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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 7 [Complete]

Written before aired: I’ve written before that Chung Jo and Kang Chi are doomed because she is too much like Seo Hwa. The drama is making this even clearer with Chung Jo being hauled off as a slave to be made into a gisaeng. I don’t want Chung Jo to die because that would be just too coincidental but where is the room in Kang Chi’s heart for Yeo Wool if she doesn’t? Things are not looking good for Chung Jo, is it?


Recap will be posted here.

Character Abbreviations for live recap:

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.47.25 PM

Choi Kang Chi- KC

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.47.30 PM

Dam Yeo Wool- YW

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.04 PM

Park Tae Seo- TS

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.10 PM

Park Chung Jo- CJ

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.16 PM

Gon- Gon


Jo Gwan Woong- GW


So Jung priest/monk- SJ


Dam Pyung Joon (the gumiho hunter)- PJ

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 10.01.05 PM

Lee Soon Shin- SS


Yoon Seo Hwa- SH


Gu Wol Ryung- WR

No screencaps today. Recap took longer than expected with so much dialogue. Sorry!

Episode 7

The assassins slash at KC. He falls to his knees. YW finds KC but before she can go to his aide, blue lights start to fill the air. KC’s eyes start to glow and his hands turn into claws. YW’s voice- “I didn’t want to believe.” We hear SJ’s warning that she should avoid that destined person if she can. “Or one of you might die.” YW continues to think, “I thought, let’s ignore those words but…” KC transforms in the beast. YW and the assassins see the transformed Kang Chi. YW asks, “Choi Kang Chi? What is that? Who is that monster in front of my eyes?”

YW runs through forest, frightened, and Gon, who has come to find her, doubly scares her. YW says to Gon, “Something has gone wrong. Something has gone terribly wrong.” A loud roar sounds through the air.

GW’s assassins are all dead and Kang Chi stumbles away. “I have to go. Chung Jo is waiting. I have to go to Chung Jo.” KC falls unconscious. It starts to rain. Blood is all over KC’s claws/hands.

CJ is stopped in front of a house. She asks where she is. The guard tells her it is the gisaeng house. Maidservant notifies SR that the Hundred Years Inn’s MS’s daughter has come as a new gisaeng.

CJ is saying to the guard, “I would rather die than become a gisaeng,” when SR comes out and asks CJ what she will do if she won’t become a gisaeng, now that she is the daughter of a traitor. CJ declares that her father is not a traitor and that she will never step into the gisaeng house. SR remembers what SH said twenty years before- the same thing as CJ. SR orders the same thing she did to SH- to be stripped and tied to the tree.

CJ is now tied up to the tree in front of the gisaeng house like SH was. SR tells CJ that she must give up. CJ squares her chin as she declares that she is Park Moo Sol’s daughter. SR reminds CJ, “You’re father is dead. If you don’t protect yourself, you will never be able to survive.” CJ swears angrily, “I will never forget you!” SR orders that CJ is not to be given food or water until she says so.

Manservant wonders. He says that SR has not tied anyone up to the tree since SH twenty years ago. Maid replies, “How can we understand her deep intentions?”

It starts to rain and CJ cries for her dead father.

SJ has found the slaughter scene. He picks up the pieces of KC’s broken bracelet.

YW is telling PJ about KC’s transformation. PJ asks, “Is this the truth?” Gon confirms. He checked he dead bodies and they were definitely killed by claws. PJ remembers WR and SH. He asks himself, “How did that child come to be under MS?” Gon says he will take a few man and get rid of KC. YW frowns. “Gon…”

SS, who we see that is also there, says, “We should bring in him first. MS thought of him as a son. We should bring him in and discuss.” YW agrees. Gon disagrees, saying KC is dangerous. YW anxiously says to her father, “We cannot do that to MS’s person. MS thought a lot of him. We can’t decide life and death so easily for that kind of person.”

Outside and raining, YW says to Gon, “You are cruel. How can we kill him?” Gon says, “He is no longer human. Didn’t you see the dead people in the forest?” YW replies, “Still, we have to know his situation first. How he became like that. What is happening to him right now. It is human nature to worry first.” Gon says, “I am only worried about you and this place. It doesn’t matter to me what happens to other people.” YW: “Yes, you are like that. You don’t care about anything except your orders and duty. Except father’s orders, you have no interest and find it tiresome. Right? That is why sometimes I feel like you are a wall. A cold, heartless, emotionless wall.” YW turns around. Gon calls her back by asking, “What are you doing? Do you have that kind of heart towards him?” YW skips a beat before answering, “Are you a rock head? I told you he is my life-saver.”

YW goes into her room. She leans against door and slides down, deep in thought.

PJ tells SS about WR and how he found out about the child after WR’s death. SS asks, “So you are saying the child is KC?” PJ confirms. He is worried about GW finding out about KC’s identity. KC won’t be safe because GW will kill him. SS surprisingly says, “That would be good. We are facing a half-animal god, half-human. We don’t know his true strength but we do know he is strong. What if GW finds out and makes him his own? Let’s find him first.” PJ asks, “What if he is dangerous?” SS replies, “Then I will kill him myself.”

It is morning and Gon stands in front of YW’s room. He announces that Teacher is looking for her. No one answers so Gon peaks in. The room is empty.

KC wakes up in the forest. He is back to normal. How his hair looks so neat after all that rain, I have no idea. KC remembers his own transformation and the dead bodies. He starts to stumble back to the location. He is feeling a lot of bodily pain. KC arrives and finds nothing. “What happened? Was I dreaming?” He turns around. SJ is there, looking very, very unhappy.

GW’ henchman is reporting to GW that KC and the seven men chasing after him have disappeared. Their tracks also disappeared with the rain. TS is missing too. GW says, “This is interesting. KC got rid of seven men without a trace. I want him.

KC disbelievingly asks SJ, “Animal god? What do you mean my real father is animal god? What kind of bulls**t is that? SJ won’t take having his friend WR being spoken of that way. He declares that WR protected this mountain for a thousand years. KC asks, “So you’re saying I am not human?” SJ- “Your mom was human so you are half human.” KC can’t believe what he is hearing. “You are joking right?” SJ says, “You know better than anyone else that your body is not like before. It is hurting right now from the transformation.” He adds, “I told you to stay quiet for ten days. Then you could have been a human.” KC- “Then you’re saying that I am really not human now?” SJ advises KC to stay in the Moonlight Garden until he can control his own strength. “Innocent people can die because of you.”

KC angrily grabs SJ’s collar, yelling, “Stop playing around.” KC’s eyes turn green and he sees his hands transforming. He pulls back. “How is this possible?” KC demands to SJ, “Turn me back. Turn me back to the way I was. SJ tells KC to accept it. This is real form. KC cries, “No. There is no way I can be this monster,” and desperately picks up some beads from his broken bracelet off the ground. He shows them to SJ. “Will these do? Please let me go back. Turn me back to the way I was, please!” SJ turns his head. KC falls to his knees. “I can’t go back this way. I can’t go back to CJ or anyone else like this. KC begs SJ, “Please turn me back to the way I was!

YW has watched this from afar. Her knees grow weak. She shakes her head. “This can’t be.”

CJ wakes, still tied to the tree. Villagers pass by, looking at her. She thinks, “Brother. Kang Chi.” KC is at the Moonlight Garden, looking into water at his reflection. His eyes are green. He thinks, “Chung Jo.” CJ asks inside her head, “Why isn’t anyone coming? I’m waiting like this but why isn’t anyone coming?” She falls unconscious again. SR has CJ brought in.

CJ wakes up in the gisaeng house as the maidservant brings in food. CJ sees the bowl and immediately gets up, grabbing the spoon. She hungrily eats the food. The maid advises her to slow down. It’s been four days without any food and her stomach will be shocked.

SR, who CJ didn’t notice before, says, “So now you feel like living?” CJ stops eating. SR asks CJ, “Do you still have a face to save? A yangban’s pride? If you do, then I will tie you again.” CJ can’t answer and her flicker of fear passes her face. SR notices and asks, “Why? You don’t want to go back? Then let it all go- honor, pride. If you are ready to let is all go, then you can eat the porridge.” As CJ looks at her, SR asks, “Will you go to back to the tree or will you eat the warm porridge?”

CJ, trembling, spoons up the porridge and eats as she cries. SR sighs and orders the maidservant to clean up CJ after she finishes eating and give her clean clothes.

YW comes to Moonlight Garden. She sees SJ handing KC food. KC’s eyes are still green. He refuses. SJ complains that it’s been four days already. “How long do you plan to be like this?” YW comes up and slaps KC upside the head. Good girl! He turns to her, glaring. We can see that his green eyes scare YW a bit but she doesn’t turn away. KC asks in surprise, “How are you here?” YW just says, “Are you planning to starve?” She hands him the food. KC asks again, “What are you doing here? How did you find this place?” YW tells him that she followed him from the forest. “Don’t be surprised. I saw and heard everything that happened to you from the beginning.” KC asks, “Yet you still followed me? Why? Don’t you find me strange now?” YW replies, “Of course but so what? You already looked strange. All that changed is your eye color. What about that? Is that something to make you shrivel up in a corner like your life has ended? Eat.” KC seems moved by YW’s words before he shakes it away. “I don’t feel like eating. Go away.” YW angrily declares, “Then you can really starve to death like that!” KC tells her to mind her own business. “I would rather die than live like this.”

YW grits her teeth in frustration and hits him in the head again. Atta girl! KC yells, “OUCH!” (He says “ouch” like a little kid would- “aya!” So cute.) YW- “How can a man be so weak? Why are you stewing over something that insignificant for so long? KC angrily gets up. “Insignificant? Does this look insignificant to you? I have become a monster. I am no longer human!” YW yells, “But at least you are alive! I thought you were going to die. But you are still alive like this now. That is fortunate.” KC asks, “Does this look fortunate to you? What is the point of living like this? Like a monster, not as a human- how do you want me to live?!” YW-“So if you moan about your bad fortune, will an answer come out? If it will, stay like that for a hundred or even a thousand years. I will cheer you on!” KC yells in frustration, “Damn it!” and YW agrees. I understand how unbelievable this would be for you. But you are still Choi Kang Chi. Inside you are still CKC even if you look different outside. Aren’t you?”

KC stares at YW sadly before he replies, “I don’t know anymore. I don’t remember how I changed that night. I don’t know how I fought or how many I killed. All I know is that my body burns and my bones feel like they are about to shatter. My eyes have been like this for days and I can hear and smell things that are miles away. My head rings like a bee’s nest. I don’t know if the me right now is still CKC or if I have really become a monster. YW smiles just a bit before she says, “You are still CKC. If you were really a beast, you don’t be suffering like this.” KC’s eyes turn back to normal and both YW and SJ notice. But as KC rejects YW’s comfort, his eyes turn green again. “Even with those words, nothing changes. Go away.” KC sits back down with his back to YW. YW reaches out for his shoulder but she can’t touch him. Not yet.

SJ, who has been looking at this exchange, remembers YW as the girl he said to avoid that destined person. He thinks, “Those two possibly can’t be…”

GW enters the inn with the chief of police. Chiefe announces GW as the new inn owner and tells all the servants that they belong to GW now. Chief calls in the “criminals.” Mom and other servants are led in. Chiefe declares that due to GW’s goodwill, everyone has been brought back as inn slaves instead of being sent off. Mom defiantly glares at GW and says, “That position which is only a shell, I wonder how long it will last?” GW steps closer. “Only a shell?” Mom declares, “You can take the title of inn owner but you will never possess all of the inn. Our family’s wrath will be buried here and we will curse you again and again. You will cry more blood than the blood you have shed.” GW tells her to shut her mouth but mom continues, making fun of GW’s origins, saying he may have risen through the blood of the innocent, but his dirty blood can’t be changed. GW pulls out a sword and warns her, “I told you to shut your mouth.” Mom grabs the sword and stabs herself. Mom declares, “This place will become your grave!” GW pulls out the sword and slashes mom, killing her. He tells all the servants to shut up and he leaves. Mom silently cries out to TS and CJ. She dies and all the servants wail.

GW enters MS’s room. It has been cleaned up. He sits in MS’s spot. Chief says it suits him. GW is curious- what did she mean? “That even if I become the owner, I will never possess the inn? Is there a secret to this inn?” Chief replies, “She was just saying that to bother you.” GW looks around suspiciously. MS’ secret storage room remains closed and unfound behind the screen.

SS stares at his turtle boat plan which is going to be unfunded now.

YW jumps up out a KC’s roar from inside the cave. SJ tells her not to be surprised. The animal god KC and human KC are fighting. There is nothing YW can do to help. She exclaims, “What if something happens?” SJ says, “It is his fate if he dies and it is his fate if he lives. It is his fate if he decides to become an animal god. It is his fate if he decides to deny. Whatever decision, that decision will become his fate.” YW asks, “How much do you know about human fate?” SJ replies, “I know at least that you shouldn’t continue to get closer to KC.” YW says there is no chance since KC has another girl he likes. SJ calls KC stupid, saying he doesn’t know how to tell the difference between sympathy and a predestined tie. He tells YW to go her own way. KC will move ahead toward his own destiny.

Inside the cave, KC roars. He is in pain, struggling to keep his animal side in. But he struggles, remembering GW and CJ. He yells, “Someone please save me. I think I am going to die from this pain!” He suddenly hears a female voice saying, “Kang Chi.”

It is YW outside, saying, “Please endure. You are Choi Kang Chi. Don’t forget your name.” The pain seems to stop a bit and KC seems to return but he remembers CJ and GW again. Beast KC says, “I want to kill them. I want to kill them all.” He roars.

SJ hears the roar and tells YW to leave. He thinks human KC has lost the fight. YW hears the roars again and runs away.

Gon reports to PJ that he hasn’t been able to find YW. PJ worries that YW has been gone for four days without notice. Gon says it’s his fault for not being by her side. Suddenly another soldier calls out. YW has comes back. She stumbles. Gon asks, “Are you hurt? PJ asks, “Where did you go?” YW begs her father, “Please help. That guy is in danger. There is no time. Please stop him.”

SJ blocks KC. KC says he will kill them all one by one- “Everyone who made my lord and inn people like that.” SJ says, “Of course the animal god blood in your body is boiling right now because you’ve kept it done for twenty years. But if you keep following the smell of blood, it will call forth more death and you will forget who you are.” KC throws SJ aside and leaves.

Wol Sun (WS) enters CJ’s room. She leads CJ out. CJ is horrified to see what is going on in the gisaeng house. Maidservant sees CJ being led by WS. WS takes CJ to GW’s room.

Beast KC is in the village now. He rips off his “Wanted” poster. Gon block him. “You’ve changed into an dirty state.” Beast KC says he doesn’t feel like fighting Gon right now. Gon replies that it’s the same for him but he has to bring kC in because of his teacher’s orders. Gon and KC fight. Gon slices KC but it heals immediately, surprising Gon. SJ has arrived nearby with a new bracelet. Where is he getting these?

KC is about to take Gon down when SJ throws the bracelet around KC’s wrist. KC can’t strike Gong and KC turns back. Gon knocks KC down so KC, angry, tries to take off the bracelet. SJ tells him, “If you take off bracelet, you can never return to KC. If you want to take if off and fight, go ahead. That would also be your fate and choice. This is the last I can do for you. KC finally calms down and he takes his hands off the bracelet. SJ says to Gon, “I think it’s okay now.” YW comes. So does PJ.

Maidservant reports to SR that WS brought CJ to GW’s room.

CJ is refusing to go into the room. WS tells her to go in. GW tells WS to leave her be. “It’s not bad just leaving her there and watching her. GW says, “The better the wine, you enjoy with the eyes first, then smell, then finally taste. My eyes are pleased now.” CJ says to WS, “I will go back to my room now. Let me go back. I don’t want to stay here.” WS slaps CJ and tells her that in this house, they have a strict hierarchy and higher ups can do as they please to lower ones. She adds, “I am the greatest gisaeng here. How dare you talk back to me?” CJ continues to stare at WS straight in the eye. WS is about to slap her again when SR stops her. She asks, “Why is a girl who hasn’t received any lessons here?” GW replies, “She must have lost her way. You should have taken better care.” SR tells maidservant to take CJ away and she apologizes to GW for showing him this. GW says, “It’s evidence that you have gotten old.” WS smiles in pleasure. GW says CJ reminds him of SH. He warns SR, “We better not repeat the same mistake as sending in the wrong person.”

CJ is back in her room and she clenches her fists in anger.

KC is one his knees, tied up. He demands to know why he is being tied up and treated like a criminal. YW tries to explain that they are trying to help him. KC retorts that he doesn’t need help. Let me go now!” YW tries to talk to KC again but Gon interrupts her, saying, “He is not worth comforting or getting to know.” YW glares at him. Gon asks PJ, “What should we do?” PJ looks at KC and says, “Hand him over to the government.” YW protests. “I thought you said you would help.” PJ replies, “I am.” YW asks, “How? GW is already controlling the police.” PJ tells her that it is what SS wants.

A drum is beaten and villagers gather. KC has been brought in front of the chief, tied up. YW and Gon are also there, watching. Chief asks KC, “Do you know your crime?” KC loudly proclaims, “I don’t. What crime?” GW is watching behind a screen, smiling. Chief asks, “Do you really not know your crime? KC replies, his voice rising, “That is why I am asking. What is my crime?!” Chief declares, with a bit of a falter, that KC killed MS. KC also helped TS escaped and harmed the soldiers. For those crimes he deserves to die by having his body slowly pulled apart. KC is defiant. “Sure. I will give you my body but not like this. Let me kill one more person here. GW, the one who framed MS, and ruined the family to own the inn- I will give up my neck and more just to kill that one man.” GW has stopped fanning himself. Chief to KC: “How dare you? I will behead you now without even putting you in jail.” YW wants to help but Gon stops her.

GW comes out from behind the screen. “You say you will give up more than your life.” KC is about to rush at GW but guards stop him. GW steps closer to KC and asks, “What is worth more than your life?” KC replies, “My absolute will to kill you. What will you do about that?” GW says, “Absolute will? How moving. Is that it? Is that what nabs your interest?” GW steps even closer to KC. “Or is there more?” GW pokes KS’s bracelet with his fan. He says to KC, “I will give you one last chance. Become my person and I will save your life.” KC snorts, “What is this bulls**t?! I don’t want anything but your life.” GW sighs, “How unfortunate.” He orders KC’s beheading to proceed. KC stares at the bracelet. He remembers SJ’s warning about taking it off. KC glares as GW and is about to take it when SS calls out, “Stop!”

GW asks, “Who are you?” SS declares himself and the chief asks him why he is here. SS replies, “I heard my person is being held here and I came in a hurry.” Chief asks, “Who?”  SS replies, “His name is CKC. This guy here.” SS turns to KC. He says to him gently, “Have you been doing well? I came to get you.” KC looks at him in surprise. YW smiles.

Preview for Episode 8

KC to GW: I will take back this inn with my own hands. I will take your life with me then too.

PJ to Gon: If you notice anything weird, end his life.

YW to PJ: I will do it. I will.

KC to CJ: Let’s go. I won’t leave you alone here any longer. Trust me.

Man to TS: The person who killed your father is MS. As soon as you see him, kill him.


Is it the human condition to jump back in fear and run at the first sight of a monster? Or is it the human condition to feel empathy and sympathy? Is it the human condition to want to live no matter what, even giving up all your pride and respect? Or is it the human condition to die rather than serve your husband’s killer?

Today we were presented with the various instincts and choices that make us human. Yeo Wol reacted in fear as any human would but she found the courage to go back and find out what happend to KC. Because of that, she was able to overhear about KC’s predicament and she both sympathized and empathized with him. She also tried to knock some sense into KC, that what makes us human is ability to feel guilty and fear becoming a monster, which is something GW lacks completely. Yet, she is unable to touch him, a hesitation which I completely understand- a human condition that doesn’t define who we are but the choices we make despite our fears.

SJ keeps pointing out that our choices define our fate. Human fate is not written in stone and we make our own destinies. We pass by so many people in a day but we choose to purse a relationship with one of those people, or not. It may seem like destiny that we met that person, but not if we choose to let that relationship go. Also, so many factors define our decisions and all those make us human. YW decides that there are more things that important than just being safe so she can’t leave KC alone despite SJ’s warning.

Do you think SH would have eaten the porridge if it was in front of her? Perhaps that is how CJ is different from SH. SH was ready at so many points to kill herself but I don’t think CJ is, especially since she may still be holding onto the hope that KC will save her.

I am fully on the KC and YW ship after seeing how she reacted to him and how much comfort he found in her. She sees him as Choi Kang Chi, whether he is half-beast or half-human. SH wasn’t able to see WR as YW sees KC, only seeing his outer appearance. She forgot everything he did for her and only focused on his beast side. As mom reminded us, GW may have the appearance and title of the owner, but he can’t possess the inn. There is nothing inside him that deems him worthy of the great place. What is our shell and how do we fill it? WR’s filled his with love but SH couldn’t see. KC has yet to fill his but YW knows what he is capable of. Go Yeo Wol!


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  1. woohoo mon is finally here – new eps. I saw the preview for tonight and it sort of scared me. i had all these profound thoughts about KC and forgot them all cuz I didnt write them down…
    maybe watching it will trigger my memory

    Hey Joonni -*fighting* Hope the ep is action packed for your sake. 🙂

    April 29, 2013
  2. nanamony #

    Parking here.. XD
    Yeah.. Something bad maybe happen to CJ so KC can move toward YW.. And we just have to prepare an old T-shirt to wipe out our tears for KC (because i know tissue won’t be enough).

    April 29, 2013
  3. joonni #

    Just saw a Ha Jung Woo commercial. Man, that man is good looking.

    April 29, 2013
    • Kandiboo #

      i know Kitteh (vaultofdoom) loves HJW, and to be honest i can’t bring myself to watch most of the stuff he is in apart from H.I.T. and Lovers in Prague (hehe, I didn’t realize the bodyguard was HJW) because his dark dark thrillers are really not my cup of tea. 😛

      April 29, 2013
  4. joonni #

    Oh, a Hyun Bin commercial! *swoon*

    April 29, 2013
    • Kandiboo #

      DUDE. JOONNI. you’re HORRIBLE.

      April 29, 2013
      • hey it’s just one of the perks of living in Seoul – we get to see the new CFs right away. Hyun Bin has been coming out on more CFs lately so I dont even know which one she is talking about. 🙂

        April 29, 2013
        • Kandiboo #

          i think she might be talking about the K2 commercial – she mentioned it in a message that he was all clean shaven! >_<. i love Binnie but i didn't really like his really haggard look or his Esquire photo shoot.. hmm… (too conservative?)

          i need to move to Seoul. anyone looking for an ObGyn?!

          April 29, 2013
  5. joonni #

    Randomly, I am missing Queen In Hyun’s Man like crazy.

    April 29, 2013
    • Omg. I went into the QIHM tag on tumblr last night and I really really really wanted to watch it T_T

      April 29, 2013
    • Me too! Sigh! That is how I found your lovely blog, it was all the QIHM.

      April 30, 2013
  6. joonni #

    Man, I just bought an S3. What’s up with the new Samsung S4?

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    • Kandiboo #

      what?! with all the hype about the new S4?~ oh dear me…
      it’s on sale here in Hong Kong already, my colleague bought it today…

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  7. deels #

    Parking too 🙂 I’ve been so busy, I only just managed to watch episodes 5 & 6 on Saturday – marathon to the early hours of the morning that was 😀 Can’t wait for ep. 7!!! I wonder how Kang Chi is gonna react once he realises he’s half gumiho (I knew he transformed in last ep., but it was kinda a reflex thing once the bead bracelet’s off – so he was charging by instinct then) So excited! Thanks joonni!

    April 29, 2013
  8. I love YW’s reaction to his change – she says just his eye color has changed. at least he is alive like this so she is grateful for that. her speech about how he is still KC inside no matter what his outside looks like is the speech KC’s mom should have given to WR. so glad WR’s son gets to hear it since the dad never did.

    ten more days and he would have been human forever – but we know he wouldnt have stayed away even if he had known what his fate would have been cuz he needs to rescue his loved ones now. ten days later would have been too late to save them so I bet he would have made the sacrifice to live as half human.

    in a way – it’s kind of cruel for his parents to make him follow in their footsteps like this and give him this legacy-having to choose between love and being human. his parents werent even happy together for that long and look at the price KC is paying for their short lived happiness

    April 29, 2013
    • Kandiboo #

      i wish SH had realized it earlier and told WR, but then this story would have never happened if she did!

      i wonder if they will bring back CJH!?!? 😛 maybe he’s not dead. isn’t he (WR) supposed to turn into a devil because SH didn’t believe in him?!

      April 29, 2013
      • deels #

        I really hope they bring CJH/WR back!!!! Eventhough I miss him so much since episode 2 ended, I’m pleasantly surprised just how invested I am in KC at the moment. Just my thought though – does anyone think WR might like SJ at some point? When he finally turns up that is. Seeing just how much similarity SJ’s situation is compared to SH… Also, I’m so looking forward to seeing KC’s & WR’s reactions when they finally meet each other. I’m guessing they won’t know who each other is to start with. Ahhh, I’m getting ahead of myself :p

        May 2, 2013
  9. mel #

    Woo it’s that time again. Thanks again. Will be back later. 🙂

    April 29, 2013
    • mel #

      Interesting thoughts at the end. It does make you think about different reactions and what it is to be human. YW was pretty amazing, but in a believable way. Her reaction was believable, but so was going back and seeing what happened to KC.

      The more I watch Kangchi have to suffer the more I dislike his parents. They were both wrong in how they acted and their actions had consequences and Kangchi, who is totally innocent in this, has to suffer for it. Even now that he’s saved, there are some shady aspects of them basically treating him like a tool or animal that I don’t like. We’ll see how that works out. I doubt they’d make the hero LSS be a bad guy so I’m not too worried about how he acts.

      I went from KC/CJ ship to pretty much shipping KC/YW now. There is something off about KC/CJ I can’t shake, but now that I see how he is with YW I just feel overall they are better suited.

      April 29, 2013
      • Hi Mel,
        Which parents are you referring to, the biological ones or the adoptive ones? I was confused when I read your post.

        April 29, 2013
      • deels #

        Mel, I understand what you’re trying to say about how KC’s parent acted. But honestly, how many people we know actually think about their actions’ repercussions for the next generation? As far as I can see, I can count with 1 hand. More often than not, we humans tend to just react to how we feel at the time, rather than stop & think, hang on, if I do things like A, in the future C will probably happen, but if I do things like B, D might happen. Just saying 🙂
        And I also like how YW’s reaction makes her seem human in so many ways, but yet, leave us plenty of hopes towards the future..

        May 2, 2013
  10. tadaima #

    thank you in advance!

    April 29, 2013
  11. Thank you Joonni! I am going to do my watching raw and reading and watching raw and reading thing now…

    April 29, 2013
    • Also Joonni, regarding your comments about CJ (above), she is the 2nd lead (female), would she die so early in the drama? (We are not even 1/2 way through yet)…

      April 29, 2013
    • Joonni, I am OK with no screencaps, and I totally understand. I just got done watching the episode raw, and I replayed the intense scenes and the ones that left me speechless (because I was so surprised). So I paid attention a lot (I always do).

      You need your rest. Goodnight!

      April 29, 2013
  12. Blue Passion #

    Dear Joonni: Thank you so much for recapping episode 7 so fast!!! Thanking you also for all the others episodes that I did not thank you before. I am so glad that
    YW’s reaction to him being half monster/half human was like it does not matter his physical appearance to her what counts is his inner self. It is sad that the story repeat for CJ. Hoping her story line has a better ending. Have a great one!! I am happy jealous of you being in Seoul and able to watch all the new CF’s; waiting patiently for Hyun Bin come back to dramaland.

    April 29, 2013
  13. tessieroo #

    Thanks so much for continuing to recap this one! Is it bad that I’m on the KC/CJ ship? So much heartbreak.

    April 29, 2013
    • Hello tessieroo, and no, I don’t think it is bad. I totally hear you on that one, as I ship them too. I do want to give a chance to YW though… She is handling KC’s transformation much, much better than I anticipated, which is great!

      April 29, 2013
  14. I THOUGHT THAT BINNIE! *been watching things on Drama crazy that have commercials* *Sobs* Damn boy. Welcome back.

    Unless something changes, I think this show has lost me. I will finish it but Im not loving it. Although Snarky!Gon gives me life and I like the dynamic of the 3 of them together.

    It pains me to admit considering how much I liked the parents story. Although I think KC has inherited SH obliviousness. Because dear god man, how can you not know that she is a girl? (Also SH the man brought you a bag of Butterflies are you really that dumb)

    April 29, 2013
  15. Tartani #

    Thanks Jooni for the amazing recap! Hot Gumiho daddy is coming back right??!?! He was in the poster so he must’ve been an important character. While this drama is still enjoyable it needs to stop killing so much people I honestly didn’t feel anything with the mom’s death. I’m betting in the next couple episodes we would be witnessing the deaths of LSS, YW’s dad, SJ and etc… That said, Gumiho KC is rocking the eyeliner.

    April 29, 2013
  16. Sussie #

    Hello to everyone!
    Quickly wanted to say hi and share some of my thoughts 😉
    BTW, I´m still on the Gu Family ship! Still reading Joonni´s wonderful recaps and everyone comments! but I haven´t been really quite since this show started… sorry! T_T Hope that will change soon since I´m almost finishing some absorbing tasks at the office.

    I would like to share some “basic” thoughts I have been having:

    First, of course I´m shipping KC&YW. it is great to see that when he hear her he calms down (contrasting with the fact that thinking about CJ makes him lose his control again). I like her personality…

    Regarding CJ and KC,… I prefer that she doesn´t die before that KC notice YW. I would like to see that KC get to choose YW by himself, not bc he is “free” after her death (I didn´t find a correct word to say it… something like her death may be the trigger to move and find love in YW…) I would like that he get to see her as sister only, after choosing YW (my crazy thoughts! I know!)

    I´m dying for the moment KC discover that YW is a girl! ^^


    April 29, 2013
    • Sussie #

      *I have been really quite (sorry, typo)

      April 29, 2013
  17. Fruitplus #

    Thank you Joonni. Love your comments.

    April 29, 2013
  18. ananda #

    hy author…. my i know where u watch this episode?

    April 29, 2013
  19. crazyahjumma fan #

    Hi Jooni,
    Just wanted to say that I loved your thoughtful comments at the end. This drama does ask us to think about what it is to be human.

    April 29, 2013
  20. Opio-san #

    I really like reading your recaps of this series! Your translation of the dialogue clarifies everything I watched in the raw. I hope YW continues to care about KC and realizes she has fallen in love with him (not quite yet, but progressing well!). Will KC know YW’s true gender by the 10th episode? How oblivious can he be?
    As for CJ, I think she’ll continue to live for a while (past the 9th episode?) … but I don’t think KC can fall for YW unless she dies. Another question: since when did KC become SS’s person? Did I miss something?

    April 29, 2013
  21. I really love how you pointed out that everyone’s reactions are all about what it means to be human. Great thoughts. I am super glad that Admiral Lee Soon Shin stepped in to help, and that Kang Chi might have a really great mentor in him…then again he might just want to make sure to use him to get to all that gold.

    I really, really loved Yeo Wool’s reaction to Kang Chi and his transformation. As others and yourself have pointed out, it is in stark contrast to his mother’s reaction to Wol Ryung. I guess the whole Yeo Wool and Chung Jo stories are serving to show different pathways that Kang Chi’s fate can take him. He has to figure out who and what he wants to be…I wonder if that means that if he follows his parents’ fates then he ends up sad and destroyed if he pursues Chung Jo, or if he has another fate if he follows a path with Yeo Wool. I don’t know. All I can foresee is plenty of heartache and pain for all of them, but especially Yeo Wool. She knows that her fate might be death if she sticks with Kang Chi but she is still sticking by his side. That says a lot about her character, and it certainly makes me like her more.

    April 30, 2013

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