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The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic: Lassoing in the Wed-Thurs Dramas

Three dramas + two nights = dead me.

I titled this post “The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic.” You think you can easily match the drama to its description? Is it really that simple? Never be sure who’s cute, scary, or melodramatic in 2012 Kdrama-land!

Beware: Spoilers! Read more

First Impressions: “Arang and the Magistrate”

I finally got a chance to watch the first two episodes of Arang and the Magistrate, and what can I say? I adore it. It’s a wonderful combination of comedy and mystery, and the drama speeds along, not wasting a single scene.

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Previews for the First Episodes of “Arang and the Magistrate” and “Faith”

With the premiers of Faith and Arang and the Magistrate only one week away, brand new teasers for each drama have been released today to keep us satiated until we can get our grubby little hands on our real drama-crack. Unlike the previous ones, these look like actual previews for the first episode of each drama series. Yay! Read more

“Arang and the Magistrate” Tantalizing Character Descriptions and Latest Trailer

After reading these character descriptions, I am even more excited. Eun-Oh, the character that Lee Junki is playing, is not what I expected from the original short taglines.

Interestingly, English translations of the main character descriptions were already available at the official website. The translations are clunky but they could be worse. Read more

“Arang and the Magistrate” Character Gallery

Wow, I haven’t been this excited for a drama just by the character stills alone. I love the soft but colorful quality of the photos and I especially love everyone’s costumes. This drama is going to be so visually beautiful. Yay for the fantasy genre! Click on photos to enlarge.

Poster Released for “Arang and the Magistrate”

The official poster for the upcoming Joseon era fantasy romance action drama, Arang and the Magistrate, has been released and it looks awesome. The tagline reads, “A relationship that started like it was destiny; a reality/truth greater than the imagination.” Shin Mina, as Arang the maiden ghost, floats in the air as Lee Junki, as the magistrate Eun Oh, reaches out for her. I love the forest background in the poster. That forest looks amazing in the trailer with all the crooked trees. It looks so eerie, perfect for ghosts to be hanging around. Read more