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Missing You, Like a Sinful Piece of Chocolate

There are many things I don’t like about this drama and there are many things I do like about this drama.  It’s hard to get through an episode, yet I wait every week for the next one. Missing You is like the last piece of Lindor Truffle you shouldn’t eat but crave at two a.m. The Lindor Truffle is a ball of rich and delicious chocolate. It’s completely indulgent and wrapped in shiny paper to distract you from its sinfulness. There are many reasons why I should drop this show but like the a bag of truffles, I will probably end up gobbling this drama until its airy and empty end.

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First Impressions: “I Miss You,” “King of Dramas,” and “Can We Get Married”


My apologizes for the late update. I wanted to give each drama a two-episode watch before I gave my first impressions so it took me a while to get through them. Read more