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Recap: “Faith” Episode 21

Joonni: Young and Gongmin butt heads as Young grows farther and father away from being a warrior and closer to Eun-soo and Gongmin tries harder and harder to become a strong king. This drama just won’t let me be at peace for one second, will it?!

Softy: Sometimes I think the speed of light is slower than this drama. Why must they talk so fast? I can easily forgive them cuz the confession was freaking amazing along with the rest. I translated all their scenes first cuz a girl’s got her priority. I love how far Young has come as a warrior who serves his king, a man in love, and a human being, but it’s even more exciting to see what else he will do to keep his word and not let anything or anyone slip out of his grasp.

Episode 21

Young stands surprised as Eun-soo, dressed in Woodalchi uniform, salutes him. Young: “What is this?” Eun-soo: “Here. The safest place in Goryeo. I will hide here, right by your side. I got permission from the king. I even got a sword. Look! It’s mine.”

As Young’s face remains serious, Eun-soo nervously starts to explain, “Because there is no dorm for women in the Woodalchi lair, I was going to stay here for the time being. Could you just give me a bed over there?” Young still doesn’t respond so Eun-soo continues, “Normally even if you put two chairs together I can sleep well…”

Young turns around and slams his door open. The Woodalchi, who have been leaning their ear to the door, scatter off sheepishly.  Young closes the door again and walks toward Eun-soo. Eun-soo backs up, saying that she can pay him back for the housing with Woodalchi health examinations. Young asks, while steadily continuing towards her, “So…you want me to stay here too?” Eun-soo replies, “This is the daejang’s room and you are daejang.” Young, getting closer and closer- “Because I am the daejang?” Eun-soo nods. Young has now backed up Eun-soo to the wall. He leans in and repeats quietly, “Here?” Eun-soo nods- “Here. Not running away.”

Outside in the practice room, all the Woodalchi are loitering around with smiles plastered on their face, gossiping about their daejang being alone in a room with a woman. Dol-bae chases everyone out of the room but he can’t help but smile to himself too.

Young sits Eun-soo down and brings a chair over to sit in front of her. He asks why but she doesn’t know what he means. (Joonni: What do you mean why, silly? To be what with you!!!) Young explains, “You saying you are going to go back to heaven in a fortnight so why are staying in my room with me?” Eun-soo replies that the king said it was the safest here. When Young has a hard time believing that the king said that, Eun-soo adds she was the one that asked him.

Young sighs. “I couldn’t figure you out from the start- why does she laugh like that; why is she getting angry? But one day I realized you were always worried about me. You cried and smiled because you were worried about me. You ran away from me because you were worried about me. And this time too. You wanted to come back because you were worried about me, because I was always looking back at the palace. Even though your life was on the line.” Eun-soo nods and smiles as she says, “But I didn’t die.”

Young takes her hand and sits closer. He says, “This is the order. First, I am going to get your antidote. So if we can treat the poison without you having to return to heaven, I’m going to ask- can you stay here? I know there are people in heaven waiting for you. I know but I will ask- I will protect you for the rest of your life so will you stay with me?” Eun-soo, the tears rising in her throat, softly says, “It won’t be easy protecting me.” Young replies, “I know.” Eun-soo reminds him, “For the rest of my life.” Young says, “If I can have you, I will protect you for the rest of your life. Not just today or for a few days. So when that time comes and I ask, will you answer?” Young looks expectantly at Eun-soo and Eun-soo nods yes, smiling with tears sparkling in her eyes. (Joonni: Spazzing like a mad woman. Kya!!!!!!!!!!!)

Young is walking down the hall to see Gongmin and the other Woodalchi are all grinning and pointing at him behinds his back but as soon as he turns around, they stop like kids who are afraid to be caught being naughty. Choong-suk also grins at Young as soon as he sees him in Gongmin’s room. (Joonni: *glomps all the Woodalchi puppies*)

Gongmin asks Young, “When are you going to come back?” Young doesn’t answer. Gongmin explains that he was going to give Eun-soo the position of being the medical ambassador because he thought the higher her position, the safer she would be but Eun-soo had wanted to stay with the Woodalchi. Gongmin asks, “So are you going to stay for the time being?” Young replies that there is one thing he wants to do before. Gongmin guesses it has something to do with Deok Heung. Young asks if he can take care of Deok Heung. Gongmin reminds him that Son Yoo protects Deok Heung. Young replies that if is difficult to officially deal with Deok Heung, he will do it personally. Gongmin says, “Let’s do it officially.”

The Woodalchi are having a bout and Eun-soo watches along with the others as Dol-bae, shirtless, takes on a more round and bald Woodlachi. Unfortunately, the higher muscle to hair ratio does not guarantee fighting prowess so Dol-bae is getting his butt kicked. Fortunately, he does end up winning, making his cheerleaders proud. Young enters the Woodalchi playground and smiles to see them practicing but he looks decidedly less pleased to see Eun-soo among the crowd of onlookers. Silently, he motions for her to come see him in his room.

Inside his room, Young turns to Eun-soo, peeved. “Didn’t you say you came here to hide?” Eun-soo replies that she was hiding. He asks, “Among all those kids?” Eun-soo explains that she wanted to go the medical ward but they told her she needed permission from the daejang first. “So I was waiting, daejang.” (Joonni: Oh my goodness, I love it when she calls him daejang so adorably like that!) She asks if she can go to get some supplies and her research. With wide-open puppy eyes Eun-soo asks, “Can I go, daejang?”

Young tells her to not go alone but in a group and come back to this room again to do her research quietly. Eun-soo replies, “Yes, daejang,” and slyly asks why he came. Did he come just to see her? Young curtly replies that he is going to be late today because he has some things to take care. (Joonni: Aw, is hubby reporting to his wifey?) Eun-soo replies, “I will wait, daejang.”

Young steps closer to Eun-soo, inches away from her face. He says, “That word- daejang. Say it again.” Eun-soo repeats the word, all wide-eyed, “Dae…jang?” Young leans in to kiss her but right before contact, Choong-suk bursts into room to tell Young that they are ready to go. (Joonni: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Young and Eun-soo stare at him, startled. Young swallows hard as Eun-soo waves goodbye. When Young doesn’t respond but just walks out like a macho man, she looks disappointed and as soon as he is gone, she checks her head and pulse. (Joonni: Totally spazzing like a loon. Had to go jump on bed and scream into the pillow for a bit. Kim Hee-sun certainly knew how to deliver that word to make even the viewer go crazy.)

Ki Chul has come to see Gongmin again to ask if he can meet with Eun-soo. Gongmin, looking annoyed, replies that he’s already said he has sent Eun-soo somewhere and she is unable to meet him. Ki Chul states, “Then it seems I have to find her myself.” Gongmin walks by him without an answer but looks back, a bit worried.

Eum-ja and Hwasooin burst into the medical ward to look for Eun-soo and they kill many of the people working there. They then head into Eun-soo’s room. Fortunately, Deo-gi is able to hide from them.

Eun-soo is telling the Woodalchi the legendary story of Chunyang when Deo-gi comes rushing over to drag her to the medical ward. The Woodalchi follow her and they all enter the building, shocked to see all the dead bodies and blood. Inside Eun-soo’s room, Dol-bae finds Jang Bin, dead. Before Eun-soo can enter her room, Dol-bae hands her one of the antidote jars, telling her that Jang Bin was found with it, hiding it in his hands. Deo-gi and Eun-soo try to enter the room but Dol-bae stops them. Eun-soo cries as she remembers how Jang Bin said he would try to make the antidote for her. (Joonni: I’m going to miss Jang Bin and his calm presence a lot.)

Ji-ho is running but Hwasooin finds him. He tries to fight her off but she gets close enough to attack him with her power. She starts to burn his arm when Shi-wool comes to Ji-ho’s rescue, shooting arrows at her. Ji-ho and Shi-wool escape from Hwasooin together.

Ki Chul is sending Deok Heung away to hide in the Yuan embassy, warning him to not scheme again- “I will do the thinking.” Deok Heung replies that it was what he was going to ask Ki Chul to do anyway. (Joonni: To put it very generally in modern terms, it’s an embassy but it’s really Yuan headquarters for keeping an eye out on Goryeo.)

Young and the Woodalchi are at Ki Chul’s house. He orders them to watch all exits out of the house and goes to meet Ki Chul. Young asks for Deok Heung but Ki Chul ignores him. He tells Young that he had done a thorough investigation about the day when Young was supposed to have brought Eun-soo from heaven. Everyone present at that site all had the same story and that is why he believed. Ki Chuls starts to accuse Young of making up that story but stops to blame Eun-soo instead- “That witch!”

Young warns Ki Chul to watch his mouth and tells him that Deok Heung needs to be questioned for the crime of kidnapping the queen. Choong-suk rushes into the report that a carriage was just seen leaving the house and the Woodalchi are chasing after it. Young orders them not to lose it, guessing that it is heading toward the Yuan embassy. He warns Ki Chul that if he is found to be an accomplice to Deok Heung, he will be in trouble too.

Young starts to leave but Ki Chul grabs onto him, begging to see Eun-soo. He claims he will only meet her to ask her something; he won’t kill her. Young counters with all the things that Ki Chul has done so far that has also been him “not killing” her. He can’t let him see her. Ki Chul glares at Young with anger as Young leaves the house.

Dae-man and the Woodalchi chase after the carriage and capture Deok Heung. (Joonni: Yes! Whew! I thought they were going to be incompetent again and lose him.)

The ministers are fighting amongst themselves on whether it is wise to enlarge the military and take a stance against Yuan as Gongmin wants to do. They fear that the citizens will get hurt and that Gongmin is only doing this out of pride. Lee Jae-hyun interrupts to say that since the Yuan envoy is here, they should try talking to him first.

Young is walking through the palace and is surprised to see Gongmin just standing outside instead of attending the meeting with the ministers. Gongmin replies that he’s avoiding them because it was too noisy. Young smiles and reports that they have captured Deok Heung. He asks when Gongmin wants to question him but when Gongmin starts to say “Today,” Young shakes his head no. So Gongmin replies that he will question Deok Heung tomorrow early morning.

Before Young leaves, Gongmin tells him that Jang Bin was attacked by people who came looking for Eun-soo. Young asks if Jang Bin was injured and Gongmin replies, “We lost him.” Gongmin thinks Eun-soo will be in shock since he heard that Jang Bin was her only friend here.

Dol-bae reports to Young that Jang Bin died but Young replies that he already heard. Dol-bae adds that the Suribang were attacked to and some were hurt. It seems that the pledged siblings of Ki Chul did all this. All the people who were killed had injuries that only Hwa-Eum could inflict.

Young enters his room to find Eun-soo working distractedly on making medicine. She struggles to hold herself together as she apologizes for the smell. “They told me I couldn’t go to the medical ward so I have to work here. I’m sorry.” Young quietly approaches her and Eun-soo turns away to put away the roots that she was cutting up. While Eun-soo talks about how Jang Bin was her teacher and friend who listened to everything she said, Young gently wipes her hand with a cloth. Eun-soo sadly says, “I think he died because of me.”

Eun-soo drags Young over to show the antidote that Jang Bin died protecting. She tells him that this one is starting to show some reaction but she still has to wait to see if it works. Young quietly takes the jar from her hand and turns her around to take off her armor. Eun-soo continues to lament the fact that Jang Bin died to protect her and the antidote. She feels guilty, saying, “I killed him.”

Young silently leads her to the bed and lays her down to sleep. She tries to get up but he pushes her down, tucking her in. He brings a chair over next to her and sits nearby. He talks to her while she lays on the bed, facing away. He says, “I killed a person for the first time when I was sixteen. People around me complimented on how I killed him- boldly, skillfully, and in one blow. So in the beginning I was excited and proud of myself. But that night, I couldn’t sleep at all because I was shivering with cold. It was so cold….but it wasn’t the time to be cold because it was the twenty-first day of the sixth month.”

Eun-soo turns her head to ask, “You remember the exact date?” Young tells her that he remembers the date and the face of the person he killed. Eun-soo asked if he remembers the face of the second person he killed too but he replies no. “I remember them like this…one more…and one more…one more.” He says to Eun-soo, “So I know this. Those words, ‘I killed him.’ You don’t say it that easily. Did you hear me?” Eun-soo softly replies, “I did.” Young: “Then sleep now.” (Joonni: Wah! Another bittersweet moment. Why won’t this drama just let me feel happy?!)

Eun-soo wakes up the next day, looking like she had a good night’s rest. She sees Young getting ready to go out, checking her antidote and his sword. As she watches, she says to herself inside her head, “I’m here. When I count to three, look at me.” She starts to count but has to close her eyes so Young doesn’t catch her looking at him. She doesn’t get to see that Young had looked at her at the count of three and she only sees him staring at her, right beside her bed when she opens her eyes after. (Joonni: This just feels so domestic! I’m going to cry!)

Young warns her that there is no breakfast left around here if one is late. He tells her he will be back and she salutes him off. Eun-soo once again counts to three as she watches Young walk away and at three, he turns around. She smiles at him happily and he smiles back at her. (Joonni: Oh dear god, my heart is doing little skips of joy and also little pangs of sadness.)

Young enters Deok Heung’s prison cell and demands Eun-soo’s antidote. Deok Heung asks if Young will return his fiancé if he gives him the antidote. Not answering him, Young orders Dol-bae to search Deok Heung thoroughly. He waits outside the cell but they report to him that nothing was found. Deok Heung smiles smugly.

Son Yoo has come to the prison and Young demands to know why he is here with Yuan soldiers in Goryeo territory. Son Yoo argues that since Deok Heung is officially a member of the Yuan embassy department, Yuan will do all questioning if Deok Heung has committed a crime. Deok Heung smiles as he walks over to Son Yoo. Before the two can leave, however, Young asks Son Yoo why he wanted to kill Eun-soo instead of just taking her to Yuan. Son Yoo replies that he plans to tell her why directly if he meets her.

Young also asks Son Yoo how he knew his name since he is only one general out of many and for the past few days, he wasn’t around the palace. Son Yoo replies that the information he received about Goryeo claimed that the king was on his way to becoming a tiger but since his claw was Young, if he got rid of him, he could raise Gongmin like a kitten. “So that is why I remembered your name.” Young asks, “Did you come to bend (the will) of the king?” Son Yoo replies that he hasn’t decided yet whom to bend.

Young reports to Gongmin that he let Deok Heung go like he ordered. Gongmin replies, “I know it must not have been easy for you.” Young asks if Gongmin is sure that the ministers will gather to support him if he says to them that Yuan stole Deok Heung away. Gongmin replies, not so reassuringly, “I have to try.” Young reminds him that the Yuan embassy is under Ki Chul’s control and it is also the center of Yuan’s influence in Goryeo. “For them to take Deok Heung means that they plan to attack you soon.”

Young asks for soldiers so he can attack the embassy preemptively. Gongmin replies that he needs the ministers’ support first but Young argues that Yuan doesn’t care about that. Gongmin counters that he does so Young reminds him the ministers only care about what’s the best for them. Gongmin argues that while Yuan is using paid soldiers, he is using his own citizens. “So I need time.”

At the Yuan embassy, Ki Chul is holding a meeting with Yuan officials and Yuan supporters in Goryeo, saying that Gongmin only has around two-thousand soldiers. At the palace, Gongmin is holding his own meeting. Lee Jae-hyun reports that the total number of personal soldiers the supporters of Yuan have far outnumbers the total that Gongmin has.

Ki Chul shows his people the records of what Gongmin is doing. He is taking way their land and their slaves to build an army. Gongmin is saying to his people that they will have to fight two battles if Yuan attacks them- one at the border and one in the heartland, fighting the Yuan supporters. Gongmin wants to do something now before that happens since Yuan is protecting someone who kidnapped the queen. They have a solid justification in cutting their ties to Yuan. At the embassy, Ki Chul points to Deok Heung, calling him the new king that he will support to make sure that their privilege and status continues for generations.

Young is having is own meeting with Ahn Jae, planning a possible attack on the Yuan embassy. Gongmin interrupts the meeting and Young asks what happened. Gongmin tells him that the ministers have still not decided. He plans to meet them one by one so he wants the soldiers to wait. Ahn Jae reminds Gongmin that they need to ambush soon or else the country’s border is in danger. Gongmin replies that he knows but he needs the ministers’ support first. Young sighs in frustration.

In another room, Young reminds Gongmin that he said he was using Deok Heung as bait in order to attack the Yuan embassy. He asks if Gongmin threw bait in without a fishing rod. Young angrily asks if Gongmin knows what fishing is. (Joonni: Oh goodness, the tension between these two is making me so nervous.) Gongmin replies that because he is a king, he needs proper justification. Young wants Gongmin make one quickly. (Joonni: Ooh, Young is getting testy with Gongmin.)

Gongmin asks if he should order Young to just kill Deok Heung because his anger for kidnapping Noguk cannot be appeased. Gongmin knows that Young will obey that command, no matter what. He asks Young if he remembers that night at the Yuan border when assassins attacked and Young said to him to stay behind him and not run away even if he gets scared. “So I hid behind you and you fought for me and protected me.”

Gongmin asks, “How long should I hide behind you?” Young understand what Gongmin is trying to say so he says in return, “So you need justification instead of me.” Gongmin replies that he wants to ruin Deok Heung without shedding any blood. Only then can he look again at the northern part of the country that borders Yuan. Gongmin asks Young, “Can’t you just wait a little longer?” Young complies.

Gongmin asks Young to capture Hwa-Eum, without killing them, for killing Jang Bin. Young accepts the order and starts to leave but he suddenly drops his sword. Young looks at Gongmin in shock and Gongmin returns the look. (Joonni: Uh…please god, no. Let this just be symbolic. Let this just be symbolic.)

Eun-soo tells Noguk that she is doing fine, according to her checkup. Noguk cautiously says that she has something to ask her about heaven’s knowledge. Noguk remembers what Eun-soo said before about how much Gongmin loves her and how devastated he will be if she left this earth first. “And you also knew how weak my uterus was.” Noguk asks Eun-soo to tell her just one more thing from heaven’s knowledge. When will she and Gongmin have another baby? “We can have a baby, right?” Noguk adds, “By any chance, do I leave first, from our king? Is that why you said those words before?” Fortunately for Eun-soo, Lady Choi calls her out.

Outside, Lady Choi hands Eun-soo a letter, saying it is from the Yuan envoy. Eun-soo wants Lady Choi to read it to her since she is weak in Hanja but Lady Choi tells her that the Yuan envoy wanted her to read it herself, and that he is waiting to see her. Eun-soo opens the letter and reads it. Her eyes open in shock and demands to know where Son Yoo is right now.

Eun-soo has come to the Youngbingwan to see Son Yoo. She puts down the letter in front of Son Yoo. It has Eun-soo’s name written on it in Hangul. She asks if Son Yoo wrote it himself. He replies yes. She asks if he knows what the letters are. He asks in return if she does.

Gay Suribang and Hwasooin fight in the streets with lots of graceful twirls and robes fluttering in the air. Eum-ja joins the fight so Gay Suribang is outnumbered. He demands a hundred nyang for him to lead them to Eun-soo. He shows them where she supposedly is and disappears. Eum-ja tries to use his power to stake it out first but he can’t so Hwa-Eum are forced to go inside the building. Someone traps them in and Hwasooin wants to burn down the door to get out but the entire building has been doused with oil.

Dae-man reports to Young to they have done as ordered- only trapped Hwa-Eum in without hurting them.

Eum-ja smashes through the door and sees the Woodalchi surrounding the building. He tries to use his power but the Woodalchi keep shooting arrows at him, not giving him a chance to play his flute. Young arrives at the scene and blocks the bomb that Hwasooin threw at the Woodalchi. He states their crime for killing Jang Bin and other palace people and they came to capture them.The Woodalchi throw oil around Hwa-Eum, rendering Hwasooin unable to use her power. Hwasooin tries to talk herself out of the situation by calling Young cowardly for not fighting one on one. Young smirks and asks why he has to do that.

Eum-ja tries to play his flute again so this time, Young takes the bow and arrow himself and shoots at Eum-ja. Hwasooin takes that split second to try to attack Young but Young is as quick as an arrow with is bow (Joonni: Please excuse my pun) and pins Hwasooin to the wall. He also disarms Eum-ja completely. Eum-ja stands protectively in front of Hwasooin as Young gets closer. Young points his sword at Eum-ja’s neck and orders them to surrender. The Woodalchi surround Eum-ja.

Young’s arm suddenly starts to tremble and Hwasooin notices. Young quickly puts it away. (Joonni: Wait, that’s his other arm now. So both arms? NO!!!!!!!) Young takes an oil jar from Dae-man and pours it on Hwasooin. He orders his men to take the two back to the palace. Away from them, Young flexes his hand, looking worried.

Son Yoo guesses that Eun-soo knows the letters on the paper. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come running to him, knowing that he wants to execute her. Eun-soo asks if he will once again demand to have her executed if she replies yes. He replies that he knows she won’t tell the truth if he confirms in the positive. Eun-soo: “Of course.”

Son Yoo offers to pretend like nothing was said after they get up from the table after their conversation. Eun-soo accepts. He asks her what the letters mean. He only knows how to write it because he memorized the letters. He doesn’t know what they mean. Eun-soo asks where he saw the letters and he tells her that his great-great-grandfather had it written down in a corner of his journal. Son Yoo thinks his great-great-grandfather probably just copied it down from somewhere.

Soo Yoo tells her that inside his great-great-grandfather’s journal, there was a story of a woman who used instruments from heaven and medicine from earth to heal people. There was also a story of someone who lived thanks to her. Eun-soo asks if that was wrong. He tells her that among those people the woman healed, one of them became a gang leader and came back to the village to kill everyone. He adds that his great-great-grandfather left in his will that if there was anyone ever again who claimed to be a doctor from heaven, his offspring should kill her immediately and bring peace to the world.

Son Yoo asks what Eun-soo thinks of this story. Did she ever save anyone she shouldn’t have? Eun-soo answers confidently that she is a doctor. There is no one that a doctor shouldn’t save. Son Yoo says, “I will ask you again. Did you come from heaven?” Eun-soo replies, “No.” He asks her what the letters mean. She lies and tells him that they say, “What are you doing there right now?”

The Suribang sister tells Young that she has gathered all sorts of antidotes but there doesn’t seem to be one for Eun-soo’s poison. Young asks if there is anything else then that will either delay the symptoms or stop her from feeling pain. The sister picks up on jar and starts to say that this one gets rid of the pain. Young quickly grabs it from her and asks for something else. “I don’t have time. I left her alone all day today. I have to go back.” He quickly grabs another jar from her and asks, “What about this one?”

Young hurries back to the Woodalchi lair to find the Woodalchi all lined up in front of Eun-soo with bowls in their hands, ready to drink the tea that Eun-soo made for them to help relieve their exhaustion. Young walks up to her and she offers him some. He wordlessly takes a bowl from Dae-man and drinks. Everyone watches in anticipation to see if he approves. Young smiles and everyone else does the same. Young holds out his bowl for more.

Eun-soo is working on her antidote in Young’s room. She remembers back to her meeting with Son Yoo. He had asked if she would be able to live without killing or saving anyone one, not touching anything in the world. Eun-soo had silently answered him, “Do you know how hard I tried to live like that?” Son Yoo had also said that he doesn’t care if she is from heaven or not. Eun-soo once again responds inside her head, “I wanted to live just treating wounds that had nothing to do with saving lives and just make money by selling soap.” Son Yoo says that his job as a caretaker is to get rid of things that are harmful to the world.

Eun-soo finally responds out loud, “I don’t know much about the world but I know a person’s body. A person’s body has to have something a little dangerous inside to become stronger on its own. It builds up tolerance and the ability to fight infection. So I want to ask – telling me to not live life diligently just in case I might become dangerous for the world- what kind of rotten logic is that?” Son Yoo replies, “I understand what you are thinking.” Eun-soo argues vehemently, “History is going to change because of me? So what do you want me to do? Did I come from a different world, you ask? If I live here, it’s my world. When I think about me living all this while as if I wasn’t breathing, it makes me furious!” Eun-soo stands up defiantly and says to Son Yoo, “Why? Do you still want to kill me? Just try it! I will die trying to live.” (Joonni: Attagirl!)

Young enters the room, having washed up and ready to go to bed. He starts to pull out a chair to sleep in but Eun-soo stops him, telling him to sleep in his own bed today. Young starts to complain about how a newbie dares to order a daejang around but Eun-soo begs adorably. So Young sits on his bed and watches Eun-soo pull together two chairs to sleep on. She starts to unravel her hair and he watches, enchanted. (Joonni: Oh no, not the hair. Hormone alert! Hormone levels reaching critical status!!!) While doing this Eun-soo is talking about how hard it is to make the antidote because of the lack of modern equipment. When she looks back at Young, he averts his eyes.

He grabs a brush to give it to her but it drops from his hand. He tries to pick it up but he can’t and Eun-soo notices. She asks him worriedly, “That expression. It isn’t the first time, is it?” Eun-soo sits next to Young and interlocks her fingers with him and asks him to pull. After seeing how he does, Eun-soo says that there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly wrong and asks if this has happened before and when did it start. Young replies that it’s because he is tired so he just wants to sleep right now.

Young lies down at the farthest end of the bed and puts his arm over his eyes. Eun-soo moves to leave so Young grabs her arm and pulls her down next to him. Eun-soo lies down next to him and he holds his hand for her to hold. She wordlessly takes it and they fall asleep, laying side by side on the small cramped bed. (Joonni: And the hormones go nowhere. Sigh, you guys have made me into such a perv. :D)

The next day, Do-chi reports to Gongmin that a official notice from the Yuan embassy has arrived, stating that Deok Heung’s trial is being held at Yuan embassy and they are requesting Gongmin’s presence. Choong-suk warns Gongmin that this is not a good time for Gongmin to go there.

Ki Chul declares to Deok Heung that Gongmin will come, knowing the kind of person he is. Deok Heung replies that he wouldn’t, if it was him. Ki Chul explains that it’s because Deok Heung only cares about himself and Gongmin cares about what others think. Deok Heung adds that he doesn’t care about politics. All he cares about is the position. Ki Chul smiles, saying that they make good partners since he doesn’t care about the position. Deok Heung wonders why it is so important to Gongmin how he appears to others; that’s something he can’t comprehend. Ki Chul asks Deok Heung to care just a bit before he sits on the throne since the Yuan envoy will also be present today. He tells him that he plans to take Gongmin hostage and use that to control the royal army. He is sure that Gongmin will do what he demands since Gongmin doesn’t want to see blood. He will make sure, though, that Gongmin will see blood soon enough.

Young argues that Gongmin going to the Yuan embassy is basically agreeing to be the bait. He asks if Gongmin has to do this. Gongmin replies that he has to try to see if he can move the hearts of the ministers. Ahn Jae warns him against it too but Gongmin is adamant. Young informs him that their number one mission is to make sure that Gongmin enters and leaves the embassy safely. To his Woodalchi, he tells them that they are going to escort the king but secretly have the royal army waiting too.

Inside his room, Young hides a dagger inside his boots. He tells Eun-soo that most of the Woodalchi will leave the palace since there are so many newbies. There won’t be many left to protect her. Eun-soo holds up Young’s armor and helps him put it on. She assures him that she is only going to see Noguk for a while and for the rest of the time, she will stay quietly in the Woodalchi lair. She doesn’t want him to worry. She asks him to move his hand and orders him to tell her if anything is wrong since she is his doctor. When Young doesn’t answer, Eun-soo asks him why he isn’t saying anything. He playfully says, “This newbie is very arrogant,” but he grows quiet when he realizes Eun-soo is leaning her head on his back. Eun-soo is saying a little prayer and she taps his back when she finishes, saying, “I’m done, daejang.”

Gongmin is on his way to the Yuan embassy while Son Yoo’s henchman secretly makes his way to Young’s room. Eun-soo is inside, working on the antidote and she gasps in surprise when she sees him.

Softy’s comments:

she is going to need something stronger than one prayer for all of them to survive what’s about to go down. i just love that since there is nothing she can do to change the outcome of what’s about to unfold, she does her part and says a little prayer to shield him.

He has this hardened look that softens once he sees her. normally he goes around looking serious and stern, but the instant he looks at her, it’s like he sort of melts all over again. that seems to surprise him each time and catches him off guard cuz he isnt used to these feelings. I just love how his voice and tone gets more caring and understanding with her and even in this scene -he let his men see him be this vulnerable in her presence.

written before it aired: Not sure if getting the heads up and knowing about Young’s confession ahead of time is going to make my job any easier. Now I am totally greedy about getting every single word down perfectly, but the fan part of me is going to want to linger on his words and let them sink in as I type. I have been waiting for this day for ages so I am just as excited as the next person to see what he does and how he goes about saying it. Even if his words aren’t directed at us, I bet every viewer will be feeling the impact of his declaration and crying tears of joy right along with Eun Soo.  There is a part of me that feels sad about this monumental moment for her since we all know that there is a future Eun Soo traveling around ahead of them and making it possible for them to even have this moment to share. The loneliness and aching loss in her eyes still haunt me so I don’t want to get too attached to what he says cuz what if they actually do say goodbye at that portal. Speculations about how this drama will end has been going on for some time, but Keaton pointed out something interesting in her comment the other day that I totally overlooked till now. I went back to the first two episodes to see what she meant. In the early episode they mentioned that Hwata sends an apprentice through that portal every 300 years so Keaton guessed that has been Eun Soo every time. But according to the age and condition of her diary, it seems to be less than 300 years each time. Like Keaton said, since Eun Soo is from “the heavenly world,” she has been watching out for Goryeo all along, but it turns out more than just love for country, Eun Soo did it out of desperation to keep one man alive. A warrior might be known for his fearless courage and skills, but none of that compares to a lone woman willing to endanger herself to travel through time for the sake of her love. That kind of bravery doesn’t stand a chance against a sword because she is wielding a far more powerful weapon – her heart.

It’s déjà vu time for me. Almost exactly 2 yrs ago on October 24th, I posted the first of the last four episodes of SKKS. The similarities are pretty blatant – a sageuk drama that was taking the internet by storm, anticipation and fervor running high, and no signs of easing up till the last stretch next week. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming a mile away cuz LMH’s trademark is his ability to charm his audience, but I am surprised it’s for a sageuk drama. First of all, I never thought he would ever do one so imagine how shocked I was on the first episode when he delivered. Just like any other hit drama, all the elements had to fall perfectly into place for all this to happen – just his dimples alone cant bring about this much clamor for more. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be part of all the fun here at Joonni’s and thank all of you for supporting “Faith” so much.

Joonni’s comments:

Woah. So Son Yoo is not a baddie in the conventional sense, is he? I completely didn’t expect Son Yoo to figure into Eun-soo’s time-traveling mystery like this. He brings to the drama a question that was bound to come up sooner or later- how Eun-soo’s advanced medical knowledge affects history. Rather than framing it into a question of the general progress of medical knowledge, Writer Song keeps that question, once again, rooted to the human condition. Instead of making us wonder how Eun-soo’s medical knowledge changed how medicine in Korea developed, Writer Song wants us to think through the story that Son Yoo tells Eun-soo.about how Eun-soo’s presence affected everyday people.

Eun-soo is posed with an ethical question, isn’t she? What is the duty and responsibility of a doctor? I agree with Eun-soo’s answer- that a doctor should save anyone that she can, regardless if they are the enemy or grow up to be future murderers. It’s not her position to judge and the choice that other make later in their lives after she saves them is not her fault.

I know at this point it’s like beating a dead horse but I really wish the politics of this drama was as tightly and suspensefully plotted as the character conflicts and romance. The politicking so far as only served as a vehicle for the character growth and while I enjoy that tremendously, the scenes with the minsters or the action scenes aren’t as exciting as they can be if the politicking was woven into the story better. It’s strange really, how fast this drama moves when so much of the same time happens over and over again, without anything really being solved or answered.

While Young didn’t exactly ask her to stay (basically he announced he was going to ask her in the future), his confession brings me incredible joy because it shows Young learning how to express and do what he wants instead of always being bogged down by duty and guilt. And of course, this makes him doubly anxious to find an antidote and you can see that anxiety gnawing away at his relationship with Gongmin since what Gongmin wants diverges so much from what Young wants to do. This troubles me because before in the past, at least rescuing Eun-soo also meant that Gongmin was growing stronger but this time, it’s different. It’s hard to reason what Young wants to do for Eun-soo as inadvertently helping Gongmin. I think this foreshadows the relationship that Young is going to have with Gongmin if Young continues to be unable to fully commit to being a warrior. I think it’s really going to end up being one or the other for Young- either Eun-soo or Gongmin/warrior/country.

The new development of Young’s illness doesn’t sit well with me because it takes away from Young’s own choice to quit being a warrior. I don’t know if this is what the trembling hands are going to lead to, but it seems like a plot mechanism to force Young to quit instead of giving him the choice to decide on his own. I say all this with a grain of salt since it is unclear why Young’s hands are shaking. Hopefully we will find out soon.

Question: Do you think Eun-soo would have told Noguk the truth or said that it’s better if she doesn’t know?

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  1. i’m just a little surprised how dr. jangbin died, i mean come on just like that,,,or was there something wrong with the actor?we didn’t even see how he died,,anyway other than the woodalchis, i kinda notice ahn now he’s cute too:)

    October 22, 2012
    • ladyeury #

      The actor who played Jang bin received an eye injury and had to leave the series due to having emergency eye surgery.

      October 23, 2012
  2. cho-euns #

    “he pushes her down, tucking her in ”
    …. and I was so horny that I actually read F instead of T in “ucking” in.
    I have to reread if it was my eyes or joonni’s recap, thankfully, it was my eyes!

    October 22, 2012
    • pam lee #

      LMFAO! Thanks for the good laugh…lightened my mood considerably!

      October 23, 2012
    • joonni #

      LOL. Did not think “t” would be read as “f” but was aware that the phrasing of my sentence could lead people down the gutter.

      October 23, 2012
  3. cacao #

    Thanks a bunch for the hilarious, thrilling, adorable recap Joonni, I really love your point a view for “Faith”. You’re really good writter.
    This drama makes my emotion like roller coaster n I never feel like this before to other Kdrama …obsessed…
    The chemistry between KHS n LMH so freakin good n make my mind has pervy things *shy* (love Softy comment’bout KHS’s hubby).
    My heart skip a beat in CY’s confession, enjoy the almost kiss scene, n keep thinking the bed scene.

    October 23, 2012
  4. Thank you for all your hard work, Joonni and Softy. 🙂 Love your recaps.

    October 23, 2012
  5. Marife #

    thank you!! thank you for sharing Moon of the princess youtube link!!! ^_^

    October 23, 2012
  6. atheerhmk #

    وآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآو كم هي جميله حقا اتمنى ان تكون النهاية بجمال هذه الدراما
    شكرا لك يا فتاة

    October 23, 2012
  7. Mae #

    Since I’ve read both recap for ep21 and 22, and watched 22 first. (Thinking I’d better deal with the gloom first, before the cute.) But instead of squealing with joy and happiness with CY’s confession, I was crying. Knowing there’s no antidote to be found, he would never get to utter those words again. Thankfully, there was one particular moment that left a smile on my face. The one where Eun-soo woke up and started counting up to three. I think what’s happening to CY’s hand is the result of the weight of the sword talk with AJ.

    October 24, 2012
  8. Mirriam #

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love you guys.
    I absolutely LOVED how Eum-Ja stepped in front of HwaSooIn to protect her when Young came down. *swoon* I love Hwa-Ja as much as the Imja couple…sad…
    Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you could help me – I have searched and searched to find the name of the actor who plays the gay Michael Jackson Suribang guy, but I can’t find him anywhere! Do you know? Could you please tell me?

    October 24, 2012
  9. What is it about CY’s hand is he losing his powers? He was so strong against KC at the wedding. I think ES said it could be psychological, like when they were talking about the sword and CY’s master and CY sleeping to see his master. Somebody said it is symbolic that he has lost his confidence in the king. What do you think?

    October 24, 2012

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