs including Gongmin and No-gook. I love everything about ES! She can be perfect to anyone, not only to Young but also to Jang Bin and even to Ki Chul. I mean, her character is a perfect fit to the other characters. Her crazy modern attitude blends in with everyone’s seriousness. She just brightens up every scene no matter how critical the situation is. So sassy!

    Btw, I like to quote Softy’s words about General Choi: “He brings out the best in people. He helps them through challenges and gives encouragement – sometimes silently just by standing there in support and that’s enough for them. Knowing Young has their backs is what makes them stronger and hopefully better people down the line.” A very beautiful analysis for a warrior as selfless as him. Those words definitely describes who he is in other people’s perspective. A description that any avid Faith viewer would totally agree to. I love it! 🙂

    August 29, 2012
  17. jomo #

    Agree with both of you on how this is a LOT more fun that I had expected, and I like that I have no idea where we are going next.
    There are so many moving parts right now, I love that each pairing has established some sort of relationship.

    I have to say that I do not like Lady Microwave Hand anywhere near Choi. She either needs to be a whole lot sexier, or meanier, or something. I don’t like ambiguous with Choi. She makes my skin crawl…

    I am sooo happy that KC is a good bad guy. He isn’t Alan Rickman (in anything) yet, but at least he is interesting.

    Joonni – What kind of fanvid – funny, romantic, exciting? I’ll try to give suggestions.

    August 30, 2012
    • joonni #

      This drama is definitely keeping me on my toes.

      Haha. “Lady Microwave Hand”! I like her in the story because she always Young react to protect Eun-soo. You could tell she is interested in Young herself and I’m expecting a lot more of personally invested interference from her in the future than merely doing what Ki Chul wants her to do.

      Any kind of music for now. I’m still not sure what I want to do.

      August 30, 2012
  18. Purplelover #

    Whoah..I luuvv Sunday…because of Faith…and tomorrow episode will give us many lovely scene from CY-ES..woot woot…
    I’ve been waiting for Faith because of KHS since it was being news few years ago..and I’m glad that this drama comes out good..and get many love from people…
    Agree with all that you said about ES and CY, but I want to give comment about the King..many netizen laugh for his physical appearance..but what I must said is hey this guy sure can ACT..I never watch Ryu Duk Hwan drama before but after watched him in faith I try to look for his other project…such Gods quiz..and yes his acting is great there too..that give him award..
    Yes maybe he is not as good look as LMH…or maybe not as manly or tall as the other guys..(not say I don’t like LMH act.. I luvv Gominam and tall boy too..hehehe..) but the way he portrays Gong Min is marvellous…the way he talk and facial expression have proven that his acting skill maybe better than the better look actors..I look forward to watch Gong Min and No Guk development..( the queen is rock dude). This second OTP is lovely in different way than uri Main OTP…love both …

    September 2, 2012
    • joonni #

      I’m totally becoming a fan of Ryu Deok Hwan. He expresses so much in a simple facial movement.

      September 2, 2012
      • Kandi #

        I fail to understand why people dislike him. Not (particularly) good looking, short but this guy can really act!!!!!!!! Rooting for GM and NG!!! When will he let go of his pride? (I guess it’s a bit difficult given that he is the King)

        LMH is so hot. hah. I was watching this at work (during down time) and was grinning so much – my colleagues thought that I was going nuts!

        September 3, 2012
  19. Cariad #

    This word somehow makes me think of the word fealty and I did a research on the web and it is said to be first used in the 14th century which is same as the GORYEO period right? How cool is that…. Oh by the way…was a lurker but I don’t know why I can’t help but wanting to comment about this tribute to the Wodalchi, I guess because I have always love storis about knights and kings and loyalties and a quest of the king and his knights… Just love those stories and it is always about who you give your fealty to… My understanding is it is like a sworn oath you made to be faithful to that king or that knight no matter what… By the way love all the comments here and thank you very much Joonni and Softy for making Faith even more wonderful to watch because of your awesome recaps…. Kam sa ham ni da…. 🙂

    October 12, 2012
  20. CallieP #

    Softy, another reason why they trust Choi Young is that he has no hidden agenda, he is not interested in gold or women and thus uncorruptible. He is honest and loyal so they trust him.

    November 7, 2012

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