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Posts from the ‘Fangirling’ Category

Choi Jin Hyuk Giveaway!

Update: Congratulations! The winners are Amelia, Awesomeduck, and Ivoire. I’ve sent emails to you guys so please make sure to check your inbox.

Yes. I am giving away Choi Jin Hyuk!

I kid, but hey, I can imagine he is mine to give away, right?

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This is a very brief post to just scream…


Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa FOREVER!

Spoiler for Episode 21 below.

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Keeping the Faith 3

So I read that Lee Min-ho is holding his Bench meeting soon and we have readers who are going to share with us? Yay!

Since the older thread already has so many comments, I am making a new one. Read more

Counting Down To Monday…

Promised to sb that I would get to this interview so here is it. Read more

Unraveling the Time-travel in “Faith”

After reading redpinkboxes post and everyone else’s comments, I was compelled to think about the time-traveling aspect really hard. Harder than I planned to. So much that I threw out the idea of writing an epic and thorough post on it because my brain hurt so much. I can’t wrap my head around it. Seriously, I tried really hard to figure Eun-soo’s time travel out but I kept on running up against holes in my theories. So I decided I would just do this kind of post instead, to create a separate thread and space to bring together hypotheses and speculations. Read more

The Evolution of Young and Eun-soo’s Relationship

My dear Young and Eun-soo...Oh, how much you have changed and grown because of each other! Watching your relationship and character grow has been such a joy.

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