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Keeping the Faith 7

TWTWB poster

Hello everyone! It has been a while. I hope you guys are doing well. As for me, I am alive and well in South Korea.

My apologies for being MIA over the past two months. Read more

Keeping the Faith 6


Hello everyone!

What a week it has been! I caught a cold which gave me time to catch up on dramas, namely Cheongdamdong Alice, My Daughter Seoyoung, and Missing You. Actually it was more like I actually got to see them the day the aired instead of weeks later. Yay for cold and bed rest! Missing You continues to be strangely addicting and I’m happy to report that Jung-woo has stopped being grabby and started giving Soo-yeon her space. My Daughter Seoyoung is your typical weekend family drama  but since it is typical, as usual it’s perfectly addicting (my Park Hae-jin!). Alice, I’ve written about in a separate post. Read more

Keeping the Faith 5

Lee Minho @star1 extra Lee Minho @star1 extra 9-2 Lee Minho @star1 extra 3-2

hyun bin cosmo 7

Hello guys! Here is a new thread to populate. As I mentioned before, these threads are not limited to Faith related things or people so feel free to share and fangirl about other dramas and actors. Read more

Keeping the Faith 4

I see a new thread is needed already. Wow, you guys. 😀

I’m sure you’ve seen these already but… Read more

Keeping the Faith 3

So I read that Lee Min-ho is holding his Bench meeting soon and we have readers who are going to share with us? Yay!

Since the older thread already has so many comments, I am making a new one. Read more

Keeping the Faith 2

Oh dear, the first thread already has around 250 comments so I’m making a new one for this week.

Have you guys seen this episode of the Chinese talkshow, “Happy Camp”? Lee Min-ho was a guest early this year and I was lucky enough to find a Eng-sub video of it. Read more