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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 10 [Complete]

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-17-15]Written before airing:

Pinch hitting for Joonni tonight. After watching from the sidelines all these weeks, I hope I can get all their names straight. It’s been an unusual ride for me so far cuz I got to enjoy the drama kicking back and relaxing instead of hovering over the keyboard. Truth be told, I got to fixate on certain plot points and scenes – stuff I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I’ve been worried cuz KC and CJ’s love seemed pretty solid, but recent episodes have proven that there is some wiggle room yet for YW’s love to be a contender. Unlike how KC’s mom’s behaved towards WR’s true identity, I love how selfless YW’s reaction has been ever since she found out. She has suffered in silence and went through all the gamut of emotions from fear to acceptance like any sane person should, but is using one to keep justifying her actions to herself and to others. The same excuse she has been telling Gon – the fact that KC saved her life twice.  She won’t admit what keeps her tied to KC is not that debt of gratitude – it’s her growing feelings for him. If you count how many times she has saved KC lately, I would say that debt has been paid double already. Throw in the scenes we are getting tonight where the two of them are trapped inside that hidden room and that accidental grab from last night, I would say KC is getting the better end of the bargain all around.


Softy and I sat underneath a tree and I asked her, “Can you take over recapping for me tonight?” Haha. No, I texted her while I gobbled down my lunch after I tried to figure out some possible way to become half-Superman, half-human so I can stay up all night and not get sick. Softy has graciously consented to recapping episode 10 instead of me while I try to get some other pressing work done. She’s the best, isn’t she?  Send me your bear hugs and I will deliver them to her the next time I see her. (haha – Instead of bear hugs – can I get Jamba Juice instead? – Softy)

And aww, Papa Dam punishing Kang Chi for his “naughty” hands.


Character Abbreviations for live recap:

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.47.25 PM

Choi Kang Chi- KC

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.47.30 PM

Dam Yeo Wool- YW

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.04 PM

Park Tae Seo- TS

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.10 PM

Park Chung Jo- CJ

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.50.16 PM

Gon- Gon


Jo Gwan Woong- GW


So Jung priest/monk- SJ


Dam Pyung Joon (the gumiho hunter)- PJ

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 10.01.05 PM

Lee Soon Shin- SS


Chun Soo Ryun- SR


Wol Sun- WS


Yoon Seo Hwa- SH


Gu Wol Ryung- WR

Episode 10


Starts from GW’s guard SB saying to take down the picture cuz his lord likes it. KC motions for YW to step back and she trips so he catches her. he realizes where his hand is. he blinks and looks at her.  she pulls away from him and they separate. he looks at his hand and slowly looks over at her just as she looks over at him. she avoids his gaze cuz she is embarrassed. they cant face each other. reality seems to have sunk in for KC at last.

* another LOL moment is when I realized Sung Joon towers over every man in that room.


SB tells Gon to step aside. more guards are called over and they examine the painting and SB notices the door hinge and opens the partition. KC and YW listen from the other side of the door. SB knocks on the partition and tries to push but KC and YW push back so that SB cant open it. SB says the wall is suspicious so until I come back from reporting to the lord – keep guard here. he tells the carpenter not to do any work until further orders.  two guards stand at post. KC and YW realize they are trapped inside. they still cant look at each other. KC looks at his offending hand again.

PJ asks what do you mean KC and YW are trapped. what are the workers doing now. the guy reports the men are waiting for the lord’s order. PJ tells the guy to “quickly take a letter I will write.”


GW is ogling CJ from across the room. WS asks GW if they should go look at flowers since the cherry blossoms have bloomed. he ignores her so she says if you keep looking at her I will be upset. GW asks CJ to come closer to him.  CJ asks do you want to see me bite down on my tongue and kill myself right here. she says how she has no choice but to spend her days here cuz she was sold but she has no intention of giving her life to be a plaything for her enemy. I wont even live a day like that. GW asks how is it that the way you speak and glare are exactly like her (he means SH). SR comes in so he asks what brings her. she says cuz a kid who was supposed to be in class lost her way again so I came to get her. GW says she didnt lose her way this time. I brought her over. until the renovation at the Inn is done, I’m thinking of playing with that kid. how is that. SR replies that CJ hasnt been taught or experienced enough so sorry but he says until she does (become a gisaeng) I will promise not to mess with her at all. so dont block me from having fun with my eyes (meaning let him just stare at her). I’m giving up a step so you should be able to do that much too.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-13-58] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-14-51]

CJ says I don’t want to –I rather die. I dont want to be with him for even a second. SR says if we turn him down we dont know how he will make it hard for you again. CJ says that person killed my father and you want me to be his playtoy for his eyes. SR: if that is your burden then what can we do but follow it. you have to endure and overcome. CJ asks then what will I get out of it – what will I gain to have to endure something that awful. SR says a chance – the chance to unleash your anger and have to stay alive for that chance to come around. got that? CJ says I will keep hating over time. SR: if that is what it takes for you to live then do as much as you want. (SR really meant if that is your motivation to live). SR tells her maid to send her out but CJ leaves on her own

*I really like SR – sometimes I question her methods of protecting people, but I trust her good intentions – she doesnt want to harm the innocent and helps them be sensible and rise above their anger to see the bigger picture.

SR is handed an urgent letter. she reads it and tells her maid to prepare something – like a sleeping aid and to put it in GW’s alcohol starting from today (they are going to keep GW occupied – meaning drunk) the maid asks why suddenly and SR shows the emblem from PJ. she says that no matter what GW has to stay here for the next few days.


the maid serves drinks and GW asks what is this alcohol. the taste is amazing. maid says it’s special alcohol just for him. he asks for more to be poured. someone whispers in WS’s ears and she whispers back. GW keeps staring at CJ who is sitting there looking like a statue

SB asks what GW said. the gisaeng says I dont think he paid attention when he heard. he isnt thinking of work. SB asks if she told him what he said about the picture at the Inn but she says i relayed it exactly like that. I think you have to wait till his drinking is done.

Gon looks over at the hidden room – two guards are still there

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-15-46] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-19-40] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-19-48]_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-19-28]

they are sitting far apart. KC asks if she is ok. she says yes it’s bearable. they both talk at the same time to speak first. he stands and asks how much silver is here. he starts to count. she says total 5000 nyang. KC says how many ships can you make with that much. she says 10 at most 12. KC: I see. she closes her eyes so he asks dam goon are you really ok? he takes off his outerwear and covers her. he accidentally touched her injured arm. he asks: what’s wrong – were you hurt. she says it’s nothing. he looks at the infected wound and asks why is it like this – how did you get injured like this. she says it’s ok dont worry about it, but he remembers the bracelet incident when he knocked her down and her arm hit the candle holder. he says this wont do – let’s leave right now but she says dont do that – just stay put. dont make things worse. KC: are you like this cuz you dont know how dangerous it is to have a wound turn toxic. if this is an infection you could lose your life. she says if they move rashly and something goes wrong – we could lose 5000 nyang of silver. KC: a person’s life is on the line so does that compare with 5000 nyang of silver. YW: this isnt just any 5000 nyang of silver. if something goes wrong – we could lose 12 ships for joseon. if that happens cuz of me – for the rest of my life I wont be able to stretch out my two legs and live KC ya. just until those guys go away – let’s quietly wait for a short while.

SB paces outside and gets impatient and goes in

GW stands up and goes over to CJ. he looks at her and says how pretty she is. he touches her hair and face. do you know – I never forgot you – not even for a day SW ya. CJ looks at him in shock cuz he called her by a different name. he tries to kiss her so she turns away. WS goes over and says lord you are very drunk so let’s go inside now. but he lies down by CJ and says I like it here so don’t bother me. SB comes over and orders WS to wake GW. GW snuggles against CJ. SR comes over and says unless it’s urgent come tm morning. she orders her servants to take GW to his room. SR says to SB that GW wants to stay here till the renovation is done – what do you think that means. he wants to relax and rest and be free from stress and work. how can you not let him do that.  she orders her girls to clean up and go -prepare for tm. cuz while GW stays here, they need to entertain him every day. she tells CJ to go in now too. CJ gets up and leaves.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-21-41] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-22-56]

CJ walks out in a hopeless daze until imaginary petals start to fall. she looks over at the tree that reminds her of the one at the Inn when it was in full bloom.  the petals fall all around her as she remembers kissing KC on the cheek in the yard. she starts to cry remembering. then she remembers how GW tried to kiss her too and cries more

TS is alone in a room. he opens his eyes and gets up and grabs a sword and leaves

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-06-31] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-06-46] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-07-59] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-09-12]

KC looks over at the door. he goes back down to where YW is. he says they wont easily leave so what do we do. you don’t look well at all right now. look here dam goon. she says YW – my name is YW. he remembers her as a kid saying that name “Dam YW.” she calls him a dummy and faints. he catches her. he remembers when they were kids and how he saved her from the dog, when he gave her water from the leaf, and how she yelled out king spider so he got scared and landed on top of her. how she yelled that  in the yard recently and scared him. how he asked her that night by the tree – do you know me by any chance? or have we met before. how she said – do you know me? did we meet in the past by any chance? KC: no matter how much I think I dont remember so I am asking. YW: then we didnt meet – if we met and you dont remember – it doesn’t mean anything. KC: if I remember then will it have meaning again. how they exchanged names as kids. he repeats her name aloud – Dam YW. previous scenes come out – like running through the woods with her and her hat falling off and KC fainting on her shoulder. how he saved her from the attack by the phantom –  how he asked aren’t I strange to you now. then how she said if you are really a monster you wouldnt be this tormented. then how he fainted on top of her that night when she took the bracelet off.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-10-10] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-10-34]

her head rolls back so he supports her head and her hair flows down. he calls out Dam Goon. he checks for fever and looks worried

student says how they looked all over but TS isnt here. PJ looks worried


TS went to the Inn. it’s dark so his servant asks who are you and then recognizes him. he asks how he got here and that they (forgot the word for joseon police) are looking for him. TS tells him to go now and rescue the people inside the hidden room while I buy some time. guard asks who is there. TS tells his servant – there is no time so hurry and go. GW’s men come over and asks who he is. TS says I am Park TS the son of Park MS the owner of the Inn. he fights the men.

the servant comes over and tells the guards in front of the secret room there is big trouble – that TS is here and there is a sword fight so they run out.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-12-02] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-12-49]

Gon was hiding off to the side and asks what he was talking about. why did TS come here. servant tells Gon that TS is going to buy time to rescue the people inside. hurry or my master will be in big trouble. Gon runs inside and sees KC holding YW in his arms. KC tells him not to worry too much (he was about to say I took care of the emergency) but Gon tells him to shut up and not say one word. Gon carries her out. KC looks down at his hand and there is a cut on it

TS is still fighting and outnumbered

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-11-03] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-11-16]

Gon puts her on a cart and tells the servant to take her back and he will go  and get TS. Gon stops to tenderly touch her face

servant opens the door as KC peeks out and they both scare each other. KC says it’s good you came – I need your help.

while TS is fighting, the carpenter and workers watch TS and then notice that TS’s servant is taking down the curtain covering the room so they ask what he is doing. they all shush each other


Gon joins TS and helps fight. TS asks what about YW so Gon says left safely. I will escort you but TS tells him i still have an objective here – I will finish up my work and then follow so you avoid this place first (as in leave). TS doesnt want Gon’s identity to be found out. so hurry and leave. Gon obey and leaves.


SB shows up and says who is this. isnt it park TS. suddenly TS feels the pain from the hypnosis. TS remembers how PJ said there are only two ways to treat hypnosis- that TS had to kill the person who hypnotized him or the person who hypnotized him releases TS.  TS asks did you hypnotize me. SB asks did you come here cuz you are curious about that. TS says not cuz I was curious – I came to kill you. TS tries to kill him but cant. as if a force is protecting SB or the hypnosis controls TS’s will. SB says it’s too bad but you cant kill me so put down that sword. TS drops it. SB says now tell me the real reason why you came back here – it wasnt just to kill me. why did you come again – for what.  answer me. TS is shocked to see his own hand betray him and point to the secret room.

SB goes in and breaks down the walls. he sees the room inside and kicks the door open. he goes down inside and sees all the silver.

TS gets on his knees with guards surrounding him. he cries


PJ asks in the end if the secret basement room was discovered. Gon confirms it and says after it was discovered a lot of guards were posted outside. PJ asks what about TS. Gon says sorry but I couldn’t help him. PJ wonders how they could have failed like this. the carpenter says not quite yet – there is one person left. PJ asks what do you mean one person is left.

KC comes out of hiding in the secret room. the room is heavily guarded outside though.

the old guy – GD is checking YW’s pulse. PJ comes in and asks did you send him- I heard KC is at the Inn now. GD only talks about the treatment he gave YW and that she will wake up soon. PJ is not going to win any awards for father of the year cuz he isnt even looking at his sick daughter and keeps bugging GD for answers. PJ asks how KC ended up at the Inn. GD says I dont know – all I did was make a bet with him. PJ: a bet? GD: yes a bet


alone in the hidden room, KC cracks his neck and stretches. he says should we start now old fogey.

next morning, SR asks what are you doing here this early. SB asks where is the lord. she says to come later. she is about to say he is still in bed but SB says it’s urgent – which room is he in.

SB goes to see GW and speaks through the door. he asks if GW is awake yet. I have urgent news. please open the door for a second. it’s about the secret room in the Inn. that wakes up GW

he goes out and says did you just say the secret room at the Inn. SB: yes I found it.

SR overhears that

GW asks why didn’t you come to report that sooner. SB says I tried to report last night but you were already sleeping. when they get to the Inn they see servants with heavy bags of wheat on carts leaving the Inn. GW asks what all this is. choi explains they give this out to the army. GW mutters that the army doesnt do anything and just takes other people’s rice. SB gets suspicious watching the carts being taken away

GW goes to the room and SB offers to lead the way but GW wants to go in alone. he takes the candle and goes down. he looks around and yells for his guard –SB. he asks if this the silver you were talking about? SB lights the room and it’s empty. GW asks what happened. SB says it was full of silver. GW asks where did all that silver disappear. SB says how he posted guards and told them not to move so there is no way anyone disobeyed the order. GW remembers how choi said they give away rice. so GW orders choi and TS’s servant to be dragged here right now.

they bring choi and the servant over and GW asks what was in the carts a while ago. choi says the same lie about wheat for the army and making contributions to them regularly, but GW kicks him and steps on his face and says if there is anything else found in that and not rice I will rip your tongue out and break your neck myself. GW oders his men gathered cuz he is going to where SS is himself. they leave choi and the servant behind. choi motions for the servant to go

SS is having a meeting and says to his men that they need to expand cultivation this year because rations will suffer first when war starts. He asks how the repairs on the beacon mound is going. Guy says will be finished in about a month. SS also plans to inspect some locations starting tomorrow.the meeting is interrupted and SS is asked to come outside.

GW  goes to see SS with his men. SS asks for what purpose did you come. GW says the wheat you got today – I think something that wasnt supposed to be brought came along with the wheat so I came for that. SS asks can I ask what you are looking for?  tell me what it is and I will find it for you but GW says thanks but it’s something my men have to find themselves. SS orders his men to allow GW’s men access to the rice so GW’s men run over and take apart the bags and don’t find any silver.


choi goes down to the room and calls for KC. KC comes out of hiding. KC asks what happened. choi says like you said they went after the wheat. the silver is safe right? KC pulls down the curtain and shows all the boxes he hid. he says should we go now too.


SS says what you are looking for doesnt seem to be here. it was wheat that could have fed the army for a month so are you satisfied that you ruined it. GW says what is the point of the army in a country not in war right now, SS answers that first the point of an army is to prevent war from happening. Second to be able to protect the country if war does start. Gw says it’s quite a dream for someone like SS and SS replies he is working hard to make that dream come true. GW offers to replace the amount he trashed so SS orders his men to pick up every grain of rice on the ground and not throw away even a grain. cuz it’s from the sweat and toil of the citizens. and from this moment on don’t accept anything from the Inn and don’t let anyone from the Inn to step foot here. his men orders the others to escort GW and his men out.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-19-39] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-21-22]

KC asks what business GW and his men have here. KC is standing in front with 3 covered carts behind him. he lectures GW for spilling the rice saying each rice is precious. if you do that you will get a thousand punishments. GW asks why are you here bugging my temper. KC says to run an errand for my deceased lord. he grins at GW. KC and the servants with their covered wagons go past. SB tries to get to the wagon but SS’s guards say stand back – it’s the admiral’s order that you cant step foot here anymore. SB asks KC: how did this happen.  there were guards posted so not even a mouse could get out – how did you get it all out? KC: didn’t you know? I’m not a person. he smiles at GW and leaves

GW goes back to the hidden room and throws a hissy fit.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-22-33] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-23-50]

SS looks at all the silver and thanks KC for keeping his promise. KC says of course I had to keep my deceased lord’s wish. SS asks how is it living at the martial arts school so KC says it’s not good or bad – if only there wasnt hat picky old fogey. they both laugh over his answer. KC asks for what SS promised -can you give it to me. SS says of course I have to give it to you. a promise is a promise so of course I have to give it to you. KC sighs in relief

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-26-28] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-26-37]

it was a hat like the one magistrates wear, but this is the one that belongs to SS. GD is happy to see it and cant believe he gets to finally touch it with his hands. so KC tells him – see this is how close I am with the lord admiral. he doesnt let just anyone take this. you know right. GD tries to put it on but KC stops him and says be careful with it. you have to treasure it cuz I promised to return it tm safely. so be careful. GD says I know – so cut it out. he puts it on and asks how does it look. KC says cant I buy you another hat but GD says this is what I wished all my life. now it’s your turn. tell me what you want


KC is given chicken to eat so he says it’s good to see you again chicken. KC enjoys his meal as the old man enjoys his hat

PJ and Gon watch them and says what SS said is correct.  that KC will be an asset to them. Gon: did lord say that. PJ thinks that SS might be leading KC that way

SS is asked about the hat so SS says it will come back by tm

TS is tied up and brought before GW. GW tells TS – I will release you so find out for me what SS is planning and what he is going to use the 5000 nyang for that he took. TS says It would be better if you put me in jail -rather than playing your dog I rather get executed.  so GW says dont do that-  you should think of your younger sister who was sold off to the gisaeng house. by tm sunset bring me the 5000 nyang -if you dont your sister will pay for it.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-30-21] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-31-14]

drunk men run into CJ so she drops her tray. the guy yells at her as she apologizes. he wants her to pay for the cost of his expensive clothes. TS is hiding and watches her and he cries.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-14-53] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-15-56] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-18-26] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-18-49] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-18-59] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[05-19-08]

next morning YW wakes up and stretches. she wonders why she is here. she realizes about the silver and runs out. she sees KC sweeping and was about to call his name but she remembers how he touched her boob so she crosses her arms over her chest and turns around to sneak back in. he calls out dam goon and comes over asking did you just wake up. how do you feel – are you better. she doesnt turn around and indicates a yes but he suddenly touches her forehead and compares it with his to check for fever and says the fever has gone down. she swats his hand away and asks what are you doing. KC: what do you mean doing what –  worrying about you. YW: dont worry about me – what happened to the silver. did something go wrong cuz of me. did you fail. he suddenly leans in really close to her and says this is why I was deceived so thoroughly. most women in this situation don’t worry about the silver first. she asks why he keeps talking about other stuff. I asked what happened to the silver. KC says  don’t worry it was taken safely to SS. YW: you did? really? KC: if you dont believe me go and confirm with master Dam. she takes his hands and says you did well – you did really well. she pats his hair and says I am proud of you. she suddenly takes her hand away when he smiles at her. he remembers asking her “if I remember will there be another meaning. is that it?” she asks “what – do you have something to say?” he says no it’s nothing. she looks at the cut on his hand and asks did you get hurt. was it cuz of me that you got hurt?


in the secret room he tried to revive her after she fainted. the blue lights came and hovered over her injury and went into it (like it was a hint for him). so he took her knife and cut his hand. he dripped his blood on her wound and it healed and vanished.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-34-10] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-34-20] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-34-59]

she says you got hurt cuz of me huh. he says it’s nothing to worry about. it’s ok. he hides his hand behind his back as he said that.  she says don’t do that next time. I don’t like you getting hurt cuz of me too.

TS comes over blindfolded and asks KC are you over there.


SR asks what did you just say. GW says I changed my mind suddenly – bring that kid CJ to my room tonight. I am going to spend the night with her. CJ overhears that and drops her tray.

Suzy’s song plays


KC asks what are you saying. TS says you have to take our CJ out of there. there is no time- if she stays there we dont know what terrible thing will happen to her. TS gets on his knees and begs. please I am begging you KC – please rescue CJ. please rescue CJ.

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-39-24] _EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-38-02]

YW is hiding over to the side and overhears that and turns to look over at KC


CJ sits down in defeat

_EA_B5_AC_EA_B0_80_EC_9D_98_20_EC_84_9C.E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[06-38-29]KC stares at his friend in stunned silence


no preview

*the look on CJ’s face is devoid of any hope – like someone who just realized even if she wanted to live, she can’t anymore cuz she will take her own life before he even gets to lay a finger on her. it’s like a part of her already died when she overheard what will happen to her.


Maybe cuz YW was delirious with fever – maybe cuz she knew the jig was up now that KC knows she is a girl, but the moment she quietly told him her name, that changed everything for both of them. She gave him the hint he needed for his memories to be triggered so now he remembers exactly who she is. All this time CJ had the advantage cuz she got to grow up with KC and they fell in love slowly over time, but YW has something more meaningful. During moments when they desperately needed someone to save them – even emotionally and not just from physical dangers, they came to each other’s rescue. At the worse time in KC’s life when he discovered a terrible secret about himself, she was there to see it unfold. KC was able to be the hero tonight and save the day cuz of her influence and guidance – not CJ’s. A very strong tie has been formed and neither one realizes yet, but their relationship is about to turn a corner. Pretty soon she will have to face that she has been giving parts of her heart away to him each time he smiled, kidded around with her, or made her swoon with his daring rescues. KC is going to realize his relationship with CJ can’t stay the same now that he knows what his identity has been. He is going to be realistic and admit that CJ has enough problems as it is and won’t try to put her through the ordeal of accepting him the way he is now. YW has already taken that step and very willingly at that so that is going to weigh in when his heart decides which direction to follow. If you ask me, he has taken some major steps already. He wouldn’t have cut his hand like that for just anyone. Maybe he will come to see that holding her in his arms like that felt natural cuz his whole being was at peace. I can just imagine how he felt sitting there sharing her warmth and then having her abruptly snatched away by Gon – that sudden flood of loneliness and emptiness sweeping over him. I bet the seeds of a small ache in his heart took root and started to grow that night as he sat in the dark missing her presence. It’s those quiet moments of reflection that you have to be careful of cuz it becomes the trigger for instilling action.

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      I have read some articles on the drama that aboje gumiho will have to fight with his own son. Will he become a demon? I hope not.

      Btw, this is out of the topic,I am just curious what is Jamba Juice made of? Lolz!

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    • minozlove #

      Oh what a great point, I noticed that too but didn’t have brain power to process it into something meaningful, many thanks 🙂

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    • I think that is a great insight! It was very telling when he still called her Dam Goon.

      May 8, 2013
  12. Reideen #


    This ep was so good! KC remembered the time when they were little and healed YW’s wound! They are both so cute! XD I believe he is starting to feel something for YW. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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  18. dathl #

    you gotta feel sad for Gon cause YW wasn’t embarrassed when he walked in on her ‘topless’ applying medication on her wound but she feels embarrassed around KC cause he touched her boob.

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    It’s funny how in every sageuk, a man is ALWAYS, always loyal to one woman no matter if it’s unrequited love or not. It’s always been one woman for him no one can change that.. unless the “love” of his life is the second female lead. It’s also sad that CJ and KC are childhood sweetheart as well. I mean seriously.. when does that EVER not work out in a sageuk. I feel so bad for Chung Jo right now.

    May 7, 2013
  22. anna #

    This is actually the first kdrama in awhile that I actually care more about the second female lead. She’s going through so much. I just can’t seem to care about the actual OTP. I hope she has a happy ending, but I’m honestly doubting myself rn. It’s sad that we don’t get to see CJ and KC growing up together and falling in love because it seems so easy for KC to start having feelings for someone else he only barely knew. I guess his love for CJ isn’t as strong as I think it is.

    May 7, 2013
    • minozlove #

      Oh Anna I feel the same way, I can’t really decide to whom to “give my heart” so to speak. I feel so sad for the CJ, I sense she will commit suicide before KJ saves her, that would be terrible, i Would be so sad but it seems like it is going there. I can not wait for the next episodes….

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    Softy, you are so right about YW and KC relationship. It isn’t just a simple or weak relationship anymore. Their bond is strong, and getting stronger by each obstacle they overcome together… KC and CJ didn’t overcome many things together, and now they are overcoming things alone not together.

    CJ is trying her best to stay strong but there is no one she trust to comfort her in the most difficult time of her life – KC is not there for her and must be really hard – but KC has YW and Monk besides him to give him streght when he most needed it… and now KC has more and more people helping him….

    But I only think KC will let go of his feelings for CJ if she lets go of him first. I wonder what would be her reaction to KC gumiho side…

    Softy I missed your intro/end thoughts ^^ ~ thanks for helping Joonni (I also love to read your intro/end thoughts)

    Fighting with your work Joonni, hope everything goes well.

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      I really admire Suzy and I am so happy that the writer didn’t make her into some insanely jealous something or other person.

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    May 8, 2013
  30. I am hoping that Chung Jo doesn’t commit suicide before Kang Chi has a chance to save her. I am also really, really hoping that Tae So does not betray the Academy. I think it’s awesome that the came to Kang Chi to ask him to save Chung Jo, I think it shows just how much he still trusts Kang Chi. (I am still really wondering if he is in love with Kang Chi – because we certainly haven’t seen any other ladies around that he seems to be in love with – unless it’s Yeo Wool – but that would be lame. I think his struggle to overcome the spell/hypnotizing is more interesting if he’s in love with Kang Chi. Anyway, just some random thoughts). And I just love how Kang Chi completed the whole silver heist to essentially just get some chicken. So funny. Love it.

    May 8, 2013
    • minozlove #

      hahahaaha I totally totally dig this idea. Yes, why not, some interesting second lead love :):):), great idea. Even if the write doesn’t make it so, from now on, I will think of this great pairing. Great job dewaani

      May 10, 2013
      • hahaha – I am glad someone likes the idea ^^ My guess though is that he might be in love with Yeo Wool or something silly like that. Even if that’s the case, Kang Chi met her first. We shall have to see where the writernim takes us.

        May 10, 2013

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