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Recap: “Faith” Episode 12

Joonni: *throws confetti* The cute returns in full force with some forward romantic movement for our OTP’s, and some dangerous situations. It’s an episode full of win for our Gongmin team but as always, things are never that easy.

Softy: If this was an actual job, recapping is the best in the world. I freaking love this episode to death.  So much cute mixed with some pain, but this time that anguish seems to feel less acute. cuz internally this guy is on cloud nine so even if he sheds blood, at least he is at peace in his heart. He was finally able to set aside his first love to make room for his current one.That my friends is called progress on an epic level.

Smile (Lovely Face- Eunsoo) (“Faith” OST)

Episode 12

Ki Chul reads the note informing him that Young is coming to see him, putting his life on the line. Eum-ja runs off, sensing intruders. Sure enough Suribangs are there. Eum-ja chases after them and is about to play his flute, but Ki Chul’s guards are also running around, forcing Eum-ja to stop.

Hwasooin reports to Ki Chul that it seems there are no more intruders and Yang-gak informs him that he has increased the security. Ki Chul wonders what Young is up to- it’s not a frontal attack or a secret assault. Young must be planning a robbery!

Hwasooin asks Eum-ja if there are any more intruders, and he shakes his head no, hearing none. She asks if there was “that guy” among them- the one with pretty eyes. Eum-ja looks annoyed so Hwasooin smiles and hugs his waist, saying, “Let’s go to Ki Chul. His eyes were twinkling.”

Ki Chul takes out Eun-soo’s diary, figuring that this is what Young is coming for. Hwasooin asks if they should order more guards to look for Young. Yang-gak suggests that Ki Chul push tonight’s travel to another day. Hwasooin remarks that since Ki Chul has the night travel on the same night every month, Young might know about it already. Ki Chul agrees. Hwasooin then wonders if they are trying to rob him while he is away.

Something clicks in Ki Chul’s head. Hmm…Young knows how to use his brain. Is he really simply trying to rob him while he is away? “It’s no fun.”

The two Suribang guys talk to each other and one wonders if this is it. The other replies that this is what Young told them to do- just pretend that they were secretly trying to get into the house.

Ki Chul laughs. He’s figured out what Young wants! Young wants Ki Chul to bring the diary and meet him. “Bring it myself or get robbed.” Ki Chul smiles in pleasure, enjoying this game. “Of course I have to go and bring it myself.”

The gay Suribang guy is waiting outside and smiles to see Young coming. He tries to put his arms around Young but Young swirls him off, telling him to stay in the spot and don’t move. Young doesn’t want him to get involved, no matter what happens. He just wants him to hide. The Suribang guy wonders why he has to just hide and Young replies that he needs to find something for him after everything is over. “You also have someone to take it back to.”

Eun-soo is riding rapidly through the streets and her hat and bandana come off. (Softy: Her hair flying like a hair commercial; Joonni: Hahaha! You’re hilarious Softy.)

Young has arrived at the location that Ki Chul is supposed to pass through on his monthly night travel. He sits and waits.

Soon Ki Chul with some of his men arrive. Young fights these men and kills them all. They all disappear like smoke. (Joonni: What?! Ki Chul has this power too?)

Young faces Ki Chul and jumps in the air to attack. They fight and Young gets sliced in the stomach. Young attacks again but Ki Chul has his sword on Young’s shoulder. Then when Young moves in, Ki Chul traps Young in his arms with the sword at his neck, forcing Young to stab himself to get at Ki Chul. Suddenly, Young opens his eyes. He had imagined this all. (Joonni: %$^*! A fakeout?! I declare shenanigans!)

Eun-soo runs into Dae-man and she asks him where Young is. She yells, “You’re always next to him. Why are you here alone now?” Dae-man cries that Young told him not to follow and Eun-soo sighs in frustration. She gets off the horse and starts to run but she trips and falls. She quickly gets up again.

Young waits until Ki Chul shows up alone. Ki Chul asks if Young waited long. Young asks if Ki Chul came alone. Ki Chul replies that if he didn’t, Young would not be able to acknowledge Ki Chul’s victory even in death. Ki Chul tells Young he heard that Young was coming to him, putting his life on the line. Young is amazed that Ki Chul still has a spy at the palace.

Ki Chul wants to know why Young is putting his life on the line to come see him. Young replies, “I have to put my life on the line to kill you.” Ki Chul asks why Young wants to kill him so. Young says he heard that the mercenaries (Chilsa) are in the city. He guessed that Ki Chul called them in. Ki Chul confirms. Young asks if Ki Chul will kill everyone who comes to the king, even if it’s hundreds of people. Ki laughs and replies yes. He is surprised at how soft Young is. How did he make it this far as warrior with that kind of sentimentality?

Young wants to know what Ki Chul hopes to gain through the deaths of hundreds of people. Ki Chul wants Young to guess. Young asks if it is because he wants the king to obey him. Ki Chul replies, “That would be good but there’s more.”

Young gives a dry smile and says, “What I thought was correct.” Ki Chul asks, “What thought?” Young replies, “If I kill you, the world will be a better place to live.”

Ki Chul laughs and asks where the trap is. If Young is putting his life on the line by waiting for him, he must have at least prepared a trap. Young replies that he gave up on that. “Using a trap means that I’m hoping to live. But to have that kind of hope, you are too strong.” Ki Chul asks, “So are you really planning to die?” Young replies, “I will ask you for the last time. Did you bring the diary?” Ki Chul replies yes.

Young attacks Ki Chul but Ki Chul has some awesome moves of his own and he is able to slice Young’s arm and leg. During the fight, Mae-hee’s bandana comes off. Young falls to his knees and remembers what he imagined before about stabbing Ki Chul through himself. He maneuvers himself into the same situation, except this time, Ki Chul lets go of Young before he can stab him. Young and Ki Chul end up face to face, power against power, and Young’s hand freezes.

They break off and run to attack each other again but Eun-soo runs in between them, yelling at both of them to stop. She holds a broken sword up, telling Young to keep away. She pleads for both of them to stop. Ki Chul warns her that the sword is dangerous but Eun-soo points it at her neck. She threatens, “I am heaven’s doctor. I know exactly where you have to slice to die quickly without pain.” Ki Chul asks her if she is planning to die. Eun-soo asks if he is planning to kill her.

Ki Chul frowns, his patience wearing thin. His voice rises as he demands to know when he is going to die. She should at least be able to answer that so he has a reason to let her live. Eun-soo stammers, “Fo..four to five years later.” Ki Chul wants to know by whose hand he dies and if the current king is still on the throne. Eun-soo replies yes. Ki Chul figures then, that the person who kills him is Gongmin .

Ki Chul speaks to Young. “You asked me what I am doing. Right now, I am testing if I can change the history that this woman speaks of.” He turns to Eun-soo. “If I can, then we will have a lot to talk about.” He growls, “So until then, take care of yourself.” Ki Chul leaves.

Young grabs the sword from Eun-soo and yells, “What are you doing? How could you jump in here? How could you dare to put a knife to your throat without any fear? Are you desperate to die?” Eun-soo retorts that the one desperate to die is Young. “You said you couldn’t win against him. What’s wrong with you? If you lose and die- is that the end? How could you only think of yourself?!”

Young walks off, angry, but Eun-soo calls to him. “I couldn’t run away from Ki Chul, could I? But I argued that I could go alone and told you to go away and that I didn’t you need. So you had no choice but to do this. Then if you died, I would have been the one that killed you.” Eun-soo takes a breath. “You know what it feels like to be left behind. You’re really awful.” Young stares at her, surprised that she knows about Mae-hee.

Eun-soo wraps up his injured hand and sits next to him. Young examines his other hand, which is still blue and icey from Ki Chul’s attack. Eun-soo gently tells him to stop rubbing it and she reaches out for his hand but Young pulls back. But our pushy Eun-soo has returned so she tries again and this time Young doesn’t pull away. She tells him that because he can get frostbite, he shouldn’t move his fingers until the circulation comes back. She gently encases his hand with her own, saying, “It would be better to put it in warm water.” Young looks at her in surprise and simply replies, “Okay.”

Eun-soo starts to blow on Young’s hand and Young, seeing her hair cover her face, starts to reach out to move it but she moves away. He tries again and this time he succeeds but he sees that she’s been crying. Young turns away in surprise. He says, not looking at her, “I thought it was the easiest thing I could do. I thought I should just try and if it didn’t work out, oh well. That’s how I always lived so it’s a habit.” He looks at her again and sees that she is still crying. He says, “Easily putting my life on the line that like- I won’t do it again.” (Joonni: *swoon* *squeal!*)

Eun-soo stops crying and looks at him. Young: “Don’t cry.” She nods. They look at each for a while then Eun-soo looks away. Young’s hand has warmed up. (Softy: along with the rest of him I bet.)

Ki Chul sits hunched over in pain and weakness. Yang-gak says to him, “I told you to not use your power and if you had to, you should use it briefly.” He wonders if Young was strong enough to warrant Ki Chul’s use of his power. Ki Chul gets into the hot tub and remembers how Eun-soo told him that Yuan won’t last long and she knows how he will die.

Ki Chul says, “She said I will die in four to five years. How is someone’s lifespan determined? Who? How? Can something that is already determined be changed? If the current king is the one who will kill me, I will change the king. If the current country is the one that destroys me, I will change the country. If it is the heavens that determined it, I will change the heavens too.” (Softy: someone give him back his hair pins cuz he looks awful and scary. Joonni: He looks like a lunatic. LMAO.)

Eun-soo tells Young, “Okay, I decided. I won’t run away again.” (Joonni: Oh, thank god!) Young smiles and replies that she thought well. Eun-soo says, “Then if I don’t run away, what do I do? It can’t be help. I have to fight. Isn’t that right?” While she is saying this, Young shoos away Deok-man and Dae-man who have been following them. Dae-man doesn’t want to leave so Deok-man drags him away. (Joonni: Why is this show so funny?).

Young asks if she can just stay still without running away or fighting. Eun-soo replies she can’t do that- just breathing and living. “I can’t do that at all.” She turns to Young. “So I was thinking, Choi Young-shi. Want to be partners?” Young: “Huh?” Eun-soo tells him that her goal right now is to get back the diary that Ki Chul has and Young’s goal is to protect the king from Ki Chul. Young confirms that for now, it is as she said.

Eun-soo figures that since Ki Chul is not just going to give her back the diary, the only way is for Gongmin to get powerful enough to demand the diary from him. “So our goal is the same. From here on, we have to be ‘partners.’ Repeat after me- ‘partner’.”

Young shifts his eyes and looks elsewhere so Eun-soo asks, “Are you really not going to learn any words from heaven? ‘Partner’- it’s not hard to pronounce.” Young asks what the word means and she tells him that its two people who have one goal, fighting together on the same side. Young smiles.

The gay Suribang guy tries to go to Young but the “D” guys stop him (Joonni: I’m just going to call Deok-man and Dae-man the “D” guys now.)

Eun-soo asks Young to sit. “I saved your life so can’t you do this much?” Young sits and she sits across from him. “If we are going to become partners, there are a few things we have to do for each other. First – we have to tell each other about everything. For example, like now if you are taking me somewhere, you have to tell me where and why.” Young tells her that they are going to the king right now so he can request that they place Eun-soo with the queen. Eun-soo is happy that Young is complying with the rules of partnership.

Eun-soo sits next to Young. “Second, partners protect each other.” Young snorts- “each other?” Eun-soo replies that she told him that partners fight together. “You can’t go off by yourself, without saying anything, to fight someone alone.”

Young stands up. Okay, he’ll agree to this. But the same applies to Eun-soo. She agrees and asks for a handshake. Young thought that the handshake was only when you meet or say goodbye. Eun-soo replies that the handshake is also for when people make a pact.

Young doesn’t want to do it so Eun-soo grabs his hand and forces a handshake. She teaches him, “You hold the hand firmly and shake it up and down.” He looks over at the “D” guys who are watching and giggling in delight. Young asks Eun-soo, “Didn’t you say we should help each other?” Eun-soo replies yes- “You protect me and I protect you. That’s what ‘partners’ are.” Young leans in- “Then can you help me protect my image?” Eun-soo notices the “D” guys. Lady Choi also walks in on the scene. Young and Eun-soo break off and Eun-soo clears her throat, understanding what Young meant. (Joonni: I don’t think I have ever laughed this much for this drama yet. Hahahahahaha! I’m so glad that our old Eun-soo is back.)

Eun-soo meets with Gongmin and Nogook. Gongmin says to Eun-soo, “I heard you left alone.” Eun-soo replies, “I was going to but I heard this guy”- she points to Young- “was is danger so I came running back. What a difficult night!” Gongmin asks her if something happened so Young answers for her, “Nothing much.” Eun-soo starts to say, “What do you mean nothing much? This guy…” She points at Young again but this time, Young grabs her hand to stop her.

Young informs Gongmin that they came to request that Eun-soo be placed with the Queen so her bodyguards can also protect Eun-soo. Gongmin asks Nogook if it will be okay and she agrees.

Gongmin wants to know more about what Eun-soo said about the future. What is this Joseon that she spoke of? Eun-soo struggles to be vague- “Joseon is this country that is faaaaar off somewhere in Southeast Asia…where a lot of “Lee’s” lived.” (Joonni: Joseon is the Lee/Yi dynasty.) Eun-soo stops her tale and simply tells Gongmin that truthfully, she doesn’t really know about the future. Young tells her to stop talking about something that she doesn’t know very well but Eun-soo continues. She says, “I don’t know if that future happened after I came here or if I know the future that happened before.” Young whispers to her, “Do you not hear me?”

Eun-soo retorts that she isn’t saying that she knows something. Still Young wants her to stop. Eun-soo stands up in anger and yells at him. “Can’t I even tell him that I don’t know?” Young is frustrated that she is telling the king stuff she doesn’t know. Eun-soo complains that this isn’t a partnership, with him telling her one-directionally what to do, so Young points his finger at her, telling her to stop. Eun-soo angrily pushes his hand away- “Stop what?” Gongmin, Nogook, and Lady Choi all watch this bickering in speechless surprise. Young clears his throat sheepishly when he realizes the show he just put on in front of them.

In her room, Eun-soo says angrily, “So…what do I have to do? Should I go in somewhere and live in hiding like I am dead? Don’t meet people. Don’t talk. Ignore people even when they are hurt…Should I not even breathe?! History? The future? Give those to the dogs because I want to live.” Eun-soo sits down. She has been yelling at a vase this whole time. (Joonni: Shenanigans!) Eun-soo wags her finger at the vase, pretending it’s Young. “What? Do you have a problem with my decision?” Eun-soo rolls around in frustration.


Deok-man is telling the other Woodalchi guys how Eun-soo put out her hand and Young grabbed it to drag her away. The other guys don’t believe that their daejang would have held the doctor’s hand like that. Deok-man wants Dae-man to support him but Dae-man replies that he didn’t see that happen. But he did see Eun-soo blow air into Young’s mouth when she was saving him. Not just once but many times! The other guys go into shock.

Young looks at his sword long and hard. He takes off the bandana and puts it in a box. Lady Choi comes in and says, “So it seems that Eun-soo made it on time- before you did something stupid.” She adds that she was surprised, though, that there was someone in this world who would be able to stop him. “Oh wait. She is not of this world.”

Young replies that because of Eun-soo, it’s gotten complicated for him. He now has to protect each and every person instead of just killing Ki Chul. Lady Choi smacks him upside the head. (Joonni: Good job!) Is he bragging about the fact that he was planning to die with Ki Chul?!

Young raises his hand to protect himself. “Do you know how busy I am? I have to first make sure that the people coming to the seoyeon (Confucian lecture that Gongmin is holding) are safe. Lady Choi offers Young her bodyguard group, the Moogakshi. Young tells her that they have to fight the Chilsa. Lady Choi says that the biggest problem is finding them. Young adds that the Chilsa’s greatest strength is their ability to hide.

Lady Choi remembers. Didn’t Young say that there was spy among them? Young replies that Ki Chul knew exactly that Young was coming to see him. Young wonders how that information leaked. Lady Choi’s eyes open wide. She said that to the queen. Young asks who else was there. Lady Choi replies that she will take care of it. Young tells her not too. They should use that spy for their own purpose. Lady Choi realizes that Young wants to use the spy to drag out the Chilsa. Young doesn’t want them to all come out at the same time, however. He can’t handle them all at the same time. She says she will take care of it.

Lady Choi wants to know what Eun-soo did to stop him. Did she lay out some heavenly law? Young replies that she laid out her life. His voice rises as he describes how Eun-soo drew a sword at her own neck, even though she said she hates the smell of blood! He sighs and leaves the room angrily. Lady Choi watches with her mouth wide open.

In her room, Eun-soo can’t believe that they want her to wear so many layers. Lady Choi offers to help. As she holds up the clothes, she says to Eun-soo, “I have a favor to ask but Young didn’t want me to, saying that because you are from heaven, you wouldn’t want to lie.” But Eun-soo is eager to help and her eyes widen. “So you want me to help by lying?” Lady Choi replies that if Eun-soo doesn’t want to, she can find another way.

Eun-soo suddenly sits Lady Choi down and asks her, “Do you remember your face in your twenties?” Eun-soo touches and examines Lady Choi’s face, listing the things she can do to make her younger. Lady Choi excitedly asks if that is possible. (Joonni: Even our gruff Lady Choi is vain! Hahaha!) Eun-soo laughs. She was just lying. See, she lies very well. She does it all the time! (Softy: LOL; Joonni: Plastic surgeons are all liars! Hahaha!)

Gongmin is drawing while Nogook is preparing the ink. He says to her, “There are only four days left until the seoyeon. They say today and tomorrow are the most critical days.” She assures that since everyone is on alert, everything will be okay. Gongmin is still worried. “He really plans to kill everyone who comes to me.” Nogook assures that Ki Chul will be stopped.

Gongmin continues. “Killing everyone who is on my side- how can he regard people’s lives so lightly.” His voice rises as he says, “What am I for him to kill so many people over?” Nogook interrupts him and says, “You are not the same as him.” But Gongmin still doubts himself. He is the one that decided to hold the seoyeon- he risked so many lives just for himself. Nogook replies, “Still. You are different from him.” He asks how he is different. Nogook replies that he can show Ki Chul that he is different. “If you don’t believe in yourself, the people who are working so hard for you…they become pitiful then.” (Joonni: I’m melting here. Gongmin confiding in Nogook and Nogook reassuring him. Love love love!)

The Woodalchi and Moogakshi change into plain clothes. (Joonni: And we get a little fanservice here. Teehee.) In voice over, we hear Young and Lady Choi order them to make sure that they don’t get caught or recognized.

Eun-soo is telling Gongmin, in front of the spy girl, that he doesn’t need to worry about Teacher Lee Jae-hyun and his students because they are not on his side and will later go to Yuan. Jo Il-shin crosses out Lee Jae-hyun from the list.

Ki Chul hears that Eun-soo has started telling Gongmin about the people who will help him or not. She is also not telling him all at once but one name at a time.

Eun-soo continues to give Jo Il-shin some names. She has a cheat sheet written on her hand. The spy girl leaves to report and thankfully, Lady Choi now knows who the spy is. (Joonni: Yay! *throws confetti*)

Ki Won informs his brother that the list of people Eun-soo is giving does not have the same people they ordered to have killed. But there is a name of a person that they did order to kill. It’s all very confusing for Ki Chul and his men.

Teacher Lee’s student, the one who was sleeping when Young first met him, is dragged away by the Woodalchi, and the grandmother is led away by the Moogakshi.

Eun-soo tells Jo Il-shin that in history, it was written that Gongmin took the people that he needed most and hid them in something like a “witness protection program.” Only one person knew of the secret location and that person was the king’s bodyguard. The spy girl goes off to report again. (Joonni: La! I’m so happy!)

The Chilsa guy goes to a man’s house and ends up killing him.

Ki Chul hears that people have disappeared. “The list that we had and the new list. Now we don’t know who is our enemy or not.” Now Ki Chul isn’t sure if the people he killed could have been on his side later. Ki Won reports that Eun-soo said there was only person who knows where everyone is hidden. Ki Chul assumes that it must be Young. Young is basically telling Ki Chul to send everyone to him instead of running around trying to kill others.

Eum-ja offers to go but Ki Chul tells him that he has something else for him to do. He wants Hwa-Eum to go and bring back someone. Hwasooin asks where they have to go- she hates all this politics and want to go somewhere far from the palace.

Young is there to escort Lee Jae-hyun. Lee Jae-hyun asks if the situation is that dangerous. Young replies that he thinks it will be. Lee Jae-hyun asks about the others and Young tells him that they have safely been hidden.

Lee Jae-hyun sighs and looks up at the sky. “I thought this when I heard that a new king was coming. If everything remained peaceful, there was no hope. But if there was going to be change, then blood will be shed.” Lee Jae-hyun feels sorry for Young- a warrior like him born into this era has to continue to kill until he is killed.

Eun-soo is taking in some fresh air. Young comes up behind her and asks what she is doing here. Eun-soo is surprised by his sudden appearance and complains that he doesn’t even make footstep sounds. Young asks where the Moogakshi are and she points them out. She tells him that she just wanted to walk alone. She assures him that all she did was just take a small walk. There is no need for him to worry. (Joonni: Aw, that shy and pleased look on her face!)

Young tells her he heard that she got involved. Eun-soo: “Oh, you mean giving away heaven’s knowledge? How was it? Did it help?” Young asks her, “Even if I stop you, you will keep doing what you want, right?” Eun-soo complains that Young is always serious and worried. She hits his shoulder again telling him he will get ill if he keeps it up.

Eun-soo twirls around and asks Young what he thinks of the new clothes. The queen gave it to her. Does she look like a Goryeo person? Young clears his throat and just tells her to go back inside.

Eun-soo sits down on a bench and asks, “How is this place?” She tells him that in her world, partners share a drink at the end of the day. Since there are no bars in the palace, they should meet here and have a drink every day, around this time. Young blankly asks, “Meet and do what?” (Joonni: Boy, you are so dense! She wants to see you everyday!) Eun-soo answers, “Meet to discuss what to do next and encourage each other.”

Young clears his throat again. (Joonni: Do you have some kind of phlegm problem? You’re going to clear that throat dry! ROFLMAO.) Young tells her that it will be difficult for some time since he is going to be busy.

Eun-soo stands up and says seriously, “I know. I am that one that said the only person who knows is the king’s bodyguard.” Young smiles. He heard that she lied and pretended very well. Eun-soo asks worriedly, “So are you going to fight them all by yourself again?” Young replies that it’s easier waiting for them to come to him then going around looking for them. Eun-soo asks, “Can you win if you fight?” Young smiles and reassures her. “If I fight properly, I don’t think I will lose.” Eun-soo sighs and nods. (Joonni: Goodness gracious. My mouth is going to rip apart from all this grinning.)

Young tells Eun-soo to lift up her skirt, while he grabs her leg. He ties a knife to her leg. She asks him what she is supposed to do with it. Young tells her to use it in an emergency. Eun-soo can’t believe he wants her to stab someone when she is a doctor. Young advises her to stab first and treat later. “You did the same to me.” Eun-soo retorts, “Didn’t you say not to stab if I don’t know how to.” Young tells her that he will teach her. He doesn’t know if he can come here everyday but if he can, he will teach her here. He warns her to stay close to the Moogakshi.

Before he leaves, she calls out to him and waves goodbye and says, “Come back soon.” He smiles and leaves. (Joonni: Oh my god, I just had a terrible thought. If this drama ends with Eun-soo going back to the future alone, she is going to wave goodbye like this and Young is going to do the same. OMG. What a sad, horrible, beautifully romantic thought. ㅠㅠ). Eun-soo’s smiling face turns into a worried one as soon as he turns away.

Young walks in on the Suribang siblings fighting. The man asks if Young is sure that everyone is only targeting him. Young is pretty sure. The sister is worried that seven (Chilsa) is a lot. The brother assures Young that while the Chilsa guys are good at surprise attacks, if Young fights them one by one, he can defeat them. In case, though, of a surprise attack, the Suribang will be there to help. The sister adds that the Suribang will help them only a liiiiiiiiittle. Young laughs.

The brother asks why Young is laughing. Young says, “(Even though you act that way) you’re happy to help someone.” The sister denies it but Young tells her to speak truthfully- he knows that they’ve been bored. The siblings deny it but Young continues to tease them. The sister just angrily says that she will give him food so make sure he eats since he has to fight. (Joonni: Aw, everyone is so gruff and rough but they all care about each other. <3<3<3)

Jang Bin is teaching Eun-soo how to read someone’s pulse the eastern medicine way. He stands up in surprise to see Ki Chul here at the palace. Eun-soo hides behind Jang Bin. Bin asks how Ki Chul got in but Ki Chul replies that he came to see Eun-soo. He heard that Eun-soo has been telling Gongmin a lot of information. He wants to know what he can do for her to do the same for him- treating her nicely or threatening her hasn’t worked. Eun-soo replies that she told him that if he gives her back her diary, she will try talking to him. Ki Chul asks if that is the only way.

Nogook enters the scene and yells at the Moogakshi for letting Ki Chul in. The Woodalchi show up and inform Ki Chul that the king is asking for him. Ki Chul says to Eun-soo, “I think you and I got off on the wrong foot from our first meeting. Let’s try to have a good meeting later.” Ki Chul leaves with the Woodalchi.

Eun-soo asks Nogook why Ki Chul came. Nogook answers that she doesn’t know since Ki Chul is a slimy snake. (Joonni: So I added the word slimy. Can’t help it.) Eun-soo wonders if something happened to Young.

Gongmin sarcastically says to Ki Chul, “My palace is like your front yard.” He asks Ki Chul if he came to see if there was anyone else to kill. Ki Chul replies that he only came to see how Eun-soo was doing. Gongmin asks when Ki Chul will realize that the people around him are not people who are going to be shaken by Ki Chul’s threats. Ki Chul asks Gongmin if he is sure. “I bet Young is running around, trying to clean up the mess you made with your words (about the seoyeon). Even if it is someone like Young, won’t he become tired of doing this many more times?”

Gongmin looks a little shaken. Ki Chul continues. Eun-soo is quite smart. Won’t she figure out who has the power to protect her? Gongmin glares at Ki Chul. He’s figured out why Ki Chul came today. He came to put doubts in Gongmin’s mind. Ki Chul laughs and informs Gongmin that he got a message from his sister, the Yuan empress, asking if the king is worthy of serving. Does Goryeo need a better king?

Nogook declares that she will do it herself. Nogook takes off her outer robe and starts to clean up Gongmin’s desk. She shyly asks Lady Choi want other women do when their husband is having a hard time or is troubled. Lady Choi replies that she doesn’t know. So she asks Gongmin’s aide who’s married, what his wife does. He replies that his wife prepares a wine table (offer alcohol).

Nogook wonders what kind of alcohol so Lady Choi offers some choices. Nogook asks if Gongmin will feel better if she offers prepares a wine table for him. The aide tries to reply that it’s not just preparing the wine but what happens after but he can’t finish such descriptions in front of the queen. He begs for her to take the question back.

Nogook doesn’t understand why the aide is reacting that way. Lady Choi urges the aide to continue. (Joonni: So our virgin Lady Choi doesn’t know either? HAHAHAHAHA!) The aide is forced to say that he and his wife go to “bed” together. Nogook and Lady Choi’s eyes open wide in shock and embarrassment.

Gongmin enters the room and he is surprised to see the aide on the floor. He asks what’s going on but Nogook quickly rushes out with Lady Choi chasing after her. Gongmin asks his aide, who is called Do-chi, “What happened?” Do-chi begs to be killed.

Hwasooin introduces herself to man called Deok Heung. She tells him that Ki Chul sent them. Did he receive the message they sent ahead? Deok Heung yawns. Hwasooin asks if he knows how to ride a horse. If not, shall they prepare a carriage?

Deok Heung reads out loud a Confucian(?) teaching that says that even though it seems like there is no road because of the mountains and streams, among the blooming flowers, there stands another village. Deok Heung leaves laughing. Eum-ja asks Hwasooin what the heck the guy just said.

The Chilsa have come to fight Young. They are fast, almost like they are invisible.

In another location, Eun-soo is walking outside, saying the air is good.

In the forest, another Chilsa guy is chasing a Suribang guy disguised as Young.

Three Chilsa attack the real Young and he kills all of them. He counts, “Three.”

Young is at a smithy. He says out loud, “Let’s end it here. You’re killing for money so if I die, it’s the end for you.” Young sits down and pulls out his sword. He says, “I know this person and for that person, the most important thing is living. But you and I don’t know that. For us, living is simply not dying. But for that person, it is different. That person is really living. Vigorously.”

One Chilsa guy shows up and Young kills him. Young continues to talk. “So when I look at her, I start to think- ‘what the heck am I doing right now?’” Young closes the dead guy’s eyes and counts four.

Eun-soo feels her own pulse, trying to learn how to read it like Jang Bin showed her.

Young washes his bloody hand with the rain. Another Chilsa guy attacks and Young kills him. Young counts five that he has killed so far.

Eun-soo is practicing some sword fighting moves when Deok Heung shows up. Deok Heung introduces himself as Gongmin’s uncle (on his mother’s side). He tells her that he heard she is from heaven. He offers Eun-soo her diary saying, “He said you would be glad to see me if I gave you this.” The Moogakshi pass the diary to her.

Young kills the sixth Chilsa but he drops his sword and falls to the ground in pain.

Softy’s Comment:

Cinderella got glass slippers. Most of us want nice shoes too, but poor ES gets a knife tied to her leg. I didnt know if I was supposed to swoon over something like that. on the one hand it’s romantic as heck cuz he wants to keep her safe, but on the other hand it’s sobering to realize she might really need to use that one day. I think what i love the most about this couple is they are just not predictable. You never know what they will do or say to each other and every time it’s something surprising. romantic, but still shocking. There is a saying about couples like this – if there is this much intensity building, no one knows when it will come to the surface and erupt. I am willing to bet good money it’s going to be worth the wait.

Written before it aired: Every night before a recap, I search for a photo to paste -something that will trigger an idea for me to write an intro. For the dramas I love, inspiration comes to me even as early as the night before. That’s what happens often for Faith. I get so lost in the characters by putting myself in their positions and see and feel things from their perspective. Last night when I saw this scene, I almost stopped recapping cuz it was so beautiful. As everyone knows by now, my bias for this guy’s side profile is unparalleled so I chose this cuz he looks like a camera director’s dream come true. But more importantly the look on his face evokes the range of emotion his character is feeling in this moment. He made a decision to do something that could cost his life and after all this time being so determined to carry out his duties, it’s like he allowed himself to pause and look back. For a brief moment, I think he was being human and might have been having second thoughts. When he confided that “there’s nothing for me to regret losing or to look back on,” those words were the exact opposite of what he was feeling. I bet he wanted the chance to do things differently. I just know he had regrets losing the opportunity to be more open with Eun Soo about his feelings. He let her walk away from him so she can protect him so he would stop fighting for her sake. I bet he even thinks this way she might get her smile back. What he doesn’t understand is that the reason Eun Soo was coming to stop him was if anything happened to him, she would lose her ability to smile for a long time to come. He already lived through that pain for seven years so I don’t get why he wants to put her through that as well. It sort of makes you wonder – why can’t he see that the price he is paying to protect the one he loves is just too high. In this case, it’s going to cost both their hearts.

Joonni’s comment:

What a fantastic episode. I think it’s the first time I swooned and giggled so much for this drama. Sad Eun-soo was no fun and now with both Young and Eun-soo with their heads on straight, I think we can expect some more swoon in the future.

The question of death is something that looms over this drama constantly and this is what I love about sageuks. Now with the addition of time-travel, that question becomes even more interesting as Ki Chul struggles hard to fight “fate.” Ki Chul has sort of received a death sentence from Eun-soo and so he is struggling to stay alive against that deadline. He fears death. For Young, there was always the danger of death so he does not fear it. But unlike before, when living had just been a journey towards death, life has a purpose.

I love how Gongmin and Nogook can now sit with each other and confide. Our beautiful royal couple has come so far! Now they should start making babies. I expect to see more of Lady Choi’s cupid activities.

Question: Do you think that Young fully comprehends that he is in love with Eun-soo?

Is it next week yet???


Realized something deep into a sleepless night, thanks to SH‘s comment. The juxtaposition of those scenes between Eun-soo learning how to read pulse and practicing how to fight, and Young giving the speech and fighting the Chilsa show exactly how much Eun-soo really does live “vigorously.” Those scenes of Eun-soo also show her finally making a place for herself in this world, getting involved and willing to learn. Both she and Young are fighting in their own way to “live” properly.

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    Eun Soo better knock some sense to him… you knew he always literal right?

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    I’m glad that Lady Choi knocked some sense into ES. I love how she is written as such a smart woman.

    Hopefully now ES grasps that in order to keep CY alive, she has to allow CY to have the job of keeping HER alive. Fun paradox. And she knows that neither man wants her harmed. Powerful position to be in. And scary.

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    love ES and Y partnering up and living for each other…her running back to save Y finally broke uncertainties between them. He has a reason to live and ES has a reason to stay. oooh rendezvous place and did he really lift up her dress? where’s aunty lady Choi, she’s probably already getting a report of bare legs again! will she be able to handle G and N and now ES and Y!!?!!

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    And CY goes through a refreshing change–he smiles and jokes often now. Would’ve love it even better if LMH would suppress his cutesy for-fan-smiles–kinda “unbecoming” of a warrior character, I think. But I was drawn also to his side profile like you, Softy. So even if I’m not a fan of him (and I keep saying that), I took a chance in watching Faith. And boy, was I hooked in–line, sinker and all!! Ha ha ha 🙂

    BTW, do both of you to recap each episode? Pardon the ignorance… Since I’ve been reading the recaps usually during the mid-day, I wonder why I always get to read Jooni’s recap (“Episode” always spelled out) when I thought you two are supposed to alternate (Softy’s label starts with “Ep”)?? Anyway, I’ll check back on the long recap.

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      As much as a happy ending would be nice, I just don’t see either one of these two people able to live in each other’s world/time.

      September 18, 2012
      • Pam lee #

        Noooooo…don’t say that, Joonni! There’s always hope that they can be together! I’m dying here. Unless ES finds CY’s reincarnation in her world but yet it won’t be the same 😦 That would be rooftop prince’s ending. This Kdrama is killing me….in a good way.

        September 19, 2012
        • joonni #

          I don’t know…from the get-go I never expected our OTP to have a happy ending so I’m not very worried.
          Ugh…I would hate reincarnation stuff.

          September 19, 2012
          • Nevermind #

            I’m still hopeful much like the other half of Faith’s followers here.

            Wiki’s profile of Gen. Choe Yeong says that he even became a farmer (not a fisherman like what he said in the drama?) and a mayor briefly at some point in his life before he was called back to fight against a coup staged by his former military subordinate (and rival) Yi Seonggye (whom ES treated from apendicitis). So that meant CY left his military career and lived a normal life. Ergo, Ms. Writer can “expand” that time and include a ES-character in the story, pretty pleeease?. But his demise at age 72 during the rule of Yi Seonggye cannot be changed. (Fine!) 🙂

            September 20, 2012
  23. Thanks for the recap, ladies! Love the asides – especially about KC needing his hairpins back. AGREE!

    I echo Softy’s freaking love for this one!! WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!

    There is a definite ratio of amount of ES to happiness in an episode.
    The more the better!!

    I pretty much stopped moving during the hand holding scene. I know I was crying without realizing it. So beautifully played by both actors.
    They do not at all make a good couple – as in a typical matching couple, but they make such a GREAT COUPLE! It is complicated, but loving.

    I cackled from the scene that starts with ES saying “I won’t run away again.” to when she was rolling around on the floor (Hotaru anyone?) The back and forth between ES and CY – both so exasperated at the other one and ES not wanting to be shut up was hilarious. The K and Q’s stunned silence was perfect, too.

    The less said about KC the better, except, he DID get into a bathtub filled with dry ice. Notice there were no water sounds. They couldn’t add those in after?

    Finally using the spies for good, even though they still can’t keep KC out. Like how they hung a lantern on that with the King saying, “My palace is like your frontyard.”

    September 18, 2012
    • I wanted to clarify my bath comment.
      It sounded like he sat in a cauldron since was all a-bubble, but there were no bathwater splashy sounds. Don’t tell me he used his super powers to make the first whirlpool!

      September 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Haha! Hotaru! All we need is some beer and apple hair on Eun-soo.

      I know, right? Ki Chul must have a secret tunnel in because he is just always getting in and out. *rolls eyes*

      September 18, 2012
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      Hee! Especially because we were both excited about this episode. 😀

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  25. SH #

    Thanks Joonni and Softy for this and other Faith recaps! I’ve been lurking here since Faith started airing, but haven’t properly introduced myself yet until now – I’ve been a Kdrama viewer since 2003 and an official Lee Min-ho fangirl since 2009 😀

    This episode is so funny, sweet and intriguing all at the same time. I don’t know how that is possible.

    -Love those ES-CY moments – I think she’s starting to develop feelings for him.
    -That Queen’s moment in the King’s study is hilarious. I think this show is at its best when it focuses on the characters and their interactions, not when it goes for the “epic-ness”
    -I have a little sympathy for KC in that bathing scene (though that scene is unintentionally funny to me). He is evil but he’s also human, and just like the rest of us common folks, he’s fearing death and the future. Despite his superhuman quality, he’s not above fate but working obsessively to change that.
    -Lastly, I appreciate the use of imageries coupled with CY’s monologue about life and living at the end of the episode. Eun-soo taking a pulse signifies living, while CY recognizes the meaning of life and how pointless death is by closing that guy’s eyes and washing his bloody hands. That scene is subtle but very moving.

    P.S. I just want to say that I really enjoy this space, This show divides a lot of opinions among k-viewers, so it’s really nice to have a welcoming space to just read and appreciate lovely moments in this show. Can’t wait for next episode!

    September 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Hi SH!

      Love your comment about symbolic meaning of those scenes. You made me love them even more!

      September 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Also the juxtaposition of young giving that speech and eunsoo learning pulse and practicing fighting— eunsoo is living as hard as she can, and she is taking steps in make her place in this world

      September 19, 2012
      • Wait! “Make her place in this world?”
        I thought we were accepting a separation at the end for the pair?
        Now I am feeling hope, joonni…ES stays with Choi for ever and ever and ever…dreaming…of little red-haired sceechy warriors and mane o glory grandkids…

        September 19, 2012
        • joonni #

          I think Eun-soo right now is making the best out of the situation but she still wants to go home. I’m expectation separation at the end. 😦

          September 19, 2012
      • SH #

        CY, in that both wanting to go away from their existing world, except both take on different approaches. ES wants to live life devoid of pain and death, hence her choosing plastic surgery instead of general surgery. CY wants to rid worldly pain and suffering too by living a shelf life, completely void of feelings. Though he sees death — not as pain — but an escape.

        I’ve noticed they referred to each other as “that person,” as if they were strangers until that partnership agreement. The politics of the show is also interesting, but at the moment these themes – politics and personal faith in each other – are running in parallel, not yet merged.

        September 19, 2012
        • SH #

          Errr…the first part of my comment is not showing up for some reasons.

          I meant to say this:

          In this episode, we finally see two lives converging on the same path. Before ES always looked for ways to escape to “her world.” Now, we see he’s having a will to live and she’s accepting that death is part of the world she lives in. Both accepting a middle ground.

          CY and ES are similar, in that ….

          September 19, 2012
          • joonni #

            Agree! Well said.

            September 19, 2012
        • joonni #

          Well, the usage of “that person” in this context doesn’t indicate distance in relationship but more like a marker of exception.

          You make a good point about the politics and personal faith running in parallel but in a relationship between a king and his warrior, it’s always intertwined, isn’t it? You can’t separate one from the other.

          September 19, 2012
  26. Missy #

    I don’t think Young fully comprehends his love for Eun-Soo, just as I don’t think she’s fully understanding her own feelings. I think she has influenced him a lot. From washing his hands after killing the guy to questioning why she would so carelessly try to take her own life.
    I must say that I love the scenes between CY and Lady Choi, love their family bonding time.
    Thank God she saw who the spy was, it’s been too many episodes lol Now I’m waiting for the girl to die.

    September 18, 2012
    • joonni #

      Everytime I see that spy, I want to scream.

      September 19, 2012
    • checlkers #

      I thought I am the only one who thinks this. At this stage, I don’t think Eun Soo is aware of her growing affection for Choi Young, given the various distractions in her life. Despite the progress in their relationship and the fact that she cares deeply for him, she seems to think her feelings for him stem from a combination of factors- her appreciation (and touched) for his risking his life to protect her and ability to take her “abuse”, her desire to protect him from harm, to prevent him from going on what she deems to be thoughtless and selfish suicidal missions and to preserve history as it is. Moreover, she sees Choi Young more as a friend than a man. But I’m sure her feelings for him will progress to the next base through the challenges they are going to face together.

      September 19, 2012
      • Missy #

        You’re right, she’s mistaken her feelings for appreciation and friendship; nothing more nothing less. It’s kind of like when 2 people like each other and are constantly flirting, but they never see it; only the people around them do. Everyone noticed a change in him and know why, he’s just figuring it out.
        But I did love the scene where Queen No-gook was asking how she could make King Gong-min feel better. It showed how much their relationship is evolving and they’re comfortable enough not to use Dr. Bin to communicate.

        September 20, 2012
      • joonni #

        I agree.

        September 23, 2012
  27. Thank you for your recaps!

    am totally befuddled by the time travelling component…but I sincerely hope that Eunsoo doesnt discover something weird about her own pulse and needs to return to the present to get herself cured!

    totally love the interactions between Choi Young & Eunsoo…love how their romance is going…i think Young is aware of his feelings for Eunsoo…thats why he kept mae hee’s clothe/band that he used to tie around his sword…and i do believe eunsoo more of less declared her feelings when she told him that bit about being left behind if the love one dies…now if only we can get some KISSING going on!!!!!!!!!!

    and if there’s not going to be any actions between choi young and eunsoo…can we please get some from gongmin and ngok? its already halfway through this series and so far both couples have only held hands!!!! Dear writers, we need kissing!!!

    September 19, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Nutty, I was pondering that, too. A few posts back a vid was posted of the 2010 version, and in it Eun Soo is layong on a table on her stomach topless, and Choi Young uses his power to do something to her internal organs…so she must be getting hurt at some point, and he will use his powers to help.

      I’ve wondered if she will go back to the future, try to come back, but the wormhole will end up being 1,000 years before choi young, so she leaves her diary, and goes back into the future.

      I’m sure I will feel sad for a week after the drama ends and these two separate because of getting so attached to the drama and the characters. Not usre if any other drama watchers feel that way, but I always feel like that when it was a really good story.

      September 19, 2012
      • joonni #

        I don’t think the woman who was lying on the table was Eun-soo.

        I love your theory about her going back to the future and trying to come back again. That sounds so beautifully bittersweet.

        September 19, 2012
  28. Nevermind #

    Love the tender moments bet. CY and ES (and yes, it made me swoon, too). Would love a happy ending also for our main couple. ES unknowingly made herself and CY as an official couple in that “partners” scene: “sharing each other’s woes at the end of each day and encouraging each other and not leaving without telling the other person where he or she is going.” Then bickering in front of the royalties and CY tugging ES’s hand to keep her from talking too much. Very teenager-ish kind of thing in our own period, don’t you agree?? Ha ha ha! So cute!!

    With my own experiences from watching K-dramas (a select handful only), I get frustrated by some endings that make viewers wonder what truly happened. I would rather know for sure whether the main couple got together than make-up my “own ending” (which is acceptable for suspense movies than romance dramas). So for Faith, I wish they’d make them an official couple since it’s never mentioned in Korean history who the general marries (ES said he dies as a grandpa). I trust the writer that she did her assignment and has created a fictional EX character that will be blended beautifully with CY’s role in history. The Americans have done that in many of their time-travel films. I just don’t know about Korean historians if they will allow such “expansion.” (Like maybe allow the two of them to get together in the Goryeo period and just include in a narration at the end that they visited the 21st century and came back to Joseon era, or something like that.) Just a wishful thinking because I soo love the characters. 🙂

    September 19, 2012
    • Nevermind #

      Ooops, I meant a fictional ES (Eun Soo) character. Typo error! 😉

      September 19, 2012
      • pam lee #

        I am so invested in this relationship!

        Like you, I hope these two lovers get a happy ending together!

        The fortune teller said she will meet the man heaven meant for her from her past. Fortune man didn’t say thing about a tragic ending or happy ending though.

        ES’s diary had numbers, maybe dates, so she might end up time travel to find CY?

        I can see ES staying in the past because she is more needed in Goryeo than the present time. She had a job and her parents but that’s it.

        September 19, 2012
        • joonni #

          The fortune teller said that Eunsoo would go on a long travel for about a year. I think this means that she will go back to the future.

          September 19, 2012
          • pam lee #

            True. But if the speculation about the diary is correct, those numbers are not coordinates but years, she will time travel, meaning she may go back and forth between her time and the past to be with Young? *Fingers crossed

            September 20, 2012
            • joonni #

              Oh! *fingers crossed* too.

              September 23, 2012
  29. Thank you for the recaps! It’s funny, I normally don’t read recaps because what’s the point – if I am interested in a drama, why wouldn’t I just watch it for myself? But I totally violated my own rules for your Faith recaps because I can’t get enough of it and because you gals’ comments are so very awesome that I adore every word.

    This episode was pretty much perfect and I now all I need in the next ep is for CY to get the last assassin (please wake up, CY!) and then go back ‘home’ to ES to patch him up. Pretty please?

    September 19, 2012
    • joonni #

      I would love more of the tender healing stuff we got this episode. *swoon* MOAR!

      September 19, 2012
  30. Sunshine #

    Joonni, reading the recaps you and Softy write is so fun. It is so nice to have both of your commentaries…I always finish reading with feeling a better understanding for the charcters, and with a big smile from the laughs of comments like “hair commercial”, and “do you have some kind of phlegm problem”hahahah. It is like a worldwide viewer watching party at joonnis house where we all come together to hang out and chat. I’ve been a fan of Softy’s ever since her live recaps if Lie to Me…my very first kdrama. I never knew a day existed where I would marathon a drama and lose an entire night’s sleep. 🙂

    Thank you both for all the time and wnergy you put into this.

    P.s. I’m seriouosly starting to wonder if the prince deok heung was brought in by KC in attempts to try to make ES fall in love with the prince? SInce KC is well aware by now that ES and CY have feelings for each other (their constant actions for each other are glaring in KC’s face…) if he is able to slightly shake ES, that would make CY feel trrible and he would be more vulnerable to an attack. Just a thought…

    September 19, 2012
    • joonni #

      I think Deok Heung was brought in more for political weight for Ki Chul since DH presents more of a political danger for Gongmin. According to real history, he tried to become a king during Gongmin’s reign but Choi Young stopped him.

      Although if we got some jealous looks from Young because of DH, that would be awesome.

      September 19, 2012
      • Sunshine #

        I agree, Joonni!!! A little jealousy would do the man some good. After all, it did wonders for Tae JOon in today’s ep of TTBY (yippee! Was that not the best?! )


        September 20, 2012
        • joonni #

          The jealously made Tae-joon so much more interesting. <3<3<3

          September 23, 2012

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