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Recap: The Heirs Episode 11


Eun Sang, don’t let go of that hand…

Written before live recap

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Eun Sang missed him so she called, and Tam missed her so he came. As they step closer and closer towards each other, they grow farther away from those who are desperately holding onto them with all their might. Young Do and Rachel both like someone who can’t love them in return. It’s lonely caring for someone who doesn’t look back at you, which only makes you want to hold on harder. Rachel and Young Do don’t receive enough love from their parents, so in search for a home for their hearts, they are looking toward Tan and Eun Sang, respectively. But how can one enter a home already full?

~Excitedly waiting~

*nervous laughter* That episode 10 comment/midterm review is sitting in my drafts queue, half-written. I apologize to those who waited. I keep hoping days are longer than 24 hours, but alas, they are not. I will post it as soon as I can. Lots of love to my dear fellow The Heirs fans.

The order will go like this. I can’t post updates while the drama is airing, unless the episode is moving slowly. I will be trying to capture as much as possible while I am watching the episode.  When the episode is over, I will go back to my notes, fix them up a bit and update part by part on each recap post while waiting for the torrents. If you can leave a link here, that would be great. When the full episode is available, I will fill in more blanks and screencaps, and continue to update. Finally, I will leave my comments.


Character Index

Kim Tan Kim Tan

Cha Eun Sang Cha Eun Sang

Choi Young Do Choi Young Do

Kim Won Kim Won, Kim Tan’s half-brother, President of Jeguk Group

Lee Bo Na Lee Bo Na

Yoo Ra Hael Yoo Ra Hael (Rachael Yoo)

Yoon Chan Young Yoon Chan Young

Lee Hyo Shin Lee Hyo Shin

Jo Myung Soo Jo Myung Soo

Kang Ye Seul Kang Ye Seul

Jun Hyun Joo Jun Hyun Joo

Han Ki AeHan Ki Ae -Kim Tan’s birth mom

Kim Nam Yoon Kim Nam Yoon- Kim Tan and Kim Won’s father, Jeguk Group CEO

Park Hee Nam Park Hee Nam- Cha Eun Sang’s mom

Yoon Jae  Ho Yoon Jae Ho- Yoon Chan Young’s dad, Chief Secretary in Jeguk Group

Jung Ji Sook Jung Ji Sook- Kim Nam Yoon’s second wife, birth mom to neither Tan or Won.

Lee Esther Esther Lee- Yoo Ra Hael’s mom, RS International CEO

Choi Dong Wook Choi Dong Wook- Choi Young Do’s dad, Zeus Hotel CEO


Episode 11


HS drives Tan to the campsite. Tan asks for HS to wait inside the car as he gets out. MS spots Tan.

Tan calls someone as he searches the campsite. He walks into scene of YD  and ES talking. When YD sees Tan, YD pulls ES into a hug. ES pushes his off, demanding to know what he is doing. YD replies he is showing Kim Tan. He lets her know Tan is here.

Tan walks over. The two start bickering, and YD says, “You’re feelings for Eun Sang seems to be sincere.” Tan replies, “And if it is?” YD says, “Then can you relay my truth (sincerity) too. Tell Cha Eun Sang. I think I like her. She doesn’t seem to believe me when I say it. If you tell her, she’ll believe you. Annoyingly.” YD leaves.

Tan sees ES staring off, so he tells her to focus. He gets angry that he came all this way and saw this. ES start to say, “I know you’re angry but…” Tan interrupts her. “What do you know? Do you ever think about me? I’m the one crazy here. I know you are having a difficult time because of me, but I hope YD is not the way you run away from me.”

Rachel opens the door to HS’s car, asking where Tan is. HS replies that he is in the trunk, but he is not sure if Tan is still alive. R is in no mood for jokes, though. HS tells her that he and Tan have booked a hotel nearby. R asks if Tan went to go see ES. HS replies that he doesn’t like when his truth puts someone at a disadvantage. Tan arrives. She tells him to get in the back of the car. They are all going to the hotel together.

HS and Tan settle into their hotel room. R asks if Tan met ES. HS leaves. T says he saw her and is waiting for her call. R asks if ES told him that she hit ES. ES didn’t. R gets mad that ES trying to act like she is protecting R.

R reminds Tan that he got engaged to her in the presence of her entire family- even her dad was there. “You liking her has no strength. Don’t you know?” Tan replies, “I know, that is why I am going crazy.” R calls him a bastard. Tan warn her he is going to be even worse to her from now on. He starts to say let’s break up the engagement, but R hurries out of there, not wanting to hear.


Girls in tent are talking about how they saw YD hugging ES. What about Tan then? ES is getting around. ES is listening outside when YD shows up behind her and pulls her hood over her head. He says, “Don’t listen. And don’t get hurt…And move.”He takes the girls’ sneakers and throws them into a water bucket.

ES asks what YD is doing. He replies he is getting revenge for her. When she is about to take out the sneakers, YD tells her to not worry- it will be easier to explain than why she came out of Tan’s house. YD says he is sure ES lives in Tan’s house.  He adds, “Don’t answer my questions. If you give the answer, I can’t ask you anymore.” YD says because ES confessed that she was a charity case, they have less to talk about. ES asks, “Is that a conversation to you?” YD gets serious again- “Do you even want to talk to me, if we don’t talk about this kind of stuff?” ES can’t answer.

YD lists the reasons why she could be living inside Tan’s house- 1) She is a daughter of that family, 2) She is a daughter-in-law, 3) She is a relative 4) She is a resident maid, or 5) She is a resident tutor. “But all of those choices don’t make sense. So what are you?” ES can’t answer, so YD says, “Answer this one thing. Do you really like Tan?” ES: “Yes.” YD eyes get a little teary and his voice shakes. “I see….Don’t touch these shoes. If you take them out, I’ll take revenge.”


R is at the hotel, and she gets a call. It is from CY. Teacher is taking roll-call before bedtime. R says she is going to sleep at the hotel tonight. CY warns her that her parents will get a call.

R’s mom finds out that R is sleeping at the hotel near the campsite. E has come to check on YD’s dad at the room salon. She catches him with other girls. Outside, YD’s dad explains it is for business. E is peeved about more than one thing, though, right now. She is mad that the news about their marriage is going out tomorrow without him having consulted her. She wants him to delay it two days since she has to deal with some stock business before. Turning around, E sees YS’ mom. Mom is “Madam Park” of this room salon chain.

YS is telling her mom about the sneakers on the phone, while ES fiddles with her own. YS leaves the area. ES sees Tan waiting outside the tent.


The two walk to a different campsite. ES smiles when she sees the campsite and asks when Tan prepared this. Tan: “What are you thinking? It was already here.” ES looks away, embarrassed. He takes off his jacket and puts it on her. He asks why she called. She asks why he came back. Tan: “What do you think? Because I missed you.” He tells her to choose between both sleeping inside or both sleeping outside cold. But there is no returning for her. He is not sending her back tonight. ES smiles. He asks, surprised, what she is smiling. ES replies, “Because this is good. This is fun.” Tan: “Really?” ES: “Yes, don’t send me back. I don’t want to go.” Tan thinks she is acting weird and starts to explain about why he got angry before. ES interrupts him and says she had a lot of reasons she called him before but thinking about it now, she just missed him. A lot. Tan blinks. A lot. ES pats the seat next to him, asking him to sit down. Tan looks at her suspiciously.


Tan sits down next to her, carefully. He asks is she is being shunned by the other kids. ES replies, “‘Why? Do I not seem strange?” Tan: “Yes.” ES laughs. She explains, “I’ve come far from home, it’s night, and you came. So I am escaping into a dream. Just for one more day a midsummer night’s dream.” ES adds, “I really wanted to do something like this,” and puts her head on his shoulders.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h44m19s65 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h44m11s239

Time passes as no one says anything. ES finally says, “This is more uncomfortable than I thought.” She starts to lift her head, but Tan pushes it back down, saying, “It’s because you are really resting your head…you’re supposed to rest your heart.” ES: “Ah.”

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h47m08s219 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h47m11s255

ES comments on the stars so Tan says, “Don’t ask me to pick the stars for you. I can’t.” ES replies, “You can’t? CY said to BN..” Tan interrupts her immediately- “Which star?” Pfft. Adorably competitive and jealous.

ES says it feels like the movie “Friday the 13th” here. He sighs. Why does she always go from melo to horror?  He asks why she like horror movies. ES likes horror movies because they are tragic, and while watching them, it makes her troubles and misfortunes seems less. Tan asks if he is one of her troubles. ES closes her eyes and just replies that she is going to sleep.



Daybreak. Tan and ES are taking a walk. Tan can’t believe ES actually fell asleep. ES noticed that all the firewood had been used. No wonder it was warm. Tan complains his hand got rough while working on that firewood. Can’t they hold hands? ES says no, but he grabs her hand, saying, “Right. These type of things need to be done without permission.”

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h57m14s134 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h57m13s122

They walk together hand in hand. ES brings up the Hollywood sign. He said to her that although it seems close, it is actually far. Tan is like that to her. When she looks, he seems close, but he is really far. “But when I am holding your hand like this, I think I might mistakenly believe that you are close” She adds, “You asked me yesterday- if you are one of my troubles. Nope, you’re a fortune among all my misfortunes. I’m good with just that. I’ve woken up from my dream. So I can live. Sorry.” ES tries to pull away her hand, but Tan grabs it right back again. Tan: “How close do I have to be for you to believe? You never even came so don’t say I’m far. Cha Eun Sang.”

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h03m38s137 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h03m41s167 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h03m28s40 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h03m33s90

Back at the campsite, BN hears that Tan came. She guesses that is why R was away last night. YS remarks, so that ES can here, that Tan is playing both R and ES.

The students go to a seminar at the hotel. R is already there, and the kids whisper. ES sits down. YD comes in too- both ES and YD are self-conscious. YS asks if R was with Tan last night. R: “Is that what it looks like?” YD snorts at that, but shoots a concerned(?) look at ES.

Tan and HS are eating breakfast at the hotel. All the kids come in. ES tries to sneak past quietly, but HS calls out her name. ES sits at another table.

Most likely to prevent YD from sitting with ES, Tan offers seat to YD at his table. YD sits. R comes and sits at the table too, asking if Tan slept well. BN comes  to say high to HS. She asks if he slept in the hotel too. HS replies, yes, with Tan. BN asks, “Then what about her,” pointing her head at R. She and YS tease R about her sleeping alone, instead of with Tan. Tan pipes up, “I spent all night in the hallway because R wouldn’t open the door.” After BN leaves, YD comments that Tan has someone he misses, and someone else he wants to sleep with. Tan: “I’ve made a mistake. Do you want to get up or should I?”

ES gets up from her table to go outside by the pool. YD follows. Tan watches the two from his seat.  R to Tan: “Don’t you remember what I said yesterday. Stop watching.”

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h17m16s125 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h17m21s174 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h17m20s163

Outside by the pool, ES is trying to walk past YD who is blocking her. Because he grabs her arm, ES is about to fall, but YD saves her. Then he YD drops ES into pool. Inside, Tan shoots out of his seat and tells everyone, “No one comes out.”

ES, dripping wet in the pool, yells, “Do you have go this far? Is this the truth that you wanted to relay?” YD replies, “No. What I did just now is what Kim Tan will do to you from now on. Pretending to catch you, but ending up letting go. So before that, you let go of him. Let him go and get far away. I’m saying this for your sake.”ES: Thank you for warning. But I know. That’s why I’m saying this but, I’m going to kill you. Really.” YD laughs, “Really? I’m going to die by your hands?”

Tan comes and kicks YD into the pool.  YD isn’t even angry, because, he says, “It seems like I won.” He gets out as Tan reaches out his hand to ES. YD: “What are you planning to do? Are you going to make Cha Eun Sang be called a “mistress” like someone?” Tan grabs YD’s collar. “Shut that mouth. Will you be able to handle the consequences?” YD grabs Tan’s collar. “I just asked. Will you be able to handle your engagement?”

HS comes out to stop the fight. CY and BN also come to help. Before CY can help ES out of the water, BN does so ES doesn’t hold CY’s hand. HS sends Tan up. Tan leaves. YD puts towel on ES. “It’s cold. Don’t get a cold.” Wait a minute, you’re the one who dropped her in there!

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On way home, HS nags Tan and him and YD fighting. Tan just wants him to drive. HS threatens to leave him here. Tan shuts up. Hahaha. I love these two.


HS is home. Mom is not angry that HS was out all night, but that he didn’t go to the rolling admissions college interview. HS replies, “I never said I was going. Although it’s more of a shock that me staying out all night is not a problem.” Mom yells “Why are you like this?” HS, with his eye tearing, says, “Finally you are asking. You’ve never asked before. Why I don’t want to go to law school, why I collected those sleeping pills, why I took them. Do you want to hear the answer? I am ready to talk.” Mom replies, later, after the college admission test. *Heart breaking* HS’ mom sends HS to his room and calls JS, wanting to see her about something.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h38m52s26 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-01h38m45s218

JS is answering the phone from Tan’s house. While ES’s mom flips through her notebook to answer to JS where KA is, JS sees ES’s mom notebook and asks to see it. KA tries to block JS from seeing it.  JS knows that KA put someone on her. Those people came to JS to threaten and sell the photos to her. KA pleads for them to get the family registry straightened out now (meaning, she wants JS to divorce Daddy Kim) so they don’t have to deal with things like this anymore. JS threatens she will show soon show KA how low her place is.

KA and ES’s mom are negotiating- how much money per page of ES’s mom’s notebooks? Bwahahaha! ES’s mom ups the price to two dollars per page.

The news is out that R’s mom and YD’s dad are getting married. Kids gossip hurtful things. R hears.

YD and R have their sarcastic conversation at the lockers.  He remarks that normally when people become siblings like this, they start to like each other. R replies, “I’m starting to think that is the best way to stop this marriage. It’s not too late, is it?” YD responds,”It’s too late. I’ve started to like someone.” R is about to say, “Don’t tell me…,” but kids show up to congratulate YD and R about their families getting together.

ES is listening from her locker. YD sees her. BN comes to her locker next to ES.  BN comments that all those kids are making fun of R and YD on the inside, while congratulating them on the outside. ES replies that those people are congratulating because they are friends, but BN says there are no friends in this school. Just a network of acquaintances. R walks away, and ES looks at her a little sadly.

Outside, R is struggling to keep the tears from falling. Tan comes and asks if she is okay and tells her to not to pay attention to those kids. R tells him to stop paying attention- why is he playing the role of fiance now? Tan replies he is playing his part as a friend. R gets mad, calling him the worse- why isn’t he even bothering to pretend to be nice? Tan remarks R tries to pretend she is an adult when she doesn’t even know how to properly get angry.  R starts to properly cry, so Tan pats her back.


Es sees this from afar. YD comes up to her. “If you’re envious, shall I hug you instead?” ES asks if YD is okay? YD asks what about. ES: “The news. It’s about you too.”  YD looks moved. ES continues, “I hope you are okay. I realized, you’re also only 18.” YD stares at ES, speechless. Tan catches these two too.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h03m28s194 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h00m37s25 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h02m31s139

Tan goes into broadcasting club room. He sees ES sitting in the recording studio with headphones on. He blockades the studio door so ES can’t leave. He then talks to her through the mic into her headphone. He says his existence alone is often  a misunderstanding to someone- a misunderstanding that can’t be straightened. So he tries his best to straighten out the misunderstandings he can. First, he explains it was just friendship between him and R just now. Second, he is sorry for leaving without pulling her out of the pool. All those kids were there, and he was worried it would put ES in a difficult situation. “But if I knew it would bother me so much like this the whole time, I should have just let that happen.” And most importantly, third, what did she say to YD so his eyes were shaking? “Stop shaking his heart. Do you want to die?”

ES gets annoyed, so she gets up to leave the studio. She opens the door and finds the blockade in front of her. Ha! The door opens the other way! ES teases him about being last in the whole school. Tan gets mad and leaves.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h12m33s11 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h12m33s18

YD and MS are in a little food place they used to go when they were younger. MS had written on the wall “goodbyes” to R and BN (presumably when they got engaged and date CY, respectively). Aww, MS and his little crushes. MS asks YD why they came all the way here for ddukbokki. YD says it is because this is the place where it all started- where he (missed out on the opportunity) lost everything.

Flashback- Tan trying to grab YD to show him something at this food place, but YD has refused, calling him a bastard.

Back to the present. MS: “What did you miss out on?” YD replies, “Mom. Friend.” MS: “You missed your mom’s friend?” ROFL. YD doesn’t have the words to reply to this stupidity.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h23m23s111 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h23m28s166

Won points out to Yoon that Esther Lee’s re-marriage news came out today. He asks Yoon why he broke up with Esther? Yoon is surprised Won knew about this? Yoon replies with his own question-  why did Won decide to break up with HJ? Won answer that he didn’t decide to break up with her. He just chose an order- the company first, then HJ. Yoon replies, “That is called a choice. Why do you think we will wait? The order that E and you decided on is a choice.”

JS comes. She asks Won if he knows when Tan’s birthday is. Does he remember what his dad gave Won on his 18th birthday? JS alerts Won that Daddy Kim has started to pull the stocks in JS Holdings under his name when previously he had them under a borrowed name. “It’s most likely Tan’s 18th birthday present.” Most of the shares that Tan has now is in JS Holdings so with this present…  JS: “After Tan gets his birthday present this year, his shares will be equal to or perhaps more than yours.”

Won asks why JS is telling him this. JS replies coldly, “Let’s just leave it as a gesture of affection after raising you for ten years.”

Won wants Yoon to gather up a list of the people who Daddy Kim has been using their names for for the stocks, but JS lets him know that Yoon  is the one with the most of those stocks. Won is shocked, almost a look of betrayal. JS asks Won, “Is there someone on your side in this company?”

At meeting, Won looks around. He sees no one he can say is on his side.

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h35m46s116 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-02h36m03s34

At home, maid asks ES to change the incense sticks. ES is tries to walk past Tan’s room unnoticed, but he already knows. He pulls her into his room, still wanting to know what she and YD talked about before. Did he confess to her again? ES replies, “And if he did?” She starts to leave when Tan says, “If you turn your back to me, I will hug you. If you talk back, I will kiss you.” He leans his face close to her, as ES is asking, “What do you want me to do?” Tan: “I’m asking you to be more friendly to me.” ES: “Later.” Tan: “When later?”


Uh oh, KA comes into Tan’s room at this point. She asks them, “Have you guys been dating behind my back?” She asks ES if she is crazy- how dare she come into this room?! Tan tells his mom to stop, telling her that ES is already in a difficult position just by the fact that he likes her. KA is shocked. ES tries to explain that is not it, but KA tells her to be quiet. To Tan, “What did you say?” Tan repeats, “I like her. I don’t like you treating her in that way.” KA tells him to lower his voice- what if dad finds out? Tan send ES away.

KA warns Tan that this is not the time to be dating someone like her- his brother is the president right now. Tan replies it is because that is originally Won’s place. He says to KA, “The things you want, stop telling me to bring them. No one can decide for me what to have and who to love. Don’t decide that for me, mom. I’m going to decide.”

Tan adds, “Right now, I am heading towards Eun Sang. Please cheer me on, mom.” KA leaves his room, speechless.

ES goes to her room and is about to tell her mom what happened when KA comes in, angry- how can mom and ES act this way after all this family had done for them? Mom signs it was wrong that ES went to Tan’s room, but it is Tan who keeps asking where ES is. ES just translates that Mom is saying sorry. Tan comes and takes him mom out while apologizing to ES’s mom. KA yells that Tan is not leaving this house, and that ES needs to leave now.

ES apologizes to her mom for making her hear those kinds of things. Mom apologizes for not being able to speak and defend ES. ES says she is sorry for liking Tan. Mom offers to leave the house. ES says, please, can I transfer too? Mom asks ES to just wait a few more days.


Tan is in the wine cellar, calling and texting ES to talk just for a moment. She won’t respond.

Tan finally just goes to ES’s room, but no one is there. He finds ES’s mom in kitchen. He asks where ES is. Mom says ES left to sleep over at a friend’s house.

Tan is out searching for her. He calls her. No one answers. ES sees her missed calls from Tan. ES calls BN to ask to sleep at her house.  When BN says no, ES says CY’s name, which of course makes BN say yes. BN is an adorable green-eyed monster of jealousy.

At BN’s house. ES tells BN that her mom is a maid. BN figured something of that level since ES works all those part-time jobs. ES also confesses that her mom can’t talk. BN shows too much shock so she apologizes for getting so surprised. BN asks then who that other woman who paid for the camping trip is. ES is hesitant to answer, but BN also says nope, wait, she doesn’t want to know. If she knows all that, she might have to be friends with ES. BN wants a childhood picture of CY for the room fee tonight.

BN sleeps, ES can’t. Tan can’t either, sitting in the wine cellar.

ES is at school early- too early and the gate isn’t open. ES walks along the street nearby. She sees YD at the convenience store eating ramyun. YD sees her too.

ES walks into the convenience and browses the milk section. YD shows up next to her. YD asks if she didn’t go home. ES wants to ask the same to him.  YD switches the onigiri that ES chose with another one- his is better. ES asks why someone rich like him keeps eating at a convenience store. YD replies it is because it doesn’t seem weird eating alone here. ES gives him a sympathetic look while starting to say, “You, alone mostly…” YD interrupts, “Don’t look at me like that. It makes me nervous.” He gives a sheepish little grin.


ES and YD are standing at a crosswalk. Tan gets out of his car across street. YD sees him, but ES doesn’t. YD asks ES if he should help her if she is avoiding Tan right now. ES replies, “I don’t need your help.” YD: “Let’s gamble. You don’t have anything to lose so whoever wins, just applaud.” He pulls her in to him. ES struggles to get out of his hold, but YD holds tight saying he is curious to see what Tan will put on the line. Finally, ES sees Tan.

YD and ES cross the street. Tan too. It looks like they are just going to pass by each other, but Tan grabs ES’s wrist. YD grabs Tan’s. Tan asks ES to look at him. YD tells Tan to let go. ES pulls out of Tan’s hold. Tan throws away YD’s hand.

ES says to Tan, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” Tan replies, “I know it’s hard. I’m sorry. I can’t promise that it will be better from now on.” Tan reaches out his hand towards ES. “Still, let’s go. Holding hands.” YD: “Don’t hold his hand.”


Preview for Episode 12:

MS: You really like Cha Eun Sang?

YD: Is that what he/she/they said?

YD: I look at Cha Eun Sang with this look.

Tan: I’m not the director ‘s (JS) son. I’ve deceived you. I’m sorry.

Yoon: I think this is as much as I can help you personally.

Won: Are you crazy?

YD: You’re ES’s mom, right?

YD: A maid’s daughter.

ES: If you want to tell the other kids, go head. If you want to bother me, go ahead.

YD: I didn’t say anything.

ES: What you are going to do to me?!

YD: I’m not going to do anything! (literally, he said “What is there for me to do?)

Tan: Don’t think about threatening Cha Eun Sang with something like this.

YD: Don’t mindlessly protect Cha Eun Sang. If you don’t protect Cha Eun Sang, I will protect all.

Tan: If I go back to the way I was before in order to beat you, you’ll really die.

Tan: It was nice to see you in my dreams.

Tan: You wanted to see me too.


I’ve said this before, but Young Do makes me bipolar. So does Tan. Many times throughout an episode, I am thinking about both boys, “You selfish, stupid jerk. Why do makes things so difficult for my Eun Sang? Why are you so childish?” Heh, both these boys hear “childish” enough already from their family and friends. High school is a little bit back further for me than I would like to admit, but I remember thinking very similar thoughts about the boys in my class.  Those latter teenage years is a time when you are learning how to be an adult, while thinking you already are. It’s the problem that Rachel also has. She can say all she wants to Tan about him being childish and not facing the realities of life, but Rachel is also just a kid who gets hurts by those whispers behind her back about her family, the divorce still stinging. Poor Rachel; she tries so hard to seem invulnerable.

Tan, Young Do, and Rachel need to learn and are learning how to deal with people outside of their network of wealthy friends in  healthy manner. Each are used to having their own way and pushing their wants and needs on other people. We have ES surrounded by these domineering and strong personalities; yet ES is able to see past those hard and rough shells and feel pity for Tan, Young Do, and Rachel who each have a difficult family situation. She sees them as they really are, just 18-year-olds.

Young Do has gone a little puppy on me with those shy grins and sad eyes. Like a Rottweiler puppy. Darn, it’s hard to resist a puppy. It was also refreshing to learn that Young Do knows he lost out on a friend in Tan by reacting that way to him in the past. Perhaps if it hadn’t been for Eun Sang, he and Tan would be friends by now. Or more likely, it is Eun Sang softening up Young Do’s heart in general so he can accept Tan a little more.

Bo Na used to annoy me before even though I knew she was harmless, but now I want to pinch her cheeks just the way CY does. She is an adorable green-eyed monster of jealousy, whose desire to keep CY from helping ES only brings her closer to ES. They’re already sort of begrudgingly friends, aren’t they? Bo Na kept ES’s secret even though at first it seemed like she didn’t want to. What can we say about a girl who recognized the diamond that CY is and loves him with all her might? Nothing, except “You go girl.”

Hyo Shin and Tan’s friendship is such a lovely little surprise and addition to the story. First, because we get more Kang Ha Neul, and second, because it gives us a glimpse into Hyo Shin’s own troubles. A lot of the things these rich parents do is to push their own desires, needs, and pride onto their children in the pretense that they are doing what is best for them. Hyo Shin’s mom doesn’t want to or care to know why her son tried to commit suicide. The only thing she cares about is her family’s reputation and having a son to live up to that reputation.

Secretary Yoon never says anything wrong, does he? He asks why people like Won and Esther believe that people like Yoon and Hyun Joo will wait for them? Ha! Really, do they think they are that much of a catch? Won is trying to hold onto too much that doesn’t matter, leaving no room in his hands to hold onto Hyun Joo. Tan, on the other hand, has his hands free to hold onto ES. He asks mom to not let her desires dictate what he wants and who he loves. Won is letting his dad rule his life- hiding his relationship in fear, choosing to secure the company first before Hyun Joo. Tan is braver. He is actually fighting for Eun Sang. Admittedly, he doesn’t also go about it in the most nicest and intelligent of ways, but he is trying.

Selfish. Another key word in this drama after loneliness. Everyone is selfish, catering to their needs first, worried about their pride, only seeing their hurt. Love is selfish, of course it is, because love is possessive. But love is also about sharing time, emotions, conversations, and a connection with one another, and if there is only you in your heart, there is no room for your loved one to rest. How can Tan find a place in your heart, Rachel, when it is just full of your point of view about the world? How can you and Tan talk when you’re not willing to see the world in a different way, beyond relationships based on wealth and business?

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  1. mose #

    Hey when Tan is in the studio piling up the tables and chairs by the door there is a song going on anyone know what song it is? It goes like this: “Darlin’ i think i am fallen’ in love what is going on _____stands for strong and its definitely you tryin’ to find the right words to say but every word i say is a mistake ooh if only i could explain” Anyhow I really liked that song (for the like 10 seconds it played LOL) so yeah! Thanks!

    November 14, 2013
    • Kaji #

      It’s Jadan Lee’s Definitely You 🙂

      November 14, 2013
  2. Wow,,
    Im waiting fr ep 12:D


    November 14, 2013
  3. g #

    do you know what song when tan and eun sang in studio room?

    November 15, 2013
  4. bavarina19 #

    Can someone let me know what the song title in the episode 12 while Eun Sang Crying in front of choi Yong do ,the singer is female

    November 15, 2013
  5. Claudia #

    Do you know that song that was played where Kim Tan and Eun Sang were inside the broadcasting room? …darling I think I’m falling what is going on and it’s definitely you….

    January 26, 2014
  6. Claudia #

    I just read the thread comment and saw the link in response to bavariNa19 who was also asking for the same song title. ( smile ) Thank you. Yayyyyy!

    January 26, 2014
  7. Idk127373839 #

    Hi i just wanted to know the name of the song that plays in ep 11 in the woods at night when young do hugs eun sang and all that :)) i’ve been searching and searching but i cant seem to find it and i rlly like that song lol

    June 2, 2014
  8. ann #

    hi! may i know, what’s the title of the song when Tan enter the broadcasting room while ES is sitting with earphones on?

    July 2, 2014
    • Levy Tabiola #

      Definitely You by Jadan Lee

      July 3, 2014
  9. what is the name of the song that was sang when yoo racheal was leaving empire high it was the same song that was played when myung soo was congratulating kim tan for their moving to the next class..i can remeber few of the wordings it is as thus :now that i realize all i ever wanted is only you…it was sang by a female

    August 3, 2014
  10. Kara #

    where is it in seoul? the scene where KT and ES hold hands while walking and there are trees at the background?

    March 3, 2015

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