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Fanvid: QIHM “A Thousand Years”

I hope this fanvid portrays the journey that both Hee-Jin and Boong-Do went through to be together.

Song- “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Thanks to Amalia (Cassiopeia) ‏@Azaleaislala for suggesting this song!

*I plan to try to recap the special episodes next week. I just don’t know how “recap-able” they will be…

Fanvid: QIHM “Trouble Maker”

I should be sleeping so I can be well rested for recapping but once I start editing, I can’t stop.

Here is another fanvid to the music of “Trouble Maker” by Jang Hyun Seung (Beast) and Hyuna (4minute). It’s such a sexy song. K-pop and K-drama collide!

Fanvid: QIHM “Boong-Do Brings Sexy Back”

You guys knew this was coming, right?

I’m so glad I waited until we literally got some sexy back.

Hope you enjoy!

Fanvid: QIHM- “You Are So Beautiful”

This one is dedicated to our beautiful Hee-Jin.

Song- You Are So Beautiful (“Scent of a Woman” OST) by Junsu (JYJ).

Watch in fullscreen HD for English Subs.

Fanvid: Queen In-Hyun’s Man “Kiss Me”

Now this was just waiting to be made.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Fanvid: Queen In-Hyun’s Man- “Love Won’t Get Me Down”

Gah! I posted this in the recap and didn’t make it public. Complete fail.

Here is it again. I hope you guys like it!