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[Fanvid] Faith- You Drive Me Crazy

Another fanvid! This time a fun one.

This drama is so much fun. I’m starting to get obsessed over it.

Watch in HD.

Song: “Can Can” by Vanessa Mae

[Updated With Vimeo Link][Fanvid] Faith (The Great Doctor)- “I Am a Warrior”

Yay! I finally got a fanvid out for “Faith.” Watch in HD.

For our Goryeo warrior, Choi Young.

Song- “I Am Woodalchi” (“Faith” OST).

Would love to make one for Gongmin but since he doesn’t have a lot of action, I need a song with lyrics. Can anyone suggest one?


Eesh! So Youtube tells me that my video is blocked everywhere except South Korea due to Loen Entertainment’s copyright on the song. And it’s wonky because sometimes I can play the video here in the U.S. and sometimes I can’t. The same goes for it showing up on the search results under “faith leeminho.” And it definitely doesn’t play on ipad at anytime. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the randomness.

Well anyway, after some tinkering and waiting, I’ve uploaded the video on vimeo. Hopefully this works for everyone this time!

EDIT 2: Also uploaded to Facebook page

Reuploading “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” Fanvids

I think CJ E&M only claimed copyright on my Queen InHyun’s Man fanvids. They deleted all but one. Why?! Everyone else seem to be untouched. T___T So I’m reuploading some of them. Doing this made me miss QIHM so much again! Read more

[Fanvid] Gaksital- “I Only Hurt Those I Love”

Fanmade m/v for “Gaksital” Episodes 1-6.
Song- “Neutralize the Threat” by Mark Petrie.

Fanvid: Big- “Gong Yoo’s Got the Moves”

I’m loving the new Kyung Joon and Gong Yoo is like delicious chocolate cake that should be savored bite by bite.

Song- “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.

Fanvid: [Eng] QIHM “Same Sky, Different Time”

I have made another fanvid to this song, despite having already made one in the beginning.

I’ve always wished that a drama would have a final music video for the OST after the series finished that included all the wonderful scenes, so I’ve made one myself.

While I was making this fanvid, the lyrics at the end of the song that go, “I will become the moonlight in the broad sky so you can find your way back to me” matched up with the image of the cellphone lighting up. I got a chill then. Hee-Jin calling Boong-Do, lighting up the cellphone screen, stopping him from dying = “moonlight in the broad sky so that you can find your way back to me.” Now that’s poetic.

I hope this fanvid can act as “fairytale book from your childhood that you take out from a dusty bookcase and will always transport you to a fantasy world…”

This will most likely be my final fanvid for “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” (unless the instrumental OST that they (may) release later really compels me to make another one). So I hope you guys like it and find a little closure to this “fantasy of a midsummer night’s dream.”