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Welcome Back Binnie!!!

Hyun Bin returns 12

Hyun Bin returns 10

Hyun Bin returns 11

Hyun Bin returns 6

Hyun Bin is back! He is looking healthy and good-looking as ever. Fans donated about 4 tons of rice to commemorate his return. Awesome. And look at all the reporters! They know what the hot news is today.

EDIT: According to a news article I read, Binnie said at the mini press conference, “I enlisted 21 months ago with a deep bow. I promised to get stronger and like that promise, I think I have.”

Hyun Bin showed his strong passion for acting as he started to say, “I really wanted to act,” but he had to stop and turn around to cry. After gathering himself, he continued, “Even during vacation, I couldn’t act. I really wanted to do, so I went to the location where my juniors were acting and watched them.”

This guy, I love his passion for his profession and how sincerely he approaches it. So humble too.

Hyun Bin returns 3 Hyun Bin returns 1 Hyun Bin returns 5 Hyun Bin returns 4

hyun bin returns 7

Hyun Bin returns 13

Don’t cry!

hyun bin returns 8

Hyun Bin, so widely loved and respected. Dear, dear Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin!!!!

Hyun Bin- “That Man” (Secret Garden OST)

Such a warm-hearted, intelligent guy, who is always generous with his leading ladies and fellow actors.
hyun bin manchu still 9

Hyun Bin returns 2     secret garden cappucino kiss hyun bin with cat love love not secret garden JW feeds RI hyunbin buzz cut hyunbin as dongsoo W photoshoot hyunbin buzz for W hyunbin in tank and calvin klein hyunbin mustache and hair st_1295420822_-1443928913_0 hyun bin fan sign 2 귀여운 현빈 hyun bin cine 2-4 hyun bin cine 2 fanmade wall 3 hyun bin friend photo 1  hyun bin cosmo long hair with drink hyun bin manch photo 1 hyun bin 7 hyun bin cosmo 7 hyun bin cosmo 9 hyun bin cosmo 10 hyun bin short hair hyun bin and tangwei vogue 6 hyun bin im soo jung 3 hyun bin tang wei vogue 3 hyun bin movieweek 10

Edit: Sorry for the weird empty post before. WordPress is getting wonky on me.

Lee Min-ho @Star1 Photoshoot Gallery

Muahahahahahaha! Most of you have probably seen some of the pictures already but I think I got my hands on the whole lot by accessing @Star1’s website. Hee! So I’m sharing. Enjoy! I don’t think all the outfits look good on him, especially the bright-colored ones but I am happy to see Lee Min-ho wear some colorful clothes for a change. I love the blue newsboy cap on him. I also love the dandy, short hair he is sporting in the bar setting. I think I would like to see him, in his next project, play to his age and be an out-right playboy, a man of the city. Something bright, something happy, something where he is not prickly or traumatized. Read more

Keeping the Faith 3

So I read that Lee Min-ho is holding his Bench meeting soon and we have readers who are going to share with us? Yay!

Since the older thread already has so many comments, I am making a new one. Read more

Ji Hyun Woo Says Goodbye to Fans, Enters Army

Our Boong-do is finally experiencing what all men of modern-day South Korea must experience, mandatory military service. Cries. Ji Hyun Woo entered the army today on August 7 at the 102th reserve base for four weeks of basic training. He will then begin his 21-month active-duty service. Many fans and reporters came to see him off and Ji Hyun Woo held a brief interview session before he entered the base. Although reporters asked him many questions about Yoo In Na, Ji Hyun Woo simply laughed and avoided answering. Yesterday, representatives of Yoo In Na informed the public that she will not be coming to see him off today. Reports have it that the couple had a dinner date the night before instead. Ji Hyun Woo just briefly thanked people for coming despite the heat and assured fans that he will return healthy and safe. Read more

Park Si Yeon Sets Sail for Instyle

I said I’ll take what I can get. While looking up news for the upcoming September drama Nice Guy, I came upon these latest photos of Park Si Yeon for the August issue of Instyle Magazine.

Park Si Yeon will play the role of “Han Jae Hee” in Nice Guy, who betrayed the man she loved for revenge. Park Si Yeon has definitely improved since playing the hateful secondary lead in My Girl (2005) and I loved her a lot in Coffee House (2010) as the confident and capable editor. So I’m looking forward to what seems will be a femme fatale role in Nice Guy. And boy can she pull it off.

Read more

Ji Hyun Woo to Start Military Service August 7

Ji Hyun Woo‘s military enlistment date has officially been set. The actor will enter the army August 7 and begin to receive basic training. Fortunately, he won’t be leaving without saying goodbye to his fans first through a fan meeting that will be held July 22.

I have translated Ji Hyun Woo’s recent cyworld message in which he talks about saying goodbye to his 20s, as he will be in his 30s when he comes out of the army in two years. Read more