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Just a Little More of “Faith”

Around this time last week, I was waiting anxiously for final week of “Faith.” I can’t believe a week has gone by already because I’m still not ready yet to let go. I’ve been so lucky this year to have four dramas I obsessed about- “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” “Faith,” and “I Live in Cheongdamdong.” Each time it has been hard to let go but I must say “Faith” is the hardest for me. It has been a long and intense three months and there is still so much I want to think about with “Faith.”

People have asked for “Faith” rehab but how can you ask it from someone who was just as addicted? 😉 So here is a little more “Faith” to help ease the withdrawal step by step.

Faith Episode 17 Making Film

At 0:18 when Ryu Deok-hwan starts talking to the camera, he points to Se-young, saying, “She said she has no strength right now.” He starts to explain, “Se-young did an interview,” but Park Se-young pulls at his arm, whining “Sunbae-nim” and asking him to stop. She doesn’t think he should talk about that now but Ryu Deok-hwan thinks the story is funny. Se-young shakes her head no.

At 0:29, the cameraman remarks, “You love King Gongmin very much.” Se-young replies, “Yes. Of course.” Glaring at Ryu Deok-hwan, she says, “I have to love him forever.” Ryu Deok-hwan points out to the cameraman, “See how she gritted her teeth while saying that.”

At 1:25 Deok-hwan is playfully teasing Se-young, saying that she normally greets him with a casual pat on the arm instead of the small bow she gave just moments before. He thinks she did that just for the camera.

Later in the clip, Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-ho play “Rocks, paper, scissors” to see who gets the shoulder massage while memorizing the script. Lee Min-ho gets the first massage and at 2:22, Kim Hee-sun comments to the camera that this is something that sixty-year old seniors do for each other.

At 2:27 Lee Min-ho is memorizing his lines when Kim Hee-sun tries to confuse him by feeding him different lines.

I love how happy Hee-sun is when she wins the massage. Adorably squeal-y. I also can’t imagine kissing so many times in front of so many people, especially when the other people’s job is to basically gape at you. Actually, it might be more uncomfortable for the onlookers even if they are professional extras. If I were them, I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from just staring at Lee Min-ho’s kissing technique.

Faith Episode 24 Making Film

At 1:35 the director is assuring Lee Min-ho that he looks good in the beard. Lee Min-ho in return imitates flapping ears which in Korea indicates that he is someone who is easily persuaded by others. I’m assuming that Lee Min-ho wasn’t sure about the look until people kept on telling him he looks okay.

Lee Min-ho then asks to look at the camera screen. He looks and remarks, “I think I have to wear the armor,” implying that he thinks the beard won’t look good until he gets into the more suitable armor instead of the modern clothes he is wearing now.

Faith Last Day of Filming

During Lee Min-ho’s interview starting at 0:22, he thanks the production staff who worked very hard during the six months of filming. He also regards the relationships he made with all the other wonderful actors as precious. He also wants to thank everyone who worked on the drama, as well as the fans. He says, “Thank you,” and bows.

During Kim Hee-sun’s interview starting at 2:02, she says she thought she would feel very relieved after the last scene was shot but she actually feels very sad. Some of staff were crying, which made her more sad. She also says she thought about how difficult it was filming during the hot summer and the past six months passed through her head like a filmstrip.

SBS’s “Open TV Viewer’s World” (November 2, 2012)

This show had a brief section on “Faith” for its finale. I can’t find clips of it online so I’ll just do a very brief recap of the interview and scenes I thought were interesting.

“Faith” was the first time Ryu Deok-hwan had a leading role in a terrestrial station drama. In his brief interview, Ryu Deok-hwan stated that he felt burdened working with masters in their field like Kim Jong-hak and Song Ji-na, as well as taking on the role of King Gongmin. Still he considers himself lucky for taking on such a role and feels that he won’t be able to meet another role or drama project like this one again.

Here is Lee Min-ho giving Ryu Deok-hwan a warm pat on the back on the last day of filming for King Gongmin. I’m going to miss the Gongmin and Young bromance so much.

Park Se-young picked the scene in episode 5 when she goes to argue with King Gongmin as her most memorable scene. She had to practice a lot for that scene because of the dialogue.

Ryu Deok-hwan picked two memorable scenes. The first one was when Gongmin changed out of his Yuan attire to Goryeo robes. The second one was when he comforts Noguk after the miscarriage.

Lee Min-ho picked his most memorable scene as the first time when Young and Eun-soo meet because it was the start and end of their story.

Kim Hee-sun picked every scene and every moment, while laughing 😀

You know the Woodalchi that Eun-soo last talked to at the inn in the final episode? It was a special cameo by the assistant director.

EDIT: Kind readers have shared the video with me. Thank you!

121102 SBS 열린TV 시청자 세상 – The Great Doctor… by meow1313

Sigh………………… I miss “Faith.”

It seems Lee Min-ho cut his hair immediately after finishing “Faith.” No more Young to be found but I love how cute he looks. Is it the shortest his hair has ever been? He looks so boyish!

Here is the song that one of our talented “Faith” fan (Sunshine) composed and wrote, and along with another fan (Pam Lee), sang. I’m completely humbled by every fans’ talent, enthusiasm, and love for this blog and “Faith.” Thank you.

Faith Fan-Girling

Faith Fan-Girling 신의 Lyrics
Yeah I’m Faith fan girling
Leave me alone
I’m waiting for the live recaps
Can’t answer the phone
Hope no one sees me
Bawling my eyes out
Cause I’m with the fan girls at Joonni’s
Screaming, and Swooning
And trying not to shout

Writer Song we want a happy ending
If you fail rest assured
Ugly emails we’ll be sending

Softy’s fingers are Typing on the fly
Though she’s missing sleep
She’s loved by her peeps
For bringing Faith to us live
We’ve hit refresh a dozen times
To try to get the skinny
On Daejang, Imja, Woodalchis, Baddies
King and Queen-ee

We are in awe of Joonni and Softy’s writings
So insightful and eloquent
But dang our emotions feel spent
Yeah, we’re faith fan girling
We fan girls come from all over the globe
Sharing in our passion for kdrama-faith,
and Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho
We love you so
You make our hearts pitter patter
And when you fight, smile,speak or stare
We become like melted butter

Yeah we’re faith fangirling
Please give us a minute
We’re reading about time travel,
Goryeo, and Hwata’s third relic.
Read the forum threads.
Wished the bad guys dead
Watched our favorite scenes
and the in-betweeens
And Read the fan fiction
It’s totally official we’re truly addicted

Our hearts skipped a beat
When their lips did meet
Oh how we’ve waited for that kiss
In case you didn’t notice
We’re kind of obsessed
We went crazy when he grabbed her wrist
Ali’s “Carry On” is stuck in our head
We’re really, really tired and should go to bed.

We are in awe of Joonni and Softy’s writings
So insightful and eloquent
Yeah, we’re faith fan- girling
We fan girls come from all over the globe
Sharing in our passion for the Kdrama,Faith
and Lee Min Ho

We’ve been elated, heart broken and at times full of woe
But that’s the life of a fan-girl, don’t you know?

Vocals: Pam Lee and Sunshine
Lyrics: Vanilla Paloma aka Sunshine
Composed by: Sunshine/Vanilla Paloma

Dedicated to Joonni, Softy, and all the Faith Fan Girls around the globe.



(And a huge hug and thank you to Pam Lee for her vocals)

Many of you have asked about the next drama I plan to recap. I’m still on the search. Seeing that I basically give my all when I recap a drama, I’m going to have to choose wisely. I’ve been considering Park Yoo-chun’s “Missing You,” Park Se-young’s “2013 School,” and Park Shin-hye’s “Flower Boy Next Door.” I’m looking for something less emotionally draining so I’m not sure if “Missing You” is going to be the next one. Looks very weepy.

You guys also asked if I can translate or write something about the deleted scenes from the script of “Faith.” I’ll see what I can do. 😀

Oh, I went on a little trip to a place called the “Rim of the World” and while I was there the phrase “Heaven’s world” came to mind because it basically felt like I was on top of the world.  Hee. “Faith” is with me wherever I go.

Photos credited as watermarked.

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  1. Hi all

    I cant remember where my posts are any more but want to thank the ladies who suggested I watch City Hunter for my withdrawal symptons!!!!

    unfortunatedly, city hunter doesnt help because now I have withdrawal symptons on City Hunter on top of Faith!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now thinking hard if I should start on Personal Taste…

    I am definitedly a goner.

    November 13, 2012
    • Pam #

      Nutty, I did the same thing…watch LMH kdramas backwards, Faith, City Hunter and now watching Personal Taste. It’s kind of awesome to see LMH stretching his acting repertoire. I don’t know if I will ever watch Boys Over Flowers…even though so many of my pledged sisters recommend it. I wish LMH would do a comedy next because the few moments he’s done funny scenes (Personal Taste), he’s really shined. But that is dangerous, because that means he would be smiling more and his smile makes me swoon so hard..ehehe.

      November 13, 2012
      • jhen #

        Nutty and Pam, you should watch BOF.. 🙂 he’s more funnier in that drama..

        November 13, 2012
        • Apple Box #

          Hope you enjoy BOF!
          Hope you watch it.

          It catapulted LMH to fame, for many reasons.
          The world fell in love with BOF, for many reasons.
          Even famous Hallyu stars loved BOF, for 101 reasons.
          Bonus – the sweet kiss in the swing, the I-accept-you highway kiss,
          the i-am-yours last date kiss.

          Aside from the irresistible LMH,
          you will be treated to other precious gems like KHJ and Kim B.

          I’d say, I would be crazy over KHJ if I didn’t know LMH.

          November 13, 2012
          • jhen #

            apple box, have you watched KHJ’s “Playful Kiss”? its his only drama aside from BOF that I’ve watched..i really love hearing his voice.. 🙂

            November 13, 2012
            • Apple Box #

              Oh no, not yet. Thanks, I will try to watch PKiss.

              .I haven’t watched many kdramas due to my fixation on LMH, LOL.

              Also, am sort of afraid, I might forget about LMH if I’d watch another KHJ drama. LOL.
              He really is a ton of beauty as well.

              I was in love with JiHoo half of the time.
              I was in love and crazy over GJP, all the time.

              They’re friends, I read somewhere. Ugh, what do they talk about?
              Face cream, LOL?
              Or football? Or the paintings of Hye Sun (Jan Di)?

              In Hye Sun gallery, LMH has a framed stick drawing, they say.
              If they auction it off, I bet any Picasso would make a run for its money.
              But hye sun, we know, will never sell it. Not for a million bucks.
              She is smarter than that.

              November 13, 2012
              • jhen #

                yes, try to watch it apple..its fun to watch hehe..his character in PK is the opposite of Jihoo in BOF..he’s a bit arrogant in PK.. 🙂

                don’t worry you won’t forget our dae jang by just watching PK..hehe LMH is still the best!

                hmm! I think among the F4 Boys, LMH became more closer to Kim Bum..Kim Bum is one of his closest friends now aside from Jung Il Woo..i saw pics of the three of them together going out..

                and about that framed stick drawing of LMH, Hye Sun definitely won’t sell it..its her remembrance of her beloved Goo Jun Pyu hehehe..

                November 13, 2012
            • Sussie #

              Playful Kiss is sooo funny! LOL
              I enjoyed watching this drama… I really liked it since I love so much the anime and manga in which it is based on (Itazura na Kiss… one of the best shoujo manga 🙂 )
              KHJ is really handsome too. The first time I watched BOF, I used to like him more than LMH, but… that was before seeing LMH in City Hunter !! and now… after seeing him portraying CY in Faith… I see him way more dreamy!! (sorry KHJ… you were left back! hahaha)

              November 13, 2012
              • Apple Box #

                Jhen & Sussie – a friend showed me this youtube of abs evolution of KHJ.
                I never knew there’s such a thing as abs evolution, 🙂 huh?!?

                After watching it, I couldn’t say a word except, “fighting!”
                And yeah, abs do evolve! 😉

                November 13, 2012
              • Sussie #

                @apple box, I’m curious about that video hehe. Could you please share the link please 😉

                November 13, 2012
              • jhen #

                can you give us the link to that video apple? hehe is there really called an abs evolution? weird huh! by the way, @Sussie and Apple, have you observed how KHJ walks? i think there’s something wrong with his legs.. 🙂 its so distracting for me..i just love to see his upper body coz everytime i see him walking it really bothers me..

                November 13, 2012
              • Apple Box #

                Hi Sussie & Jhen –
                In serchbox of youtube website,
                Kindly type “kim hyun joong abs evolution”
                enjoy 🙂

                November 13, 2012
      • joonni #

        Keep your expectations low for BOF. It’s crazily addictive but it’s not very good overall. Lee Minho was awesome as Gu Jun-pyo, though.

        November 16, 2012
    • Apple Box #

      Nutty, good for you.
      CHunter was and is roaring big.

      When it aired, it was a hit, both in tv ratings & in all portals.
      It is still a hit. Will always be a hit.
      Am positive, thru time, it will rise to the level of ageless, timeless action classics.

      It was so big that it almost landed LMH a movie with Andy Lau,
      or a movie in Hollywood.
      But that’s another story.

      Any withdrawal from Faith & CHunter come with the package.
      Package of knowing and enjoying the hot hotter hottest LMH.
      No escaping it.

      Am elated each time someone watches CHunter.
      It makes me re-live the first time I watched it.

      Did you notice, you barely breathe at all?!?
      Given the fast pace, genius musical scoring, and the cutting edge
      action scenes, CHunter demands and gets all the attention the viewer can give.

      I haven’t counted just how many times I watched it.
      It is a delight, always, without fail.

      November 13, 2012
  2. Apple Box #

    @Nutty, go ahead watch PT.
    You will love the house, Sangoejae.
    You will be hooked on MinHo, again!!!
    And you will like the architect bag he carries around 🙂

    The screenplay is its major strength.
    Well, next only to LMH’s magnetic presence, of course!

    Check out the weather forecast of the lady roommate.
    And the “game over kiss”, no less.

    November 13, 2012
  3. Ilana #

    Hey Softy/Joonni,

    I just read all your recaps from Episode 1-24 in one go….and I’m amazed again at your dedication and great analysis of each episode…

    I’m re-watching Faith…and I’m reading your recaps while at it…. makes the journey so so much more fun and meaningful.

    Thanks much again!

    November 13, 2012
  4. Apple Box #

    Hot hot hot news from online press:
    LMH arrival in Manila tom Nov 15, noon. Gosh it even says which terminal.
    If I were there, I’d camp out now!

    Manila Faithfuls,
    there, there’s your chance.
    Just how does it feel?
    Getting, there, closer and closer to the moment you will see him in all his shining glory!
    Can I do astral travel, now? puhleeeaaase 🙂

    November 14, 2012
  5. You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe some thing like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and a lot more than that you simply dont sound like an idiot! Finally, a person who knows how you can talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

    November 20, 2012
  6. Faithlove #

    Oh please, write a review on “Personal Taste”. Thanks

    January 11, 2013
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  10. My Love is Park Se Young.

    June 29, 2018
  11. Reena #

    Love the recap for Faith. Thanks Jooni

    July 19, 2020

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