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Posts from the ‘Teasers and Stills’ Category

Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 23

I don’t know what to think about this preview. There seems to be hope for our Imja couple in it if I try to interpret it positively but it also doesn’t tell us anything new. This drama is determined to drive me bonkers until the end, isn’t it? Read more

[Updated With More SPOILERY Info] Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 22

Wah! A written preview that tells us nothing and no video preview either. Thank god we have tomorrow. Read more

Young’s Confession Delayed Twenty Minutes

My heart is leaping for joy right now. Celebrate with me everyone because I’m so giddy, I don’t think I can sleep. Read more

Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 21

Ki Chul is back, perhaps more deadly than ever. And Eun-soo might be the smartest lady out there. She sure knows how to get a man to want more. 😉 Read more

Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 19

Eek! The scale of threat against Gongmin grows larger and our Imja couple are drawing closer and closer to that final separation. I don’t know how much longer my heart can last. Read more

Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 18

So was Choi Young able to stop the wedding? What is Deok Heung’s next plan of action? Will Eun-soo stay with Young in Goryeo? Oh, don’t we all want to know. Read more