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Countdown to The Heirs: D-29

Today was one of those days when it feels like Thursday already. Eyes heavy with sleep, shoulders slouched under the stress, weather dreary and wet. Then I saw it. Lee Minho in a blue baseball tee, sporting a clean, short hair style. It was look I’ve never seen him in before in any of his dramas. My eyes shot wide open and I sat up straighter. (Alas, the weather did not change.)

lee minho the heirs 5

Yes, still are coming out for “The Heirs.” Let this sink it.lee minho the heirs 1

It starts October 9. Let that information sink in.  lee minho the heirs 4

There is only a month left. Let that sink in too.lee minho the heirs 5


lee minho the heirs 6

Take a deep breathe.

lee minho the heirs 7

Don’t pass out.

lee minho the heirs 8


lee minho the heirs 9

Lee Minho plays the role of Kim Tan, the heir of the Empire conglomerate. There is no official website or description yet, but the press releases describe him as a character that has everything he can ever want. Alas, he also has a tragic past. But what is a drama hero without some scar festering in his heart?

Our female lead Park Shin Hye. Her character is described as plucky (of course), who unfortunately is an heir to poverty. Ha! Our heroine’s name is Cha Eun Sang, and I swear, there are so many K-drama females with “Eun” in their name. Have you guys noticed? I happen to love names with “Eun,” actually.

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 1

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 2

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 3

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 4

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 5

Park Shin Hye The Heirs 7

Stills from the first script reading where we can catch a glimpse of Kim Woo Bin(!), Choi Jin Hyuk(!), Kang Ha Neul(!), Krystal, Kang Min Hyuk(!), Park Hyung Sik, Kim Sung Ryung, Yoon Son Ha, Choi Won Yong, Im Joo Eun, Choi Jin Ho, Jeon Soo Jin, Kim Mi Kyung (Lady Choi!), Park Joon Geum (“Secret Garden” Joo Won’s mom), and Jung Dong Hwan. So not everyone is in the stills but that is the cast list so far. I’m very happy to be seeing Lady Choi again and hope that she will have a lot of scenes with Lee Minho again since she plays Park Shin Hye’s mom.

I know some people are wondering why Lee Minho went back to playing a high schooler when he has played such mature characters for his past three dramas. I was initially surprised first, but on second thought, I understood his decision. You’ve gotta play the teens now before you’re in your 30s. Also, visually, I am happy to see him in more casual and brighter clothing. Choi Young lays so heavily in my heart so I am looking forward to Lee Minho playing a lighter character.

the heirs script reading 1

the heirs script reading 2

the heirs script reading 3

“The Heirs” is going to air Wednesday-Thursday starting October 9 after “Master’s Sun” finishes its run. You guys know that Softy is recapping that drama at Soompi, right? I don’t get to catch every episode, but love what I have seen so far. One good drama after another (hopefully)! D-29!

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  1. calliep #

    Thanks Joonni. Does Softy have any opinion on this? She felt Faith would remain as one of. the classics years later. Faith did not sell in 15 countries?, I thought all his dramas would. Did ARang sell in 15 countries? So lmh is not too popular in Korea now? Who are the top male actors now.?

    September 22, 2013
  2. i enjoy your style and the way of wearing lee min ho

    June 29, 2014

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