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Recap: “Faith” Episode 8

Joonni: Uh-oh. Ki Chul just woke up a sleeping tiger. Softy: This whole episode just screamed “bring it on” cuz if a fight is what Ki Chul wants, that’s what he is going to get.

Episode 8:

Ki Chul declares that Young is a traitor and orders Ahn and his soldiers to make Young kneel. To emphasize Young’s lack of options, Hwasooin pulls off her glove and lays her hand on Eun-soo’s shoulder.

Young drops his sword and kneels in defeat. Young looks at Eun-soo but she turns away, tears falling from his eyes.

The guards escort a handcuffed Young out of the house. Eum-ja stops the guards and signals for one to check Young for weapons. A guard finds a knife hidden in Young’s back but Eum-ja eyes Young warily, suspecting more. Young sighs and points out his leg, on which the guard finds another knife. “This is it,” Young says.

Ki Chul examines Choong-jung’s dead body and sees the stab wound. Eum-ja hands Ki Chul Young’s sword and tells him that it is the sword given to Young by the previous Jeokwoldae dae-jang. Ki Chul tells Eum-ja that Choong-jung drank the poison that was meant for Young. Eum-ja guesses that Young made Choong-jung drink it instead. Ki Chul is not sure, however: “Right. That would be the right answer…in order to live…if he is human.” Eum-ja asks, “But is that not the right answer?” Ki Chul doesn’t answer the question and instead, asks for Eun-soo.

Eun-soo paces back and forth, muttering to herself that this is not the history that she knows. According to her memory, Young lives until old age. Eun-soo tries to reassure herself- “There is no way he will die this early. He won’t.”

Hwasooin looks at Eun-soo suspiciously- does she really know the future? Because she is from heaven? Eun-soo tells her that it’s in the records. Hwasooin asks if she is in the heavenly records too while she shows Eun-soo her power. “Does it have me written down as a master of hwa-gong or a femme fatale?” Eun-soo replies that something is strange – little by little this is different from the history she knows.

Eun-soo wants to know what will happen to Young if he is taken away like this. Hwasooin replies that Young will be killed, slowly and painfully, in front of many people. Eun-soo offers herself as witness to testify that while Young might be a murder, he is not a traitor. Hwasooin advises Eun-soo to talk to Ki Chul- while the king might not be able to save Young, Ki Chul can. She tells Eun-soo to save Young because she doesn’t want him to die either. Before she leaves, Eun-soo asks if Ki Chul has a weakness. Hwasooin smirks- if she knew his weakness, she would have used that knowledge herself already. “One thing, though. Don’t look weak to him. Ki Chul likes to step on weak people like they are bugs.”

Ahn tells Young, who is locked up in the mobile cage, to not resent him so much for this. Young replies that he doesn’t- he came into this house on his own two feet. Ahn continues what he was saying before about how one can continue living off the country generation after generation (meaning, maintaining one’s family’s position continuously). Ahn:

“First, identify the powerful person. Second, stick to that person. Third, and it’s the most important, believe that you are right in doing all this.”

Young scoffs- the maintenance of status sure is troublesome. Young sees Eun-soo coming out of the house with Ki Chul and he stares at her. Eun-soo looks back him but both their faces are unreadable.

Ki Chul, Eun-soo, and crew follow Young as he is led back to the capital inside his mobile cage. (Joonni: I’m getting unreasonably angry at seeing Young locked up like that. The crazy attachment phase is starting for me.)

Lady Choi informs No-gook that state soldiers are guarding the king instead of the Woodalchi now and joining them are Ki Chul’s private soldiers (in the white uniform). No-gook understands that it means that the king is now basically confined.  Lady Choi agrees and beats her chest in frustration.

No-gook asks if the people who attacked her on the way to Ki Chul’s house was Ki Chul’s men. Lady Choi tells her that the Woodalchi believe it is so. No-gooks is furious- so Ki Chul regards her life to be worth that of fly!  No-gook angrily laments: “The king has a queen that is worth less than fly so now he is alone.” Lady Choi asks if No-gook will like to see Gongmin now but No-gook only mutters, “The king is a fool,” before storming back to her room.

Gongmin is in his room, trying to draw but failing. He attempts to leave the room but Ki Won is there to stop him with feigned concern- “Your Majesty, if you wish to go somewhere, let us know so we can protect you.” He nods for the guards to close the door in Gongmin’s face.  Wordlessly, Gongmin turns back and looks at his room, feeling trapped.

Deo-gi distracts the guards outside the Woodalchi lair while Dae-man climbs the wall to get inside. Choong-suk asks if he came alone; where is Joo-suk? Dae-man tells him that Joo-suk went to see the king to relay a message from Young but he can’t get through because of all the guards. He also tells him rumor has it that Young’s been captured.

The Woodalchi are upset. Acting like the hot-heads that they are, Dol-bae and Deok-man suggest that they just break out of here and rescue Young. If they are going to die as traitors, they want to rescue their dae-jang first. Choong-suk reminds them that all their weapons have been taken from them. There is nothing they can fight with now.

The guards put Young in a cell and shackle him to the wall. Young remembers what Choong-jung said about Ki Chul giving him the poison to give to Young but Choong-jung drank it instead. Young cries as he remembers Choong-jung saying how much it hurts. He also remembers Eun-soo turning away in horror, yelling, “Don’t touch me. Remove your dirty hands!”

Young takes the aspirin bottle out from his robes. The flower that Eun-soo gave him is inside. He takes it out and remembers how she gave it to him as a present and how she told him to lean on her shoulders. He gives a small smile, his eyes filled with tears, before he puts the flower back in the bottle. Young lies down and tears glisten in his eye as he remembers how she looked at him when he was in the cage. He also remembers her complaining that he smelled like blood.

Eun-soo is in Ki Chul’s house again, locked up in a room. In symmetry to Young in his prison, Eun-soo remembers how Young looked at her through his cage. As Eum-ja opens the door to her room, she flashes back to when Young opened the same door to rescue her last time. She also remembers how Young told her to stay by his side so he can protect her and how he tasted her drink first to check for poison.

Eun-soo enters the room where Ki Chul is and Hwasooin winks at her. Eun-soo clears her throat and awkwardly kicks her chair in an attempt to appear tough. Ki Chul laughs and offers her food in a very polite and courteous tone. Eun-soo notes this difference and exclaims that it is strange. The last time she was here, they were belittling and threatening her. “Is there poison in the food?”

Ki Chul assures her that he would not use poison to kill her since it wouldn’t work on a doctor from heaven. He asks if she is upset because her door was locked. Eun-soo clarifies. She is mad because she kept on telling him that she had something to say all the way from Gwanghwado but he ignored her and kept her locked up. What does he want from her now?

Ki Chul tells her that he has something to ask from her. Eun-soo sits down, agreeing to this “business” deal. She has something to ask herself. Eun-soo balls her hands into fists in nervousness underneath the table as she coolly asks Ki Chul to lay down his cards first.

Ki Chul shows Eun-soo her medical instruments, as well as the ones he inherited from his teacher who claimed they were from Hwa-ta. Ki Chul gauges her reaction and asks if she recognizes them. Eun-soo examines the rusty instruments and wonders how they could be here. She sees the “Made in Korea” sign on the scalpel. She yells at Ki Chul in confusion, “What are these?!”

Jang Bin goes to see Gongmin with Joo-suk disguised as one of his assistants. Jang Bing tells Ki Won, who is guarding the door, that he is bringing medicine for the king. Ki Won exclaims that he has never heard that the king needed medicine, to which Bin counters, in a admonishing tone, that as someone who protects the king, Ki Won should know everything about him.

Gongmin’s pile of crumbled up drawings has only grown larger since the last time we last saw him. He looks up in surprise to see Jang Bin. Jang Bin signals to Gongmin with his eyes to pretend that he was expecting his medicine. The other assistant closes the door tightly.

With Ki Won no longer looking inside, Joo-suk reveals himself. Jang Bin suggests that Gongmin call Joo-suk closer so that people outside can’t hear. Gongmin peers at Joo-suk- weren’t all the Woodalchi locked up? Joo-suk tells him that he disobeyed the royal order and went alone to Gwanghwado. Gongmin growls- so he was the Woodalchi that went secretly to Young! Gongmin asks if he met Young and what Young was doing. Joo-suk tells him that Young was on the run with Eun-soo and Choong-jung. Gongmin raises his eyebrows- “why?” Joo-suk replies that Young said it was a set up.

Gongmin gets up. “I heard that Choi Young was captured by state soldiers.” Gongmin thinks it is suspicious that Joo-suk came to him only after Young was captured. Is Joo-suk the back up plan? Joo-suk tries to explain that it isn’t so but Gongmin interrupts him. Did Young send Joo-suk in hopes that Gongmin would welcome Young back with open arms since Gongmin has no other option?!

Gongmin furiously throws Joo-suk a sword. He declares that Joo-suk should die. Didn’t he say so himself that he disobeyed a royal command and that he deserved to die?

Joo-suk pulls out the sword and holds it to his own neck. He promises to take his own life only after he tells Gongmin what Young wanted to him to relay: “I, Choi Young, a Woodalchi warrior, have not finished what you ordered me to do yet.” Remembering the familiar words, Gongmin asks if that is all there is to the message. Joo-suk affirms. He bows and is about to kill himself but Jang Bin stops him. Gongmin tells Joo-suk that there is still something left for him to do.

Ki Chul shows Eun-soo Hwa-ta’s medical instruments and tells her that there are two more sets. She asks to see the rest but when Ki Chul doesn’t move, she questions his intent- didn’t he bring her here to show them to her?

Ki Chul tells her that he made a bet with the king that he could win her heart within seven days. Eun-soo asks in indignation- so what if he wins? Ki Chuls informs her that he if wins, he will keep Eun-soo. If he loses, she will go back to the king. So he wants to know- “Where is your heart now?” Eun-soo huffs that her heart is with her. Ki Chul asks if she will give her heart to him. Eun-soo replies no, she doesn’t want to. Ki Chul is shocked that there is someone who dares to say no in front of him. (Softy: why he finds this hard to believe is beyond me – look in the mirror buddy and then look at Young and see the difference for yourself. even you would choose Young I bet.)

It’s now time for Eun-soo to play her cards. She points to Hwa-ta’s instruments and asks Ki Chul, “You want to know what these are, right? You said there were two more sets. You want to know what those two are too.” Ki Chul leans in in anticipation. Can she explain them to her? Eun-soo replies that she doesn’t know what those other two are but if they came with these (referring to Hwa-ta’s instruments), she will definitely know what they are. After all, they came from her world. But before she tells him, Eun-soo wants Ki Chul to save Young.

Ki Chul tells her that she is doing the deal wrong. If she becomes Ki Chul’s, she will explain what Hwa-ta’s things are anyway so the deal is that if she becomes Ki Chul’s, he will save Young’s life.

Ki Won checks on Young and is surprised to hear that Young has been sleeping straight through since yesterday- without eating or going to the bathroom. (Joonni: His bladder must be huge!)

In Young’s dream, he is back in the forest with his father, standing on the frozen lake. His father asks, “You still haven’t found it?” Young: “What was I looking for? He tries to walk toward his father but he falls into the water. Young struggles in the water only to find himself suddenly choking on dry land. His father asks what he is doing. Young asks, “When did the ice melt?” But his father does not know what he is talking about- this place has never been frozen. He directs Young to look around. “See, it’s always been like this.” The scenery around them is rich in color and life, like spring. Young looks around in curious amazement. Young wakes up from his dream, his eyes glistening but with a small smile on his face.

Gongmin thinks over what Young said about not completing his job yet. Gongmin remembers the day when Young handed him the letter from the previous king that granted Young permission to leave the palace once he brought back Gongmin from Yuan. He also remembers how he asked Young whose order he will follow- the previous king or the current king? Gongmin realizes with happiness that Young is following his order.

Gongmin walks confidently and excitedly into the royal court where his ministers wait. Jo Il-shin reports that the ministers have decided Young should be swiftly questioned and punished for his crime. Gongmin agrees- in order to speed up the process, he will question Young himself. Jo Il-Shin and another minister try to stop Gongmin, declaring their concern for him since Young is dangerous but Gongmin won’t have any of it. He will see Young himself. (Joonni: Love it, love it, love it. Finally! Some resolve and charisma! And LOL. I find myself saying “shut up” Eun-soo style when Jo Il-shin is talking. Really, he needs to shut up or I am going to pull out every hair on his beard one by one.)

Jo Il-shin is still trying to stop Gongmin even as they stand in front of Young’s cell. Gongmin asks if they are afraid that he will get hurt when they have shackled Young like that. Ki Won informs him that since Young uses nae-gong, they had to use special shackles. Gongmin pretends to admire them and asks if he can’t open the door now since the shackles are strong. Gongmin enters the cell and locks the door behind him.

Young bows in front of Gongmin. Gongmin asks, “Did you say that you didn’t finish what I ordered you to do?” Young affirms. Gongmin understands now that it means Young is still carrying out his order. Young once again confirms. Gongmin: “I gave you two missions. The first was to find evidence for the murder of the twenty-four ministers, which you already did. The second was to find out who and why I had to fight.” Young tells him that Gongmin already knows who he has to find due to the evidence from the ministers’ murder but Young has not been able to find out why Gongmin has to fight. Ki Won strains to hear what is going on inside the cell but he can’t.

Gongmin declares that he already knows why he has to fight. Can Young show him how? Young doesn’t see how that it is possible- he is locked up a traitor. Gongmin asks if Young plans to just die like this. Is this what he really wants? Is this the end?

Gongmin bends down and faces Young straight on. “Teach me how to fight so I can rescue you.” He places his hand on Young’s arm and explains to Young that he sent Eun-soo to Ki Chul because he thought that would be the only way he can protect her. “If she stays by my side, it will be more dangerous for her. Because I don’t have power. Because there was nothing I could do.” Young finally looks up and asks, “Is she safe in that house?” Gongmin replies that there is no way he can confirm that.

A minister rushes over to Eum-ja, saying he has something to report to Ki Chul. Eum-ja tells him that Ki Chul said he did not want to be interrupted, no matter how urgent.

Eun-soo is showing Ki Chul and Hwasooin the modern way of mixing alcohol and drinking them. Ki Chul plays along but he is impatient. Didn’t she say that she would give him her heart, not alcohol? Eun-soo:

“You keep saying heart, heart, heart, but a person’s heart is not like some designer bag that you buy with money or forcibly take from someone else and make it yours.”

Eun-soo yells “cheers” and downs her drink. Hwasooin hilariously asks if Eun-soo is a drunkard, not a doctor.

Eun-soo prods Ki Chul to have a drink. “You said you wanted my heart so how could you not drink the alcohol I gave you?” Ki Chul gulps it down, but before Eun-soo can pour him another, Ki Chul grabs her wrists, threatening her- he doesn’t put up with people playing with him, whether they are a king or a doctor from heaven. Eun-soo replies that she isn’t playing either- she isn’t going to give her heart that easily. She wants Ki Chul to show some effort. Ki Chul asks if drinking is showing her effort. Eun-soo responds that only stupid and unskilled people make others repeat the same thing over and over. (Joonni: Ha! That is what Young wants to say to you, missy.) If Ki Chul wants to have her heart, he needs to at least drink once a week with her. Doesn’t he know that hearts are shared over drinks? She looks down at Ki Chul’s hand holding her wrists and says coyly, “Holding hands come way later.” Ki Chul laughs in amusement.

The guards outside Young’s cell notice the blood on the floor near Young, who sits with his head hanging. They think that Young has cut his wrists and fear the consequences- they can’t let him die or else they will die. They open the cell door and wonder if Young is dead. When one of them gets close, Young knocks him out and swiftly takes out the other. He unlocks his shackles and escapes from the prison.

Eun-soo grumpily says that that isn’t it. Ki Chul wonders why- isn’t this the “date” she said they needed to do in order for him to win her heart? Eun-soo replies that dates should only involve two people but everyone is following them around- how can they make any progress with so many people watching? Ki Chul makes the others stay put while he and Eun-soo walk off. Young secretly watches them.

Outside of Ki Chul’s house, Eun-soo has told Ki Chul about her world. Ki Chul is surprised to here that there are no kings in her world, but someone called a president. Ki Chul wonders how a president is different from a king so Eun-soo explains that a king is king by blood but the citizens elect a president. Ki Chul wants to know, then, how do citizens decide if a person is worthy to be a president. Eun-soo explains that nominees need to campaign. Ki Chul laughs to hear such ridiculousness- imagine all those people claiming to be worthy of being the king!

Eun-soo notices the same yellow flower that she gave to Young growing nearby. She stares and Ki Chul asks if she likes the flower. Eun-soo replies that it’s just a flower she knows. Young is still hiding and watching her.

The minister reports to Ki Chul about Gongmin seeing Young. Thinking he is distracted, Eun-soo runs away but Ki Chul just smiles at her efforts.

Eun-soo is running through the forest when she slips. Young catches her from behind. Eun-soo, thinking that it is Ki Chul, pleads for him to let go- she was just trying to see how far she could run. She struggles upright but when she turns around, Young is gone. (Joonni: I’m sorry. I thought it was romantic when he caught her but watching him just slip away like that and all of sudden, poof, he’s gone, has me laughing like a lunatic. God, I love this drama and all its strangeness.)

Ki Chul finds Eun-soo wandering and searching around in the woods and suspiciously asks what she is looking for. Did someone come?

Back at Ki Chul’s place, Ki Won reports that Young has escaped. Ki Chul looks back at Eun-soo and, eager to keep this a secret from her, quietly orders for his soldiers to be sent to the Woodalchi lair immediately. He is sure that Young will have gone there to get reinforcement.

Ki Won enters the Woodalchi headquarters with his soldiers. He orders the Woodalchi to stay where they are as he searches the room. Jang Bin is circling the palace outside with incense that causes the guards to faint. Young and Dae-man are able to secretly enter Gongmin’s room.

Gongmin joyfully laughs to see Young and says, “There is nowhere a traitor can’t go.” Young announces that he came to ask one thing and give one answer.

Ki Won reports to Ki Chul that Young is not with the Woodalchi. Ki Chul realizes that Young is with the king. He rushes off.

Young says to Gongmin, “You said you already know why you need to fight. What is that reason?” Gongmin: “To become the king.” Young: “You already are the king.” Gongmin reminds Young that he never regarded him as the king. Young:

“You asked me to teach you how to fight. I will give you that answer now. A king is not someone who fights. A king is someone who has. There are kings that have one or two people and there are others who have tens of thousands. So first, own me. Then I will do the fighting.”

Ki Chul rushes into Gongmin’s room expecting to see Young but he only sees Gongmin sitting alone at his table. Gongmin nonchalantly asks why he is so late.  He performed an experiment to see if Ki Chul’s guards would be able to protect him but see, they’ve all fainted outside. He wants Ki Chul to change them.

Ki Chul growls if it wasn’t Young who did that to his men. Gongmin feigns ignorance- he heard that Ki Won was guarding Young- did something happen?

Ki Chul opens the door to Young’s cell and finds him inside. Ki Chul calls his name and Young looks up. Ki Chul says, “You shouldn’t have done that. A smart person like you should have already known that I did all this because I treasured you and wanted to make you mine.”  Young: “By all this…do you mean turning me into a traitor, stripping my men of their weapons and confining them, and giving the previous king poison?”

Ki Chul responds, “I didn’t know which king you liked. I was going to let you choose.” Ki Chul continues, “Was it you who gave the poison to Choong-jung?” He tsks- he was going to let Young go tomorrow. Why did Young foolishly go meet Eun-soo and Choong-jung? Ki Chul laments the headache that Young caused him.

Ki Chul tells Young that Eun-soo asked him to hurry up and release him. “So let’s stop our push and pull.” Ki Chul turns to leave but Young calls out to him. Young:

“Don’t most people say that ‘I am living’? In reality, that’s not it. It’s ‘I am dying’- until the day you die- day by day. So I made up my mind to quietly die. I was being docile and obedient but you kept on poking me- to wake up…to get up…to try living.”

Gongmin stamps some royal decrees before he heads to No-gook’s room. He apologizes for coming to see her so late but he has a favor to ask. “I plan to be courageous from now on because there is someone I want to earn. To earn him, I think I need to show my courage first. It’s a courage that can only be fulfilled with your help. Will you help me? Even though you hate me and think I am pathetic and pitiful, I want to try this thing called, ‘frontal attack.’ Will you help me?” Lady Choi pulls out some robes for No-gook.

Ki Chul ushers Eun-soo into the royal court. Gongmin enters with his eunuch carrying another set of robes behind him. Ki Chul smiles at first but it fades as he notices that something is different with Gongmin.

Gongmin declares that he will announce a few things today that the ministers will have to go out and relay to the citizens. “First…” The eunuchs change Gongmin’s Yuan robes into Goryeo attire and No-gook enters the court, also dressed in Goryeo attire. Jo Il-shin proudly announces that the king and queen have donned the royal Goryeo attire instead of Yuan clothes. Another minister gets up to complain but Gongmin cuts him down- he’s not done talking yet. He orders the ministers to be quiet.

Gongmin continues, “The second thing- these people completed my order to investigate what has happened in Goryeo over the past ten years while I was not here so I want to reward them properly.  Bring them in.”

Young and his Woodalchi men walk into the court and they all kneel. Young gets up and looks straight at Gongmin.

Preview for Episode 8:

Lady Choi asks Young why he suddenly decided do this for the sake of the king. Young: “Just because.”

Eun-soo to Ki Chul: “I went towards the main door and all these guys blocked me.” Ki Chul: “Where do you want to go?” Eun-soo: “Can I go out?” Ki Chul: “No.”

Young tells Deok-man: “If the doctor is in danger, just pick her up and run away. Don’t think about arguing with her.” Deok-man: “Can I piggyback her too? I can touch…” Young slaps him before he can finish.

Ki Chul mumbles about the letters in heaven and the heavenly world. Hwasooin asks, “Is that why you had Eum-ja watch her? To see if it is truly real?” Ki Chul yells, “I said it is real!”

Eum-ja tells Eun-soo, “I got an order about him today.” Eun-soo: “About that person, Choi Young?” Eum-ja asks, “Should I kill him or save him?

Softy’s comments:

Best looking stalker award should go to Young. On a more serious note, it’s amazing how one man’s convictions can light such a fire in someone else who needs that leap of faith to hold onto with dear life. This whole episode just screamed “bring it on” cuz if a fight is what Ki Chul wants, that’s what he is going to get.

He’s come undone by a flower. who knew he could have such a sentimental heart. I can’t believe he kept that flower in his aspirin bottle. Forget all the times he carried her in his arms – this made me swoon a lot more. this simple gesture says so much about what he is keeping inside.

It’s in these quiet little moments when characters really come alive.

Written before it aired: In the final scene last night, I thought that’s going a little overboard – aiming so many swords at one defenseless guy, but then I saw this. They shackled him to the wall.  I guess you can’t underestimate the fury that lies beneath a warrior general. Take it too lightly and he could take your life, except I think the fight went out of him last night.  His sole reason for hanging on was to save the former king and Eun Soo, but now that one is gone and the other is appalled at what he is capable of, not sure he has anything left to fight for at the moment.

That’s why I am glad Gongmin is going to see Young. They need this face to face to clear the air. Even though they can’t trust all these machinations going on around them, they can still see truth in each other’s eyes. Gongmin may be dense about love and other things, but he knows a good person when he sees one.  Let’s hope he trusts his judge of character and these two come up with a ploy of their own to give Ki Chul a taste of his own medicine.

In the preview, ES said that the history she knows is changing little by little. I hope that means that Ki Chul dies a lot sooner than he is supposed to and the reason for his untimely painful death is Young. Who knew history could be accelerated by pure hatred.

* crud – Young gets a higher ponytail and a wavy perm – not liking this new goryeo look that much. I like his original one- he was smoldering in every scene -but now ….there are just puffs of smoke here and there for me. oh well – I can learn to deal with it I guess.

Joonni’s comments:

Agree about the new hair for the upcoming episode. But it seems that he is going to change it again.

Not sure if I like it for his role but it’s definitely better than the one promised for next week. It looks sleeker and makes him look younger. Or maybe he’s just wearing the headband for the press conference. Anyway, I figure if Lee Minho can rock the Gu Jun-pyo perm, he can make any hair work. Or maybe not. Okay, I don’t sound that convincing. 😀

If I was previously more interested in Gongmin, now I am desperately trying to wrap my head around this Young character. He is a warrior, through and through. He lives to protect and follow orders. In the past, he did this as a Jeokwoldae. He and his “family” fulfilled their duty as they were ordered because they believed they were protecting their country. But with the death of his “father,” Young lost that motivation and he basically become a robot that just did what he is told. Through his meeting with Eun-soo, the death of Choong-jung, and Gongmin confirming that he was really only looking out for Eun-soo, Young realizes that there is once again something he wishes to fight for and that there are people worth fighting for again, not because he is bound as a warrior to do so, but because he believes in the righteousness of that role. In a way, Ahn’s advice runs true but for Young, it’s not about power but about honor. First, he needs to identify the person who is honorable. Then he needs to stick to that person. Finally, he needs to believe that he is right in doing so. Young scoffed before at Ahn because he thought it was silly that everyone was trying so hard to live when they were going to die anyway. But now that Young has realized that even if death awaits everyone, it still matters how you live that life, he will struggle as hard as everyone else to shape the world into a place he can live.

I’m so happy that Gongmin and Young have finally understood each other and are teaming up. And Yoo Oh-sung is totally rocking the Ki Chul character. He never goes far to enough to make the villain ridiculous and maintains a very cautious and cunningly calculated exterior. There are definitely moments when I am laughing at him but I never find him dumb. You can always see the gears turning in his head and always feel like there is something that he isn’t telling you but has it already planned out.

Isn’t it delightful the way Eun-soo made the whole “heart” debate into this romantic chase that Ki Chul has to do? I know that Ki Chul and Gongmin are not necessarily talking about romantic feelings when they are betting on people’s hearts so it’s hilarious to see Eun-soo make Ki Chul try to win her over romantically through modern devices of courtship.

I’m hoping that we get a Eun-soo heavy episode soon. No-gook, Gongmin, and Young all have very deeply layered conflicts but we haven’t really gotten the chance to understand how Eun-soo feels being here in Goryeo and how her world-view is changing. I hope that the drama takes some time soon to fill us in a bit more about this whole time-traveling thing. Right now, it isn’t coming up as major conflict so Eun-soo’s story, which is at the center of that, feels a little slighted.

I’m also having trouble trying to understand what Young’s father meant by the lake never being frozen. Can others explain?

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  1. briseis #

    Hi, Softy! I’m looking foward to your live recap again!!! Let’s enjoy today’s episode even though there probably will be hardly any CY&ES scenes.

    September 4, 2012
    • Hi briseis, I still cant believe Faith was 3rd in ratings last night – it was my fav episode – except for all that crying I did – like 2 or 3 times while I translated. Sometimes I think native Koreans have the worst taste cuz who would choose HL over this? Even my super picky friends watch Faith, but I think it’s mostly for LMH. They just cant resist the pretty.
      Hope the ratings for this go back up soon. 🙂

      September 4, 2012
      • momo #

        I agree with you, I think faith is better than HL..

        September 4, 2012
      • sunshine #

        No kidding…HL over this?! I look forward to every up. Thanks so much fo the live recaps, Softy!

        Oh, and I rewatched last nights ep 2 times, and looked like bees had stung my eyes from crying…that scene was so heartbreaking, and beautiful at the same time…he had t do somehing h didn’t want to do, but out of love so that the little king wouldn’t suffer.

        September 4, 2012
        • sunshine #

          P.s. sorry for the typos…my keyboard is screwy!!!

          September 4, 2012
      • briseis #

        Yes, I know!!! That was the best episode so far! (Even though after watchingep 8 that was not bad, too.) I completely agree with about their taste but you know what, I remember that episode 6 of BM got the lowest ratings that time, too, and that is for me together with episode 17 the best episode of BM. To think that Faith posts lower ratings than that abomination of a drama DR. Jin …. it just makes me go berserk!!!

        September 4, 2012
        • Good grief – Dr Jin got better ratings than this? well I know why that is – cuz Dr Jin was a weekend drama and we all know how people are drunk out of their minds at night so of course Dr Jin looks ok – it probably looks great if you are sloshed to take in all the crazy.
          If Faith manages to beat out Dr Jin in the long run, then at least it did it with a sober audience. I believe it can too. 🙂

          September 4, 2012
          • joonni #

            I think Dr. Jin was watched in the way that people like to watch a house burning down. In horrid fascination. 😀

            September 4, 2012
            • sunshine #

              Hilariously accurate comment, Joonni.

              September 4, 2012
  2. momo #

    thank you for your live recap softy , (^_^)

    September 4, 2012
  3. Hello Softy, thank you for being up this late to bring us the recap, and of course to watch another episode of Faith. I am saddened as well to find out that Faith was 3rd in ratings 😦 Hopefully, native Koreans taste about the currently airing dramas will change and Faith’s ratings will improve. I do have to say that LMH does look hot in this drama and that he does really well in his fighting scenes. I like that he doesn’t try to act cool, he just does what he is supposed to do, and that makes him look cool when he does it. He doesn’t over-act, he just fights and focuses on fighting the way he has been taught and the way it has been choreographed. I like him a lot in those scenes.
    I have a question: am I the only one to think that LMH’s face looks like he is getting older? For one, his face is fuller, rounder (and I am not complaining, just noting it). 2nd, I kept looking at the close shots in episode 7 and his face looks different than in BBF and in CH. I think the hair has something to do with it (to an extent), but his face is starting to look different. And that is a good thing, because it should help with his future projects, I hope. I just kept looking at his face and thinking, “something is different…” I like how it looks like in this drama (I think the long hours of shooting and other things he is currently involved in, which he has mentioned) are starting to show and that is fine (imho) because it helps make it feel like he is carrying the weight of the world on him, which is how he must feel (based on how he walks and carries himself) and based on what he has been going through. His face looks a little more mature, somehow.

    Joonni, thank you as well for the later recap, as always. I also appreciate the analysis you and Softy contribute. It gives us food for thought. Please feel free to weigh in on any of the comments I have made (always).

    Thank you again ladies! I hope that you will have a great day (for you Joonni) and a great night (for you Softy) and a great night/day/afternoon for the rest of the readers, wherever you happen to be.

    September 4, 2012
    • Also, Softy and Joonni, I was going through the list of dramas being recapped/already recapped and I didn’t find episode 2 of Faith. Are you guys aware of this, that episode 2 of Faith isn’t showing in the list? (Because episode 1 is there, showing that it had been recapped). I just thought I would mention it.

      September 4, 2012
      • joonni #

        Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up. It wasn’t correctly categorized as a recap. Fixed it.

        September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      Hmm, Ivorie, I don’t see the change in his face but I agree that he is starting to look more tired.

      Hope you are having a good day/night/afternoon wherever you are too!

      September 4, 2012
  4. Ep – good episode
    (I don’t understand Korean… but do understand body language haha)
    I loved the way they tricked the guards, the way he saved her from falling etc.
    Thank you ahead for the recaps… cant wait.


    September 4, 2012
  5. rainyrain #

    heyyyy finally found somewhere where I can find a live recap and not to wait till the next day to read it and who is recapping , u my sweet softy , thanks for all the rocking work u’r doing and also thanks jooni 🙂

    September 4, 2012
    • Yay you found us – glad you can join us now. If you just click on that photo of LMH on my side widget on Cadence, the link will direct you over here. 🙂

      September 4, 2012
  6. Anna #

    I really like your live recaps:) I usually watch first, then read your recap, because that way it’s still fun and exciting when I rewatch it with subs. I was so angry that they framed young in the last episode and that the king started to doubt him, but now that the Gongmin and Young are friends again, I’m a happy camper 😉 I also really love the way our OTP kept reminscing about the flower incident 🙂

    OH and by the way, am I the only one, finding it weird that they only treated young’s wound on his stomach and never the one on his back? I seem to recall the sword going right through him and protruding from his back, ergo there should have been a nasty cut there, too…

    Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely be back to read next weeks recap. Also, I kinda prefer his new hairstyle, since we get to see more than half of his face now 😀

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      LOL. I forgot that the sword went all the way through. Ignored it just like the drama did. 😀

      September 4, 2012
  7. Thank you guys for the recaps~! they are much appreciated XD

    September 4, 2012
  8. MC #

    Hi Thanks for the recap…really appreciate all your hard work Softly and Jooni….Just like to know if I missed something here…at the end of the drama Young was released from prison, why? How come?
    Epi. 8 was good… I liked it… hope next epi they will put some comic stuffs again to make it lighter : ).

    Thanks again.

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      We don’t really know yet for sure but I think the papers that Gongmin stamped had something to do with declaring the Woodalchi as loyal warriors, not traitors.

      September 4, 2012
      • MC06 #

        Thanks…thought I missed something… 🙂 Can’t wait for the next epi.

        September 4, 2012
  9. Adnana #

    Thank you for doing these live recaps; I’m currently obsessed with “Faith”, LOL, and it really helps that I don’t have to wait 2 days for the VIKI subtitles. I can just watch the raw episode immediately, aided by your recap, and still understand everything what’s going on.

    On another line of thought: “Faith” has become fantastic. The first few episodes were a bit underwhelming, but then the flip finally switched, and I became super invested in this drama. For the last three episodes I kept thinking “this is the best that Faith has been until now”, and then the next episode would be just as good, or better. And yet episode 7 registered ratings in the single digits?? Unbelievable. I just don’t get it, and I’m starting to get scared that, if this trend continues, they’ll shorten the series from its projected 24-episode length.

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      No! Don’t put that thought in my head. *crossing fingers* I hope they don’t shorten this project. Please!

      September 4, 2012
  10. Adnana #

    Oh, I’m really curious about something. Maybe Softy or Joonni could answer this for me, please?
    Does Eun Soo usually speak to Choi Young in banmal or jondae?

    September 4, 2012
    • Turns out names aren’t the only thing I didn’t know about this drama cuz I thought it was 16eps and had a mini freakout for a second thinking it was halfway done. I wonder what they are going to fill all those episodes with. they should have kept the boy alive longer then. It sort of bothered me that Young didn’t tell the king that his nephew was killed. Maybe I missed that part, but I don’t think that came out tonight. I wanted the king to have just one more reason to bring KC down, but I guess the boy’s death was meant to affect Young more than the king since Young was closer to him.

      Joonni is the real expert on this, but since she is busy now working on this recap, I will jump in and just say from what I heard so far, ES does speak in jondae to Young for the most part. but in her quirky way so it comes off sounding more banmal than straight out jondae like Young speaks to the king. Like her side comments to Young are in banmal and same for him. Usually when they are muttering under their breaths. He speaks jondae but drops it when she frustrates him from time to time. I love how comfortable they are around each other in front of KC just so he can see for himself he will never have that kind of relationship with ES. Even if ES keeps up this charade of letting KC woo her, we already know she only did it to save Young. that should teach KC a lesson that a heart can’t be given when it’s already making sacrifices for someone else.

      September 4, 2012
      • joonni #

        Softy is right. Young and ES speak to each other mostly in jondae but mix in banmal from time to time.

        September 4, 2012
  11. Sunshine #

    Oh my goodness. Just finished watching it without subs. Those last few minutes …kudos to drama folks that for the perfect epic feel/lines/pacing…and for those who picked the music…the intense orchestral/choral arrangement with it gave me goosebumps.

    Can anyone explain why it is so significant that they put on Goryeo robes, and why tht would. Be such a powerful symbol to have all the scribes/court people in awe?

    P.s. Joonni thanks for this site, and for your extended recaps!!

    September 4, 2012
    • Adnana #

      I’m going to take a shot at answering your question, but I hope that someone else can later provide a more detailed explanation.

      Yuan is the name for the Chinese empire of that time, and it’s the greatest political and military force in the region. Goryeo is sort of a tributary nation, having promised its allegiance to Yuan (as a compromise, most likely, to avoid being crushed completely by the more powerful Yuan). That means that Yuan held control over a lot of the political aspects in Goryeo, including, for example, the naming of kings: it’s not a coincidence that (as we learn in one of the first episodes) before Gongmin, himself most of his life a prisoner in Yuan, became king, there had been a long procession of kings over a short time, all named and then soon discarded according to Yuan’s whims.

      So Gongmin and his queen laying down the Yuan clothes is symbolic, I believe, for renouncing their country’s (Goryeo) former allegiance toward Yuan. It’s a very brace and unexpected act, which is why everyone is so shocked.

      September 4, 2012
      • joonni #

        Your explanation is perfect, Adnana.

        September 4, 2012
      • sunshine #

        Thanks Adnana! That makes sense. That explains why the queen kept referring to using her for her power..I was confused by that, but your explanation really helped clear it up.

        Now if there could just be some more romance for the OTP, I’d be thrilled…

        September 4, 2012
  12. DMentalist #

    Softly or Jooni,

    Could you or anyone please tell me why CY was released from prison at the end of this episode? Did I miss something in between? Thanks again for the recap…

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      We don’t know exactly how Gongmin got Young released yet. I think we we will find out next ep.

      September 4, 2012
  13. Blue Passion #

    Dear Softy and Joonni: Thank you both for recapping this drama. I finally had time this afternoon to read your post!!! Wow, thanks, it has given me back energy and hope to believe in the King!!!Thank you thank you!!! You are so great.

    September 4, 2012
  14. Thanks for doing this!
    Softy, you made me stop the video and LOL at your aside about KC looking in the mirror and comparing himself to Young. I agree that it is ridiculous that he would wonder why he isn’t THE perfect man for her!
    We found his weakness! Just what the doctor asked Lady Microwave Hand. It is his ego. She will be able to trick him right to the end because KC really believes he can win her heart.

    I vote to bring the old hair back, too!
    Don’t like the prom updo they have LMH in. Yergh!

    September 4, 2012
  15. Joonni – to answer the lake was never frozen question.

    It has to do with Young says about living vs dying.
    Frozen lake means he is headed towards death, and in his mind, inexorably, since he had given up on life.

    The fathers says, “You were never really dying, kid. It was just the way you were looking at it.” Now he sees he IS in the living world. He does have reasons to continue in this world and be happy.

    That is my guess.

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thank you Jomo! It’s very clear in my head now. *hugs*

      September 4, 2012
      • MC06 #

        Yep that’s my guess too… 🙂 The lake is frozen only in his own mind because he feels there’s nothing in his life worth living for. But, his dad made him realized that he has reasons to live.

        September 4, 2012
  16. MeiMei #

    I think that the lake is a symbolism of Young’s heart. In the scenes that Young has with his father, his surroundings are always depicted as a frozen forest with the lake at the centre. But in this episode we see the wintery forest transforming into one that blossoms in spring. So I think that when Young’s father says that the lake was never frozen means that Young’s heart was never cold to begin with, it just needed to be reawakened and just so happens that Eunsoo was the sun that melted his heart. I think the writers were playing on seasonal changes as a metaphor for Young’s own internal struggles. When the bitter cold winter ends, spring begins and once again new life is reborn. I think that Young’s character in this episode was meant to show a transformation (just like when the seasons change). Initially, he was so cold towards Eunsoo but now we are slowly seeing him warm up to her, but he’s too proud to admit it to himself just yet.

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thamks meimei!

      September 5, 2012
    • Ainda #

      Ditto, ladies. The metaphor of the frozen lake dream is an insight into Young’s mind&heart&soul: lost, wandering without direction (his father asking him if he has found what he was looking for and his lack of answer), not seeing nor feeling ‘the life’ within and around him, hence the icy status. And then, the surprise, e.g. the yellow flower, so delicate yet so powerful scent as (un)cover his long lived blood -frozen trail of a life, melting like sun the opacity surrounding him. The spring revives everything as ‘life’ has always been there, hiding underneath the ice, colorfull, meaningful, wonderfull as always. Worth living. He just emerged from the shell, reborn again, trully alive.
      My 2 cents. Delurking to praise your work and devotion, thank you Softy and Joonni! *bows in awe*

      September 5, 2012
  17. Onichick #

    This show brings me such joy. Just EEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I havent been this excited about a couple since QIHM. I kinda am ok if if they never hook on screen, I just like Eunsoo and Choi Young near each other.

    You guys are awesome for recapping for us impatient ones ♥

    September 4, 2012
    • joonni #

      I feel the same way about Eun-soo and Young. I don’t need any kissing. I just want to stare at each other longingly or just bicker like no tomorrow. 😀

      September 4, 2012
  18. Maggie H.V. #

    Hello!! Thanks a lot for your hard work, I’m able to see the episodes without subs and also enjoy your comments and explanations about language and culture. Actually, I read your recaps on my lunch time at work as here the episodes aired at 6:55 am so I don’t have to wait all day to know what happened with my beloved drama… yep, I adore it, must admit I begun to watch because Lee Minho but not only for his face, I’m a real fan of his work.

    Oh, about the scene when Choi hugs Eun-soo and lets her go without a word I feel it was because she didn’t recognize him and didn’t say “psycho, let go” or something alike as she used to say to him… and when she realized it was him he was already gone. Well, just my thoughts about this.

    September 5, 2012
    • Anna #

      hmmm I think it might be because he never wanted her to see him there in the first place, since he didn’t want Ki Chul to find out later. But when she slipped, he just couldn’t help himself and went to save her 😉 He probably planned to check in on her and leave quietly, but he couldn’t let her fall into that ravine and just moved without thinking:D

      September 5, 2012
      • Ainda #

        I second that, never ment to let het know in the first place, just ‘noble stalking’.

        September 5, 2012
  19. Cleo #

    Hello everyone and thanks for your helping me understand details of this drama that have to do with korean history or way of thinking.I have to admit that after Faith my sympathy for Lee Min Ho is getting huge! Not for the pretty face and all this madness about him but because I think that the way this big baby gives his best to make mother happy, proud and rich by working so hard, by letting his manager team squeeze all his energy is totally touching.If he just could see how much he is being underestimated by a production that he could make epic if the directing was not so flat …I don’t think that he is a great actor but he is very good and he has a unique star quality that makes everyone around him wanting to get rich as soon as possible.And I suppose that he has convinced himself that all this wasting of energy is proffesionalism ,but to my eyes he can’t hide that good boy side.I hope he finds real love and freedom away from all this frustration .Something is not right when a 25 years old boy has to have botox or collagen injections and look a little swollen.He has to slow down and stop trying to proove anything to anyone,give himself some time to rest and make true deep relationsips .

    September 5, 2012
    • Maggie H.V. #

      I agree with you about Lee Min Ho has to slow down and stop this kind of abuse from some people around him. He can be a greater actor, but he has to focus on that, I don’t like to see him selling things everywhere.

      September 6, 2012
  20. sun123 #

    Thank you for the great narration, are you a Korean or what?
    This episode is great, left me some great impression – prison cage eye contact, king and CY united, and the most important of all is that CY checking/stalking ES during jail break
    To answer your question on CY dad’s comment that the lake was never once frozen –
    2 things, in the past changed CY prespective in life
    1st was the teacher from the Red-moon death caused the king then
    2nd was the girl friend death also releated to the king
    Thereafter, CY changed from a free n easy n carefree child to an isolated 1-man island, who lived for today and waiting to die tomorrow. That’s why his world is grey and icy becos he has no desire to “live”
    But then becos of ES, his heart is rekindle, remember in the last ?? episode when CY was stil fishing in the icy world ? ? ? the ice on his face cracked and slipped away ? ? ? which means that the ice that he had build in his heart and mind had started to creacked ! ! ! !
    This was the first time that CY return to that world after he regain conciousness due to virus infection after the sword stab from ES – notice the C O U L O R ???

    CY dad alway ask CY “” Find it yet? “””
    I think he mean his heart desire or fire as in amibtion, career, passion, goal in life or wahtever

    I look forward to next week episode….. more of CY/ES and ES/Gil

    September 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Yep, I’m Korean.

      September 7, 2012
  21. jaz #

    Finally! Everything is slowly heading to the right direction. Conflicts are starting to find its own resolve and characters are showing their true nature.

    On the other hand, idk why but why do I love to see LMH cry? Is something wrong with me? That scene where he was reminiscing CJ’s last moments and the way he was intently looking at the flower ES gave him, made me question how an actor can deliver emotions just like that without any speaking lines or big facial expressions. Epic! I admire him more than ever now. HA!

    Btw, with regards to your question Joonni about the significance of the lake never being frozen. Just my POV, I guess Young’s father was trying to picture out what Young sees of the world. I mean, the frozen lake was what Young is experiencing in his life for so long. He has been trapped in an imaginary world leaving him with no freedom by aimlessly living life as he is told to do everyday. When in fact, it is actually just his own eyes deceiving him from the truth and how beautiful the world is. It just depends on how you see it up front and in totality. He just needs to open his heart to anything that is good and he will slowly realize that life isn’t that bad at all. Now, that he seemed to find his reason to live (*crosses fingers*) and I guess that’s what his father was always trying to ask him if he had found it, our warrior will finally see the world in a whole new perspective. I hope that answered your question somehow Joonni or was it more confusing? LOL

    September 6, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thanks Jaz, you helped to clarify 😀

      September 7, 2012
  22. dramanut #

    I’m always comming back here for your recaps =) Many Thanks !

    September 6, 2012
  23. mihaela #

    i think he meant his heart..”the lake was never frozen”…his heart was becouse of pain and he couldn’t see things as they where..but when he “opened” up for eun soo his heart melted..i’m not sure but i don’t think he realise yet the feelings he has for eun soo

    September 7, 2012
    • Missy #

      I think he’s slowly realizing it. When he looked at the flower and he thought about the moment she gave it to him then how she refused to let him touch her after he stabbed CJ to ease his pain. You could kind of see the pain in his face when he relived those words & that moment.

      September 8, 2012
  24. i love this drama. have a lot of “main” roles involving in the stories, but the scriptwriter make them equally important and contributed alot to the story line.

    September 9, 2012
  25. Sorry for asking here –
    do you have the recap for ep 9?
    Thanx…. missed the episode today and the recaps are very helpful


    September 10, 2012
  26. Ahhh I’m so behind on Faith! I didn’t watch 7 and 8 until the end of last week and I haven’t had a chance to comment on here either. 😦 So busy with the beginning of the semester, and I’m full-time this year so I’m going a little crazy.

    I loved episodes 7 and 8, even though they broke my heart into little tiny pieces. Young’s relationship with the young former king is so sweet and gives such an insight into his character. It kills me that he had to end his life, and it kills me that Eun-soo came in when she did, and they said what they did to each other afterwards – but I LOVE what it means for the story, and for their character and relationship development. This is the kind of relationship angst I want to see, not the usual crap in rom-coms and even melos that makes me roll my eyes. It’s not a misunderstanding resulting from a misheard conversation or gossip. It’s a fundamental conflict of their worldviews and life experience. She comes from a world where using a sword to end a child’s life is unthinkable and horrifying. He comes from a world where life and death are always a blade’s breadth away, and comflict is always bloody. Where life’s unfairness usually results in death. Whereas Eun-soo has a very different idea of what a ‘very bad day’ is.

    It’s going to be really interesting seeing how their relationship progresses from here. Before, she trusted him out of necessity: she had no one else to rely on and he was really the only one she knew, who had the skills to protect her and promised he would. It was a bond formed in extreme circumstances, in a short period of time, and we all know those don’t last. This time, once they reconcile, it will have to be by actually understanding each other, and learning to trust each other on a deeper level. She needs to understand what kind of world he lives in and why he made the choice he did. He needs to understand why she’s being friendly with the bad guy, and why violence and death is so disturbing to her.

    I really loved Eun-soo’s ‘date’ with Ki-chul, because it was such a complex scene: 1. it’s funny in that she’s kind of mocking him and making him play her game, and he’s so bewildered by her 2. there’s still and undercurrent of danger, unspoken but present especially when she tries to run away 3. she doesn’t know it but Young is watching, burning with either jealousy, resentment, worry or a combination of all three. There are a lot of scenes like this in Faith, where so much is happening on so many levels – especially with the king and queen. I LOVE that the writer does that. The dialogue is brilliant.

    Also the scene where she almost falls and Young catches her was one of the most romantic I’ve seen in a drama; more so than many a hand-holding or kiss scene. They don’t even look at each other, but he saves her and almost embraces her for a moment, then disappears without a word. And she realizes it wasn’t her enemy, but her protector. And she traces where he held her, as if she can still feel his touch. It was such a charged scene; the silence, the whimsical half-light/half-shadow of the forest – and then she is called back to the ugliness of reality by Ki-chul’s vulgar presence. It’s like she’s waking from a dream. *love*

    I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet, but I will be back once I do! Also, I saw that you’ve been having wrist pain. 😦 I hope it’s not serious and that you’re doing much better! Please don’t strain yourself with too much blogging! (Though I of course love to read your writing. But health takes precedence.)

    September 11, 2012
    • joonni #

      “It’s a fundamental conflict of their worldviews and life experience.”

      This makes the appreciate how awesome it is that we had someone travel back in time this time because it really forces us to understand how different the past can be from the future. In QIHM, Hee-jin learned that Boong-do was going to kill the minister guy and while Hee-jin was alarmed by that, it didn’t affect her or her world. It was really of no consequence to her since it was such a far off thing. But with Eun-soo being in the past this time, and especially because she is doctor, death is not something that can easily ignored.

      Love, love the dialogue in this drama also. It makes it hard to me and Softy to convey the layers in our recap, though.

      Thanks, Laica, for your concern. I’ve been resting basically from Wed-Sunday from blogging. It helps. 🙂

      September 11, 2012
      • 5 years later your blog helped me understand my main question about this piece of art, love this kdrama, just started watching them and this is the best! The only one i have repeat for 10 times already. ❤️ it! Thanks for ur blog!

        August 20, 2017

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