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Time Traveling Through Seoul

South Korea’s bragging point has always been the coexistence of modernity with its traditional culture. There are always quotes from tourists on websites and brochures who marvel at the existence of royal palaces right in the middle of the  cosmopolitan city of Seoul, and the continued practice of traditional rituals and customs in a rapidly modernized and globalized society. Read more

Faith Q&A Part 5

Faith Fanart 41

First, a petition for an English version of the Faith novel.

Faith novel vol 1 cover

FilChiNY@viki has informed me that the viki Faith community has started a petition for an English version of the “Faith” novel. Another member in the viki community was in direct contact with Writer Song and her publisher and was able to relay to publisher the international fans appeal for an English version. Apparently the publisher said he/she would consider it so the petition has been started to demonstrate the fans’ seriousness. Read more

“Faith” Q&A Part 4

Faith Fanart 32 credit as watermarked

Song Ji-na’s “Faith” Q&A Part 4

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

48. Where did Manbo ahjusshi go?

Writer Song replied, “ㅜㅜ In the middle he said couldn’t continue because of personal reasons.” Read more

“Faith” Q&A Part 3

Song Ji-na’s “Faith” Q&A Part 3

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

25. “I remember a lot of Choi Young’s dialogue because there were many that were good. Which one do you think is the best line of dialogue from Choi Young?” Read more

[Guest Blogger] “Faith” Review

I’m delighted to introduce SH, who has graciously shared her review of Faith with us. She deserves a huge round of applause for taking on this daunting task of reviewing this lengthy and complicated drama, a task which I shied away from. I know that if I wrote one, it would have either been twenty-pages of incoherent blabber unfit to be read, or it would have never seen the light of day. Thankfully, SH covers the main points of the drama with brevity and insight. A big bow to you, SH.

So without further ado, let us give a warm welcome and bear-hug to SH! –Joonni Read more

“Faith” Q&A Part 2

Song Ji-na’s “Faith” Q&A Part 2

Part 1 here.

8. The question was about which scenes Writer Song was the most regretful about (or which scenes left a lot to be desired) and which scenes she treasured the most. Writer Song replied: Read more