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Recap: “Faith” Episode 15

Joonni: The best episode so far. Not a moment is wasted. The tension is kept high as the stakes go up for everyone, forcing all to risk everything or lose it all. And balanced with the perfect amount of romance for every couple (Imja, GongNo, and YoungGong), this episode is a doozy. So prepare yourselves.

Softy: This drama really lives up to its name. I know the Korean title refers to the great doctor, but I like taking the literal meaning to heart. For each and every episode these characters have to have faith in each other, in what they believe in, in what they trust they are doing right even in the face of outright betrayal. Loyalty has never been tested this much between two friends, but every single time they manage to pass with flying colors. It’s those exact moments that make my eyes well up and it takes everything I have not to let those tears flood my vision.

Episode 15

Young is asleep outside Eun-soo’s door but he wakes up when he hears her moaning. He calls out to her but when she doesn’t answer, he rushes into the room. He tries to shake her awake but she doesn’t open her eyes. He anxiously lifts her to a sitting position when he sees how sick she looks. He frantically calls out, “Imja! Imja!” but Eun-soo’s head just weakly drops onto his shoulder.

Young run out and sees Jang Bin who has rushed over. Young says to him, “I was going to send for you. There is something wrong with the doctor.” Jang Bin asks, “Has the poison started to work already?” Young repeats, his eyes growing wide, “Poison?”

Inside Eun-soo’s room, Young asks in a panic, “What do you mean by poison? And how did you come here?” Jang Bin replies that Lady Choi sent him, telling him that Eun-soo has been poisoned. Young starts to ask who and why but what he really wants to know first is if the poison can be neutralized.

Jang Bin tries to smell the poison but there is no fragrance to help him identify it. Young quickly takes out the aspirin bottle from his robes and offers it to Jang Bin. But since Jang Bin doesn’t know what the poison is, he cannot use it. (Joonni: I’m a mess already. When Young takes out the bottle with that sort of wide-eyed innocence and panic, I melt like chocolate.)

Jang Bin tells Young that the poison was applied on the edges of the paper. Young fiercely grabs Jang Bin’s arm and growls, “I’m asking if you can save her.” Jang Bin tells him to go see Deok Heung. He said he would be waiting for Young at the same place they met before. If Young wants the antidote, he needs to go see him.

Young drops his hand from Jang Bin’s arm. “How much time does she have?” Jang Bin has an idea of how the poison works and if he is right, the poison starts paralysis from the fingertips and spreads throughout the body. But if it reaches the inner organs…Young screams, “How much time does she have left?!” Jang Bin sighs. He can try to slow it down but at best, she has a day.

Young looks hard at unconscious Eun-soo before getting up to leave. Jang Bin calls out to him before Young exits, looking down at the sword that Young dropped on the floor. Young had forgotten to take it with him in his panic. Young gives a frustrated sigh before picking it up.

Young runs with the Suribang young’uns. He tells one to stake out the neighborhood to see if someone followed Jang Bin and he tells the other to notify the Suribang siblings for more protection for Eun-soo. Young runs and he runs, possibly faster than he ever has in his life. (Joonni: I’m a goner. Goodbye guys. I’m taking off to find that portal so I can find Young.) Young remembers how he lost Choong-jung. He can’t lose Eun-soo like that again.

Young arrives at the meeting location. He orders Gay Suribang to keep Eum-ja from entering. Gay Suribang asks Eum-ja if he is the one that can hear from far away. He pulls out his sword and taps it while Dae-man whistles at Eum-ja. Eum-ja glares at them, annoyed and unable to hear to what’s going one with all the noise they are making.

Young barges into the room and immediately demands to know if Deok Heung has the antidote. Deok Heung calmly replies that he has been waiting and asks Young to sit down first. Young has no time for small talk, however, so he turns over the table and grabs Deok Heung by the collar and throws him into the wall. He grabs Deok Heung again, growling, “Antidote.”

Deok Heung demands to know how Young dares to touch a royal member. Young responds with a punch and merely says, “Give it to me.” Deok Heung tells him its going to be difficult if Young acts this way. Young glares at him and says, “Up until now, I have killed a countless number of people but I tried every time to make sure that they died quickly. But today…” Young pulls a knife and twists Deok Heung up against the wall. “I plan to cut off your limbs one by one. So talk.”

This threat doesn’t work on Deok Heung, as he points out, “Either way, it’s one or the other for me.” Young asks for the antidote again. Deok Heung continues to lay the choices that is left for him. “Either I kill the king or I die.”

Young slashes Deok Heung’s back and warns, “I slashed you now but next I will cut it off.” Deok Heung struggles through the pain. “If I die, your woman dies. She’s your woman, right?” Young doesn’t answer but he has no choice but to let Deok Heung go.

Eun-soo is having a dream. In the dream, there is someone dressed in white, attending to a sick boy while his worried mother looks on. The time period is still ancient but the medical instruments laid out is modern.

Deok Heung wipes the blood from his mouth. He says, “The woman that is called the High Doctor does not have a lot of time left. (Joonni: Omg, he says this like he isn’t the one that poisoned her. I’m gonna smack him so hard….!) Young demands that Deok Heung talk. “What do you want?”

Deok Heung tells him that he heard Young is the only one that knows everything inside the palace and can move the Woodalchi. Young demands to know what he wants. Deok Heung wants the royal seal. If Young brings it to him, he will give him the antidote. He warns Young that by high noon, even Jang Bin won’t be able to save Eun-soo. Young looks at Deok Heung silently, his face unreadable, before picking up his sword and leaving. (Joonni: I’m going to burn that mustache off Deok Heung’s face, hair by hair.)

Dae-man points out to Young that daylight will break soon. Young looks up at the sky and sighs. Then he looks his sword before handing it to Dae-man. “Stay here and watch over it until I come back.” Eum-ja has heard and watched this happened.

Daylight has broken and Gongmin is taking a walk around the palace with his Woodalchi guards. Young knocks down the other palace soldiers and Choong-suk, upon hearing the commotion, orders the Woodalchi to be on guard.

Young walks up to Gongmin and bows. Everyone looks happy to see him. (Joonni: D’Oh!). Gongmin, with a smile on his face, says teasingly, “Look who it is. A criminal on the run.” Young asks if Gongmin has been doing well. Gongmin, softly, asks back, “How about you?” (Joonni: Ryu Deok-hwan! That tone of voice you use to ask him that kills me. You’re so good!)

Young tells Gongmin that he came to see him because he a request. Gongmin, still smiling, says, “First, I think I need to order them to capture you.” Young just replies gravely, “Your Majesty.”

Gongmin takes in Young’s serious tone and orders the Woodalchi to stand back. When Choong-suk, trained to always protect the king, hesitates, Gongmin reminds him that the man is Choi Young. (Joonni: Omg, I know what’s coming so this whole-hearted trust is killing me.)

Young tells Gongmin that Eun-soo has been poisoned. In order to get the antidote he needs the royal seal. That’s the only way he can save Eun-soo. Gongmin can’t believe what Young is asking him. Does he not know what it means to give away the royal seal?

Young: “That person. Under your orders, I dragged her to this land, and under your orders, I kept her here. That person saved the queen’s life. She also took your side and waited quietly. And now that person….is dying. Please give me your royal seal.”

Gongmin asks who demanded the royal seal and Young responds that it is Deok Heung. “Your Majesty, there is no time.” Gongmin: “Choi Young. Are you standing in front of me and asking me for the royal seal over a mere woman?” Young asks, “Can I not?” Gongmin replies, “You said I was your king. You said I could have you.”

Young replies, “You said I was your friend and citizen. This citizen right now is asking you to save her. Do you still not know why we need a king?”

Gongmin reminds Young that to ask for the royal seal is to ask for the royal throne. Young asks, “That royal seal- who gave it to you?” Gongmin staggers back in disbelief. “You are crazy.” Young says nothing. Gongmin continues, “You can’t do this to me.” Young replies, “If you won’t give it to me, I will take it myself.” Gongmin orders the Woodalchi to capture Young.

Choong-suk takes out his sword and says, “I will obey the order” and asks Young if he does not have his sword. Young replies yes. (Joonni: Oh, I knew it! He doesn’t want to hurt his Woodalchi. I’m gonna cry now.) “Try to properly stop me. As a Woodalchi would.”

The Woodalchi attack Young but Young swiftly blocks them with his bare hands. He picks up a sword but uses the blunt side to knock them down instead of slashing them. Choong-suk attacks next but that is also futile. (Joonni: Finally! A proper action scene without the inappropriate use of slow-mo. So freakin’ cool is Young. <3<3<3)

Disarmed and unable to stop him, Choong-suk orders for high alert as Young runs through the palace. His Woodalchi have no choice but to attack but Young. Choong-suk tells Joo-suk that Young is now the enemy who is after the royal seal. But Joo-suk knows that they can’t stop Young. Choong-suk informs the Woodalchi that the enemy has no weapon- they should attack without fear. “The enemy cannot hurt us.”

Young runs into Deok-man and others. Deok-man, with anguish on his face, warns, “If you come closer, you will get hurt.” Young simply replies, “Go ahead.” The Woodalchi attack Young but Young is able to, of course, block them. When Deok-man attacks, Young ends up with Deok-man hostage and Deok-man, unable to free himself, orders the other soldier to stab anyway. The other Woodalchi attack but Young pulls himself and Deok-man out of the way, and in the ensuing attack, Young’s arm gets slashed. Deok-man looks at him with worry but Young just shakes his head.

The Woodalchi and Gongmin’s eunuch are guarding the royal seal. Choong-suk enters the room informs the other men that the “enemy” cannot hurt them. He pauses and swallows hard before he says, “We must protect the seal even if it means we have to kill him when you have the chance.”

Noguk rushes to Gongmin and she looks pained to see him so upset. She calls out to him but he raises his hand to stop her. He is too upset.

Choongsuk goes out and asks Deok-man if he’s heard anything. Deok-man replies no. Inside the room, the eunuch is pacing until he exclaims in surprise at something underneath the table holding the royal seal. The Woodalchi pull up the cover and find an unconscious eunuch. Young has already stolen the royal seal. (Joonni: Pfft! What the heck is up with that expression, Joo-suk? You’re shooting a dramatic scene here, not a comedy.)

Choong-suk reports to Gongmin that Choi Young probably stole the seal already before coming to see him, making it seem like he was attacking them so that the Woodalchi would all be focused on protecting the seal instead of blocking him from escaping. The royal seal is gone.

Eun-soo is still dreaming except this time, she sees that it is herself. She is writing in her diary, “To Eun-soo…” (Joonni: So Eun-soo is Hwata? Are we sure now?)

Jang Bin examines Eun-soo. It’s not looking good.

Young swipes the badook table and places the royal seal on it. “Where is it?” Deok Heung smiles and says, “You really brought it?” Before he can grab the seal, however, Young stops him, demanding the antidote first. Deok Heung says he has to examine the seal first to make sure it’s real. Young replies that he’s not like him. Deok Heung sighs and gives Young the antidote and Young quickly puts it into his robes. After he says, “Give me one reason to not kill you.” Deok Heung replies that the antidote he just gave won’t be enough. She needs to the antidote every four days, seven times in total. Till then, Young can’t kill him.

Young angrily lets go of Deok Heung’s collar and Deok Heung straightens his clothes. He says, “What kind of way is that for you to speak to me when I might become your king?” Young simply replies, “I will see you in four days,” and starts to leave but Deok Heung calls him back. He thought Young would have more to say. Young replies, “I don’t talk long to things that are not human.” He leaves.

Jang Bin feeds Eun-soo the antidote while Young looks on. He asks if it is working so Jang Bin replies that they have to wait and see. It’s a good thing the poison didn’t attack the blood or else, she would have already died. Young asks until when do they have to wait so Jang Bin replies a little more. (Joonni: Just like Eun-soo, Young is. He’s just fed her the thing, Young. Give it some time to work.)

Jang Bin tells Young that he will try to figure out how to make the antidote himself. He also asks Young what he did to get the antidote. Young says, “He asked to exchange for something useless so I did.” (Joonni: I agree. The royal seal is just a symbol. An important symbol, yes, but it’s not what makes a king. And Gongmin, it was given to you by Yuan. Just go and make your own.)

Young feels Eun-soo’s hand and exclaims that it’s too cold. Her hands are usually warm- almost hot. That he knows. “Do we just wait like this?” Jang Bin tells Young to talk to her because if the antidote works, she will regain conscious first before her body can move again. Young clasps Eun-soo’s hand.

Deok Heung shows Ki Chul the seal and asks him to examine it to see if it’s real since he has never seen it before. Ki Chul asks how Deok Heung obtained it so Deok Heung replies that Young brought it to him. Eum-ja confirms this. Ki Chul asks why Young would do such a thing, to which Deok Heung replies that he doesn’t know. Perhaps Young doesn’t like the current king, just like Ki Chul. (Joonni: Oh Ki Chul, if you believe this lie, I’m gonna lose all respect for you.)

Ki Chul asks how Deok Heung could just let Young go when he came on his two feet to see him. Young is with Eun-soo. They could have taken her too. Deok Heung replies that there was nothing he could do since Young knows how to use a sword and all he does is read books.

Ki Chul yells at Eum-ja but Eum-ja explains that people were after him too. Before Ki Chul can yell more, Deok Heung asks if this isn’t what Ki Chul wanted. Didn’t he plan to steal the royal seal from the palace anyway? Ki Chul calms down and asks Deok Heung what he plans to do with the seal. Deok Heung smiles and says, “Didn’t I tell you? I don’t think. You do what you want with it.” (Joonni: Oh god, Deok Heung is worse than Ki Chul. Die monster, die!) Ki Chul wants to know what he gets in return for placing Deok Heung on the throne. Deok Heung reminds him that what Ki Chul wanted was Eun-soo. Since Choi Young came to him himself, well…Ki Chul knows what that means.

Gongmin orders to the Woodalchi to keep this a secret – nothing happened yesterday and nothing was stolen. Choong-suk and the Woodalchi apologize and ask to be punished. Gongmin sighs- did they not understand what he just said? Nothing happened yesterday so what is there to punish them for? “If anyone finds out, then I will properly punish you.”

Ki Chul talks to his brother and Yang-gak. He knows Young well enough to be suspicious of Deok Heung. He knows that Deok Heung is trying to play with him. Yang-gak and Ki Won are worried about the lack of protection around Ki Chul’s house. They want to call back the soldiers looking for Eun-soo all over the country. But Ki Chul, foolishly, wants the soldiers to continue to look for Eun-soo. He will pressure the king and also go along with Deok Heung for now. One of these three lines he has thrown might bite. (Joonni: Oh Ki Chul, you’re spreading yourself too thin. See, my hatred for Deok Heung has me wanting to give you advice.)

Alone with Noguk, Gongmin says, “Choi Young turned his back on me.” Noguk responds that she can’t believe it. Gongmin repeats what Young said to him- “Give me your position so I can save the doctor.” Noguk asks if Young really said that- for Gongmin to forfeit his throne. Gongmin replies, “Then what else could he have meant by that? He asked for the royal seal to give to Deok Heung.” Noguk still can’t believe it. Gongmin understands her disbelief. He also can’t believe it.

Gongmin: “I believed that even if all the world turned its back to me, he would stay by my side.” Noguk suddenly turns to Gongmin and asks him to repeat word for word what Young said. Gongmin asks angrily, “You want me to repeat those words that ripped my heart apart?!” Noguk begs for him to repeat them, nonetheless. (Joonni: I’m gonna suffocate this girl in the tightest hug ever. She knows Young so well. *starts to build alter for Noguk*)

Gongmin starts to repeat Young’s words. “He said that he dragged her to his land and kept her here under my orders. So save her. So give him the royal seal. He spoke so confidently.” Gongmin describes to Noguk how Young spoke to him without any shame. “He scolded me, his king.”

Suddenly, Gongmin remembers Young asking him, “That royal seal- who gave it to you?” Gongmin rushes over to his table and looks at scroll with the royal seal stamped on it. He reads the engraving stamp and sits down heavily in realization. On the seal, the phrase designating Goryeo as merely a son-in-law to Yuan is engraved on it. In essence, Yuan is declaring Gongmin’s rule valid because it allows him to rule.

Gongmin: “Yes, this was given to me by Yuan.” Regrets start to hit Gongmin like a ton of brick. He called Young crazy while holding on desperately to a stamp given by Yuan. Gongmin remembers Young saying, “You said I was your friend and citizen. This citizen right now is asking you to save her. Do you still not know why we need a king?”

Gongmin: “Every day I got in front of the royal court and declared loudly to the senior statesmen, ‘My citizens are there so I will…for my citizens…My citizens!” The words catch in Gongmin’s throat. He continues, bravely confronting his own foolishness. “But I don’t even know what my citizens look like. I have never met other citizens. The only citizen I know is Choi Young but I called him crazy.  Ordering them to capture him.”

Noguk gently wraps her arm around Gongmin’s shoulder. He places his hand over hers and grips it hard, and tears fill both their eyes. (Joonni: Oh god, suuuuuuch a good scene here. Can you tell how much I liked this scene by the way I described it? If not, scold me because I didn’t do it justice.)

Ki Chul’s soldiers come into the premises where Eun-soo is. The Suribangs siblings distract them by offering them food, sympathizing with them on how they suffer working for the higher-ups.

Young is holding Eun-soo’s hand, talking to her. He says, “Since I taught you how to ride a horse and wield a knife, I will show you how to fish next time. But since I don’t think you will like it that much…what else…”

Eun-soo dreams. She is running frantically through a forest to a room where Young lies unconscious. Tears run down her face as she gently kisses his forehead. Eun-soo starts to hear Young’s voice describing to her the mid-autumn festival. She starts to cry in her sleep and Young anxiously calls out to her but Eun-soo doesn’t open her eyes. Young holds her in her arms and calls out for Jang Bin. He hears her mumbling so he leans in closer. Eun-soo is crying, “Don’t do this. Don’t die.”

Jang Bin comes into and Young asks what’s wrong with her. Bin examines her and see that while the paralysis is still there, she is getting better. Young holds Eun-soo close.

Dae-man is still on guard outside when Lady Choi arrives. (Joonni: The puppy! <3) Lady Choi asks, “Where is  the criminal?” (Softy: LOL.)

Outside, Young tells Lady Choi that Eun-soo has come back alive but she has to keep taking the antidote. Lady Choi remarks, “So it is possible that there is someone worse than Ki Chul.” Young, hanging his head, says, “I sent someone like that to her.” Choi pats his legs in comfort.

Young asks Choi what happened to the Woodalchi. Did they all get thrown out of the palace? Lady Choi looks at him, all, “You’re asking that now?” Young complains, “I taught them over and over to read the opponents’ thoughts instead of looking at their movements.” Lady Choi lists Young’s crimes and asks how he will live now. Young replies that he will first save Eun-soo, then send her back. Lady Choi: “After that?” Young: “Hmm…” He smiles. “Shall I follow her to the heavenly world?” Lady Choi just looks at Young.

Young changes the subject and asks how the king is. He worried that the stuffy scholars will pressure Gongmin once Ki Chul and Deok Heung start moving with their plan with the royal seal. Lady Choi tells him the queen told her that Gongmin has figured out what Young meant. Young smiles. “He would.”

Lady Choi informs Young that Ki Chul has notified the king that he will be holding a factional meeting early tomorrow morning and that Jo Il-shin is meeting Deok Heung. She beats this nail into Young’s head. “The king is alone right now.” The smile fades from Young’s face. She asks, “Aren’t you going to come back?” Young sighs and gets ups. “I told you. I’m going to save her first and send her back. After that.” Lady Choi also sighs. (Joonni: So those words he threw out about following Eun-soo…They break my heart even more. He’s not going to leave with her. No, he can’t leave. *weeps*)

Jang Bin tells Young that he going back to the medical ward. Eun-soo is still half paralyzed so Young confirms that they really do need the rest of the antidote. Jang Bin also says that he’s taking some of the antidote back to try to find out what the contents are. He will also send some medicine in care of Dae-man.

Young enters the room and Eun-soo says weakly, “I heard I almost died.” Young hangs his head and says, “It’s my fault.” Eun-soo: “You say everything is your fault.” Young tells her that he is the one that sent Deok Heung to her,  even threatening him to bring the diary with him. She replies that she heard he chased after him to get the antidote.

Eun-soo holds out her hand to Young and asks him to come over. Young sits down next to her and she grabs onto his arm, trying to lift herself up. Young asks why so she tells him to just do as she says- didn’t he say it’s her fault she almost died? (Joonni: Oh how the tables have turned, Young. You ask why and she tells you to just follow now. Ha!) Young sits her up and Eun-soo asks him to sit behind her. He asks, “Behind” so she tells him she wants to lean on him. Young sits on the bed behind her and Eun-soo leans on his shoulder.

Eun-soo says, “When I am lying down I feel stuffy and I can’t breathe well.” Young moves to make her more comfortable. He starts to tell her that she needs to take the antidote six times more, every four days. “But I don’t know if it’s true…” Eun-soo interrupts him. She tells him that she had a dream. Well, she doesn’t know if it was a dream or something she saw somewhere. No, it wasn’t something she saw somewhere. There was a house she never saw before. “I also saw myself but I’ve never seen myself that way.”

Young asks if that is why she cried. Eun-soo replies that Young appeared in her dreams. He smiles a little and asks, “Did I appear in your dreams?” Eun-soo calls him partner and tells him that she’s figured out the dates before she lost consciousness. “I know when the door to heaven opens.” It takes a while for Young to ask, “When is it?” Eun-soo: “After about a month. If I don’t go back on that day, it will open again after 67 years. That’s what’s written in the diary. If I want to go back before I die, I have to go back that day.” Young wordlessly slowly wraps his arm around Eun-soo and holds her hand. (Joonni: I’m going to cry! Hold me.)

Gongmin looks back at the Woodalchi, as if searching for Young, before entering the room with the emergency meeting that Ki Chul called together. He enters the room and orders Ki Chul to get to the point. Ki Chul says that he received a letter from his sister, the Yuan empress, worrying that Gongmin is not using the seal that the emperor gave him. The emperor is not sure what to make of Gongmin’s behavior. Ki Chul asks Gongmin what happened. “Did you lose it? Of course not. The royal seal is a symbol of Yuan. To lose it threatens your right to the throne.” Lee Saek chides Ki Chul for suggesting that something like that happened. At this point, Deok Heung enters and sits behind Gongmin.

Ki Chul asks Gongmin to show the royal seal so he can write to Yuan and ease their concerns. Gongmin takes some time before answering that he got rid of the seal. He recites the words engraved on the seal. He says, “Although I am Yuan’s son-in-law, before that, I am this country’s king. So I plan to make a new seal that fits that position.” Ki Chul can’t believe what Gongmin is saying. To throw away the Yuan seal and make a new one can be seen as disloyalty and treason. Gongmin patronizes Ki Chul. “That’s quite regretful.”

Lee Saek warns Gongmin that this isn’t something to be decided by himself. So Gongmin asks the statesmen to help him come up with a new engraving. Jo Il-shin also warns Gongmin that what he just ordered right now endangers Goryeo- war can break out between Goryeo and Yuan. Gongmin chides Jo Il-shin. Was everything that he said so far about fighting Yuan and establishing Goryeo as an independent country just words?

Jo Il-shin begs Gongmin to think about the citizens so Gongmin asks if he ever properly asked the citizens what they really wanted. “Or are you doing this because you are afraid?” Gongmin orders for the secretaries of defense to come to him so they can set up a plan to protect Goryeo. Ki Chul looks puzzled but Deok Heung, annoyingly, looks pleased.

Lee Jae-hyun wonders angrily if Gongmin is really planning to start a war over a royal seal. Lee Saek counters that they can’t use a Yuan seal forever either. Jo Il-shin interrupts their argument to say that instead of worrying about that, what they should do now is take care of the person who kept on creating all these problems- Ki Chul. He declares that he’s not going to just stand quietly and worry anymore. He’s going to do something about it. (Joonni: I may hate him more than Deok Heung because I want to tear his limbs off, one by one.)

Gongmin asks Choong-suk if the Woodalchi are keeping the secret about the seal because if people find out, Young can never come back to the palace. Choong-suk reassures him that the secret is safe.

Jo Il-shin talks to Deok Heung. Jo Il-shin is not sure what is going on so Deok Heung clarifies. Jo Il-shin now has a legitimate reason to move the king’s army and attack Ki Chul. He can start a revolt against Gongmin with that army. He wants Jo Il-shin to act fast before Ki Chul’s men return. He suggests that Jo meets with Lord Ja-woon (the slimy minister that was always next to Ki Chul). He has agreed to help Deok Heung.

Jo Il-shin is worried, though, that even if he takes over Ki Chul’s house, Deok Heung won’t uphold his promise to give him Ki Chul’s position. Is he sure he can take the throne? Deok Heung tells Jo he doesn’t need to worry. “Just do your job well.”

The Suribang young’uns are keeping watch over Jo Il-shin. They report to Young that Jo Il-shin is meeting with Lord Ja-woon and military men. They don’t know exactly what’s going on but the word has it that the military heads on Ja-woon’s side now.

Young places pillows behind Eun-soo before sitting with the Suribang siblings. Manbo asks why Young has so much interest in Jo Il-shin. Young replies that since Jo is the one that framed him, he must want the Woodalchi in his hands too. He wants to know why Jo wants to control the military so much. Young complains that the sister is taking too long squeezing the medicine. He starts to do it himself as Eun-soo watches all this.

Manbo asks what Young gets out of doing all this for the king. Does he think the king will take him back if he does? Young complains that all merchants like them ever think about is an even exchange.

Young offers the medicine to Eun-soo but she weakly complains that it’s going to be bitter. Young: “But it’s medicine. Do you think it’s going to be sweet?” Eun-soo smiles and asks him to feed it to her. Young looks flustered and clears his throat but he doesn’t deny her request. The Suribangs siblings look on curiously as Young feeds Eun-soo the medicine, telling her drink it straight since it’s not hot. Eun-soo has a hard time drinking the bitter medicine so Young changes position so she can drink the medicine all at once. When Eun-soo coughs at the bitterness, he smiles, and so does everyone in the bleachers.

Young tells her he is going to go get the second batch of antidote now. Eun-soo says he should have beaten Deok Heung up a bit. Young smiles and replies that he already did. Eun-soo also wants Young to ask Deok Heung something- does he have the back part of the diary? She saw in her dream that the diary had a back part. (Joonni: Ah! So those pages that fell out! That was Eun-soo’s letter to herself! Ah!!!!!!)

Young deduces that Eun-soo wants to find out if what appeared in her dream is real. Yes, Eun-soo confirms. She wants to make sure if it was all a dream or not. He replies that he will ask and before he leaves the room, he looks back and smiles. (Joonni: He’s the one that turns back on his own now. Eun-soo doesn’t have to call him!) Eun-soo smiles back. Young leaves but as soon as he does, Eun-soo falls back in pain. Her hands won’t move again. The sister feels her hands and exclaims on how cold they are.

Young arrives at the building where Deok Heung is. Before he goes in, he notices Eum-ja hovering outside.

Young enters the room, asking, “What’s your condition today?” Deok Heung points for Young to sit down. Young roughly throws down his sword and sits. “Your condition. Tell me.” Deok Heung replies, “Talking about the world all night with me. That’s today’s condition.” He adds, “It would be better if you also played badook with me. Until the sun rises.” Young angrily reminds him that if the sun rises, it becomes exactly four days. Deok Heung pretends ignorance. “Ah, right. It will be cutting it close. Using the antidote within the proper time frame is very important. I told you that I’ve used this poison several times before.” He describes to Young how once he missed giving the antidote by one hour and the person died, suffocating. (Joonni: Someone give me a knife cuz I’m gonna cut his eyes out.) Young has no choice but to play along so he kicks back his chair and gets into a comfortable position for a long and painful night.

Hwa-Eum are watching outside the building. Inside, Young is sitting with his eyes closed, refusing to speak or play badook with Deok Heung. Deok Heung talks about how playing badook by himself has its own merits. It’s a battle with himself. Young grabs his sword, sensing something outside. Deok Heung asks if it’s possible for a swordsman to also fight with himself.

The door opens and in steps Ki Chul. Ki Chul is surprised to see Young and asks what he is doing here. Young points his chin at Deok Heung and tells Ki Chul to ask him. Ki Chul turns to Deok Heung and reminds him that he asked to be notified when Deok Heung was meeting with Young. Deok Heung replies that since Hwa-Eum are following him around, he knew Ki Chul would come to see him. He asks Ki Chul to sit down.

Deok Heung says that he made the meeting on purpose. Choi Young is basically his man now and Ki Chul is the one who brought him here so they are all in the same boat now. He thought they should share a drink together. Ki Chul asks Young when he became Deok Heung’s person. Young just stares and Deok Heung and doesn’t answer so Deok Heung smiles and asks Ki Chul to sit again. Ki Chul sits down this time and Deok Heung asks, “Let’s see. What time is it now?”

The royal soldiers are attacking Ki Chul’s house right now.

Gongmin hears about this raid from Jo Il-shin. Gongmin: “What did you say?” Jo: “I sent them. I started what you couldn’t do.” He tells Gongmin that he sent 2000 royal soldiers to Ki Chul’s house. Choong-suk screams, “You sent 2000? Then what about the palace defenses?”

Gongmin can’t believe what he is hearing. “You moved the king’s army without the knowledge of the king?!” Jo Il-shin claims that even Young, whom Gongmin favors, wouldn’t have been able to even dream about doing this. He, Jo Il-shin, will bring Gongmin Ki Chul’s neck.

Gongmin orders for Jo Il-shin to be captured but the royal soldiers come forth to protect Jo. Jo says, “Ten years in Yuan. I only looked to you and lived. On the way, escorting you back here, I was very happy but you didn’t even look at me. You didn’t recognize my loyalty.” The royal army steps closer so Choong-suk orders his men to protect the king. Gongmin glares at Jo Il-shin, shaking with anger.

Outside the building of conspiracy,  the Suribangs young’uns come to notify Young of what is happening but Hwa-Eum stand guard. Dae-man hides before he is noticed.

Ki Chul is asking Deok Heung if this is really just a friendly gathering when Yang-gak shows up to notify Ki Chul that his house in under attack by the royal army. Ki Chul starts to rush out but before he does, he comes to the realization that Gongmin is not the one attacking him. He doesn’t have the courage to do so, especially since Young is not by his side.

Ki Chul realizes that it is Deok Heung who planned all this and starts to draw his icy hand at Deok Heung. But Young stops him saying, “This person can’t die yet.”

Ki Won is running away from the royal soldiers but he is killed in the process in Ki Chul’s secret storage room. The soldiers find something and carry out a large box.

Ki Chul asks Young, “Did you really become this guy’s person?” Young tells him to stop talking nonsense and think about taking care of his house first. Ki Chul asks Yang-gak how many soldiers they can mobilize right now. He replies that he can call back about 800 to 900 soldiers. Ki Chul orders them to attack the palace. Young looks at him in shock.

Ki Chul says, “I will attack the palace and take the king as hostage and make a deal.  Whether it’s you or Deok Heung… Since all the royal soldiers are at my place, the palace is as good as empty.” Ki Chul leaves in a hurry and Young turns his sword that he was previously using to protect Deok Heung against the man himself and demands to know, “You. What are you?” Deok Heung calmly replies, “It’s far off till morning so can’t we talk slowly or are you planning to give up on the antidote and run to your king?”

At the palace, Gongmin is escorted by the Woodalchi and seems to be on the run. Deo-gi is watching over Eun-soo but she notices that Eun-soo has lost consciousness once more. Elsewhere with Deok Heung, Young stands, deadlocked.

Preview for Episode 16

Young says to Deok Heung: Now I know what you are. I am going to the palace now.

Young goes and fights with his men.

Jo yells, “How could he run away when I stole away 500 soldiers.  Just make him stay there so he can’t go anywhere.

Young: let’s go

KC yells, “My brother died!”

DH: I didn’t know.

DH sits on the throne

KC asks DH: aren’t you afraid of becoming my enemy?

ES asks Young: Did you ask? I have to meet that person (KC)

Softy’s comments:

Written before it aired: The man has gone off the deep end head first and didn’t even bother wading in to test the depth of the water. Those were his own men that he attacked, but more importantly that was his king he spoke back to and threatened. Gongmin called her a mere woman, but he should have known better. He is in love himself so you would think he gets it better than anyone, but Eun Soo was never just any woman from the start. Young is going on his rampage now cuz she is the only woman who will matter to him, but I guess Gongmin can’t help but just see one truth before his eyes right now – his general on the war path. I must admit, I never understood Young previously – the one spurred on by blind obedience and duty, but now I get him. Love isn’t his primary motivation here. Once he saves her life, he is considering their future and wants to build a life with her. That’s way easier to wrap my head around.

When you think about all that he has been fighting up to now cuz of her, you can see why he finally snapped when he learned she had been poisoned.  I’m not even talking about his formidable enemies that he has been battling.  I’m referring to his inner struggles, the ones that weren’t visible even to himself till now. He fought his own complacency and then he was fighting his own impulses. With everything else in his life he has to wage a war against, is it too much to ask that he doesn’t fight his feelings for her as well. That was last week when I wished he would follow through on his urges and give in and let himself get swept up in the moment. I kept thinking why can’t he learn to pick his battles better? The one with KC and DH is harder to win, but the war he is waging within himself to gain control of his emotions is much easier. Once he surrenders, I wasn’t sure who is more of a victor – Choi Young or us cuz we get to celebrate his conquest. Turns out I got more than I bargained for with that wish judging from tonight’s events.

Joonni’s comments:

Praise be to the addition of Deok Heung to this drama! I was ambivalent about him at first, concerned about his ability to add any real substantial conflict to the story. But yeah, Deok Heung, that conniving little rat, I hate him so much but it’s not the frustrated type of rage that we get from stupid villains but the kind of rage that only makes us want to cheer for the good guys harder. Deok Heung’s schemes really push everyone to their edge, including Ki Chul, making the conflict, decisions, and solutions even harder to unravel and predict.

All the signs point to the fact that Eun-soo is Hwata, which actually disappoints me a little, because, for now, it looks like we are going to head into the reincarnation theory and that seems like such a cop-out to me in terms of explaining Eun-soo’s relationship to history. This might be due to my personal distaste for that kind of narrative but if the writer fills out that mystery a little more, I think I can go with it later on.

We have reached the point where Young and Gongmin’s relationship is now rock hard. I don’t think their faith in each other will ever be shaken again but since this drama is good at being unpredictable, who knows. I might have to bite my tongue. I love how Gongmin learns that his faith in Young is not just a mere feeling of the heart that can be brought down by evil conniving but something that can be derived logically from Young’s action and words. It’s a very smart type of faith and something I can get behind. This drama is showing us how faith and loyalty is built through trials, logical thinking, and the understanding of character. Young and Gongmin’s faith and loyalty to each other is no longer founded in the uneven and unequal relationship between a king and his subject, but is built between equals and friends.

Group hug guys. We stuck with this drama through all its flaws and now we are being rewarded. YAY!!!!!!

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  1. Sunshine #

    Hi Softy! Wow, what an introduction to ep 15. I think a lot of the momentum for this drama really is going to catapult from this ep. Thanks in advance for the live recap!

    October 1, 2012
  2. Hello Softy (and Joonni), and thank you again for the recap. I look forward to reading it.

    October 1, 2012
  3. OMG! I cannot believe she solves the puzzle (when the portal opens) so soon!!

    October 1, 2012
  4. Matilda2012 #

    Thank you, Softy. Now I can enjoy my morning without holding my breath.

    October 1, 2012
  5. Thanks so much for the recaps! I can finally sleep tonight…

    October 1, 2012
  6. Cindylala #

    Thank you Softy, same as Matilda and Nutty…. ^ ^

    October 1, 2012
  7. Softy, thank you very much for the recap, I love this episode

    October 1, 2012
  8. pam lee #

    Thanks for the recap, Softy! I am so shocked! Young has been driven to the edge and that is where we fans have been wanting all along…to get some honest answers about his feelings. I can’t believe ES only has 1 month left in Goryeo otherwise the portal won’t open for another 7 years? Come on, ES, 7 years isn’t so bad…please to stay with Young! *Sigh. Can’t wait to watch this ep tonight!!!

    October 1, 2012
    • sorry but during the live recap I wrote 7 cuz I didnt hear the 6 in front so it’s actually 67 yrs later.

      October 1, 2012
      • pam lee #

        OMG…67 years! So hopefully she won’t make it back in time? Oh how I wished! I am trying to have my heart restrain itself from breaking. I will ship CY and ES until the VERY END!!! LONG LIVE OUR OTP.

        October 1, 2012
  9. Maggie H.V. #

    Wow! what an episode!! Thank you so much, now I can do my job without holding my breath 🙂

    October 1, 2012
  10. iyen #

    Softy you’re so fast hahaha thanks for the live recap, you’re my hero!

    October 1, 2012
  11. mimi #

    Thank you so much softy and joonni ❤ , and as for you ES you come back to 2012 and I will go and stay with Young for ever! with me he won't need to worry about the heaven door anymore, problem solved *grins*

    October 1, 2012
    • iyen #

      remeber to bring pipes and toilet making guide, mimi

      October 1, 2012
      • mimi #

        pipes and toilet making guide, checked!

        October 1, 2012
  12. Yayee #

    Dear ,Softy and Joonni

    Thank you so much for your live recap. ^ ^

    October 1, 2012
  13. Faither #

    Girls, U are amazing with the superspeedy recap. Hail to you….

    October 1, 2012
  14. Joy #

    Thanks for awesome quick subs!

    October 1, 2012
    • Joy #

      Sorry i mean thanks for awesome quick recaps!

      October 1, 2012
  15. Pinny #

    Thank you so much Softy and Joonni.

    I enjoyed this episode but it gives me mixed feeling. I felt a bit weird that Young had been driven to this point and have to fight with his own men while have to work for DH. I understand that he have to safe ES but at the same time I don’t want to see him being told to do this and that by the baddie! A pissed LMH is hot but one thing for sure, I hate DH!

    About ES and Young, they are more open to each other about their feeling leading to more skinship.. *LOVE* I don’t know but I think the ending will be a bitter sweet ending. Any way, I’m prepared for that and surely will enjoy the ride!

    October 1, 2012
  16. i knew someone would; blackmail him in exchange for the antidote but i never thought he’d give in!
    thanks for the recap! you’re a lifesaver for us live streaming this drama! my mom was refreshing your page as she was live streaming it with me. hugs & kisses! mwah!

    October 1, 2012
    • pam lee #

      Young would never risk ES’s life…just as he’s proven in past episodes, so of course he will give into DH’s demands for now.

      October 1, 2012
      • You’ve got a point there. was only thinking that maybe he’d have some clever plan to steal the antidote but i guess it’s only normal for him (as for any of us) to feel a bit of desperate and can only think of the easiest way out of ES’ current distressful situation…give in for now and think of an ingenious plan later to make up for his hasty action.

        October 1, 2012
  17. lidy #

    thank you softy. been dying for ep 15…if only i can go to the future 4-5wks from now and all of Faith episodes have aired, so i don’t have to wait every week. one thing to say about DH, dead man walking

    October 1, 2012
  18. Cindylala #

    Softy …. Please tell me when Young try to wake her from sleep did he call her out loud Imja?…. Or I hear it wrong?

    October 1, 2012
    • No worries – you heard correctly. 🙂
      He said it so many times I didnt type it up cuz I had to work fast – I translate and type as I watch so I leave out stuff like that. Going thru the recap now filling in lines I missed so I will insert them.

      October 1, 2012
      • Cindylala #

        Ahhhh….Thank youuuuuu… I can go to sleep now… Good night ^_______^ can’t wait for tmr….

        October 1, 2012
  19. Ilana #

    Best OTP ever… love the romance between them… realistic yet poignant… it just reels you in.
    I think Young was using his shoulder to wipe the tears from his eyes at the part when Doc Jang told him that Eun Soo was alive…towards the end when he turned his head slightly away from the camera..

    Aww…Eun Soo didn’t want Young to worry…she couldn’t move her hands that’s why she asked him to feed her…this couple is killing me with their all their worrying over each other.

    I think Young must be the most selfless, unselfish, bravest male lead ever…with a sexily hot temper to boot. Great combi.

    October 1, 2012
    • Matilda2012 #

      I agree with you Ilana. I was wondering why did not get a clear shot of his face, but I believe that he was crying tears of relief but the director, I guess, wanted it to be more subtle rather than out in the open. That leaves more for our own imagination and interpretation. OMG, I love this drama!

      October 1, 2012
  20. Blue Passion #

    Dear Softy: Thanks again for such a fast and detailed transcap. I was reading it at the gym and afterwards people where asking me why I had such a big smile on my face (hello!!! I start my Monday with Softy and gang following “Faith”!!!!). I am glad Young beat up (would have like a little more beating) DH!!!! The preview is very intersting with DH sitting on the throne. Great job, I think I will sink with this ship, I can not get over how good it is and I am so emotional involved with the characters.
    Have a good one!!!! Jooni will be coming back later for your point of view. Thanks to you too.

    October 1, 2012
    • pam lee #

      When Young was throwing DH around, I couldn’t help but picture DH wearing a shirt saying “Choi Young’s little BITCH”! LOL! Loved that part.

      October 1, 2012
  21. Onichick #

    Thank you Softy!


    How are they so cute? Omg Although if they start the Merry Go Round of Noble idiocy, I will smack both of them.

    If this show keeps raising the stakes like this, I may have a heart attack before its all over.

    And Gongmin/Young bromance for teh WIN!

    October 1, 2012
    • Onichick #

      Joonni, if you decide you need back up to torture DH, I volunteer. I never thought I would see the day where I would be rooting for KC.


      October 1, 2012
  22. MC #

    Thanks for the recap…u girls are amazing…

    Question though, was ES dream significant? ( the one he saw CY lying unconscious?) Any thoughts about this?

    I have a cynical feeling about the ending of this story… Like any other Kdrama most of the time they give us ambiguous ending… But, I’m here for the ride…:)


    October 1, 2012
    • pam lee #

      Eun Soo’s dream: I think it’s a premonition of the future. No way that could have happened in their past life because they are in the same clothing and look the same. This must mean she has to rescue or try to revive him again in the near future. I think this is a good sign for this ship. Maybe she won’t enter the portal and stays back to help Young (because he’s so distraught she’s leaving he tries to kill himself)? OMO!!! If I were ES, I’d be fine without hot running water or toilets, as long as I have MY ONE TRUE LOVE…CY OR LMH! 🙂

      October 1, 2012
      • MC #

        Oh okay…yeah probably… Is it safe to say that if that day comes when she’s about to enter the portal she would rather rescue CY and stay and be with him for the next 67yrs?! That will be nice but, I’d grab some useful stuffs first from the present time and comeback 🙂 Like a Do-it-Yourself book… 🙂 it will come very handy…thanks

        October 1, 2012
        • pam lee #

          Lol! Love the DIY book idea! I bet CY wants to leave with her to the future. However, she won’t let him because she can’t be that selfish since he’s vital to the development of the Korean nation. So, she decides to stay or come back to Goryeo because CY is a broken man without her… *Swooning… SHIP! SHIP! SHIP!

          October 1, 2012
  23. Ilana #

    softy/joonni – your recaps are definitely the best. thanks much!
    Hmm… the part when Eun Soo dreams of Young and kisses his forehead… i think that is what will happen if she leaves on the day she says the heaven’s door will open.
    She could have left….went back to 2012…and think about how Young totally lives for her…realises he might end his life when she is gone…went back through the door to go back to Goryeo. The door stays open for awhile…like what happened in the first episode….

    Yup, so she goes back in a panic to find him….. and I’m hoping he’s in a really deep sleep? ya know…his way of escaping pain.

    Cos if one more person gets poisoned in this drama ….gosh.

    I didn’t notice any cuts or slashes or tongue-biting or blood….so there’s still hope!

    And love the hand-holding part….love how tiny her hand seems to be when enveloped in his….and they both look as if they are dying inside at the last part of the scene…..kudos to KHS and LMH…for making this time-travel romance so painfully real, plausible and heartfelt.

    October 1, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Totally agree..I’m ready to move past the poisoning. I’m ready for the “partners” to really start making big strides against all the bad guys. I want to see them scheming, spending more time together…and seeing lots of results…not two steps forward three steps back.

      Now as far as their relationship goes…I think uri Young made lots of progress!!! Loved him taking care of her. 🙂

      October 1, 2012
  24. SH #

    Thanks for the live recap Softy! So much love in this episode 😀

    October 1, 2012
  25. Reblogged this on Asianatikas and commented:
    OMG love this ep!… me gustaron las escenas entre nuestra parejita,especialmente cuando despierta me hizo soltar lagrimitas.Aww.

    October 1, 2012
  26. One month left before the portal opens? But didn’t the fortune teller tell Eun Soo she would be away for a year? How long has it been since she’s been in the past? Two or three weeks?

    October 1, 2012
    • lidy #

      remember time passes differently. when choi young went through the portal, he was in the future/heavenly world for a while but when he came back with eun soo, he was only gone for a moment. so considering that eun soo been in goryeo for more than 3-4 wks but less than 6 months, than technically she’s been away from the future/heavenly world for almost a year maybe

      October 1, 2012
  27. Oh my, that DH guy is quite the clever one!

    Softy, thank you for the recap, you do a great job.

    I have no idea where/how this story line is going, but I’m going with it: knuckles white, toes tapping, and fingers drumming.

    October 1, 2012
  28. softy and jooni thanks so much for this breathtaking recap…. have always this anticipation to read your speedy recap after my duty , and you really did not disappoint me..your works helps alleviate my homesickness from my family as an overseas worker..

    two thumbs up for your effort guys!

    October 1, 2012
  29. Thank you for the live recap … watched it raw as well and thanks to you I understood what was going on a bit better!

    October 1, 2012
  30. Thank you thank you thank you thank you
    Ooooooooooh baby — lah- UVE angry Choi Young.
    Also love worried, tender, medicine feeding, sleeping, pleading, fighting CY.

    That DH is a nasty strategerizing genius. Everything was timed perfectly to make it work for him.

    What if she went through the wormhole quickly, to get something to cure, CY, and came back to save him. The wormhold doesn’t close immediately.
    67 years means she dies in Goreyo.

    October 1, 2012
    • Oh, and I cried when CY held Imja in his reality, while she held CY in her reality, each other worried the other would die… Good stuff.

      October 1, 2012

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