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When 1997 Answers

“Change” by Jo Jang Hyuk (1997)

*Played in episode 13 when Shi-won told Tae-woong her heart skips for someone else.

I love “Answer Me 1997” for many reasons. First, its got the nicely balanced trifecta of writing, directing, and acting. The three parts meet each other at the center to create an assured and purposeful story. Dramas like this one are rare; the story knows where it’s going and how it wants to get there. We are carried along with the narrative and thrust deep within its heart instead of left meandering- grasping at threads that will never lead anywhere. Second, this drama not only speaks to a generation but also across generations. There is an added delight to knowing the cultural and generational references, sure, but the story is contemporary, not historical. Third, and this is a very personal reason, “Answer Me 1997” made me appreciate my parents anew. Read more

Dedicated to Joon-hee

This is a post dedicated to Joon-hee who shows us how strong, steadfast, and selfless love can be.

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Recap: “Answer Me 1997” Episode 1

Episode 1: “Eighteen”

July 2012, Seoul.  A mother and father are dancing and singing to an old Korean ballad at a noraebang (Korean karaoke) while their daughter is crouched by the machine, frantically looking for a song to sing before time runs out on their reservation. The father instructs the daughter to pick a “good” song with a palatable melody; none of that English-infused gibberish. He laments- “Old songs were so good.” Unfortunately, “old” doesn’t mean the same thing for his daughter. She picks a song from her youth, “Candy” by the 1990s K-Pop idol group, H.O.T. Fangirl Lesson 1: Always sing your favorite group’s song at noraebang. Read more