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Eun-soo’s Transformation and Her Love for Young

Part 1-  Eun-soo’s Transformation in Goryeo and Her Choice to Stay.

Eun-soo is a hard character to understand. Is it because of her time-traveling mystery that the writer is so secretive about Eun-soo? We don’t know her history, we don’t know who she really is, and we have no idea where she is going. We are rarely allowed a window into her thoughts and when we get a view into her heart, it comes as a surprise. Eun-soo smiles and laughs, talks and complains. But behind that facade, she cries, fears, and dies….alone. Visions of death and blood haunt her every night but she puts on a bright smile every morning for everyone else, for herself, and for Young. Read more

The Sword of a Warrior

This piece is a bit different from what I have posted previously for “Faith.” It is a little more analytical than usual and it won’t make you cry. I know that’s what you guys have started to expect from my posts (:D) but this time, I really wanted to just think through the character of Young narratively and explore the journey his character has made from the beginning of the story till now. This type of essay requires certain interpretations of key points in Young’s life and if there are any interpretations that you disagree with, please let me know. I love a good conversation. Read more

For Love, For Country

Sadness (“Faith” OST)

Young has just heard that twenty-four of his Woodalchi died- fighting to protect their king…fighting and dying in his stead. He sits alone in the dark silence of his room as the smell of incense fills the air. He doesn’t cry in mourning for his men. No, he can’t cry. He thinks to himself, “I do not deserve to cry.” Read more

Quick Thoughts on “Nice Guy” Episodes 5-6

In short, “Nice Guy” is a familiar story, given new life with excellent directing.

According to Wiki, Lee Kyung-hee has written ten full length dramas and I have watched seven out of those ten. So by now, her characters feel very familiar- the conflicted hero and the innocent heroine who loves with her entire soul. Thankfully, the directing keeps the story from feeling old and heavy, and Song Joong-ki is wearing his character like a second skin, bringing Maru alive. Moon Chae-won is also performing well as Eun-gi but I don’t think the character is her own yet, compared to Joong-ki. Read more

The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic: Lassoing in the Wed-Thurs Dramas

Three dramas + two nights = dead me.

I titled this post “The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic.” You think you can easily match the drama to its description? Is it really that simple? Never be sure who’s cute, scary, or melodramatic in 2012 Kdrama-land!

Beware: Spoilers! Read more

When 1997 Answers

“Change” by Jo Jang Hyuk (1997)

*Played in episode 13 when Shi-won told Tae-woong her heart skips for someone else.

I love “Answer Me 1997” for many reasons. First, its got the nicely balanced trifecta of writing, directing, and acting. The three parts meet each other at the center to create an assured and purposeful story. Dramas like this one are rare; the story knows where it’s going and how it wants to get there. We are carried along with the narrative and thrust deep within its heart instead of left meandering- grasping at threads that will never lead anywhere. Second, this drama not only speaks to a generation but also across generations. There is an added delight to knowing the cultural and generational references, sure, but the story is contemporary, not historical. Third, and this is a very personal reason, “Answer Me 1997” made me appreciate my parents anew. Read more