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Who Was Your First Love? “Introduction to Architecture” Movie Review


“Will you listen?”


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Photo Spam: Ji Hyun Woo in “Mr. Idol” (Warning: Lots of pics. Lots.)




This movie requires no brain power whatsoever. It is basically a patchwork of different scenes just thrown together. There is no character development and the plot is so cliche, a five-year-old could have written it. Basically someone in the movie industry wanted to cash in on the idol trend so he hired some slipshot writer, coerced veteran actors to star in it, threw in some eye candy, and hoped for the best. You can’t even be angry at this movie because it’s just so surface level. The only redeeming point about this movie is of course, Ji Hyun Woo, and the sprinkling of comedy. I actually enjoyed the comedy. Ji Hyun Woo had some good deadpan delivery and there was some physical humor. I don’t think any of the actors took this project too seriously, which is good, but they did their job with what they were given. I don’t think I can blame them for this bad movie.

Mr. Idol

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