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On the Eve of the “Faith” Finale

Hello dear, dear fans of “Faith.”

Same drill as yesterday.

I have no substantial updates for you right now. I just checked the “Faith” homepage and there is no written preview for episode 24. But I wanted to get this post out because I need to sleep as early as I can. I will try to post a written preview if it comes out before I go to sleep in a couple of hours.

I have checked SBS’s TV schedule for Monday just now and “Faith” will be airing at the usual time, 9:55pm KST.

I know there has been a rumor going around that there will be two episodes tomorrow, a rebroadcast of episode 23 with episode 24 following but this rumor is not true. I’m thinking that there might have been some confusion with the way the schedule also shows what’s been changed because the original plan was to not air any episode on Monday and air ep23 and ep24 back to back on Tuesday. But since ep23 aired on Monday, only ep24 will air Tuesday.

Here are the links I have seen people leave here on this blog for live streaming.

For the final recap post, please keep comments related to the recap and try to keep from veering into other topics and/or spamming. If you want to do some fangirling or conversing with each other, you can go the the fangirl thread I created for that purpose- Keeping the Faith 2. I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm but I try very hard to read every comment so my wrists have a hard time from scrolling through so much conversation.

Onichick has kindly created a chatroom for fans who want to do some more conversing.

When I don’t let it sink in that tomorrow is the end, I am calm but as soon I let the thought rest in my head, I get butterflies in my stomach. Oh goodness, what is going to happen to our dear Eun-soo and Young?!?!?

You guys can share news amongst ourselves here if need be. But please be wary of spreading mere speculations and unofficial rumors. I really hate that kind of stuff and the panic that they ensue. Best behavior please! ❤ If you are leaving spoilers, just link it. Don’t write it here or paste the text here here. And write in big headings, “SPOILER.” I don’t want to be spoiled because I want to feel every emotion in real life for the last ep. That’s why I’m doing the live-watch so please don’t spoil!!! You will see very angry Joonni if you spoil me!!! 😀

Love you all lots and crossing fingers for an amazing day tomorrow, whatever the end.

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  1. I will play around with better sites for the chat and stuff, I just wanted to get something up!

    And its just so surreal its ending. It seems like just yesterday I was watching ep2 and squeeing about having 22 more glorious episodes of CY and ES.

    October 29, 2012
    • jhen #

      onichick, thank you for the mini chatroom that you was awesome! it added the fun in watching the finale episode together with the pledged sisters.. 🙂

      October 30, 2012
  2. Thank you and understood, Daejang Joonni. Sleep well and sweet dreams. Good luck tomorrow morning with the Live Recap with Softy for the farewell episode! Aja Aja!!! Here’s to wishing a good happy ending for CY and ES!

    October 29, 2012
    • And thank you for the cumulative list of the links! Hopefully, I can be there to support everyone if Comcast doesn’t let me down like today ***argggg***

      October 29, 2012
      • Reideen #

        Yep! Thx so much for the links… I’m coming with chocolates… Anybody want some? 😉

        October 29, 2012
  3. Choochi #

    Hi Joonni,

    I’ve found this link and think it’s a preview for 24 but since I don’t know any Korean, would you be able to help? Thanks.

    October 29, 2012
  4. Choochi #

    Sorry, here’s the link

    October 29, 2012
    • joonni #

      I check it and it’s the same written preview for ep23.
      I just checked the official homepage and there is still nothing.

      October 29, 2012
  5. Reideen #

    Crossing fingers* Let’s hope so Joonni! I also want an amazing ending. Everyone wants that! So happy to be squeeling and crying etc with all of you ❤ C U tmrw!

    October 29, 2012
  6. jhen #

    10 hours more to go and the finale episode will be aired..i’m soo excited for tonight..i’m still wishing for HEA for our imja couple..i hope that the live links will be kind enough to me tonight to not freeze/buffer all the time..and to joonni, sleep well..we need you tonight again.. 🙂

    October 29, 2012
  7. sigghhh…its really the end tonight…. *sobs*

    i cant believe Faith is stressing me out…cant eat, waiting for the end and yet not wanting Faith to end, nausea…

    October 29, 2012
  8. Missy #

    I will not be looking at your blog until I’ve seen the finale, this will be the only time that I won’t be that curious about what will happen.
    It’s sad yet so anticipating. Now all I’ll have is The 3rd Hospital until that ends then I’ll have nothing lol

    October 29, 2012
  9. Reideen #

    My heart is hanging by a thread! ES wakes up and survives… and CY is on the verge of being killed by GC…. I am dying here! Hope he will be ok! DB must survive too! I don’t want him to die either… </3… Tmrw tmrw,,, will I love you tmrw??

    October 29, 2012
  10. Faithfuls,

    Just saw a note on FB that Faith just successfully completed their shooting. Whatever fate holds for our Imja Couple in ep 24, I sure hope it’s a hearty happy ending one for them. It has to be..they both have suffered so much

    ***anxiously waiting like a looney***

    My brain is telling me to have Faith, but my heart is bracing for impact **heaviest sigh to date****

    October 29, 2012
    • so they wraped up the shooting just right a day bfore it’s final day ? woah..
      should be a long-packed-full-atisfyong ending. otherwise, it would just be a ..blah!

      October 29, 2012
  11. cant wait for the last episode !!! i want to watch it . but i dont want to . cant all the woodalchis , the king and the queen go to the future ???? HAHA nonsense ! i hope the ending will sastify every watchers of the drama ^^

    October 29, 2012
  12. **** SPOILERS ALERT PICS*****

    It doesn’t tell us much, but here are a few pics for tonight’s final episode.

    October 29, 2012
  13. darcydevenus #

    May the ‘Faith’ be with you!!!

    October 29, 2012
  14. Jooni, I would like to express my appreciation for every bit of emotion and dedication that you have not only committed to the show itself but to the oblivion us as well. I’ve been wandering through many communities re this show and yet only here that I truly feel like home. It will be empty and lost once tomorrow comes, but regardless, thank you.

    For me, the finale is going to be more about Young. It is time for his final battle with his own self to find his justification to be what he chooses to be: a warrior. Back in his old days with the Red Moon Army, I don’t believe that he yet to configured the meaning of being a warrior at heart, but rather, he only followed through and continued what had been set out by his teacher. When that Father figure vanished, so did he. The lost of Mae Hee added gravity to the situation but above all, it was him who lost his vindication. And I don’t believe that for once, Choi Young was whole before.

    So, I very much appreciate the dynamics of the duo of Eun Soo and Gongmin, without whom, Young wouldn’t be able to concurrently go through such a multi-dimensional development in such a short period of time. The development was forced abruptly and fiercely that we sobbed with him along the way, but by every mean, a necessary process to depict what it takes to become a warrior: a human who fights for a cause. Young needed to be a human first before being a warrior so Eun Soo breathed soul into him, made him to start to acknowledge and concern for the lives of him and those around him, her first and everyone else. His hands flutter because he no longer just killed, he needed a justification from the other side as well. After all, who is he to judge whether someone is worthy to die or not. Same analogy goes for the character of Gong Min. The King himself has his own agenda, yet at the same time, fulfilled the other part of the “warrior Choi Young” equation: a cause to fight for. It is pretty much the same question that Young was asked before by those (dump!) ministers, “Why Gong Min?”.

    Theoretically, it could take a lot more sacrifices to push Young to finalize his decision, including both Choong Suk and Deol Bae, but since we are only left with one episode, I think it is safe to assume that Young would come back as a warrior as whole as ever. Only then, will his sword serves its purposes again. Only then, will his hands are determined. Only then, will he makes history.

    When I re-watched the scene in which he assured Eun Soo that he was going to be OK even after her departure, I really think that he didn’t just say it to reassure her. He meant it. Because you can’t just dehumanize someone. Eun Soo had brought up the man in him, and he would continue to grow only from there. It is her legacy and he would not just let it go. He could only protect it and live up to it with all his might.

    I am obsessed with the warrior themes, and properly before anything else, that was the sole reason why I am so invested with this show, regardless of all of its flaws. I love that almost everyone is a fighter. Eun Soo has been fighting her own pride and death all along, and by no mean should Young not do the same thing. For the romance, much like the rest of us, I am dying for a happy ending. But as Jooni has pointed out, it is the journey that took us here that matter most.

    October 30, 2012
    • chikoku #

      Wew… we’ve got another Joonni here. Deep analysis and view in different angle..

      Young is growing mature, and your thought about he meant to be okay after she left, maybe it’s true. But we, as viewer not ready as Choi Young to overcome the possibility of sad ending

      *Crawl and sobbing in the corner again..

      October 30, 2012
      • Totally agreed! I wrote that, but I don’t want that to happen either 😦

        October 30, 2012
  15. SPOILERS SPOILERS (if you can call it that)

    October 30, 2012
    • Missy #

      I read it and it wasn’t really a spoiler lol It didn’t say much at all. Guess we’ll have to wait and see..

      October 30, 2012
  16. Kyra #

    Before the final epi starts, I wanna thank Joonni and Softy to have given us the wonderful and excellent recaps and thoughts!!! I cannot imagine how hard you two have worked for this… It’s very fun to share our thoughts, expecations and worries with Faith fans all over the world, even though I didn’t post mine not many.

    The final epi is coming soon. I am very looking forward to and also very anxious about seeing how to end this drama (mostly about CY and ES, of course!).
    I like Little Tails’ opinion saying CY’s warrior spirit will come back somehow. Sure he will. But I really hope that it happens because ES can stay by his side forever!!!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    October 30, 2012
  17. Gracey #

    Hi! I’m a big fan of your blogs regarding Faith. Thank you very much for keeping us posted. I really had a hard time looking for sites where to watch it with english subs aside from viki since there is a restriction in viewing the site your recaps and written previews are much appreciated! More power!

    October 30, 2012
  18. Kandiboo #

    Hey Joonni and Softy – just to sorry for being part of the confusion/craze about the 23/24th episode AND although i’m a weee bit disappointed that it won’t be a longer episode i’m still looking forward to tonight’s grand finale!

    thanks for summarizing the live streaming links for tonight.

    off work now. see you guys later!

    Hope you won’t get finger cramps after this mad typing tonight~~

    October 30, 2012
  19. Gracey #

    I remembered during first episodes when ES consulted a fortune teller regarding her love life and the fortune teller predicted that her man will come from the past. How I wish if CY and ES will not end happy from that time they met in that era I was hoping ES meets CY in the future 🙂

    October 30, 2012
  20. There was an article posted at Faith’s soompi thread:

    1. Daejang will face off with KC as the last show down
    2. Third Hwata item will be revealed. No one could think of, an unimaginable item. It will make ES cry and so will the audience (I am really curious now!)
    3. DH thought he had burnt the last of the diary but he missed one and that will reveal the time-travelling’s mystery as well as about ES’s feelings towards CY* that will make the audience’s heart aches.

    The written review contains the same clues for what would happen in the finale. 🙂

    October 30, 2012
    • Fabmari #

      Ah..thanks for the spoiler!!
      But it makes me more anxious!!! ES cries reading the diary and our heart aches? Gahh…this is not helping at all. How to go through this final hours before final Faith?

      October 30, 2012
  21. WendyM #

    It could be that she cries in relief…positive thinking today.

    October 30, 2012
  22. quirkstine #

    The chat room saved my sanity during the whole live stream experience. So thank you Onichick for coming up with that brilliant idea. On a sad note, Faith is finally over. TTwTT *hugs for everyone*

    October 30, 2012
    • jhen #

      its only about half a day since the drama has ended..and i’m starting to miss it already..i’ll be watching it again from ep1-ep24 this coming long weekend.. ;(

      October 30, 2012

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