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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 2


Last night our hero, JH, blamed everything bad that was happening to him on our spunky heroine, CH. Talk about digging his own grave.

trot lovers ep 2 preview still

Training CH will force JH to care about someone else for a change. As a teacher, her career and his career are both on the line. The world will no longer revolve around him but around her. But it looks like for at least today, JH will go kicking and screaming as hard as he can into another person’s orbit.

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Character Key for live recap shorthand


Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.05 AM Jang Joon Hyun (JH)- Hot kpop star

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.14 AM Choi Choon Hee (CH)- loves the unsophisticated trot music

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.37 AM Park Soo In (SI)- singer in training at Shine Star agency

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.24 AM Jo Geun Woo (GW)- Shine Star’s CEO

Leads’ families

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.20.53 AM Choi Byul (CB)- Choi Choon Hee’s sister

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.20.44 AM Choi Myung Shik (MS)- Choi Choon Hee’s sister

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.26.55 AM Yang Joo Hee (JH)- Park Soo In’s mom

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.21.09 AM Jo Hee Moon (HM)- Jo Geun Woo’s dad

 Shine Star staff

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.06.02 AM Na Pil Nyeo (PN)- Shine Star trainee for 10 years

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 8.55.49 PM Director Wang (Wang)- a director (not film, just a title at company) at Shine Star

Other minor characters

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 9.06.28 PM Kim Woo Gab (WG)- Midas CEO

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 9.07.08 PM Team leader Nam (Nam)- Heads planning team at Midas

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.05.49 AM Seol Tae Song (TS)- Jang Joon Hyun’s manager

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.06.15 AM Lee Chul Man (CM)- loan shark

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.06.24 AM Lee Yoo Shik (YS)- loan shark, Lee Chul Man’s cousin

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 9.06.50 PM Bang Ji Sook (JS)- Choi Choon Hee’s marathon coach and mentor

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.06.35 AM Shin Ho Yeol (HY)- Jang Joon Hyun’s rival


Episode 2

CH steps outside her house. It is JH. He realizes the person he has to train is CH. He starts to blame her for everything bad happening to him, including the world being full of evil. He screams dramatically. Byul steps out of the house and asks who he is. JH goes immediately into top star mode, putting on his sunglasses and smile. Byul goes back into the house. JH yells he won’t train CH as he huffs and puffs away from the house. CH is left clueless with no idea why JH came and what he was talking about.

JH gets call. He is asked to empty his house.

JH rolls out of his house with only a single suitcase and guitar. He has nowhere to go. At this moment of complete hopeless, GW’s dad, Shine Star’s CEO, appears all of a sudden.

In car, JH informs GW’s dad he can’t train CH. No, he won’t, not after what she did to him. GW’s dad seems to be understanding, but in reality, he is taking JH to court. GW’s dad tell JH he will sue him for with all the money JH owes after his scandal ruining his image, his endorsement deals, etc. GW asks if JH still thinks the world revolves around him. JH has no choice but to beg for another chance. He pouts like a puppy, on his knees.


CH organizes Byul’ school bag and sees a drawing of their dad Byul drew. Bell rings. It is loan sharks looking for their dad.

JH has arrived at CH’s house, but he can’t go inside yet, still fighting with his pride. Inside the house, CH is saying to the loan sharks she doesn’t know where her dad is. JH steps in, not noticing the loan sharks at first, saying he and CH are fated, as enemies. He sees the loan sharks and immediately tries to leave quietly. But the loan sharks stop him, thinking JH and CH are lovers or something since JH showed up at CH’s place with a suitcase. Loan sharks decide to bury JH since they can’t bury a girl.

Somewhere in the woods, JH is buried up to his neck. CH begs loan sharks to stop. CH is saying she will pay them pay, slowly, because she has to work part time jobs. JH yells she can pay immediately; she will become a singer, signing with Shine Star tomorrow. Loan sharks want to hear her sing to prove it. CH says JH is lying.

Loan shark YS gets a call and it is about someone being caught. CH thinks it might be her dad. CH has no choice to start singing. JH, now with a bag over his head, adds a chorus to her singing, desperate to survive. The loan sharks are pleased and asks if it is true she is signing with Shine Star tomorrow. JH says he can make sure CH signs.


At Shine Star, GW’s dad and GW are playing baduk. GW has lost and his dad wants to him to run Shine Star for a year. After that, Dad will hire someone to run it. GW doesn’t want to. Suddenly, dad gets call as he is taking some pills. He is going to hospital later.. GW is surprised to hear this. Dad doesn’t say anything else about the call, but just tells GW to run the company. He also wants GW to meet with managing director Yang later in the evening in his stead.

CH is digging JH out of the ground. He makes fun of her for singing trot and being so good at shoveling until he sees a worm and screams bloody murder. Suddenly, CH gets a call. They found her dad’s ID on a dead person. CH leaves immediately, leaving JH there.

CH is at hospital to identify. Thankfully, it is not her dad.

Evening and JH is still buried. He hears something and gets scared, and in his struggle, frees his arm. It is only a rabbit, and JH is now able to reach the shovel to dig himself out.

CH is running around her old school track. Her old coach approaches. CH tells her about her hospital experience. She was happy it wasn’t her dad, but she is also angry at her dad for leaving her and her sister in this situation.


Coach tells CH that her dad came to the school that day when she fainted on the track. Her dad had begged the coach to make CH quit. CH doesn’t know how and when to and will die if she keeps doing this. Coach says to CH in present day that her dad must have had a reason for leaving like this; he loves his daughters very much.

CH is walking back home and imagines happy memories with her dad.

Byul opens the door and it is JH outside the door, dirty and weak. He crawls into the house. JH’s stomach growls. Byul offers him food. It is only packed onigiri the siblings eat. It is expired onigiri, and JH can’t believe this is what the siblings eat.

SI is leaving the Shine Star agency building, talking to her mom. Mom wants her to come to a hotel to meet the new agency CEO. SI sees a car and thinking it is the one her mom sent to pick her up, she gets in. She asks the driver are you going to the hotel. The reply from the person in the driver’s seat is yes.

We see that the car driver is GW. GW doesn’t say anything as SI is in the back talking to her mom on the phone and touching up her makeup and putting on new stockings. She thinks GW is weird because he keeps looking back at her.

GW follows SI into the hotel, and SI thinks it is because she owes him money. She gives it to him and GW takes it.


GW still follows her and SI starts to get angry, just when her mom, Yang, introduces him as the new Shine Star CEO. Yang reminds GW that there is an audition going on for Shine Star trainees to get the chance to debut. GW says nothing will change even if he is CEO; everything will stay the same as before when his dad was here so the audition will continue. GW doesn’t want to be a judge, however, but Yang convinces him to do it.

CH is home and starts to make dinner for Byul. Byul tells CH that she thinks it is a good idea for her to become a singer, making other people happy like she does for Byul. CH wonders where she heard this. Out steps JH from the bathroom after washing up.

JH and CH bicker, he frustrated that he has to train this girl, and she frustrated because she doesn’t know what he is talking about. CH eventually chases him out of the house when he asks for the hairy dryer.

JH is outside, and he finds the money SI gave him for his song in his pocket. He is mad at this memory. He lies down to sleep on the flat wooden bench. Byul can see him from their house window.

In bed with her sister, Byul wonders if CH will wear shiny clothing like mom when she becomes a singer and appear on tv. Dad will be able to see her and come back soon. Byul would really like that.

CH thinks about the money the family owes and her dad suffering. She looks at her mom’s CD, and hugs it tight as she sleeps. JH is outside, in fetal position, trying to sleep but it starts raining. Fortunately, Byul comes to bring him inside. Byul thinks CH is sleeping and she is secretly bringing in JH, but CH is awake. knows JH has been brought into the house. In his room, JH sees a blanket, handkerchief, and hair dryer laid out.

Morning. CH and Byul offer JH breakfast. It is fried rice from the onigiri, and JH can’t eat it knowing it is expired food.

Loan shark drives CH and JH to Shine Star.

SI’s mom, Yang, who works at Shine Star, talks to Wang about the critic acting as judge at the audition. He will be on SI’s side, right? Wang reassures her.


On the first floor waiting for the elevator, SI is on the phone, trying to find out about GW (his personality, type of woman he likes), but GW walks up right besides her, surprising her. SI asks why GW didn’t say he wasn’t a driver yesterday when she got into his car, and GW replies she didn’t ask, he was going to the same hotel, and it was better to go with a pretty lady than alone. SI smiles at this. GW mentions the money she gave him yesterday, and SI starts to expect it back from him, except GW thanks her instead. What a strange guy.

JH and CH are outside the CEO’s door, but GW’s dad is not here. JH leaves to find him. GW comes to the door, trying to open it with the key code, water bottle in his hand, but he can’t.  After several tries, he hands CH his water like he did before at the gym. CH recognizes him now. When the door alarm rings with GW unable to input the right code, GW takes CH’s phone to try to call someone and CH has to chase him. They end up at the emergency stairwell, and the door automatically locks behind them. GW- “Wow, the building is secure.” GW suggests they walk down, to see if the bottom door is open. He does suggest that she walks down by herself, however, but when CH responds in disbelief, GW flatly replies, “It’s a joke.” CH isn’t laughing, but I am.

Elsewhere, JH is searching for GW’s dad. He runs into SI and gives her back her money, saying he doesn’t want to be in debt to her. His phone rings. CH has called for him for help.


Meanwhile, CH is whining at GW, wondering why she treats him like his secretary to hold the water. “You’re a strange man.” JH finds CH and GW in the stairwell.

GW, JH, and CH are now in the office. They find out GW is the new CEO. JH also learns that GW’s dad didn’t want to sign a contract immediately, but wanted her to enter the audition, which is tomorrow. The audition is going to be broadcast country-wide on cable.

Outside the office, JH and CH argue about whether CH can enter the audition. JH thinks he is crazy to think she can pass the audition. CH gets angry, saying she never even dreamed of becoming a singer- she was just busy trying to figure out how she and Byul can survive. She apologizes to JH for him being buried and says let’s part ways.

CH walks outside the building and the loan sharks are waiting. They learn she hasn’t signed a contract, but they find out about the audition.


GW and the Shine Star staff hold meeting about letting another person enter the audition now, especially since it is only for trainees. GW is pretending to listen, but he is playing a game on his tablet.  SI’s mom, Yang, is for it, though, after the meeting she explains to Wang that it won’t matter who enters since her daughter is going to win anyway. Wang and the critic are two out of the three judges, no?

The loan sharks take CH to their nightclub to pick out an outfit for the audition tomorrow.

JH is trying to get money from his back account, but his card doesn’t work. Hungry, all he has is a piece of chocolate to eat. He can’t even give it up to a hungry, begging puppy.

GW’s dad calls. He clarifies that he never said he was going to sign CH. He wants CH to enter the audition and pass and trusts JH will be able to train CH.


TS, JH’s old manager, is tyring to become a singer at another agency, and the guy there tells him to get nose surgery. His nose is too high. People don’t want a face like Jang Dong Geun anymore. He hands TS a card to a shady clinic. At the clinic, TS chickens out. He gets a call from JH’s rival, Shin Ho Yeol. He is just as snobby and demanding as JH. TS is now to be his manager.

CH comes home and JH is already there. He notices that she is carrying a shiny red outfit that the loan sharks gave her for the audition tomorrow. He’s happy she’s decided to audition, but makes fun of her sparkling outfit. CH asks why JH is helping her with this audition, but he just passes on the question. JH starts testing CH for what song she can sing tomorrow. She sings only 80s and 90s songs. She does a terrible job with them. She starts singing trot, and JH realizes this is the best for her. JH starts training her to sing properly, tires out really quickly, though.


Next day. SI sees GW in the parking lot. She sends mom up to the office first.

JH and CH have arrived at the agency for the audition, loan sharks driving them like chauffers.

GW and SI are in the elevator. GW compliments SI on her outfit, saying it must really be audition day since she is dressed nicely. JH and CH get on the elevator. It is confirmed once again for GW that today is audition day after seeing CH’s eye-catching outfit.


Inside the elevator, JH finds out that SI is also auditioning, and worries about CH’s chances. GW AND SI both send JH off since unrelated persons can’t enter the waiting area. JH sadly gets off, no longer part of this music world.

In the waiting room for all the contestant, Na Pil Nyeo and others start bullying CH, making her change the water and get water for them. SI comes to her rescue, and informs CH that PN is the oldest here so CH should be understanding.

GW’s dad is being driven to the agency, and he learns from his driver/secretary that there are people in the company worried about GW’s abilities. GW’s dad says don’t worry. He knows his son well

Audition starts and PN messes up on her turn, forgetting the lyrics. Then it is SI’s turn to audition. Judge, the critic, says he looks forward to her singing since her mom was a famous singer. She sings well and JH is watching from the seats in the audition theater. SI is a good singer and everyone has smiles on their faces,  including JH.

JH then remembers. He texts CH advice- stand straight, don’t cower in front of the judges.

It is CH’s turn to sing. In the back of the theater, GW’s dad has come to watch. Judges asks CH why she is singing trot. CH says it is because she grew up listening to trot from her mom while she worked in the market. Her mom was a singer who recorded one album. CH is singing a song her mom did a remake for the album. Wang starts asking CH if she has any stage experience, such as being a trainee for another agency or uploading a video. When CH says no, he asks how she thought of auditioning then. GW interrupts him, and just asks for CH to start.


CH starts singing but she is scared and turns around. Wang is about to say something but GW stops him- he wants to hear CH sing. CH imagines her sister and parents there to support her, and CH gathers the courage to turn around to face the judges and sing her heart out. Everyone in the audience is bouncing along to her singing. GW is happy too.

vlcsnap-2014-06-25-01h42m39s129 vlcsnap-2014-06-25-01h42m51s112

End of episode

Preview for episode 3

GW: Let’s bring this person in.

Guy: We want 10 times her contract deposit.

GW: Then we’ll give her back. She has too many flaws. She’s not even sexy.

CH: How rude!

SI: I don’t like eating alone.

SI: President! I can’t believe we’re running into each other like this.

GW: We just made eye contact before.

TS: Why did Jang Joon Hyun fall all the way down like that? You made him like that!

Midas CEO: You’re out of the industry forever.


I really love those whimsical scenes between Choon Hee and her sister, and my heart breaks a little for the tiny girl who is still so innocent of the world. That was a nice heartstring tugging touch to bring Byul and Choon Hee’s parents to the audition, even if only by imagination.

We got a little taste of a transformation in Geun Woo as he turns from someone who doesn’t want run Shine Star at all to someone who has a natural instinct for business. His dad sees it, and Choon Hee is waking that ability in him.

Joon Hyun continues to fall deeper from stardom, even ending up literally in the ground. He has no money, no home,  and no support. All he has is Choon Hee. At this point of the drama, CH is only as important to him as his own survival is. Therefore, it is not surprising, even if it is disappointing, how little Joon Hyun contributed to Choon Hee’s audition. It was mostly the loan sharks and Choon Hee’s family that helped her through the audition.

We’ll have to wait and see how Choon Hee’s success will become more important than his own as Joon Hyun starts to love someone other than himself. It won’t be Joon Hyun teaching Choon Hee, but Choon Hee teaching Joon Hyun- how to love, how to sacrifice, and how to really let his music shine.


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  1. Here we go! *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

    June 24, 2014
  2. parked here waiting for your recap too 🙂

    June 24, 2014
  3. I always loathe the part in dramas where loan sharks go after the kids. Ugh, pisses me off.

    June 24, 2014
    • Alan #

      Difference here is that the loan sharks will become her biggest supporters (especially since they like Trot

      June 24, 2014
      • joonni #

        Compared to other kdrama loans sharks, these don’t seem too bad so far.

        June 24, 2014
      • am imagining them scouting for borrowers but with discount if they will join CH’s club ! 🙂

        June 25, 2014
  4. Is it wrong that I really really loved Soo In’s song the most from tonight?
    I gotta say -the trot music on this show isn’t as painful as I thought it would be – maybe it’s cuz of the way “Choon Hee” sings but I didn’t cringe once. 🙂

    June 24, 2014
    • joonni #

      She sings it with the trot vibrato but not with the nasal tone. I dunno….I think she needs sings more through her nose for it to sound like good trot. But you’ll probably run away screaming if she does.

      June 24, 2014
  5. Ljy #

    Thank you soooooo much:)

    June 24, 2014
    • joonni #

      You’re welcome 😀

      June 24, 2014
  6. Softy – That song is from the OST for “Secret”. Ailee sings it, it’s GORGEOUS:

    Agree, the trot is not as bad as I thought. I might be the only one but I’m loving this so far – easy, breezy and painless to watch. I love Choon Hee and her little sister is adorable. 🙂 Thanks so much for recapping this, Joonni – wish I could buy you dinner/drinks to let you know how much I appreciate it! *hugs*

    June 24, 2014
    • joonni #

      Ooh, thanks for the song info! And you’re welcome, Tessieroo. I take the virtual dinner and drinks. 🙂

      June 24, 2014
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      • choi min ki #

        plz some1 tell me how i can download that trot song…chebaallyooo!!!

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    thanks Joonni for the recap ! im so overwhelmed watching episode 1 i finally realized you are back from recapping 😀

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    Hello Thanks Joonni!!! *hugs* Hello Softy and tessieroo ^^ ~~

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  9. Welcome back! I saw the first episode and thought immediately, “Hmmmm….I bet Joonni’s recapping this.” Ha! You ARE! Thanks for the time and effort.

    I have to say ep 2 made me LOL and smile and awwww way more than the first.

    The last minute of the episode won me over BIG! I was all excited and clapping along.

    We just need to see more sweetness out of JH and I’ll be a happy Trot camper. If only they would tone down the white white BB cream, ya know?

    June 24, 2014
  10. fishgoesblub #

    Does anyone know the song that CH sings at the audition? Is it an original song or an old trot song? I’ve been trying to find it all over youtube but I can’t! It’s sounds so amazing and I think I’ve watched that last scene fifty times just to hear her sing it!

    June 26, 2014
    • hellooo #

      Pepper by Nam In Soo

      Anyway, thanks for the recap, Jooni! I think the episodes are getting better and it will be really fun once all the background stuff is fleshed out!

      June 28, 2014
      • fishgoesblub #


        June 28, 2014
  11. ephong #

    do u know what the tittle of the song thet na pil nyeo (the trainee sunbae) sang at the audition? thankyou in advance.. 🙂

    July 6, 2014
    • joonni #

      2NE1’s “Lonely”

      July 7, 2014

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