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The Evolution of Young and Eun-soo’s Relationship

“Carry On” by Ali

The look of fear and disdain Eun-soo gives Young when she sees him standing there, coming to kidnap her from modern South Korea.

The look of relief and happiness Eun-soo gives Young when she sees him standing there, coming to “kidnap” her from Ki Chul’s house.


versus this…

Young, slapping away Eun-soo’s hand, so very angry that she treated him instead of letting him die.

Eun-soo’s hand on Young’s face, not being rejected for the first time since she’s met this man. Young smiling openly in front of her for the first time. Inside that smile is happiness to see her safe and determination to send her back to her world.

This is how he used to stand behind her. Her body struggling to get away from. His body forced to hold her back. Eun-soo desperately trying to go back to her world. Young desperately trying to keep her here, while wanting to send her back to keep his promise.

This is how he sits behind her now. Her body leaning into him. His body leaning into her. Eun-soo quietly saying she knows when she can go back to her world. Young listening silently, wanting to keep her here, not wanting to keep his promise anymore.

See how Young pulls her hands close, eager to die, feeling that he deserves death and her anger for being unable to send her back to her world.

See how Young pulls her hands close now, eager to feel her warm hands, knowing that he has let go of them soon, sad that he has to send her back to her world.

Eun-soo looking upon a stranger- her kidnapper and her patient. Eun-soo eavesdropping on Young telling his tragic back-story that made him into a cold, distant, and disillusioned warrior. A warrior forcibly bound to the Woodalchi and his king.

Eun-soo looking upon an all-too-familiar face now- her savior and dare she say it? Her love. Eun-soo eavesdropping on Young, ordering his loyal men, being a true leader. A warrior willfully bound by love and faith to his men and king.

Eun-soo reaching out to heal him. Young looking at her angry and unwilling, unsure of who this woman is.

Young reaching out to heal her. Young looking at Eun-soo tenderly, eager for her to get well, eager to save her, and happy to see her being Eun-soo.

This is how he used to look at Eun-soo being over-excited.

This how he looks at her now.

This is where Eun-soo used to point her sword.

This is where she points now.

“Annoyed versus Adoration” Series

Closing his eyes to her versus Can’t keep them open long enough to take her all in.

Ignoring everything she says versus Answering to everything she says

Telling shippers to come back early versus Telling shippers to go away.

Young’s reaction to Eun-soo saying, “Come over here,” then and now.

Young’s reaction to her “nonsense” before versus his reaction now.

Do you guys remember how many times Young pushed Eun-soo away, not wanting her to touch him? This is what he does now.

A partnership- an equal relationship. How much do I love that he leaned on her shoulder first?

Remember that surly and sleepy attitude? Always looking away. Always wanting to be alone. This is what Young looks like now.

Eun-soo, Eun-soo, my dear Eun-soo. Oh, how you have changed a man. Oh, how you have changed yourself! In the beginning, you didn’t want to save lives or be involved in politics. But for one man, you now throw yourself in the middle of it and surround yourself with blood. I love you, Eun-soo. And if I find out that you are a time-traveler that waited years or lifetimes to save the person you love, you have my soul as well as my heart.

My dear Young and Eun-soo,

Oh, how much you have changed and grown because of each other! Watching your relationship and character grow has been such a joy. Watching your love blossom has been sweet and sad. I don’t know what future awaits for you two but be it happy or sad, I will love you two as much as you loved each other.



For comments guys, I would love to see your own little note of love (or rant) for Young and/or Eun-soo. Of course, you’re not obliged to and any other form of comment will be welcomed. So comment away (or not)!

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  1. Jungah #

    Thanks, Joonni, for this post. It’s great to see the evolution of their relationship. Also, I am so happy to see all these Faith lovers on here. I had thought that I was one of the rare ones obsessing over this drama, impatiently counting the hours each week for Monday to come around, playing each episode in the background as I work. The range of emotions this drama has put me through, I can’t even begin to count, but I love it for that. And darn it if ES and CY isn’t one of my favorite drama couples of all time. The evolution of their relationship is amazing, and I sincerely hope that the ending we get makes us all tearful and happy. Though I must say, I might be a little bit sad to see the drama end…hehehe.

    October 7, 2012
    • joonni #

      Welcome to our little group!

      October 7, 2012
  2. jaz #

    Hi Joonni! As always…your blogs esp. about Faith are the best!!! I have a letter to CY and it’s kinda long so please bear with me. Thanks! 😀

    Dearest Young,

    I’m so proud of you, our prickly general! You’ve grown a heart because of Eunsoo. Unknowingly, you’ve made a drastic personality change because of her. From wanting to simply die, now you just want to wake up everyday and live. Before you just fight, kill and sleep every time but now I bet, you don’t even want to close your eyes and take a nap because you just want to see our lovely Eunsoo and stare at her all day and just doing that simply completes your day. Just being with Eunsoo made your life seemed less complicated, more colorful and stress-free. Your stern and impassive eyes now glows beautifully with love. You’ve become more humane than before and it’s nice and cute to see the little things you do now that you normally don’t because of her. For example, you get flustered and conscious in front of your men when you get caught being chummy with Eunsoo. You get jealous when men are surrounding her and when you’re with her, you become macho as per Eunsoo’s words. Basically, you have just allowed Eunsoo to break open that concrete barrier of yours that shielded you from the world. I know it’s hard for you to open up and show your emotions but I think you’re much better this way and even the Woodalchi would definitely agree with me on that matter. Don’t you know that you smile often now? And how lovely that smile of yours is…so warm, bright and sweet. I just want to capture it and put it inside my pocket as souvenir and lucky charm…if only I can. This entire positive aura coming out from you is all because of her, and I’m so thankful to Eunsoo for that. You owe her a lot for changing you into a better man and you deserve her more than anyone else and so is she for you.

    However…I’m afraid that also because of her, you’ll feel the most painful cut ever that you have experienced in your lifetime. A cut that doesn’t heal even through time because it tears your heart apart and Eunsoo is the only one who can heal you, not because she is the so-called heavenly doctor or Hwata herself but because she is your HEART…your LOVE that will be taken away from you once she decides to go back to her world/time, that is if she will allow it to happen. Although, I doubt she would leave you knowing how much she loves you back but if ever she does go, then once again, you’ll be this lifeless being waiting for death to just come knocking your door. Poor Young! Will fate be always this cruel to you? Or will it give you a choice and a chance to defy it for once without asking for anything in return? Except in doing so, you’ll be endangering the timeline and history itself may change without you knowing it. It may result to a consequence you’ll regret later especially on Eunsoo and I know you wouldn’t want anything dire to happen to her. What will you do my dear warrior with such a predicament? Can the past really not be entwined with the present so that they can create a beautiful future together? I really wish I could help but how? I guess I’ll just have to believe in your love for some miracle to happen and everything will come to pass. I surely hope so because I just want you to be happy. You deserve it Young. I’m totally counting on you and it may sound wrong but it’s not being selfish if you desire something for yourself since you have already done and sacrificed so many things for other people. Now is the time to think of your own sake! This will be the first battle that you’ll have to fight and endure in lieu of your own life together with your beloved and neither the people nor the king has the right to stop you from achieving that one goal that will make you truly live. Be the real-life knight in shining armor for Eunsoo and go get your own happy ending, our courageous and gorgeous General Choi Young!

    Your newly enlisted fangirl among thousands,

    October 8, 2012
  3. ladyeury #

    Beautifully written and oh so true! 🙂

    October 8, 2012
  4. FANOFKR #

    Hi, I was searching for blogs on Faith & came across your post. Thank you for sharing your comments on Choi Young & Eun Soo, I was in Seoul last month & happened to watch this drama in the hotel, even without understanding a word of it I thought it was an interesting story. Since then I have found the links to the early episodes with english sub ofcourse. I think the gradual buildup of their affection for each other is why I enjoy Faith so much.

    October 10, 2012
  5. Again.. you have successfully translate what we mere mortals can’t.. Young & Eun-soo’s unique and sometimes complicated relationship…. thank you..

    October 21, 2012
  6. Merce :) #

    ‘love you, Joonni 🙂 your poetry brings me back to the innocent times of school days 🙂 thank you for verbalizing what we cant express in words. we just go with you, and fall for them, as you do 🙂

    October 21, 2012
  7. love love love it!

    October 22, 2012
  8. ida #

    I really would like the directors and writer of this korean drama could read your lines about Faith in the past weeks. All I want to say is thank you for your work and your feelings towards all of these days. You are great I hope meeting you and all the fans some day. Love you all. Hope to know about you in the next korean drama. I still hope this two Imja couple have a happy ending..

    October 22, 2012
  9. varisa #

    just got around reading this piece… another awesome writing jooni!! *thumbs up*
    dearest eun soo n choi young have finally grow to love one another and I have to admit this drama have other story in itself, but their love story have to be the most amazing one by far..
    crying, laughing, squirming, giggling.. oh my how faith got me hooked on them..

    October 27, 2012
  10. Ilana #

    Found this beautiful video with all their moments….granted all that jerky flashes gave me a headache, but it’s worth it! Thought it was very well done. Hope it hasn’t been posted yet.

    Miss our couple!!

    Enjoy Young and Eun Soo all over again…

    December 7, 2012
  11. Cah #

    Hi Joonni. thank you very much for all these. i just can’t contain how happy I am to find similar person who gets delighted with the story of Faith. this is by far, the best time travelling story I’ve ever watched. from what country are you?

    January 30, 2015
  12. Hello! I don’t think you update this blog very much but I just wanted to share how much I LOVED your analysis of this drama. I did follow this drama from beginning to end but I was very much a silent reader and watcher. Never really got involved with the comments or analysis of this show until now. But WOW…. I basically have been rewatching the entire series for last week and it’s amazing!! Thanks for your all your work and the letter was SO nicely written. ❤

    October 8, 2016

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