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Recap: “Faith” Episode 17

Joonni: Can we get the firemen here, stat, because Young is burning up the screen. Fans here described every character in this drama as a shipper of the Imja couple, even the bad guys, and it really hits you this episode that the fans have been right, since everything that Ki Chul and Deok Heung do only drives Young and Eun-soo closer and closer together. If it means that these two will finally reveal their love for each other, keep it coming evil dudes.

Episode 17

Eun-soo tosses in her bed. She remembers the letter from her diary describing how she left on a long journey that day and someone came to ask for a favor. The letter asks Eun-soo to not turn down that person’s request. She has to turn back. “That way, ‘that person’ will live.”

Eun-soo connects the letter’s content with the night Lady Choi came to her, asking her to save Young. Eun-soo gets up from bed and realizes the letter continued to describe to her the events of this very day- Deo-gi breaking the medicine jar and the flowers blooming at the windowsill confirm this for her.

The letter tells Eun-soo that she can’t let ‘that person’ go today. What’s waiting for him is a trap. “So Eun-soo, please stop him.”

Eun-soo stares at the pages, realization hitting her. She runs out of the medical ward and orders a palace guard to go tell Deok Heung that she wants to see him right now.

Eun-soo rushes into Deok Heung’s room and trips. Deok Heung helps her up and asks, “What is so urgent?” Panic lacing her voice, Eun-soo asks, “Are you thinking of killing Choi Young today? Really? Is that what you are planning?!” Deok Heung asks how she knew. Eun-soo furiously grabs Deok Heung’s collar. “I told you not to touch him!” Deok Heung pushes Eun-soo’s hands off his robes. He replies that he did keep his promise- he let a criminal like Choi Young, who tried to kill him, just leave the palace unscathed.

Eun-soo demands to know where the trap is. Deok Heung asks curiously, “You know it is a trap?” Eun-soo keeps asking where the trap is and Deok Heung keeps asking her how she knows it was a trap. Eun-soo tells him that it was written on the last part of her diary. Deok Heung thinks it’s nonsense so Eun-soo pleads to him as she cries,  “Please save him. I will do anything you ask.” Deok Heung looks pleased at Eun-soo’s offer.

Elsewhere, Young is heading toward where the scholars are supposed to be. He stops and looks around. He closes his eyes and senses attackers on the rooftops, jumping around getting ready. Young walks over to the scholars’ hideout and stops outside. He senses the attackers gathering. Young hurriedly goes inside the building and asks the scholars who else knows about this place and their journey.  Lee Saek replies no one but them.

Young asks Lee Jae-hyun if the royal seal is that important. Lee Jae-hyun replies that the seal was made out the citizens’ will for the king. Young reminds him that the seal can be made over again. He needs to know first if the attackers outside came for the seal or for some other reason. Lee Jae-hyun is surprised to hear about the attackers.

Lee Saek looks around and wonders where the literary scholar is- this is his house. At that moment, the literary scholar is leaving his house while the attackers start to board up the windows and doors, trapping in Young and the scholars.

Deok Heung tells Eun-soo that he heard it is hard to kill Choi Young with swords so Ki Chul told him Young’s weakness- justification. Young won’t be able to refuse even those that sold him out if they approach with a valid justification for him to help them out. So he laid out a trap for Young using that weakness.

Eun-soo angrily reminds Deok Heung that Young is not even a Woodalchi captain anymore and he is on the run right now. Young also won’t attack unless someone attacks him first. So why does he have to kill Young? Deok Heung replies that it’s because Young is an obstacle in obtaining Eun-soo. Eun-soo doesn’t understand what he means so Deok Heung clarifies- “I need you so I can have Ki Chul too.”

As Young checks out the situation, we hear Deok Heung describe to Eun-soo that there are bombs where Young is at- he won’t be able to survive the blast even with his power. Eun-soo asks Deok Heung what she needs to do. He replies that he’s thinking that they marry first. (Joonni: *stab*) Eun-soo can’t believe what she is hearing but Deok Heung taunts her with the message he was writing before to order the attackers to stop. Eun-soo sighs and says, “Is that all? All I need to do is marry you? Then let’s do it.” Deok Heung smiles and hands his note to a messenger.

The assassins prepare to light the gun powder while Young tries to find a way out. Before the assassins can light the gun powder, however, they hear a whistle and stop. Young smashes through the door and pulls out his sword, ready to attack, but he sees no one.

Jang Bin reports to Eun-soo that Young and the scholars left safely. Interpreting Deo-gi’s sign, he asks Eun-soo if there is anything else she wants to know. She replies no, it’s enough to know that Young is safe. Palace ladies come in with new clothes for Eun-soo to wear, sent by Deok Heung, so she can attend a gathering later at night. Jang Bin asks Eun-soo what is going on. Eun-soo replies that she agreed to get married to Deok Heung. Jang Bin: “What?”

Young escorts the scholars to Gongmin’s new residence. He is surprised to see so many people go in and out of the house so Choong-suk tells him that Gongmin ordered it. Young asks how the Woodalchi are taking care of possible assassins or spies. Choong-suk smiles as he says, “With vigilance and instinct…” but Young looks at him dryly. (Joonni: Aw, why so serious ,Young? Teehee.) Before Young leaves, Lee Jae-hyung thanks Young and Young bows in response. (Joonni: I’m sure Young doesn’t think he needs a “Thank you” but I for one am glad he got one from these troublesome scholars. Finally.)

Inside, Gongmin, Noguk, and others are busy looking over the citizens’ complaints. (Joonni: I love how Noguk is working besides Gongmin.) Gongmin asks the scholars to sit down at the table with him. Lee Jae-hyun replies that they couldn’t- how could they dare to sit at the same table as the king? Gongmin turns to Noguk and says, “See, I told you that learned people would be hesitant.” Noguk tells Lee Jae-hyun that this table has been shared by men, women, young, old, and even slaves. The scholars sit down and Gongmin asks them for help, as Do-chi hands the scholars some scrolls. Gongmin wants to free the slaves that became one in the past ten years. The scholars look flustered and Lee Jae-hyun tells Gongmin that they came to deliver the royal seal. Gongmin: “I heard.”

Outside, Young paces at he talks to Lady Choi. “I don’t like it. Something’s strange.” It’s weird that the assassins just left like that instead of lighting the gun powder. Lady Choi wonders if it is Ki Chul. Young doesn’t think so. Ki Chul wouldn’t go through that much trouble just to kill a few scholars. Lady Choi: “Then it must be Deok Heung.” Young: “To destroy the royal seal?” Lady Choi: “Or to kill you.”

Lady Choi thinks the scholars were the bait and Young was the prey. Young wonders why him. Lady Choi is also curious. Young complains about the security around here so Lady Choi tells him that the Woodalchi and Moogakshi are dying trying to guard Gongmin and Noguk as they travel all over the place around this town. Young, displeased with his king’s romps, says, “I don’t like it.” (Joonni: You’re not going to like anything, Young, right now, with no Eun-soo by your side.)

Lady Choi asks about Eun-soo. “Why didn’t she come with you? I thought you guys were together.” Young moves as if he is going to run off back to the palace but he stops and turns back, confusion written all over his face. Lady Choi asks him what he is doing and Young stutters a reply. “Huh…That is…I don’t know what to do after this.” (Joonni: I think that must be the cutest expression Young has ever made. A warrior without an immediate purpose. Aw, poor confused warrior.)

The scholars present the new royal seal. Gongmin says, “You must have come to check me out under the pretext of delivering the royal seal. You wanted to see if the rumors that I was not in my right mind were true…if I was that feeble-minded enough to hand over the throne to my uncle.” Gongmin turns to Noguk: “What else?” Noguk replies that the scholars must have come because they need to decide which king to support in their next report to Yuan. (Joonni: I LOVE Team GongNo.)

Gongmin continues to point out the scholars’ cowardliness. They even called back someone they chased out so that he can protect them as a bodyguard. Noguk teasingly remarks that the said bodyguard doesn’t even the guts to say no to such people. Gongmin agrees and the scholars look ashamed. Gongmin inspects the seal and is satisfied with it. (Joonni: Nice contrast- wood vs. gold.) Gongmin declares that his first official order with the new seal will be to reinstate Young, as he saved the queen during Jo Il-shin’s rebellion.


Gongmin goes out to talk to Young. (Joonni: LOL. Young just sitting there like a confused puppy.) Young asks Gongmin if he came alone without his guards. Gongmin replies that he said he would come alone. Young complains that if Gongmin acts this way, it is hard for them to protect him. Gongmin smiles and asks, “Then should we slowly start to return to the palace?” Young replies that he can’t until they kick out Deok Heung. He reminds Gongmin that Deok Heung still commands 2000 soldiers and uses poison.

Gongmin laughs so Young asks, “Is this funny?” Gongmin: “Whether you are a Woodalchi or a criminal and whether I trust you or not, you are the same.” Young sighs as he sits down, “Tell me about it.” (Joonni: Love how this king and warrior can sit across each other comfortably like friends now.)

Gongmin asks Young, “Is it still your dream to become a fisherman?” Young: “I forgot that for a while.” Gongmin informs Young that he just reinstated Young with the new royal seal and also promoted him to a general (Joonni: I’ve been calling him a daejang instead of general because so far, Young has only been in charge of the Woodalchi. Now Young is at a higher level with more power and command.) Young replies that he doesn’t think the statesmen will like it. Gongmin asks Young if he will stay next to him despite not knowing when Gongmin- because he is king- will have to fire or even exile him later in the future. Gongmin apologizes to Young for giving him another governmental position. Young sighs but doesn’t refuse the new title. He also sees Deo-gi walking inside the house.

Noguk receives the message from Jang Bin that Deo-gi is delivering. Both Lady Choi and Noguk are shocked to read the message. Noguk asks Lady Choi, “Don’t we need to tell Young?”

Young waits for Deo-gi outside, who looks away as soon as she sees him, signs something, and scurries off. Lady Choi also reacts in jittery surprise at seeing Young. Young asks what’s happening but Lady Choi pretends that it was nothing. Young blocks her before she can leave and asks, “What is it? The thing you have to keep a secret from me.” Lady Choi slowly tells him that Eun-soo is getting married to Deok Heung. Young has a very blank look on his face as he hears all this and laughs it off. “Stop playing around.”

Lady Choi adds that Jang Bin also seemed very worried- he doesn’t know what Eun-soo is thinking. It finally registers with Young that this is not a joke. “She’s getting married? To him?” Lady Choi: “So they say.” Young looks at her with determination. He tells her he’s just received a governmental position so he needs proper proceedings to leave this place. He wants his aunt to take care of it. Lady Choi volunteers to go to the palace herself since they are after Young but Young firmly replies, “I will go.”

Eun-soo is getting dolled up in fancy Goryeo robes at the medical ward. She goes through all this with an air of resignation and irritation. Jang Bin asks if she will be okay alone. Eun-soo simply and bravely replies that she’s going and leaves with her escorts. As she walks to palace, she imagines Young standing and waiting for her, smiling. Eun-soo smiles when she sees him but it fades as soon as Young’s image disappears. She also imagines Young smiling and playing with his Woodalchi but that is also just an ephemeral vision. (Joonni: Oomph. This breaks my heart.)

Deok Heung greets Eun-soo with a smile and asks if she would like to try out the throne. Eun-soo shakes her head no. Deok Heung says to her, “I will treat you as a heaven-sent queen so you can treat me now as your husband and king.” Deok Heung gleefully sits on the throne and asks Eun-soo to remark on how he looks on the throne. Eun-soo replies that he looks like he has narcissistic personality disorder. Patients with that disorder do anything to succeed and they often mistakenly believe that they are geniuses.

Deok Heung laughs- he is too happy about how everything is turning out to be affected by her insults. Walking towards her, he asks her to forget everything and start from the beginning. Eun-soo replies that she can forget that he poisoned her because it doesn’t hurt anymore but she can’t forgive Deok Heung for trying to kill Young. She will remember every time she sees him. Deok Heung warns her to hide those feelings since it will make her vulnerable.

Young is back at the medical ward and asks Jang Bin where Eun-soo is. Jang Bin tells him that she is with Deok Heung. Young starts to rush off but Jang Bin stops him- Deok Heung is constantly guarded. Young should sit down and listen to him first. Young: “I can’t do that. My body won’t sit.”

Deok Heung eats and drinks as Eun-soo stares on. She asks if he was always this conniving and cowardly. She knew that about him when he gave her an antidote to take every four days, seven times. Eun-soo complains that he didn’t give her the whole diary like he said he would. She demands the rest of it. Deok Heung asks her to tell him what’s written in the last part. Eun-soo replies, “Deok Heung will never become king. So instead of dreaming the impossible, he should leave Goryeo.” Amused, Deok Heung asks what he can do so she will tell him the truth. Eun-soo asks for the rest of the diary. Then she might tell him. Deok Heung offers to give the rest of her diary pages on their honeymoon night.

Young barges in and fights the guards. (Joonni: Omg, Young has never looked angrier or hotter.) Eun-soo tries to go to Young but Deok Heung stops her by holding her wrist. Eun-soo asks Deok Heung to make Young stop since people are getting hurt. Young has finished fighting off the guards so he steps toward Deok Heung, demanding that he let go of Eun-soo’s hand. Deok Heung stop the guards from attacking Young again, saying that he is a general.

Young turns to Eun-soo and asks her if she really said she would marry Deok Heung. She replies yes so Young asks why. Eun-soo can’t explain. Deok Heung reminds Young that even though Young is brazen, this is the palace and he is the acting king so Young should watch his manners. Young raises his sword to Deok Heung to shut him up, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on Eun-soo. “I’m talking to this person.” Deok Heung warns Young that the moment he pulls out his sword from his sheath, he will be charged with treason.

Eun-soo begs Young to just leave today. She has a reason for all this. Young asks her if the reason was his life. He tells her that four days ago, he almost died. Was marriage the condition that Deok Heung gave for Young to be saved? “Otherwise, Imja, you wouldn’t do this.”

Young turns to Deok Heung when Eun-soo can’t answer and asks him if that was the reason. Deok Heung replies, “If it was?” Young starts to pull out his sword, saying, “If so, for you to no longer threaten her, I will…” Eun-soo hold onto Young’s arm and begs him, “Please don’t do this.”

Deok Heung glares at Young before he leaves with his guards. Young grabs Eun-soo and says, “Let’s leave. Together.” Eun-soo throws him off saying that the wedding will take place after a month and before then, the door to heaven will open so she can leave and it will be the end. “I know what I am doing.” Young asks her if she really thought that was a good plan. Eun-soo replies that it’s because she has something to do here. Young demands for her to tell him what it is so they can do it together. (Joonni: The reversal of what they use to say each other in the beginning. LOVE.)

Young says, “From the start, I knew you wanted to run away. From the first moment we met until now, I know it is my fault that you almost died many times and you weren’t able to sleep peacefully for even a night. Crying so many times…all of that…I know it was all because of me. I know…but still…I can’t leave you with someone like him. There aren’t many days left till you leave so for those remaining days, I can’t leave you next to someone like him. So can’t you stay by my side?” Eun-soo can’t answer as tears fill her eyes. Young asks her softly, “Aren’t you going to answer?”

Eun-soo says, “You know I came from heaven, right? So even if I say weird things you will believe me?” Young tells her to go on. Eun-soo tells him that in the back part of the diary that she so desperately wanted to see was written that someone was going to be die. She was able to save him because she saw that back part- that “someone” was Young. Young asks her what she means- why him? Eun-soo impatiently replies that she told him already that he is really famous in heaven. (Joonni: And also in your heart, Eun-soo. TELL HIM.)

Eun-soo informs Young that she’s only seen half of the back part and Deok Heung is not giving her the rest. She’s afraid that the rest will have more dates on which Young will be danger. She really needs the rest of it. Young asks, “Is that why you are saying you will stay here?” Eun-soo nods. Young starts to step towards her- “Because you want to know when I die.” Eun-soo: “So I can stop it.” Young: “When did he say he will give the rest to you?” Eun-soo: “He said he will give it back on the wedding night.” Young, who is continuing to step closer and closer to Eun-soo and backing her up to a wall, asks, desperation tinging his voice, “So you’re going to wait until that night?” Eun-soo replies that she will try to get it back before. Young asks how but Eun-soo has no answer.

Young leans closer to Eun-soo. He reminds her that Deok Heung tried to poison her. “Without any fear, you’re going to marry that guy? To save me?” Eun-soo angrily replies, “I have the ability to save you so how can I act like I don’t know? Should I just leave it alone? Try to think about it from my position.” She starts to ask Young to think about what he would do if he knew he could save her but Young suddenly pulls her in tight and hugs her. He sighs, asking himself what he can do with this hopeless person.

(Softy: hands down the most sexiest scene ever – he couldnt use words anymore to convey his frustrations cuz he knows nothing he can say will ever stop her from protecting him so he does this – just smothers her in the most loving embrace of his life.) (Joonni: When he was getting closer and closer to her, I had to pause the video because the tension was killing me. I had to hold myself and scream out the excitement before I got back to this recap.)

Deok Heung goes to his room and takes out the chest. He looks inside and sees the rest of Eun-soo’s diary pages. He burns them and smiles. (Joonni: *stab stab*)

A man from the palace informs Gongmin that Eun-soo and Deok Heung are getting married. Gongmin asks if Noguk knew and she replies that she heard yesterday but she couldn’t believe it. Gongmin, worried about Young, looks at Lady Choi,  but Lady Choi is expressionless.

Eun-soo is working at the medical ward but she is escorted away to the palace. She stops and looks at Jang Bin before she leaves, frustration and resignation on her face.

Gongmin speaks with Young. Gongmin wants to return to the palace and take Deok Heung off the throne. He worries about the statesmen who still think he is a weak-minded king and the 2000 soldiers that Deok Heung has control over. Young says that they will need to squeeze out those statesmen and also adds that he will try take away the soldiers from Deok Heung. Gongmin wonders how Young is planning to take his fifty Woodalchi men to fight Deok Heung’s 2000 soldiers, plus Ki Chul’s own private army. Young replies that he will try to find a way to not have to fight them. Gongmin hands Young a letter with more governmental positions that Young can use. Gongmin also adds that heard about Eun-soo. He tells Young that he is worried he will run away with Eun-soo once again. “You should know that.”

Lady Choi is back at the palace to see Eun-soo. She asks Eun-soo what she has done. Eun-soo replies, all deflated, “I don’t know either.” Lady Choi asks if the date has been set. Eun-soo replies that the marriage date doesn’t matter. She will get engaged first and see if she can break if off later. Lady Choi reminds her that Deok Heung is royalty. She can’t just break off the engagement. Eun-soo: “I can’t?” (Joonni: ROFLMAO.)

Lady Choi asks if Young came. Eun-soo replies that yes, he came and tried to drag her away. Lady Choi informs Eun-soo that if Young had actually ran away with her, he could have been punished by death and the public display of his torn limbs. Eun-soo looks at Lady Choi in shock. Lady Choi adds that the queen sent her to knock some sense in Eun-soo.

Eun-soo starts to explain that all she did was say that she would marry him. Lady Choi looks around and sees the bridewealth and marriage agreement that Eun-soo received and points it out. Eun-soo: “Should I return them now?” Lady Choi looks at Eun-soo and sighs in exasperation.

Eun-soo asks if Young was always that fearless. He came and fought all those guards that were surrounding him and if he ran away with her, he would have been committing high treason! (Joonni: Oh girl, he is so in love with you.) Lady Choi listens silently to all this confirmation about how strongly Young feels about Eun-soo. Eun-soo continues to rant- Young only says he will be careful even though she has begged and cried for him to be careful. Lady Choi looks surprised to hear this other confirmation of how Eun-soo feels about Young.

Young enters the royal court with Do-chi, where Deok Heung and other statesmen are present. Do-chi declares that he has a message from the king. The message states that there is only one royal seal for Goryeo and that Gongmin relieves Deok Heung of his duties as substitute ruler. Gongmin also orders the statesmen to come to him now to conduct state affairs. Also, the message says that Gongmin leaves Young in charge of the palace and its safety. Young receives the orders and immediately asks Deok Heung to step off the throne. Deok Heung laughs.

Ki Chul goes to meet Deok Heung, complaining that he is busy taking down and figuring out what Eun-soo is telling him about Heaven’s knowledge. Deok Heung informs him that Gongmin has changed plans. Instead of coming into the palace, he is slowly calling out people from the palace one by one and on top of that, he sent Young to conduct it all. Ki Chul, with a look of complete annoyance, asks, “He appeared again?!”

Deok Heung reminds Ki Chul that the first person Young will take out is Eun-soo. Ki Chul declares that he will kill Gongmin but he needs a justification since Gongmin is king after all. Deok Heung replies that he will come up with one. Before Ki Chul leaves, he asks if Deok Heung’s wedding is a month and half away. Deok Heung replies yes. Ki Chul says that Eun-soo told him the door to heaven would open in two months but he is suspicious because Eun-soo is telling him things too easily. Ki Chul and Deok Heung figure that Eun-soo is lying to them and the door will open sooner than that.

Young orders his Woodalchi to find out which generals and soldiers are supporting Deok Heung and which are not. He wants Dae-man to follow Deok Heung around because he suspects that Deok Heung is hiding something. He wants Dae-man to find out what is he hiding and where.

Hwasooin is outside of Gongmin’s residence. The Woodalchi come out to block her but Hwasooin says that she heard the king here allows anyone to enter. Deok-man replies that while the king won’t block anyone, he wants to. Hwasooin threatens to hurt the other villagers nearby and enters the house.

Eum-ja, who has been staking out the place, jumps down from the roof and tells Hwasooin that there is only about fifty Woodalchi here. (Joonni: Ha! Eum-ja is a pretty boy! Look. He’s straightening out his hair and robes.) Hwasooin and Eum-ja wonder at the small number. They can easily take care of that with just the two of them.

Choong-suk comes out and asks what’s going on. Hwasooin replies that she came to see the king. Choong-suk says that it is impossible, as he and the other Woodalchi raise their guard. Hwasooin replies that she really wants to fight today since she’s been feeling down lately but Eum-ja leads her away. Before she leaves, she throws back something, causing the Woodalchi to drop down in fear. It’s not a bomb like they think, however. It’s only a figurine. Eum-ja smirks as he leaves.

At the palace, Eun-soo is trying to sneak into a room. A guard follows her but Young is also following Eun-soo and he knocks the guard out. Young watches as Eun-soo searches through the room, smiling a little to himself. Just as Eun-soo is about to drop a ceramic, Young catches it, surprising her. Young tells her that the diary is not in this room. Eun-soo points to another room, saying that she heard Deok Heung plays badook by himself a lot in there. He might have hidden it there. Young smiles as he follows her.

The guard that Young knocked out before, who is coming to, surprises Eun-soo so Young knocks him out again. Eun-soo and Young are forced to hide in some kind of small room when guards pass by. Inside the tight and enclosed space, Young asks Eun-soo what else is written in the diary. Is there anything concerning her safety besides his? Eun-soo replies no. Young says, “Then let’s give up the diary.” Eun-soo starts to protest but Young tells her that even though he knows that Eun-soo can see the future, he was never greedy for that information. He doesn’t want to know the day he dies. It doesn’t matter. (Joonni: Spoken like a wise man.)

Eun-soo replies sadly, “Then there is nothing I can do for you. We have to really part soon and we’re not like others who can separate but meet up again after getting drunk. It’s not like we can meet up by coincidence either. We have to part for real. I want to be able to think on the other side of the door that you are living well. So how can I give up?”

Before Young can say anything, he hears a whistle being blown and leaves, asking the soldiers, “What’s going on this late at night?”

Dol-bae, who has been keeping his eye out on the other generals, reports to Young that about eleven generals have been been meeting up regularly and recently their wealth has increased. Even though they participated in Jo Il-shin’s rebellion, they weren’t even reprimanded. Dol-bae thinks these are the generals that joined hands with Deok Heung. Dae-man also reports that Hwa-Eum went to Hyun Go Chon (Gongmin’s current location) to find out how many Woodalchi were there.

Inside Young’s room, he greets the leader of the group of soldiers as if he is an old friend, calling him “Ahn Jae.” Ahn Jae asks why Young called them to meet secretly and introduces the soldiers behind him as his colleagues and friends. Young addresses the soldiers and calls them out for participating in Jo Il-shin’s rebellion. Young says nine of his Woodalchi died because of them. Ahn Jae replies that thirty of his men died fighting the Woodalchi. Young says that he doesn’t know how much money they received to be on Deok Heung’s side- Ahn Jae replies, a lot- but he wants to know if they will come back- the king is waiting. Ahn Jae asks, “Even if a few of us want to go back, are we able to?” Young replies that he will make a way. Ahn Jae looks back at his group and asks when Young plans to move. Young replies, “As early as possible.” (Joonni: Ha. Young is in such a rush to get this over with so he can spend his time with Eun-soo!)

Dae-man delivers to Gongmin the list of new soldiers and people on their side. Dae-man also hands him another note. (Joonni: Please let this be some hidden plan. Please!)

Deok Heung tells Ki Chul that Young is planning to move the soldiers. Ki Chul asks if he should attack Hyun Go Chon before the soldiers are in Gongmin’s hands. Deok Heung asks if it is possible. Ki Chul asks for the cover that Deok Heung was going to cook up for Ki Chul. Deok Heung tells him that Ki Chul will be invited to the wedding that day. The wedding will be held at a temple. By the time he and his wife arrive back at the palace, the king would have perished at the hands of wild thieves. Ki Chul smiles as he replies that his men are already preparing disguises.

Deok Heung continues. After the mourning for Gongmin’s death ends, his queen will go on a “journey.” That is when Ki Chul can take her to heaven. Ki Chul asks when the wedding is and Deok Heung replies that it will be the day after tomorrow. (Joonni: *stab stab stab stab stab stab*)

Lady Choi asks Young if he isn’t rushing too much. There is still some time until the wedding. Young replies that there is no time. Lady Choi warns him to be careful. Young snaps at his aunt. “I am careful. How can I be more careful than this? I don’t even go see her even though we are in the same palace.” Lady Choi looks at him, startled, and tells him to not lose his temper. What she means is that he should make sure to properly get rid of Deok Heung by making him a traitor and then bring back Eun-soo. She starts to say, “If you complete your plan by the next full moon…” Young interrupts her. “That’s the day she goes back.” Lady Choi responds in surprise.

Lady Choi asks if Young ever asked Eun-soo if she thought about staying. Young replies that Eun-soo has no heart to stay. (Joonni: Oh! So that is what he meant when he said Eun-soo has no heart in episode 16.) “Not even one piece of her heart wants to stay.” Lady Choi replies, “When you think about what she suffered here…” Young, forever impatient now, asks Lady Choi to find out where the army unit generals meet so he can deal with them instead of fighting all their men. Lady Choi starts to say that when she listens to Eun-soo talk…but Young walks off. (Joonni: Oh no, Young! I think she was about to tell you that when she listens to Eun-soo talk, it seems like she loves you and wants to stay!)

Eun-soo starts to pack up the bridewealth gifts and drags them to Deok Heung’s room.  She says to him, “Let’s just stop this here.” Deok Heung asks her what she means. Eun-soo replies, “You didn’t want to marry me anyway. You just needed me to make a deal with Ki Chul.” Deok Heung asks in disbelief if she does not want to be queen. Eun-soo replies that she told him that he would never become king.

Deok Heung asks, “So you don’t need the diary anymore?” Eun-soo replies yes, she gave it up. Deok Heung asks Eun-soo to tell him what was in the diary. Perhaps he will give it to her then. Eun-soo tells him that it was her homework. Someone left her this homework, believing that if it was Eun-soo, she would figure it out somehow. Deok Heung: “But you’re giving it up?” Eun-soo: “I want to stay next to him for the remaining time left.” Eun-soo adds that while she doesn’t know what the homework’s questions are, she will be able to figure out the answer.

Deok Heung says, his anger rising, “So you’re breaking off the marriage.” Eun-soo apologizes and starts to leave but Deok Heung stops her. He threatens her, telling her that if she breaks off this marriage, it will be seen as if it was due to Young and Eun-soo’s improper behavior. The punishment for such actions will be, if light, being made into palace slaves, but it can get as harsh as exile. And definitely before that, flogging. Eun-soo counters that Ki Chul won’t like it but Deok Heung replies that he can send them both to Ki Chul as slaves.

Eun-soo declares that Young won’t quietly be made into a slave. Deok Heung informs Eun-soo that only fifty Woodalchi are guarding the king but he has 2000 soldiers. He suspects that Young will fall to his knees if the king is threatened. “Seeing from last time, it seems his king comes before his love.”

The Suribang stake out Ki Chul’s place and steal the things delivered there. They see that it is clothes for disguise. They report to Young and Young orders Dae-man to run faster than he has ever run in his life and tell the king to start now.  He also orders Dol-bae to tell Ahn Jae that they are pushing up all plans. The Moogakshi come to deliver a message to Young from Lady Choi.

An eunuch comes to tell Eun-soo that there will be a wedding today. When Eun-soo reacts in surprise, Lady Choi tells the eunuch that she will escort Eun-soo but the eunuch tells her that everyone, including Deok Heung and other statesmen, are waiting for Eun-soo in order to go together. Lady Choi stops the escorts by saying that Eun-soo can’t leave yet without the proper attire but Deok Heung has already planned for that excuse too. The eunuch says everything is already prepared and waiting for Eun-soo at the temple.

Ki Chul, sitting in the royal court, gets the report from Yang-gak that 400 of their men are on their way to Gongmin now and getting close. Ki Chul smiles to hear the news.

Eun-soo is dragging her feet to the royal court along with Lady Choi and she stops to say something to Lady Choi. At that moment, Ki Chul shows up and informs Eun-soo that his soldiers are on their way to Hyun Go Chon. He ordered them to bring back Gongmin alive if they can since he is the officiate of the wedding. He threatens, “If there is no wedding, then there is no officiate. Just get it over with.”

Eun-soo is escorted into the royal court to meet Deok Heung and he says, “You were surprised, weren’t you? It’s not far to the temple. We can enjoy the fall air on the way as we walk over.” The priests start to lead the two to the temple but Young enters the room and firmly asks Eun-soo, “What are you doing there?” Eun-soo looks at him with relief and happiness.

Ki Chul demands to know if Young will cause trouble on this joyous day. Ki Chul tries to stop Young’s approach with his power but this time, it doesn’t even faze Young as he releases his naegong against Ki Chul and pulls his hand off. (Joonni: Hee! Is this what the power of love can do?)

Eun-soo informs Young that the Hyun Go Chon is going to be attacked and Young replies, “I know so there is no time.” Eun-soo urges Young to leave. “Hurry and go.” Young looks at Eun-soo straight in the eye and says, “Because there is no other way…” He leans in, pulling Eun-soo towards him and kisses her.

(Softy: no preview but who really cares at this point – just linger on that kiss.)

Softy’s comments:

OMG I love this writer – reminds me of Sorkin -uses the same methods to bring about a shocking last scene. From the dialogue and tone of Young’s speech, I knew exactly how this last scene was going to play out before it happened cuz it was identical to what Young said in a previous episode (E6). The words Young used were similar so I just sat back and anticipated his next move and boy was the wait worth it.

See this look on his face? From the moment he entered – he only saw her and spoke to her like she was the only one in the room. he asked “what are you doing over there?” looking directly at her. Even when KC tried to stop him, Young’s eyes were fixated on ES.  It makes me wonder if he came here prepared to do this. It just doesn’t feel like a last minute decision. His heart wasn’t overwhelmed by the moment and he didn’t look like he was trying to think up a last minute escape plan. He just looks like a man determined to do what he feels is right.

I just realized what this kiss was – without having to lift his sword to kill anyone, Young just slayed the whole room. In the game of love, one major point to Young and DH zero. This was Young saying “game over” the Goryeo way – with action behind his convictions. He didn’t just claim her heart as his to her and to himself, he declared it to everyone in sight. After this, I doubt DH and KC will ever bring up the subject of winning her heart ever again.

gotta say this about LMH: he has great aim – he just lands all his kisses right on the mouth and then just goes all out. she can just blame LMH if her husband says anything to her – “I just followed his lead- nothing I could do about it. he is young and eager at doing his job well – what can I say”

ok so I played that scene a few more times and there was movement on his part and I think she forgot she was supposed to keep her eyes open cuz she shut them at first and realized -oops gotta keep them open so I dont look like I am enjoying this.

written before it aired: I had a whole other intro written, but I chunked it out the window when I saw the preview for tonight. In that last desperate hour, I get why ES struck that bargain with DH to be his queen in order to save Young’s life, but I don’t get why DH thinks she will honor it. I say make the deal to save Young from that one trap right now, but as soon as Young is out of danger, go back on your word and don’t stay next to a man who tried to poison you.  If there is ever a time to renege on a deal, this would be the one. As long as she warns Young to watch his back from here on, I think she can get the heck out of there and leave with him. But I guess then it would be too easy and this drama has 7 more episodes to go after tonight. Judging from the spoiler pictures floating around, we get angry passionate Young now acting on his impulse so this deal ES made might not be that bad after all. Leave it to this drama to find the brighter side of a bargain made with the devil. All I can say is I really hope she didn’t travel back and forth in time to save Young’s life, but break his heart in the process cuz leaving him the shell of the man he once was seems so wrong. At least he was somewhat whole before she met him, but losing her to DH is going to crush Young. Let’s hope that warrior spirit kicks in and fights for her love this time and doesn’t sit back and let her call the shots.

I am all ready to post spoiler pics for tonight as soon as “that” scene airs. I just hope there is a little more to it than the spoilers showed. Just like a few more mins worth is all I ask. Any more than that and I won’t be able to function so I don’t want to be too greedy.

Joonni’s comments:

This might be the best thing to wake up to- the promise of a Lee Min-ho kiss and fangirl spazzing. Heeheehee. By the time I am writing this part, the comments have reached over 180 (which is more than any other episode so far) and although I have not read through them, I’m sure they are mostly about the kiss scene. 😀

As I have stated elsewhere, I didn’t really see this couple as the type to have a passionate kiss scene and considering that is a sageuk, albeit a fantasy sageuk, it is set in the past and Young has shown himself to be a conservative man. But slowly, the writer has been building up the tension and desire between Young and Eun-soo so when this scene arrived, I was all for it. And as Softy reminded me, it would be a shame to waste Lee Min-ho’s talents. You don’t know how much I hooted in laughter after she said that to me. But I always prefer more consistency to the story and characters over fanservice kissing so I was happy to see that this scene was more organic to the situation.

I think my favorite scene, though, was when Young was walking closer and closer to Eun-soo, demanding to know if she was doing all this just for his safety. I’m glad we got this scene before the kiss scene because it shows how much Young’s walls are breaking down as it sinks in the extent this woman will go for him. He just can’t deny his feelings reaching out to her. So notice how he steps toward her, his feelings about to explode, but Eun-soo backs away, still holding up that barrier. I think the kiss though, will finally break Eun-soo down.

Apart from the romantic development, I’m a little disappointed with the poltical storyline this episode. With tighter plotting and directing, I think the romantic drama could have been even better- boosted to a higher level and tension to really have the viewers clamoring and sweating beyond what they are already doing. The scheming was a little too simple and lazy, as if the writer was going through shortcuts to get to this romantic climax. The dialogue, at least the ones that count, still continue to remain poignant and layered, which I love to bits.

And the directing. For goodness sakes, the directing. It frustrates me because there are these rare moments of energy but for the most part, it is lazy. Some shots are edited too long and some are too short- inapprorpiately so. I’m sad to say that the directing and writing flaws stood out quite a bit for me this episode because both weren’t able to buoy up the political scheming plotline to support the romantic development.

So onward we go to the next episode. Thank god we don’t have to wait a week for the aftermath of that kiss because I don’t think I can take it any longer. Faith occupies my mind way too much. But there is always a part of me that wants it to. Hee!

289 Comments Post a comment
  1. pam lee #

    You know viewers are desperate for a kiss during a kdrama when they invoke the name of baby Jesus in hopes of a kiss! I love Viki’s timed comments! They kill me.

    October 8, 2012
  2. klove #

    I know that everybody is too excited about the kiss, but am I the only one who noticed Eun Soo’s confession? When they were hiding in a closet, she basically talked about separating for real, as though she views them in being a romantic relationship. She is admitting that to her it will be like a painful break up. Of course, she did not say anything explicitly, but I can not believe, CY still does not believe that there is not even a piece of her heart that wants to stay in Goreyo. Those moments just between the two of them are both like they are confessing love in various ways, just not using the actual word “love”.

    October 8, 2012
    • joonni #

      yes, she compared them to other dating couples in modern times but I don’t know if Young fully understood her. And since we live in kdrama-land, we always need a direct “love” confession. But hey, in real life, people want that to.

      October 9, 2012
      • JulianeLee #

        I remember from a previous episode when Young said to the kid that ES has no feelings. You’re right Joonni their love expressions are not as explicit or direct kind of way like othe kdramas. I think Young just needs a little bit of reading between the lines. Heeee 😀

        October 9, 2012
    • Time Traveller #

      Why I had a feeling that tonight’s episode would be ES pretend to slab CY for kissing her and she continue on her “Mata Hari” operation? Since we still have 5 more episodes to go? LOL I hope the director won’t do it… ;p

      October 9, 2012
    • adi #

      i think all that CY got from that conversation was that she was determined to go home… i mean, it surprised even me how unequivocal her words were…there was not a sentence or allusion that meant she would even consider staying for a split second, just that she wanted him to live well after she left… and from CY perspective this had to have hurt a little

      Also, i think they try not to read too much into eachother’s reactions for fear of not interpreting some wishful thinking so they end up belittling them… (it’s like seeing the man you have a crush on smiling at you and you go all nuts asking yourself: Why did he smile, because he liked you too or because he was a nice guy?…as we grow older we tend to pick the second choice as has lower chances of hurting us…even if the guy really did love us to death)

      October 9, 2012
  3. Merce :) #

    Incredible! i was laughing with tears in my eyes reading all your posts ladies. Indeed, I am not alone 🙂 We all have our own pieces of stories about this Faith series, about LMH, and how we learned to live life with it.

    October 8, 2012
  4. JulianeLee #

    Hi, Joonni

    Been camping here since I discovered the recaps from an fb page. Silent as I am reading your write ups weekly. Now I’m squealing plus my heart dropped from the scenes last night. Can’t wait for the next!

    I’d like to comment on our villains and their political moves. Hehe eversince this drama started they never fail to leave me with anger hehe! They are so power tripping. I am always thinking how can they do such things? Bypass a king ang feel that they have their own power to crush anyone. (ranting now because I’ve kept this quite a long time now) haha!

    Anyway, they just bring the couple closer together as what I’ve read in this recap. The kiss scene was great and all I did was to capture that moment haha!

    Thanks for the recaps. I don’t have to wait for an English subbed version of Faith. although I watch an episode twice one raw and one with subs! Makes my heart melt every time.

    Looking forward to the next episode later!


    October 9, 2012
  5. Nevermind #

    YAYYY! At last… This episode will be my favorite, I think (for now), even if reading it had me literally shaking—with excitement for our OTP and in anger over that that that DH character. (I’ve fallen deep into this addiction, guys… And yes, I will be one of those who will need rehab after this drama ends.)

    Joonni, in your succeeding recaps please don’t call DH just “Deok” as if you’re on a first-name basis (it was just a typo error, I guess, but nevertheless). Please give him a label that suits his character. Maybe our shippers can suggest names? The most eviiilll, the better! (I think I can settle for an outrageously funny name, too.) I could only clamp my mouth and suppress a scream when that that that BIG SLIME started to burn the diary!!

    DH will give back to ES the rest of her diary on their honeymoon?????? THE NERVE OF THAT… THAT… THAT…!!! Is there a Physicist out there who can compute for the formula and locate that wormhole so we can just get in there and bury that that that SLIMIER thing alive??? And with the original slimy thing, too!
    But the FIRST KISS compensated for the initial stress over DH. Ahhh… Sweet… And I can’t say anything more. I’m just too affected today… This fangurling is adding to my day-to-day stress over work. Argh!

    But I agree, Joonni, that the production team failed to expand on the political plot considering that this is a sageuk and should therefore have a lot more of “politicking” in it. So even if they used real historical figures such as Gongmin and Choi Young, the drama was reduced to a romance than a historical drama much like its (more successful and purely fictional) predecessors: “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “The Princess’ Man.” Just wondering ‘though how many episodes it would become if they did that—minimum of 60 maybe? Too pricey maybe?

    Million thanks to your wonderful recap-narratives, guys! Much love to you two!!

    October 9, 2012
    • joonni #

      LOL. That was a typo. Went back to fix it. Deok is definitely not a homey.

      October 9, 2012
  6. As I watched the Ep. over againg with whole the English Sub. “Joonni, your right about the editing and story line”. They cut some corner around, so they can built up some tension to that kiss. If they stayed true w/ excitement / intense scenes, that kissing scene would of highlight more!! That’s my film instinct coming out..sorry!! Great job recapping!

    October 9, 2012
    • joonni #

      yay, so I’m not the only one that feel that way. I’m not being crazy picky!

      October 9, 2012
      • Joonni your not getting picky, it is noticeable, specially when you’ve watched so many dramas in a life time! Great call!! Keep up the great work. Your Biggest Fan

        October 10, 2012
  7. Jess #

    I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet but I find it hilariously ironic that at the beginning of this drama Eun-Soo desperately wanted to marry a rich man, so in a way DK ‘proposing’ was like a wish come true except now she’s more interested in the significantly less rich CY. I found that strangely funny.

    October 9, 2012
    • Reideen #

      True!!! She wanted to mary a man… because he is rich etc. She didn’t think much about feelings (because of her heartbreak)…
      I think CY healed ES’s heart, just like ES healed CY’s heart.

      October 9, 2012
  8. Laura #

    Hope no one will be offended by this but, the actor doesn’t know the art of kissing… It seems like he would swallow the girl’s face. A little practice or let him watch nice kissing scenes from movies might help him a lot. Peace everyone!!! 🙂

    October 9, 2012
    • Each Actor/Actress has a certain clause in their contract as to how much body skin & kissing can be shown, how elaborate can they go?! That’s in “Hillywood”!!?? I’m pretty sure it’s the same way over there in Korea. In your culture it’s has its limitation. Open mouth kissing is above and beyond some people.

      October 9, 2012
      • Sussie #

        I don´t remember where I read it, but somewhere there it was written that this was acted as the director wanted (you´re right Sunshine… strangely it is what the director wants).
        Supposedly, the director even “corrected” LMH because he was beginning to show to much eager in the kiss hahaha Too bad to us that this was what the director wanted (maybe because of the period this kiss took place).

        October 10, 2012
        • All I think it’s about that kissing scene is full around with ppl in the palace and Es was surprised with that~ but if scene just two if them~mayb another story

          October 10, 2012
        • All I think it’s about that kissing scene is full around with ppl in the palace and Es was surprised with that~ but if scene just two of them~mayb another story

          October 10, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Hi Laura, I promise LMH has kissing down to an art. Go to youtube, and search for “game over” kiss. 🙂

      In Faith, the actress KHS wasn’t moving her lips, and that might be due to either because she is married, or as conjie008 said maybe she has something in her contract. Also, sometimes strangely enough it is what the director wants.

      October 10, 2012
    • Iluvlee #

      Your seriously saying Lee Min Ho… LEE MIN HO doesn’t know the art of kissing….hahahahaha 😀 which world are you living in. I think he always lands his kisses perfectly and it’s obvious he’s good at it too based on my observation and what his female co star said.

      October 10, 2012
      • Sussie #

        “Like Buttom” to your comment lluvlee hahaha

        October 10, 2012
  9. jaz #

    OMG!!! O_O

    I was giggling the whole time…I couldn’t take my eyes off CY kissing ES like that! And joonni…LMH’s kissing power indeed is great! I’m speechless as of the moment. Since I’ve been so busy with work lately, this is the only time that I got to spare reading this ep’s recap and it totally blew me off…*sighs* Why does LMH look good with anyone even if her partner is older than him??? Guess that’s what you call unique talent and only a few actors have that kind of image. hihihi! 😀

    October 10, 2012
  10. sb #

    So, I’ve had to totally avoid your site for the past 1.5 weeks b/c I haven’t watched ep. 17 and further and I finally get to read the recap, yay! I just about died last night at the final scene… my jaw literally dropped. *off to read*

    October 19, 2012
  11. sb #

    So, I know that everyone’s moved onto the current episode, but I’m still trying to catch up.

    Can I just way, I’m with Joonni, the scene where CY’s taking steps forward and ES is stepping back… so frekaing sexy. It’s like when you read a really, really good romance novel… to me, that was one really HOT scene.

    As for ES not reacting much to the kiss, regardless of that is or is not in the contract, I think it fits the scene. She was shocked and couldn’t naturally react to it whereas CY totally knew what he was doing.

    Softy and Joonni – you ladies are so cute with your reactions… love reading them!!!

    October 19, 2012
    • joonni #

      Welcome back, sb!

      October 21, 2012
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