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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 8


Be careful what you wish for because one man’s lucky day can be another man’s last.


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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 7


Dal Po has to face his own mistakes and fears.

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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 6


When what we find is not the truth, truth sends a small signal- doubt. Listen to that signal.

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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 5


Hell is not someplace you go only when you die.


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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 4


Speak responsibly because the weight of your words can sink not just one life, but many.


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Recap: Pinocchio Episode 3


Truth floats through the lies like oil rising in water. And a reporter has to find a way for those truths to float, even if it means creating those lies surrounding the truth.

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