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The Heirs Christmas Special

Live Recapping?

So you guys can watch-

Opening- character description and cuts of the characters, focusing on the love triangle between Tan, Eun Sang, Young Do.

We’re in California with Tan, narrating about his exile, listening to what his brother told him about just playing around.

Eun Sang crying in front of the diner, her sister stealing the money, and Kim Tan watching.

Eun Sang sitting in front her sister’s empty house, and Tan rides up to rescue her, to invite her to his house. She gives him the dream catcher.

Running through Hollywood together, Tan asking Eun Sang in the theater- do I like you?

Tan and Eun Sang going to the almond orchard.

Tan and Won in the orchard, and Won being cold and biting to Tan. Eun Sang watching on. The sprinklers come on. She walks toward him and asks if he is okay. Tan says no, why didn’t she run away with him?

Darn, the feels for my little Tan.

Going home, Eun Sang calling this a midsummer night’s dream.

Eun Sang and Rachel meet in Tan’s house. Ah, I remember why I hated Rachel so much in the beginning.

Eun Sang leaves the note for Tan at the school bulletin- she is disappearing like last night’s dream.

Eun Sang back in Korea, in Tan’s house.

Ki Ae an Ji Sook argue, and Eun Sang sees this.

Young Do picks up Rachel at the airport. Future family dinner between RS International and Zeus Hotel.

Young Do introduction- dishes and bullying.

Young Do at the convenience store with ramen. Eun Sang falls asleep in front of him. He shoo’s away kids.

Tan makes up his mind to come back to Korea. Ki Ae is happy to see him. Tan hangs the dream catcher in his room.

Young Do and Rachel  meet Eun Sang in front of the uniform store. Eun Sang takes Rachel’s name tag. Young Do shows interest in Eun Sang.

Tan and Eun Sang keep missing each other in the house. He finally finds out she lives in his house. So does Eun Sang. She’s embarrassed and angry since she lives in the maid’s room.

He says to her- did I miss you? She just walks away..

Hmm…yeah, there won’t be any new footage in this special…

I won’t be continuing this live recap, but I do want to just say…I think I almost cried watching Tan tearing up in that orchard, Young Do being an jerk, and Eun Sang crying in front of Tan. 

Merry “Heirs” Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Shree #

    Hello joonni …….. 🙂
    Thanx for d recap n ur efforts ,, u were my saviour . But can you please tell me which song it was dat was playing in d background wen Kim Tan was surfing ,, in d start of the 1st episode ?? Please could you tell me d song n its singer ?
    Thank you joonni ……, fighting 🙂
    Love you ,,

    January 6, 2014
  2. Shree #

    Please do reply ,, m waitin ….., m dying to know 🙂

    January 6, 2014

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