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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 12


The pup is all grown up and ready to bark at the big bad tiger.


Episode 12- The Magic Flute


It’s busy at both YGN and MSC as they prepare for the 10 o’clock nightly news. At MSC, Cha Ok and Jae Myung prepare for their live sit-down interview at the studio, and at YGN, Yoo Rae looks in enviously at Dal Po, who is sitting in the voice recording room. Both of their items are going on air during the news today, but Dal Po’s is going on before Yoo Rae’s.

At the Choi family household, Grandpa and Dal Pyung both sit down in front of the TV to watch the news and Grandpa is eager to record it, wanting to catch Dal Po on air.

It’s 10 o’clock and both the news shows start.  At YGN, Jo Won Goo, who is watch the news from the newsroom, asks Gyo Dong, “Are you being too brutal giving that item to Dal Po?” Gyo Dong explains Dal Po asked for it.


At MSC, Beom Jo and In Ha are both at the news studio, watching the interview take place. Cha Ok starts the interview, asking if Jae Myung he remembers that they met here 13 years ago. Of course, Jae Myung, replies, he asked for an interview to testify to his dad’s innocence. Cha Ok introduces the interview, claiming that MSC was the only one 13 years ago that would listen to Jae Myung and they have kept this interview safe for 13 years, believing the day would come on which they would be able to show the interview.

The interview that Jae Myung did with Cha Ok 13 years ago plays. It shows Jae Myung describing his father’s award and him crying, declaring that because he is his father’s son, he doesn’t want his father to be dead, but because he is his father’s son, he knows he is dead. His father is not someone who would abandon his colleagues and family and run away!

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h56m02s153 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h56m17s49

When the old interview finishes running, Cha Ok asks Jae Myung if he remembers this interview. Of course, Jae Myung replies, every word. He adds, “I also remember how you said to edit it.” Cha Ok flinches, not expecting this attack.

Jae Myung starts to reveal what he overheard Cha Ok say to the cameraman 13 years ago on how to edit his interview- to make Jae Myung sound like he didn’t care what other people thought and just selfishly wanted his dad to be alive. Cha Ok tries to move the interview past this story but Jae Myung won’t be stopped. He declares, “It’s funny. You can make a someone a hero or the devil according to how you edit. You made our dad into the devil 13 years ago with that type of editing.”


Cha Ok tries to lightly brush this away, saying it was 13 years ago and that the media was not mature back then. Jae Myung asks, “Then are you saying the media is mature now?” Cha Ok replies of course. See, although it took a long time, MSC was the one to reveal to the world his father’s innocence, as well as Jae Myung’s heroic deeds.

Jae Myung counters with a disagreement- the media has not matured and Cha Ok is making the same mistake as 13 years ago. “Like the way you made my dad the devil from a hero, you made me, a murderer, into a hero.”

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h56m57s192 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h57m43s137

Jae Myung confesses on live TV that he killed someone. If they don’t believe him, turn to YGN news right now.

At YGN news, Dal Po’s report on Jae Myung plays. Dal Po had filmed the story from the site of the crime earlier. The police ere also there, Chan Soo included, investigating the crime scene. Dal Po had informed Chan Soo that Jae Myung murdered Moon Deok Soo and that Ki Jae Myung was his brother. Even earlier, Dal Po had interviewed Jae Myung on film,  and Jae Myung confessed to the murders of Moon Deok Soo and the other men, explaining why he killed them. He had also said in the interview that he didn’t think the image of him that was being portrayed by the media was truthful and because he didn’t want to lie anymore to the public, he was turning himself in. Dal Po ends his report, “This is YGN news’ Ki Ha Myung.”


In Ha watches this report and upon hearing Dal Po says his real name, she calls out the name she knew him by, pained by the fact that Dal Po just had to report his own brother’s crimes. Dal Pyung and Grandpa are also in shock and disbelief, unable to understand why Dal Po is calling himself Ki Ha Myung.

Song Cha Ok sits in the dark studio alone, shaken to her very core. She throws her papers violently in anger.


Ha Myung waits for Jae Myung outside the MSC building. So do the police. Jae Myung looks at peace, coming out of the building. He tells Ha Myung that he was able to properly stick one to Cha Ok. Ha Myung starts to cry in earnest, apologizing for being the one to put him in jail. Jae Myung lifts up his brother’s face and tells him this is just the beginning. From now on, Ha Myung will fight against Cha Ok alone and show her and him what a real journalist is. “I believe in you.” He makes Dal Po promise in the same special way they did 13 years ago when Jae Myung promised their dad would come back.

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h59m24s123 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h59m29s170 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-03h59m36s244

Ha Myung sobs harder and leans into his brother’s shoulder, holding on to him tightly and crying, not as the grown up man Dal Po, but as the little brother Ha Myung. He doesn’t want to say goodbye to his brother again and neither does Jae Myung- they met after all these years but their time together was so short. They hold each other tightly for the last time for a very long time and Chan Soo lets them take their time, feeling sorry for these poor brothers.


It’s a new day and Dal Po bows to grandpa. He is moving out and living at his brother’s place. Grandpa wants Dal Po to stay; he doesn’t care who Dal Po really is. He is just his son Choi Dal Po.


Grandpa asks Dal Po if it was painful living here with them and Dal Po replies yes, choking over his words. We hear Dal Po’s true feelings- no, he was too happy living here. So happy that he feels guilty to his brother. His words hurt Grandpa but Grandpa says he understands.

Dal Po doesn’t want to but he has to cut the ties quickly and swiftly before he loses all courage to do so and causes more pain to Grandpa. He tells Grandpa that he wants to take on his real name again but in order to do so, Grandpa needs to dissolve Dal Po’s adoption to the Choi family. This is too much for Grandpa and he starts crying. Dal Po apologizes silently, saying, “I don’t think I should be allowed to be happy anymore.”

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h00m13s100 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h00m32s38

Dal Pyung watches as Dal Po packs up his stuff in his room and he says lightly, “So this room is going to be mine now.” He asks about In Ha and Dal Po tells him that it is over and there is nothing for him to worry about.

Quietly, Dal Pyung asks Dal Po to stay. He apologizes for everything he said to make Dal Po feel pain. “Stay,” asks Dal Pyung, holding back his tears. Dal Po apologizes again and we hear him think, “For me to live life happily, my brother is too pitiful.”


Before he leaves, Dal Po bows to Dal Pyung and thanks him for everything. He hears Grandpa sobbing alone in his room and Dal Pyung angrily calls out to him and In Ha since they are not coming out to see Dal Po off. Unable to bear Grandpa’s weeping any longer, Dal Po rushes out of there, not waiting for anyone to come out. In Ha stands by the door of her room, unable to come out and trying to muffle her sobs.


In Ha looks around Dal Po’s room and sees the family portrait Dal Po left on his desk. At his brother’s house now, Ha Myung places the pictures of his real family on the desk and he spots the fountain pen that his brother had bought for him. The pen is inscribed- “To my brother Ki Ha Myung.” Reading this, Ha Myung breaks down as he lets the tears loose- the tears of pain from parting with Grandpa, Dal Pyung, and In Ha, and the tears of putting his poor brother in jail.

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h02m17s61 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h02m19s80 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h02m20s90 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h02m22s116

Ha Myung puts on a brave face while he visits his brother in jail. Jae Myung tries to joke with him, saying he is glad that he didn’t go all the way with his revenge or else he wouldn’t have been able to see Ha Myung’s funny face often.

Ha Myung confirms that tomorrow is the day of the crime scene reenactment. Jae  Myung wants Ha Myung to be there since it is the last chance for them to see each other outside. Ha Myung promises to be there.


At the Han River police station, Chan Soo’s team leader is reading Jae Myung’s story in the newspaper and he reflects that Ha Myung is really scary, making his brother turn himself in just because he wanted an exclusive. Chan Soo can’t believe what he is hearing and he starts to criticize his team leader when he suddenly remembers his own actions years ago against Dal Po, spreading lies about him. Chan Soo describes his captain as thoughtless and childish as him. Aw, Chan Soo is a good friend!


Chan Soo runs into Ha Myung in the hallway and Chan Soo tells him that he tried to make the crime scene reeenactment private but couldn’t. Ha Myung asks Chan Soo to take good care of his brother and Chan Soo tells him not to worry.

It’s the day of the crime scene reenactment and all the news outlets are there waiting for Jae Myung and the police to arrive. Ha Myung is also there. Il Joo wants Joo Ho to film Ha Myung just in case but Hyun Gyu and and Jae Hwan block him from doing so.  Aw, YGN people protecting each other!


Jae Myung arrives and all the reporters and cameras rush at him in a situation similar to the one 13 years in front of the Ki family house with young Jae Myung and Ha Myung. Older Jae Myung and Ha Myung recall this memory silently. Jae Myung searches for his brother and his eyes find Ha Myung there, giving him his silent support.



vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h03m59s56Ha Myung has been trying really hard to be strong for his brother, so now back at the police station, Ha Myung can barely hold himself up. In Ha witnesses this and he catches her watching him. He walks away but In Ha is worried about him and she chases after him, grabbing his arm.


Dal Po pulls her hand off, telling her he is okay. “So don’t do anything.” He gets into the elevator and In Ha calls out to him in a familiar way, “Dal Po!”

Dal Po coldly tells her not to call him by that name again. “I’m okay so don’t worry about me or try to comfort me. So that I don’t break apart or shake in resolve, please don’t do anything.” Hearing his words, In Ha lets the elevator door close, unable to do anything for him.


In Ha runs into Cha Ok in the bathroom back at MSC. Cha Ok asks In Ha if she knew that Dal Po, her uncle, was Ki Jae Myung’s brother. Cha Ok notes that the world is scary, with her uncle being the brother of a murderer. In Ha can barely keep the disdain for her mom out of her voice as she replies, “So what? I am the daughter of a murderer.” When Cha Ok turns to her in shock, In Ha adds, “You killed someone with your words.”

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h04m48s41 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h04m47s31 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h04m50s52

At the YGN newsroom, Yoo Rae is searching Song Cha Ok’s name on search portals and noting that the related terms are all about Song Cha Ok being a fabricator. I-forget-his-name is doing the same thing. Yoo Rae declares this is not enough, though; Song Cha Ok deserves more criticism.

Yoo Rae has created an online group for “People who loathe Song Cha Ok.” She is going to upload the video she edited of Song Cha Ok’s seminar into the website. I-forget-his-name asks why Yoo Rae hates Song Cha Ok so much. Yoo Rae replies it is also because she feels apologetic to Ha Myung since she pushed the Ki Jae Myung story without knowing it was about his brother. She learned a lesson- what is simply a news item to them can mean everything to someone else’s life, but she thought of it too lightly.


The video is done uploading and it’s pretty awful, showing Song Cha Ok say that journliasts need to add seasoning to fact and that the public only likes to hear bad things about people, not good.

Song Cha Ok is being chauffeured somewhere and she reads a news story about MSC losing viewer’s trust because of her. She is upset when she spots Ha Myung on the road. She stops her car, gets out, and approaches him. She tells him she understands now why he was so nippy with her before. She also declares that although he wanted to screw her over badly enough that he made his brother turn himself in, his attack didn’t work.


Contrary to reaction she wanted, Ha Myung smiles. He says: “You must be nervous. You’re answering questions I didn’t even ask and even your voice is shaking. Are you scared of me?”

Cha Ok sneers at him, “Not at all.”Ha Myung o easily replies, “That’s good. Even if you are, don’t be discovered and don’t fall apart easily. Otherwise, it won’t be fun.”

Ha Myung narrates: “I was curious whether Song Cha Ok was only a bad reporter to me or of she was also bad to other people. I was very curious whether the sparks of distrust my brother and I threw at Song Cha Ok would burn out or burn stronger. But those sparks burned stronger than I imagined. And those sparks rode the wind and spread and became the spark of opportunity for me.”


The NTS rookie is reporting on people demanding that Song Cha Ok be removed from as an anchor and that there is a man demanding an apology from Song Cha Ok after she destroyed his business with incorrect news. Mr. Jo used to a public bus company owner, but he lost his business when it was reported, exclusively by Song Cha Ok, that a driver fired from the company committed suicide because of that loss of job. The man had been fired for “embezzling” a mere 600 won ($0.55 USD). But in truth, the man had died from an illness, not suicide.

At MSC, Yeon Doo Young is angry that NTS would attack another news network’s reporter like this. He wants Cha Ok to file charges of defamation against Mr. Jo. Cha Ok just wants to ignore, saying it is not worth responding, Yeon Doo Young thinks she has to show somehow that she is not guilty of anything. Is she?

Cha Ok explains there was a lot of circumstantial evidence to point to suicide and the deceased’s family had said it was. So she did not look at the death certificate to confirm. Doo Young can’t believe that Cha Ok investigated with already having a conclusion set. He confirms with her that she is unable at this point to state that Mr. Jo is wrong and to explain herself. He tells her that if it turns out that what Mr. Jo is saying is true, Cha Ok should resign from her position as anchor.


Song Cha Ok instructs Il Joo to dig into Mr. Jo and report directly to her. Unfortunately for her, Gong Joo overhears and he passes the task to In Ha and Beom Jo, explaining that he is upset Cha Ok couldn’t trust him and that a Pinocchio will be best to prove Cha Ok’s innocence since everyone knows In Ha can’t lie. Cha Ok is upset over this decision but Gong Joo reminds her that it is completely the captain’s sole privilege to assign reporters to stories and no one else.

The YGN news team is having a meeting and talking about NTS’s report on Song Cha Ok. Hyun Gyu thinks it is okay for a news network to be investigating into another network’s anchor especially since Song Cha Ok got an award for that story about the bus driver suicide.

Yoo Rae and Ha Myung add that there must be something wrong since MSC is not defending itself. Gyo Dong points out that what NTS is doing is only reporting Mr. Jo’s testimony. They need to interview all sides. He assigns Ha Myung to investigate but when Yoo Rae looks at him with puppy eyes, he assigns her to the story too.

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h06m57s48 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h06m57s51

Ha Myung visits his brother and tells him about this story. Mr. Cha, a public bus driver, was fired from his company six years ago after being accused of embezzling 600 won. He argued that it was just a mistake but was fired nonetheless. After being fired, according to his family, Mr. Cha became depressed and a month later, he committed suicide through a drug overdose. Song Cha Ok had reported on this story as an MSC exclusive and won an award for it. The problem is that Mr. Cha died from an illness, not suicide, but Song Cha Ok pushed the story as suicide. And the bus company was hurt financially because of its bad reputation and had to close. If Ha Myung reports on this story properly, he will finally be able to bring Cha Ok down and make her unable to be a reporter. Jae Myung says he looks forward to it, to see how Ha Myung does it.

Ha Myung asks how Jae Myung’s lawyer is. Jae Myung says the lawyer seems like a good person but not very smart. Ha Myung is worried and asks for his name and number.

Beom Jo is on the phone with his mom and he sounds unhappy to be working with In Ha again on a story. He tells her it is because he wants to ends things with her. He doesn’t have the strength to keep fighting a fight that he has no chance of winning. He is going to end things with In Ha by telling him that he was the one who stole her messages to her mom for 13 years. He knows she will be angry with him but he is ready for that- to be hit if she hits and to be cursed at if she curses.


Mom suggests that Beom Jo then also quit being a reporter. He only started because he wanted to see In Ha anyway. Beom Jo agrees. Mom also wants Beom Jo to go on a meeting with a prospective marriage partner. He refuses but when his mom sends him a picture of the girl, Beom Jo’s resolve shakes a little. The picture they used is of Suzy from K-pop group miss A.


Beom Jo finds In Ha stapling papers together and he eyes her hand slapping that stapler down hard warily. He imagines her slapping him so hard that her hand leaves a violet print on his face. So before he tellls her, he questions her first, asking if she is angry at the person who stole her messages. In Ha replies she was initially but not anymore. Her mom would have replied early on, had those messages gone to her, to stop  messaging her. So it’s not like they would definitely be on better terms if the messages had gone to her for those 13 years. In Ha says she is actually grateful to that person who accepted her messages for 13 years. The person was her bamboo forest and her diary. She’s kind of sorry these days that she no longer has anyone to send messages too.

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h07m51s77 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h07m49s59

This makes Beom Jo happy and he has to stop and remind himself that this is not what he wanted or was supposed to happen. He needed to end things with her!

In Ha and Beom Jo try to get Mr. Jo to talk to them but he refuses to be interviewed by anyone from MSC since they will try to protect Song Cha Ok. In Ha assures him that this is not their intention and since she is a Pinocchio, she can’t lie. She promises to help him get an apology from Song Cha Ok if Song Cha Ok did indeed report erroneously and she promises that she will only report the exact truth.


Ha Myung witnesses this scene as he is here with Yoo Rae to interview Mr. Jo too. Mr. Jo says he will talk to both MSC and YGN and the five move to a cafe.

Before In Ha can sit down, Ha Myung pulls her aside. He tells her to drop out from this story. He is going to use this story to bring her mom down and show the world that her mom has no right to be journalist. If In Ha is there, he will be worried about her. He wants to think only about his brother and fight properly but if he sees her, he will hesitate.


In Ha coldly replies, “Don’t be concerned. Fight properly. Don’t hesitate. I am the same as you. I also think my mom doesn’t have the right to be a journalist and like you said, I want to show the world that. I know how much you are hurting. You are not okay. You are crying every night alone and you are missing Grandpa every moment. But you are pretending you are okay because of your brother. I know better than anyone else that you are not okay, but I am not going to worry about you or comfort you. You know why?! Because I hate it more to see you fall apart. So don’t worry about me and go your own way.”


Il Joo reports to Cha Ok after meeting with Mr. Cha’s younger brother. The brother said Mr. Jo is correct. Song Cha Ok is angry- then why did that family lie to her six years ago and said it was a suicide? Il Joo tells her the brother said it was because they were angry at Mr. Jo. Cha Ok also asks about In Ha and Beom Jo so he tells her that they are interviewing Mr. Jo and so is YGN’s Ki Ha Myung.

While picking up their orders, Beom Jo asks cautiously if Ha Myung is okay. He doesn’t know exactly what to say in comfort but he wants Ha Myung to know that he is on his side completely. Beom Jo also tells Ha Myung that his mother is the second highest holder of MSC’s stocks so you know…. Ha Myung smiles, grateful, but also teasing Beom Jo about him acting like a chaebol. Beom Jo asserts that he hates acting like this but he really wants Ha Myung to know he is on his side.


During the interview, Mr. Jo reveals that he found about the real cause of Mr. Cha’s death after having dinner with his brother and the brother confessing to him. He then checked out the death certificate. In Ha confirms  with Mr. Jo that Song Cha Ok did not check the death certificate six years ago. Beom Jo asks if Mr. Jo has any other evidence. Mr. Jo gives them the contact information for Mr. Cha’s brother and his colleagues.


After the interview, the four divvy up the work. In Ha will confirm the death certificate, Beom Jo will talk to Mr. Cha’s colleagues, and Yoo Rae will meet with Mr. Cha’s family. Ha Myung says he will go talk to Song Cha Ok. Beom Jo gives Ha Myung his MSC ID card so that Ha Myung can get in the building without any problems.

At MSC, Ha Myung asks Gong Joo where Cha Ok is and he tells him that she is in the cafeteria. Gong Joo thinks he recognizes Ha Myung but can’t place exactly where from.


Ha Myung sits down at Cha Ok’s table in the cafeteria. He taunts her, saying, “You’re having a hard time right now, right? Being swept up in a preposterous rumor. I experienced the same thing 13 years ago so I know that feeling well.”

Not wanting to listen to him any longer, Cha Ok stops eating, gets up, and walks away. But Ha Myung follows her, continuing his attack. “But you are luckier than I was since it is easier to prove the rumor wrong. All you need to do is file charges against Mr. Jo for defamation  and the police will start investigating and find out which side is lying.”

Cha Ok declares that the rumor is not even worth filing charges against. Ha Myung asks, “Isn’t it really because you have no confidence?”  Cha Ok clarifies, “I mean I don’t have to respond to each and every groundless rumor.”


Ha Myung throws the words Cha Ok used on him and his brother 13 years ago back at her. “Can you prove that it is a groundless rumor?” Cha Ok recognizes those words. She finally stops her steps and turns back to face. She confidently declares she can.


Ha Myung asks what evidence did she have to conclude it was suicide. Cha Ok replies she had the circumstantial evidence.Ha Myung digs deeper. “Did you check the death certificate?” Cha Ok just lists, “I also had the testimony of a family member.”Ha Myung repeats, “Did you check the death certificate?” but Cha Ok just says she also had the final will of the deceased. When Ha Myung keeps asking about the death certificate, Cha Ok finally loses her composure in front of him and screams. “I didn’t need to check because there was a lot of other evidence!”

vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h11m52s185 vlcsnap-2014-12-19-04h11m57s227

Ha Myung calmly smiles and thanks her for her answer. Cha Ok storms off and when alone, she gets a message from the President telling her to step down for now.

As Ha Myung walks out of MSC, he smiles a happy smile of victory.


End of episode 12


Jin Kyung is utterly captivating as Song Cha Ok. I hate her so much but I love watching her and the smallest changes in her face when Dal Po or Jae Myung cause her composed and icy exterior to crack. The balls on this woman! Even when Jae Myung reveals to the whole world how she tried to edit his interview 13 years ago, she refuses to apologize or take personal blame, choosing instead to call the the entire media immature. Never an “I” there even as Jae Myung personally calls her out on her journalist integrity national television.

What baffles me is that Song Cha Ok did not expect Jae Myung to bring up that editing issue during the live interview. How could she have not expected it? Did she really think she did nothing wrong, therefore Jae Myung forgot or  was able to let it go after realizing she did nothing wrong? If she really thought she did nothing wrong and therefore had nothing to worry about with her interview with Jae Myung, then I have no sympathy for her as she falls from grace and slowly loses everything around her. How could one be so unrepentant in the face of such anger and destruction?

My heart hurt for the brothers who made terrible choices and mistakes in their lives and now has to live with their consequences and guilt. It hurt to see Ha Myung cling so hard to his brother, feeling all the anguish and guilt, before he is taken away. It hurt to see Ha Myung try so hard to smile in front of his brother, to appear brave and happy even though he is dying inside, having given up all hope for happiness as Choi Dal Po.

Ha Myung is using all his strength to keep it together and In Ha, being the wonderful and smart person that she is, can see it. I love her answer to Dal Po at the cafe. “Look, I know you are not okay and I know you love me. I know you don’t want to hurt me, but that you can’t ignore your brother. So do your thing. You have my complete and honest blessing. You said I shouldn’t worry about so I won’t. So you stop worrying about me and let me do my thing. You yours, me mine. It just happens we both believe the same thing and we’re going to cross paths. Suck it up.” I love that In Ha does not let Dal Po dictate what she can or cannot do and that fact that she also doesn’t idly stand by like his shadow and wait for him to move for herself to move. In Ha has her own thoughts, beliefs, and goals, and she manages to pursue them all while loving Dal Po as fiercely and as honestly as she can.

I’m happy to see Ha Myung have so many people on his side to support him- Beom Jo, Yoo Rae, the YGN people, In Ha, Dal Pyung, Grandpa, and his brother. It is great to see a drama so full of characters who are capable of feeling empathy and sympathy, and who love unselfishly. But I also worry there is no one to check Ha Myung as he carries out his revenge. Will Gyo Dong be there to warn Ha Myung if he starts to stray from real journalism? Is anyone going to make sure that Ha Myung’s investigation into Song Cha Ok’s story isn’t a story already concluded of her guilt so he can bring her down?

There is a strong sense of karma in this drama with words or actions that were once said or done by one person comes back as to haunt them through another. From Chan Soo to Cha Ok, their words and past deeds come back to teach them a lesson. you can be like Chan Soo and learn it or you can be like Cha Ok and refuse to bend. But you know what happens to a tree branch that cannot bend. It breaks.

Well, hello there, Cha Gwan Woo!


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  1. Thank you for the fast recap!

    Oh, in Ha how can you be so fantastic? She is strong, smart and independent and she knows what she has to do and doesnt let anyone dictate her even dal po. Instead of sulking in a corner, she faces it headstrong. I totally love In Ha! You go girl! keep being awesome okay?

    Pinocchio fighting!

    December 18, 2014
  2. Thank youuuu joonnii.. By reading your recap when the part Ha Myung has to say goodbye to Choi family, it makes me sad and cry…I knew that grandpa will be sad, but Dad almost cried and beg him to stay for In Ha -his most beautiful daughter and ….- really got me the most…

    He never disapprove of Dal Po and In Ha! He is the best father in KDrama, only wanting her girl to be happy ^^

    Ahhh and not to forget every scenes between brothers… Sob… Sob.. Sob…

    December 18, 2014
  3. julie #

    I have read so many comments about this drama. Usually ppj forget that it is the writer’s story being told. We are suppose to watch, enjoy and learn if there’s a lesson tp be learned. Thank Joni for the recap and thought.

    December 18, 2014
  4. Thanks for the recap. I’ve been waiting for the sub but since it’s not out, yet so I read the recap.
    About your comment on Song Cha-Ok whether she really thought she did nothing wrong and therefore had nothing to worry about. I exactly think it is. She is a person who love herself the most to stop caring about other people.
    I actually encounter such kind of persons in real life which made me lose faith in humanity sometimes. It hurts but they just don’t care.

    December 18, 2014
  5. mmhuerta #

    Muchas gracias!!! Me encanta

    December 18, 2014
  6. athena #

    Thanks dear ,love your recap help me to understand because watching live streaming last night..this story is so good.and the characters is interesting too.The actors are doing a splendid job … ❤

    December 18, 2014
  7. Im glad Jay is in custody and really sad for hamyung who is taking the blame. 11 was a bit more dramatic than this. The atmosphere is really vengeful sadistic and sad.

    December 19, 2014
  8. Excellent article. I certainly appreciate this website.
    Continue the good work!

    December 19, 2014
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    this website and at the moment this time I am browsing this web
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    December 27, 2014
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