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The Heirs D-19: “It’s Okay, Baby”

It’s getting closer, and I can’t keep the smile off my face every time I read updates about “The Heirs.” It’s a huge, dumb smile on my face.

the heirs first meeting 4


the heirs first meeting 3the heirs first meeting 1 the heirs first meeting 2 the heirs first meeting 6   the heirs first meeting 5

Truth be told, the simple, introductory plot line- “a rom-com about high school students in the top 0.1% of society”- is not the most enticing of plot lines. I don’t worry about it being like “Boys Over Flowers,” because, honestly, most dramas are like watching “Boys Over Flowers.” The harem of boys surrounding a poor girl is not unique to “Boy Over Flowers,” and after watching the first preview of “The Heirs,” I don’t get similar vibes. Here is two things about Kim Eun Sook, the writer of “The Heirs,” that I trust her to deliver: 1) A distinct Kim Eun Sook style; 2) inconsistent work. Kim Eun Sook is not always good; she has her ups and downs, and all I can do is hope this is going to be one of her good ones.

That was a trailer that told me nothing, except that Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won are friends and so are Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal. And that Lee Min Ho practiced “It’s okay, baby,” enough to sound adorable saying it. Not bad, Min Ho, not bad at all. Okay, I have a stupid smile on my face again.

Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, an heir to the Welcome resort. He is going to make me suffer from Second Lead Syndrome. I was a little surprised in the trailer to see him so smiley. He looks so serious in the stills so I didn’t expect his character to smile so much.

He is an heir to a resort but is not to afraid to do the dirty work. Choi Young Do looks like a mature, intelligent guy with a good sense of responsibility.

Kim Woo Bin The Heirs 2  Kim Woo Bin The Heirs 3 Kim Woo Bin The Heirs 4

Kim Woo Bin The Heirs 1

Kang Min Hyuk plays the character of Yoon Chan Young, “heir to brains.” Sounds like this character will have to suffer from the high expectations of his parents to get top grades and honors.

Kang Min Hyuk The Heirs 4  Kang Min Hyuk The Heirs 1

Kang Min Hyuk The Heirs 2Kang Min Hyuk The Heirs 4

Is that the high school uniform?

Kim Ji Won plays the character of Yoo Ra Hael, chaebol heiress. She looks cold and proud- we always have one of those in K-dramas.

kim ji won the heirs

Krystal plays an heir to an entertainment company, the character of Lee Bo Na. Trailer describes her as an heir to stocks.

krystal the heirs 1 krystal the heirs 2

The character posters for the cast are very simple, seemingly shot before any artistic direction was decided for the drama. It looks so generic, you know?


I love Lee Min Ho in a suit, but the patterned shirt and suit is a bit overboard, making him look older than a high school student. Okay, he looks older than a high school student regardless.


Park Shin Hye


Kim Woo Bin


Choi Jin Hyuk! I missed you!!!!! He plays the role of Kim Won, Kim Tan’s half-brother and current head of the Empire conglomerate.


Kang Min Hyuk


Kim Ji Won




Ah, Kang Ha Neul, I hope he gets a lot of screen time. Trailer describes him as an heir to honor.


So is Park Hyung Sik.


Kim Sung Ryung


Im Joo Eun


Jun Soo Jin


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  1. Hm… I think he looks quite young in those official stills. Considering the fact that they shot some scene at the University of Redlands, I’m thinking that maybe he’s a freshman, which I would be totally fine with.

    There’ve been plenty of TV series in which “students” looked older than 18, and that was fine 🙂 I don’t think that should pose a problem.

    September 20, 2013
  2. I will be there with you, Joonni!!

    September 20, 2013
  3. Minozlove #

    Wow, lots of pretty people :):):)

    September 20, 2013
  4. waaaaaaaaah Qu’ils sont beaux!! , It is a very beautiful team, they are any beautiful. Min hoooooooooooo I kiss you.

    September 20, 2013
  5. raindrops1 #

    I agree with @Minozlove, lots of pretty on the screen and I’m not complaining. I hope this is a fun ride and an enjoyable show to watch.

    September 20, 2013
  6. nonski #

    anticipating this with you joonni!
    waves @M
    for woobin fans, here’s something you can use on your mobiles ( i hope it works)
    for otp moments (already) =

    September 20, 2013
    • Minozlove #

      Omo Nonski these are so so so cool, many thanks 🙂

      September 21, 2013
      • nonski #

        you’re welcome M 🙂

        September 23, 2013
    • joonni #

      thanks nonski!
      I see you’re a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk 😉

      September 23, 2013
      • nonski #

        yup joonni, he’s my newest bias! 🙂 i just can’t do anything when i see him laughing 🙂 [my icon] hahaha. 🙂

        September 23, 2013
  7. mika11 #

    yay my truted recap blog haha:))) good lord i can’t freakin wait for this why is taking this sooo feaking long) sorry i’m very unpatient) can’t waaait for this show to start i’ll be there at the right minute :)))) don’t worry joonni my face is a big dumb smile all over when i hear about “the heirs” 😉

    September 21, 2013
  8. mika11 #

    i love the poster with them two face-next-face and his arm around first i tho wow they are twins! it’s like he’s the male version of her and the other way around! they say soul mates look alike kekeke….wishful thinking here! i soo want them to be a real couple!

    September 21, 2013
  9. mika11 #

    they look soo cozy hehe

    September 21, 2013
  10. The magic word “it’s okay baby” hit a lot of fans, truly this words shot our hearts ❤

    September 24, 2013
  11. justmellys #

    Preview Episode 17 is out now…
    Please translate it for us dear joonni…
    Please have mercy on us (after waiting in a weeeeeeekk)

    December 3, 2013
  12. Karen #

    Preview episode 19

    December 9, 2013
  13. Tri amanda #

    i love you the heirs 🙂

    May 17, 2015

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