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Eun-soo’s Transformation and Her Love for Young

Part 1-  Eun-soo’s Transformation in Goryeo and Her Choice to Stay.

Eun-soo is a hard character to understand. Is it because of her time-traveling mystery that the writer is so secretive about Eun-soo? We don’t know her history, we don’t know who she really is, and we have no idea where she is going. We are rarely allowed a window into her thoughts and when we get a view into her heart, it comes as a surprise. Eun-soo smiles and laughs, talks and complains. But behind that facade, she cries, fears, and dies….alone. Visions of death and blood haunt her every night but she puts on a bright smile every morning for everyone else, for herself, and for Young.

In a way, she is more of a warrior than Young. She is a survivor to the core. She grabs onto life with all her might. Yet, before she met Young, that life she struggled so hard for in her world had nothing it in. We don’t know if she is just not talking about them but she never mentions her friends or anyone she really loved. Who did she open her heart to in her world? Who did she share her life with? She had boyfriends before but none that she loved with all her heart. Family is an integral part of our lives, yes, and I’m sure Eun-soo’s parents are important to her but after Eun-soo’s parents die of old age, who was going to be by Eun-soo’s side in her world? Who was she going to spend the rest of her life with?

“Knife Wind” (“Faith” OST)

When Eun-soo went to see the fortune-teller, she wanted to know when and how she can meet a man but it wasn’t because she wanted to love him. It was because she needed financial support. Eun-soo didn’t care about love or believe in it. Her life was only for herself and how she can live it comfortably. When Young kept on refusing treatment and she finally exploded at him, she talked about missing her world for the first time. But she only mentioned the apartment she recently bought and how she wanted to use its bathroom and sleep in her own bed. She didn’t mention any friends or anyone waiting for her inside that new home. Despite all the materialistic fulfillment that the apartment provided, Eun-soo’s life was empty. She had nothing…no, she had no one to miss in her world.

Eun-soo confessed to Jang Bin that she wasn’t able to open her heart to anyone in her world. She always thought, “This is too bothersome,” or “No, he’s not the one. This isn’t it.” She refused love or perhaps, she didn’t know what love was. Even in Goryeo, when she knew she missed Young when he wasn’t around and it felt comfortable to be with him, she thought to herself that he couldn’t be the one. But Young was always there, showing her what love is. Together, Young learned to love again and Eun-soo learned to love for the first time in her life.

Eun-soo found love and life in Goryeo. She found a purpose for her medical knowledge and skill. In her world, she had given up general surgery because she was afraid to deal with death but when forced to confront it with Young, she faced death and brought him back to life. She wanted to save Choong-jung because she knew how important the boy was to Young. She healed Yi Sung-gye because she wanted to be useful around the medical ward that housed her. She treated Noguk because she was her friend. Eun-soo always had it in her to be a wonderful doctor but in her world, it was easy to run away. In Young’s world, she couldn’t. Confronted with death nearly every day, she saw how valuable her skill was to save lives. Because she learned to care about the people around her, she couldn’t help but use her knowledge.

Being in Goryeo changed Eun-soo. She has love. She has friends she cares about- the Woodalchi, Gongmin, and Noguk. She actually wants to use her medical knowledge to save lives. She has purpose. Her life is no longer an empty house with nice things in it. She may be sleeping in the army barracks on a hard bed in Goryeo but her life is full of warmth, happiness, people, and love.

When Young argued that she would at least be alive in her world, she said to him, “Yes I will probably live. In my room in the heavenly world, I will just live. Every day talking to people whose faces I don’t recognize, saying things all day long I don’t mean. Then when it’s night, I’m going to come back to an empty room. Every time I sleep, I will call out once- ‘Are you there?’ but I know there won’t be a reply. I will wake up and live another day like that- like I am dead. Don’t you know what living like that is like? You know. Because you are going to do that to.”

In Eun-soo’s mind, she has nothing to go back to in her world. Sure, she will be alive and she will be living each day like any other person. She will smile, she will hang out with friends, she will work, and she will sleep. But Eun-soo has lived that life before and back then, she didn’t see anything wrong with it. After life in Goryeo, however, she can’t bear to go back to a world like that. Taking what she learned from Goryeo and changing her specialty to general surgery in her world, she might come home satisfied every day after saving someone’s life but there will be no one to share that happiness with or anybody to comfort her if a patient dies on the table. She will call out, “Are you there?” but no one will answer her. Her bed will be comfortable but there will be no one lying next to her.

There is a battle inside Eun-soo. She knows how empty her life will be in her world and how crazy it will drive her to not know how Young is doing if she goes back to her world. Is he going to live like the way he used to when Mae-hee died? And now with his hand, what will he have left in the world to do, to be? But she also knows how much it will hurt him to watch her die if she just stays. Either way in Eun-soo’s mind, Young will be devastated and live like the living dead. So Eun-soo decides to be selfish and stay in Goryeo, even though she might die. She’d rather live out the remainder of her life with Young and have someone next to her to hold her in the darkness. She’d rather bet on that small, infinitesimal possibility of making the antibiotic on time in Goryeo so she doesn’t have to leave. She’d rather hold onto that sliver of a chance against death rather than certain life in her world. There is a small hope for a happy ending in Goryeo but certain unhappiness if she returns to her world. Remember I said Eun-soo is a survivor? Before she struggled for a life that was empty but now she is hanging on with all her strength to a life that promises happiness.

Part 2- Love that Transcends Time and Space

“Forever” (“Faith” OST)

Image edited by Softy

We don’t know how Eun-soo left herself those letters. We don’t know how many times Eun-soo traveled back in time to Young. The only thing we know for sure is that there was at least one timeline in which Eun-soo already met Young and fell in love, but their story didn’t end happily. So Eun-soo lived in regret and wished desperately to change the past to save the man that she loved. Was it the power of her love? What was her sacrifice so she could live another lifetime for Young?

After episode sixteen, when “Future” Eun-soo described in her letter that on the day of Deok Heung’s trap for Young, chrysanthemums were blooming by the windowsill, I decided to look and see if there was any symbolic meaning in Korea to the chrysanthemum. In my search, I discovered a famous and beautiful poem that featured the chrysanthemum and as soon I read “Beside a Chrysanthemum,” Eun-soo and her story came to mind. But at that time I was still unsure what Eun-soo’s story was so I just stored the poem away. However, when episode twenty rolled along and I knew for sure that Eun-soo went through a lot to be with Young, this poem came back into my mind again.

Original Korean poem

국화 옆에서 / 서정주

한 송이의 국화꽃을 피우기 위해
봄부터 소쩍새는
그렇게 울었나 보다.

한 송이의 국화꽃을 피우기 위해
천둥은 먹구름 속에서
또 그렇게 울었나 보다.

그립고 아쉬움에 가슴 조이던
머언 먼 젊음의 뒤안길에서
인제는 돌아와 거울 앞에 선
내 누님같이 생긴 꽃이여

노오란 내 꽃잎이 피려고
간밤엔 무서리가 저리 내리고
내게는 잠도 오지 않았나 보다.

English Translation by David McCann, Harvard University

“Beside a Chrysanthemum” by So Chong-ju

To bring one chrysanthemum to flower
The cuckoo has cried since spring.

To bring one chrysanthemum to bloom
Thunder has rolled
Through the black clouds.

Flower, like my sister returning
From distant, youthful byways
Of throat-tight longing
To stand by the mirror:

For your yellow petals to open,
Last night such a frost fell,
And I could not sleep

When you read the poem, you can imagine a man mediating upon the chrysanthemum.  He is reminded of his mature, older sister who has returned home after enduring and persevering through many hardships in her youth. He sees the chrysanthemum, an autumn flower, finally blooming after a cold winter, a busy spring, and a thunderous summer. Like the chrysanthemum, his sister has reach maturity after she survived dejection, hope, and fear. Blooming in autumn, the chrysanthemum is a harvest flower that signifies the fruits of one’s life and labor, cause and effect.

I don’t know if the “Faith” writer, Song Ji-na, chose the chrysanthemum for any particular reason. I can’t claim that the chrysanthemum has any connection to Eun-soo. I was merely curious and this poem just happened to fall in my lap, but when I read it, my mind made that connection and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to weep. When I think that perhaps, Eun-soo has traveled through time over and over again, lived many lifetimes to be with Young, or that Young and Eun-soo’s love is a product of hundreds of years of waiting and searching, my heart brims over with bittersweet tears.

Here’s to hoping that Young and Eun-soo’s love can finally bloom in the warm sunlight of autumn- a love that has overcome time and space.


“The Facts on File Companion to World Poetry: 1900 to the Present” by R. Victoria Arana (2008).

“Charm of Korean Poetry on Flowers” by Kim Seong-kon (The Korean Herald, 2010).

***Do not take out any part of this post, images included, out of this blog.***

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  1. Joonni, thank you for your insights. This is such a beautiful and well thought through essay.
    The Eun-Soo of Goryeo seems a life time away from the materialist plastic surgeon of Gangnam that Choi Young kidnapped. She found her purpose in life, to love, live and save.

    October 27, 2012
  2. Awesomeduck #

    Joonni, you never fail to amaze me with your analysis and writing. Love you and love Eun Soo 🙂

    October 27, 2012
  3. tukta #

    Dear Joonni,
    Here again you gave the so wonderful research…Thanks so much!
    I do really hope that our beloved imja couple would be happily together … in Goreyo!!

    Can’t wait for the coming Monday!

    October 27, 2012
  4. Faither #

    My tears dropping unstoppable on my IPad while I read this…. Eun Soo sweetheart, I wish you the happiness ever after my dear. Love is everything..

    October 27, 2012
  5. with unsupresed tears flowing through …I cried…..Joonni do you deliberately mean to kill me with the beautifully piognant manner of your penmanship?….eberytime i am left teargasted…..and thank you soooo much for deciding to recap Faith…..

    October 27, 2012
  6. Nikkin #

    I was crying while reading this and listening to the OSTs, very well written Joonni! And what a nice interpretation on the Chrysanthemum. I recently got back from a tour in Korea, i saw a lot of this flower around. i even picked and brought home a piece. THis will remind me always of CY & ES. I have a heavy heart thinking Faith will end next week already…can they add at least 10 more episodes?

    October 27, 2012
    • ann #

      Why don’t we just suggest them to make another season of faith?? Hehe.. I would love to very much, but honestly, this drama take away so much energy of mine.. I can’t concentrated at all to works during it’s airing and along waiting it’s aired, for last few months!!

      The side effects of faith addiction that I’m getting crazy about LMH and of course all around faith. I even had plan my journey to Korea next summer, I insist my husband to take a vacation there. Even I realize I won’t meet LMH or KHS.

      Then if there’s a sequel of faith, I have to manage my mind very well in order to not devastate my real life! Hehe…

      I salute you Joonni! THIS BLOG IS OUT OF THE BOX!

      October 27, 2012
  7. Bravo, Joonni! Superb trail of thought woven into an essay. Great insight. Thank you.

    October 27, 2012
  8. jhen #

    joonni, you’re one of the most talented writers i’ve ever known..from the day, i came to know your blogsite, i have loved all your works since don’t just write merely by write based on your inner thoughts and by heart..i know you’d come a long way from here..god bless you always and may you continue to be a blessing to us readers with all your good write-ups..

    and to eun soo, happiness and fulfillment of all your heart’s desire are my wishes for you..

    October 27, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      Well said, Jhen. I feel the same way, and sure all of Joonni’s girls feel this way too.

      October 27, 2012
    • Sussie #

      Totally agree with you Sunshine and Jhen!
      Joonni, you are truly gifted! So talented writer 😉 Don’t know what is your career, what are you working on or if you are a college student… but seriously, you should think to start writing as a profession… you are so good!

      I really loved your analysis about ES as much as I did about CY’ s sword

      October 27, 2012
    • Daejang Joonni is the ‘Hwata’ of our time:)

      Can’t believe so many titles (i believe someone here also named her ‘ambassador’…a position King Gongmin was going to grant ES) in this drama fit our host here!

      October 27, 2012
  9. For Monday and Tuesday, I will be standing by here, being with you, hoping the same- that these two will stay together ’til the end of the series- both alive for a happily ever after exit.

    October 27, 2012
  10. ladyeury #

    When I read this analysis, which is so insightful and beautiful, I had one thought. After everything she has done to create a happy ending for herself, how can this series end any other way? Let’s hope our Writer Song has the same thought!

    October 27, 2012
  11. jayden #

    Joonni, you are a brilliant writer.

    I really love ES and also the way KHS’s portray this character.

    October 27, 2012
  12. Ivychang #

    Wow, this is really touching. Joonni, thank you so much for your time and effort investing in this drama, really appreciate your works. I will go for a happy ending, I threw dice thrice and the outcome seems to suggest so.

    October 27, 2012
  13. Fairycutter #

    thanks God for giving Joonni to us. you’re so insightful, make me always wanted to read over and over.

    Eunsoo changed alot with love and like you said her love has overcome time and space. just hope, time won’t dissapoint her this ‘time’.

    October 27, 2012
  14. JulianeLee #

    Joonni, thanks for a wonderful post. This gave me hope that our OTP will have a happy ending. 🙂

    I already thought Eun Soo has travelled many times to find the perfect timing and her past time travels wasn’t successful and left her lonely because she didn’t get to save Choi Young. And now as the drama’s timeline, I’m having positive thoughts that this is the time that she will be successful in finding happiness and love and really keeping it.

    I mean what’s the point of having a future ES leave notes and clues for the present ES if this time traveling wouldn’t be successful?

    And if the ending would be a reicarnation /another time traveling or EUn Soo leaves — then the Eun Soo now should leave her own notes for her another self yet to come back to continue or make things right.

    Eun Soo we have now is a determined Eun Soo. — with this I’m on the happy ending bandwagon. Just my thoughts 🙂

    Is Monday not coming yet? 🙂

    October 27, 2012
    • jhen #

      nice Juliane! seems that the positive vibes have passed by you..its good though..happiness for the imja couple is all we ever wanted..please monday be good to us.. 🙂

      October 27, 2012
      • wait..what about Tues? i want Tuesday to extremely good to us:)!!!

        October 27, 2012
        • JulianeLee #


          Yes! how can I forget about Tuesday! 🙂

          October 28, 2012
      • JulianeLee #

        Heee! Yes, Jhen. I decided to be positive to still my mind and heart. Lol

        October 28, 2012
  15. JulianeLee #

    PS joonni: as I’ve checked now your blog hits is 994, 600 plus something. By the time the second to the last episode comes I’m sure it will be over a million. 🙂

    October 27, 2012
  16. Would not be surprised if there really is something about that chrysanthemum in the end.

    October 27, 2012
  17. Kay #

    Good one again, Jooni!

    I am anticipating your essay on time travel; I know it’s a lot to ask but curious minds will unravel it, right? How and why ES is defying time and space the universe must have some reasons.

    October 27, 2012
  18. ann #

    “Here’s to hoping that Young and Eun-soo’s love can finally bloom in the warm sunlight of autumn- a love that has overcome time and space.”

    “Blooming in autumn, the chrysanthemum is a harvest flower that signifies the fruits of ….” ES and CY perfect love. “After enduring and persevering through many hardships in…” their love life.

    Oh Softy, what a very excellent thought of chrysanthemum, I think It’s clearly connected to ES. The writer should had a tought before deciding which flower that she had to be involved in the story.

    Poetry was highly reflects the journey of love ES and CY. I hope this drama will end up not much different from the poem.

    Thank You Joonni!

    October 27, 2012
    • This beautiful post was all done by Joonni. So I’m pretty sure you meant to write her name instead. 🙂

      October 27, 2012
      • ann #

        Oh thank you so much to remind me, shame on me..

        I’m so sorry Joonni, would you please forgive me because of my slipped of typing.. Of course, what I mean is you, as a writer!

        And also as FAITH AMBASSADOR!

        You too Softy, thank you!

        October 27, 2012
  19. Sunshine #

    Joonni, this was so beautiful, and moving. That poem was so bittersweet, and you are right- it’s as if it was meant to describe Eun Soo’s toil and turmoil to be with Young. I think if she absolutely has to go back, and is unable to return, things will be different. She has changed so much, that I am certain her life would be surrounded by people that love her.

    When people are kind, caring, and thoughtful, people are draw those kinds of people. Since she is no longer materialistic I would think she would spend the rest of her life helping others and worthy causes, but she would still have that gnawing and enormous hole in her heart missing the man she had loved, and still loves and was meant to be with. 48 hours til Monday…I’m a bit torn…I want it to be Monday, but at the same time I wish it wasn’t because that means that those are the final two eps, and regardless of how Write Song ends things I know it is going to be a big bawlfest. 😦

    P.s. Did you see the site counter? Looks like you are going to hit a million before the day is over!

    October 27, 2012
    • Sussie #

      Sunshine, I feel the same… impatient to be Monday bc I’m dying to watch more scenes with these 2 love birds… but at the same time, i’m so sad that this amazing and unforgettable drama will come to an end on next week 😦 .
      Also, I will miss a lot chatting with you girls, so I’m hoping that we will find soon another motive/ drama in which we will get hooked together again 😉 This was my first time posting and participating in a blog (not that it’s my first drama… I have been watching a lot of dramas but by my own haha) and it felt so enjoyable to be exchanging thoughts with you 🙂

      October 27, 2012
      • Sunshine #

        Awwww, Sussie. *hugs, hugs, hugs* I agree, can’t wait for our next drama to watch together. It has been so much fun interacting with so many girls froms all over. Don’t worry, we won’t be parting since I’m sure there will be more dramas in the future in need if Joonni’s astute observations. I’m sure we will be hanging out here often. 🙂

        October 27, 2012
        • Oh you girls are making we mushy and weep at the same time.

          This is also the first or me as well. I’ve watched tons of kdramas solo before FAITH and only had my evil twin to share thoughts with. I’ve never had the joy of sharing my thoughts and conversing on a blog fill with girls from around the globe with so much passion and heart! Sometimes I feel like I talk out of my butt, yet no one here judge me (and Joonni haven’t ban me). You all just join me in my looney talks and gutter times. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!

          What will become of me once you faithfuls and Faith are gone?????? ***sobs sobs sobs****

          October 27, 2012
          • Sussie #

            *Bear hugs* (sobbing…)
            “This is the order. First,” we are going to find another project to try to fill the emptiness to be left when Faith is gone 😦 So, we will go on daydreaming and carry on with our foolish talks and gutter times haha 🙂

            October 27, 2012
            • Sunshine #

              Awww…I was waiting for someone to bring up”the order”. I actually told my two year old this evening when he ran out of the bathroom without flushing, “This is the order. First you potty, then you pull up you underpants, then you flush. Then you wash your handss. Totally reminded me of the Daejang…

              October 27, 2012
  20. cacao #

    Joonni thanks for your beautiful thoughts, you really good in anylyze something.The story plot in Faith is quite good and we can see the development of each character. For me, ES character is the most interesting n mysterious, we know nothing about her as main character ( beside as materialistic surgeon at first and her parents in rural area ) I think she already travelled many times to save CY but how did she do that? The gate only open every 60’s something years if I’m not wrong.
    AAhhhh is monday not coming yet?

    October 27, 2012
  21. Beautiful and very accurate description of Eun Soo, that is how I see her also. Thank you, Jooni!

    October 27, 2012
  22. marlyn #

    thanks Jooni..but i think that chrysanthemum is the antidote for the poison.. remember she dreamt of it..dried petals of that flower…OMG! it could be?

    October 27, 2012
  23. wits #

    Reading your lovely words while the two songs you chose played in the background was just… perfect. Thank you so much Joonni for making my Faith journey so much richer and more meaningful.

    Like the rest of us Faithlings, we yearn for Monday to come, and at the same time, we are in stark dread for the sobfest that might be awaiting us. I have come to care for the fate of our beloved Imja and Daejang, I have long given up on being normal or sane. And I now break out in sweat just thinking that it will all end on Tuesday and resistance to go back to normalcy is futile. Just like our funny, brave, beautiful heroine Eun Soo, “normalcy” is a thing of the past. She chooses to live, however short her life might turn out to be, than have a long life but not truly live. Life is really worth living only if love is present in your life. So I would live out the remaining episodes of Faith no matter how painful it will be because I would like to maximize the rest of our time with Eun Soo and Choi Young.

    To all the Faithlings of this (blog)world – be strong and courageous! Our couple may yet have a long and happy life together! Keep the Faith!

    October 27, 2012
  24. jhen #

    heyya pledged sisters!!! i saw this at We are Minoz FB Page..this a poll for the Best of Korea Kdrama..i casted my vote already and did see the standing..Faith is #1…ayeee!!!! my pedged sisters please cast your votes as’s the link:

    October 27, 2012
    • cacao #

      oooh you put the link too jhen, I put it on “on the eve of the final week “…big hug for you.

      October 29, 2012
  25. Beautifully written.

    Right now I am still a little too angry at Eunsoo to say much. But this was beautifully written. And thank Joonni for sharing this and and yourself with us.

    This experience watching Faith with everyone has been amazing. ♥

    October 27, 2012
  26. wi #

    I dont know why eun soo cry and laugh, but one thing I know she want we feel deep love eun soo to choi young and hope they happy after ever and forever. hehehe. IMJA COUPLE FIGHTING TO HAPPY END

    October 27, 2012
  27. Keaton #

    This was beautiful, Joonni. I am speechless 🙂

    October 27, 2012
  28. Riya #

    Hi, for a Lecturer, to capture the attention of all the students throughout the lecture requires a real talent… Joonni, u r one of that kind, whom ppl ll mention as THE BLESSED…. u r jus awesome. from the day i came to know ur blog, i never miss even a single post of urs. u r making ppl to love wat u love. am not mentioning abt actors or dramas in specific… reading ur recap ll speak abt it… We wish to recieve more of ur post, more of ur analysis, more n more to feed our thirst for Faith:):):) Hats off to ur work guys(Softy & Joonni)

    October 27, 2012
  29. Riya #

    Hi Softy, ur image editing for uri Eun soo’ Chrysanthemum flower is superb:):):)

    October 27, 2012
  30. pam lee #

    Joonni, you’re as eloquent as always! Finally, an ode to our fearless heroine! I really love Eun Soo. If I have a daughter, I’m going to name her Eun Soo. LOL! Yeah right, my husband would really think I’ve lost it. LOL!

    I just wish Young knew how much Eun Soo really loves him and I wonder if she’ll ever confess the extent of her love for Young and reveal her time traveling. He’d be astounded.

    When Young proposed (conditionally if she got cured) he said to Eun Soo, “If I am to have Imja, it’s not for today or just a few days but a lifetime”. I’m like, “Excuse me emo-boy! Actually this girl has been circling the universe trying to make sure she gets you not for just a lifetime but for an eternity”. *Sobs like a madwoman*

    I understand some fans are mad at Eun Soo for choosing to stay with Young even though it means death for her. But she knows Young is the only one for her in the universe and life is not worth living without him, so even if it’s a foolish decision logically it’s love and love is never logical. She saw the fate of future ES, who warned her to stay with Young even if it meant death, because future ES was living a life of regret, grief and loss because she wasn’t able to stay with Young.
    Young, you idiot! If you let Eun Soo go, I am going give you your own medicine, an epic Choi Young slap on the head (avenging poor Dae-man)!

    Here’s to hoping and praying for a HEA ending for our Imja couple, otherwise it’ll be WWIII on Writer Song and PDnim! Who’s with me?

    October 27, 2012
    • Classy #

      ME!!!Me ME !!!

      i am with you for WWIII…
      honestly if the writer and PD screw up i swear i dont know what i will do..

      October 27, 2012
    • Might as well just say it was me Pam who was upset 😛

      My biggest issue with Eunsoo is how much she is hiding/lying to Choi Young. Its just irks me. I understand that not saying the back and forth time traveling part because they havent really said Eunsoo knows what the heck is going on. I think its hard as watchers to sometimes remember who exactly knows what, spcially with a show like Faith were there are so many balls up in the air.

      I do get why Eunsoo is hiding stuff from him, I just dont agree and think that in the long run it will serve her and him better if she was honest with him.

      Anyway…thats just my thoughts.

      And Eunsoo would be a good name for a daughter ^^

      October 27, 2012
      • joonni #

        That’s exactly why I remain very cautious about the last two episodes because the writer is hanging too much on the character of Eun-soo to finish the story yet she didn’t give enough space and attention to her throughout the drama. It is hard to understand why she isn’t saying anything to Young and it is frustrating the writer is leaving the viewers to do a lot of assuming and explaining. I don’t expect the writer to explain everything but she is falling a bit short of making Eun-soo more understandable. Why doesn’t the writer ever show us Eun-soo trying to figure out the time-traveling thing so we know why she isn’t telling Young about it? Sigh…this drama makes me think way too much. I think it would be easier for viewers like u to agree with Eun-soo’s action if we knew more about what Eun-soo is thinking.

        October 27, 2012
        • Thank you furthering my thoughts in a more eloquent manner. I love all this characters so much and Im a little sad they arent being handled better.


          Virtual drinking party after ep24?

          October 27, 2012
          • joonni #

            I understand that feeling. I love this drama so my wish for the story to be even better is really powerful.
            Definitely drinking party. Hopefully it can be a happy drinking party.

            October 27, 2012
            • pam lee #

              If there was a drink to describe what this OTP is going through, it’s the strongest and highest proof drink there ever was…. I asked the hubby about it and he said it’s MOONSHINE, 190+ proof. If it’s a tragic ending, I’ll be grabbing me a whole bottle moonshine for sure! And I’ll always remember our OTP as the MOONSHINE COUPLE…LOL!!!!

              October 27, 2012
              • joonni #

                I love it! Moonshine couple!

                October 27, 2012
            • Sunshine #

              Sunshines household at 9am pn Monday: Hubs comes in kitchen and sees Sunshine pouring a glass of wine, and grabbing a bagel… No wait, a pop tart. Hubs raises an eyebrow. Hubs remembers it is Monday and 2nd to last ep of Faith. Shakes head, and says, “are you kidding me?”. Sunshine smiles brightly, pops a Yuban t-disc in the Tassimo, hits the green button, and tells him she loves him, and his bagels in the toaster oven, and she’ll see him in a few hours. (we’ll be going crazy at Joonni’s and will need to discuss everythingad analyze everything to pieces. )
              Yeah, this should be interesting.

              October 27, 2012
              • Sussie #

                ROFL to your predicted Monday… hahaha. For me, my scenario starts at 7 am, and hubby will be helping feeding the morning cereal to our 8 months babygirl! LOL

                October 27, 2012
          • So in agreement with you that some of characters should have been handled better. Especially, the whole Dr. Jang character. I understand that he had to leave the show, but for them to kill him off the way they for an eye injury was handled badly. I know he didn’t have much a role to begin with from the very little screen time he had, but he was after all a royal doctor who had can defend himself with his ‘ki’. I can understand if his opponent was KC himself. You mean to tell me he didn’t have a fighting chance with fluteboy and microwave lady?? Come on..a little effort here..

            I wouldn’t mind if we started the drinking party early. I’ll take a MOJITO just for ES…LOL!

            October 27, 2012
            • Sunshine #

              I wish he had gotten more screen time…but c’est la vie…

              October 27, 2012
        • pam lee #

          At this point we know ES thoughts and motivations…everything she’s thinking about revolves around Young and his wellbeing-not even herself or preserving their love. Okay, so maybe she’s being a little selfish staying behind in Goryeo but that’s small compared to her ultimate sacrifice, her life.

          But I do agree, Joonni, wish we knew more about the time traveling paradox…so far nothing’s been developed in the story line and hopefully writer/director can thoroughly explain and conclude it in the next 2 episodes. And here, all this time we fans were speculating the crap out of the time traveling theories..LOL!

          October 27, 2012
      • pam lee #

        It’s not just you, Onichick, I’m upset with ES decision too, but like I said, I understand why she made her decision to stay, future ES’s bleak fate. Either way, they our OTP cannot be together at this point which breaks my heart. ES stays and possible dies or if she leaves and they are separated in the time/space continuum. That’s like a lose/lose situation for our OTP. I agree with you, honesty has never been this OTP’s forte. I think they forgot, especially ES, their conversation about being “Partners”. LOL! It’s like that conversation like never even happened 🙂

        October 27, 2012
        • joonni #

          LOL. I forgot that conversation ever happened. 😀

          October 27, 2012
        • ES to CY: “You only protect with words. Don’t just protect my life. Protect my heart too!”

          Faithfuls on Joonni’s to ES on behalf of CY: “You only teach me to pronounce ‘partner’ and throw out that word here and there. Don’t just protect my life. Protect my heart too (by not hiding but sharing instead..the kind of relationship you said we should have)!”

          October 27, 2012
          • Sussie #

            Gukja, I like so much your “Faithfuls on Joonni’s to ES on behalf of CY” LOL hahaha

            October 27, 2012
    • Sunshine #

      “When Young proposed (conditionally if she got cured) he said to Eun Soo, “If I am to have Imja, it’s not for today or just a few days but a lifetime”. I’m like, “Excuse me emo-boy! Actually this girl has been circling the universe trying to make sure she gets you not for just a lifetime but for an eternity”. *Sobs like a madwoman*”

      So true….he hasn’t the foggiest. *Passes you tissues*. (make sure to save one for the pop filter…rofl)

      October 27, 2012
      • pam lee #

        LMAO! Sunshine, i’m actually using a softner sheet like you suggested it!

        October 27, 2012
      • haha…ROFL like a looney here.

        Sussie..why do you have to remind me of daejang’s beautiful vow..***sobs sobs****. While we are on this subject, can someone please tell Daejang ‘no take-backs…ABSOLUTELY NO TAKE BACKS HERE!!!’

        Gosh, I need more them tissues.

        October 27, 2012
        • Sussie #

          LOL, i think you were referring to Sunshine’s comment hahaha

          I agree!! You better don’t take back your beautiful and most touching vow, “emo-boy” !! LOL
          If you do… we fangirls will chase you after… and punch your head hard enough for make you recover your common sense!! LOL

          October 27, 2012
          • LOL ..

            Yes. I stand corrected..i meant ‘Sunshine’ dear.

            Thanks sussie:)

            October 27, 2012

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