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Recap: “Faith” Episode 14

We all knew the happiness wasn’t going to last, right? It never does in K-drama land. We all know that at soon as we get some happy OTP moments, everything is going to come crashing down. The problem is that this couple is always under threat.  So we relish those sweet, short moments of peace and happiness that this couple has. Let’s enjoy those moments together now.

Episode 14

Young glares at Ki Chul and growls, “If you were going to falsely accuse me, you should have chosen high treason. What’s with 500 nyang?” Ki Chul replies, “Exactly. How could you take let your men use those inferior weapons just to earn 500 nyang?”

Lee Jae-hyun’s student, Lee Saek, says to Young, “If you are claiming that you never saw this, can we assume that your men received it without your knowledge?” Young looks over to his men and then looks away in anger.

Young asks Deok-man and Dol-bae if they accepted the box. They nod yes. He asks if they opened it and they reply no. Young: “You didn’t know what was inside and put it in my room?” They reply yes. Young turns to the others and says, “As you heard, these guys don’t know what this is so I will send them back.” He orders his men to get out but when they are slow to move, he yells at them. They leave as ordered, hanging their heads.

Gongmin tells Young that Lee Jae-hyun and Lee Saek were tipped-off about the bribe. Lee Jae-hyun says to Young, “If this is a set up, we can give you a chance to explain.” Young says angrily, “So you are asking me to explain if I took a 500 nyang bribe?” Lee Jae-hyun asks, “Do you need time?”

Young says to Gongmin, “I never received it and I have nothing more to say. If you can’t believe me, put me in jail or fire me. Do what you want. I will wait for your sentencing.” Young bows and leaves.

Gongmin asks Ki Chul, “Did you have to do this?” Ki Chul replies, “You are mistaken. I don’t give 500 nyang tip-offs. All I thought was that I did well in coming here today because I figured out the weakness of a man that even seven assassins couldn’t break.”

Outside in the hallways, the Woodalchi try to talk to Young but he warns them to stay away and he lashes out on a lamp instead. Back in his room, Young looks around at the mess. He picks up Mae-hee’s bandana and puts it back in the box. Deok-man comes into the room to report that Jo Il-shin has come to see him.

Jo Il-shin informs Young that he has been stripped of his position as the Woodalchi general until the facts of the bribery are revealed. In addition, until the sentencing comes down, Young will perform as regular Woodalchi and can’t leave the palace unless specific orders are given.

Joo Suk can’t believe this is happening since the Woodalchi have been given special rights and protection. Only the king can order anything upon the Woodalchi. Jo Il-shin informs him that those special rights and protection have been taken away. (Joonni: I’m gonna rip that face apart….ARGH!)

Young menacingly approaches Jo Il-shin and says, “This 500 nyang affair- it was you.” Jo Il-shin doesn’t deny it but simply says, “Whatever I do, it’s out of loyalty to Goryeo and the king…” Young interrupts him, fiercely demanding to know what the country, king, and bribery have anything to do with each other. He steps closer to Jo Il-shin- “Why don’t you teach me?”

Gongmin asks Lee Jae-hyun and the other scholars if they forgot that they are alive because Young risked his life to protect them. Lee Jae-hyun replies that he is aware of this, so Gongmin asks him in frustration, “Then why? 500 nyang bribe?” Gongmin asks sarcastically how they can see Young’s “corruption” so clearly instead of the mile-high pile of Ki Chul’s corruption.

Lee Jae-hyun calmly says that the most important task for them is to protect the throne. In order to do that, they have to quell the rumors that are running around now. Rumor has it that Young is standing behind the king and deciding everything for him because the king is too young.

Lee Saek adds that it is widely known that Young killed a lot of people. It’s not good that someone like him is next to the king. Lee Jae-hyun reminds Gongmin that it is critical to gather people on their side right now but people won’t come when someone like Young (more specifically, someone who has done evil things like kill people) is next to Gongmin.

Gongmin asks, “So are you saying that you accused Young for me? By linking him to bribery?” Lee Saek explains that all they are doing is investigating after receiving the tip-off and they are doing this quickly because Young is close to the king. Lee Jae-hyun asks what Gongmin will do. Will he stop this investigation using his royal power? If he does, they have no choice but to obey.

Eun-soo is writing down the numbers and letters from her diary on a separate piece of paper. She also copies down a formula “R=k(10g +f)” (Joonni: The formula for calculating solar activity). Deok Heung suddenly comes into the room, asking if she figured out something, and Eun-soo gets up rapidly, flustered. She stammers as she tells Deok Heung that although she is not sure, this is Einstein’s theory of relativity…and she rattles off other things. She tells him that this will require a lot of research and a lot of time.

Deok Heung takes the diary from Eun-soo and Eun-soo asks why- she’s not done copying it down. Deok Heung informs her that since he has traveled a lot and met scholars from the west, he knows enough to recognize them as numbers. Eun-soo sighs and apologizes for deceiving him but because she doesn’t know who side Deok Heung is on, she doesn’t know how much she should tell him.

Deok Heung leans toward her. “Ki Chul was right. He said I should earn your heart in order to get your knowledge.” Deok Heung says he will come again and starts to leave but Eun-soo stops him. She wants to have just another look at the last page. He gives it to her. Eun-soo opens the diary to the last page and looks at her name again. She traces it with her finger. She sighs and gives it back to him. Deok Heung says, referring to the task of trying to win Eun-soo’s heart, “It’s not going to be easy.”

The spy girl passes a note to a guard but Lady Choi sees this. She sends the other Moogakshi to go after the guard. The guard delivers the note to Eum-ja, who gives it to Ki Chul.

Ki Chul reads it- it’s a phrase meaning that you should use something when needed but then you should throw it out cold-heartedly when you no longer do. Ki Chul interprets this as meaning that Gongmin and the scholars will kick out Young from the palace. He asks Deok Heung, who has been looking at Eun-soo’s diary, if Eun-soo figured out the content of the diary. Deok Heung is not sure. Ki Chul asks when Deok Heung thinks he will be able to get Eun-soo’s heart. Deok Heung remembers the way Eun-soo tug on Young’s arm when they ran into each other in the village.

Ki Chul says to Deok Heung, “Tell me if you need anything to bring the doctor over- whether it’s money or power.” Deok Heung asks, “Anything I need? Anything I want? What about the queen’s position?” Deok Heung thinks Eun-soo might be lured by the position of the queen. In order to offer that to Eun-soo, though, he needs to become the king first. Deok Heung also knows that he needs to become the king at this point in order to live since he’s come out of hiding and shown his face at the royal court already. “If I don’t become the king now, I will have to die. Even though I don’t think, I know that much.” Ki Chul asks himself, “Is there a simple way to take the king’s seat?”

Inside the palace, the spy guard and the spy girl are captured. The spy girl tries to kill herself but Lady Choi stops her.

Gongmin asks Lady Choi if the spy girl opened her mouth yet. Lady Choi says yes. Gongmin asks what she said. Lady Choi replies that it seems the plan was to steal the king’s royal seal and report to Yuan that the Goryeo king lost the seal bestowed upon him by the Yuan emperor, thus making Yuan mad. Choong-suk says to Gongmin that if the goal is the seal, they will keep trying to steal it. He wants to call Young and set up a plan but Gongmin stops him. Lady Choi reminds Choong-suk that Young is no longer a daejang- he’s just regular warrior. Gongmin asks what Young is doing now.

Young is asleep on the bridge. (Joonni: Puahaha! Of course. Our sleepy daejang!) Eun-soo sits down next him saying, “I was looking for you for a long time. Young asks, his eyes still closed, “What’s going on?” Eun-soo tells him she came to take out his stitches and she asks him to untie his sleeve. Eun-soo: “A doctor who makes house calls on her own -when is this patient going to pay for his treatments?” (Joonni: Will she accept back hugs and kisses as payment? If not, I will!) Eun-soo takes a look at his wound and compliments her own skills.

Eun-soo tells Young that Deok Heung came to see her before, with the diary. “I don’t know why he did that suddenly, but I think I know what the numbers in the diary are.” Young: “You figured it out?” Eun-soo: “They are dates – the year, month, and date. It was written in the way we write it in my world. Even the minutes were written down.” Young repeats to himself, “Date and time.” Eun-soo thinks it might be the time the portal to heaven opens. Young asks when that day is- the day the portal opens. Eun-soo replies that she needs to convert the dates into the Goryeo calendar system but it’s not going to be easy.

Eun-soo finishes taking the stitches out and says that the wound healed well and looks at Young. All this time he has been staring at her so he quickly turns away when she looks at him. He clears his throat and says, “Let me know when you finish calculating the time because we need to prepare ahead.” Eun-soo says to Young, “But I might be wrong because there are dates starting from the year 1100 and I don’t know what they are referring to.”

Eun-soo tells Young that she went to his room to find him, thinking he might be there. Young quickly tells her that it is not his room anymore. Eun-soo doesn’t catch the “anymore” because she is taking out the aspirin bottle with the flower inside to show to Young. “I found this there.” Young quickly grabs it from her, embarrassed. (Joonni: Squee!) Eun-soo teases him, saying, “I don’t know if you can keep the medicine and dried flower together.” Young purses his lips together in obvious embarrassment (Joonni: the “Darn, I can’t believe she saw this” face or the “Darn, why did I keep that thing?” face) so Eun-soo smiles and moves to sit in front of Young.

Eun-soo tells Young that in heaven, there is song about him. The song has the phrase that Young’s father left him, the one about treating gold as a rock (meaning don’t be greedy), and how Young followed his father’s teaching and lived his entire life for the country. Young asks in surprise where she heard that phrase about the gold and rock. Eun-soo tells him that he is uber famous in heaven. See! People even put his father’s last words into a song about him. “Because you are so clean (morally) and grand.”

Eun-soo continues. “You took a bribe?! Ha! The people in heaven are laughing.” She asks why Young looks so surprised. “Are you the only one that didn’t believe I was from heaven? You’re the one that brought me here.” Eun-soo tells him that she’s leaving and she walks away, leaving Young trying to process all this new information in wonder.

Ki Chul says to Lee Jae-hyun that he knows that King Choong-sun (who was the father of Deok Heung) favored him. Ki Chul asks what Lee Jae-hyun thinks of Deok Heung. Ki Chul walks closer to him and whispers into his ear if he would like to choose a king. “Don’t just serve a king chosen for you but choose one yourself. Someone that you like after much consideration.” (Joonni: Oh boy, Eun-soo’s words coming back like this. I don’t like it!) Ki Chul walks away, thinking to himself, “If need be, I will change the king, country, and heaven.”

Choong-suk rushes over to Young to tell him about the interrogation, but Young stops him. He doesn’t want to hear it.

Eun-soo is in the medicine room, pacing back and forth, trying to figure out how to convert the dates. She slams a book shut, yelling in regret, “I should have studied some hanja!” She calls out to Jang Bin but Jang Bin is greeting Jo Il-shin, who has come to show Eun-soo to Lee Jae-hyun and Lee Saek. Jo Il-shin tells Lee Jae-hyun that Eun-soo is from heaven and he saw it her come through the portal with his own two eyes.

Lee Jae-hyun tells Eun-soo that he heard she can see the future. Before Eun-soo can explain, Jo Il-shin adds that it’s not all- she is also Hwata’s student with great medical skills. Lee Jae-hyun asks Eun-soo about the future. Eun-soo looks at Jang Bin so he tells Lee Jae-hyun that since the king put her under his protection, he has a question to ask. Why must Eun-soo answer him? Lee Jae-hyun replies that it’s for the country. “If the rumors about the doctor is true, her knowledge and power must be used for the country, but if they are not, I cannot let the king be made a fool by her.”

Eun-soo huffs in indignation so Jo Il-shin assures her that she need not be offended since he knows she is real. Lee Saek  asks if she really said, in front of state ministers, that Yuan will collapse soon. Eun-soo stammers that she said that because she didn’t think she will be here this long and she was angry. Lee Saek wants to know when Yuan will fall. Eun-soo replies that she doesn’t know the specific year. She is, however, studying something about years right now…. Lee Jae-hyun interrupts her. He asks if the current king turns out to be a good king for the country. She may not know the years but she should as least know this much. He also wants to know how things will end for Gongmin. Eun-soo replies that she can’t answer things like that, which makes Lee Jae-hyun suspicious. Is it because she doesn’t know? Eun-soo tells him that if they want to know something from her, the king has to come himself to ask. Only then will she be able to divulge such important secrets. Jo Il-shin agrees to this.

With the questioning done, Eun-soo says to herself, “If they are going to ask, they should as least bring something. What am I? A free search site?” Eun-soo turns around and is surprised to see Young. How long has he been there? Did he hear everything? Yes, he did.

Eun-soo is proud of him for coming on his own two feet to see her. She offers him tea but Young quickly tells her to prepare to leave and meet him at their spot tomorrow at dawn. He tells her to pack lightly. He knows that those scholars will be capable of locking her up if they think she is useful. Eun-soo thinks he is kidding at first but when Young looks at her seriously, she asks, “Really?” Young advises her to dress warmly since it will get cold if they have to sleep outside. Eun-soo asks if Young will go with her. Can he? Right now he is…Young smiles and says, “I will go with you, together.”

Eun-soo starts going around the medical ward, packing up medicine and other materials into a pink bundle. She even packs some ceramics. (Joonni: Which I think she is planning to sell it later if they need money. I love this girl.)

Eun-soo goes to see Noguk and stares at her. Noguk asks why she is staring. Eun-soo smiles and takes her hand and says, “Because you’re pretty.” She tells Noguk that she told Jang Bin to make a lot of good medicine for her uterus (since Noguk remained infertile for years, according to history). Noguk asks worriedly if there is something wrong with her so Eun-soo replies that she will tell her some heavenly information.

Eun-soo says to Noguk that while there have been a lot of kings and queens, and there will continue to be a lot of kings and queens, there were none that loved each so much like Noguk and Gongmin. Noguk tears up as she hears this. Eun-soo adds that because Gongmin loves Noguk so much, he will abandon everything if she becomes ill or leaves. Noguk says she will never leave the king. Eun-soo agrees. She asks, “Can I hug you? I know it’s rude but in heaven, I’m your unni.” Without waiting for a response, Eun-soo hugs Noguk tightly. Noguk looks happily surprised while Eun-soo looks a bit sad. (Joonni: Oof. Again, right in the heart. What do we call this? Womance?) Lady Choi comes into the room to announce that Young’s questioning has started.

Young is walking down the hallway to the royal court, escorted by guards. His Woodalchi men line up behind him, leaving their post, and Young smiles a little to himself (Joonni: Young and his loyal litter of puppies! A very troublesome bunch but still so loyal and adorable!). But to Dol-bae, he complains, so Dol-bae says, with a smile on his face, that he will correct their behavior. Young walks into the court. Notably, Deok Heung is there while Ki Chu is not.

In Gongmin’s room, Jo Il-shin says to Gongmin that all the important people and officials in Goryeo are focusing on what will happen today. They are watching to see if the king will be able to push aside his friendship with Young and act justly or if he will continue to hold onto Young’s sleeve. Gongmin interrupts Jo Il-shin to remind him that the questioning is simply about whether Young committed a crime or not. That’s all he wants to know and if Young didn’t do it, that’s it.

Jo Il-shin starts to ask if Gongmin will continue to harbor a monster like Young so Gongmin grabs him by the neck and orders Il-shin to never call Young that again. All the blood Young has shed and the lives he took since Young met him were all his price to pay. “Do you understand?!” Jo Il-shin argues that Young is holding Gongmin down. Why is Gongmin refusing to see that? Gongmin roughly lets go of Jo Il-shin and declares that he is ready. “Let’s go.”

Gongmin enters the court and Young bows to him. Gongmin sits down and tells them to start. Lee Saek gets up and says that Young was given seven days to prove his innocence. Does he have anything to say right now? Does he have any evidence or witnesses? Gongmin speaks up. “I don’t know about evidence but I will be a witness. I will be the witness to prove Choi Young’s innocence.” Jo Il-shin gets up to protest but Gongmin continues that he can give a statement of Young’s character.

Deok Heung gets up to remind Gongmin that Gongmin is here to judge, not take sides. Before Gongmin can respond, Young speaks up. He’s been the Woodalchi daejang for the past seven years and this year, he met Gongmin who favored him. Thanks to that, his arrogance grew and he took the bribe. Gongmin starts to protest but Young simply says, “My heart hurts for causing trouble to Your Majesty.” (Joonni: *guttural scream* of “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lee Saek suggests that Young be sentenced to hard labor with the slaves for about 1-3 years for his crime. Gongmin sits down, speechless, and looks at Young. Young looks back and smiles, shaking his head a little. Gongmin looks at him, confused. What is Young doing? (Joonni: *swallows back the guttural scream)

Jang Bin has told Eun-soo that Young has been tied up and will be escorted to the labor camps in the morning. Eun-soo doesn’t believe that will happen. “I’m going to go and wait for him. He said he will come so he will come. You know- he is a person who comes when he says he will come and goes when he says he will go.” Jang Bin can’t stop Eun-soo from packing so he says he will bring her the surgical tools. He adds, “If you wait and he doesn’t come, come back. Don’t wait too long.” (Joonni: He is such a good friend to her!) But Eun-soo is sure that Young will come.

Deok Heung has told Ki Chul that Young confessed to the crime. Ki Chul can’t believe it. He thought Young would rather die being accused of high treason than admit to taking bribes (Joonni: Because of what his father said, right?) Ki Chul asks how long the punishment was and if the king ordered it himself. Deok Heung replies that the sentence was for one year and yes, the king sentenced Young himself. Ki Chul wants to know if Gongmin did it without any change in expression or embarrassment. Deok Heung thinks back to it and says to Ki Chul, “Now that I think about it, the way they looked at each other was suspicious.” There was no anger, regret, or resignation. Ki Chul curses- damn, it seems that Young is up to something again. Ki Chul screams for Hwa-Eum.

Gongmin is talking to Noguk. (Joonni: Omg, they are both in the same bedroom in their pajamas. Omg, we know what’s been happening between these two!!!!!!!) Gongmin says, “I’m sure I heard it- Young talking to my heart, saying- ‘It’s okay. Don’t worry’.” Noguk sits next to Gongmin and Gongmin continues to confide in her. “When I visited Young in jail, I swore to myself that I would never let this person be chained or imprisoned again. That to chain this person up is wrong.” (Joonni: Why am I swooning right now? It’s bromance, not romance! Nevertheless, I’m swooning, guys. So dizzy.)

Noguk pours Gongmin some tea and tells him that Eun-soo came to see her in the afternoon. “I didn’t know then, when I was with her, but after we parted, I realized something.  I felt like the doctor came to say goodbye.”

Young’s guards play a game while Young sits in jail, looking up at the night sky. In the medical ward, Jang Bin is blowing out candles. He senses someone coming.

Hwa-Eum enters the medical ward and they search for Eun-soo. Eum-ja threatens a worker to find out where she is. Outside, Eum-ja listens with his special hearing and hears a man and a woman. He rushes over to the source of the sound but it is Jang Bing with Deo-gi. Eum-ja attacks but Jang Bin fights back. Hwasooin tells him that they are looking for Eun-soo so he informs them that she is in the herb garden. Hwasooin doesn’t believe him and moves to attack but Eum-ja stops her, reminding her that Jang Bin is a royal physician. If they hurt him, things will get complicated. Hwa-Eum leave.

Eun-soo is at the bridge, waiting for Young. She looks around, worriedly, as time passes and he still doesn’t show up.

Dae-man climbs the rooftops and attacks Young’s guards. He steals the keys and opens Young’s jail-door. Young attacks the other guards and escapes.

Lady Choi reports to Gongmin that Young has escaped. Choong-suk adds that the guards are looking for him. Smiling, he starts to say that the guards won’t be able to find Young, even if they tried, but he stops himself quickly. Lady Choi asks if Gongmin has any other orders regarding those that escaped and Gongmin replies no. He is tired so just leave. Everyone leaves and Gongmin says to Noguk, “Young is not someone whom we can keep tied up unless he himself allows it.” Noguk wonders if Young running away means he is not planning to come back. Gongmin replies that he thinks Young left because Young didn’t want to become a burden to Gongmin. But he’s not sure what Young is thinking.

Eun-soo sees the guards and hides. She starts to takes out her knife but stops in surprise when Young shows up, saying, “You’re still too slow.” He sees how worried she looks and says, “Did you wait? It’s not daylight yet so I was about to get you from the medical ward, but I…” He is interrupted when Eun-soo runs over and hugs him tight. At first, he just stands there in surprise but then he slowly hugs her back and pats her in comfort.

Ki Chul orders Ki Won to have all his men searching for Young and Eun-soo. Ki Won starts to ask about the royal seal but Ki Chul has only one thing on his mind. He yells at Ki Won to hurry. Ki Chul says to Deok Heung that Eun-soo definitely figured out the secret in the diary and Young followed her. No, the king sent Young to follow her. Deok Heung doesn’t think Gongmin would have Young falsely accused just for that.

Ki Chul angrily says to Deok Heung, “I gave you the diary to find out the secret. What did you do? Did you just stare at her face?” Deok Heung still doesn’t think Gongmin would put on the show just for the secret to heaven so Ki Chul screams, “It’s the heavenly world! If we can go back and forth to heaven and bring its knowledge here, what is there that we can’t do?” Ki Chul rants in frustration, “Why isn’t there anyone around me that can see the big picture?!” Even those great scholars only went to Eun-soo to find out what kind of king Gongmin is. Ki Chul can’t believe their stupidity. “If there is a specific kind of king that we want, we can just mold one!”

Young and Eun-soo keep having to stop and hide as they travel through the city. Eun-soo asks who is the one that is being chased right now. Is it him or her? Isn’t he the one that committed the crime? Young tells her that since Ki Chul’s men are out everywhere, it seems that she is the target. Eun-soo offers to turn herself in if push comes to shove so he can run away.

Eun-soo: “To be honest when I think about it, the bed at Ki Chul’s house was the best and there was a lot of food. He also gave me new clothes and…” She sees Young just staring at her. She says, “You have to laugh here. I’m making a joke.” Young: “What kind of joke is not funny?” He pushes her toward the gay Suribang and orders her to follow him while he goes to check out the situation. Eun-soo tries to follow Young but the Suribang surround her.

They escort Eun-soo to the Suribang siblings and they offer her food. Eun-soo is about to eat but Young comes and complains that there is no way out. The brother, Manbo, says that while Young can escape by himself, it will be hard with Eun-soo. The sister hands Young a spoon, asking if he will eat. Young looks around and takes Eun-soo’s bowl and starts to eat, asking if there would be a way for them to escape by water. (Joonni: Omg, poor Eun-soo. And omg, they are eating from the same bowl. Homg!) Manbo tells him that all the ports and boats are being watched already. The sister suggests that they just hide and wait it out for a couple of days. Young is rapidly emptying the bowl and Eun-soo looks on, wetting her lips in hunger.

The Manbo siblings offer to find a room for Eun-soo and Young to hide in- just ONE. Young agrees and looks at Eun-soo. She asks, “Did you eat it all?” Young looks at her sheepishly.

Young asks the little Suribangs to keep an eye on Jo Il-shin and report to him what Jo Il-shin is doing and who he is meeting. The sister asks if Young is still working for the king and Young replies yes. Manbo reminds Young that Gongmin is the one that sentenced him. What was the sentence? Young replies that it was hard labor at the mines for a year. The sister asks, “But he is still your king?” Young smiles and replies yes.

Leaning his head on his fist, exactly the way Eun-soo is, (Joonni: So cute!) he tells her that they have to hide for a few days. Can she do it? Hiding quietly? Eun-soo: “Just breathing?” Young: “Without any rash action.” Eun-soo looks serious and asks, “What about food?” Young grins. “I will give it to you. A lot.” Eun-soo smiles happily like a kid.

Jo Il-shin runs into Deok Heung at the palace and Deok Heung asks if Jo Il-shin likes to play badook. Outside the palace, at the gisaeng house, Jo Il-shin tells Deok Heung that he’s never learned how to play badook. Deok Heung replies that he can start learning now. Deok Heung starts to instruct Il-shin but Il-shin wants Deok Heung to get to the point. He doesn’t want others to see that he is with him.

Deok Heung says to Jo Il-shin that Ki Chul is not in his right mind right now. He has his all his soldiers out all over the country just to find Eun-soo. Deok Heung comments that he finds it curious Jo Il-shin is still not a minister even though he’s served Gongmin for ten years. This gets to Jo Il-shin.

Deok Heung says to Jo Il-shin, “Become my person.” Jo Il-shin looks around nervously- “What?” Deok Heung: “If you do, I’ll give you Ki Chul’s position- his wealth and his power.” Jo Il-shin asks, “Then you…” Deok Heung replies, smiling, “I have to become king so I can give you that position.” Jo Il-shin says, “Are you talking about overthrowing the king?” Deok Heung answers that Ki Chul is already planning to place him on the throne. Jo Il-shin threatens to report Deok Heung but Deok Heung calmly asks, “Is there anyone who doesn’t already know that I’m trying to become king?” He gets up and says, “Hmm…I guess I have to ask someone else.”

Jo Il-shin quickly gets up after him. “Did you say Ki Chul’s position?” Deok Heung replies yes. Jo Il-shin is won over by this temptation and asks Deok Heung, “Then what can I do?” Deok Heung smiles and asks about Young. Is there anyone in the palace that can communicate with him?

Eun-soo is tearing her hair out in frustration because she doesn’t recognize the formula. Young sits down in front of her and informs her that it’s getting dark and the Suribang are going to come to show them to their hide-out. So before they come, she should do something about her hair…Eun-soo exclaims in recognition. The formula is Wolf’s number! But there is something else that she doesn’t know so she continues to hold her head in frustration.

Young slowly reaches out to fix her hair but he stops himself and asks, “Are you figuring something out?” Eun-soo replies that she can’t convert the dates because all the information that Jang Bin gave her on the Goryeo/Yuan calendar is in hanja. She notices how Young is looking at her so she asks, “What?” Young asks if everyone in heaven is like her or if only she is like that. Eun-soo: “What do you mean?” Young: “Everything that you do.” Eun-soo sticks out her chin: “What about me?” Young sighs and tells her to work hard. She has to figure it out quickly so she can return quickly. Young goes back to watch the windows.

Ki Chul asks why they can’t find Young and Eun-soo when they have searched every nook and cranny. Hwasooin thinks Young and Eun-soo are still in the capital city. Shall they catch those Suribang guys to find out? Ki Chul orders her to. He notices that Deok Heung is missing and asks where he is. Ki Won enters, saying that Deok Heung is at the palace. They don’t know what he is doing, however, because they have lost most of their spies. Yang-gak says that he will start placing more. Ki Chul orders Eum-ja to tail Deok Heung. He wonders to himself if he called forth a tiger in order to catch a fox. (Joonni: It’s an expression used in Korea to describe a situation in which one fears they have just cause more trouble for themselves than they had planned or expected.)

Young asks in an impatient voice, “Are you not done yet?” Eun-soo comes out, patting her wet hair and saying that she is done. Why is he continuing to wait there in front of the door if he is tired of waiting? Young doesn’t respond. Instead he just looks at her for a while and then walks away, averting his eyes.

Young shows her the room, saying that although the room is not very nice, it’s better than sleeping outside. He turns around to find that she is standing very close to him, her wet hair framing her face. They stare at each other for a while, the air tensing around them, until Eun-soo looks away first. She starts to say something but Young just points to the bed and tells her to sleep and he leaves the room.

Young sits outside her room and Eun-soo calls out to him through the screen door, asking, “Are you there?” He replies yes and asks, “Aren’t you sleeping?” Eun-soo tells him that she can’t sleep because it’s like they are on a MT- membership training. As she looks at her notes, she explains that an MT is when a group of people on the same side go on a trip and spend the night together, becoming friends. “It’s really hard explaining heaven’s words.”

Eun-soo wants to play the truth game like they do on MT’s. “If someone asks a question, you have to speak only the truth.” She says she will ask the first question. “You have to speak the truth. You can’t hide or lie.” Young smiles and tells her that he doesn’t lie because it’s too bothersome.

Eun-soo: “If I solves these dates in the diary and on that day we go heaven’s door and it’s open, and if I leave – will you be okay? Because a kind and skilled doctor like me will be gone. If you get hurt – you won’t have someone to put medicine on your wounds and stitch you up. Will you be ok?” Young: “I won’t…” – he takes a pause- “be okay.”

Eun-soo smiles, the tears starting to well. “I knew it. I don’t think I will be okay either. When I go back to my world, I will think a lot about the king, queen, Teacher Jang, the Woodalchi, and…”- Eun-soo says more softly- “you.” She continues as Young faces her shadow on the screen door. “I will miss you.” She wonders if this will seem like a long dream to her. Outside, Young is tracing her shadow. Eun-soo: “But normally, don’t you forget dreams when daylight comes?”

Eun-soo tells Young that it’s his turn. Does he want to know anything more about her? Young replies that he has nothing to ask. He turns away from her reflection and says softly, like he is talking to himself, “Even now, I know too much.”

Eun-soo turns to look at the door with tears in her eyes. Outside, Young leans his head against the wall, also with tears in his eyes.

Lady Choi goes to meet Deok Heung and asks if he called for her. He tells her he heard that she is Young’s aunt and that she knows everything that goes in and out of the palace. Lady Choi replies that those rumors about her ability have been greatly exaggerated.

Deok Heung points to the papers in front of her and orders her to try to separate them. She tries but they won’t separate. He tells that this type of paper is hard to separate so the people who use this paper have to put spit on it. “So if you put poison on the corners – the people who use this paper get poisoned without knowing it.” Lady Choi: “May I ask who used this paper?” Deok Heung tells her that he gave this paper to Eun-soo not too long ago so she can copy things down from the diary. (Joonni: Damn! And she’s been picking at those papers this whole time! *return of the guttural scream* NO!!!!!!!!!).

Lady Choi asks if there was poison on the paper he gave to Eun-soo. Deok Heung replies yes. He brought the poison back from his travels from the west. The poison doesn’t have any smell or color and the symptoms don’t appear immediately. Instead, the poison accumulates inside the body and the person suddenly gets sick. Lady Choi calmly asks about the antidote. Deok Heung replies that he has it. Lady Choi knows that Deok Heung wants something in exchange for the antidote so she asks, “What can I do for you?” Deok Heung asks, “Where is Eun-soo? I need to know where she is so I can give her the antidote and nurse her. It will be a problem if it gets too late. Isn’t she important to a lot of people? Isn’t she?” (Joonni: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Young has fallen asleep outside Eun-soo’s door but he wakes up when he hears her moaning. He calls out to her but when she doesn’t answer, he rushes into the room. He tries to shake her awake but she doesn’t open her eyes. He quickly and anxiously lifts her to a sitting position when he sees how sick she looks. He frantically calls out, “Imja! Imja!” but Eun-soo’s head just weakly drops onto his shoulder.

Softy’s comments:

This is the kind of evolution I can get behind. Before he used to clear his throat, but now he just stares intently at her. It’s sort of like a cross between longing and gazing with a purpose. I lost track of how many times he did that tonight. While she babbles on and on, he just looks at her – like he is trying to memorize every feature –take in everything about her before she leaves. It’s almost like he is afraid if he blinks that she might be gone too soon. He doesn’t want to regret again. Last time he didn’t do this. he never memorized Mayhee’s face like this. he probably thinks that is why he forgot her face over the years. He doesn’t want that to happen again so he stares. Oblivious to the fact that he is making it all too clear that the more he stares – the less he wants to look away. I think that is why he locked eyes with her in that room and didn’t look away. He was testing himself to see how far he could take this – if he would make the next move. Of course she doesn’t know this and looked away first. Even when he was outside her room – he couldn’t help but reach out and trace her silhouette. Even that is a luxury to him cuz he can do that freely without worrying about who is watching. Over and over – before his brain can catch up to his heart, he reaches out to her. I bet he wasnt going to touch her unruly hair just to fix it – he needed to feel how soft it is for himself. And those reassuring pats her gave her as they hugged, that was more for him as well. he was giving himself permission to do this under the guise of consoling her cuz those were the longest, slowest pats ever. guess he wanted to make sure every pat counted and lingered. I have never seen so many scenes in a drama where the male character’s emotions are bubbling up so much – to the extent that he is going to totally miss the surface and just erupt one of these days. To think we get front row seats for that is making me so giddy waiting for next week.

Written before it aired: This drama might have actual history interwoven in the story, but I only care about one aspect of history in particular and surprisingly it’s not just Choi Young’s. I want to know if ES being there is affecting the history she knows. Will events unfold around her that she never studied in the history books or will the reality she is living in chug along and everything happens just as she remembers it. If her presence is changing things, I want KC to die sooner than later. This guy has wreaked enough terror as it is so I can’t imagine how much more damage he will do in another couple of years. While we are at it, if other things can be changed cuz of ES’s influence, let’s hope that Young gets to stop killing at some point. Before she came into the picture, he didn’t think anything of it cuz it was his duty, but lately you can see it in his demeanor that killing is taking a toll on his soul.

I lied – there is one more part of the fictional history that I care about. Will ES be in Young’s future as well or just the present? Call me greedy but it’s not enough that she came into his life and helped him start living for real. I need her to remain and finish what she started. Continue to make him smile and become less of a cold dutiful warrior and more of a regular guy just going through the normal routine and settling down and having children. He spent a lifetime taking lives so he earned his right to spend the rest watching his kids grow up in peace. Anything less and I am going to feel cheated.

Joonni’s comments:

*Bows at Softy’s feet.* Woah, girlie, you just made me cry and smile at the same time. *Bear hug*

What’s up with this episode?! All this OTP moments thrown in one episode, rushing in at us, threatening to drown us in a wave of happiness. And just like that, we’re out from under the water, gasping for air as we watch Eun-soo’s life being threatened. Really, the drama people should know that they shouldn’t do this us. It’s not good for our health. How are we going to last until next Monday? I swear, this drama makes me look forward to Mondays now. 😀

Okay, enough gushing and onto other stuff. *puts on serious face* I’m enjoying the development of Ki Chul into this villain who is obsessed with Eun-soo.This makes him both more dangerous and foolish at the same time. Eun-soo’s destiny is no longer tightly tied to Gongmin’s as he becomes stronger but Ki Chul is losing sight of that. He chooses to look for Eun-soo instead of following through with the plan to steal the royal seal. Of course, I think that plan is really too stupid to actually work, but still, Ki Chul is losing sight of the smaller details. So the writer throws in Deok Heung who is there to continue to provide a threat to Gongmin. While it seemed at first he was merely a puppet for Ki Chul, seeing that he had this whole poisoned paper thing planned, we now know that Deok Heung is just as dangerous as Ki Chul, perhaps even more. Yay for smart villains!

As for Jo Il-shin…My first inclination was to say, “What?” Why all of a sudden is he framing Young? Then I remembered how Jo Il-shin has continued to show distaste for Young all this time. But I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he would go this far to remove Young when Young isn’t really a hindrance to Gongmin. I’m having a hard time buying the argument that all the scholars and Jo Il-shin are making about how bad it is to have someone like Young around, despite the rumors of the Young controlling Gongmin. Really? Is Young that much of a political burden to Gongmin? Talk to me guys. Let me know what you think.

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  1. briseis #

    Hi, Softy!!! I completely agree with the last paragraph because if they do not end up together this will become the biggest heartbreak I would ever suffer from a k-rama ending 😦

    September 25, 2012
  2. Fairycutter #

    ‘Anything less and I am going to feel cheated.’

    Awwww Softy, don’t be too hard…. when you onboard this ship, part of you should be prepared for massive heartbroke.. but don’t worry, we will all handle this ToGetHer, you know…

    September 25, 2012
  3. lidy #

    well, in choi young’s history, he did leave the palace and became a farmer and mayor before returning to king gongmin’s service in his older years. maybe the fictional history w/ eun soo being together happy ever after with choi young, happens between then. or, w/ the presence of her diary, eun soo just comes and goes as she pleases like boongdo from QIM

    September 25, 2012
    • pam lee #

      Thanks for the tidbit about CY being a mayor and farmer. That would be an awesome ending to this drama…have ES jump time to be with CY, at least for a while. *Sigh

      September 25, 2012
      • lidy #

        i’d like to imagine that at least eun soo and choi young had kids together and since they don’t mention in history if he had children (going by wikipedia so don’t qoute me) but they can write it into the story that eun soo took the kids w/ her to heaven maybe? she did say he’ll live to be a grandfather age when she told him his future

        September 25, 2012
  4. Nevermind #

    Same here, Softy… Don’t need to see an ending that “they lived happily forever after” but just a conclusion that they did get to be together in CY’s time and/or ES’ time. They don’t need to grow old and die together but just–to be together, at some point in their lives (am I making sense?).

    Will check in again tomorrow for the long recap. Happy camping, you guys!! 😉

    September 25, 2012
  5. Sunshine #

    Good morning Joonni, and Softy!

    Regarding CY and ES being together…it would definitely be a satisfying ending if they are able to fill the hole in each other’s heart.

    For a while I only thought of everything she brings to him, but he has done oodles more for her than any of the idiots she dated previously that only used her…whether for her brains or looks. Haha. can’t get tht rich guy out of my head that had the plastic surgery pen maks all over his face. Lol.

    CY is someone who is inadvertently making her heart blossom by all of his actions. There are plenty of pretty guys out there tht give lip service, but the keeper is the guy who actually has substance/character —that is the onethat will treat you well-whose *actions* show that he cherishes you, loves you, and makes you a priority.

    Ahh. Their building love story is swoon worthy and makes my heart feel all sparkly with happiness. 🙂

    September 25, 2012
  6. pam lee #

    Softy, WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE!!!! Why get invested in this lovely couple to have them suffer a sad and tragic ending? My heart would break too. I do want them to live a normal and happy life together at some point, despite whatever ending they have…tragic or happy.

    The fortune teller said ES will meet the man Heaven has meant for her, a very RARE occurrence…just to have a tragic ending would suck.

    The personal growth of these two people have been immense due to their love for each other: ES is no longer just a shallow, ditsy plastic surgeon and Young is no longer an empty shell, psycho killer-warrior.

    BTW: I love the pic above where Y is holding ES’s purse!!!! Wow…she has brought the great general to his knees…LOVE IT!!!

    September 25, 2012
  7. lidy #

    damn the king’s uncle, how dare he! omg omg omg omg, first mae hee and now eun soo. once young find out who and how this happened to eun soo, cold killing warrior might just come back for revenge

    September 25, 2012
    • Jellybeaniebaby #

      Is it possible that uncle is lying about the poison to find the doctor? and is it possible that ES is having her nightmares and just not waking up? Uncle is definitely a wild card. Even KC doesn’t know whose side he is on or what he is up to. For all we know, uncle wants to go to heaven too and just get away from it all. He doesn’t seem like the want to be king type although that is what he is saying.

      September 25, 2012
      • Marie67 #

        Don’t tell me he is from the future as well…or maybe he is Hwata? But I think he is not on the bad side…

        September 25, 2012
  8. pam lee #

    Dang, you are fast, SOFTY!!!!

    NOOOOOO!!!! DH that jerk poisoned her! CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK FOR NEXT EP.


    September 25, 2012
  9. faither #

    excuse me while I die…. OMG OMG OMG…. this episode is the most craziest roller coaster of emotional draining ever… I sense that the bribe maybe just GM and CY’s other plan? I hope so…. maybe this is the way to get Eun Soo out so she can find the heaven’s door and go back.

    But that shadow touching scene… OMG I died… I can feel his desperate love towards her, that he must endure it very very hard, fight it.. maybe even self denial.. since he knows and understand the gravity of the circumstances at that moment. For him not kissing her yet.. I got it too. An overloaded complicated mind, won’t take the risk to darken the water with a just temporary emotional reaction. Maybe he will kiss her soon but that would be after things get more settled, at least according to CY.

    If the director give us the same ending like his previous drama The Legend… I will trashing him for a year.. I swear. IMJA couple MUST be together.. they’re born to be a soulmate.

    can’t hardly wait for next week…. dying like a desert flower here…….

    September 25, 2012
    • pam lee #

      I am dying right there alongside you!!!

      So when Young called Eun Soo “IMJA” at the end, do you think he meant “you” or “honey”? Maybe “honey” in this context?

      I HOPE SO. *Dying AND swooning now 🙂

      September 25, 2012
      • faither #

        nope.. nope.. nope.. sorry… imja is an ancient Korean word means PURITY. Honey is pure maybe that’s how they interpreted it.. but in CY’s case… he calls her IMJA because of her position as a High Doctor.. I think she able to purify sickness and anything else.. bring muddy water to clear level.. CY is so beyond polite and full of courtesy to ES. There is no way out General will degrade his personality by calling a woman who is not his loved one (yet) honey.

        September 25, 2012
        • pam lee #

          Faither, thanks for the clarification.

          All these nuances with culture/language, it helps to have a culture broker available to explain!

          So why do people keep calling this couple IMJA couple then? Seems kind of romantic when it is possibly not?

          September 25, 2012
          • faither #

            Korean fans are really into details.. they love all kind of things that small but meaningful.. even in daily life it’s a culture in Korea to cherish small meaningful things like couple bracelet, couple ring, dolls.. self made present for love ones.. etc. That’s why I love Korean culture. They are really passionate with all aspects in life.. they are full of it.

            September 25, 2012
          • joonni #

            See my comment below for “adensanti”

            September 25, 2012
  10. MJShinshi #

    softy, thank you so very much for doing this and helping ease my kd brain from not being here live streaming!! It sounds like a beautiful ep for ES and Y as well as for G and N, Daebak for sure. I love when they are on screen together so I’m looking forward to watching the video later to see and enjoy all the daebak-ness as you are now. 🙂

    oy DH saying to get the kings position if he doesn’t die first is giving KC killing ideas
    as if that’s not what’s on his mind 24/7!! Or is DH seeing his own future..?! I too want KC’s fall sooner than the 5 years ES mentioned. So DH is more observant than KC to notice the exchange between G and Y. funny how he remembers ES pulling on Y’s sleeve. This mountain dude knows something about body language that KC needs to learn! But you know for someone who is always reading you’d think DH is smarter than joining KC’s group with no feelings for his nephew or anything.

    whaaaaat, Noooooo!!! what is with poisoning people in this drama?! wouldn’t it be nice if Y can rush her to the portal, go to the future, pump her stomach and get all cured then come back and show DH/KC she is serious business!!! yeah yeah I know that’s not gonna happen since they don’t even know when the portal will open! Nor has ES solved whatever problem she’s trying to solve, could it be a way to open the portal? haha too much sci-fi.. Oh ES, Y is sooo gonna miss you too. Poor guy he’s still not sure if he should be feeling what he is feeling around/toward ES, just touch her already tho her silhouette is enough baby steps for this warrior for now..not for viewers! 🙂 That hug sounds sweet and even her hugging N too! Did N and G spend the night together again with
    well I best get back to work but will be back for sure to see any updates from you softy and of course later for joonni’s. thank you both dearly for what you are doing. it’s one thing to watch subbed videos and another to read. Reading your comments and thoughts definitely adds more to my Faith watching enjoyment! Thank you.

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #


      September 25, 2012
  11. Cindylala #

    I watch live TV without knowing what they talk about then i read this recap.

    Thank you so much… but I am going to die for a week…too.

    September 25, 2012
  12. Joy #

    Jooni thank you! Luv your super quick recaps!

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      You read Softy’s super duper and quick recaps. Please thank her!

      September 25, 2012
      • Joy #

        Oh thank you Softy for your super duper quick recaps. And thank you both for this blog.

        September 26, 2012
  13. Blue Passion #

    Dear Softy: Wow, I can not wait to go and watch the episode raw now. What can I say, Y loves her so much that it is so heartbreaking to know that she has to go back. I hope that that reading is correct and she will meet the man of her past in her present and that is how we will get Y to be by her side again!!!! I know I should not expect a happy ending because if one thing I have learned from watching Korean dramas is that there is never a guarantee on the ending. “Faith” has been a roller coaster again of emotions and these actors and actresses have made me fall in love with them. I want happiness for them. Thank you thank you thank you. I got so much from your recap that I think I will be able to survive the week until next Monday. I will just re-watch their hugs again and again!!! Have a great one.
    Thanks a million.
    Joonni: Will be back later to read your input thanks to you too. Take care.

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      You too! Take care!

      September 25, 2012
  14. can i ask ? who is “imja” ?? or what does it means ?
    thnk you

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      I answered this question in a comment some time ago for episode 10 so I’m just going to copy and paste my response here.

      I saw them called the Imja couple on facebook some time ago too and I was surprised because I didn’t remember him calling Eun-soo that. I think it was because I understood imja to not only be an affectionate way of calling someone. So I was surprised to find that the people were calling them the imja couple when to me, imja wasn’t sweet like the fans were implying it to be.

      I think Young starting addressing Eun-soo as imja in episode 3 when he was being transported back on a carrier after Eun-soo stabbed him.

      I looked up imja in the Korean dictionary to get a more concrete answer. Unfortunately, I can’t really find the etymology of the word, which would have been interesting.

      Imja has three definitions that we can use in this context. 1. a term used to refer to someone of similar age who you don’t know very well. 2. a term used between an older married couple 3. another way to address someone instead of using “ja-nae,” which is used to refer to someone who is a friend or lower than you in a polite way.

      So in the context of Eun-soo and Young, I think Imja is being used by Young in definition no.1 or 3. But since there is also the meaning of 2, fans are calling them the imja couple. It’s cute!

      September 25, 2012
  15. lidy #

    watched part 6 of ep 14 of faith on viki, and wowowowow omgomgomgomg; the longing/staring he gives her when they’re face to face and so close like that, man he shoulda just kissed her. and at the end, where he calls for her and she doesn’t respond, calling her imja over and over and her head falling back, omg. i swear i love lee min ho; his eyes was red and you can see the fear on his face.

    i’m sure aunty choi will let suribang know what’s going on, but damn, this is one huge dilemma. eun soo needs the antidote, which means they can’t leave to get to heaven’s door and eun soo might be separated from him again. young will face harsher punishment for escaping jail and “kidnapping” the high doctor (bet ki chul/jo il shin/DH will frame it like that), getting her out of choi young’s protection.

    September 25, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. (regarding swoon worthy looks, beautiful LMH, that scene…etc.) 🙂

      Regarding the poisoned papers…fter reding jellybeaniebabie’s comment below, I’m thinking DH is testing the waters to see who is in contact with CY…bcs when DH was talking with KC they were assuming that there had to be someone in the palace that was in touch with CY, and naturally a good place to start would be with Aunty Choi.

      September 25, 2012
  16. lidy #

    you know what will be good, if a downpour starts w/ winds hailing, and they take it as a sign that the heaven’s is crying bc the high doctor is ill/dying.

    and before when DH was being asked by ki chul what he wants to become king, did he actually answer to have eun soo as his princess? no way in hell young’s gonna let that happen, eun soo too, which will probably be a shock of having a woman turn down a proposal. that just didn’t happen in those days, right?

    September 25, 2012
    • pam lee #

      I missed that! You are so right! DH did ask KC for ES to be his queen to gain her loyalty. Ew…yeah, Young would kill them before he ever let that happened. Would love to see our hottie’s wrath 🙂

      September 25, 2012
      • Jellybeaniebaby #

        That’s why I think that the poison part is a head fake.

        September 25, 2012
        • Sunshine #

          I hope you are right…that would be even sweeter if it is just a bad dream and she wakes up in his arms.

          My heart just skipped a beat at the thought.

          September 25, 2012
          • pam lee #

            It’s be cool if the Suribang twins or Dr. Jang got the poison out of ES so CY doesn’t have to bring ES back to the douche-bag DH.

            I liked how KC is doubting his decision to use DH as a puppet…ha-ha!!! Something like how he might have roused a tiger to catch a fox….

            September 25, 2012
            • pam lee #

              I meant Suribang siblings…forgot their names.

              September 25, 2012
              • lidy #

                DH has his own agenda and in history he tried to become king but was unsuccessful. so we know he really wants to become king but i knew ki chul was going to regret bringing him in bc w/ just a look. DH is no puppet. when ki chul was asking DH about getting eun soo’s heart, he flashed to the time in the market when eun soo tugged on choi young’s arm to leave. for someone who spends a lot of time w/ gisaengs, you know he knows women, so he can tell w/ just that arm tug, that those 2 got something going on. he could’ve easily told ki chul that it’s impossible bc it looks like choi young has her heart but he goes and say to make her queen?!?!?!??! can’t completely read him, so it could be 50-50 that he actually wants eun soo as his queen or he just said that to ki chul to keep up the charade that they’re working together.

                anyways, why no previews and why isn’t it monday already?!!?!?!?!??!

                September 26, 2012
            • sb #

              Lol, I like Suribang twins… Suribang Twin Powers Activiate… am I aging myself?

              September 26, 2012
              • Missy #

                I seriously remember that one! Lol

                September 26, 2012
  17. lidy #

    *mean winds blowing off rooftops and hail, bc the heaven’s is crying and in uproar over the high doctor

    September 25, 2012
  18. Classy #

    SOFTY!!! You are DAEBEAK in interpretation of emotions here..
    I just couldnt remove the grin thats pasted on my face now while reading your view..

    I have already re wathched all their scenes like 5 times now..

    Will do so once again..


    September 25, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Haha. Me too, Classy. Can’t help rewatching my fav scenes…I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. 🙂

      September 25, 2012
  19. Mara #

    May I commend Lee Min Ho on how much he has matured as an actor? He brings life to this role and even if he’s coached about the lingering looks, it takes chops to make them so believable. He has sold me on Choi Young 100%. Kudos to all the actors ’cause all the performances are outstanding and Faith should go down in history alongside Damo and Jewel in the Palace. There are only a few characters I dislike (yes, KC is one), but it’s because they’re such damn good actors. Il Jo’s voice is stunning, mute girl projects herself wonderfully and Dame Choi (because she is a dame in the acting sense) is one of my faves.

    I’m on TEAM CY/ES ’til the end,

    September 25, 2012
    • faither #

      count me in!

      September 25, 2012
  20. briseis #

    Love your afterthought 🙂 I felt giddy while reading it 🙂 Thank you

    September 25, 2012
  21. pam lee #

    Softy, I agree with your comment about how Young’s feelings for Eun Soo has evolved. It used to be “sighs” because he found her so exasperating and annoying, to nervously “clearing his throat” and now he gives her long and intense “stares” that make me swoon…. I am rooting for a happy ending for them…I can dream.

    September 25, 2012
  22. Xine #

    Hi everyone – many thanks Jooni for the quick, detailed recaps and everyone else for comments on culture & language, etc, which makes following this series so rich. I am just feeling bad wondering what CY would do if the poisoning is real. He put her together with DH to save her but might have killed her . . .

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      The recap version you read was Softy’s. She’s great, isn’t she?

      September 25, 2012
      • Xine #

        So sorry – very tired today and only speed read things incorrecty. She IS great – thanks Softy – and apologies joonNi 😎

        September 26, 2012
  23. Nevermind #

    Me over bfast of pancake and sausage early today while reading your recap (thanks, Softy):

    Grinning like crazy at the aspirin bottle scene and even laughing by myself.

    Rooting for ES at the end of the confrontation scene w/ Lee: the lady is bitching!!

    Swooning over the hugging scene: no need to pat the back, just hug her tightly, man!

    Shaking head at ES making a plan to turn herself in if they get caught so that CY could run away: feisty and fearless indeed!! But puzzled over her remark: “aside from this Goryeo land, his bed was the best”? (Was that the translation? Whose bed—CY’s bed? Did she mean it like that???)

    Loving the soup scene w/ the Suribang siblings and the math solving scene… I love our lady doctor’s personality! CY loves it, too!!

    Swooning again at the staring-face-to-face scene, then the “truth” game scene… And CY’s “I won’t be okay.”AWWW!

    Heart pounding (and breaking) at CY trying to touch ES’ silhouette… Sigh! Then that poisoning ending… 😦

    How much crazier can this ahjumma get over CY and ES during the next few episodes??? And I haven’t even watched E14 yet! Awesome cliffhanger!! I just hope that it will not be too mushy as they build up the romance between CY and ES.

    Thank you guys! Loving and living like our “imja” couple until next week. 😉

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      I fixed that part with Ki chul’s bed from Softy’s translation. Eun-soo meant the bed she used while she was in Ki Chul’s house.

      September 25, 2012
      • Nevermind #

        Gotcha! Thanks, Joonni!!

        Look at all these discussions, gurl–your site is a hit! BTW, love your new cover–CY and ES in the “soup scene” w/ the Suribang siblings. Can we say now that Faith has overtaken QIHM in your fave drama list?? GBU ladies!

        September 26, 2012
  24. Sunshine #

    Joonni-your comments have me smiling like a loon. Seriously.

    Ok-my favs:

    “Puahaha! Of course. Our sleepy daejang!”
    “Oof. Again, right in the heart. What do we call this? Womance?”
    “Omg, poor Eun-soo. And omg, they are eating from the same bowl. Homg”
    but here’s my favorite that you wrote about mr.Evil…

    haha-that had to be at least 50 exclamation points. Emphatic.

    September 25, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Oh snaps. I forgot about this one-loved this one-
      “Young and his loyal litter of puppies! A very troublesome bunch but still so loyal and adorable”


      Now off to rewatch the fully subtitled version. 🙂

      September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      I would have put more to properly express my anger but I thought it was a tad too much. 😉

      September 25, 2012
  25. Missy #

    So many thoughts for this episode…where do I begin? I do love how Gongmin confides in Noguk, it shows how their relationship is evolving.. I also liked how ES told her how loved she and her husband were plus his love for her. I think it gave her hope that they could actually be happy.
    Dr. Jang is one person who doesn’t really try to stop Eun Soo from doing something, he merely warns her and welcomes her back. I really like him, he’s one of those nuetral characters every show needs.
    I must say: Finally! The spies were caught! Her face was like ‘Damn, wasn’t as sneaky as I thought’ lol Lady Choi is wonderful and it’s awesome how the King takes advice from her.
    I don’t know what to think if Deok Haeng(if that’s how you spell it), he’s on a playing field all his own. He’s using Gi Cheol like GC was using him. You’re right, Gi Cheol is taking his mind off of his goal & plan, which really was a stupid plan. It’s like he’s become this mad man obsessed with Eun Soo. I had a feeling she would become his undoing, he’s not making any rational decisions because of her. It’s actually great to watch as one villain is becoming crazy while the other one was simply waiting for his chance to make his move. But why would Jong Il Shin just agree to be with DH? Granted he never liked Young, but to go against the King is just crazy. I hope my feelings about him were incorrect, that he’s planning to use DH and get him locked up or something.
    Gotta love how Gongmin knows when Young smirks that he’s got a plan in the works. Anyone can see that CY isn’t the type to take bribes, the man isn’t that fond of the rich. Why would he even do that?
    Okay, now on to Young and Eun Soo’s many moments. I think he’s not trying to forget her face because she may leave & he needs to remember what she looks like. I loved how they both confessed that when she leaves, neither will be okay with it & will miss the other. I got emotional when he tried to touch her silhouette, it was such a touching scene. He almost cried! He’s falling so hard and fast! Oh, when he mindlessly ate all of the soup and she was sitting there staring at her own spoon in disbelief. Also gotta love how the Suribang siblings are noticing their connection. When he turned towards her and asked if she could handle being in hiding for a few days, it seemed as if they were an actual couple. I love how the writers/director adds little things like that to show their feelings. I also laughed how he appeared to embarrassed when she found the aspirin bottle with the wilted flower inside. I know she was smiling inside.
    What a cliffhanger! I wanted to cry with him when he found her. I hope she isn’t poisoned and is just sleeping.
    Aigoo! i think this show has taken over my life lol This and To The Beautiful You lol

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      Thanks Missy for leaving your thoughts. It was a joy to read your enthusiasm.

      September 27, 2012
      • Missy #

        Thanks. I didn’t realize how much I typed until I posted the comment lol

        September 27, 2012
  26. lidy #

    actually, joonni, jo il shin in later years will betray gongmin and try to take the seat of power/announce himself as king, if i remember correctly. but choi young puts a stop to him, serves him right

    September 25, 2012
    • Missy #

      You’re right. According to history, Jo Il Shin tries to become king and Young stops him. I wonder if they’re going after that part in history for this storyline or making up their own.

      September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      But that’s according to real history. In the context of this drama, I guess I’m complaining that I don’t really buy that Jo Il-shin would go that far at this moment to oust Choi Young.

      September 27, 2012
  27. Yenzkie #

    so this is the point when jo il shin turns against the king, choi young quashes it and becomes a national hero. hmmm…
    still confused about this prince guy, tho…which side is he really on?
    now i love mondays, LOL.

    September 25, 2012
  28. Onichick #

    My fav thing about Eunsoo and Choi Young is how honest they are with each other. There is none of this annoying push and pull with them and its great. I also enjoy the fact that Choi Young is falling harder and faster, its a nice twist since there has been so many dramas with the cold hero that just needs to true love to make him not be a huge douchebag.

    Although Choi Young wasnt a HUGE douche bag, just lazy…

    I acknowledge the directing flaws but I am so in love with all the char, I kinda dont care about the flaws.

    Even though Im trying to be realistic I still want a reality where Choi Young and Eunsoo could be together with all the bickering and stuff that makes them so much fun. (I am fangirl I have powers of denial like you wouldnt believe!)

    Also this show has fully turned me into a LMH fangirl. I was on his boat before but now my ass is cemented in and there will have to be force to get me off of it.

    September 25, 2012
    • pam lee #

      “I am fangirl I have powers of denial like you wouldnt believe!”…your comment cracked me up.

      I’m like you, If it’s a bad ending, I’ll just make up my own…lol!

      I’ve converted to a big LMH “fanwoman” as well…I can’t call myself a “girl” though…lol!

      September 26, 2012
      • Onichick #

        Case in point: End of Hong Gil Dong OFF HUNTING TIGERS IN CHINA HAVING BADASS CLUMSY BABIES WHO EAT A LOT *Sticks fingers in ears and LALALALALALAL*

        Fanpeople also have the magical ability to read between the lines and create ships with the slightest provocation. Its a useful skill. ‘spcially when you know that there will be no happy ending no matter how you throw glitter all over it.

        September 26, 2012
        • joonni #

          I no longer remember what happened at the end of HGD but I don’t think I was displeased. Just weirded out by the change in tone in the last ep compared to the rest of the drama.

          September 27, 2012
          • Onichick #

            It wasnt a bad ending…I just so wanted more for the main couple since we only got them married for like half of episode that my mind has rejected the rain of arrows and decided CHINA! TIGERS! BABIES! Never claimed it was rational My sadness at the ending doesnt change the fact that I loved the living daylights out of that drama.

            September 27, 2012
    • joonni #

      My love for the characters really helps to soften my criticism for the directing and other aspects of the story.

      So you and sb on the LMH fangirl boat now. Yay! More company!

      September 27, 2012
      • Nevermind #

        Same here, Joonni. I’ve fallen in love w/ the characters more than the story itself or the actors–esp. bec. of your wonderful narrations. Honestly, if I’ll just watch the drama w/o your kind of recaps, I won’t be moved to follow it weekly like crazy. Sorry to say that I still find LMH lacking in the drama dept. but his gorgeous looks can compensate for it. Peace to you guys! 😉 🙂

        September 27, 2012
        • pam lee #

          Aren’t the SECONDARY characters amazing???!!! Aside from the obvious favorites, CY and ES and G and N, these secondary characters have slowly crawled into my heart as well…from Lady Choi, to the Woodalchi warriors, to the Suribang siblings including the hilarious gay Suribang! From the viewers’ comments on Viki, they even love Ki Chul, referred to as Mr. Expressions?!! WTH, right? Even loving the bad guy…says volumes about how great the casting was done for Faith.

          Somehow, LMH’s acting was better in the beginning and then got more wooden toward the midway point and now seems to be getting better? Was it because they filmed the beginning scenes last? All LMH must have voodoo on me because all he has to do is smile and ALL IS FORGIVEN!!! I actually go GA-GA when I see his profile. I swear, it seems like I am cheating on my husband sometimes! LOL!!!!

          September 27, 2012
      • Onichick #

        My love for the characters and the rapport that the show has will forever make me love it. You can tell the actors love doing it. And I also dig the hell out of the fact that everyone is treated like a real person. There is cardboard cut out people. IS Faith perfect? No. Do we need to smack the PDS for that damn hair commercial and MV randomly in the series? YES!

        But the show has so much heart, and chemistry and personality that I can help but love it. And really want to go out for a drink with everyone….Even Kichul…

        September 27, 2012
  29. ThePreviewQueen #

    I actually have a thought about the poisoned pages. It could be that the pages really weren’t poisoned, but that DH was just saying so in order to get information on how to find Young and Eun Soo. And that the reason that Eun Soo is not doing well is due to trauma. If we remember in the previous episode they did show her having nightmares and moaning quite a bit. So it is possile that hes is just having a nother bad night.

    September 25, 2012
  30. Nevermind #

    *Copies Joonni and bows at Softy giving her a “wave”* Aww, Softy, that’s an amazing analysis of the episode! Great job, gurl!! You’re not telling us something—you’re in on the screen adaptation along w/ Faith’s writer, Ms. Song Ji Na, aren’t you?? Joke lang!! (Joke only) 😉

    Jo Il Shin was mentioned in Gongmin’s profile as someone who did try to unseat the king but was prevented from it by Choi Young. Sure, Jo hated CY bec. the king favors him highly. But I don’t think the man was capable of such a complicated plan as planting evidence against CY. He was just plain greedy to be promoted to a higher status.

    As someone mentioned already earlier, I likewise believe that CY planned the whole thing—maybe with the Suribangs, the loyal puppy and the Asst. General, knowing all too well that he’ll be given a punishment or “banishment” that will allow him to bring ES back to her heavenly world. Because earlier: he told ES to pack bec. they’re leaving for sure; then smilingly reassured the king that his 1-year-labor punishment was ok (not sure ‘though if king was in it on the plan); then puppy helps him escape; then the asst. general was sure nobody will be able to locate the general. That also answers for the lingering looks as if “memorizing” ES face in his mind, patting her back slowwwly during the hug and trying to touch her through the silhouette—as Softy all pointed out, as if preparing to let her go for good. 😦 Then KC realized belatedly that the whole thing was sham. They got him there! Hah!!

    I believe CY was more of a burden to those officials w/ a motive to control the young king from making reforms that would endanger their aristocratic rule and wealth (like what Wiki’s profile on King Gongmin said). CY together w/ his ancestors before him desired only to protect Goryeo and its people (w/ the ruling monarch) and did not serve at all in the government. That’s why ES said that CY was very popular in her world. 🙂

    September 25, 2012
    • joonni #

      Yep, I didn’t think Jo Il-shin was capable of that plan too so that’s why I am having a hard time buying this turn of events. He did it on his own without Ki Chul? It’s just hard to believe.

      September 27, 2012

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