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Quick Thoughts on “Nice Guy” Episodes 5-6

In short, “Nice Guy” is a familiar story, given new life with excellent directing.

According to Wiki, Lee Kyung-hee has written ten full length dramas and I have watched seven out of those ten. So by now, her characters feel very familiar- the conflicted hero and the innocent heroine who loves with her entire soul. Thankfully, the directing keeps the story from feeling old and heavy, and Song Joong-ki is wearing his character like a second skin, bringing Maru alive. Moon Chae-won is also performing well as Eun-gi but I don’t think the character is her own yet, compared to Joong-ki.

I’m actually a little disappointed by Eun-gi’s character in episodes 5-6. In my first post about “Nice Guy,” I commented on how none of the main characters are innocent- they are all facing the world with their claws extended. But now that she has fallen in love with Maru, I see her turning into every Lee Kyung-hee heroine ever and I don’t know if that kind of innocent love will be able to reach out to me anymore and consume me the way it did in the past. I see hope, however, with the way Lee Kyung-hee has made Eun-gi’s world a little bit more involved than her previous heroines. Family and business play a huge part in her life so I’m hoping that Eun-gi remains a complicated and interesting character for a long time to come. Lee Kyung-hee’s female characters were hard to understand, not because they were complicated but because they were soooooo uncomplicated, they almost seemed unreal (e.g. Eun-chae from “I’m sorry, I love you” and Eun-suk from “A Love to Kill”). But with Eun-gi, I want the same kind of deep psychology that Jae-hee’s character is given so I don’t have to just keep telling myself, “This is just the way this character is because the writer needs her that way for her narrative goal.” So I’m excited that she finds out about Maru and Jae-hee this early on the story. What will she do next? I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. Lumiere #

    I had the impression, or I was hoping that Eun Gi somehow had an idea about Ma Ru/ Jae Hee relationship (based on episodes 3-4). Mainly, because Eun- Gi was falling for Ma Ru in an out-of-character kinda a way! You can imagine my disappointment when she didn’t have a clue about it as explained in episodes (5-6).

    I’ll keep watching, however, for the sake of the elegant directing and the decent acting.

    September 30, 2012
    • joonni #

      Yes, it is strange. Where did her suspicions go when she fell in love with him? Lee Kyung-hee’s version of love is so all-blinding, sometimes, it hard to understand.

      September 30, 2012
  2. Onichick #

    My respect for Song Joongki has sky rocketed, just omg he is so good in this. This is my first drama from this writer so for me I have no idea where this is headed and that scares me a little.

    I am enjoying my Princess’s Man reunion in this show though.

    But I am stockpiling tissues just in case .

    September 30, 2012
  3. Arooj #

    To be honest I’m quite impressed with Song Joong Ki’s acting skills.I always judge an actor through his body language and most importantly, his eyes. And this dude has totally got me!

    September 30, 2012
  4. Sunshine #

    I am loving this drama so far, and eagerly look forward to it each week. I am not so thrilled with that scary look he gets in his eyes, (makes me shiver!) but apparently he can really do those kind of psychilogically-get-to-you looks well…apparently he did a werewolf movie so he’s quite able to tap into that darker side look. He really is pulling off this character so amazingly, and though his character is flawed with some major issues (namely not getting over psycho), I love that while they have written his character to have some revengeful motives, Maru is still a genuinely honest soul, who willingingly warns all those around him of his intentions and for them to make the call how they will proceed with him.

    I’m hooked!

    September 30, 2012
    • joonni #

      I didn’t think SJK had that darkness in him because he just looks so sweet and cute. But after watching Tree With Deep Roots, I knew he could channel that darkness and looked forward to see more of it in this drama. But I don’t think he’s really there yet, character wise, because as you said, Maru’s foundation is goodness. But I look forward to seeing what happens the more he falls in love with Eun-gi and his inner conflict grows stronger.

      September 30, 2012
      • Sunshine #

        I think you are right…there will be a warfare in the deepest parts of his heart as he decides whether to grow, and truly open his heart to EG and move on with his life, or go down to the dark side with his toxic old flame.

        p.s. I’ve not wtched Tree with Deep Roots. Was it good?

        October 1, 2012
  5. Sunshine #

    I’m posting here, because I just had to comment on Nice Guy. I ablsolutely loved this last ep. I was floored at how Kang Maru could take callous and low to a new level, but as always redeems himself with his inability to stop himself from taking action to help those that he cares about. (I would have said those in need, but the guy who’s life he ruined was in need and K.M. didn’t bat an eye)

    It looks like Nice Guy is doing really well with the ratings…I’m trying to figure out why that sort of a drama produces edge-of-your-seat and is so compelling to watch. Can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I love my poor little Kang Maru, and I adore Eun Gi, and I just want to squish Junha with hugs, and tell him while I want Kang Maru to just live well, and have a happy life with Eun Gi (since they both seem to need each other, and could bring each other healing), a huge part of me just wants Jungha to protect her and love her for the rest of his days.

    P.s. sorry for the ginormous run on sentence. One of my best friends is a freelance editor, and she so graciously looks past my constant grammatical flubs, so I ask you all to kindly do the same. Apparently I was too busy staring at cute boys, daydreaming, or passing notes (prior to the glorious age of cell phones and text messages)during grammar lessons.

    October 13, 2012
    • joonni #

      I like this drama tremendously and I find myself drawn into the story but when I am done watching an episode, I strangely feel detached. Normally, I would be gobbling this drama up like no other but I think I have just watched too many of Lee Kyung-hee’s dramas. It’s not that I am bored, no, I am dying to know how this story will end up but the characters’ feelings don’t reach out to my heart.

      I know what you are feeling, though. I felt the same thing when I was watching “A Love to Kill” and somehow, I know when I watch it again, I would feel the same thing. But is my heart incapable of loving two dramas at once? I think so. Maybe I should marathon this drama later when Faith is finished.

      Please, don’t worry about grammar. I want to cry all the time because of my own.

      October 13, 2012
      • Sunshine #

        Your last line made me laugh. Your writing is beautiful, Joonni, and I have never noticed a grammatical error. (But, then again I probably wouldn’t notice the difference). Lol.

        I don’t love Nice Guy like I love Faith. No way! Faith is intoxicating. I am just drawn to Nice Guy like a moth to a flame, and feel so pulled in by the story…kinda like the cliche of staring frozen in place watching a train wreck happen in slow-mo…your upset it is happening, but you can’t manage to look away. I think I will be ok with the ending as long as they don’t pull a Fashion King.*shudders* I would say marathon it when Faith ends, but I don’t want to speak to rashly too soon since there are still a handful of eps to go.

        October 13, 2012

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