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Recap: “Faith” Episode 11

Softy: I’ve never seen a drama like this before. they play with lives and emotions in ways that shock you so much that it takes your breath away, but then they revive you with all the love and passion. Not just between the characters, but among all these individuals. How they fight and stand up for what they believe in makes their battles worthy of attention and respect.

One Teardrop by Younha (“Faith” OST)

Episode 11

Ki Chul states, “I am the jealous type so I don’t like the people on the list. I don’t want to let those people live.”

Young draws his sword on Ki Chul. He declares that he can kill Ki Chul right now for speaking so improperly in front of the king. Gongmin repeats to Ki Chul what Young said. “with one word from me he can kill you. How could you dare to say such things without fear in front of the king unless you were prepared to lay your life on the line?”

Ki Chul smiles. “Would I have done something this foolish without any back up plan?” Ki Chul tells Gongmin that his first back up plan is at the queen’s quarters and the second plan is with Eun-soo.

Ki Chul tells Gongmin that he heard the first person on the list was killed by a thief.  Ki Chul just continues. “Some time later, the second person on the list was also killed by a thief.” Before Ki Chul can continue with his threat, Gongmin screams, shaking in anger, “So what?!” Ki Chul replies, “You know what you have to do.”

Young tells Gongmin, “I will go and come back so until then, please buy some time.”

Outside, Young orders Dol-bae to notify Lady Choi about the situation. In the village, the Suribang find the carriage with Lee Sung-gye in it. Young rescues Lee Sung-Gye and asks if he knows where Eun-soo is. The boy shakes his head no. Puppy whistles to Young from a rooftop and motions to him to come over.

Hwasooin, annoyed, asks Eun-soo again, “Who is it among the three?” When Eun-soo doesn’t answer, she turns to Eum-ja and says, “Can’t we just kill them all?” She turns to Eun-soo again and says, “I’m going to ask you one last time. If you don’t answer…” Eun-soo interrupts Hwasooin. “So if I tell you who among the three, what are you going to do?” Hwasooin replies, “He told me to get rid of the most precious to you among the three. He told me to domesticate you like this until you obey.

Eun-soo seethes- “Domesticate?” Hwasooin explains that it is Ki Chul’s way- if he wants someone, he first cleans up that person’s surroundings. “Until that person has no one to go to except to Ki Chul.”

Something clicks in Eun-soo’s head. “Was the person who gave Choong-jung the poison…” Hwasooin finishes Eun-soo’s thought. “Of course it was Ki Chul.” She adds, “Although it was Young who gave it to that young royalty.” Hwasooin tilts her head at Eun-soo lack of response. “You didn’t know? You knew.” She asks, “What are you doing to do? Who should we kill first? Hurry and say anyone’s name.”

Eun-soo stands up. “Do what ever you want. I won’t answer that ridiculous question no matter what, so do whatever you guys want.” Eun-soo tries to walk away but Eum-ja blocks her. Hwasooin asks, “What about the patient we caught? That kid will had to die first if you are tiresome.”

Eun-soo tells Hwasooin to go ahead and Hwa-Eum look at her in surprise. Eun-soo demands that Eum-ja move aside. “You guys can’t kill me yet. I know at least that much.  Aside from me -whether you kill someone else or not – it’s not for me to know.” Eum-ja brings his sword to her neck but Eun-soo just walks through and he has no choice but to let her.

Hwasooin tries to go after her but Eum-ja stops her and counts the footsteps of the number of men coming closer. It is the Woodalchi coming to rescue Eun-soo. Eum-ja and Hwasooin watch her leave and Eum-ja says to Hwasooin, “That woman is just leaving.” Hwasooin wonders, “Does it really not matter to her – aside from her -whether other people die or not.” Eum-ja replies, “Should we find out” and starts to play.

Eun-soo hears the flute and turns. She remembers that Eum-ja can kill people with his flute. The Woodalchi men fall to the floor in pain. Eun-soo runs back and yells at Eum-ja to stop but her ears start to hurt and bleed.

Eum-ja is forced to stop playing by an arrow shot his way by a Suribang and Young runs onto the scene. The Woodalchi get up and Young first glares at Hwa-Eum. He then turns to Eun-soo and checks her ears. He gently wipes off the blood (Joonni: Aw!!! So sweet! All this blood wiping between them is killing me). He once again turns to Hwa-Eum and asks, “What do you want to do? Shall we continue or will you back off?”

Hwasooin says to Eum-ja, “I think we know everything we wanted to know.” To Eun-soo she says, “I think that person next to you is the first one- he always comes running, looking for you. Every time. Without exception.”

Young lets Hwa-Eum go. The Woodalchi wonder why Young is letting them go. Young tells them that Hwa-Eum are too powerful for them (the regular Woodalchi guys).

Young asks Eun-soo if she is okay, while reaching out to touch her shoulder but she pushes his hand away and walks off. Young orders the Woodalchi to escort Eun-soo back.

Deok-man walks behind Eun-soo as her steps falter. He tries to help but Eun-soo doesn’t want it. Young rides off on his horse and passes her without looking.

At the palace, Gongmin says to Ki Chul, “So what you want me to do is to do nothing at all? Don’t do anything as a king, even though I am a king?” Ki Chul asks, “Do you know why you have been cornered while I am this confident? It’s because you have a lot of foolish hopes. The biggest one is the hope to become a good king- a king that is praised by his citizens.”

Gongmin asks, “Is that what you don’t like?” Ki Chul replies, “Citizens don’t want a king that values them. No matter what you do, they will complain. So all you have to do is moderately deceive them, push them down, and feed them. If you feed them too much, they will rebel so you feed them just enough.”

Young enters the room and reports to Gongmin that Nogook is safe and Eun-soo is back. Gongmin asks what happened to the people on the list and Young tells him that five died. “There was a note on their dead bodies.” Young turns to Ki Chul and angrily repeats the phrase on the note- “’If you know your mistake, correct it.’ That was what was written on the note.”

Gongmin repeats in shock, “Five?” Ki Chul figures that five people is enough to be a warning to all of Goryeo. Gongmin asks, “Are you saying that there won’t be any more people willing to become my people?” Ki Chul lightheartedly replies, “Was it too few?”

Gongmin, gathering himself, declares that on the full moon of this month, a seo-yeon will be held (a sermon on the Confucian classics held in front of the king). “On that day, my people will teach me about the virtues of a king so you should come too.”

Ki Chul sighs in frustration and anger at a king that JUST DOESN’T GET IT and starts to walk toward Gongmin but Young blocks him. Ki Chul: “Did you say your people?” Gongmin: “I will show you that in Goryeo there are citizens who won’t succumb to threats or feel satisfied with ‘just enough’ food, and want a proper king.”

Ki Chul, angry, walks toward Gongmin to attack him with his freezing power but Young steps in and gets the blow instead. Young tries to move Ki Chul’s hand from his shoulder but Ki Chul is too powerful and Young can barely stand it (Joonni: Oh shoot. That was unexpected. I thought Young would be powerful enough. Oh no.).

Ki Chul stops his attack and says to Gongmin, “Alright. I will look forward to seeing your people on the day of the full moon.” He leaves and Gongmin worriedly calls out to Young. Young assures him that it is nothing and suggests Gongmin go to the queen’s quarters first.

Gongmin rushes into Nogook’s room and grabs her hand. He tells her that she will reside in his quarters until he is sure the danger to her in her quarters is gone. He leads her out. He tells her that Ki Chul came and threatened him with her life. She replies that she heard.  He shyly lets go of her hand and tries to explain whatever he think he is trying to explain. (Joonni: Haha!)  Nogook interrupts his stammering and calmly says, “I will stay with you.” Gongmin smiles. (Joonni: Oh goodness, I want these two to make babies already.)

Nogook and Gongmin walk down the hallway together side by side. Gongmin gives a small smile. (Joonni: I’m swooning here.) Lady Choi pulls Choong-jung back and tells him and the escorts to walk slower and far off. (Joonni: Lady Choi is our cupid!)

Young hides in a corner and checks his shoulder. It has turned blue. (Joonni: Ouch.)

Eun-soo is pacing in her room. She remembers Hwasooin telling her, “He told me to get rid of the most precious to you among the three. He told me to domesticate you like this until you obey.” Eun-soo also remembers her saying, “I think that person next to you is the first one- he always comes running, looking for you. Every time.”

Eun-soo leaves her room and Deok-man follows her as she goes to see the wounded Woodalchi men. She asks if they are okay and they reply yes. She overhears Lee Sung-gye talking to Young. “Everyone told me how you are truly great. You can even fight a hundred men alone.” Young asks if he really believes those kinds of stories but Lee Sung-gye replies that there are people who said that they actually saw it- Young killing two to three people with just one slash of his sword. He sees Young’s sword and asks if that is the legendary sword as he reaches out to touch it.

Young stomps his sword and says, “Listen. First, don’t covet another person’s sword. Second, if a hundred enemies wait for you, run away no matter what.” Lee Sung-gye, confused with this advice, asks, “What?” Young replies, “All you have to kill is that one guy hiding behind the hundred so why fight? Isn’t that right?” Lee Sung-gye agrees. (Joonni: Sure, Young. Teach him how to kill you! *heads desk*)

Young gets up and sees Eun-soo. He asks her if her ear is okay. She replies that they are and tells him that she checked his men and they aren’t seriously injured. Young agrees and assures her that they will be. She starts to walk away but he asks her to speak with him.

Eun-soo and Young walk outside and Young throws a rock at Dol-bae who is sneakily trying to follow them. Deok-man pushes Dol-bae away.

Young asks Eun-soo if the kid he was just talking to is the one she said might kill him in the future. “But I don’t think he will be able to.” Eun-soo doesn’t answer. (Joonni: Eun-soo! I miss your cheerful, pushy, and noisy self! This is so unbecoming of you!)

Young stops her from walking. “I am thinking of asking the king for permission to leave the palace for a while. If he does, I will escort you to the portal to heaven.” Eun-soo replies, “You said that even if we go all the way there, there is no guarantee that the portal will be open.” Young confirms and she continues to ask, “You have a lot of work to do with the king, don’t you?” Young replies yes.

Eun-soo turns to face Young. “But you’re saying that you will keep your oath to me?” Young replies, “If you stay here, it will become more and more dangerous for you.” Eun-soo asks, “Because I know the future and Ki Chul wants me for that reason?”

Young tells her that more and more people will want her, not just Ki Chul. “So I think it is better for you to leave before more people find out.” Eun-soo asks him if the person who caught her that day when she tried to run away from Ki Chul was Young. Young doesn’t answer so Eun-soo continues. “If I looked like I was in danger with that person, you would have fought to rescue me.” Young replies, “Because I made an oath.” Eun-soo: “To protect me? To send me back?” Young: “Yes.”

Eun-soo asks, “If you fight with Ki Chul, can you win?” Young answers, “I will lose.” Eun-soo asks, “In this world when you say ‘lose’ you mean ‘die,’ right?” Young replies, “If you lose a fight, yes.” Eun-soo doesn’t look at Young’s eyes and just says, “Alright, I will think about it.”

Eun-soo starts to walk off but Young stops her. “Do you not smile anymore? Do you not smile just because you are in front of me or can you no longer smile?” (Joonni: Oof. My heart is breaking.) Eun-soo doesn’t answer and leaves Young.

Hwasooin asks Ki Chul what he will do about Young. He replies that Young is worth two-thousand men. Hwasooin: “Still, you can’t have him. He doesn’t seem like someone who will come over easily.” Ki Chul replies that there is a way- a simple one.  He can take his king and Young has to follow. “That’s his limit”

Ki Chul has been looking at the reports on the men that Gongmin wanted for his government. He demands to know which one of them will become the king’s. Yang-gak starts to explain but Ki Chul interrupts him saying, “This is annoying. Just kill anyone who shows up at the seo-yeon.” Ki Won notes that the Woodalchi will be there to protect the seo-yeon.

Ki Chul says he will call the Chilsa (a mercenary group of seven warriors). Everyone raises their eyebrows in alarm since the Chilsa are a scary group who cannot be controlled. Ki Chul just says, “I need get rid of this young king. But before I do, I will teach him exactly what he is capable of only doing.”

Hwasooin asks Ki Chul what he wants to do with Eun-soo. He replies that while Eun-soo is useful, she doesn’t know how this world works. She will come crawling to him when the king and Young are gone and she has no place to go.

Jo Il-shin proudly repeats what Gongmin said to Ki Chul about showing him that the Goryeo citizens want a good king. He believes that Ki Chul is probably deflated and worried right now, but Gongmin doesn’t look so sure. He says to Young, “I said this month’s full moon.” Young: “I heard.” Gongmin: “I said I would show him my people that day.” Young with a dark and serious tone simply replies, “Yes.” Jo Il-shin chimes in to say that  it won’t be hard to gather people because there are a lot of people in Goryeo who are ready to serve Gongmin, especially because he has Eun-soo. Young gives Jo Il-shin a death glare.

Jo Il-shin clears his throat nervously and starts to describe how Eun-soo saved everyone and even knows the future. Gongmin guiltily glances at Young during this speech and Young gives him a hard look. Jo Il-shin adds that he made sure the word spread about Eun-soo. (Joonni: Can I hit him? Can I?)

In the hallway, Young hurries after Gongmin. Gongmin, already knowing what Young wants to say, says, “I am worried too.” Young starts to say that it will be even more dangerous for Eun-soo but Gongmin interrupts him in frustration, “I know that too! But there is no other way.”

Young says to Gongmin, “Ki Chul gathered people and killed them. Through fear, he got their hearts. How are you different from him?” Gongmin glares at Young, “Are you saying that I am like him?” Young counters, “Aren’t you? You will tell everyone about her being from heaven and knowing the future and brag to them that you got her heart.” Gongmin guesses that Young must have a plan if he can criticize the king so freely.

Young declares that he will bring people for the king- without selling off Eun-soo. Gongmin replies, “So you want me to send back Eun-soo? Because of your oath? Young curtly replies, “Of course.” Gongmin is about to yell at Young but he calms down.

Gongmin starts his diatribe- “The one who is supposed to be my first loyal subject- yelling and criticizing me!” Young quickly interrupts him. “Why are you getting angry over something like this? Compared to the people I will bring to you, I am being very gentle.”

When Gongmin doesn’t say anything, Young asks, “Are you afraid?” Gongmin merely replies, “So they will be more rude than you are?” Young: “Will that be okay?” Gongmin: “Okay, let’s see the faces of those people then.” Young: “I will bring them.”

Gongmin walks off so Young calls after him. “Then what about the doctor?” Gongmin angrily yells back, “I will send her back!” (Joonni: Love, love, love this scene.)

Lee Sung-gye’s father hands Jang Bin a gift for Eun-soo. He wants to meet her but Jang Bin tells him that it is hard to meet Eun-soo. Lee Sung-gye brags that he met Eun-soo and that she was definitely someone who came from heaven. The father replies that he heard about Eun-soo’s beauty and skills. He will go back to his hometown and spread the word. Jang Bin looks worried.

Eun-soo looks at herself in the mirror. She remembers Young’s words, “Do you not smile anymore?” She replies to herself, “Of course not.” She puts a smile on her face and says (in English) “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Eun-soo is taking down the directions from Deok-man on how to get to the portal to heaven. Jang Bin walks in and asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she getting directions. Deok-man continues to explain while Eun-soo busily takes it down. Jang Bin pulls the brush from her hand to stop her.

Eun-soo tells Jang Bin that even if she goes and asks for her diary back from Ki Chul, a pervert like him won’t give it back. So she is giving up on that. She is just going to go to that portal and wait quietly there. “Since it opened once, don’t you think it will open again?”

Jang Bin wipes the ink off Eun-soo’s nose while she continues to talk. She wants to ask for money from Nogook. Jang Bin smiles at the thought- “You want to ask the queen for money?” Eun-soo thinks that since she performed the surgery, she can get some money from her.

Bin asks if she told Young any of this. “You’re planning to go there alone, fearlessly, without telling him?” Eun-soo ignores his concern and just asks for a man’s disguise. “When I watch sageuks, people always do that- dress like a man and wear that hat.” (Joonni: Hahahahaha!)

Jang Bin quietly asks her, “Are you afraid to stay here?” Don’t you feel safe with the Woodalchi here to protect you?” Eun-soo replies that the thing she fears most is herself. She doesn’t know what she will end up doing here in Goryeo. “I don’t want to take responsibility for history or politics.”

The Chilsa guys enter Ki Chul’s room and Yang-gak pushes them back, admonishing them for their rudeness. One of them just silently slays Yang-gak. Ki Chul slides over a bundle and tells them that he will decide who and when they will kill. He adds that there is a woman that one of them has to watch. He wants to know everything about her. The Chilsa guys wordlessly take the money and leave.

Young is walking with the Suribang guys. They show Young a home. One of them wants to fight Young but he ignores him.

Young goes inside the house and asks the grandma there if Teacher Lee Jae-hyun ( also referred to a Teacher Ikjae) is here. She silently walks over to a sleeping man and starts to hit him awake. The Suribang guys wonder if that is Teacher Lee. They figure no since Teacher Lee is supposed to be Goryeo’s greatest scholar.

Young introduces himself but the man ignores him. Young wonders if they got the right house and one of the Suribang guys confirms that it is the right house. Young walks over to the sleeping man and informs him that he came to deliver a royal order. The man groggily tells him to go poop so Young drags him to the ground and orders him to listen to the royal order. The man angrily asks what’s the message.

Young bends down to him and says, “I have a message to give your teacher.” The man replies that his teacher won’t understand words spoken by roughnecks like Young. Young tells him to stop twisting his word because he is some scholar- just say that his teacher is hiding because he is scared. “Go tell your teacher this- ‘meet with me if you have the courage’.” Dae-man rushes into the house and calls for Young.

Jang Bin sees Eun-soo’s surgical tools. He goes to her room but she is not there. Bin asks Deo-gi where Eun-soo went and she replies that Eun-soo left, taking Lee Sung-gye’s father’s gift with her.

Eun-soo is in a man’s disguise out in the city. She stops to ask for directions, trying to speak in a man’s sageuk tone. The villager ignores her and walks aways. Eun-soo walks down a path until she sees Young leaning against a tree some ways off. She quickly tries to hide and run away but he’s been waiting for her. He stops her by grabbing onto her sack so Eun-soo says in a man’s voice, “What are you doing?” Young returns the question- “Exactly. What are you doing?” Eun-soo tries to kick him but they don’t reach that far. Young turns her around and pushes up her hat. He eyes her costume and smirks.

Young yells at Deok-man for not watching her carefully. Deok-man retaliates. “Then what could I do? She tried so hard to run away without me noticing and ran. And it’s not like I can catch her and tie her up so I just kept watching her and came all this way.” (Joonni: Aw, the poor boy!) Young orders Puppy to bring a horse. Puppy asks why just one. Young: “I don’t know why I did that but I taught her to ride so just bring one horse so I can tie her up and drag her back.” (Joonni: Hahahahaha! Regretting those lessons, are you?) Young tells Deok-man to wait here.

Young says to Eun-soo, “So you said you would think it over and this is it? You’re going to go to the portal by yourself?” Eun-soo tries to take back her hat but he keeps it away from her. He pulls off her sack and remarks that she packed thoroughly. Eun-soo explains that she got a gift for treating Lee Sung-gye.

Young asks how she can be so fearless. “How can you think of going there alone?” Eun-soo angrily asks if Young will continue to follow her, nagging. Young replies that he is thinking about it- whether to drag her off by force or convince her with words. Eun-soo says to Young, “Let’s end our promise now.” Young turns to her in surprise. “What do you mean?”

Eun-soo explains. “Just like I said. I will forget that you kidnapped me. Since it turned out this way, it can’t be helped. I will just think my life is unlucky and forget about this so the promise to take me back…let’s act like it never happened.” Young asks, “You want me to forget I swore an oath?” Eun-soo replies yes. Young asks if it because he might die fighting to keep his oath. “Is that why you decided to go alone to the portal to heaven? Because you were thinking of me?” Eun-soo doesn’t answer immediately.

Eun-soo says to Young, “You don’t know what the handshake is, do you?” Of course he doesn’t. Eun-soo explains that in her world, it’s for greeting for the first time when people meet, when people are happy to meet after a long time, and when people say goodbye. She holds out her hand for a handshake and tells Young to hold it.

Young does hold her hand, except it is to drag her back. “It’s an oath I took so it is up to me whether I end it or not.” Young just wants her to wait quietly. Eun-soo replies that even if he drags her back like this, she will run away again. Young repeats, “Run away?” Eun-soo: “I can’t watch people die in front of me anymore and I don’t want to get involved in your world. Also…I don’t want to cry because of you. So please let me go.”

Young: “How can I let you go?” Eun-soo: “Protecting me- stop it. You don’t have to protect me anymore. It’s easy to break a promise or oath so end it. Like this.” She grabs her bag but Young holds on. He eventually lets it go and Eun-soo walks off. The Chilsa guy is watching all this.

Young goes to meet some men who have gathered. Young greets Teacher Lee Jae-hyun. Lee Jae-hyun informs Young that he called him over to ask him some questions. He wants Young to open his heart and answer truthfully. Young agrees.

The sleepy man we saw in the cottage describes to Teacher Lee who Young is and who is father is. Lee Jae-hyun informs Young that he knew his father. Young’s father once told him that he had something he wanted to leave his son. Has he heard? Young replies that he heard that his father’s last words were the phrase, “Treat gold like a rock” (basically meaning that one shouldn’t be greedy).

Lee Jae-hyun tells Young that he heard Young was the king’s right-hand man. He finds it strange that Young is with Gongmin when Gongmin doesn’t even have the rock that Young can be greedy for. He wants to know why Young picked Gongmin, when Young hasn’t desired anything in terms of wealth or status for the past seven years.

Young angrily asks if Lee Jae-hyun is asking him to evaluate Gongmin’s worth. Lee Jae-hyun replies that he and the others have given up all hope on the Goryeo throne. They are just living quietly. He wants Young to explain why Young is with Gongmin.

Lady Choi is explaining to Gongmin that Young is meeting with Lee Jae-hyun who is a famous scholar who has a lot of connections. Nogook adds that she has heard of him too. Gongmin asks Lady Choi if Lee Jae-hyun was the person who went to Yuan to opposed the movement to make Goryeo a Yuan state. Lady Choi confirms.

Nogook wonders if someone like Lee Jae-hyun will come. Gongmin asks what Lady Choi thinks. She replies that the person who went to see him (Choi Young) doesn’t really have a way with words so she’s not sure. (Joonni: Ha!)

Lee Jae-hyun asks Young if Gongmin is someone who values his own life a lot (as in the type to be cautious in throwing themselves into dangerous situations.) Young replies yes. Lee Jae-hyun asks if Gongmin is merciful to his citizens to which Young replies that he has not really seen Gongmin interact with his citizens. Lee Jae-hyun asks if Gongmin has a lot of pride in Yuan. Young replies that it seems so. Lee Jae-hyun asks if Gongmin will lay down his life for Goryeo and Young replies that he doesn’t know since he’s never tested him. (Joonni: Young is not really making it easy for people to like Gongmin, is he? Haha!) Lee Jae-hyun finally asks, “Then what can Gongmin give us if we give him the rest of our lives?”

Young wants to ask something before he answers. “What kind of king do you elders want?” Are they waiting for a king who will abundantly heap wealth and prestige to his loyal subjects? Is that why they are asking these questions right now?

Lee Jae-hyun asks again, “Why with this king?” Young replies that it is because Gongmin is the first king he chose on his own. Lee Jae-hyun wants to know what made Young chose Gongmin. Young: “Because he is weak, he is often afraid. And even though he makes a decision, he is confused. And he also often regrets what he did. But he knows how to be ashamed. That’s why I decided- to protect him before he becomes insensitive to embarrassment.” (Joonni: Freakin’ love this.)

Young’s words have convinced Lee Jae-hyun about Gongmin. He asks, though, if Young will be able to protect them until they can show up at the seo-yeon for the king.

Young walks outside, deep in thought. Can he protect all those people?

Eun-soo and Deok-man are at the same dumpling place she was at before with Young. She see Deok-man watching out and she suddenly remembers Young doing the same. She offers Deok-man the dumplings. She worries about him and says that she can go alone. Deok-man replies that he can’t let her because it’s dangerous. Besides, he likes being here. A Chilsa guy is still keeping watch.

Young is with Gongmin. Gongmin asks, “So Teacher Lee said he will come?” Young replies yes. Gongmin: “Without any reward?” Young smiles. “He will probably start asking so you have to handle that one your own.”

Young informs Gongmin that he let Eun-soo go. Gongmin tells him that he heard. He is upset that she left without saying goodbye to him or Nogook. Young laughs- “Because she can get caught again while saying goodbye.” Gongmin playfully reprimands Young. “You never lose one word with me.”

Young, in a more serious tone, says, “Your Majesty.” Gongmin asks, “What are you going to nag about now?” Young tells Gongmin that the Woodalchi are trained well enough to act without orders in most situations. “Always keep them by your side.” Gongmin looks at Young curiously. “But of course.”

Young continues to say that with Teacher Lee, Gongmin will be able to make Goryeo strong again. Young adds, “I heard that the queen is sharing the same quarters as you.” Gongmin shyly starts to explain that it is because he wants to handle with the current crisis. Young asks Gongmin to handle the crisis well.”

Lady Choi reports to Young that the Chilsa have entered the city. Ki Chul hired them. Young sighs in concern. Does Ki Chul really plan to kill everyone who comes to Gongmin?

Lady Choi asks if Young plans to take on the Chilsa guys by himself too. Young replies that he is thinking about. Lady Choi says that she heard that he promised to protect them all (the people who Gongmin wants). Young is amazed that his aunt already heard about this when the talk happened so late last night. (Joonni: Love the camera here. Did they use a different one?)

Lady Choi sarcastically wonders if the air that went into his body when he got stabbed in the stomach has not left yet. “With what strength are you going to protect them all?” Young: “So you can’t believe it too?” Lady Choi replies, “How many times do I have to tell you?” Everyone, including Eun-soo and Gongmin, is a toy to Ki Chul. Young: “So you’re saying that I don’t have the strength to stop him.” Lady Choi replies, “Do you?”

Young says that Mae-hee (Joonni: Thought it was Bae-hee before when Choi Min-soo said it in episode 4)) also didn’t believe that he would be able to protect her. Young adds, “That person didn’t either.” Lady Choi asks, “That person?”

Young says to his aunt, “I don’t remember her face anymore. Since it’s been so long, I can’t remember clearly.” Lady Choi asks, “So what?” Young replies, “What if I don’t even recognize her in the after-world? That shouldn’t happen. So before I really forget, I have to meet her.” Lady Choi asks what the heck he is talking about.

Young stands up and says, “I plan to do what I can.” Lady Choi worriedly grabs his arm- “What is it that you can do?” Young replies that he plans to follow what his father always told him- that the highest level strategy is the simplest one.  He smiles reassuringly at his aunt and walks away. She looks after him in concern.

Young is no longer in Woodalchi uniform but in plain clothes. He looks around the royal court and remembers his encounters with Gongmin- how Gongmin was almost killed in the Yuan border and how Gongmin asked if Young hated him. He also remembers how Gongmin said to him that the only person he can trust is Young. He also remembers how Gongmin met him inside the prison and asked Young to teach him how to fight so he can rescue him.

Young bows to the empty throne and leaves. (Joonni: I want to cry.) Lady Choi watches him leave and looks sad and scared. (Joonni: Me too, lady. Me too.)

Ki Chul looks through Eun-soo’s diary and some pages fall out. Ki Chul puts it back and sighs.

Lady Choi has told Nogook about Young leaving. She adds, “I am nervous.” Nogook replies that she should have stopped Young if she was worried. Lady Choi tells her that Young is not someone who will listen if someone tried to stop him. Nogook asks if Young won’t come back even if she ordered him. Lady Choi informs her that Young is gone already, having cleaned out his room. Nogook wonders what they can do. Lady Choi: “There might be one person who can stop him…” Nogook understands whom Lady Choi is referring so she orders her to hurry. The spy girl heard all this. (Joonni: Argh! Someone kill this girl now!!!)

A girl in pink rushes off on a horse. We can’t see her face.

Suribang guys inform Young that it’s happening tonight. This group meets once a month and in secret. He hands the location to Young. Young asks if the date and time is correct. They say yes because it happens every time once a month at the same time. They ask if Young is really going alone. Young replies, “What will I do if I take you guys along?”

Before leaving, Young fights with the kid who always wanted to. Young fights with a bamboo stalk. He quickly takes the  kid’s weapon and comments that he is always looking at the place he will attack next. “How can you win if you always show your next move?”

Eun-soo is waiting for Deok-man to get them a place to sleep. Suddenly Lady Choi rides up, dressed in pink. She asks to speak to Eun-soo and orders Deok-man to stand guard carefully so that no one gets near.

Lady Choi tells Eun-soo that she came because she thought that Young would listen to her. Eun-soo asks if something has happened so Choi replies that she thinks something will happen.

Lady Choi tells Eun-soo that the cloth on Young’s sword belonged to Young’s fiancé. Eun-soo is surprised to hear that he had a fiancé. Choi explains that they got engaged secretly, planning to hold a wedding when the country was more stable. Eun-soo catches the past tense in Lady Choi’s words. Choi explains that Young’s fiancé died. She tells her how Young’s teacher, the Jeokwaldae general, died to protect the girl and the girl killed herself in guilt a few days later. Eun-soo exclaims in surprise, “Suicide?”

Lady continues to say that after that, Young didn’t really “live.” He always slept and whenever a fight broke out, he was the first to jump in it. “These days, I thought he changed- running around purposefully to do something. I thought it was because of you.”

Lady Choi asks, “You’re the one he calls, “that person,” right?” Eun-soo is not sure. Lady Choi asks again, “Did you say that you didn’t trust him? That you didn’t need him anymore?” Eun-soo doesn’t answer. Lady Choi continues, “So I think that’s why he went found another place that needed him. I think it might be his place of death.”

Young rewraps his sword with Mae-hee’s bandana. Dae-man keeps calling out to Young so Young orders him to go back and give Choong-jung his message. Dae-man refuses; he wants to go with Young. Young yells that he will go alone. “This is something where I have to wait after setting up a trap. I have to do this alone to succeed.”

Dae-man rushes over to Young- “A trap?” Dae-man wonders why Young is using a trap when his usual strategy is to always fight face on.

Young says, “It’s strange- when there’s nothing for me to regret losing or to look back on.” Young pauses before saying, “I must be afraid.” Dae-man stands up in surprise to hear that from his daejang. Young orders Dae-man to not follow him or else. “I’m not kidding around.” Young walks off.

Deok-man asks Eun-soo if she can go on her own. He offers to get a horse and follow right away, but she rides off alone in a hurry.

Ki Chul gets a note passed on from the spy girl. It says that Young will come see Ki Chul, prepared to die. Ki Chul laughs.

Eun-soo rushes to find Young. She remembers asking Young “If you fight with Ki Chul, can you win?” Young answered, “I will lose.” Eun-soo asked, “In this world when you say ‘lose’ you mean ‘die,’ right?” Young replied, “If you lose a fight, yes.”

Young walks through the city to Ki Chul’s house, looking up at the almost full moon.

Preview for Episode 12:

Eun-soo runs over to Young but he has already started fighting Ki Chul and his men.

Ki Chul: “Did you just ask me what I am doing? Right now, I am testing if I can change the history that this woman speaks of. If I can, then we will have a lot to talk about.”

Ki Chul has Young trapped in his arm with a sword at his throat. Young stabs himself to get at Ki Chul.

Ki Chul says to Eun-soo: “So until then, be careful of your body.” Eun-soo holds a knife to her throat.

Softy’s Comments:

You only have this look of determination when you’ve made up your mind. When you know for certain that what you thought was keeping you here is no longer the case. It’s the look not many have cuz what he decided to do is beyond what is expected of him. She told him he no longer had to protect her or keep his promise so now he decided to listen to her. if he kills KC then she is no longer in serious threat so this is his last stand. Who knew it would come so soon at E11. He is jumping the gun a bit, but I think if he does this and survives somehow, it will make both of them snap out of their foolishness in thinking they could ever separate from one another. He already lost one love of his life so I have no idea why he keeps letting go of the one who is right in front of him. Why is it that men are still so dumb even back then. He might be a great general, but someone needs to teach him about being in love. Why should ES call all the shots? He is in this too so he should make the first move. Man up already warrior boy.

Joonni’s Comment:

Oh boy, what an episode. What I love about this drama is how Young and Gongmin’s relationship keep getting tested, so that both grow and change through the experience. Young is a straight arrow with maybe too much balls than is good for his body. He always wants to face things head on and look at things simply but the world just doesn’t work that way. Gongmin on the other hand, has a constant battle going on in his heart and conscious, and has to continuously fight the little fears and doubts that nibble at his trust and courage. I love it when Young and Gongmin have ideological conflicts because it shows us that despite the differences, there is a lot to learn from each position.

It is through these questions of good leadership that Ki Chul keeps throwing at them, that Young and Gongmin learn about each other and their faith in each other grows. So while I’ve seen some people complaining how Ki Chul keeps getting the upper-hand, I’m excited that Ki Chul is a smart villain that keeps our heroes on their toes. Because I like how our king is flawed and complex. We want him to be a good king but it’s not an easy path. Ten episodes are not going to be enough for him to learn how to rule a country.

What I think this drama has a hard time doing is keeping all the plot threads going at same speed, at the same time. If we get a politics heavy episode one day, we get a time-travel mystery on another, or romance one day and bromance the next. But the drama also manages to keep it interesting when the thread comes back so I look forward to each episode watching our heroes and heroines grow, getting stronger and smarter.

My main OTP ❤

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      There’s something wrong with Softy and me. We can’t seem to stop even though we know we don’t need to be this detailed.

      Comment for goodbye-handshake—“Don’t do it Young. Don’t shake her hand!”
      When he grabs her hand to drag her back—-“I love you Young, I love you.”


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    BTW if I may ask;really, how many episodes do this drama has?16/24. Thank you.:-)

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    So many good things!
    LOVE LOVE LOVED the King grabbing the Queen. OOoooweeee!
    Very touching moment and the start of a beautiful screen romance…YAY!

    Love Lady Choi manhandling the Wooldachi whenever they dare get in her orbit.
    How the actors keep a straight face is beyond me.

    What kinda confuses me is how/why ES believes she can protect or hurt Choi with whatever she says or does. I understand that from her perspective, based on what the Dysfunctional Duo told her, that is what KC wants her to think. But she cannot still be that delusional, can she? Choi, as a supporter of the King, is KC natural enemy. He will be a target no matter what!!!

    I don’t like that they are making her push him away for THAT reason. Not that noble idiocy is ever logical, just that I wanted her to be smarter now that she sees exactly how KC is, and what he is capable of.

    September 18, 2012
  24. Swee #

    Hi softy and joonni, just finished watching Ep 11 with subs, there were certain parts that left me scratching my head! A big thank you to the both of you that my head and hair still intact, your recap is so detailed and easy to understand, I know I can count on you two to help me understand a certain scene better. Very good recap, my dear, thank you 😘

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    However, if I were also on Eunsoo’s part, I would do the same for him coz I won’t let anyone just risk his life for my sake. It would be such a burden and my conscience just won’t allow that. I bet Eunsoo had a painful past before where she wasn’t able to save someone dear to her, considering she’s a doctor that’s why she hates seeing blood, more so people around her dying and worst, she’s just there standing helpless.

    September 19, 2012

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