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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 7 [Complete]

Written before aired: I’ve written before that Chung Jo and Kang Chi are doomed because she is too much like Seo Hwa. The drama is making this even clearer with Chung Jo being hauled off as a slave to be made into a gisaeng. I don’t want Chung Jo to die because that would be just too coincidental but where is the room in Kang Chi’s heart for Yeo Wool if she doesn’t? Things are not looking good for Chung Jo, is it?


Recap will be posted here.

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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 6 [Complete]

Boy, am I excited. With the first real evidence of Kang Chi’s real identity being revealed to last person who should know- Gwan Woong- the stakes are rising. While Gwan Woong remains a one-dimensional villian, at least he is a force to be reckoned with, keeping everyone on their toes.

How will everyone react to MS’ death? Will they blame Kang Chi? Mom certainly will but what about CJ and TS? I know TS and KC grew up together but what is their friendship really made of? MS may have seen KC as a son but did TS see him as a brother? Truly?

Not only do we have to think about what makes someone human but we also have to think about what makes a family, especially in the Joseon context with strict social statuses that shape every moment and aspect of life.

gufamily_photo130423145858imbcdrama2 gufamily_photo130423145827imbcdrama0 gufamily_photo130423141042imbcdrama0

Recap will be posted here.

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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 5 [Complete]

Written before airing: There is a lot I want to know about Yeo Wool. If Kang Chi and Yeo Wool’s love story might end up mirroring his father’s or not, as we hope, I want to know what it is about Yeo Wool and Kang Chi that will make their love different, stronger, and more able to withstand all obstacles. Kang Chi is different from his father in that he has lived among humans and have experienced life in a way his father didn’t despite his thousand years. What about Yeo Wool? Who is she, why does she live her life this way, and what is she made of? Seo Hwa, despite her strength and will that made her refuse to become a gisaeng, was ultimately weak. She showed that she would rather end her life than become a gisaeng, even though it would leave her brother alone in the world. She also gave Wol Ryung in and betrayed him despite all the love he gave her. What about Yeo Wool? What strength of body and mind does she possess? What kind of love is she capable of? I’m so excited~~!
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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 4 [Complete]

Written before aired: As I commented yesterday, the drama feels wholly populated with interesting characters and relationships that are layered and nuanced. Although I didn’t get to mention it yesterday, I was really surprised by Lee Seung Gi’s acting in his scenes with Chung Jo, where I could see restrain, love, hurt, longing, and earnestness in his expressions when he looks at her. He seems to be easily moving from being the mischievous little puppy to the sad, lovelorn low-born.¬†Suzy was also a pleasant surprise, delivering her sageuk lines with more gravity than I expected from her experience with playing more contemporary and somewhat bratty characters in her previous dramas. All the actors are really bringing it to the screen and I find myself absorbed in their world and emotions. The beautiful cinematography is also a plus.

gufamily_photo130416170053imbcdrama1 gufamily_photo130416170035imbcdrama0 gufamily_photo130416170053imbcdrama2 gufamily_photo130416165111imbcdrama0 gufamily_photo130416165132imbcdrama1

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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 3 [Complete]

Written before the ep: This week we finally have the appearance of the main leads, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. I honestly have no preconception regarding their chemistry because I have not seen any interviews or live interaction. So far I’ve only seen preview stills in which they look cute together and the brief episode preview which only brought my focus to the possibility of some awkwardness of Lee Seung Gi in a sageuk. But then again, this is not your mama’s sageuk. He might, and probably is, be just right as the mischievous half-human, half beast Choi Kang Chi.

gufamily_photo130415164542imbcdrama3 gufamily_photo130415164523imbcdrama0 gufamily_photo130415164542imbcdrama2

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Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 2 [Complete]

I saw this official music video for the Gu Family Book OST song “Love Hurts” earlier in the day and I almost cried. I was amazed by how invested I was in Wol-ryung’s and Seo-hwa’s love story and I started getting nervous about today’s episode.

Watch for yourself if you dare. There are scenes from today’s episode, I assume, and I think it’s going to be pretty heart breaking.

I thought about the violence and cruelty in yesterday’s episode and I realized, it is pretty normal for a sageuk, but I was unprepared for it because all I was thinking was, “A Lee Seung-gi and Suzy” drama. I actually didn’t even read any character descriptions or synopsis for this drama before I began yesterday because I have been so busy so everything was pretty much a huge surprise.

And the biggest surprise? Choi Jin Hyuk. Is all I have to say.

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