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[Updated] “Faith” News Tidbits For Episode 19

Quick tidbits as we wait. I’m not translating the entire news articles.

So my guess was correct regarding the news about Noguk written in the preview for episode 19. Yay! Noguk is pregnant! The news article that I read stated that Gongmin lets his inexpressible feelings for Noguk explode upon hearing the news, further showing their deep love for each other. The article also talks about how we as viewers know how this new development will end (remember, historically Noguk and Gongmin didn’t have a child for years and years into their marriage), and because we already know, this new development in the GongNo story foreshadows sadness for the couple.

Also, it seems that the carriage was really carrying the Yuan envoy. His name will be Son Yoo, played by the actor Park Sang-won, who has acted many times in the dramas of the PD-Writer pair. The production describes him as a cold, calm, and charismatic character. I love Park Sang-won and I am excited to have him added to the cast. As for his character, I hope he is smarter and even deadlier than Ki Chul and Deok Heung so that drama continues full steam ahead. Since powerful enemies make even more powerful heroes, I want this new baddie to make me tremble in my seat. Excited!!!


EDIT: FYI, I’ve broken up the comments into pages now so you don’t have to scroll so far to the latest. You will find the arrow to the previous pages on top of the “Comments” section for each post.

EDIT 2: I need to stop stalking Faith news cuz this…only makes the wait harder.

Reading the article…so Young takes off the headband that marks him as a Woodalchi and as we wanted, their journey to the portal gives them some alone time so they treasure the time they have with each other and share their feelings for one another.

Ahhh!!!!!!!! How do I explain how I feel right now?

And Young cut his hair! Oh the significance!


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  1. i am so crazy in love with the song when king gongmin hugged the queen on her chamber while she cried for their loss.. can somebody please tell me what’s the title of the song in the background? thank you so much in advance

    October 17, 2012
    • Sussie #

      ‘Love’ , Rumble Fish

      October 17, 2012

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