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Welcome Back Binnie!!!

Hyun Bin returns 12

Hyun Bin returns 10

Hyun Bin returns 11

Hyun Bin returns 6

Hyun Bin is back! He is looking healthy and good-looking as ever. Fans donated about 4 tons of rice to commemorate his return. Awesome. And look at all the reporters! They know what the hot news is today.

EDIT: According to a news article I read, Binnie said at the mini press conference, “I enlisted 21 months ago with a deep bow. I promised to get stronger and like that promise, I think I have.”

Hyun Bin showed his strong passion for acting as he started to say, “I really wanted to act,” but he had to stop and turn around to cry. After gathering himself, he continued, “Even during vacation, I couldn’t act. I really wanted to do, so I went to the location where my juniors were acting and watched them.”

This guy, I love his passion for his profession and how sincerely he approaches it. So humble too.

Hyun Bin returns 3 Hyun Bin returns 1 Hyun Bin returns 5 Hyun Bin returns 4

hyun bin returns 7

Hyun Bin returns 13

Don’t cry!

hyun bin returns 8

Hyun Bin, so widely loved and respected. Dear, dear Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin!!!!

Hyun Bin- “That Man” (Secret Garden OST)

Such a warm-hearted, intelligent guy, who is always generous with his leading ladies and fellow actors.
hyun bin manchu still 9

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