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Dedicated to Joon-hee

This is a post dedicated to Joon-hee who shows us how strong, steadfast, and selfless love can be.

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Indulging in the Goodness of “Faith” Episode 7

Trying to recap a drama as fast as possible means that I don’t get to indulge in a scene as much as I would like, especially when some scenes are just meant to be digested slowly. And there were so much this week! So here is gratuitous recap of select scenes from episode 7. Read more

Falling in Love with “Faith”

Leave it to an OST song to push me over the edge. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The way a melody and lyrics draw out the emotions that lay flattened and scattered across scenes. I wrote in the “Faith” episode 4 recap that I was finally invested in the drama and at that time, it was the extent of my attachment to the drama. But slowly and strangely, I found myself thinking about Faith and its characters throughout the day, eager for the next episode so I can see their relationship develop. Read more

[Final Update]Lyrics: Seven Songs from The Nuts

Songs are easier to translate because they are shorter but also harder to translate because they are poetic and incomplete. Because I don’t know how to keep it both poetic and understandable, I’ve chosen to translate these songs not word for word but meaning by meaning.The lyrics lost a lot of its poetry through this kind of translation but if I translated them the way it is written word for word, the grammar and message would have be all over the place. I would rather convey the meaning of the lyrics than let an amateur translation ruin the song.

The Nuts is the band that Ji Hyun Woo was a part of as the lead guitarist and sub-vocal. The group debuted in 2005 and their most recent single was released in 2009.

Someone requested that I translate the lyrics to these four songs from The Nuts’ discography. As you can read, these songs are pretty typical of ballads from that era- sad, angsty, and dramatic. So are the music videos. Back then these would have moved me to tears. Now I am a cold, cynical soul. 😉

Dot Dot Dot (쩜쩜쩜) (2008, 3rd album “Could’ve Been”)

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Lyrics: Ji Hyun Woo “Good Addiction” and “Dear Child”

I thought I could get away with not translating all of Ji Hyun Woo’s songs from his single album, but I guess not. 😉 🙂

Here is it!
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Lyrics: Ji Hyun Woo “Baby Elephant” and “She is My Love”

Because I have a hard time saying no…and because I think the girls who requested this want me to hop on the JHW-YIN ship…

I have translated two songs by Ji Hyun Woo upon their request. Just gathering it into one post here.

Ji Hyun Woo- “Baby Elephant” ( from his solo album “Crescendo”)

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